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Posted by demdem1912 > 2022-04-15 15:52 | Report Abuse

Sleeping counter.......


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Posted by steven_c > 2022-04-15 17:58 | Report Abuse

I just hope Lii Hen can continue dishing out better dividends which was what they were well known for. Now dividends have been much lesser compared with previous years. Apart from that, there has been almost no news about Lii Hen at all. Hope management will make themselves more visible to investing fraternity.


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Posted by frankco > 2022-04-20 22:32 | Report Abuse

congestion at port in US is easing and USD is steadily creeping up. Order from China will shift to Malaysia due to covid lockdown measures.. These should be good for the Liihen.


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Posted by Samuelgold > 2022-04-27 09:54 | Report Abuse

Liihen gogogo


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Posted by cherry88 > 2022-04-29 11:24 | Report Abuse

Coming quarter will be good due to the strengthening USD + the easing of the freight charges. Both LiHen and Pohuat will report skyrocking results soon. I was told they managed to increase the ASP and pass all the raw material cost increases to customers.


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Posted by steven_c > 2022-04-29 14:39 | Report Abuse

@cherry88, this is smtg good to hear. I am not sure about skyrocketing results but I do look forward to good results and potential recovery of their generous dividends haha

Cakes Moon

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Posted by Cakes Moon > 2022-05-06 16:17 | Report Abuse

With such high inflation & strengthening of the US$, buying Liihen is the safest!!!
Sold all Hengyuan & PetronM then buy in this furniture counter.


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Posted by steven_c > 2022-05-06 17:58 | Report Abuse

High inflation is not a good signal for a growing economy, rather a worrying signal that economy will slow down quicker due to consumers being more cautious. High inflation to food costs, raw commodities, energy, logistics will all lead to less spending on unnecessary items like apparel and furniture. But strengthening of US$ does make export cheaper which supports Lii Hen's bottomline.

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-05-11 10:15 | Report Abuse

The White House is reviewing the penalties imposed under former President Donald Trump — which raised prices on everything from diapers to clothing and furniture — and could opt to remove them altogether, Biden said in addressing the nation from Washington on Tuesday.

Finally , the worst news come to hit Malaysia furniture industry after glove once again China furniture will rob your market !


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Posted by steven_c > 2022-05-11 13:37 | Report Abuse

@Natsuko I don't think Biden will dare to do that as most Americans still prefer trade war with China due to negative perception and cold relations with China. The way I see it, Biden may even lose the coming elections and won't be surprise if Donald Trump makes a come back. You may disagree with me but Donald Trump did a better job than what Biden did.


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Posted by steven_c > 2022-05-27 10:55 | Report Abuse

Good job Lii Hen! Good to know you are powering back to where you were pre-pandemic. May you also one day reinstate special dividends too :)

Posted by jacksonliam341 > 2022-05-28 05:40 | Report Abuse

If full vaccination would be able to prevent this in future, I foresee quarterly EPS to normalise to around 15 sen per share due to raising demand for wood furniture in the US. Don't forget that Liihen is still in expansion mode even if under pandemic.

For this particular stock at the present, I couldn't figure a better time to buy it, for a handsome capital return when she announces next quarter earning after CNY 2022.


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Posted by bullrun1985 > 2022-06-14 10:12 | Report Abuse

Anyone still holding Liihen here????

Posted by jack daniel > 2022-06-15 07:34 | Report Abuse

just top up 70lot on monday...


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Posted by teofrank > 2022-06-15 12:52 | Report Abuse

any outcome AGM?


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Posted by starcam > 2022-06-29 10:24 | Report Abuse

Bonus Issue

Entitlement subject Bonus Issue
Entitlement description LII HEN INDUSTRIES BHD ("LHIB" OR "COMPANY")


Posted by observatory > 2022-06-29 16:27 | Report Abuse

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Rising inventories, orders placed months ago still in the pipeline softening demand are confronting furniture retailers with fresh challenges in the pandemic’s wake.

With so much product on hand and on the way the industry’s long overdue price increases could be at risk due to the potential for discounting to move goods. That’s particularly worrying since those price hikes were largely tied to increases in raw materials and transportation costs. With declining unit sales, potential discounting poses a particular threat to margins.

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-06-30 12:18 | Report Abuse

After 6 months become 60 - 7x sens !

Posted by observatory > 2022-07-06 01:14 | Report Abuse

High end furniture chain RH slashed its 2022 revenue outlook.

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-07-06 10:44 | Report Abuse

60-70 sens only buy in !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-07-06 10:45 | Report Abuse

China furniture will hit malaysia furniture sector soon if US tariff lifted !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-07-06 10:45 | Report Abuse

90 sens is a good price to take profit !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-07-07 10:13 | Report Abuse

60-70 only consider buy batch by batch , now is too high risk to buy furniture stock , just like glove hit by China !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-07-07 10:15 | Report Abuse

Sell bonus share take profits as soon as possible is the safest way to earn money , dont be like top glove 2.0 !


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Posted by steven_c > 2022-07-08 10:35 | Report Abuse

We cannot write off a possibility Donald Trump may get re-elected as President of US again. His supporters are huge and strong. High chances he will be nominated by Republicans to topple Dems in the coming midway elections. Thus, Trump will again run a boycott China campaign.

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-07-12 14:54 | Report Abuse

Dont hesitate just sell off all bonus share to take profits before it drop to 60 sens ! Dont be top glove 2.0 ! During recessions and gloomy economic forcast furniture sector will be the worst impacted !

Posted by NatsukoMishima > 2022-07-13 09:28 | Report Abuse

Next week can see 0.6x already !

Posted by jack daniel > 2022-07-14 07:25 | Report Abuse

ahhaha... full confident......... if 0.6x add more. gud luck for you.

Posted by LcKevinLee > 2022-07-19 22:04 | Report Abuse

the cheapest has yet to come....


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Posted by bullrun1985 > 2022-07-22 14:42 | Report Abuse

all sell mode, sell share, sell bonus, then the price go up. pls sell more


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Posted by sasword > 2022-08-01 10:10 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by steven_c > 2022-09-12 16:58 | Report Abuse

This one can play for dividend onie, any share price gain is a bonus.


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Posted by frankco > 2022-09-15 00:43 | Report Abuse

collect collect collect before it shoots up.

Posted by Tangtanggood > 2022-09-21 10:33 | Report Abuse

Definitely will rise until 0.90. This is best price already

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2022-10-03 21:53 | Report Abuse

This looks like a good punt, as part of a diversified portfolio for the longer term, patient dividend investor. Valuation is undemanding near 80 sen. Net cash. Good dividend yield, ranging 5%-6% or more potentially at this price and probably good over next 5-10 years plus possible price doubling over this period.

Posted by Kitty Kitty > 2022-10-05 07:34 | Report Abuse

This stock has not gone below NTA for many years .. current price is below post spliting NTA(0.87), probably can be a good buy for keepsake dividend.


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Posted by cherry88 > 2022-10-17 15:45 | Report Abuse

I was told from a Muar people saying that the company will "stop" for 3 months till after CNY oh...(However, i don't think so, but hope it is a rumours)

Posted by observatory > 2022-10-17 16:04 | Report Abuse

A complete operation halt for three months will be worse than Covid lockdown. If the news is genuine, which I doubt so, the management would have to make annoucement in Bursa as such decision will have material impact on the share price. However no such annoucement can be found.

Nevertheless it's quite likely that furniture demand and therefore production have slowed considerably in recent months. I shared the news in Jun that US furniture retailers were facing serious inventory problems. It's likely that customer orders are drying up now. But such info should have been reflected in the current share price. The share price has declined by a quarter since Jun.


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Posted by frankco > 2022-10-29 12:24 | Report Abuse

it is time to collect this gem . It is all about timing .

Posted by Tangtanggood > 2022-11-25 10:54 | Report Abuse

Gogogo rush to 0.90

Posted by Tangtanggood > 2022-11-30 10:56 | Report Abuse

Already sell at 0.88

Posted by corpsehunter69 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

The wood manufacturing sector's prospects appear to be dimming even with the easing in elevated raw material costs and supply chain issues, as the industry is facing yet another obstacle — slowing furniture demand.

Posted by EatCoconutCanWin > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

Where to buy liihen product in Penang?


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Posted by amateurJR > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

Good company can buy if there is weakness


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Posted by zen_2k > 3 weeks ago | Report Abuse

pohuat doing much better than liihen for 3 quarters lol... either liihen or pohuat is going to have a rerating lmao

Posted by fortunefire > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

waiting for 0.7x

Posted by corpsehunter69 > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

TP 0.90

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