Publish date: Fri, 24 May 2024, 09:56 AM
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Yesterday CMSB AGM quite many people attend, and we notice a few famous value investing guru attended as well. (most probably purposely fly all the way from west Malaysia).

To make story short, key point is that the phosphate plant will be operation and ready this year September, and the sesco case, we very confident (we have heard from our own source, we have ears every department), will be settle and might be minimal damage only. 

Just look at the respond of CMSB, so confident that SESCO was unlawful for the termination. Am sure both will have win win situation. Just wait and see. (anyway we think all these just arranged monkey show maybe? hehe)

During the end of the AGM, during teabreak, we also heard some chit chatting around the high level of staff, of course la we wont tell you what story they said. We will keep the good for ourself. Ha ha ha. 

Conclusion I see all the boss is relax and very happy mood, I am sure something is cooking, 


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