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Today qr

2022-08-18 10:38


Excellent QR, profit attributable to shareholders increased by 15.5% QoQ!

2022-08-18 18:02


Interim single tier dividend of 3.6sen declared, vs. 3.25sen in previous year..

2022-08-18 18:03


"Trade receivable turnover for EDL remains within the normal range of 4-5 months."

2022-08-18 18:08


Investment in quoted shares, however, suffered 61.57million in fair value loss.... :(

2022-08-18 18:11


"We do not expect Lao's weak fiscal position, relatively high public debt and low foreign exchange reserves to significantly affect Don Sahong's trade receivable collection from EDL."

2022-08-18 18:13


"The Group's net debt declined 29.6% or RM154.1 million from RM520.2 million at the beginning of the year to RM366.1 million at the end of the reporting period."

2022-08-18 18:16


Appreciate it if anyone can update on info gathered from investor online briefing. Thanks!

2022-08-18 18:18


Ssttoocckkbbiitt got updates, but this name and url banned by i3. Go to st0 ckbit website to download the notes

2022-08-19 08:27


Noted TQ.

2022-08-19 09:24


Looking good. Continue

2022-08-19 14:49


Post removed.Why?

2022-08-22 04:13


Expected Q4 dividend to reach 3.8c
Expected total for 2022 will be 7.4c

At 10% dividend growth per annum,
Expected total dividend for 2023 will be 8.1c
Expected total dividend for 2024 will be 9c
Expected total dividend for 2025 with 5th turbine contributing additional 20% capacity, will be 11.9c

Any thoughts?

2022-08-23 09:40


MFCB biggest problem is Laos, people are afraid of Laos going kaput. The other thing is most of their business are partnership or have an end-time to it, like the plantation and hydro will expire in X years time. What MFCB should do is use the money to buy up some plantation to generate more cash, building another hydro is not a good move as it will take too many years. Anyway, who am I to tell them what to do, they are smarter, I'll just invest and wait, hopefully more good news.

2022-08-29 18:44


Don Sahong took 4 years to built the 4 turbines, is given 25 years to operate before transferring to owner.
With cost to built at RM1.7 bil, this hydropower able to generate at least RM459mil cashflow per annum based on 80% of the 256MW at USD6 cent kwh.
By the way, plantation PAT% for most efficient planter range between 10%-15% due to fertilizer cost, labour,etc. These input cost tend to increase overtime as compared with hydropower where water is free resources and able to attain PAT% of 50% to 60% if the management cost control is good.

2022-08-30 14:35


Am not sure when don sahong was proposed, maybe in 2003 or 2004, environmental report for the dam was completed in 2006, construction starts around 2015 and completed in 2019. From proposal to generating power took almost 15 years. So, building a new dam is really out of the question.

2022-08-30 17:54


SHHHH... This is undervalue company.

2022-10-07 09:49


3.15 .. next 3.00 , Then to 2.5 in long term

2022-10-13 18:44


3.32.. next 3.40, Then to 4.00 in the long term..... ;)))

2022-10-26 15:16


Malaysia, Singapore complete electricity interconnector upgrade

"In addition to mutual support, the interconnector is currently used for cross-border power trade under the Lao PDR-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project (LTMS-PIP). The LTMS-PIP imports up to 100 megawatts (MW) of renewable hydropower from Lao PDR to Singapore via Thailand and Malaysia using existing interconnections," the EMA said.

2022-10-26 15:31


Good news in support of MFCB's business!!!

2022-10-26 15:33


Good QR, another sterling quarter! Earlier fear of Laos' receivables seem to be overblown. Time to fly?

2022-11-17 18:04


Earnings already expected to do well in the last 1-2 quarters with heavier rain fall till end september.
Probably, market sentiment is gloomy.

2022-11-17 18:59


super quiet everyday

2023-05-10 10:06


No drop already good

2023-05-10 10:07

Kitty Kitty

just being silent is good for pure investor

2023-05-10 14:57


Maybe this company name has little relate to foul language so people stay away, but it has great management team and good vision, only not good for market is they like stay low profile.

2023-05-11 09:58


i never noticed the acronym until you mentioned it. the reason why the share price is flat is because how many hydro power dam can you build? even if you have a new project, it will take another 15 years. growth is guaranteed to remain stagnant for many years unless their other subsidiaries are able to grow at an incredible speed.

For them to grow, they need to venture into a new business that is scalable and moderately profitable.

2023-05-11 12:14


Wat does mfcb stand for?

2023-05-11 21:26


I believe it's broken into 2 and cb......hahaha

Posted by speakup > 4 minutes ago | Report Abuse
Wat does mfcb stand for?

2023-05-11 21:31

Kitty Kitty

Company has been exercising their buyback muscle

2023-05-18 07:19


other than the one off tax penalty, overall... not bad. expected.

2023-05-24 20:04

Fabien _the efficient capital allocator

400mil of annual free cash flows for a 3 billion company

2023-05-26 20:51


Selling pressure due to being removed from FBA100 or some index.

2023-06-08 20:03


MFCB did mentioned about looking at a new hydro project in the future, I wonder if it will be a collaboration between TNB and MFCB in Laos. Anwar just visited Laos and signed some MOU, hopefully a new hydro via TNB-MFCB, a big Hydro. TNB buying power from Laos, might as well go build a hydro dam too.

2 months ago


Many come here to short, everyday win. Let see they can pull price down to like 2020.

2 months ago


Tomorrow shorties will pull it down 3.

2 months ago


Shorties cannot make it today, got little support and some shorties buyback, let see tomorrow shorties can continue pull down below 3 or not.

2 months ago


Market still bearish, shorties come back again.

2 months ago


When company stop buyback, the price much more stable.

1 month ago


who throw 19.6 million shares at 3.35. I wonder why

1 week ago


shorting kaw kaw

1 week ago


unreasonable drop next week is good chance to collect.

1 week ago


Drop 3ยข je dah panic

6 days ago


Mfcb the best is 2.80

5 days ago


MFCB Faire value RM 8.38, PUBLIC BANK target price 4.75, it has upside potential

5 days ago


2.80 buy

5 days ago


Mega First teams up with Laos firm to explore investment opportunities in Laos

I remember they did mentioned about exploring new hydro if opportunity arise. I wonder what is this all about.

4 days ago


Every time company buyback activity the price will press down, so funny.

2 days ago

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