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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-20 17:55 | Report Abuse

Luckily I'm smart & intelligent invest in stock market even I just a newbie. I seldom lose money, I like to buy stock below RM0.20. I earn alot in XOX, Vivocom, AT & many penny stock.

If u wanna be successful like me, some rules you must follow:

1. Never listen to those old generation, old man, Ah Pek, old thinking, old fashion, old method Sifu. Most of the old generation invest based on outdated method looking at Fundamental, NTA, Cash rich company. No wonder most of old generation people losing money.

2. Most of the old generation what is internet also Donno, that's why they don't like Tech stock where by tech Uptrend since March 2020 or penny stock mostly all limit up most of them miss the opportunity.

People like me luckily smart enough, I never invest those glove stock. Glove even up to RM12-15 you only earn 100%++ Imagine if u invest RM0.1 cents stock up RM0.2 u already earn 100% salah salah sometime can earn even 1000%

Please la, old generation pls stop advice young generation looking at Fundamental, NTA, or cash rich.


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Posted by Citadel00 > 2021-01-20 18:12 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by emsvsi > 2021-01-20 18:54 | Report Abuse

The Black Death occurred between 1347-1351 and killed approximately 75-200 million people

The Spanish Flu occurred between 1918-1920 and killed approximately 17-50 million people

- The pandemics ended quicker and with lower deaths

- Both ended naturally without vaccines

The COVID-19 outbreak started in Dec 2019

To date it has infected approximately 96 million with 2.06 million deaths (mortality rate ~2%)

- On 11 Jan 20, the SARS-CoV-2 genetic sequence was published

- On 13 Jan 20, just 2 days later, Moderna finalised its COVID-19 vaccine design codenamed mRNA-1273

- In Feb 20, the WHO stated it does not expect a vaccine to be available for 18 months. WHO's minimum criterion for COVID-19 vaccine efficacy rate ‘~ 50% point estimate’

- In Mar 20, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic

- In Nov 20 barely 9 months after WHO's forecast for a vaccine, Phase III clinical trial results of mRNA vaccines were released
- Efficacy rates - Pfizer-BioNtech 95%; Moderna 94.1% - far exceeding requirements and what was ever thought possible

- In Dec 20, both mRNA vaccines were approved. Mass vaccinations in many parts of the world began

- The mRNA vaccines (and others) took less than 1 year to develop from proof of concept to human trials to approvals – what it takes on average 10 years to achieve

- mRNA vaccines are ground breaking medical technology that has multiple uses outside of the pandemic

All unparalleled feats and a miracle of modern medicine

Total Doses in 2021 (as at 28 Dec 20)

- Pfizer-BioNTech: 1.3 billion doses
- Moderna: 500 million - 1 billion doses
- AstraZeneca: 3 - 4.5 billion doses
- Novavax (1.3bil); Curevac (~400mil); J&J (~1bil)
- Gamaleya Institute Sputnik V (~1.2 bil doses)
- China - Sinopharm (2; ~1bil); Sinovac; Cansino

Total: 9.7 - 11.7 billion doses

The COVID-19 pandemic is over

Mankind has won



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Posted by emsvsi > 2021-01-20 18:58 | Report Abuse

Fundamentals still prevail. Based on true normalised earnings, not one-off events

And remember, markets are always forward looking, not just on the next few quarters


Posted by Totalpackage > 2021-01-20 20:36 | Report Abuse

Where is your "business sense"? Didn't apply ah? Competition in 2021 will even be more furious!!! If u made mistake, sell, move on n fight another day...


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-20 21:06 | Report Abuse

@citadel00 Yes, looking into NTA PE PAT these kind of fundamentals confirmed go Holland. Those things only apply to AH PEK, Old Generation investment skills whereby is outdated. Now new generation like us even PN17 also can make money. We never learn & don't need to learn read QR. The most important we listen the more people goreng we follow goreng. I believe those AH PEK, Old Man, Old generation won's agreed with us. But how come we earn more than old generation. Proven looking at NTA PE PAT totally not work for this generation liao. Those method already outdated. In stock market must react fast.


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Posted by 118168 > 2021-01-20 22:05 | Report Abuse

please do not talk BIG!! sifu...one day you will jumpa the harimau if keep going up to mountain....


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Posted by Pinky > 2021-01-20 22:22 | Report Abuse

Deja vu JAKS Resources?


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Posted by djibaok > 2021-01-21 01:04 | Report Abuse

My advice to you is..... EAT MORE PINEAPPLES...

PureBULL ...

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Posted by PureBULL ... > 2021-01-21 05:20 | Report Abuse

Posted by PureBULL ... > Jan 21, 2021 5:00 AM | Report Abuse X

In Stock Investing, be constantly Lectured niceeely by the cina.ancient.man ST:

a. The supreme excellence of gaining is when strengths and opportunities encompasses weaknesses and threats. Depending on opportunities alone are merely speculation.
b. Know thy self, know your opponents
c. Hundred problems, Hundred solutions. Avoid your opponents when they’re strong, successes are gaining without getting hurt


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Posted by moneycashrich > 2021-01-21 07:13 | Report Abuse

common sense win in the end.


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Posted by rogers123 > 2021-01-21 07:26 | Report Abuse

Look like everyone is teasing this old guy... No one supports him? Please pay respect to old guy as DATO said. Or else DATO will beat u


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Posted by Sslee > 2021-01-21 07:35 | Report Abuse

Philip ( buy what you understand) That one actually is introduced to me by qqq3.

It is the mathematical formula for success.

Success = q( your ability to execute )*r( the value of your idea)
Basically in stocks, how well you do depends on your ability to have a great idea, then how will you execute on your idea.

So if you had a great idea to invest in hartalega in 2009, but you only bought 10 lots, you don't get to be successful.

But if like kyy had a mediocre idea in liihen, but he sailang, he still success.

Imagine if he sailang all the way in Amazon 2009, he would have been a monster!
03/02/2019 7:37 PM


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Posted by Sslee > 2021-01-21 07:37 | Report Abuse

And many young Ciku will end up in tear.


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Posted by CCCL > 2021-01-21 08:53 | Report Abuse

Liihen is a small cap, he can push up easily with just over 10% holding. While Supermax is a Mega cap stock, his holding is peanut, how to influence the stock price.


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-21 09:19 | Report Abuse

It takes wisdom and experience to able to read between the lines, which many lack nowadays


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Posted by newkid > 2021-01-21 10:27 | Report Abuse

When old fox come out write up to promote Supermax again, you know lah that the time his margin acct kena force sell ...More he talk , suprmx will drop more !!!


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Posted by LossAversion > 2021-01-21 10:30 | Report Abuse

Reading between the lines: When you all sell, I buy again!!!


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Posted by SALAM > 2021-01-21 11:10 | Report Abuse

I thought Uncle was advised by a super PROMINENT remisier analyst who practiced TA first FA second...what happened?????????????


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Posted by Sales > 2021-01-21 11:15 | Report Abuse

Minetec??? No way us a goreng stock.


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-21 12:59 | Report Abuse

@118168 I win alot in penny stock. But u lose alot in konon fundamental stock. Why cuz your method is outdated. Being a smart investor we must understand right now many new retailers like to goreng. That's why u cannot follow those Ah Pek or old generation method to apply current situation. Everything is outdated that's why u lose money like KYY.


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Posted by Dartmaster > 2021-01-21 13:03 | Report Abuse

Malaysia Stock market the hardest in the world to dabble in . WAKAKAKA eventhough you are right but the market goes the opposite direction wakaka


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-21 13:18 | Report Abuse

@118168 So far i never jumpa Harimau but i only jumpa gold & diamond.


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Posted by petak64 > 2021-01-21 14:19 | Report Abuse

Is better to sell and cry when thr share goes up up n up Rather then Cry cry when the share goes down down n down


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-21 15:14 | Report Abuse

So many new young retailers showing off their success in penny stocks..and looking down on oldtimer investors...if you can read the signs, you know what is coming already in the market. Better get ready.


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-21 15:16 | Report Abuse

The fruits are ripe for the picking


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Posted by leonco > 2021-01-21 15:18 | Report Abuse

i came to know about Mr. KYY when he was in the news. i read about his stock investing acumen. staying at home and thought of doing some stock trading. i googled Koon Yew Y... and came across his write up on Supermax. It made very food sense and i believed in him. so i sold off my lost making stocks which i had been stuck with for many years, and bought in Supermax. Its price was trending down and i still believe in Mr. KYY. Now this latest article is just like a sudden TNB blackout. i wonder if i could still see the light. sigh...


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-21 15:27 | Report Abuse

U Should follow marketsifu above, play penny stocks and be rewarded with gold and diamonds..so you can wear them around your neck as a display of your success. this is the trendy way to invest, don't be old fashion.


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Posted by kelvin61 > 2021-01-21 17:49 | Report Abuse

This old geezer writes as if the world don't understand except him. Why is it so hard for him to understand that majority of players don't want to play glove stocks because Tech shares are shooting up like rockets daily.

Posted by EatCoconutCanWin > 2021-01-21 17:52 | Report Abuse

just give up la. you didnt sell your portion, how it can up. your portion too heavy.


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-21 18:06 | Report Abuse

@Pharker Please look at your so called good fundamental Glove today drop until support line. Tomorrow maybe drop to 4.1.2021 low. Why wanna hold so tight. Come & join us goreng goreng. Today we also bought HPP at RM0.715 & Sell at RM0.90 earn 25%. Easy money.. Rather than you hold tight tight on glove or average down. The more you average down the more it drop.

Some even naïve, said enjoy fruits in future! Haha. Maybe old generation don't know how to calculate. That's why I'm here to teach most of them.

Example: I know most of the old generation here I believe losing money, they keep average down. Let me assume that most of you guys average price for TG around RM7.50.. Imagine by 3-6 months later TG might hit RM14.00 you only earn 100% whereby I within 1-2 weeks can earn more than 100%

Those hater, please wake up!! 2020 onwards is NEW GENERATION!! Just like many old people still don't know how to use Computer or Handphone. As youngster we must make sure old generation wake up cannot sleep invest based on 10-30 years ago method.

Just like people 20-30 Years ago invest based on NTA but few years back many investor don't look at NTA anymore. Old generation like my aunty still call remisier to help her sell & buy stock, even still read newspaper. We have to improve, don't stay inside the jungle anymore.


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-21 18:12 | Report Abuse

From October until today I earn more than 1000%. Imagine if today I still hold glove konon good fundamental do you think I can earn 1000% above if I still follow those outdated mindset sifu or like you, today I believe I still losing money.


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Posted by jasonred79 > 2021-01-21 19:39 | Report Abuse

If you are confident that gloves are good fundamentals, why don't you just buy more, and keep them forever?

The truth is, that you know that gloves are going to turn to crap once pandemic is resolved, so you are planning to sell all of them at that time. Unfortunatly for you, you decided to play hot potato, and you got stuck holding the potato.

Like, I bought Genting. Now that one, I really believe in the fundamentals, I am perfectly happy to hold onto it for the next 20 years, no problem. hahaha.


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Posted by Zuliana > 2021-01-21 20:09 | Report Abuse

I know you are like that Uncle advisor... super PROMINENT remisier analyst who practiced TA first FA second...
Marketsifu, your modus operandi is buy first and then tell your followers to buy after you... at that time you sell all to your followers and earn handsome Rm.
You think we old timers don’t know your tactics kah?


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Posted by Pington10 > 2021-01-21 20:59 | Report Abuse

When the tide settles down, then we will know whether this self proclaim marketsifu is swimming naked or not. If you made money by "pure luck" during good times, you will lose all your earnings during bad times.


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Posted by lamkin > 2021-01-21 22:04 | Report Abuse

Uncle so confidence with glove stock, he should buy more n push it up


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-21 22:57 | Report Abuse

@Zuliana, Because you never win like me, that's why you won't understand.. I proud of my self & I got the power to LCLY!!


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Posted by djibaok > 2021-01-22 13:37 | Report Abuse

Uncle told you all to eat pineapples last 2-3 years... DID YOU LISTEN???


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Posted by Sslee > 2021-01-22 13:41 | Report Abuse

I normally take banana more convenient.


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Posted by kakashi > 2021-01-22 20:15 | Report Abuse

Marketsifu is a joke


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-23 00:21 | Report Abuse

No lah..marketsifu is at the height of his success..with golds and diamonds chains all dangling around his neck and wrist..punting penny stocks like no tomorrow and earning more than 1000% return. Fortune favours the bold.

To be fair, should also allocate a small part of my portfolio to joint his party and join the fun, and dabble in penny stocks,to spice up your investment journey. just like when u go Genting gamble, (unfortunately cannot now coz of MCO, so can only do online gaming), the adrenalin rush of winning give you a certain "high" which you cannot get by investing in fundamental / value stocks, which may sometimes take a while b4 it is priced in correctly..lack the high and rush of instant gratification.

To the younger generations, patience is not a virtue anymore, it is viewed as a sign of weakness. Make bold move, take big risk and hit the jackpot -- that's life, exciting and not boring. Yeeee Haaaa.


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-23 00:24 | Report Abuse

p/s : still holding onto my boring my glove shares, maybe will liquidate some and join the penny stock frenzy..may be. , may be


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-23 00:32 | Report Abuse

jasonred79..ya, just like what you have said, i added some glove stock yesterday, i.e 21-1-20201, not a lot, just a bit to bring down my average further. thanks for your sacarstic suggestion, as today 22-1-2021, it went up. But don't worry, i will not keep them forever..I never fell in love with any stocks.


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Posted by ruby20 > 2021-01-23 13:11 | Report Abuse

KYY sell I Buy


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Posted by onionchong > 2021-01-23 13:46 | Report Abuse

Finally uncle admits his mistake


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-23 16:03 | Report Abuse

@Pharker What do you.. The minute you said average down I think you still losing money in glove. I just advice don't stick with old generation investment method/skills. Have to change your mindset. Better allocate 80% in penny stock & 20% glove. As glove good fundamental but chart show downtrend & IB RSS. Why wanna waste time. Be a smart investors


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Posted by beginner > 2021-01-23 16:40 | Report Abuse

Haha, those tech and penny stocks all extremely high now with pe >100 some more weak fundamental with eps cents or negative, wanna lure us into takeover your position and help you out from glove short later we all die losing hugely on tech and penny while gloves rebound with your buy back, sorry I wont fall into this. No interest at all with your tech bubble


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Posted by pharker > 2021-01-23 21:11 | Report Abuse

@marketsifu. Thank you for your kind thoughts and advise. To be honest, this is my 8th round ( In and out) of glove play since beginning of 2020. Each round I made money with the largest being the 1st round. To be honest, my last round (8th round) is the only one that is in a losing position. Previous 7 rounds . all made money. But my average for this 8th round is now closing in to the market price, but still losing nevertheless. But overall 8 rounds ( net net) still very much in the positive territory.

The market needs player like you to be more colorful, more interesting, without investors like you, Bursa would be quite boring. So play your role, and remember to learn something since you are the new gen investors, quite new to the market, and I am sure the market has many things to teach you in your investment journey. learn well, good luck and wish you success.


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Posted by OTB > 2021-01-23 22:01 | Report Abuse

The performance in stock market is not measured by 1 year or 2 years. You must at least continue to make profit year after year irrespective whether KLSE is bearish or bullish. If KLSE is bullish, you should make more. If KLSE is very bearish, at least you do not lose big money.

I am very happy to hear someone made a lot of money in stock market, I hope he can preserve his gain for next few years. Making a lot of money and lose back later is not a good record.

Please keep track your records and show me after a few years. If the records show that the gain can be kept without losing back to the market, then you can be considered as a good investor.
Good luck.
Thank you.


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Posted by Marketsifu > 2021-01-23 23:44 | Report Abuse

@Pharker. Anyway Thanks. Wish all of us earn more & more

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