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Publish date: Mon, 06 Jun 2022, 11:09 PM
Koon Yew Yin
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An official blog in i3investor to publish sharing by Mr. Koon Yew Yin.

All materials published here are prepared by Mr. Koon Yew Yin

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, NATO nations including US have been donating military weapons and money to help Ukraine fight Russia. All of them are doing this under false pretenses. They want the Ukrainians to weaken Russia to protect their own interest as shown on the map below:

No one can tell the followings:

1 when the war will end?

2 the number of Russians will be killed eventually?

3 the number of Ukrainians will be killed eventually?

4 the longer the war is prolonged more people will be killed.

5 the longer the war is prolonged more properties will be damaged

6 the longer the war is prolonged, more people will be displaced.

7 If all the political leaders were required to fight in the front line, there will be no war 

8 Currently more than 14 million people are thought to have fled their homes since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the United Nations (UN) says. More than six million have left for neighboring countries, while eight million people are displaced inside the war-torn country itself.

9 Assuming Russia won the war eventually, how can Russia control Ukraine when almost all the people have suffered losses in terms of human lives and properties?

10 Introspective, it is much better to have a peaceful settlement as soon as possible.


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I wonder have anyone learn any lessons from history?

Culture will always stay in the heart and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) has nothing to do about culture but a power grab in the name of Mao.

By the way the China and Vietnam War is another geopolitics war between USSR and China. Deng was visiting SEA to gather support against the expansion of USSR into SEA and Singapore LKY told Deng SEA countries are more concerned of CPM and continues broadcasting of China Communist propaganda into SEA.

Deng actually listen to LKY and stop the broadcasting and support of CPM and later wage a limited military operation against Vietnam to stop Vietnam southern march into SEA.

2022-06-21 09:04


Deng had put in the two term limit on top leadership to prevent another power grab with more orderly transfer of power to the successor.

But since Xi think othetwise, it is now up the CPC to decide what is best for China.

2022-06-21 09:24


2 term limit? like that, panda must go as gentleman president..no one is indispensable

2022-06-21 09:54


SsLee! Indeed! Chairman Deng was way ahead of his time! China today is thanks to Chairman Deng vision not Chairman Mao! Chairman Xi is repeating the same mistake done by Chairman Mao! If not for Premier Li who is economic master, China would have revert to the old communist that the world hate!

2022-06-21 13:04


Let's hope Premier Li will be the next chairman! We can see of late how zero Covid policy has done tremendous damage to China! Chairman Mao would be proud of Chairman Xi but at what cost! Just pure ego trip! Just like Putin!

2022-06-21 13:05


Tobby miss the good old day under BN where every stocks he bought will go up 50 to 200%.

2022-06-21 18:14


I can see that Tobby is neutral one la...
Got say both good thing and bad thing about China.
Got problem one is qqq3333 and Cupcakes...

qqq3333 is the one most need to see doctor... Cupcakes also...
Worship China until... I don't know how to say...

I strongly agreed that China is doing well...
I agreed that Western did a lot of bad things against China, unfairly.

But on the other hand, don't you think it's very dangerous if the whole China country behave like qqq3333?
100% trust and follow any decision made by the leader without any question.
This is banality of evil. Evil acts are not necessarily perpetrated by evil people. Instead, they can simply be the result of bureaucrats dutifully obeying orders. This is what happened during the Nazi WW2.

@qqq3333 All human is not perfect, can you state at least one bad decision / wrong doing made by Xi? and one good move / good decision made by Western country?

@Cupcakes69 Can you state at least one bad decision / wrong doing made by western country? and one good move / good decision made by China?

2022-06-21 19:13


Posted by Sslee > Jun 21, 2022 6:14 PM | Report Abuse

Tobby miss the good old day under BN where every stocks he bought will go up 50 to 200%.

Answer : Hihihaha! You know me too well!

2022-06-21 19:22


Posted by xskyriver > Jun 21, 2022 7:13 PM | Report Abuse

Don't you think it's very dangerous if the whole China country behave like qqq3333?
100% trust and follow any decision made by the leader without any question.
This is banality of evil. Evil acts are not necessarily perpetrated by evil people. Instead, they can simply be the result of bureaucrats dutifully obeying orders. This is what happened during the Nazi WW2.

Answer : Indeed! Which also happened to Japan once! Japanese were totally blind and follow orders from their superiors! Hence the worst genocide committed by japanese soldiers back in WW2!
Anyway, Hiroshima nuke was the turning point for Japan! Today, japanese are meek and humble! The samurais no longer exist! But what remain is the core value of japanese which we all admire so much!

2022-06-21 19:25


You know 10 years ago before Chairman Xi took leadership, taiwanese were already talking about reunification! It was peaceful time for both China and Taiwan!
But of late we seen how Chairman Xi becoming more powerf hungry and authoritarian just like Putin!
So a change in leadership is crucial for China! Hope polibutro will not extend Chairman Xi tenureship! Or else we see Chairman Xi turning to the dark side just like Putin!
Putin is nothing more than a monster in our times! No different from Chairman Mao, Hitler, or the other dark dictators of the past!

2022-06-21 19:28


American media wants u to hate Xi and choose XYZ u also hate Xi and pick XZY?
Answer: No, I definitely will not do that. I need to check first. If it is America who is slandering others, I will hate America.

How about you? If China Media wants u to hate America and choose Xi, u also hate America and pick Xi?
What is your answer? (Assuming this time Xi is wrong, just assume... don't tell me Xi will not wrong forever)

2022-06-21 20:13


Ok, let me give you another fictional example.

If one day Biden, he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In my opinion, Biden is wrong.

Question for you:
If one day Xi, he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In your opinion, is Xi wrong?

2022-06-21 20:30


Like that you also cannot answer?
Ok, let me give you another another very very fictional example.

If one day, a man name James Biden, he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In my opinion, James Biden is wrong.

Question for you:
If one day, a man name Xi Ping Ping , he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In your opinion, is Xi Ping Ping wrong?

2022-06-21 20:35


No, I never said I know everything? How do you come out with this statement?
I totally agree with you, China the best, dealing with things foreign, on judgmental, non interference and look for win win...

But I have one question to ask you, just pick A or B:
If one day, a man name Ah Ping , he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In your opinion, is Ah Ping wrong?
A. Ah Ping is wrong
B. Ah Ping is no wrong

2022-06-21 20:43


Xskyriver! It's hard to convince the blind followers! Only see things in black and white! We should be humble and learn to see things in colour! Chinese people are one of many races in this world!
I truly believe that we should encourage our children to inter marry different races so that their children will not be like us who only see chinese against the others!
I think what separate us as races are our intelligence and also good looks! So breeding new breed like chindian or chiban( chinese iban) and so forth will be good for future generation! This will also promote less racism!

2022-06-21 20:49


If one like Qqq3 like to think that chinese are superior race, then perhaps she should consider migrating to China as China is monorace! It's getting very hard for those who only think in race term to live in multiracial society! Especially in Malaysia were local chinese population are in decline! And on top of that, Malaysia is turning into malaycentric society! Strangely, the genuine malays are also dissapearing due to their love of high speed 2 wheelers! I mean, they are killing themselves over nothing! In exchange, the hybrid malays are thriving! Just look at Mahathir! The first indian to become PM and yet he proudly call himself malay!

2022-06-21 20:54



I have mentioned before (perhaps in another thread) that American military committed war crimes in the middle east.

Qqq3333 is free to criticize the west, I do it too, but he should at least based his arguments on solid facts and reason. Instead, his main arguments is all "cHiNa Is tHe BeST. CaN dO NoThiNg WrOnG. PeRfeCT. AnYTHiNG tHaT SaYs OtHerWisE is anTI-cHiNa and wHiTe SuPreMaCiSt"

What's worst is that he lies and is double standard.

2022-06-21 21:49



And atm, it seems like I'm defending China by pointing out that the PLA did not send more than 500 tanks to kill Vietnamese refugees. No idea why qqq3333 says otherwise, it only puts China in a bad light on false pretense.

They did invade Vietnam though, which means sslee claim that China never invaded a country is just false.

2022-06-21 21:53



One good thing China did? They realize early that following Mao's policies was a mistake and that they need to move away from him and give the chinese more freedom. Although under Xi, I fear China may be going backwards as he is more sympathetic to Mao's ideas.

2022-06-21 22:07


Posted by qqq3333 > Jun 21, 2022 10:32 PM | Report Abuse

look at this toby......... Xi/ CPC / the governing body of China all are already light years of toby. ...but toby think he is so smart.

Answer : Correction! CCP is only 70 years regime! Thousand of years ago, China was so advanced, western only discover wheelbarrow few hundred years ago! Tissue paper was common in ancient China, so are papers! You know spaghetti, yeah, the italians brought back some dry noodle from China and privated it! Ketchup, yeah, originated from China too! Do you know japanese alphabet originated from China too!All this came from chinese China innovations and inventions!
Chinese had developed a culture and civilization for thousands of years! So the rest of us are catching up! As for CCP, it came from whiteman ideology! Communism is actually a very foreign influence! So may i ask, how come CCP adopted a western ideology if chinese culture is more superior!

2022-06-21 22:48


Sorry Cupcakes, my bad, seems like the one need to see doctor is only qqq3333.
I think the unconditional love from qqq3333 to CCP is abit over exaggerate.
I don't know what to say...

Fun fact to qqq3333,
Do you know if Xi accidently ate something wrong, he will sakit perut and go pangsai and his shyt is busuk one?

But I strongly believe qqq3333 will still think Xi is perfect one, his shyt is definitely pleasant smell. It's western media that influence public opinion that Xi's shyt is have foul smell.

2022-06-21 23:34


Brother, seriously, I never hate China, and I never say CCP is wrong, there are good and bad.
I am Chinese, my ancestor are from China.
To be honest, US vs China, I still prefer China more than US.
But starting to have slight disgust with China now after all these discussion/argument with you.

Question to you is:
Why love China so much? What did China do to you?

Do you know that even if you go and apply to become China citizen, the chances are super super tiny?
They won't accept you unless you are super IT genius/talent or you are super rich can contribute them.
And CCP policy actually is not friendly with the rich, compared with the western country.

2022-06-21 23:53


River! Actually China do accept local chinese who wants to migrant back to homeland! Start by working there first! Marry a girl or guy there! Eventually become legal chinese China again!
This option is good for those who thinks Malaysia is beyond saving! Or thinks the malays are doomed!
But for those who want to stay put in Malaysia, then you need to assimilate in fast malaycentric society! Those days of shouting 2nd class or demand UEC recognition is goner! The Lims can't make the same fairytale promises again!
Come GE15, this will be the final choice for local chinese! Remain oppossition in corridor of power or make sure strong presence of local chinese lawmakers in next government! This is the painful reality nobody dare talk about!

2022-06-22 00:18


Posted by xskyriver > Jun 21, 2022 11:53 PM | Report Abuse

Question to you is:
Why love China so much? What did China do to you?

Answer : Qqq3 is just having a great delusion of CCP! You know, like total blind devotion to 'Jesus' and believing every single thing those fake evangalists feed you!
The are many local chinese who have worked in China and eventually return back to Malaysia! Yeah, they too had this amazing delusion how great China was! During the 2 month long Shanghai lockdown, some even ran back to Malaysia because cannot tahan been controlled like children anymore!
Maybe Tiong from Miri and Qqq3 should couple together and live in Shanghai for few months! Lockdowns still available to them!

2022-06-22 00:23


IF you are a frequent visitor to UTube. This video is interesting. "An Indian diplomat who was in Tienamen Square in 1989 said there was no massacre." He was there. And what he saw was contrary to that reported in western media. The same that Wikileaks' revelation that diplomatic cables sent by diplomats of Chile to their home country said the same thing. That is why the western countries are adamant on taking down Julian Assange. The western countries fell down from their human rights high horse because of him. He destroyed most of the western narratives about their self-righteousness.

2022-06-22 09:34


Malasyia government still blur blur about xinjiang

PAS believe genocide happen in xinjiang, because the victims is muslims

None of them ever visted Xinjiang before

so western media report whatever people also believe, the western writer themselves never visited Xinjiang
because they live under their litle rocks

IF people said UAE top hotel serve pork on same table YOU believe? Visited QAtar before?
WHY Islam there and Islam here different?

2022-06-22 17:04


Emm, the CCP doesn't even deny that they sent the PLA to attack the student protestors. They just said it was necessary. Millions of people were there, the CCP is smart enough to know that it can't just pretend nothing happenend.

So you wumaos should at least make sure your lies on what happened in Tiananmen are consistent with that of the CCP's.

2022-06-22 17:28



First you denied that the Tiananmen Square Massacre even happened. Now you admit that it happened but that it was the right thing to do.

Now you're saying the westerners want chinese to die, despite the fact that you admit that it's the CCP who shot the Chinese in Tiananmen.

You flip flop so many times, it's smarter for people to just not trust whatever you're saying.

2022-06-22 19:10


just ignore Cupcakes69 . this fellow likes to tarnish CHINA with misinformation and disinformation. he tries to paint CHINA as a country with no religions. are you really an idixt ?

2022-06-22 20:32


Communism is anti Christ

2022-06-23 00:31


Putin is also anti Christ as he ordered the destruction n killings of others.

2022-06-23 00:33


Bible says love your enemies but Putin did the opposite. China is quite similar wan to invade Taiwan

2022-06-23 00:35


If only christine do what they preach then the whole world will be at peace.

2022-06-23 07:56


I think most religion their intention is actually good one. Christian, Islam, Buddha etc.

But imagine there is a Christian version of qqq3333, a islamic version of qqq3333... All different version of qqq3333 admire their leader unconditionally, think his own side is always right and opponents is always wrong.

The world will never be peace.

2022-06-23 08:39


@river...your hatred of China is a product of your up bringing, but its wrong

Nope, quite the opposite.
My parents are buddist, loves China, dislike Islam.
Myself is atheist. Brainwashed by western media, lol.

2022-06-23 09:35


Sslee, Lucifier the Satan is very strong, 2nd to God. He will entice the Christians to follow him to Hell

2022-06-23 09:59


Dats y Putin who profess to b a Christian is a killer. Bible says wolves in sheep clothings.

2022-06-23 10:01


qqq, where did you learn to talk to yourself?

2022-06-23 20:10


Hmm... I think you are still wrong, maybe the right one is Biden and western media .
But it's ok, I respect your thought. Let's agree to disagree then.

2022-06-23 20:52


@qqq3333 is so obsessed with China. Wonder why not move thre?

2022-06-23 23:51


Posted by ben0303 > Jun 23, 2022 11:51 PM | Report Abuse

@qqq3333 is so obsessed with China. Wonder why not move thre?

Answer : Exactly! Why stay in Malaysia!

2022-06-23 23:57


To me, as malaysian of non malay race, what i do know is that we need to appreciate the majority! We are not victimize in any way contra to what the Lims has been instigating! It's just that we refuse to assimilate! We need to be like SsLee who speaks fluent bahasa! So fluent that his bahasa can put any malays to shame!
Back in the 80s and 90s, we were highly respected by majority malays! Despite local chinese controlling almost 100% of domestic economy! MCA approach was correct! Built so many chinese institutions without creating any racial tension!
Today, even building new chinese school is very problematic with those malaycentric nutjobs screaming and shouting! Even Johor royals are adamant to abolish chinese schools in Johor! Thankfully Najib during his administration approved few new chinese schools! Those chinese johorians who are talking nonsense in kopitiam of Johor going independent need a hard bank on the head! Do you know that Johor royals will see it through that not a single chinese schools will stand if they go independent! Thankfully this won't happen as johorians will not vote for such referendum!
Coming back to Qqq3, is she openly speak in public of her fondness of China and how chinese are superior race, i think she should move to China because the resentment created will lead to havoc here!
Race superiority always lead to problems! We have seen this in Germany when jews thought they were superior beings compare to germans!
Malay supremacy will let to problems! There's only 16 millions malays in this world and the indonesians are not in good terms with malays! As Indonesia rise overtaking Malaysia, you think malay supremacy will matter! No, majority malays will slowly become like indonesians as softpower from Indonesia takes root! And perhaps, malays too will speak like indonesians in coming decades!
Be like Singapore! The national language of Singapore is bahasa! Do you know that! And at every national day speech, the PM of the day speaks in bahasa! Do you know that!

2022-06-24 00:10


As a grow older, i dont' close my mind of the changes in Malaysia! Decades ago, i too think like Qqq3! But i change because of my son! He made me realise how wrong i was of been ignorant dumbass!
I realise that assimilating is the best approach with current weirdness going on in Malaysia! If one refuse, then it's going to be vary hard going forward! The race divide is beyond repair! What we can do is weather it and ensure no further damage done by previous and current politicians!

2022-06-24 00:15


Ukraine Russia war UPDATE - Col. Douglas Macgregor ,a retired U.S. Army Colonel


the Ukrainian forces has lost the war long ago.

Konix Twenty
4 weeks ago (edited)
What the colonel said about China and Taiwan is spot on. I have lived in Taiwan almost 10 years. These people have a completely different mentality. All they want to do is make money, live a happy life and procreate. They really could care less about politics, some kind of liberal western morals or grand standing US style democratic ideals. Americans try to force their value systems on other nations. But Asians think completely differently from the Westerners. The best United States can do is stay the hell out of all countries and let them figure out their own destiny.

2022-06-24 01:02


your hatred of western is a product of your up bringing, but its wrong

People have the right to not obsessed with China too...not like qqq3333 just love every in China.

2022-06-24 07:15


Dear Tobby,
My grandfather and father time have no problem assimilate into Malay culture like baba nyonya did.

But today Malay already abandon their own Malay culture and adopt an Arabian Muslim intolerant to everything non Muslim.

The day where we can invite our Malay friends to our house for dinner together are gone.

2022-06-24 07:58


barbarian choose war and conflict. civilized people choose diplomacy and peace

2022-06-24 10:20


History will judge China CCP very harshly .... Now high unemployment, financial difficulty, There are people in China find difficulty in withdrawing their money from banks.

2022-06-25 17:58


Gravitas: Angry depositors in China protest for their money

For almost two months, thousands of desperate depositors in China have been struggling to recover their savings. 4 banks suddenly suspended cash withdrawals. Palki Sharma tells you about the latest bank runs in China.


2022-06-25 18:00


America down, China down.
Maybe it's time for Malaysia to shine.

2022-06-25 18:19

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