CMSB AGM KEYNOTE PART 2 - 1 Billion Coming

Publish date: Sun, 26 May 2024, 10:03 AM
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In this CMSB AGM keynote Part 2, will be longer, read carefully. 

At the latest annual report, from the Top 4 shareholder, we can see shareholder name Sarawak Economic Development Corporation. 

Who are they? Lets go check about it. (Look at the building !! This two building actually landed and developed by CMSB. Pending area)

Wow ! SEDC actually own by Sarawak state government ! Will they increase more stake in future in order to stable CEMENT BUSINESS and growth Sarawak even more with CMSB? Just like how they increase stake in AFFIN and causing AFFIN price big spike up.

We actually not yet reach the important key point of this article. Right now start only the important part. What trigger the potential growth of CMSB? We need to study what actually going on with Sarawak. 

Yes, the Sarawak AUTONOMOUS RAPID TRANSIT (ART) project in Kuching !​

Its the ART PROJECT !! Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) project. Its sad that bank analyst haven't really actually cover about this project yet, shame on them. Most probably they didn't know this already kick off and many ground work already start. RM6bil worth of contracts have been awarded to various contractors so far. It's not small project if looking at how SENDAI fly big already know, project worth billions, surely trigger stock price rocket. 

A lot WORKs is on going for ART PROJECT ! Just go the facebook have a look ! Sarawak Government is serious about this projecT ! 


The main of this project consist of road upgrade and the station building. They already awarded the blue line and red line. 

For the BLUE LINE, The contract is valued at RM568.61 million.


The Blue Line, covering a distance of 27.6km, is from Rembus in Kota Samarahan to Hikmah Exchange in the city centre

And the RED LINE contract value RM943 million, is for the construction and completion of the infrastructure work for the 12.3km Red Line, which stretches from Kuching Sentral to Pending. (IBRACO GET IT, AND see their stock price, at new high !)


What about the GREEN LINE? The longest line !! 

(the Green Line (30km) is from Pending to Damai) 30 KM !! Longest compare to blue and red line. 

How much contract value for GREEN LINE ? wHO WILL GET ? Let us tell you !

Check the news below ! 

Sarawak to award ART Green Line, take over MASwings soon (theedgemalaysia.com)

According to SEDC chairman, he said Green line worth RM 1 billion fuiyooooo ! Eh? SEDC are the shareholder of CMSB ! So Can we say CSMB very high chance to get the project? Not yet ! We have one more solid reason ! What is the status of Green line now !?

Keyword by APRIL OR MAY ! Shall we know the project by this coming week? Or maybe after GAWAI ?

We deep into the studies find that :

GREEN LINE actually awards the GREEN LINE project to PPES Consults and actually its wholly-owned subsidiary of SEDC.



But interestingly this green line did not award directly to contractor instead of hiring project delivery partner. So this PDP will manage this project and hire whoever they want ? So who are the most potential contractor to get this project? of course are PPES WORKS (SARAWAK) SDN BHD ! Who owned this company?

CMSB owned 49 % !! That's the reason stock price quietly move up recently ! Traditionally PENDING TO DAMAI road project all are maintained by CMSB !! 

Remember the two building at top of this article? One is SEDC, another one is SESCO ! So do you think Sarawak Government will let SESCO to continue bother the Phosphate plant and affect CMSB earning which SEDC own quite a number of shares?

The answer is noo ! Things will be settle soon. And the GREEN line will definitely boost CMSB earning !! 

With the potential GREEN LINE 1 BILLION PROJECT, I am confident that CMSB share price will further up, especially currently just coming up from bottom. Damn delicious. 

Technically, CMSB already move out of the downtrend line and slowly coming up from the bottom. With the new catalyst coming, and also the settlement with SESCO, I believe the price will move upwards strongly soon. 

Not to mentioned about the cement business will boom since many developement of ART station upcoming. 

My own target after settlement with sesco are RM 1.50, and with the GREEN line project, will at least go RM 2.0. 

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thanks for the insights....i think its a no brainer to see that Sarawak has the highest growth potential, with the money flowing to the local govn and also as a green energy hub that supplies power to singapore and even west malaysia one day with the increasing power demand from DC/AI

I foresee people migrating from west cost to east cost in the near future

3 weeks ago


you are absolutely right **probability** ! a lot things going on in Sarawak now, doing very well !

3 weeks ago

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