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Posted by Good_Investor > 2021-01-12 08:38 | Report Abuse

Up up up!


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Posted by IvanC > 2021-01-13 12:51 | Report Abuse

buy buy buy


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Posted by IvanC > 2021-01-13 16:14 | Report Abuse

don't miss the chance


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Posted by akira > 2021-01-14 09:15 | Report Abuse

MCO baru naik... hmmm....


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Posted by piranha88 > 2021-01-18 15:59 | Report Abuse

Lii Hen's 875 workers under quarantine till Jan 29. 1,383 have already resumed workd. No adverse impact but estimated capacity loss increased from 3.5% to 4.6% of total estimated annual output volume.


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Posted by bullrun1985 > 2021-01-18 16:10 | Report Abuse

Piranha88, how you get this number quarantine workers?


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Posted by bullrun1985 > 2021-01-18 20:33 | Report Abuse



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Posted by piranha88 > 2021-01-19 10:30 | Report Abuse

@ bullrun1985. Sorry, just read your post. I read it from the Star online


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Posted by bullrun1985 > 2021-01-19 14:42 | Report Abuse



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Posted by Mazhar3192 > 2021-01-22 22:08 | Report Abuse

Next week up..up..


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Posted by apple168 > 2021-01-25 12:07 | Report Abuse

Once upon a time, a rich man from the city arrived in a village. He announced to the villagers that he would buy Monkeys for 100 each.

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The villagers couldn’t believe this. They were desperately trying to get more monkeys.

Meanwhile, the rich man said he had to go back to the city on some business work and until he returns his manager would deal on his behalf.

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Many villagers kept the monkeys with them, hoping the rich man would come back. But soon, they lost hope and had to let the monkeys back into the forest as feeding and taking care of the noisy monkeys became extremely difficult.

Good Luck!


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Posted by apple168 > 2021-01-25 12:07 |

Post removed.Why?

Posted by jack daniel > 2021-01-26 09:38 | Report Abuse

hahahahha.... so funny you are apple............. gud luck for your TP.


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Posted by Mazhar3192 > 2021-01-26 11:13 | Report Abuse

Hahhaha..close green


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Posted by atmw81 > 2021-01-26 13:43 | Report Abuse



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Posted by apple168 > 2021-01-26 16:49 | Report Abuse

Covid 19 outbreak in one of the furniture making companies, located in Muar, Johor!


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Posted by Mazhar3192 > 2021-01-26 17:00 | Report Abuse

Pohuat and liihen same meh


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Posted by apple168 > 2021-01-27 14:01 | Report Abuse


Suatu Operasi Bersepadu berkaitan Pemeriksaan Pematuhan SOP PKP 2.0 telah dijalankan pada 25 dan 26 Januari 2021 di sekitar kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Bakri, Muar.

Operasi tertumpu kepada Pematuhan SOP, Penyelenggaraan Kebersihan Asrama dan Kilang serta langkah-langkah kebersihan sekitarnya yang masih berkuatkuasa sepanjang tempoh PKP 2.0.

2 Jabatan terlibat dengan kekuatan anggota seramai 14 org telah menyertai operasi tersebut terdiri daripada anggota Majlis Perbandaran Muar dan Polis Daerah Muar.

Senarai Premis Yang Diperiksa :-

1. Max Furniture Sdn Bhd
2. Fortune Furniture Enterprise
3.Jc Shutter & Metalworks
4. Digital Furniture Sdn Bhd
5. Concentrate Mould Ind Sdn Bhd
6. LTS Machinery & Hardware
7. Syarikat Zulkifli Bamadhaj Sdn Bhd
8. LB Furniture Sdn Bhd
9. Treat Upholstery Industries Sdn Bhd
10.SK Mall Sdn Bhd
11. Chen Feng Ent Sdn Bhd
12. Sand Tech Industries Sdn Bhd
13. Sern Kou Furniture Ind Sdn Bhd
14. Perusahaan Keng Sin

Jenis Kesalahan Dikompaun :-

a) Gagal Patuh SOP - 6 Kompaun
Di Bawah Sek.72(1)(e)
Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976

b) Tidak Menjaga Kebersihan
(Kilang dan Asrama Dalam Keadaan Kotor)
Di Bawah Sek.40(74)
Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976

Asrama Kotor- 6 Kompaun
Kilang Kotor - 5 Kompaun

c) Halangan Di Tempat Awam - 2 Kompaun
Di Bawah Sek.46 (3)
Akta Jalan Parit dan Bangunan 1974

Jumlah Notis Berhenti Perniagaan - 4 Notis

Jumlah Kilang Di Tutup - 4 Buah Kilang

Jumlah Lesen Kilang Dirampas - 7 Lesen




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Posted by zen_2k > 2021-01-27 20:59 | Report Abuse

people knew about outbreak in furniture companies since weeks back dy lo xD


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Posted by wehcant > 2021-01-27 21:01 | Report Abuse

KEPADA ALLAH BERSERAH? Patutlah mangkuk Malaysia.

Posted by Bamboo Green > 2021-02-09 19:03 | Report Abuse

O.... why drop


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Posted by Mazhar3192 > 2021-02-15 19:24 | Report Abuse

Nanti naik lorh


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Posted by cherry88 > 2021-02-18 09:32 | Report Abuse

LiiHen will announce its final year end results soon. Will expect special (or extra) dividend


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Posted by frankco > 2021-02-18 22:42 | Report Abuse

LiiHen can't pass on the rising to the customer in this quarter - as stated in the quarterly performance review..


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Posted by sokowanda > 2021-02-19 10:42 | Report Abuse

telan, telan!

Flying Fox

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Posted by Flying Fox > 2021-02-19 13:41 | Report Abuse

Disappointed result, revenue up but cost went up even faster

Shipping costs increased 3 times compared to last year, shipping fee is still at peak, short term no chance to go down. So cost will continue to be higher & lower margin will be for the next Q

Posted by makelittlemoney > 2021-02-20 18:12 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by frankco > 2021-02-22 14:57 | Report Abuse

please drop more ..


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Posted by Cipta > 2021-02-22 19:10 | Report Abuse

maketlittlemoney Good points. Yoy, although cost of sales increase 31.66%, but revenue increase 24.53% + inventory increase 67.71%. This correspond to container shortage. If you add in the inventory as goods waiting to ship, then the profit margin is increased instead. Also, with total liability not increase, Fix deposit of the co increases 21%. Given operation ease for several weeks due to MCO, Lii Hen still manage to increase sale as well as giving dividend in every quarter fin 2020. This say how good is the co doing in 2020.


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-02-23 09:31 | Report Abuse

Rebounce soon, enter now


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Posted by bullrun1985 > 2021-02-23 09:41 | Report Abuse

anyone can tell me why Liihen drop like water fall this few days


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-02-23 10:33 | Report Abuse

Nope, inventory yet sold won't taken up into account cost of good sold.
I believe the main reason of cost of good sold increased mainly due to higher shipping fee and new crew expense (quarantine, swab test fee and bla bla)
As you can see revenue increased from 8xxm to 9xxm, the extra revenue could done by new foreign crew.


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Posted by Cipta > 2021-02-23 11:01 | Report Abuse

Given operation cost increased RM3mil while inventory increases RM59mil, I believe the cost of inventory is in the cost of sales.


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-02-23 11:48 | Report Abuse

Cost of inventory= storage? If own warehouse won't incurred any cost actually.
They didn't tell us from qr, how they accumalted the cost. If cost of inventory already include overhead and direct labour, then it won't affect the cost of goods sold.

What I see is the new foreign recruitment extra expense during covid and they do swab test during 23th Dec. So all that cost reflect in Dec qr. But all of this is one off expense instead of routine expense then cogs still able get lower in future


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Posted by Cipta > 2021-02-23 12:14 | Report Abuse

Let's say Lii Hen has 10,000 workers and all sent for Covid-19 at RM300/test, the cost only increase RM3mil. whilst Cost of sales increase RM57Mil yoy.

Cost of sales = overhead + material cost. Well, the Qr didn't separate out the admin/marketing cost so i presume they lump sum it including cost to produce inventory.
Warehouse is under fix asset unless they rent it.

Posted by makelittlemoney > 2021-02-23 13:33 | Report Abuse

cost of sales does not include in inventory.


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-02-23 13:36 | Report Abuse

We talking about gross margin mah, gross profit margin decreased due to cogs increased, unsold inventory won't affect the cogs. So what increased the cogs is more important for future propesct. If its one off expense instead of routine then OK.


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Posted by Cipta > 2021-02-23 13:52 | Report Abuse

Well, what i want to mention is whether Lii Hen include inventory production cost into Cost of sales.
yoy, inventory increase RM59mil , cost of sales increase RM57mil.


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-02-23 14:24 | Report Abuse

Cost of sales increased 57m because of revenue increased from 8xxm to 9xxm lar. Aduhai u susah nak faham lol.
U thought this 100m extra revenue doesn't include cogs??

Inventory is inventory, cogs is cogs. Totally different thing.

Teach u simple account concept
When they create a furniture then cost put into inventory account, when the goods sold, then transfer from inventory account to cost of sales account. This how accounting work

So all the unsold inventory won't affect cost of sales at all. Understand mah? Unless you say the inventory cost doesn't include direct labour or overhead, then yes it's affecting cogs. But normally all company apportion those direct labour overhead into inventory instead direct to cogs


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-02-23 14:37 | Report Abuse

But anyway this still good stock lar, past 10 years keep profit and revenue keep breaking high. In long term confirm earn de just need patient


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Posted by Cipta > 2021-02-23 14:42 | Report Abuse

XxxxXzz Thanks for your accounting class. Appreciated. Please tell me from account method, if subsidiary A sold subsidiary B goods, will the same item appear as revenue and inventory at the group account?


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-02-23 15:30 | Report Abuse

Internal sales will not treat as revenue in group accounting. Inventory only capture at original cost incurred.

Posted by EatCoconutCanWin > 2021-02-24 16:46 | Report Abuse

Heng ong huat arh!! adding


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Posted by mijibaik > 2021-02-25 14:41 | Report Abuse

buy buy buy . TA on the bottom the only way is UP


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-03-05 17:39 | Report Abuse

Monday collect dividend hehe


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Posted by jeannie > 2021-03-08 16:54 | Report Abuse

what dead fish


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Posted by XxxxXzz > 2021-03-08 19:35 | Report Abuse

Dead fish better than drop haha. Can collect dividend not bad dy


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Posted by akira > 2021-03-22 17:24 | Report Abuse

USD is slowly going up again, I guess that's good for Liihen

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