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Posted by gemfinder > 2021-04-13 12:19 | Report Abuse

sold all 308. tqvm

Posted by Airline Bobby > 2021-04-14 19:06 | Report Abuse

SOLD ? well sad bro u miss he boat going to rm4 above. In malaysia market , NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. Quietly Silently climbing upwards. Smart Money Strong , MA Uptrend . What else needed to be said


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Posted by gemfinder > 2021-04-15 23:27 | Report Abuse

Pp at 2.67 only


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Posted by cktay > 2021-04-16 10:07 | Report Abuse

For "purposes of illustrating" the effects of the Proposed Placement in this Announcement, an illustrative issue price of RM2.67 per Placement Share ..........
The issue price of the Placement Shares shall be fixed at a date to be determined and announced
later by the Company after the receipt by the Company of all the relevant approvals for the
Proposed Placement (“Price-Fixing Date”).
The issue price of the Placement Shares shall be fixed based on the volume weighted average
market price of MCB Shares for the five (5) market days (“5-day VWAP”) immediately prior to
the Price-Fixing Date, with a discount of not more than 10%.


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Posted by LKOH > 2021-04-16 21:18 | Report Abuse

Prices were push up for PP


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Posted by nasgee > 2021-04-22 09:08 | Report Abuse

wave 4


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Posted by kkteng70 > 2021-05-04 16:24 | Report Abuse

really dead better sell MCO coming

Posted by FlyingElephant > 2021-05-12 19:10 | Report Abuse

whats the consequences of the take-over? who is in favourable position YTL or M Cement?

Posted by angmokio > 2021-05-12 19:24 | Report Abuse

Mcement of course... YTL accepting M cement share at RM3.75 .. while current market price RM2.8 only.. i think monday might limit up. and Cement business doing very well recently.. wow

Posted by FlyingElephant > 2021-05-12 19:53 | Report Abuse

but u have to ascertain how much are they valuing YTL Cement...Its crazy RM5 billion which is almost the entire market valuation of YTL Group. The valuation is excessive, dont u think so?


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Posted by TuTu1183 > 2021-05-12 21:28 | Report Abuse

Angmokio better check properly on your info regarding cement business doing well. Price like shit and if you think they are doing well better check for the next quarter.

Posted by Airline Bobby > 2021-05-13 13:03 | Report Abuse



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Posted by brian3381 > 2021-05-13 13:15 | Report Abuse

Tis is not recent news la. Oredi known long time 3.75 sen ma. Wont limitup

Posted by angmokio > 2021-05-13 17:12 | Report Abuse

TuTu1183, my friend is doing cement business, they doing very well. lets see this quarter result.
Brian- RM3.75 were the price last time YTL paid them. But now YTL take back at RM3.75 as part of consideration. that diff story.



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Posted by cktay > 2021-05-14 23:21 | Report Abuse

It is a party related transaction. If the price does not go to RM3.75, minority shareholders will know how to vote at the EGM

Posted by angmokio > 2021-05-15 01:38 | Report Abuse

cktay . u r right. they need us to vote for it since is RPT. we just wan to make sure is fair to us as minority.


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Posted by Inv2233 > 2021-05-15 10:36 | Report Abuse

Will KYM next target of acquisition company? C video below. This company are supplying cement packaging to cement industry. Haha....


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Posted by Inv2233 > 2021-05-15 10:38 | Report Abuse

1 dragon company only can make co. profitable.


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Posted by ivanlau > 2021-05-18 13:36 | Report Abuse

Insider news, Q1 result will be damn good, it is time to collect before QR release date.......


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Posted by Inv2233 > 2021-05-18 14:35 | Report Abuse

Will KYM next target of acquisition company?


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Posted by gemfinder > 2021-05-18 17:21 | Report Abuse



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Posted by TuTu1183 > 2021-05-18 17:34 | Report Abuse

Ivan Lau , q1 good and q2 also good??

Steve Ooi

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Posted by Steve Ooi > 2021-05-26 11:16 | Report Abuse

Kindly anyone can confirm on the rumour, Malaya Cement Q1 result will be RM 23.4 mil?
If yes, it seems like still cheap at current price, once YTL cement business merge things will definitely turnaround and road to RM 6 isn't an issue man.

Steve Ooi

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Posted by Steve Ooi > 2021-06-01 09:21 | Report Abuse

are you ready?


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Posted by TuTu1183 > 2021-06-04 22:17 | Report Abuse

Ready till today is 2.91 still??

Posted by Airline Bobby > 2021-06-06 19:57 | Report Abuse

Once YTL approve the deal rm3.75 first... then depends on econmic recovery for construction. That time we ll see if Mcement as a monopoly will really head to RM6 or not


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Posted by INVEST_AA > 2021-06-10 15:41 | Report Abuse

anyone can enlighten the reason of recent down trend?


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Posted by AlfI3 > 2021-06-11 05:34 | Report Abuse

Privatisation b on d pipeline after wayang far a while at this disappointing prc level to instill investors selling back to dem.

Once dey accumulate enuf, will announce MGO timely


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Posted by cktay > 2021-06-14 22:46 | Report Abuse

Can anyone explain why 85m shares was placed out at such a low ridiculous price of RM2.79?
Why not place out at price closer to RM3.75? Whoever who bought at RM2.79 is laughing all the way to the bank. The 85m new shares listed today closed at RM3.00, the placement already made 21s.
After all in the MCement announced deal to take over YTL Cement's cement and ready-mixed concrete biz for RM5.16b, the new MCement shares and preference shares are to be issued at RM3.75.
RM3.75 per share incidentally is also the price YTL Cement paid for the acquisition of its 76.98% equity interest in Lafarge MCement way back in 2019.


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Posted by cktay > 2021-06-14 22:48 | Report Abuse

On another note, is it a good deal? MCement Bhd plan to buy 12 subsidiaries owned from YTL for RM5.16bil. These subsidiaries include three integrated cement plants held under Pahang Cement, Perak-Hanjoong and Straits Cement plus the ready-mixed concrete business, etc

The deal will transform MCement into a major cement player with an estimated 60%-65% market share in Peninsular Malaysia. Operation-wise, there would be efficiencies to reap from economies of scale. From a corporate governance perspective, the deal reduces concerns on recurrent related-party transactions. One big positive from the exercise is that the injection of YTL Cement’s assets, will fast track MCement’s path to profitability. While the latter has been loss-making over the past three years, YTL Cement has strong operational and financial profile. For the 9months ended 31st Mar, the YTL Cement’s segment had a revenue of RM3.2b and a whopping profit of RM435m. In contrast, MCement last Q revenue was RM374m and a pretax profit of RM4m.

Still believe that the price will slowly move towards RM3.75, otherwise minority shareholders will vote no to the deal. We patiently wait and see.


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Posted by AlfI3 > 2021-06-18 06:25 | Report Abuse

Any idea d 'targeted day to complete' this deal pls sifus?

Posted by wallstreetrookie > 2021-06-22 05:01 | Report Abuse

Monday's recovery trade ended Dow Jones's five consecutive days of losses


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Posted by AlfI3 > 2021-07-06 06:44 | Report Abuse

All cement stocks dipped as MCO causing most construction activities cease for mths....! Hard times on d way


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Posted by loyalok > 2021-09-09 08:08 | Report Abuse

profit recover for 2 q ,future bright with increase of cement selling price


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Posted by enning22 > 2021-09-27 14:36 | Report Abuse

property market sets to recovery by next year, as foreign investment improved on manufacturing , export boom, see what next.....

Posted by stockpro18 > 2021-10-12 15:16 | Report Abuse

return to profit just a matter of time to go back to RM6


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Posted by HuatAh8809 > 2021-10-12 17:48 | Report Abuse

Check with my brother who is the contractor, he said Cement price increase Crazily..

So could be due to that, just like steel stocks, expect limit up at anytime

Posted by stockpro18 > 2021-10-13 06:44 | Report Abuse

yes, with current ASP of 250, (up 40%), mcement one year cab easily make 100 million.....and the company is currently monopoly in malaysia already...can easily increase price further....see you at RM6....


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Posted by HuatAh8809 > 2021-10-13 23:32 | Report Abuse

OK, tomorrow I will rush in to buy more then


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Posted by Zenithopia > 2021-11-09 15:51 | Report Abuse

something brewing.


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Posted by HuatAh8809 > 2021-11-15 18:01 | Report Abuse

This quarter results is super super strong, everyone will get very stun when they release later

Posted by Limitup001 > 2021-11-20 20:13 | Report Abuse

why do u say so ?


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Posted by HuatAh8809 > 2021-11-22 06:25 | Report Abuse

Wait for this week results
Can't disclose too much..

Roy 8

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Posted by Roy 8 > 2021-11-22 09:13 | Report Abuse

Cement is a controlled item and action under the Control Of Supplies Act could be taken against industry players found to increase the price without the government’s approval, Saifuddin warned.

No increase in cement prices, says domestic trade minister ...

Come On

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Posted by Come On > 2021-11-24 15:32 | Report Abuse

wahhh, why drop so much,,,,,,,,,, i think i will die this time, i bought alot of warrant..............

Posted by valuewood11 > 2021-11-25 23:45 | Report Abuse

everyone stun for sure... results negatively strong. haha

HuatAh8809 This quarter results is super super strong, everyone will get very stun when they release later


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Posted by LKOH > 2021-11-29 11:47 | Report Abuse

Best opportunity is now

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