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It is very childish to expect politics to be clean. This is not happening even in US or UK, the countries with the best political system, some may say. The most important thing is we select a right govt. Unity Govt or Pas led govt? Which govt can bring a better Malaysia. Let's move on. HK

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Well, Dap has no choice really! Working with Umno is certainly not in the menu! But i think Marzuki got one thing wrong! Unity government is Agong's government! And Umno MPs cannot frog to another alliance anymore! One can only form government through alliance of parties, no more based on number game alone! Even if you have 112 lawmakers from various parties who signed SD and present to Agong, Agong has no choice but call all head of parties to come and force them to form alliance with numbers! That's what happen post GE15!
Please! Don't try to spin that PN could have form the government! They can't! They don't have the number and they can't buy lawmakers from other parties anymore! In fact PN didn't have the numbers at all! It was Mohiden and Hadi screaming and misleading rakyat prior to forming new unity government!
Let's this slide! It's pointless to create new story out of stale backstory! Wait until GE16!

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Lest one forget, PN was given a chance to form government with PH! In fact Anwar totally go along with Agong! We could have seen PHPN unity government and Umno would be the opposition! But no! PN or rather Mohiden snubbed Agong decreed! In fact Mohiden pissed on Agong! Which is extremely rude, very unmalay of Mohiden! So don't go blameing Umno, Dap or what ever! PN had been given red carpet chance to form government with PH and fight corruption!

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My advice is to stop this politicking and start delivering, even as an opposition member of Parliament.

Focus on the important issues: the Malaysian economy and Unity among various races.

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i support Saddiq! a man of principles & integrity!


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Saddiq Shddiq .... hahahaha.... when no position in the gov, just bark like a mad dog


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What the hack? Save Malaysia always publishes destabilising articles on Unity government.

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This is an opinion piece after all written by secretary of ex-PM with statistics not supported with any references so I would take it with a pinch of salt. The author tries to paint a single race as agreeable to corruption (isn't that racist by the way?). Corruption is an opportunistic scenario that can be mitigated with proper check & balance which we ought and can put in place with good government. What the author failed to remember is that back in GE14, PH and the political party he was in (read Bersatu) was working together and look how that went? The latter decided to backstab the government of the day. Conclusion: Corruption can be mitigated with proper check & balance but behaviour (backstabbing) is hard to change. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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