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Hello, 7.15, distribution 14 sen

Ex-date becomes 7.01 lo!

2023-02-17 10:28


Maybe I'm still new to this phenomenon, not really know what's happening. Just seeking some truth only

2023-02-17 10:29


And what I wanted to emphasis on is why the market still show as green when the price already fallen by 14c, that's my id

2023-02-17 10:34


Previous close 7.15
Distribution is 14 sen
Ex-date will start trading at 7.15 - 0.14 = 7.01

9.01AM go to 7.02, that is UP 1 sen already. Of course GREEN lo!

2023-02-17 11:33


Does anyone knows whether KL Convention Centre is owned by this REIT?

2023-03-30 10:15


kl convention Centre not mentioned specifically:

2023-05-18 18:49


Yea that is why I asked

2023-05-18 22:32

zhen wei & JP

Is under kl convention center sdn bhd.

2023-05-21 17:54


The twin towers belong to KLCCP

2023-06-04 19:03

Michael Kwok

Big meow-meow got say buy knm in 4-5 cents.now it boom.so big meow meow can stay at klcc pent house few night.

2023-06-04 20:22


I was asking about ownership of the convention centre...

2023-06-06 10:16


#Michael Kwok Big meow-meow got say buy knm in 4-5 cents.now it boom.so big meow meow can stay at KLCC pent house few night.
04/06/2023 8:22 PM

Haha Sifu Michael,

Happy to see you are also here in KLCC..

KNM looks attractive however Mabel will pass KNM this time as Mabel would like to limit to only two speculative PN 17 counters like Sapnrg and Air Asia.

As you know KLCI currently the Worst Performing Index in our region. However, last Friday KLCI was down by 4 points and more than 500 Companies are swimming in the Red Sea. Fortunately, all Mabel’s Malaysia selection are Green with Positive P&L and has outpaced the index by 9%. Thanks to our Lady Sapura and Armada which closed green last Friday

Our KLCC kicked off FY23 on strong footing, with an improved YoY performance across all segments, particularly in the retail and hotel segment. Suria KLCC’s occupancy rate increased to 96% (2022: 92%) as four new tenants signed leases to occupy space in the shopping mall. Just like Mabel's Singapore REIT, Mabel is positive on the group’s prospects, as it is well positioned to benefit from the improving tourism sector while being supported by its stable office segment.

Today Death Cross appears in KLCC Technical Chart. So just like last week, Mabel will take the opportunity to place 2 BUY Order at RM 6.850 and RM 6.840. Target Price is between RM 7.30 - RM 7.80..

To Our Success!


2023-06-26 13:38


Thank you for selling to Mabel at RM 6.85 two day in a row...

To Our Success !


2023-06-28 20:25


Just came back from Suria KLCC. Good crowd, and many tourists/foreigners too!

2023-07-08 14:45


What's the buying zone?

2023-07-28 11:58


@mabel not buying more?

2023-08-09 16:07


Suria KLCC, menyinari pelabur selalu!

2023-08-14 18:05


Speakup no visit klcc for almost 10 years already

2023-08-14 18:08


You did not miss anything.
I was 3 steps behind 2 China tourists, young girls, early twenties.
One girl told another girl in mandarin, "this is a very very small place"
In China, even a shopping complex the size of Pavilion Bukit Jalil is considered very small.

My office used to be in KLCC Twin Towers many years ago and I had never ever heard any China tourists say anything good about KLCC.

Posted by speakup > 17 minutes ago | Report Abuse

Speakup no visit klcc for almost 10 years already

2023-08-14 18:33


iqramcool7 @mabel not buying more?
09/08/2023 4:07 PM

Haha Mabel has been collecting quietly...now holding 4000 shares..

Currently the weakest stock in Mabel Malaysia is KLCC. The reason why it is weak is because of the Board has awarded Dividend and Distribution to the Current shareholders which is Great. Technical Chart today is looking good. Our KLCC has already breaches 20, 50 and 100 Moving Average. Now he is on his way to break the 200 Moving Average. Share is currently overbought. Target Price remain unchanged at RM 7.80..

Our KLCC kicked off FY23 on strong footing, with an improved YoY performance across all segments, particularly in the retail and hotel segment. Suria KLCC’s occupancy rate increased to 96% (2022: 92%) as four new tenants signed leases to occupy space in the shopping mall. Just like Mabel's Singapore REIT, Mabel is positive on the group’s prospects, as it is well positioned to benefit from the improving tourism sector while being supported by its stable office segment.

To Our Success !

Meow Meow Meow

2023-08-15 09:48


Increased dividend a lot in 2023.

2023-08-15 10:29


#iqramcool7 @mabel not buying more?
09/08/2023 4:07 PM

#KiasiPu Increased dividend a lot in 2023.
15/08/2023 10:29 AM

Indeed !

KLCC is back on Target. Today it advance by 2%, trading at 16.3% below Wall Street estimate of its fair value. Earnings grew by 53.6% over the past year. Our Pendekar has already breaches 20, 50, 100 and 200 Moving Average. KLCC Share is currently overbought. Target Price remain unchanged at RM 7.80. With KLCC latest advances, all 12 Fighters Under Mabel Malaysia are flying GREEN FLAGS!

Last year KLCC has given us a Yield of 5.6% which is better than ASB. Forecast Dividend this year is expected to grow to 6% with a reasonable cash payout ratio (64.9%). This means KLCC's dividend payments are covered by it’s cash flows.

When a company pays out a dividend, it signals that the company is profitable and has enough cash to distribute to its shareholders. However, the stock price usually drops by the amount of the dividend after the ex-dividend date. This is because new shareholders are not entitled to that payment. The share price of a company decreases as the company’s overall value gets reduced...

To Our Success !

Meow Meow Meow

2023-08-15 20:38

Michael Kwok

Good night,mabel the big meow meow.sleep early to energize urself.

2023-08-15 20:52


Betul Mabel meow

P/E, wonderful growth story, sentiments, etc mean little if the company is not returning wealth to its shareholders in the form of dividends

Dividends are real and quantifiable

Buying a stock purely based on story is like playing musical chairs with the Market

2023-08-15 21:04


Indeed Gentlemen...

2Q23 results and 2nd interim gross DPU of 8.8sen were in-line. Earnings were mainly supported by the stable office segment, higher occupancy at Suria KLCC, improved carpark income and narrower losses at Mandarin Oriental.

KLCC Second quarter 2023 earnings released:

EPS: RM0.10 (up from RM0.091 in 2Q 2022).
Revenue: RM394.6m (up 12% from 2Q 2022).
Net income: RM180.8m (up 9.5% from 2Q 2022).
Profit margin: 46% (in line with 2Q 2022).

Revenue is forecast to grow 1.4% p.a. on average during the next 3 years, while revenues in the REITs industry in Asia are expected to remain flat.

Over the last 3 years on average, earnings per share has increased by 12% per year but the company’s share price has fallen by 5% per year, which means it is currently undervalue

To Our Success !

Meow Meow Meow

2023-08-15 21:38


Beside Real Estates and Airlines, Construction and Property are also doing great. After nearly three years, the sector remains in the shadow of pre-pandemic numbers. As gloomy as that sounds, there have been forecasts that the sector is well poised to surpass its pre-pandemic performance. For investors, this means that more opportunities are awaiting to be captured.

Mabel Sime Darby Property, Gamuda, Sunway and KLCC have climbed 46%, 28%, 20% and 3.2% respectively. CapitalA Air Asia despite being a PN 17 did even better climbing 56% since last year.

Tourism will be back as Malaysia is a great tourist destination. It has a lot to offer, from beautiful beaches to lush rainforests and vibrant cities. Tourism is one of the largest industries in Malaysia, contributing 6.7 percent to its gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019. In 2020, however, this dropped to two percent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Revenue in the Travel & Tourism market is projected to reach US$5,125m in 2023. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 7.11%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$6,746m by 2027.

To Our Success !


2023-08-16 11:43


Net asset value klcc is 7.27 per unit. Curreet stock value per unit is 6.87

2023-08-17 15:41


KLCC is also back on Target closing GREEN at RM 6.87. Net asset value of KLCC is RM 7.27 per unit. This means the stock is under value due to the ex-Dividend status. Today he broke the 20, 50 100 and 200 Moving Average with Bullish Signals..

Net Asset Value (NAV) is the net value of an investment fund’s assets less its liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding. NAV is calculated at the end of each trading day based on the closing market prices of the portfolio’s securities.

Together with Sunway which also did great day, both Real Estates are looking good and ready to receive 16 million Tourist arrivals this years.

To Our Success!

Meow Meow Meow

2023-08-22 17:09


Warren Buffett has excelled in choosing businesses that have been able to stand the test of time through many economic cycles and raise their dividends to shareholders. Dividends may not be the Oracle of Omaha’s secret sauce, but they're a significant ingredient that keeps chugging cash into Berkshire’s account.

"Growth occurred every year, just as certain as birthdays. All Charlie [Munger] and I were required to do was cash Coke’s quarterly dividend checks" – Warren Buffett’s 2022 Annual Shareholder Letter

During his wealth-growth phase, Mr. Buffett sought after companies leading in their respective industry and those facing some trouble that he believed could be solved over time. He famously mentioned that the best time to buy a business is when it is on the operating table.

This is exactly what Mabel is doing, investing in companies leading in their respective industry (80%) and those facing some trouble that he believed could be solved over time (20%).

Warren Meow

2023-08-28 12:41


What happened? almost 2 weeks delay release of results

2023-11-23 15:06


Pinky What happened? almost 2 weeks delay release of results
23/11/2023 3:06 PM

Results in line. 3Q23 net profit of MYR185m (+2.3% QoQ, +4.7% YoY) brought the 9M23 total to MYR590.1m (+8% YoY) – this was broadly in line with expectations at 76-78% of our and Street’s estimates. 9M23 revenue grew 12.5% YoY. This was mostly led by 49% higher revenue for the hotel segment while the retail segment revenue grew 6% thanks to its higher occupancy rate. Interest expense only increased slightly as 83% of the group’s borrowings are on a fixed rate. MYR1bn (44%) of KLCCP Stapled’s borrowings are due for refinancing in FY24 – management is confident that the average cost of debt could be lower than the current 4.6%.

A third interim DPU of 8.8 sen was declared for the quarter, bringing the 9M23 DPU to 26.1 sen (9M22: 24 sen).

Looks like Santa is already in town..so nice..

Captain Mabel Meow

2023-12-12 09:31


What happened at the closing bell? Suddenly add 25 sen.

2023-12-15 16:59


I think foreign funds buying in

2023-12-15 20:58


New high in 3 years........ Up up up

2023-12-15 21:40


Got chance go back into KLCI again?? Hohoho

2023-12-18 10:12


KLCC so steady..No need to monitor..

2023-12-27 18:24


hi guys Im new here, what's the difference btw dividend vs income distribution? payout twice ah hahahahah

2024-01-05 07:13



Distribution is from KLCC REIT
Dividend is from KLCC Property Holdings Berhad

2024-01-05 10:16


Does anyone knows the Book Value per shares for KLCCP?

Couldn't find this information

2024-01-16 22:00


Posted by Mabel > 1 day ago | Report Abuse
Does anyone knows the Book Value per shares for KLCCP?
Couldn't find this information

Dear Mabel
awaiting your confirmation whether 2.8393 is what u r looking for
just tembak tembak see whether can learn some of your FA and analysis knowledge leh😁

2024-01-17 22:27

Value Investor Coo1eo

NAV = RM7.27

2024-01-27 12:21


ABOVE my breakeven for the 1st time since re-entry in Dec '20!!! capital gain + dividends since then incoming!!!😊

2024-01-31 19:29


The Best Ever Angpow!. Thank you so much KLCCP..

Happy Chinese New Year to all the i3 Investors! As we welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon, we seize this opportunity to extend our heartfelt wishes to each and everyone of you. May this Lunar New Year bring you abundant joy, prosperity, and good fortune! Let's all HUAT ah!!!

Captain Mabel Meow

2024-02-09 16:18


KLCCP Stapled Group’s net profit rose 38% for the fourth quarter ended Dec 31, 2023 (4QFY2023), primarily contributed by improvement in the hotel and retail segments, while the office segment remained stable.

It declared a dividend of 14.4 sen per stapled security for the quarter, bringing the total declared dividend for the year to 40.5 sen — the highest since its listing as a stapled security in 2013

2024-02-09 16:28



2024-02-16 16:36


Nice. On 2/1/24, I first entered into KLCC at RM7.00 as its Dividend Yield ranges between 5%-5.5%. Nice to see it closes strongly today at RM7.65. Together with BIMB and and 22 other stocks in green to offset reds, my portfolio has hit new all time highs again today. That's 4 consecutive days of hitting new all time highs. What a great New Year! Thank-you Mr Market.

2024-02-17 01:36


Meow Meow Meow

Same here DividendGuy67

To Our Success !

1 month ago


KLCCP Stapled Group is the largest REIT in Malaysia with a market capitalisation of RM13.6 billion as of May 2024. It owns several prime office and retail assets in Kuala Lumpur including the iconic PETRONAS Twin Towers and Suria KLCC shopping mall that are tourists’ favourites.

Here are seven things I learned from the 2024 KLCCP Stapled Group AGM.

1. Revenue increased 11.0% year-on-year to RM1.6 billion in 2023 as all business segments emerged stronger 2023. Likewise, net profit excluding other non-controlling interests increased 19.0% year-on-year to RM931.1 million in 2023. Dividend per stapled security increased 6.6% from 38.0 sen in 2022 to 40.5 sen in 2023.

2. As usual, the office segment is the primary contributor to the group’s profit before tax, followed by the retail segment. In 2023, profit before tax contributions from the management services and hotel segments remained minimal. This contribution is expected to change as the group has acquired the remaining 40% stake in Suria KLCC that it did not previously own, for RM2.0 billion. This will result in the group’s gearing increasing from 2022 to 32% in 2023.

3. The office segment remains stable and resilient. The group owns premium grade-A buildings that are strategically located in the city centre. All the group’s office buildings remained fully occupied in 2023. Four out of five of its office buildings (including its 33% stake in Menara Maxis) are on triple-net long-term master leases with locked-in rental rates with expiry between 2025 and 2042. In 2023, the group secured positive rental reversions for Menara 3 Petronas and Menara ExxonMobil for three years.

4. In 2023, the management introduced 35 new tenants to Suria KLCC. According to the CEO, the mall experienced increased footfall and spending, with its occupancy standing at 98% compared to the industry average of 85% in the surrounding area.

5. According to the CEO, the opening of the competing Exchange TRX has had minimal short-term impact on the occupancy and rental reversion rates of Suria KLCC. Shopper footfall and tenant sales have since stabilized. In 2023, shopper footfall and tenant sales surged by 29.6% and 12.3% year-on-year, respectively. Suria KLCC leverages its strong brand position and strategic location, continuing to be resilient in the face of new competition.

6. The management services segment registered revenue growth from new facilities management contracts as well as the operation of new car park locations. In 2023, the segment oversaw the operation of 1,680 car park bays in the Klang Valley as well as space rental for events and activities. In 2023, the group spent RM8.4 million refurbishing its hotel and upgrading the mall’s parking management system.

7. After suffering three consecutive years of losses, the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur Hotel rebounded strongly in 2023. The hotel registered a profit before tax of RM3 million in 2023 compared to a loss before tax of RM23.5 million in 2022. The recovery of global tourism, the weak ringgit, and the pick-up of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) activities bode well for the hotel. Its revenue per available room surged by 50.0% year-on-year, reaching a historical high in 2023. The hotel’s occupancy improved from 44% in 2022 to 55% in 2023, compared to the industry average of 53.6% in the first half of 2023.

*Mabel’s perspective*

The outlook for KLCCP Stapled Group’s office and hotel segments remains bright. Consumers’ purchasing power will be dampened by the increase in the Sales & Service Tax (SST) from 6% to 8% in March 2024, as well as the upcoming introduction of a high-value tax. Additionally, local shoppers may be attracted to new malls in the vicinity with similar offerings. Despite these challenges, tourists are expected to continue visiting Suria KLCC for the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

1 week ago



Meanwhile one of Mulan’s Femes and handsome Hong Kong Kung Fu actor Nicholas Tse has returned to Malaysia after six years to promote his new action movie, Customs Frontline.

The actor, who last visited the country in January 2018 for a cooking production, also shared his desire to shoot his upcoming film, New Police Story 2, at Mabel Petronas Twin Towers.

“If the Malaysian government permits, I will personally climb to the top of the Petronas Twin (and) skydive from it. I really hope that one day, my new movie will have a scene like this,” the 43-year-old said.

Tse mentioned that the Petronas Twin Towers has long fascinated him, adding that he was inspired after watching the late Sean Connery filmed his 1999 movie, Entrapment, there.

“He is very brave! If I get the opportunity (to film there), I will do it myself,” said the actor, who doubles as the action choreographer for Customs Frontline.

Meow Meow Meow

4 days ago

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