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my all time favorite pingpong biscuits since young

2023-08-11 09:16


wow zero borrowings with 70mil cash in hand

2023-08-11 10:05


No dividend for this round?

2023-08-11 11:52


31. Dividend payable
Other than as disclosed in Note 8 above, the Board of Directors recommends the
payment of an interim single-tier dividend of 1 sen per ordinary share in respect of the
year ending 31 December 2023 for the financial quarter under review. The entitlement
date will be announced in due course.

2023-08-11 13:45


Hupseng has raise their pingpong biscuit price by 10% in 2022. and the earning only start reflecting in recent quarter because in last year 2022, the price increase is to fight against the inflation of raw material cost (Wheat and CPO). now that the CPO price start dropping in August 2022 from 7k to current 4k, this has significantly improve hupseng raw material cost and lead to better profit margin. If hupseng able to maintain the profit for another 2 quarter, its revenue and profit is same as 2020 where price is 90-95sen with dividend 6sen.
Even if the price does not rise back to 90sen, considering current price 69sen with 6sen dividend, equivalent to 8.6% dividend yield. so why not?
Hope this info can be useful for those who just newly invested in hupseng like myself.

2023-08-12 11:22


4 cents dividend is possible. 6 cents ?

2023-08-12 12:10


im making assumption on the dividend if the profit recover back to pre-covid time. considering the number of share never increase over the years, 6sen diviidend per year is not an issue for hupseng with the cashbalance on hand. on a side note, 6sen means the dividend payout of 100% from the earning. i think its ok, anyone invest Hupseng should know it is not a growth focus company. What i want highlight is the current price is undervalue to me.

2023-08-12 16:45

Fundamental Trader

every metrics says it's heading north.

2023-08-17 12:14


not yet announce 1ct div?

2023-08-22 10:24


Not Yet.

2023-08-22 18:35


top up today at 70sen, happy holding everyone.

2023-08-28 16:42


slow & steady....go

2023-08-29 11:53


nice! tp 0.8x isn't a dream

2023-08-30 10:32


Thanks Fortunefire for the link sharing, it is an interview with Hupseng excutive director.
Here are a summary for my own reference and to all,
Hupseng raised their biscuit price in 2022 by 8%, but see sales affected on Q2Y22 due to price up, losing some market share. But in 1HY23, they are getting back the market share.
Company is confident to maintain a healthy profit margin, considering the raw material has stabilized now. Their target for 2H is to maintain double digit Profit Before Tax.
Company has a high pile of cash, their planning is to invest 2 new biscuit oven which cost around 19million each. and the remaining, it keeps to ensure the dividend payout to investor.
In recent years, Hup Seng dividend payout is around 100%, but it does not affect the company cashflow. The management has no plan to aggressively expand their business as the executive director said Hupseng is liked by investor and institute of its sustainable high dividend yield.
Asking whether the company is fairly value at this moment, the director refuse to answer. Rather she would want to focus more on the biscuit product quality as a core.

2023-09-10 23:18


Not a good stock to invest for long term because the share price wont hit high !

2023-09-22 20:04


morning.. hupseng also hot kaa??

tut tut

2023-11-09 09:37


win liao

2023-11-09 09:58


sold 0.825

2023-11-09 15:11


got give div?

2023-11-09 16:49


Thank you HUPSENG! For making my portfolio new high again today. That's 4 consecutive days of New Portfolio Highs! What an amazing week!

2023-11-10 01:45


No dividend for this quarter as mentioned.

2023-11-16 16:14


HUPSENG +5.77% today, nice. Thanks to HUPSENG, my portfolio made new all time high again today - that's twice ALL TIME HIGH this week!

2023-11-17 00:31


I have been holding Hupseng for 5months now and will continue holding long position. Topped up Hupseng at 80sen, average holding price 71sen. Looking forward the upcoming dividend announcement in next week.
In my opinion, Hupseng is still undervalue at current price 81sen.

2023-11-19 15:58

111 111

tommorow hupseng bomb....

2023-12-27 22:53



2024-01-02 13:57


What bomb, don't understand

2024-01-02 23:05


hupseng safe ..

2024-01-09 13:26


Hup seng is it really that good. Most biscuit manufacture not making money bt in distress financial position. This is a very thin margin n high skill labor bussiness. Invest with care. Im not asking u to buy or sell ok. I js give my personal comment only

2024-02-08 21:24


good qr

2024-02-19 18:05


Yes, it has changed to become really good, since a few quarter ago, and is still very good now. Hello everyone.

2024-02-20 12:15



2024-02-20 16:11


any one heard that hup seng have 1 oven is out of order?

2024-02-22 12:17


Ya. But it happened quite a few months ago. So they moved some of the worker to work additional night shift. That's the reason Q4 is still able to shine.The oven out because order too good it got over heated. After repaired the sales will soar higher.

2024-02-22 13:08

lionel messi

This is great info for shareholders and potential investors. Very transparent to make informed buy, sell or hold decisions. Keep it coming Sardin. Much appreciated.

2024-02-22 20:57


@sardin. Thanks for the info. But I heard the oven only can repair ready in 2nd half. The oven out of order in mid of Nov. So the affected result for last QR is only 1.5 month. Worry this QR is full 3 months sure will affect a bit biz.

2024-02-23 09:12


I anticipate the impact is minor because in the past 3 years the production was far from full capacity so I think temporary knock out of one old production line would not loose much sales compare to Q4. We are actually buying because of anticipated better result starts from 2H 2024. Don't forget the advanced totally brand new gas fired production line that is to be setup. If you are worried go and find in local mall any serious prolong out of stock of the crackers. Answer is NO, I have been observing for 2 months. Haha.

2024-02-23 09:57


In fact, the biggest concern should be demand for the product and profit margin. I mention these 2 only because dividend policy is crystal clear. A temporary minor production problem is a good distract to me and some of us.But I also think the management should have done better about the maintenance.

2024-02-23 10:50


no one

2 months ago


Hup Seng is commendable, well-managed. That's why it's making money and we are getting dividends. I think we can continue to make money.

1 month ago

lionel messi

I like your confidence @UpUpRocket. Hopefully this humble biscuit will deliver good dividends for their loyal shareholders.

1 month ago


So quiet here. Very low profile.

1 week ago


🏓good QR

6 days ago


Invest hubseng just like u borrow your money to them and get it back after 20 years , nothing benefits because this kind of stock price will not skyrocket bring u huge capital gains after 20 years , u all better look at vstecs , ranhill , swift haulage , iwcity ,dnex if u want huge capital gains !

5 days ago


The only analyst u can trust in bursa , a japanese who stay in Malaysia and make investment for more than 30 years !

5 days ago


Why fall? Market don't like this result meh?

3 days ago


buy ..

3 days ago


dont listen to jap whore. look at ofi, gcb, appollo. hupsend could be the next!

1 day ago

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