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Posted by cherry88 > 2021-09-01 16:38 | Report Abuse

Just to update u guys that Liihen has started to resume operation effective today. However, Poh Huat factory remains closed. We should expect a recovery in the coming quarter


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-09-01 16:47 | Report Abuse

Ya. No div for this quarter. Wait for next year.


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Posted by frankco > 2021-09-01 17:11 | Report Abuse

A undervalue stock that will certainly recover. The OMAHA Warren Buffet once said " We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful" could be well applied to this situation...

Factory are vaccinating their workers and like the statistics show, the number of hospitalized and infected in Selangor and Klang are decreasing with higher rate of vaccinations..


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-09-01 19:38 | Report Abuse

Although the business will recover as soon as the workers are vaccinated and back to work by mid of September, the price will recover only by end of this year or early next year because the report comes later than the change / progress.


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Posted by bullrun1985 > 2021-09-03 09:20 | Report Abuse

Cherry88, Liihen workers not yet 14 days after full vaccine if according to Pikas record. How to start work unless operate illegally


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-09-03 11:25 | Report Abuse

There are 6 factories under Liihen Group. It is not surprising if some of these had completed the vaccination slightly earlier.


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Posted by cherry88 > 2021-09-04 12:26 | Report Abuse

bullrun1985.....could be.....(imagine yourself)....


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-09-08 17:27 | Report Abuse

Missed the AGM this year. :(

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-09-15 21:48 | Report Abuse

@kens88 From 4.7 max drop until 3.3.... No bottom

Thats y warren buffett n cold eyes always remind all investors dont chase high blindly ! Must know the fair value before buy !

Dont forget China furniture will challenge malaysia also if without tariff then the share price will drop like hell !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-09-20 14:57 | Report Abuse

Omg ! Foreigner workers to Malaysia banned , how to ramp up shiftments backlog , all finished goods just keep at port n pay higher container fees , furniture has dark future from now !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-09-21 15:49 | Report Abuse

Hope USA keeps sanctions n tariffs 25% on China goods if not malaysia furniture confirmed will be hit by China cheaper n long last quality furniture !


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-09-21 17:32 | Report Abuse

Good time to collect the shares from now till early December.


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Posted by raviem > 2021-09-30 20:42 | Report Abuse

Liihen management don't scare losing US customer.


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Posted by Invest_888 > 2021-10-03 17:42 | Report Abuse

SUBUR(6904) is the best earning furniture/timber stock with oil palm estate, it is only 87cent. Big discount!!!
Latest financial quarterly result, EPS= 10.29 cent, NAV= RM3.07. Can consider to buy it.

Posted by Pasar_Pagi > 2021-10-06 11:46 | Report Abuse

China is hit by power shortage now.
USD up.
All fully vaccined labour can back to work.
These all are good news to LiiHin.

Posted by investortrader88 > 2021-10-08 11:47 | Report Abuse

Last week I bought some tickets at rm3.01.will continue to hold .good luck guys

Posted by Pasar_Pagi > 2021-10-08 13:25 | Report Abuse

LiiHEN has it own rubber wood plantation. She is the only furniture counter from up stream wood production to the finished products.


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-10-09 09:54 | Report Abuse

Hi Pasar Pagi, I don't think its plantation is the main source of raw material. Is there anyone able to estimate Liihen's next quarter (Jul to Sep) loss?

Posted by Pasar_Pagi > 2021-10-11 14:31 | Report Abuse

hi Sardin, yes,Liihen own plantation not enough to supply her production but at least can hedge against rising price of wood. Liihen mainly export and thus they operate much earlier than local furniture factory. I bet their Jul-Sep result will better than previous.


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-10-12 14:49 | Report Abuse

Hi Pasar_Pagi, I think Liihen will register net loss in Q3. And the amount of loss would be high enough to cause some sell down once the result is published.

Posted by Pasar_Pagi > 2021-10-12 15:09 | Report Abuse

hi Sardin, what make you think Liihen was in red for the past 3 months?


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-10-12 17:59 | Report Abuse

The factory closed for about 2.5 months out of 3 months in Q3


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-10-21 18:11 | Report Abuse

Q3 result is coming closer and closer


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Posted by Cipta > 2021-10-26 18:20 | Report Abuse

Ha ha this Hamzah sound like employers no need bear all cost when bringing in foreign workers previously.

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-11-16 12:43 | Report Abuse

Rm 3 for liihen or Padini !!! Better buy genm lah for higher capital gain if really can recover few years later ! No more than rm 2.30 only consider !

Posted by Kikilala69 > 2021-11-16 16:11 | Report Abuse

Directors are buying recently.

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-11-16 21:56 | Report Abuse

The deadly hit to Mslaysia glove n furniture industry will be cancellation of import tax form China health care n furniture products by USA after good virtual meeting between XI n Baiden !
Hope it wont happen !


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-11-18 09:28 | Report Abuse

While US might be reducing the import tax, it is more likely to happen in staggering rather than total cancellation. Furniture industry is still a labor intensive industry and don't forget that wages in China is no longer cheap. Risk of investment should be quite low at RM 3 per share. Even if the business could not recover to the result achieved in 2019, the performance that it requires for the share price to appreciate to RM 3.60 level in early 2022 should be a low hanging fruit to reap. In short, "low risk and moderate / high reward" is what I could think of for Liihen shares at its current price.


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-11-18 09:39 | Report Abuse

Furniture is one of the industries that is expected to turnaround in Q4. Poor result is expected for Q3 due to plant shutdown during MCO. I believe deep pocket investors are aiming for this opportunity as well. What are they waiting for? When inexperienced investors are panic to sell after seeing the Q3 result that is to be released soon because they had not weigh-in the damage of MCO inflicted on the Q3 result, that is the best time for these smart money to take a good position. However, if the fear isn't great enough to motivate a sell down, I believe these smart money will eventually loose patience and starts to flow in by December, otherwise they will miss the chances to buy low.

Posted by Teosoontong > 2021-11-23 20:14 | Report Abuse

All the indicators are that worldwide especially USA furniture demand is still strong, the question now is more on the supply side , in view of the logistic - labor - raw material issues.

Posted by Teosoontong > 2021-11-23 20:16 | Report Abuse

There are a lot of guru points to raw material price increase as a risk to liihen, but I thought liihen have their own plantation to provide the wood raw material, thus not much impact by the price increase? Anyone can enlighten here? Thanks


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-11-24 20:39 | Report Abuse

@Teosoontong. Main source of raw material is from local suppliers, not its rubber plantation subsidiary. You can check the segmental reporting in quarter or annual report to verify this. The raw material cost can be transferred but may not be at 100% efficiency and it takes time.


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-11-25 16:51 | Report Abuse

@Cipta, this can be achieved only by getting permit to bring in more foreign workers.


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Posted by Cipta > 2021-11-25 17:17 | Report Abuse

@ Sardin, I think in all furniture counters, Lii Hen has the most number of foreign workers. To see it in another angle, she has the most work force compare to peers.

Posted by Teosoontong > 2021-11-26 11:57 | Report Abuse

@ sardin, thanks for the info.
@ cipta, not surprising since liihen is the biggest rev furniture company, also concentrate in Malaysia only.
Let’s see today ‘s QR

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-11-26 14:50 | Report Abuse

Malaysia furniture will be the next target by Andy Hall ,foreign worker rights activists ! Warning u all first !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-11-26 16:31 | Report Abuse

Better buy below rm 2.30!

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2021-11-26 16:32 | Report Abuse

Furniture sure will become USA n EU target on forced labour n deforestation issue ! Wait and see !


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Posted by up2_sky > 2021-11-26 21:07 | Report Abuse

NatasukoMishina...don't bullshit here if u not buying any unit of furniture stock

Posted by Pasar_Pagi > 2021-11-27 15:05 | Report Abuse

what NatsukoMishima concern on force labour is something management must look into it. I just wonder what JKKKP doing whole these years. Most of Liihen raw materials are rubber woods and fiber board, deforestation may not so concern but i have no info whether her wood plantation is on the virgin forest or not.


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-11-29 22:34 | Report Abuse

Davidkkw79, you should have sold it just after MCO 3.0 was announced. But if you have held it until now, it is better to continue to hold it because the business has returned to full swing since Sep 2021.

Posted by Thirai Thiraviam > 2021-11-30 09:40 | Report Abuse

@Sardin - The drop in revenue and profit is quite drastic. We have to go all the way back to 2011 to see a similar performance from Liihen, when its stock was trading around RM1.00. I have been holding Liihen for a while now; sold a large portion of it when it neared RM4.00. But, it has been an awful year for Liihen, looks like.


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Posted by Sardin > 2021-11-30 10:00 | Report Abuse

@Thirai - Indeed 2021 is an awful year for Liihen because all factories lost production for 3 months (Jun, Jul, Aug) and some factories loss about a month production in Q1. If full vaccination would be able to prevent this in future, I foresee quarterly EPS to normalise to around 15 sen per share due to raising demand for wood furniture in the US. Don't forget that Liihen is still in expansion mode even if under pandemic. For this particular stock at the present, I couldn't figure a better time to buy it, for a handsome capital return when she announces next quarter earning after CNY 2022.

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