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Let's pray the share price up to 0.60 after QR.

2024-01-09 13:37


When management announces the QR release date, the result should be good. Last quarter, management did not announce the QR release date.

2024-01-11 18:18


expected 3¢ dividend

2024-01-11 18:57


Management's exodus for CNY spending$$$?

2024-01-19 14:33


Investors show the lack of confidence with the management team and the management's task is not to please the investors but to their friends and family.

2024-01-30 11:32


QR due today. Expect slight Improve result on operation. Improvement of 2 prime mall in growing city of Penang should be able offset the underperformance of 3 KL mall. Expect impairment loss on KL malls.

KL now is a stagnant or slow growth city because of cancellation of mega project. Not only CLMT mall, almost all secondary mall in KL are struggling... So far, govt is not doing anything except for revival of MRT3. The rest is talk only .........

2024-01-30 13:23


This is the time to determine whether what the consultantandauditor said is reliable or not as he was too hard sell CLMT.

2024-01-30 16:03


Good comeback from pandemic as expected. But there are always concern regarding the 3 toxic assets as always.

2024-01-30 18:18


Where is the easily 70 cents, 80 cents and 1 ringgit?

2024-01-31 15:07


One "Bungkus" already after maximum spending and cheap sell. Market responded well to this. Hope the CFO will bungkus too if cannot perform next Q .......hehehe.........................

2024-01-31 16:53


Just don't do divestment. It is kiasu and hurting those who bought the stocks with personal cash.

From the report, they want to speed up divestment. Divestment will shoot up the management fee.

2024-01-31 17:57


Wonder how much dividend will be announced probably next week. Maybe happiness is not long long away.

2024-02-02 11:43


CLMT closed 61 sen. Nice. I'm relatively late in entering this REIT (a blessing), and this is one of the better performing REITS from a Total Return perspective in the past year. Beats MAYBANK (and MAYBANK beats my very conservative target returns of 9% p.a.). I first got a small entry position at 63 sen, but as price goes down, 80% of my purchases happen between 49.5 sen and 52 sen around March to August 2023, so, my average cost is 52 sen. Along the way, I received dividends to further lower the average cost down. Total returns ~ 20% or so in less than a year and from a REIT perspective, that's a real bonus.

Less typical than my other REIT experience, the majority of the gains from CLMT are price gains that happened quite quickly. When price dropped to 49-52 sen due to the rights placement in March 2023, I accumulated quietly and significantly when others were cursing the unfair rights placement at 49 sen that caused price to fall to around there.

Took some profits at 60 sen, as the gain is too fast for a REIT. Still holding 80% for longer term yields.

Pays to buy good quality REITS quietly at depressed prices when they are unpopular, when either nobody talks about them or when others are cursing them. Longer term price charts help pinpoint high probability long term decent entry levels.

2024-02-03 14:09


When Pavreit had Rights, speakup bought 1.20

2024-02-03 14:45


I am not MIssing In Action. I am always active in Screener.... after doing study for 3 mths

2024-02-04 00:43



2024-02-04 00:47


@speakup, well done on PAVREIT.

2024-02-05 21:49


terima kasih @DividendGuy67
your CLMT also doing good

2024-02-06 07:36


CapitaLand Malaysia Trust ventures into industrial segment with acquisition of three Iskandar M'sia factories for RM27m

"The proposed acquisition is expected to generate an annual rental income of RM2 million, with a first-year yield of 7.3%. It will contribute positively to CLMT’s income, and is distribution per unit-accretive to CLMT unitholders on a pro forma basis," it added.

7.3% yield is superb!

2024-02-06 08:45


Those who got CLMT at 49.5 cents are now adding salt to others wound, they forget some here are getting above RM1.00 pre-covid based on 8 cents dividend merit. Now these people want to show how smart they are by getting at low price and happy with low dividend. .............hehehe....................................

2024-02-06 10:37


Yes, the 67 dude is adding salts.

2024-02-06 10:38


By the way, diversify into Industrial segment especially near Singapore is a good move. complement to those who made this decision. With this, expect CLMT is moving to right direction in year 2024. go go CMLT .........hehehe....................

2024-02-06 16:39


CLMT are leveraging parent network to grow the company. Prevously, QBM, Shah Alam DC, and now Nusajaya factory.

The 3 factory RM27m, though small, look like a good deal, bought from Nusajaya TechPark SB, is owned by Ascendas Land (M)SB, Which in turn partly owned by Capitaland Group Pte Ltd.

2024-02-06 22:49


after Covid experience, several pure Mall REITs have start to diversify from pure Mall to diversified Mixed like SUNREIT. Look like CLMT is going this direction too.

2024-02-07 07:41


@mini, @88, we all have battle scars, market is a harsh place. I am not exempted from losses too and when I have a loss, I love to read from others generous enough to share how they win and how I lost, because it means I still have lessons to learn. I never looked at those winners as rubbing salts. If one prioritizes comfort and cannot tolerate losses, then, stay away from DIY equity investments, instead, put your funds in EPF which pays well.

2024-02-07 22:43


For the record, I entered 2024 with 46 stocks open. I have 16 losses. When I read about how others had won, it only strengthen my resolve to reflect what I did wrong. If you can't look at your losses honestly, then, stay away from markets.

2024-02-07 22:46


CLMT announced Income Distribution with DRIP.

"Final income distribution of 2.24 sen per CLMT Unit (of which 2.10 sen per CLMT Unit is taxable and 0.14 sen per CLMT Unit is non-taxable in the hands of the CLMT unitholders) for the period from 1 July 2023 to 31 December 2023 ("Final Income Distribution")"

Issue Price per Unit Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.5261. Very nice.

2024-02-07 22:51


This detail / good news was announced today, so, don't be surprised if price falls tomorrow on good news announcement.

2024-02-07 22:53


目前投资在 CLMT 的数额已经七七八八了,是时候开始重仓 PARKSON
除了上面这两个,我也有新加坡股票 SATS
献丑了, my portfolio as of 7 Feb 2024

2024-02-08 01:05



2024-02-08 01:32


@DividendGuy67 u are too humble

2024-02-08 07:43


@67 you better keep you $$ in EPF la. I am value to auditorandconsultant comments more than the half tank. 😀😀.......hehehe...........

2024-02-08 16:56



2024-02-09 15:11


@mini, EPF is very good to deliver average 6% pa. since I started working. My net worth is safe and has grown considerably here. I also self invest in stocks and since inception beat EPF by nearly 4% per annum. It is now larger than my EPF. I recommend EPF to everyone.

2024-02-14 12:00


dividendguy67,6 4=10% very good 👍

2024-02-14 12:58


CLMT market cap only 1.8B. Really undervalue. Gurney Plaza alone already valued at 1.69B.

2024-02-14 13:20


2.24*2 = 4.48 cents per annual.
Assume China and India mari get 30 days free Visa, CLMT can make 5 cents per annual.
At current price RM 0.65,
5/65 cents = 7.7% return.

Still very good buy for now ......hehehe.....................

2024-02-15 11:24


CLMT is trading at a big discount to its net tangible assets of about 98sen/unit.. Hopefully, its performance will also pick up for a potential jump in price in the medium term

2024-02-21 11:03


Based on my 5~6 years experience of the REITs investment. My humble opinion as below:
The net property income for the last quarter of 2023 is 63 million, equal to (2.3 cents per unit> DPU 2.24 cents).
The rental usually pays in half a year or yearly basic, therefore would expect the net property income from the last quarter to 3rd quarter of 2024 to be conservatively 2x 63 million = 126 million (4.6 cents per unit).
if based on the 7% yield, the reasonable price is RM0.65 (this assumes no growth in the income and is a conservative estimation of the net property income)

I had invested this CLMT around 0.515, and I had expected a significant improvement in income after the acquisition of the good property in Penang. This stock has some room to grow but not significantly (P/B near 0.63 already, they have a lot of bad-performance retail units, which would expected the PB to increase to 0.7). And Sungai Wang Plaza brings down the profile of this REIT. And hope CLMT can diversify more industry units in Johor (note the game-changing Johor free zone, CLMT is partially owned by CLT (One of the Largest Singapore property & reit companies)

2024-02-21 11:43


@starship , the bad performance of Sungai Wang, The mines & 3 Damansara make the PB value can't reach 1.0; I would expect the PB value can reach 0.7 to 0.8 only. I would not go to Sungai Wang & The Mines even they near my house. The mines are full of foreign labor, and Sungai Wang is very boring compare with other malls in Bukit Bintang. I am not familiar with 3 Damansara, but its income performance is not well.
It is difficult to twist the performance of the mall. People always go to the new and well performance malls, that's why the IGB & Pav keep performing well, and the PB value could >1.0. because they are the top retail mall in Malaysia, The rental fees could keep increasing.

2024-02-21 11:53


Agree that Sg Wang & The Mines looks like dragging down its performance.. My "close RM1.00 NTA" is based on the reit's quarterly report and a casual look at its balance sheet.. My thanks to beyond 4896 for the insightful asessment of the reit's outlook..

2024-02-21 14:49


India and China mari no need Visa will boost tourism inclusive shopping mall traffic, expect mall REIT remain good. Congrats EPF even average down with current price vs 0.49, the PP still earning >10 % good dividend aside the value gain? ..............hehehe.............................

2024-02-23 11:19


Once divided $$ received the big organization, they may acquire more CMLT, expect a little bit up trend? ...........hehehe...............

2024-03-01 12:36


4.17 Sen dividend, buying 63 sen still ok

2 months ago


Unfazed by Volatility: 5 Malaysia REITs with Strong Fundamentals (KingKKK) - AXREIT, CLMT, IGBREIT, SUNREIT, PAVREIT

2 months ago


Yes, cheapest REIT in Bursa.

1 month ago


CLMT’s 1Q net property income jumps 63% to RM64m, DPU up 37%

1 month ago


Epf start buying

1 month ago



Projected PnL is very good
Ownership Summary shows that EPF bought a lot and from day to day never stop

3 weeks ago

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