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Learn from Successful Funds : 4 STOCKS in Dana Makmur Pheim Fund (Commentary)

Publish date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021, 09:10 PM
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Award-winning PHEIM Asset Management has been historically successful, led by seasoned fund manager Dr. Tan Chong Koay. ( https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/pheim-asset-management-garners-six-awards%C2%A0 )


We cannot all become successful fund managers, but we can learn from what they pick. The focus today is on Dana Makmur Pheim. 


The 4 stocks highlighted below are from https://www.pheimunittrusts.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/PUTB-Dana-Makmur-Pheim.pdf 







1) Sectors. INARI & KRONO from tech sector, despite one in Main Market, the other in ACE. Meanwhile, HIBISCUS & MFCB are from energy & utilities each.

2) Market capitalisation.  INARI & MFCB are large caps of RM12.5b and RM3.6b respectively. HIBISCUS is a mid cap of RM1.2b. KRONO, a small cap of hardly RM0.41b in market cap.  

3) Dividends. The bigger companies of INARI & MFCB paid annual dividends without fail in the last 5 years, while HIBISCUS and KRONO did not.

4) Investment Themes. Strong semicon demand, strengthening oil price, increasing data storage demand and gradual shift towards renewable energy. 



1) Growth.  All four had higher revenues and profits in the past year compared to 5 years ago. 

2) Profits. With the exception of HIBISCUS, the rest enjoyed 4 consecutive profitable operations in the 4 recentmost quarters. 

3) Cashflow positive.  All four had positive cashflow from operations in their recentmost quarter report. 


CONCLUSION: These four stocks might be worth looking into, rather than punting on speculative stocks devoid of fundamental strengths trending on klse.i3investor. 


Disclaimer: The author may have interest in some of the stocks listed above from time to time. This article is not tailored financial advice, but general stock sharing. Please do further due diligence. The author disclaims all liabilities from readers.  The author hase no interest whatsoever with PHEIM, nor obtained anything from PHEIM from writing this article. Past performance is no guarantee of future return. 

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All 4 of these stocks are quite political-neutral. Less vulnerable to government policies. Doesn't matter if the government of the day is PH or PN.

2021-08-22 10:56


Oh come on, don't need to promote your stocks in my article that cannot even get 320 people to read it.

Go someplace else to promote.

2021-08-22 12:55


Nowadays a lot of rubbish traders...rubbish investors...rubbish promoters...

Keep on writing blog promote here...promote there...until innocent newbies easily cheated...

No wonder nowadays so many loss so much money & contribute to shark & crocodile market...


2021-08-22 17:09


M'sian mkt today pales in comparison to mid 90's when even the veg seller made money willy nilly. I bought my first stock at age 14 when script was still issued and have live thru n profited fr 2 mega bull runs on the KLSE/Bursa - we don't have the same excitement and there's no easy money with less "play" generally.

2021-08-30 18:48

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