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Serba Dinamik’s fruits of labour to the truth is getting closer

Publish date: Wed, 22 Dec 2021, 07:27 PM
Pearlwhite's commentaries

In respect of the article, it is recommended that you consult with a Certified Accountant/Chartered Accountant/Chartered Internal Auditor, Chief Financial Officer, Legal Counsel and/or Tax Advisor for advice concerning the article.

Serba Dinamik’s fruits of labour to the truth is getting closer

By Pearlwhite 22nd December 2021 7.30PM


The fruits of labour to the truth is getting closer. Thanks to some articles posted by independent media, a particular mainstream media company has been cornered.

For the past 7 months, it has tried to prevent the actual facts and developments of the Special Independent Review (SIR) from being reported.  It has been selectively "framing" its titles and highlighting the issues with inconsistent and questionable facts.  In addition, its articles were full of "emotional pulls" which were irrelevant to the SIR.

Any progress made to the SIR, which usually comes to a 50 worded paragraph, is always supplemented with 1000 worded paragraphs of what is already publicly known.

Simply put, it has been committing reporting bias.  It has always engaged in a game of perception, a trial by social media.

What was even shocking was that it has even ignored to publish press releases from Serba Dinamik when the rest of the mainstream media did so.

It has intentionally hidden the information disclosed by the independent media to the public.

With the articles from the independent media, you would have been able to see the developments of the issues, what was resolved and what is still pending completion.

You would have been able to ascertain the quantum amounts (resolved and uncompleted).  You would also be able to discern what the uncompleted issues consist, what audit techniques will be used to resolve them and to what extend that they can be reasonably resolved.

It is so desperate to resolve this issue now on its own accord that it had the audacity to advise Bursa Malaysia to break its own rules by lifting 2 suspensions imposed on Serba Dinamik per Main Market Listing Requirements (MMLR).

In other words, we have a media company that decides the direction of companies and dictates how the capital market should function.

Nevertheless, in the coming month, more disclosures from Serba Dinamik and court proceedings will occur.

In the meantime, everyone has to continue to put up with its misinformation rhetoric and/or until it achieves its agenda with Serba Dinamik.


* In respect of the article, it is recommended that you consult with a Certified Accountant/Chartered Accountant/Chartered Internal Auditor, Chief Financial Officer, Legal Counsel and/or Tax Advisor for advice concerning the article.

It is not recommend that consultations be made with Certified Financial Analyst, Brokers, Traders and/or MBA/MA Finance Graduates as they are deemed not to have the necessary competency and skills to evaluate and advise on such matters discussed in the article.


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Truth is in fact a verified or indisputable fact.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

2021-12-22 21:25


PearlWhite lose money until gila liao. If really no fraud, then release the SIR lah, why lie in Nov saying SIR is not completed but then go file court order to stop the release of SIR indirectly by Bursa?

scared what? SIR is the truth mah, right?

pearlwhite is the one putting out fake news.

2021-12-23 09:02


when in deep shit, most times cant think wisely

2021-12-23 09:05


Poor guy, have to create own news on behalf of Serbak. Must have sailang all his money into this counter. A lesson in greed you will lose everything if not careful.

2021-12-23 09:09


Really low level if want post blog to support SD better post with facts and reality.

2021-12-23 11:35


there's a old Chinese saying that 'the more you explain, the more guilty you are'

2021-12-23 11:40


Rubbsih ' conman ' counter.. needs to be buired deep & proper.

2021-12-23 11:41


I don't hold any SD shares and have never held any shares in this company, however I am following this story to see how it develops. I believe my following thoughts are unbiased.

Something that I do not understand is how this story has turned into such a fiasco. Going back to May when these issues first occurred, surely the most logical thing for the company to do if they could not come to an agreement with their auditors was to IMMEDIATELY request a Trading Halt from Bursa. The share price at that time was around Rm1.60, so surely one of the company's main obligations to their shareholders was to protect their investment.

However, what has occurred is a public slanging match which puts SD under much more scrutiny and a share price that has plummeted to 35 cents. That is hardly looking after their shareholders interests.

If the CEO and Board were in total support of their reported financials, then that would be the logical immediate action to take. I would see an immediate Trading Halt as the first HIGH PRIORITY course of action.

I managed a division of a publicly listed company overseas for nine years and was obviously involved in major audits during that period and I have no doubt whatsoever that if there was a major irregularity highlighted that couldn't be explained and resolved, the CEO of the company would have called for an immediate halt in the company shares. Thankfully that never had to be brought into action.

I'm not pointing the finger at anyone yet in this 7 month saga but something doesn't quite add up.

Very interested to see the final outcome !

2021-12-23 12:19


They did halt it, i think for 2 or 3 days after the did a briefing with the funds on why they are innocent.

the problem is karim and gang should have admitted their fraud instead of claiming conspiracy, BAU, and then they went on buying some again just to convince retailers everything is ok... and retailers went averaging down.

karim is for himself, he couldn't care who he hurts along the way, many retailers average down while the big boys sell. people put in their hard earn money and life savings so that karim can satisfy his ego. karma will bite him.

2021-12-23 12:59


Full of Sheets

IMMEDIATELY a Trading Halt 6 months ago?

After more than 6 months SD still cannot provide logical answers

External auditors asking very simple Qs

WHERE is inventory?, today talk 3 tomo talk 4

WHO is u clients?, today talk east tomo talk west

6 moths ago i SAID

KPMG cakap akaun SD semua Tipo

TAK AKAN EY cakap akaun SD semua Cantik

2021-12-23 13:12


A boastful claim of accounts being transparent and in order but suing everyone who disagrees with their ' cooked ' books. Even a blind man can ' see ' through what's really cooking.

2021-12-23 13:32


Fruits => Bursa will announce Countdown to delisting of all Serba shares and affiliated listings on 03/01/2022

2021-12-23 15:44


what will happen to the fingers behind the scene?

2021-12-23 15:52


nothing will happen



auctioned off

even signboard will be auctioned off

as if Serba never existed

if Serba never existed, there any no fingers and no scenes

=> nothing will happen,
=> all Suiyee Sucker Bilis got picked up at pubs, taken for a ride and then properly fooked.

2021-12-23 16:04


Guru says "Don't worry,Just Hold tight Tight, and continue to average down.Good company will always come back!"

2021-12-23 16:22


kena conned until qixin

2021-12-23 20:47


Truth of proving Karim is lying, he lied by claiming “he has done nothing wrong”

I guess, it was by his standard.

2021-12-23 21:24


shits of the labour?

2021-12-24 12:02



2021-12-24 13:52


what is home ily?

2021-12-26 09:04


that could be when you go to a grave yard on a moonless night
with a live chicken,
a knife and
an unmarked grave to ask evil spirits which share to buy.

InsiderShark what is home ily?
26/12/2021 9:04 AM

2021-12-26 14:35

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