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PH should include BN and GPS to form Government - Koon Yew Yin

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Publish date: Fri, 25 Nov 2022, 10:00 AM
Koon Yew Yin
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Important lesson from GE14

4 years ago, PH won in GE14. Dr Mahathir became the PM on the understanding that he would let Anwar take over as PM after 2 years. After 22 months, Dr Mahathir and his party Bersatu suddenly left the PH government. Obviously he did not want Anwar to be PM. As a result, the PH government collapsed.

He said “If Bersatu joins PAS and UMNO, then the opposition would form the federal government, thus the government will be dominated by UMNO because they are the largest opposition party.”

Anwar must not forget this important lesson from GE14.

Anwar must also remember that during negotiation with BN, a few UMNO member and MCA Dr Wee Kar Siong were against BN joining PH to form the government.

If PH with 82 seats join BN with 30 seats and GPS with 22 seats, totaling 134 seats, the unity government will be safer and stronger.


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uncle, apa cerita AYS?

2 months ago

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Politic is a game of compromises and possibilities. Flexibility is always needed.

Play fair, just and reasonable, most views can be accommodated. No one will win all, or will lose all.

As long as the focus is on building a better nation, the unity government will survive and will deliver. However, should focus be shifted negatively to personalities and emotive divisive issues, the breakup can be just as fast.

Hopefully, PM10 with his huge experience in opposition and his huge sufferings in politics will be able to use his skills to provide the great leadership needed to make Malaysia great again.

All Malaysians wish our PM10 well.

2 months ago


Muhyiddin congratulates PM Anwar, says Perikatan will serve as as check-and-balance in Parliament

2 months ago


Why "SHOULD"??

2 months ago


Kerajaan perpaduan kehendak Sultan dengan keadaan kerajaan berpelembagaan tidak dapat terbentuk . Dengan berjiwa rakyat menghormati titah Sultan Agong Anwar Ibrahim PH menerima dengan hati terbuka dan juga menitah muyhidin PN agar bersama dalam kerajaan perpaduan namun beliau menolak titah Sultan Agong ini menunjukkan kederhakaan tidak menghormati .
Dengan itu sultan menitah zahid BN agar bersama kerajaan perpaduan dengan gembira menerimanya walaupun ada ahli parlimen dari BN membantah dan ada 10 ahli parlimennya BN menyokong PN PAS menubuh kerajaan dengan majoriti 115 bersama parti lain.

Selepas zahid berbincang semalaman akhirnya BN tertinggi sebulat suara menolak berkerjasama dengan PN PAS dan akan berkerjasama dengan kerajaan perpaduan .
Oleh itu Anwar Ibrahim dilantik oleh Sultan Agong di persetujui raja-raja sebagai PM , dengan itu secara tak lansung parti lain juga ingin turut serta demi menghormati titah diraja .

Sebagai PM kerajaan perpaduan harus menerima semua ahli parlimen tidak mengira parti atau bebas untuk berkerjasama demi kelancaran pemerintahan, dengan itu kekukuhan kerajaan ini akan kukuh dan mantap tiada persoalan 22 bulan pertukaran kerajaan .

Hanya berbicara di waktu lapang
Harap maaf jika ada silap kata

2 months ago


This is how voters across ethnicity voted between 2008 (GE12) to 2022 (GE15)

2008: PR 41%; BN 59%
2013: PR 37%; BN 62%
2018: PH 25%; BN 43%; PAS 32%
2022: PH 11%; BN 33%; PN 54%

2008: PR 64%; BN 35%;
2013: PR 85%; BN 15%;
2018: PH 91%; BN 8%; PAS 0%
2022: PH 95%; BN 5%; PN 0%

2008: PR 65%; BN 34%
2013: PR 50%; BN 48%
2018: PH 81%; BN 18%; PAS 0%
222: PH 83%; BN 16%; PN 0%


1. Between 2008 to 2022, the Chinese vote share won by PR/PH increased from 64% (2008) to 95% (2022).

2. Between 2008 to 2022, the Malay vote share won by PR/PH decreased from 41% (2008) to 11% (2022).

3. Between 2008 to 2013, the Malay vote share won by BN increased from 59% to 62%, while the Malay vote share won by PAS/PN increased from 32% to 54%.


1. There is no more Chinese votes to be won by PH. It has reached its peak. This means that PH cannot win anymore seats by relying on Chinese support. To win more seats, Malay support is needed.

2. We cannot assume that BN’s Malay support is PH’s Malay support. The current cooperation between BN and PH is at most a temporary stop-gap measure to ease rising tensions, but it will not last long. The Malay ground is unhappy with such cooperation and it could lead to whatever Malay votes BN have swinging over to PN.

3. At this rate, in GE16, PH will be a non-Malay Opposition, PN will a Malay Government.


PH needs to find ways to win Malay support.

So DAP leaders and supportors please stop flogging a dead MCA and do more to win Malay vote for PH

PS: KYY, I requested i3 admin to remove your previous article to protect you and I am telling you now, plesae do more to win over Malay suppoort to PH

2 months ago


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1 month ago

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