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6 days ago | Report Abuse

In this environment strategy now is :-
Buy MBB, PBB, apply for IPO and keep some cash


1 week ago | Report Abuse

Good counter with good dividend
Waiting for lower to collect more, to get better DY
Nothing against it, pure from angle of improving dividend yield


3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

Now that QR is out, price d reflected and factored in.

Only wild card now is gaming tax, few more hours we will know got or not


3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

KNN...wish i sold more when above 5

Takes months to build up, only days to give back gains.
Just like uphill no power (slow), downhill no brake (fast)

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2022-09-20 21:03 | Report Abuse

Posted by Tobby > 5 hours ago | Report Abuse

British monarchy generate huge revenue for Britain! Even Queen Elizabeth funeral generate income for Britain! Unlike other royals, Britain royals are working! That's why they call it working royals!
Cannot say the same for other Royal Family in other parts of the World. Some just took opportunity to live off their citizens / tax payer hard earned money, without contributing much in return..take opportunity go on paid vacations here and there and sponsored by taxpayer


2022-09-20 20:54 | Report Abuse

Thanks for escape wave


2022-09-20 20:50 | Report Abuse

long time no visit this thread.

Good to see many familiar supporters still here.

But where is that lady. forgot her profile name, "invest??" who used to be very prominent here, even had some heated debates with her on occassions. Left d, or change profile?


2022-09-20 13:50 | Report Abuse

Thanks for the escape wave

News & Blogs

2022-09-20 13:44 | Report Abuse

Can see from photo that some dignitaries attended the funeral with smileys, not taking opportunity to go London for a vacation with bills footed by the State.


2022-08-24 15:45 | Report Abuse

Dapat Tesla dealership


2022-03-29 17:50 | Report Abuse

"lukily"..just a figure of speech used here
I did my own analysis and research and also btw thanks in part to your analysis which i took into consideration


2022-03-29 17:13 | Report Abuse

Actually those who give sell signal is also not wrong, after rally, it is wise to take profit in general...But in this case, there are other factors specific to this counter which make me hold on for a while longer, and luckily I did.


2022-03-28 21:48 | Report Abuse

Boss keep buying DAILY almost, I mean almost every day without fail.

Not many counters has this kind of support from boss


2022-03-28 19:54 | Report Abuse

anal kena kan by the Kan family


2022-03-08 18:40 | Report Abuse

Added some Genting shares today, after taking part profit on some plantation palm oil stocks.
Waiting to collect more when it gets cheaper.
To play this market, must have holding power.


2022-03-07 19:01 | Report Abuse

Posted by masterus > 2 days ago | Report Abuse

The West start sanctions Russian cat and Russian sportmen. Apple sanctions Russian users. Is Russian birds also be sanctions? Is Russian dog be sanctions? Is Russian cow and goat be sanctions? Sportmanship is separated from politics is untrue. Neutral countries is a big liar. Only gold are neutral and safest currency in the world.

Only thing not sanctioned is Russian girls


2022-02-23 18:29 |

Post removed.Why?


2022-02-23 18:19 |

Post removed.Why?


2022-02-23 08:56 |

Post removed.Why?


2022-02-23 02:59 | Report Abuse

When natural gas supply is disrupted via pipe from Russia to Europe with the invasion of Ukrain, The world, or Europe now can only depends on LNG which can be shipped, there is only limited number of LNG ships in the world around 600+. MISC is now in the sweet spot


2022-02-22 17:09 | Report Abuse

Invasion of Ukrain is imminent, Putin will invade Ukrain..cannot tahan Ukrain turning into NATO allies and let NATO surrounds the Russian border with all the NATO missilles, especially US misslies.stationed there... Screw the sanctions said Putin, get your missiles away from my backyard.

Oil price will shoot up, inflation will rear its ugly head, Fed will raise rates, markets will have severe correction

commodity oil palm stocks will benefit from this as an inflation stock


2022-02-22 17:05 | Report Abuse

Invasion of Ukrain is imminent, Putin will invade Ukrain..cannot tahan Ukrain turning into NATO allies and let NATO surrounds the Russian border with all the NATO missilles, especially US misslies.stationed there... Screw the sanctions said Putin, get your missiles away from my backyard.

Oil price will shoot up, inflation will rear its ugly head, Fed will raise rates, markets will have severe correction

MISC will indirectly benefit from oil price increase, along with other benefiaciary like commodity oil palm stocks


2022-02-22 16:17 | Report Abuse

He is just following SOP, the Russian Playbook


2022-02-22 16:16 | Report Abuse

For Putin, the surest way to make sure Ukrain don't join NATO once and for all is to take over Ukrain


2021-09-08 15:51 | Report Abuse

Even good news like this cannot stimulate the price, give them 12 million grant, no need payback, why ah??

Simple - now theme play is recovery play, too bad, wrong timing. If this is announced last year 2020, very possible LU.

Timing is everything


2021-08-20 12:32 | Report Abuse

debate and discussion here reminiscent of the recent Parliament session..does not help the rakyat ( investors in this case)


2021-07-16 17:04 | Report Abuse

Song song sit there and enjoy a little trade here and there for pocket money..,but overall still holding. Steady


2021-07-07 21:08 | Report Abuse

You can blame Gloveburnhand for that. he/ she is the one probably sapu habis..did not leave much behind..kekeke

Posted by choysun > Jul 7, 2021 6:02 PM | Report Abuse

Aiyo, didn't get my 2nd top up price. Oh well.


2021-07-02 03:12 | Report Abuse

Always love it when beautiful lady trying to sell me stuff

Posted by Ahmadahmad88 > Jul 1, 2021 11:19 PM | Report Abuse

Must be direct sales promoter.


2021-07-02 03:09 | Report Abuse

Sing ka lan always smart to cari makan, just don't be Dai Lan Ngong. Chill Bill. hehe

Posted by BILLC > Jul 1, 2021 11:27 PM | Report Abuse

Direct sale promoters still okay,,,,,unfortunately mostly are Sing ka lan,,,,,

Don’t let them bring you to hollan,,,


2021-07-02 03:02 | Report Abuse

Clap2..u the poet

Posted by 1invest1 > Jul 1, 2021 10:11 PM | Report Abuse

Strategic planning
Genting Bhd expands globally.
Cast a global net to capture best markets.
Maximize potential & minimize risks.
Ensure no reliance on a single market.
Genting will be the global IR leader within 10 yrs.
Revenue, profits & share prices up, uP, UP.


2021-07-02 02:53 | Report Abuse

Me short term guy attracted by Sharon d how? already entered d how? Now want me pull out so fast meh?

Posted by chief999 > Jun 30, 2021 9:04 AM | Report Abuse

Sharon the problem is on this forum u're keeping everyone informed about bdi new high... sure it will attract many kinds of pple... nothing can be done if they want to come in... we just need to manage at our side...

sharonchong Yes, I am begging everyone who reads this: "DO NOT rush in at once please!" as we don't want to attract those traders who just drop by, take profit and go away. We are looking at a longer term investment that can generate at least 100%-150% profit, based on the company's growth in 3 to 6 months time, or might even hold longer if BDI remain strong. Thank you.


2021-07-01 21:36 | Report Abuse

Good thing Genting has diversfied its revenue stream, with casino and resorts strategically located globally..Singapore, UK, US, Manila and potentially Japan


2021-06-30 17:05 | Report Abuse


They pushed down to 4.13, almost there, c43 and 44, CIMB and McQ joint effort


2021-06-30 16:54 | Report Abuse

ok. Thanks for the info.


2021-06-30 16:41 | Report Abuse

if interim dividend is 0.075, and assuming price is 0.9, div yield is 8.3% correct?


2021-06-28 14:19 | Report Abuse

Pak tua dan Mak tua sudah tua umur

Jangan main2 hebat oh

Posted by paktua73 > Jun 28, 2021 2:02 PM | Report Abuse

paktua dah lama main main maktua angin call
bila pulak paktua hold serbadk??????

tut tut
kesian maktua kan kan kan..


2021-06-28 14:17 | Report Abuse

If one or two ok la, old age, retirement etc

But now got 4 resign at the same time..dunno what to say

Posted by Alex™ > Jun 28, 2021 2:08 PM | Report Abuse

if director walk out does not send a msg, i dunno what else


2021-06-28 13:54 | Report Abuse

Tapi KWSP dan lain kaki institusi tak sabar, apa boleh kita kaki runcit buat ??

Sila pigi bagi nasihat ke KWSP, harap KWSP ikut nasihat you , menyelamatkan kita kaki runcit d sini

Posted by Steady Punpipi > Jun 28, 2021 1:46 PM

Jangan jual saham Serba Dinamik

28 Jun 2021, 12:49 pm
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PETALING JAYA: Pelabur runcit dinasihatkan terus bersabar dan tidak sewenang-wenangnya menjual saham mereka berikutan kemelut dihadapi Serba Dinamik Holdings Berhad yang dikhuatiri menyebabkan kerugian besar sekiranya berlarutan.


2021-06-28 13:46 | Report Abuse

"So many kontraks, price cannot go up meh ?"
Which one real, which one not real, nobody knows
Which one inflated value, which one not, nobody knows
Which one layering and laundering, which one straight, nobody knows

"You think Pak Arab bodoh ke?"
No, they not bodoh, I the retailer yang bodoh

"people doing business many years, many track record, how to not real"
They need to show some real stuff ma, so easy for you to believe when the time comes to pull one hat trick. Real, real, real, not real. Real, real, real, not real. At the end of the day, nobody know what real and what not real.


2021-06-28 13:16 | Report Abuse

Seriously, you ask the bilis / retailers like us to wait till proven that time if found guilty, bilis will be holding worthless delisted stocks, while EPF and other big shareholders already nicely exited with a big thank you to the retailers .

Most of retailers , just want to cut loss, preserve some capital, and move on with life and fight another battle. Bursa is always there, , and there are many other choices. Losing one time here doesn't mean your entire investment journey is ended, unless you bet everything you got in this counter.

Even if the price rebounded in the interim. don't look back and sulk, move on. Don't succumb to BS like aiyoo, "should have hold la, bought more la..". If you carry that kind of mentality in investment, you are going to Holland sooner than you think

Actually, you should send your message to EPF and ask them not to sell coz " innocent until proven guilty", and see whether it works or not. Who knows, maybe they will listen to you message and start buying again..


Posted by lapidmalik90 > Jun 28, 2021 12:45 PM | Report Abuse

Recently Serba Dinamik dunked a record profit in the latest quarterly report by the company. At the current swing, Serba Dinamik fundamentals are still solid because their cash flow is still hevaily backed up by the current oil & gas market. Unfortunately the stock price keeps going down.

This in a way opens the Malaysian stock market to the power of speculation. For years, BURSA remained steadfast and try to remain bullet proof to speculation.

Unfortunately what is happening to Serba Dinamik is worrying. It is true that they are facing a few stumbling blocks in regards to their audit report. However, the audit report is not finalised yet but people are quick to jump on the bandwagon to cry foul. Our society's long standing culture and principle has always been innocent until proven guilty. That is why we have proper legal mechanism to ensure all parties are equally protected.

But the sad reality is the stock market is strengtening by mob mentality, a hint of speculation and people are quick to pass judgment. This not some random coffee shop gossip hour. This is a billion dollar mark on the economy. Words hurt real working class people.

Serba Dinamik has been open so far. They want another auditor to close the report, willing to cooperate with SC and open to legal channel to clear their name. Most importantly, they want business to continue as usual and have maintained the confidence of their oversea business partners.

Their profit in this quarter is a good sign. Do not succumb to market speculation. Do not start a mob economy. Innocent until proven guilty.


2021-06-26 13:09 | Report Abuse

my friend , previously got trapped, finally returned my call, and with a relief, he told me he got out d, some more with a profit.

What? I said, no way la.

But this is what he did, as informed. For simplicity, the numbers below are just example, not actual

Example :-
Buy 1000 @ 0.6
Price went down, cut at 0.57. Loss 30

Go in again 2000 @ 0.53
Price went down, cut at 0.5. Loss 60

Go in again 4000 @ 0.42
Price rebounded , took profit at 0.45. profit 120

Net profit 30 ( 120-60-30)

After that he went to temple ( outside since mco) to give thanks, and pledged to donate 100% of the profit once temple opened.

I listened also cold sweat, what if his timing not good, always fail to catch the rebound, he said keep doubling down lo,

( Cold sweat, cold sweat, anyway that guy got deep pocket, rich man son)

The above is just for sharing story only, no recommendation of any sorts.


2021-06-26 12:29 | Report Abuse

To be honest, I sold / bought ( in, out) this counter before in the past.

But for this round, I am going to position for longer term, just looking at the number of positive catalysts lined up , never been a better time to take a position for mid-term growth, ideally should have gone in more when dipped below 5 , but now is still not too late if you can hold .

You don't sell and be negative when they are starting their engine to accelerate on a positive trajectory.

Just my 2 cents, not buy/sell call


2021-06-25 15:40 | Report Abuse

Americans love to have a good time..and RW is good in setting the stage for people to have a swell time.

What a perfect fit


2021-06-25 15:06 | Report Abuse

my fried said, he cut d this morning.
after that he re entered again at lower price

Cut loss again
Re-entered yet at much lower price

Repeated the above few times d, he said.
Each time, the amount of bet gets bigger and bigger, sure one time will recoup, he said

Good luck to him. After listening, I also have cold sweat


2021-06-25 14:45 | Report Abuse

Many brave souls queue buy at 0.45, probably get done today


2021-06-25 13:57 | Report Abuse

May be can get a thank you card from EPF

Posted by RJ87 > Jun 25, 2021 1:48 PM | Report Abuse

After stripping apart, they pay everybody else first and pay you last. That's why Lonbis, don't even get one choco roll. Maybe they pak guard with that already.

Dunno why beria-ria come support SD.


2021-06-25 12:27 | Report Abuse

Tried , but tak dapat

Posted by Tedinvestor > Jun 25, 2021 6:09 AM | Report Abuse

5.01 is a good opportunity to buy. Selling pressure because people afraid extension of mco 3 in the coming days.