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Gloves Sector - Which Share Price UP THE MOST? Discussion about , KOSSAN, HARTA, TOPGLOV and SUPERMX

Publish date: Wed, 13 Dec 2023, 02:09 PM

The chart above from TradingView shows the Year To Date (YTD) performance of FBMKLCI, KOSSAN, HARTA, TOPGLOV, and SUPERMX.

These are what I see:

1. Gloves sector generally outperformed FBMKLCI. Only Top Glove underperformed FBMKLCI. Top Glove down 3.5%, FBMKLCI down 1.8%. Earnings recovery from loss to profit is the reason behind the surge in share prices.

2. KOSSAN and HARTA are the champions. KOSSAN gained 50.9% YTD and HARTA up 47.6% YTD.

3. TOPGLOV is biggest laggard. TOPGLOV seems to be the slowest to react maybe due to their size in terms of capacity. Let's see whether they can make a comeback with 2-3 weeks left in 2023.

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