CMSB - Lets Squeeze The Call Warrant Operator

Publish date: Sun, 09 Jun 2024, 09:44 AM
share my own research

Its a very serious sharing, if you read carefully you will be blessed !

the only stock still rock bottom with wonderful reason to look at !!

Long story short, CMSB have NTA of RM 3.07(very obvious undervalue), a net cash company with stable income from CEMENT business. 

Few important key point as below :

- Sarawak construction project is booming, cement demand always more than supply

- ART project (hydrogen train in Kuching), costing 6 billion or more, include road widening, station, building. Project already start and many site clearing and works on going

- Phosphate plant will be full operating in September (Once operation and see profit, double boost catalyst, and sesco case August settle)

- A potential share accumulation to get influence or control over the company (fight with step mom, or other third party also may want a portion to benefit from the construction boom) as Taid family only own 20+%, its possible a take over in future by other fund/investor/shadow/proxy of big guy.

- New cement factory will be ready to meet more demand in coming years (potential double earning, as production of new cement factory is more than the existing one)

- West Malaysia cement company MCEMENT, already double up from bottom

How we can kill Call warrant Operator ?

If you pay attention to it, every time some one buy big at CMSB-C49, CMSB price will also be eat up, however very fast they will throw down and park more seller. If buyer is not strong enough. Its because when some one buy the call warrant, the operator will buy up the mother share price to hedge. However they will also do a lot blocking until the price fall if buyer is weak. 

Call warrant operator have been pressing and blocking every bid. (if you pay attention and monitor it closely). 

If you look at hot stock like MAHSING, SUNCON, call warrant operator not dare to block too much as they know many investor and fund pushing it and that why the price keep go up when a lot of trader buy the call warrant. The call warrant operator need to hedge. 

So lets look at the risk reward of CMSB, if we fight with it :

Downside already very obvious at bottom, but upside at least 2-3x !

Technically weekly chart showing a strong sign of breakout already, once break RM 1.20, no much resistant until RM 1.70 - RM 2.30. Upside is huge. Call warrant especially CMSB-C49 will have big upside, that's why they try to block as hard as they can, but once the resistant take down, you will see a big shot up as they have to hedge and big buy up, if many buy the call warrant. 

CMSB when reach RM 1.70 before end of November, CMSB-C49 will worth :

RM 1.70 - RM 1.08 = RM 0.62 / Ratio 2 = RM 0.31

A whopping triple up if buying at RM 0.10. 

if hitting

RM 2.30 - RM 1.08 = RM 1.22 / Ration 2 = RM 0.61 !!

Lets look at daily chart it have been test RM 1.20 resistant, 4 time and recently successfully break above and close above it. Then very quick a 2 week retrace washing by the call warrant operator, UNTIL last Thursday we see a strong spike up, along with Friday close high up again, it's a very strong sign, a cup and handle formed, and it's time to BIG FLY UP once break RM 1.20. No joke. 

Lets do it retailer, lets buy before KYY or some other famous investor post story before the price go up 50-100%, once they post, we sell ! Lets aim for it to squeeze up to RM 2.0 !! We can do it !!

If NAIM weak result also can double up, IBRACO weak result also can stay at new high, what's wrong and doubt you cast to CMSB? Its very irrational to ignore and did not look into it !!

Lets kill the Call warrant Operator !!

Show them the power of retailer !! 

Just a sharing, buy or sell look for your advisor, not responsible for any action you take !! 

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I guess thats the whole risk of warrants, especially even higher risk when the mother shares are either thinly traded, or low circulation. There is no need to fight anyone..... its market forces at play. Naturally, you cannot compare against the big buys..... like Tenaga, or Mah Sing, or Sunway..... because there are many and active traders out there. If you decide to play with a small counter.... its because you are expecting higher return.... but higher return will surely mean higher risk, and therefore this is a high risk game..... if you are willing to to play this high risk game then wish you all the best..... otherwise suggest access your risk level and invest accordingly.

1 week ago


very soon we will see a lot active trader into cmsb and it's not thinly traded the game is on

1 week ago



take this illustration to understand Tsh

Tsh = USA warship

Tsh call warrants = Japan

Kamikaze pilots = Shares sold below cost of purchase by IB banks (to bomb Tsh shares at low price from opening to closing to suppress and keep Tsh share prices down

This form of manipulation happens in Cmsb until they post complain

Now Tsh has far far more value than Cmsb

And Tsh got 4 Call warrants which IB banks want to protect from going up in prices or they will suffer losses

so they do kamikaze bombing on Tsh mother share every day

We must never give up like USA aircraft carrier

just hold Tsh tightly

We will win eventually

1 week ago



1 week ago


how many been wash away? lets fight it !! dont let them kill !

2 days ago

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