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Steady accumulation mah!

The coming Div will be 12 sen or more loh!

2022-01-06 10:34


Have faith in KFima....
Yes @stockraider
12 cents dividend... hopefully this year more!

CPO up up up...
Bulking excellent profit...
Good CEOs...
Well managed company...
Bonus should come this year..

2022-01-07 06:33

Fundamental Trader


2022-01-14 09:16


CPO new high!
Huat arhhhh...

Happy New Year!
CEOs. N Directors

Please reward us with bonus n higher dividend this year. Let us enjoy Ur abundant profits together!
Happiness n good health to everyone!

2022-02-01 06:29


With CPO price at record high, KFima coming QR will be good. Quietly, many have bought KFima shares starting from RM2.00, including company's non-stopped shares buyback. I am expecting KFima to move up further after the QR as many palm oil trees are maturing and yielding good fruits. Thus,
providing further income to KFima in years to come.

2022-02-09 14:14


Strong! Very strong!
Ringgit 2.19

2022-02-09 18:55


Will continue to trend higher...
Slow n steady!
Good resilience

2022-02-09 18:57


Theme play...
Plantation stocks!!!

2022-02-13 21:49


Kumpulan Fima to report quarterly earnings next week

2022-02-14 06:18


Everyday up up few cents!!!
Very steady

2022-02-15 10:56


I strongly believe KFima QR will be good. Insiders are busy buying at bargain price. Soon, within
2-3 weeks time, KFima market price will likely in the range of RM2.50-RM2.70. Please do your own research and do not blindly trust what others have said.

2022-02-15 12:37

Poh Chye

Chivo made a very detail analysis of Kfima. Based on CPO of 3,600, the prediction is RM3.13.With CPO price now at >5,000, breaking RM3 should not be an issue. Also the NAPS is very safe at RM2.95 with shareholders keep buying for the last 36 months. In my opinion the downside risk is minimal.

2022-02-15 16:45


Will break 3.00

2022-02-15 17:49


This coming FY ended 31/3/2022 will be 50th year of anniversary for KFima. Very likely, good results plus good prospects along with the celebration for half a centennial, The Directors of KFima might give out good dividends, say 14-15 cents per share for the celebration. High time to buy more for better income. Buy at your own risks!

2022-02-16 09:22


50th anniversary!
Hope they give more special dividend n bonus issues too!!!

All holding tightly!
Very few sellers!!!

2022-02-17 12:00


I thought Feb 24th is their 50th anniversary

2022-02-17 12:01


the big boss want to open the party for all shareholder! GONG XI FA CHAI! WOW!!!

2022-02-17 13:37


Steam up....
Hot..now very hot!!!!

2.45 Dy

Go go go.....
Bonus please!

2022-02-17 15:24


If some of KFima shareholders are willing to spend some time to write to the Board of KFima requesting for special 50th year anniversary celebration by declaring good dividend to its owners. I am quite sure they would yield to consider it.

2022-02-17 15:44

Fabien _the efficient capital allocator

Rising tide lift all boats. even the "value trap" can move

Don't miss Oriental too

2022-02-17 22:59


Kumpulan Fima Berhad: Corporate earnings to watch in Q1 2022

Maintain overweight with a long term price target of RM3.80

2022-02-19 22:03


CPO hit $6400+ per tonne....
Excellent report card coming...
Plantations all green!

2022-02-23 20:42


KFima coming QR should be good. 3 strong reasons: 1. Palm oil price, CPO is in the range of RM5,000-RM6,500 for most the months (Jan-April 2022) PLUS more palm trees are maturing for this Quarter. 2. Economic activities have resumed to normal. No more MCO. 3. Directors are buying KFima shares non-stopped. KFima also buying back its own shares from less that RM2/- to RM2.20. Since Directors are able to access to all financial/operational information, it is logical to deduce that coming QR is good and will also be paying good dividends to shareholders to celebrate 50 years anniversary of KFima.

2022-04-15 12:35


Very strong buying support!

Coming quarterly report will be excellent!

Celebrating 50th anniversary.....
Higher dividen please...
15 cents can arhhhh...dear Directions. Thank you!

2022-04-21 06:50


According to RHB 20 Jewels 2022, Kumpulan Fima is one of those chosen. Reasons given are: 1.Higher CPO price along with improvement in output for FY2022-2023. 2. Expansion of Bulking business in Port Kelang to capitalize on increasing demand for liquid bulking. 3. Note worthy to mention dividend payout for FY2022 is expected to exceed 20 cents per share whereas I only estimated only 15cents. 4. Cash in hand and at Bank is closed to RM1.20 per share giving KFima easy way to expand business ventures or pay dividend.

2022-05-16 08:33


KFima 60% subsidiary Fima Corp has released its QR, with 142% increased profits and declared 10% dividend instead of 7.5%. The main reason is better output and increased in palm oil price.

2022-05-26 07:58


With 300mil cash in the bank, earning interest merely 3mil. Exactly like China counter with huge cash pile but need to take additional 50mil loan. Something to think about.

2022-05-30 19:30



2022-06-01 10:43


Go Go Go loh!

2022-06-01 10:55


The day after tomorrow!huat!huat!huat

2022-06-07 21:19


Next week limit up show

2022-07-01 19:54


No limit up show only new record higher prices !wow!

2022-07-03 13:17


This company want to get bonus issues to shareholder this year!

2022-07-03 13:19


really like this co, but holding too much cash.

2022-07-22 17:07


Masuk 184. Huat chai

2022-10-01 18:35


Sold 2.02 thx

2022-10-17 07:51


Hopefully this year again 15 cents!
Good profits...give more!

2023-03-19 18:26


Up liao...2.11
Profits must be good! Hopefully this year...bonus issues
Plus special dividend

2023-03-31 22:09


Post removed.Why?

2023-06-15 05:54


To "i4 value.asia", your book is indeed very insightful and with detailed analysis accomplished by charts, photos and diagrams. Very informative and I enjoyed reading it. thank you.

2023-07-04 21:08


No strength to climb up!

No bonus issue yet?

2023-07-25 22:04


During the AGM, the director said they have invested the money in PNG at 1.25% p.a. PNG is a riskier place to invest than MY, and yet they make such a decision.

2023-08-30 09:14


bought in a few at 1.82 today. bulking sector looks promising. just with the EPS of first 2 QRs and recent dividend payouts, at least 12 sen dividend seems to be locked for Financial Year: 31-Mar-2024

2023-11-30 10:34



disclaimer: not my own video, just sharing what I saw

2023-12-27 13:50


I am a fundamental investor that relies on historical information to analyse and value companies. Whenever I tell this to investors, they will often cite the well known disclaimer used by all financial advisers – past results does not equal future performance.
When I look at a company’s performance, I know that it is due to the “economic and other resources set-up (strategies, management, funding, etc).” that the company has. So if these result in a good performance in the past, there is a good chance that it will continue to do so in the near future.
Don’t think in terms of a continuation of the past numbers. Think in terms of the continuation of the past set-up That is the reason why track record is important in my analysis. It gives me confidence that the company has the set-up in place to deliver good performance.
Take the example of Rimbunan Sawit which had negative ROE yearly for the past 8 years. In contrast, here are many plantation companies (eg KFIMA) that had delivered positive ROE yearly for the past 8 years. So it cannot just be an external problem. I would think that unless there is some major change in the setup, the past = the future.

2024-01-03 08:02


sold at 1.84 today, simply because need quick cash to invest in HARBOUR which is still lagging in response to significant freight rate increase

2024-01-03 09:57


13,690 hectares (FYE2022: 13,056 hectares) of the oil palm are mature.
Consistently and highly profitable company but less people attending to it due to its sluggish price movement. Somehow another big dividend is expected three months from now.

2024-02-14 15:01


I'll just keep for now

2024-02-14 16:18


Huat ar...lai lai lai

2024-03-08 16:57


Hidden gem for value investor.

3 weeks ago

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