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Posted by Batigol20 > 2021-02-18 17:19 | Report Abuse

Drop below SMA20, TA point of view, doesn't look good. Anyway, i still have confidence in Dufu and their business prospect. Long term holders will eventually win more. Drop today is only a short term setback. As what Warren Buffett said, "Stocks market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the Patient".


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Posted by queenie91 > 2021-02-18 19:14 | Report Abuse

Become toufu busuk :(((


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Posted by Pokem0n > 2021-02-18 22:28 | Report Abuse

@Batigol20 that's right. it does not seems good for now. But for me its opportunity to collect more. my base price already low, I'm not worried tho.


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Posted by Parttimer > 2021-02-22 16:23 | Report Abuse

no news but drop like a rock... I think it's just talk of rotation from tech to banking stocks according to my friend.

Posted by pekanwoohoo > 2021-02-23 11:47 | Report Abuse

Nicely rebound at 50MA and horizontal RBS. TA wise, really good time to collect.

Posted by danieltan82 > 2021-02-23 14:32 | Report Abuse

frontkn got bonus issue. Possible Dufu also got bonus issue as well?


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Posted by PW888 > 2021-02-26 15:10 | Report Abuse

Big swing eveyday


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Posted by huat8787 > 2021-02-26 17:24 | Report Abuse

result drop


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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-02 16:46 | Report Abuse

i have started collecting this toufu hahah


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Posted by param1 > 2021-03-03 10:18 | Report Abuse



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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-03 13:52 | Report Abuse

In annual report page 23, "Two major discussions are in progress, if successful, the space in Bukit
Minyak Industrial Park will be fully occupied towards end of the year."
In latest qr, mentioned secured new customers, what do you think the next qr gonna be like?
Speak with facts only!

Posted by staypositive > 2021-03-04 15:32 | Report Abuse

Toufu needs some pick up!


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Posted by Value888 > 2021-03-05 08:02 | Report Abuse

bought. Dufu high growth going forward.


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Posted by hckhor > 2021-03-05 13:50 | Report Abuse

Dufu become taofu already, can start collecting


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Posted by skygazer > 2021-03-05 20:21 | Report Abuse

Hopefully this will be the lowest bottom. Most probably will go side ways after this. If Dow crashes again, will dive downwards further

Posted by staypositive > 2021-03-08 14:27 | Report Abuse

Tech stocks suddenly become cheap cheap


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Posted by ooi8888 > 2021-03-08 14:28 | Report Abuse

it will become cheaper


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Posted by PW888 > 2021-03-08 15:45 | Report Abuse

I think is about time to start collecting btw RM3.20 to RM3.30


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Posted by hckhor > 2021-03-08 16:03 | Report Abuse

Once Nasdaq rebound, then it will rebound ..


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Posted by PW888 > 2021-03-08 17:09 | Report Abuse

Keep for long term. It will go back to RM4. This Co has good prospect with new customers and profit growth from the existing biz.


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Posted by Markv572421 > 2021-03-09 13:53 | Report Abuse

Bloody hell dufu...no use


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Posted by berry > 2021-03-10 11:23 | Report Abuse

Dufu short sellers now at 65,300 units. Actually, the volume is not big enough for short selling activity, moreover, most of the people just buy n hold for RM3.00 n above counters. Not interested to trade in n out


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Posted by berry > 2021-03-10 11:24 | Report Abuse

If short sellers bash the price down to below 3.00, I will consider to buy.


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Posted by berry > 2021-03-10 11:49 | Report Abuse

Very dull counter..


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Posted by lawrgan > 2021-03-10 15:23 | Report Abuse

Waiting there at 3.20


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Posted by Alfonso > 2021-03-10 15:24 | Report Abuse

what du fu!


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Posted by clouud1234 > 2021-03-10 15:49 | Report Abuse

Time to collect.already near bottom,or it is already bottom.


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Posted by clouud1234 > 2021-03-11 02:49 | Report Abuse

Lawrgan 3.20 is a nice price to buy.Tech stock will have a big rebound soon.I believe,will not go any further then 3.00.The rebounding is very near,give somemore patients guys.


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Posted by clouud1234 > 2021-03-11 02:51 | Report Abuse

Tech i the future,future is Tech.Longterm is good.Buy when it is low.Rsi is indicate oversold,it is time to slash to the upside.Stochastic also nice.


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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-17 10:17 | Report Abuse

At this range around 6 months, once good qr release in the coming qr. share price will shoot!!


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Posted by DL60 > 2021-03-18 11:52 | Report Abuse

Its share price normally traded in a tight range and suddenly spike up 1 month before qtr result announcement and fall back after that


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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-18 14:13 | Report Abuse

Not if the result showing good yoy and qoq improvement!


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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-19 16:58 | Report Abuse

Good closing, can feel it coming


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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-22 09:52 | Report Abuse



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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-30 08:24 | Report Abuse

Saw some ppl comment on lesser final div payout compared to last year. Last year was 0.06(before bonus issue) this year 0.0375 which is 0.075(before BI) Think about it

Posted by FlyingElephant > 2021-03-30 11:41 | Report Abuse

The annual report is out..Mgmt claimed the dividend payout for FY2020 is the highest in its history. Also, look at the outlook mentioned in the Management Analyst....they seem to be confident with the outlook of their business.


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Posted by DL60 > 2021-03-30 12:49 | Report Abuse

Not only the positive outlook statement made by the management, look at the number of investment fund holding shares in the company. That shows the fund manager confidence in the company's growth..


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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-30 13:14 | Report Abuse

i will recommend people go and read the Trends, Outlook, Future Challenges & Strategy. You will know how Dufu going to perform this year!

Posted by FlyingElephant > 2021-03-30 13:55 | Report Abuse

what is written is an indication but never as an investment tool...don't rely too much la bro....i remembered JCY story last year.


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Posted by New994 > 2021-03-30 14:10 | Report Abuse

haha thx brother, never all in. Let the revenue and profit do the talking, we shall see


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Posted by newbie2y > 2021-03-31 11:20 | Report Abuse

timely release of the annual report which provides company updates helped gain investors confidence!


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Posted by New994 > 2021-04-02 11:21 | Report Abuse

kept on buying at around 3.3 and happy to see price now approaching 4. Laughing to bank now


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Posted by New994 > 2021-04-14 14:52 | Report Abuse

never loss faith but add lot more when down and laughing to bank


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Posted by harrier > 2021-04-16 00:29 | Report Abuse

Wow. everyday laugh to the bank. Good la.

Posted by Cecil_The_Fool > 2021-04-19 09:12 | Report Abuse

as i know , the TAOBAO 10~14TB HDD is all out of stock


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Posted by New994 > 2021-04-19 09:55 | Report Abuse

Stay cool and for the coming qr will see the effect on dufu earning!!

Posted by Cecil_The_Fool > 2021-04-20 10:34 | Report Abuse

What happened just now


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Posted by New994 > 2021-04-20 12:32 | Report Abuse

Soon will have news cover shortage of HDD and SSD due to china market keep buying all the storage. we shall see

Posted by Cecil_The_Fool > 2021-04-20 13:52 | Report Abuse

if chiacoin start trade on may , maybe global will shortage of HDD just like the BitCoin cause Graphic Card shortage

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