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2021-08-26 18:26


i think tomorrow UMW will drop due to very bad QoQ result

2021-08-26 19:45



2021-09-06 23:48

Hew Kiong Peng George

come on umw,u r the potential one for recovery play

2021-09-08 06:45

Hew Kiong Peng George

umw c31 tp5sen

2021-09-10 04:17

Hew Kiong Peng George

Wow umw c31 u r the best

2021-09-14 17:41


UMW-C31 will be same as UMW-C24 if UMW can continue up. Too bad I sold UMW C31 too early due to UMW-C29 losses.

2021-09-14 22:20

Hew Kiong Peng George

imagine umw hit 3.50 ,this c31 worth 6.5sen

2021-09-15 02:52


if outsider hold very little c31, warrant issuer will not handicap UMW to go up, same scenario for UMWC24 last year.

2021-09-15 09:09


Tq umw c31,kemarin masuk 1 sen dan jual 2.5n3 sen.Hari ni masuk balik 1.5 sen

2021-09-15 12:38

Hew Kiong Peng George

i still hold umw c31 500,000 units cost 1sen.

2021-09-15 20:36


28 sept last trading c31

2021-09-16 13:34

Hew Kiong Peng George

hold till expire,wait cimb issued cheque to me.haha

2021-09-17 07:12


i hold umw-C24 small volume until expired to see warrant issue really drive UMW price drop or not,
the warrant issuer did drive price drop, but not successfully to make it below execution price because the price is too far than execution price. For UMW-C31, execution is 3.30,current price is very closed to the price, warrant issuer is very easy to drive out of money.

2021-09-17 11:10

Hew Kiong Peng George

Omg what happened to umw? Huge selling pressure.. Issuer house got so many selling power...

2021-09-17 16:58


warrant issuer house just sold their UMW share from right hand to left hand in order to manipulate price below 3.30, this kind of trick not only happened to UMW, the recent Ambank C23 also same, after warrant expire, ambank shoot up.

2021-09-18 21:36


Tambah lagi pada harga setengah sen hahaha

2021-09-19 06:43

Hew Kiong Peng George

monday n tuesday closing price are crucial,hope can up back to 3.30

2021-09-19 17:00


i see the chance UMW hit back 3.3 this week is very slim..

2021-09-20 09:11

Hew Kiong Peng George sentiment really bad,haiz

2021-09-20 22:46


yesterday, RSS Guys throw 209500 units

2021-09-21 10:43


with RSS help, UMW-C31 will out of money most likely

2021-09-22 13:52


UMW-C31 confirmed - out of Money. Warrant Issuer did it again.

2021-09-30 16:30


Post removed.Why?

2021-10-05 16:03


Bought some tickets at RM 3.33.good luck guys

2021-11-01 10:34


i think warrant issuer will take this bad market sentiment to drive UMW price as close as to 3.05 or below 3.05, so that UMW-C30 will be out of money, expired by 25 Nov 2021.

2021-11-01 14:55

Bgt 9963

Klse offer kaw kaw...!

2021-11-01 15:31


Steady !

2022-03-16 11:40


finally moving

2022-03-18 14:36

software guy

JP Morgan TP is 3.0 only, any price more than 3.0, they keep selling

2022-03-18 15:10

software guy

Need to wait for UMW-C33 warrant expired by 29 Mar 2022 first

2022-03-18 15:14

James Yeo

We just compiled an analyst target price on this stock and 6 other ones; Read here:

2022-03-21 09:09


Consumer discretionary stocks like UMW / MBM (via its 38% and 22.6% stakes respectively in perodua) should be a solid proxy to the new national minimum wage of RM1,500. Higher average disposable income = more likely to take on large purchases like a new car

2022-03-21 09:16


car sales had been good, reflect soon ?

2022-03-22 14:13

software guy

Before price going up beyond 3.3 consistently, need to get RSS gang & Warrant Operator Green light, these are the 2 big shark approved for regulating stock price.

2022-03-23 12:14

software guy

so far, no one dare to fight with warrant operator to get UMW hit more than 3.3 before UMW-C33 expired.....

2022-03-25 10:32

software guy

This month No any warrant expired, so no more warrant operator to limit down price up trend.

2022-04-01 15:58

software guy

UMW is trending up slowly

2022-04-07 11:35


Umw going upwards

2022-04-11 10:28


Going up ARH......will lembek after X date...
Quick lembek after tonight ...haha

2022-04-11 13:46

software guy

yen depreciation will be helpful to UMW?

2022-04-21 09:41


Sad sad

1 month ago


Sudden drop?

3 weeks ago


Welcoming rm3

2 weeks ago

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