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Wise man said, it's better to use simpler method that is more reliable than to try complicated ways!
I don't know why for decades government of the day simply can't drawback fuel subsidy by using no brainer method!
You can't stop T20 from fuelling up their luxury cars using RON95! There's no different between RON95 and RON97! The only difference is with subsidy and without!

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The best way is to increase road tax for those who use 2.00cc at much higher rate! This is discourage T20 wanabees from using high powered cars!
At the same time, T20 will have no choice but to fork out high road tax rate to enjoy their luxury cars! Yeah, i know some luxury cars have 1.5cc engine! But let it be as they dont consume much fuel anyway!


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anthony Loke should be smart follow your arguments

but his cabinet colleagues all drive Big Mercedes...............................


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malaysia cannot chose simple solutions

malaysia will have to choose very complex solutions. ..just for show.

and I still don't know why Malaysia still want to subsidise Tesla which cost $ 500,000 which only towkays can afford.


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some thing about Elon Musk ...He can convince every government that they need to subsidise his customers.

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Qqq! Actually all EVs at the moment enjoy tax free importation! No problem as we need to increase number of EVs in Malaysia! Which also helps to expedite installation of new charging stations! It's not biggy! T20 are among the first to experiment with it!
As EVs become mainstream, then government of the day an apply excirse duty!

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Qqq! It's pointless to use alternative fuel subsidy that is way too complicated! I mean, even fuel stations will have big headache dealing with it!
The best way is just to increase road tax for cars above 2.0cc! This way, T20 can help reduce fuel subsidy! Regulating RON95 is just impossible!
Since smaller cars requires less fuel, then let those who owned between 1.00cc to 1.5cc enjoy current road tax rate!
Same with commercial vehicles, it's time to increase road tax a bit too!

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