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-0.06 (0.96%)

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6.17 - 6.24

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Exchange:  Bursa Malaysia Bursa Malaysia

Country Code:  MY MY

Currency:  MYR MYR





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Bursa Malaysia operates a fully integrated exchange that offers a comprehensive range of products, mostly to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. These include equities, derivatives, offshore, and Islamic products. The company also provides exchange-related services, including trading, clearing, and settling, as well as depository services. It is home to hundreds of companies listed either on the main market or ACE market, depending on size. The company's strategy emphasizes facilitating a more conducive trading environment, the availability of tradeable alternatives, and developing a regional marketplace with global access through collaborations and alliances, among other initiatives. Its primary source of revenue is securities trading, followed by derivatives trading.

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lionel messi

Of course anything is possible in bolehland. Known to be shameless, flip flopping and changing goal post half way.

2022-08-05 14:44


To me, the share price still seems to be defying gravity. Whether that will change once it goes ex dividend on Thursday (11th) is yet to be seen.
I still think the logical scenario is for the price to drop, and I retain the targets of 6.35 and 6.20 as important price points.

I keep going back to the data and the low daily transaction values and scratch my head as to why this hasn't dropped, even before the upcoming ex dividend date.

2022-08-09 10:32


Treetop i guess Razak's exchange completion might bring more commodity trading in. probably oil and iron ore
those will boost bursa's earning

2022-08-10 09:46


agree that the current price is unreasonable, given the rising interest environment and very poor daily transaction volume

2022-08-10 09:47


Hi unicornbird.......I would doubt that by adding new products to their list would make that much of a difference to the bottom line.
What needs to change is the pool of money that is being invested in all the Bursa products, with obviously the Main market volumes and values requiring a major cash input. This is something we are currently not seeing, in fact the opposite is occurring.

Last quarter's volume and value was poor and although only 6 weeks into the new quarter, the numbers are currently drastically lower than the previous quarter.

I don't see anything changing to the upside until the pool of local and foreign money increases drastically. Certainly no sign of that yet, which points to yet again a lower net profit and EPS for this current quarter.

2022-08-10 11:18


TT you're right. for now, I also feel the price is too high. I rather buy banks with better yield.
for the new products, please don't underestimate the power. 1 deal of oil is enough to change the game, as China trades insane amount of oil in this region.

2022-08-10 12:06


DJI taken steroid today dose #1

2022-08-10 23:20

lionel messi

Is it an illusion? Higher DATV is returning to Bursa? Why?

2022-08-17 08:20


Minday ada ong

2022-08-20 17:07


Darling, can I advice you something?! Cash out and stay away from stock market! Economic recession tsunami is around the corner!

2022-09-06 22:09


Below 5.88

2022-09-18 22:49


Below 5

2022-09-22 14:43


More gloom for Bursa Bhd.

"Bursa’s average daily trading volume (ADV) appears to be trailing at RM1.62 billion in the third quarter of 2022 (3Q22), compared to RM2.1 billion in 2Q22, and RM2.89 billion in 3Q21, said Kenanga Research. “This comes close to our expected ADV for the period at RM1.55 billion,” it said in a note on Wednesday (Oct 5)."

That's a 20% drop from the previous quarter, so it'll be interesting to see what the EPS is for the quarter to be reported late this month.

Going below Rm6 in becoming more of a reality, imo.

2022-10-05 16:28


Below Rm6 can make a pitch

2022-10-05 21:25


@yfchong, I agree that below Rm6 would be a far safer entry point.
The next question would be where, high,mid or low Rm5's?

The upcoming quarterly results could finally take the price below Rm6.............although I think it should be down there already :)

Good luck.

2022-10-06 10:14


OPEC: 2 millions barrel production cut.
US: Very angry. Don't laugh. I will use my NOPEC to sanction all of you. All OPEC members cannot use US Dollar for trading crude oil. A SWIFT ban against OPEC members who trading crude oil between each other. Almighty dollar.

OPEC: Another financial nuke.

2022-10-07 10:03


Can get below 6.20?

2022-10-09 18:38


What happed to bursa malaysia

2022-10-20 18:33


Yeay! Got 10,000 at rm6 today. Tmrw will open straight at 6.10 at least.. easy money man!

2022-10-20 22:02


SOLD 6.12... Thank you to whoever marked down to RM6 during yesterday's close.

2022-10-21 10:43


Post removed.Why?

2022-10-21 17:06


U turn

2022-10-21 18:13


Quarterly report out, profit down 15.7%.
EPS down to 6.2 cents.

It's beyond me how this is still trading above Rm6.

2022-10-31 16:28


Despite being in a small pond, Bursa is a monopoly which needs little capex and returns >90% of its earnings to shareholders. Its valuation is never cheap.

Historically Bursa's average forward PE is around 25 times. Current forward PE at "only" 22X has offered support.

The share price may tumble if analysts cut earnings, or it suffers a derating, for eaxmple due to
1. a general stock market crash
2. Malaysian economic recession
3. Government imposes capital gain tax for stock trading

2022-10-31 22:19


I am waiting patiently for re-rating. Hopefully PE drop to 15X, after Fed raise rate this week

2022-11-01 09:26


Bursa is the best company you can own. It's a bigger & more stable casino than Genting

2022-11-01 09:27


Affin has a Sell call. Its rationale:

The equity market, which turned bearish in 3Q22, will likely remain subdued in 4Q22 and 2023, as we anticipate more market turmoil and fund redemptions for both bond and equity markets. Our equity and derivatives market assumptions for 2022E/23E/24E as follows: i) equity market ADV at RM2.0bn; and ii) derivatives volume at 17.5m/12.4m/12.4m p.a.

Reieterate SELL, as we maintain our Price Target from RM6.74 to RM5.20, based on a P/E target of 22x (at 10-year mean) on revised 2023E EPS of 23.6 sen

2022-11-01 13:02


The 25X historical forward PE I mentioned earlier is based on 5 year record. It has been skewed upwards by 2020 bull run. The 10-year mean used by Affin is a better measure.

2022-11-01 13:09


Hopefully Fed raise rate to 8% next year. Bursa will need to drop to 2.60, to generate a yield of 8%

2022-11-01 17:52


If interest rate hits 8% the stock market will be decimated.. There will be many stocks selling at 3 times PE or above 10% dividend yields, yet most of us will be too terrified to buy :)

2022-11-01 19:44


We will hold hands & buy together.

2022-11-02 08:49


Anyone got news about any commodity trading coming to Bursa? they build such a huge building at TRX, mimicking new york world trade center. certainly there must be huge deals coming

2022-11-03 09:25


Bursa Malaysia extended its rally at the opening bell following a positive performance on Wall Street and as speculation continued over a Chinese economic reopening.

At 9.05am, the FBM KLCI was up 2.14 points to 1,444.20.

There were 154 gainers compared with 91 decliners.

Trading volume was 157.66 million shares crossing hands for RM42.67mil.

The domestic market has been seeing a return of foreign funds with net inflows recorded for a second straight day yesterday.

2022-11-08 12:45


The energy and plantation sectors could remain its uptrend move on the back of firmer commodity prices," it added in its daily market outlook.

2022-11-08 12:45


red red.. follow nasdaq.. fomc dangerous.

2023-01-31 12:01


Soon for the first time in the history of Malaysian stock market, school year end long holiday falls in February-March. And also the budget is also in February.

Many will be heading to oversea for long holiday but since it is in February-March, the long holiday may not cool down the stock market.

We'll see. An interesting phenomenon to study more about the psychology of retail investors in Bursa.

2023-02-14 11:21


Poor bursa.....

2023-02-26 15:51


Super super Poor Bursa…. Looks like next quarter will be poor also.

2 months ago


6.40 good position to accumulate...

1 month ago


anyone attended the AGM? is there any free gift? e-wallet?

1 month ago


Will start to buy once it break 6.00.....

1 month ago


FED going to revised interest rate 3 May 2023. Generally, expecting FED to increase rate above 5%!

Buying bursa now is betting against rate hike and those selling bursa is guessing rate continue to hike to curb inflation.

1 month ago


Bursa would make more if short selling was temporarily suspended. Trading volumes would increase dramatically.

3 weeks ago


Thais morning i buy 20% at 6.19.

2 weeks ago


If you missed glove, TENAGA, ytl, don’t miss this bursa

2 weeks ago

Mingshen Teow

Increase ORP, meaning less hot money, means lower investment, means earning lower for bursa, price drops mean can keep more, just bobi dont replace by other enough

2 weeks ago


Rocket engine like going to start

2 weeks ago


I think Rm6.19 can consider cheap now

1 week ago


Bursa Malaysia malu lah! Dah jadi Casino De Bursa!

4 days ago


Blue Chip semua hangus!
Casino Chip melambung tinggi!

4 days ago

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