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Posted by Income > 2022-12-04 20:16 | Report Abuse

K.I.S.S. lah…

The summary:

“Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson conclusively show that it is man-made political and economic institutions that underlie economic success (or lack of it). Korea, to take just one of their fascinating examples, is a remarkably homogeneous nation, yet the people of North Korea are among the poorest on earth while their brothers and sisters in South Korea are among the richest. The south forged a society that created incentives, rewarded innovation and allowed everyone to participate in economic opportunities.

“The economic success thus spurred was sustained because the government became accountable and responsive to citizens and the great mass of people. Sadly, the people of the north have endured decades of famine, political repression, and very different economic institutions — with no end in sight. The differences between the Koreas is due to the politics that created these completely different institutional trajectories.


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Posted by ahbah > 2022-12-04 22:34 | Report Abuse

Ah Wah govt ... the beginning of a new superbull stk mkt !!!

Hidup Ah Wah !


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Posted by 8888_ > 2022-12-05 12:20 | Report Abuse

Reality is different. Anwar 2022 no longer same like Anwar in 90's.


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Posted by 8888_ > 2022-12-05 12:27 | Report Abuse

False dawn after Anwar PM likely?


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Posted by brightsmart > 2022-12-05 14:10 | Report Abuse

north and south korea........... written as if American policies got nothing to do with the poverty in North Korea.


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Posted by brightsmart > 2022-12-05 14:48 |

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Posted by i3lurker > 2022-12-05 15:16 |

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Posted by stockraider > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

I think is alright for dap in the unity govt to prevent the extremist from taking over the unity govt loh!

But Dap need to draw a line to prevent it becoming a lap dog to anwar govt loh!

That is a limit, Dap willing to help anwar loh!

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