Symlife CEO Chin Jit Pyng Under Internal Investigation for Unauthorised Payment of RM4.4m (Part 1)

Publish date: Sun, 24 Apr 2022, 10:22 PM



Symphony Life Berhad (Symlife) Group CEO, Chin Jit Pyng, a car nut who has made a self-splash hype on the social medias of late touting his expensive Bulugatti, is now under fire within Symlife. He is being investigated internally by an investigative committee tasked by the Board of Directors of Symlife in a recent Special Board Meeting in early April.

Words within his nemesis, the Muar Ban Lee Berhad (MBL) team of newly installed directors and senior management to Symlife, said that a direcor of Symlife Mr. Lim Choo Hooi has received an anonymous email from a whistleblower exposing that Chin Jit Pyng has accepted an unauthorised variation to a 2020 agreement and paid out a sum of RM4,400,000.00 to his pal's company Millenium Land Sdn Bhd. 

Letter from Millenium Land Sdn Bhd confirmed that its owner is Andrew Tan Jun Suan. He is also the owner of Tanco Holdings Bhd.

Upon receipt of the anonymous email, Lim Choo Hooi who is a practising lawyer, immediately wrote to Executive Chairman of Symlife the following letter :



The whistleblower email to Lim Choo Hooi is as below, detailing the full event on how Chin Jit Pyng with the collusion of some of the key management staff orchestrated the loot :


There is now a clear war between Chin Jit Pyng's camp (the old management who will do anything to loot further) and MBL's camp (whose real purpose of taking control of Symlife is unexplained).

Ironically, both Chin Jit Pyng and MBL know zero about property development but both acted like one, especially Chin Jit Pyng and his son.

More expose of documents will be released next, including the names of the key management staff who were involved in this unauthorised transaction.

Some bought new cars lately. Some did it for promotion and money. Some were forced to do it.











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2022-04-25 22:07


Don’t believe CurtLee1980. Trying to hurt a company because someone probably screwed him or he’s a puppet. Tomy , Annie , Amar… just good people that don’t deserve scrutiny. Loyal and trustworthy staff and this prick trying to put a bad name. As I said on part 3…. Come to the office anytime… you will not see a more false accusation than this

2022-06-03 14:50

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