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Alex Chan But it looks like they are going milk this company to the ground. Sell to QSR lah
27/02/2017 13:58
satha44 So used to being Bearish...after this volume...can possibly weaken further..Ding better find another business to do....Doing something that he really cant perform....Excuses again..how is it other poultry companies can make a good profit...even with higher cost...
27/02/2017 14:24
satha44 Parking at 4sens...all my stock..Hopefully i can get out like..Forgot90..
He took a few weeks...mine???
27/02/2017 14:25
TrappedGaoGao satha44 trapped at what price now?
27/02/2017 14:26
satha44 Mother share back to 30 million seller.....morning started at 30 million seller....now after trading 65 million...still got 30 million seller....hahahaha..excelent trap..
27/02/2017 14:35
k6ii Something is weird, people buy it for keep or goreng? Why the warrant..ppl keep collect.
27/02/2017 14:41
satha44 Frustrated k6ii...4th qtr loss...wipes out 3 qtrs of profit...we wait n wait..nothing happens...other stocks already uptrend..this fella downtrend for 11 years...What do u think is gonna hapoen when this big volume is due....There are people selling in the 10s of millions....Why..why why..
27/02/2017 14:47
satha44 Look at the volume 67 million...poor fellas..gonna get slaughtered...
27/02/2017 14:48
k6ii Sell ba..I also want Q-sell...cash out...
27/02/2017 14:48
TrappedGaoGao still uptrend.. wait and see for this week.
27/02/2017 14:50
k6ii TrappedGaoGao, u mean over all share or DBE?
27/02/2017 14:53
TrappedGaoGao i mean DNEX.. sorry, wrong stock..
27/02/2017 14:59
satha44 The thing is with ACP being nett seller...the pressure is always there....this big player must finish selling...only then we can read the game...Just dont understand the selling....NO end to it...
27/02/2017 15:01
satha44 Hahaha...trappedgaogao... u raised our hopes...and shattered it again....
Well...anyway...First year profitable after 10 years...Ding finally did it...just has to improve on figures...
Ding and family should celebrate...its a happy time...stock price should jump..We all should be happy...but yet there's a bit of dissapointment...
2nd year already started...mayb they will do better...only Ding knows...
Should not be 4sens...its now profitable....too cheap..
27/02/2017 15:18
sukabrim Please hold on to this DBE chicken. I thought they were going to announce their result tomorrow at the last day of the month, 28th Feb. Good news is increase revenue of RM29 million as compared to preceding quarter. Incur quarterly loss of RM1m but significantly lower than before. So, overall company is improving and have managed to reduce previous big losses. This was achieved through diversification, entering retail of HARUMi brand. More than 200 Harumi restaurants and kiosks in Perak and Penang and going to add more than 10 in Sabah through Coseni.

This aggressive expansion of Harumi is definitely going to substantially improve the earnings in future quarters. Entry level for this franchise is rather low at RM 3.5k and fast food chicken is popular in Malaysia, even with many players in the market.

Of course comments and reactions from customers will affect Harumi's popularity and market penetration. Their Facebook account seems to be very popular and informative. We see openings of their new outlets - certainly feasts for investors eyes. Pictures of happy customers devouring the delicious Harumis. But too responsive social media could backfire, like in here we know about their first restaurant in Manjung, certainly not a positive tribute.

And unfortunately as raised up by satha44, Harumi retail is competing directly with KFC. So will their annual RM50m contract with KFC be renewed in future years? Without the KFC contract will borrowings for factory expansions and operational expenses be better managed in future quarters?

Is chicken business a sustainable business? Yes.

For now this highly anticipated QR is good news for us the loyal DBE shareholders. The management has really worked hard for the company and investors like us. So we see today upward movement of price and very big volumes for both mother share and DBE-WB warrant. Maybe there are fakes in the queue and left hand to right hand transactions but real operators and syndicates are obviously rushing in. During this open season period of QR releases we see rotational play by sharks on the penny stocks of Bursa. Very fast and furious Touch 'n Go. So now it's DBE's turn. How long and how high for DBE we'll never know - we are at the mercy of the sharks.

As they say every dog has its day, so today is DBE's day. And so will it hopefully be in the few days to come. Other chicken or poultry stocks have taken off. CAB and FARMBES have had their price glory days. CCK is presently quite visible with CCK Fresh Mart. Lay Hong is laying the golden eggs. TPC experienced a slight hiccup but with their focus on health omega eggs is exporting to Taiwan and Korea. Soon Harumi or Gurney chicken will be very visible in Malaysia.

All we know we got the free warrants of DBE-WB. Sell now if you want to lock in profit or compensate for the mother share. Mother DBE is still stuck at 3.5 - 4 sen, rather pathetic. Will the operators push it up to it's previous high of 6 sen or its rightful fair value of 10-15 sen? Then by right its WB should soon reach 4-5 sen. Will WB close today at 2 sen? Yes, dream on as satha44 used to say.

All the best to satha44 and ATARAH, the known big investors of DBE here. And also to the rest of us who faithfully believe in DBE.

27/02/2017 15:18
Alex Chan I remember Comsa farms...Milked to the ground by a man named Ding
27/02/2017 15:39
satha44 I like your post sukabrim...thank you
27/02/2017 15:43
sukabrim Actually, DBE is doing fine operationally and financially. Maybe there's paper thin profit in chicken business but it is a sustainable business. DBE already dominates the chicken business in the northern states of Perak and Penang. But in the process it's stretching itself too thin. Also trying to be too diversified means that you're not specialised and have no moat. Venturing simultaneously into breeding chicken, broiler chicken, egg production and chicken feed is a bold move. By entering into Harumi retail, DBE is crouching into territory of others. So, in a way DBE offers the cradle to the grave care and service for its chickens. Even afterlife management, the Nirvana Centre for Chicken.

I am hoping that with this QR release the management of DBE will go on a publicity blitz like they did before. Force or bribe the reporters of The Edge, The Star, thesundaily and i3investor to write glowing tributes of DBE and the near future plans. Post selfies of them with the Dato's Dings throwing yee sang while feasting on Harumi wings during the post CNY corporate dinner. Activate and mobilise the spinmeisters. Get Dato' Alex Ding again on BFM radio or The Edge TV. His BFM interview last year was one of the factors that influenced me to enter DBE.

Talking of visibility and publicity I see that the DBE website is informative and attractive. But maybe more could be done, like the Press Room is updated to only April 2016. Do the runaway success of their Facebook page and contract web maintenance lead to the neglect of website update?

Hope to see more positive news for DBE in near future. Share activities like big disposals by their Singapore Ah long ACP and large blocks at buy and sell queues will certainly impact the share price. Also in the past, rumours of top management soliciting commissions for factory construction and unwise spendings affected the share price negatively.

In terms of slogan, only recently when I googled Harumi chicken and entered the website did I find that their tagline is "Now Everyone Can be a Boss". Very colourful design of Harumi concept and catchy slogan indeed, similar to mine. So, great minds think alike?

27/02/2017 16:39
awaysloser tomorrow up up up UP HOSEI
27/02/2017 16:57
awaysloser BUY DBE.
27/02/2017 16:58
sukabrim Thanks satha44. Sorry for not contributing much earlier to support the price of DBE and make the DBE forum a lively and better place for you and me. Many times I thought of contributing comments especially during weekends but did not. I have high hopes for DBE since the announcements of free warrant issue, KFC contract and Harumi venture. So was quite down when things turn out not to be especially during and after the ex-date of DBE-WB. This forum turned quiet except for the very few diehards like you and ATARAH. Some investors inform us of their selling and leaving, few coming to contribute and many comments were simply not morally uplifting. I was worried my investment might be lost or reduced. However, I only put in a certain percentage of my investment capital and the amount is much less than you and ATARAH put in. Still, cut loss is not my option for this counter. So hope both of you win big or at least recover your investment in DBE.
27/02/2017 17:05
k6ii http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/dbe-gurney-4q-net-loss-narrows
27/02/2017 17:26
satha44 Thank you k6ii...that article confirms the reasons for the losses in the 4th qtr...
Writeoffs of 3.5 million...and 1.5million incurred as a result of new listings....so almost 5 million...Yet DBE made a profit for the year....So Company is doing so much better now...
Once investors read through and understand the reasons behind the figures....Buying will come in...
In the mean time...Ding must absorb Ah Longs continuous selling.....
Tomoŕrow we will have to monitor closely......might spike up....fingers crossed...
27/02/2017 17:36
k6ii I just wondering where is this figure come..."Sales of Restaurants. ..RM135000"
is this all the restaurants? 1st restaurant?

Other kiosk..i believe the sale is drop for last quater. Penang site..I know what is happening...
27/02/2017 17:40
ATARAH Thanks Sukabrim for mentioning our name and i like your post which in sincere
27/02/2017 17:40
satha44 This move into the Fried chicken business.....is the best move...selling raw material( meat) almost at cost for years....pushed DBE into deep abyss...Sold properties to stay alive..But with this new brand...margins are bigger....i'm not a very big player sukabrim...just like any other retailer just hope to be right...then wrong.....Happy Trading guys..
Atleast now the stress on the Report is over....Next we hope for the announcement on the Super Rich Investor...hahaha..
27/02/2017 17:43
satha44 Take Note...Director Sold today....
27/02/2017 17:47
ATARAH My contribution post.
I am happy for those who manage to sell at mother 0.045 and warrant B 0.02 congratulations.
First to be sincere in my post i am also a small players ... I did not inherit warrant b because I bought it at 0.015 cents for 628,000 shares. I am mainly a warrants investor seldom hold mother

To recap my post

Why do buy..

1. Food business is never wrong ... especially if you control the supply source.
2. It is a public listed company .. not enough capital just raise it provided top management can sell the future prospects and investor can see and feel it. Proof by facts too.
3. Dato Ding a charismatic leader no issue in front of investors and media.
4. Dato Ding have so information other don't have .... future information .. visionary information
He see and vision thing other don't see. Other see 2017 & 2018 hard economy downturn...
He see opposite... He invest while other close shop , shrink back , cut staffs cut cost....
He run energetically to open as many Harumi as he can.... He see something other don't.
Until I begun to see what he see. So what he see
A. Big brother China coming soon ... china big brother of Asean too
B. Railway......If Ding know what he is doing .... ask all franchisee open near along the railways....line

C. China investors .... in property ... coming and tourism.... If that happen....
All fast-food outlet will be full....Kfc Mcd..of course Harumi.. Ding has to do it fast because...
They are coming soon.... tourist where got time to take 2 hours lunch or breakfast for those in tour.
Other Dato Ding and Atarah and Shata will cry when that happen and see tourist all full in KFC MCDONALD. UNCKE BOB.... AND Atarah cry and ask Ding.... Why you never open fast enough in this spot .... Why why.... All fast-food outlet full and tourist still line up...and in school holiday...
Malaysian school children got frustrated.... No seat no seat daddy... Why like that one...

To be continued more visionary insight coming
27/02/2017 18:07
ATARAH Railway stops
27/02/2017 18:12
Wow123 Q3 & Q4 make loss wow , correct key in their portal bursa ?
27/02/2017 18:37
Wow123 Accountant maybe fried kite already ?
27/02/2017 18:38
Wow123 Better change Accountant asap ?
27/02/2017 18:38
Wow123 Or totally hit and run
27/02/2017 19:42
satha44 Hahahaha..so funny Atarah....as long we can laugh about it...i think we are still alright...
Cant agree with all your points lah...
This MD....was very young when he took over...Only 28 years old..When the elder Ding passed away..the young man..took over..Highly ambitious....makan all the small fellas...wanted to become the biggest poultry company in PERAK....but fate had a different plan....after 14 years...the young man..now 42 above...is going into a growth phase of his Life...success is surely his....if he believes it....some years ago..when DBE was in a bad state....Ah long came into pic....
With no choice..the deal was signed....Now DBE is stronger...can choose a better deal/investor..
Hopefully a BIG GIANT comes in SOON.....
Todays Ding is older n wiser.....Will surely make better decisions...BEST WISHES.....to DBE
27/02/2017 20:03
ATARAH Wah.... Satha..... your post is even better...thank you for the insight...
Very soon..one of those Big giant.... maybe Mr D or Mr K or Mr B. Will take over . Cannot fight beautiful Harumi ... marry her... become biggest shareholder .... when Mr who do that ... Mr who
Control the supply also ... Good for Mr who fast-food franchise too
27/02/2017 20:22
ATARAH Sorry again Mr MD OR MR K OR UNCLE ALSO CAN LAH ...refers to potential big giant
27/02/2017 20:24
yangstyle10forms We have the positive comments and we have the negative comments,
It is a reflection of how the Ying & Yang coexist together,
A negative comments should not be avoided just because it is unpleasant,
Both positive and negative comments should be taken into consideration by the investor,
If the comments have element of hope / wishful element, it should be put aside,
A mind that is not at peace ( element of hope / wishful ) will not help the investor to make a sound decision.

If downstream ( F&B) not doing well, how is controlling upstream ( raw material ) going to help ?

Not enough capital just raise fund from who? Investors who are staying positive in this forum ? The captain will not get a single cent from a well informed investor. Investor invest to get money from the company, not opposite way.

Charismatic leader ? He is taking almost RM 450k per annum as his salary if you refer to the audited report 2015. Company in dire condition he took RM 0.45 mil annually. Not only captain, got another director taking similar amount annually. He really treating you all as his gods of prosperity. No fund raise again & again to pay his pocket. I think he will be the happiest man to see all the support in this forum except this post.
27/02/2017 20:37
satha44 If u asked me...the whole board should be sacked...useless bumps sitting and being paid..u see todays announcement director sold warrants even he doesnt have faith in his own company...
As long Ding doesnt get someone to mop up the shares from the open market...share price cannot go up....Ding Dong here only...
ACP ah long useless short term player..puts his leg in all the sick companies...google and see...so many lousy ones..ACP is a shareholder..
Not sure of others but DBE makes money for this Money Lender..
27/02/2017 21:03
Wow123 satha44 , I already told you Ding only take care his own interest rather than company , bcos commission agent actitud lio lor. Only show
27/02/2017 21:08
Wow123 like money games JJTPR same business , hehehehehe
27/02/2017 21:11
ATARAH Today maybe the will push to mother 0.05 and warrant 0.025
Opportunity to sell ... don't forget opportunity to sell...

Those long term keep

March coming tomorrow ... what we discuss here ..hopefully will be review soon
28/02/2017 07:08
satha44 3.5 million impairment of debtors and 1.5 million as cost of issuance of new shares...
Thats 5 million....So if Not for this...Does that mean DBE would have announced close to 4 million in profits for the 4th quarter....WOW...thats fantastic..
Can someone else read the report and confirm....or is my MATH wrong...
If really can make 4 million per qtr....12 sens easily....
28/02/2017 07:11
ATARAH 3.5 million impairment for debtor does not.mean cannot be collected back it it just impairments
One they can slowly correct back
28/02/2017 07:48
ATARAH One day can collect back meaning credit extended longer only
28/02/2017 07:48
k6ii Atarah..recently all warrant kena goreng....i guess dbe warrant also coming...yesterday volume more than mothershare....
28/02/2017 08:25
satha44 Every year also got writeoff...whats the point of doing business with people who cannot pay back..as agreed...Doing chicken business for 30 years still never learn this simple rule...
Must be able to judge...others..
What for MD.. what for Board..making lousy decisions...
28/02/2017 08:29
k6ii I look back the qr report and agak guess the sale from restaurant should be two restaurants sale revenue..if continue next quater..should have double of now...good move...

Penang site..there are new competitor of.Harumi...they are new...after u taste it...Harumi still better..if you are consider Harumi business. You can go ahead...big player help you promote..
How nice if able selling at petrol station or 711...that is my idea...but I am not able go.for it....
28/02/2017 08:33
ATARAH 15 minutes more
28/02/2017 08:44
Wow123 totally lost lio lor 4896
28/02/2017 09:01
satha44 Those who sold thinking that company had losses in the 4th qtr are gonna regret soon..cos the fact is if not for the extra charges...dbe made a profit...on a higher turnover..
28/02/2017 09:10

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yfchong Tomorrow 1 hr no eye see
27/02/2017 21:51
cooling Post removed. Why?
27/02/2017 21:52
Risk Rider For those already in, please read the Quarterly Report to see any positive things rather than keep listening all comments here.

Who knows you can find something that no one notice & it will make this stock turnover later?
27/02/2017 21:58
Daniel Yap no worries la, PRIVATE PLACEMENT OF UP TO 43,836,100 NEW ORDINARY SHARES : Price at 1.20 per share, why worry so much? Those bought 1.30 your cost i about 8% more than them only what, those bought below 1.20 somemore no need shake la.
27/02/2017 22:18
PlsGiveBonus Bursa is full with junk company
They should start reducing all the listed company to improve quality instead of making more new IPO
27/02/2017 22:26
Calvintinkosong Watchout for Warren Buffett from Geyland

Posted by calvintaneng > Feb 27, 2017 09:56 PM | Report Abuse

Wow! John Lu did a superman today!

Super Crash from top 10 to 120 position?

Wow really great feat!!


Posted by calvintaneng > Feb 27, 2017 06:59 PM | Report Abuse

Sorry guys,

Calvin does not rejoice at the misfortune of fellow i3 forumers.

I feel keenly the disappointment & losses of so many whose energy and focus is here to make monies in these hard and tough times.

I feel deeply the losses of hard earned monies.

Uncle KYY can lose some of his accumulated wealth. For many it is the loss of hard earned monies gone into a puff of smoke.

I hope all please invest carefully.

Your concerned friend,

Calvin Tan
27/02/2017 22:32
popo92 dynamic investing? stop the crap already
27/02/2017 23:12
stockmanmy don't know what is dynamic investing?

see my blogs.

stock market secrets.
27/02/2017 23:18

Posted by KLCI King > Feb 27, 2017 09:41 PM | Report Abuse
If you follows stockmanmy comments, most of times he is like kiki gong kiki song, as long as he is happy, everything he said are dynamic. In fact, he is the only one on earth to know the true meaning of his own created dynamic investment.

I have a not so close friend whose brother is born mentally ill. His brother is 58 now & is staying alone but he like to walk & talk the whole village every day, no one can ever understand what he is talking even though his voice is very loud. Luckily he is classified as unharmful type.
27/02/2017 23:22
GaRRYtan year to date EPC total biling 150 mil - Q3 was 94.3mil, Q2 was 48mil (Q2+Q3 =142mil). Only 8 mil billing in Q4 from EPC? Why so such big different?
Remark from Q4 report: Decease in revenue mainly due to substantial progressive works carried out are yet to be recognized from EPC Vietnam.
27/02/2017 23:23
calvintaneng Calvin is a slow tortoise all along.

John Lu is the Superman with super energy!

John Lu has done a real skydiving feat!

His position of Top 10 Now Crash Down to No. 120!!


This super sorchai skydive without parachute? And no spare parachute?

No wonder so fast falling flying down from 10 position to 120 position!!

No margin of safety? No 30% limit down trading halt?



So Brave Indeed?

Driving Supersonic Car without brake, safety belt or airbag?



27/02/2017 23:23
abangadik dynamic investing.. doesnt neccesary can make money mar.. it is meant to be dynamic.. dynamicly make money also can dynamicly lose money also possible.... The most stupid investing strategy I have heard...and proven how stupid the result is :D
27/02/2017 23:25
joekit How bout call it Dynamite Investment? Anytime can blow your head off!
27/02/2017 23:28
calvintaneng Posted by joekit > Feb 27, 2017 11:28 PM | Report Abuse

How bout call it Dynamite Investment? Anytime can blow your head off!


This one really fit StockMummy

StockMummy with her Dynamite "Blow Head Off" Investment?

27/02/2017 23:40
hewiester This dynamite investment is just as as strong as VX .. kills within seconds or minutes when market reopens tmrw. Feel sorry for those who got wiped by VX..
27/02/2017 23:47
pang72 if drop to 1.00--------------> kyy rugi 39,900,000x0.35=13.96mil !!!
28/02/2017 00:08
IamGoogle The old man must be still calculating his loss here, thanks for helping him, tonight is just another sleepless night for him.
28/02/2017 00:24
red_85 KYY very rich la..14 million to him just like 20cents to you...he dont care it one, but i think he will cut lost since this quarter report doesn't comply to his golden rule.
28/02/2017 00:36
Bizfuneng StockMammy with her Dynamite "Blow Head Off" Investment?

- at least learning and proven today that this investment methodology is hopelessly stupid!!

- unfortunately many retail investors so convinced this methodology introduced by Stockmammy can make money much faster than KC Chong's value investing method. So many i3 forumers today facing misfortunate.So sorry.

-It is not too late to revert and contact KC for his online course that many testified is a proven method to your financial freedom.

- mistakes don't kill you...haha what a joke but burning your hard earned money!!!!
28/02/2017 00:45
red_85 lets guess tmr opening price..
1.05 my guest..open 1.05 close 1.00
28/02/2017 01:38
PlsGiveBonus TTB: How to make klci great again if everyone is so bearish about the future
28/02/2017 01:50
yfchong so get ready folks. to the new price
28/02/2017 06:35
wcchua be contrarian, wallon bufer said when everyone sell, u buy. i am getting my mouse ready, later sailang ah.

ok, above is just an example of applying the great quote at the wrong place, wrong time which we often heard. but get the mouse ready is no joke. good luck.
28/02/2017 07:19
mamatede Let's watch the show this morning :)
28/02/2017 07:55
younginvestor92 RUN before KYY RUN
28/02/2017 07:57
coldinvestor Will buy back below RM1.100.
28/02/2017 08:00
nekosan 1.0 good, 0.9 better, 0.8 best
28/02/2017 08:05
pussycats Drop till no eye can see. I buy if ... ahem ahem, sore throat. Got to go now.
28/02/2017 08:13
coldinvestor 应该会跌10-15%之间。 目标价RM1.050.
28/02/2017 08:26
Zai Zai Old tricks management,
In order to your enhance PP value, your property make so deficit eventually you can divided into few qtrl.
It seen to be discount of not more than 10% to the 5-day VWAMP do not attract your third party investor.
PP start on 24(feb),27,28,1(mar),2
28/02/2017 08:29
Takashi Sorimachi Regardless what price run first, 0.8 coming
28/02/2017 08:37
Icon8888 Changed my mind. Not selling. Ride with Uncle Koon
28/02/2017 08:39
nekosan u can sell at opening and rebuy at low, key word is how low it will go before rebound ?
28/02/2017 08:47
Ricky Kiat estimate vietnam epcc will contribute 400 million profit within 4 years,i decided to dumb dumb hold ...cheers.. (^0^)
28/02/2017 08:47
coldinvestor Will open at RM1.050
28/02/2017 08:48
Ricky Kiat will buy if below 1.00 . cheers...(^-^)
28/02/2017 08:48
mike90 Can escape at RM1.1
28/02/2017 08:52
calvintaneng Anything above Rm1.00 just sell!
28/02/2017 08:53
lizi too big to run, become long term investor la instead of super trader.
28/02/2017 08:55
CharlesT CPTeh : Cut Loss - JAKS
28/02/2017 08:56
nekosan thanks CPTeh, you the best
28/02/2017 08:57
Icon8888 Nope, I think he pakat with management to press down profit so that he can collect more

We have seen this before in Company G. They delivered lousy result to depress share price to create opportunity to collect warrants

Posted by lizi > Feb 28, 2017 08:55 AM | Report Abuse

too big to run, become long term investor la instead of super trader.
28/02/2017 09:01
lizi can play technical rebound?
28/02/2017 09:01
coldinvestor Done at RM1.01
28/02/2017 09:01
Sebastian Sted Power will be stable at about Rm1.00-1.01 where ANG LAM POAH acquired previously
28/02/2017 09:02
Icon8888 Bought more at 104
28/02/2017 09:03
lizi this jaks got warrant meh?
28/02/2017 09:03
Zai Zai icon8888 you are correct, this is the shadow area in financing.
28/02/2017 09:04
moneySIFU Show time.... Watch & learn
28/02/2017 09:08
nkk53 plan to buy beow 1rm
28/02/2017 09:09

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red_85 bad right issue news
27/02/2017 14:45
Erudite its ok, let the talkers talk. Time will tell. Dont have to argue
27/02/2017 14:45
lunamaya kakkakakakh I got mine. now I drag down price again 0.80 sen who want to sale. sale to me... I will just sale all my stock next week monday when TP RM1.20. kah kah,,
27/02/2017 14:46
lunamaya stupid dumb investor who buy this stock but we can control their mind. I with a bunch of my friend stock alliance consist of 5k people control the market. kah kah kah....
27/02/2017 14:48
lunamaya we will not reveal our true identity
27/02/2017 14:49
lunamaya just sale all your eg and eg-wc now.. sale to me.. next week u buy back, hahaha
27/02/2017 14:49
zhangliang Agree. Once the selling abates, time to move up. Patience guys!
27/02/2017 14:51
Mini Bull yes, time will tell who is correct
27/02/2017 14:53
chl1989 holding firm dumb dumb
27/02/2017 15:40
Alex Chan This Luke chap seems quite good
27/02/2017 15:40
Alex Chan Not much buying support after 89
27/02/2017 15:43
Hippo Blood everywhere.
27/02/2017 15:52
Vin Chuah not steady at 0935
27/02/2017 15:53
lwyy60 Truth or not, u just search around stock with RI, believe me, RI can be good to company but bad to investor. Using public fund to pair down debt or raise new project. Usually share price will dilute after RI. Usually price will drop ist and raise near RI date. Long term should be ok if managenent use it on right direction. Dont try to earn on this RI news but long term effect.
27/02/2017 15:54
Vin Chuah back to previous price,cant maintain..
27/02/2017 15:57
Alex Chan Its the dilution of Eps without incoming new business.
Also shows incompetence of management as not to announce RI with results.
Not much confidence in management
27/02/2017 16:05
Alex Chan Not to mention one RI after another.
Let's put it simply Eps is not going to grow 2017
27/02/2017 16:08
Alex Chan After RI
27/02/2017 16:08
calvintaneng WAHAHA!


Beter sell EG fast fast or else

EG or EGG?

Or else you will be eating egg only all your life!! No more meat or fish

Only Egg. Huhuhu!
27/02/2017 16:08
77huat77 Calvin tan well said.
Dutaland is the best
27/02/2017 16:09
Mini Bull Calvin Tan bring us to Holland free
27/02/2017 16:12
Investor 9999 Sales for 1H is RM494.4M (2016 1H RM399M). The trade and other debtors at 31 Dec 2016 is RM308.1M ( 30 June 2016 RM273.2 M)

My analysis from 2016 Annual report trade debtors at 30 June 2016 was RM RM223M and other debtprs RM50M.) With a sales of RM712.6 million, the debtor turnover or credit period was 3.76 months or 114 days.

Similary in FY 2015 at 30 June 2016, trade debtors and other debtors amounted to RM 162.6M. The trade debtor at 30 June 2015 was RM144.4M. With a FY 2015 sales of RM636M, the debtors turnover or credit period was 2.72 months or 83 days.

In the Q2 announcement, 6 months sales to 31 Dec 2016 was RM494M. The debtors turnover would be 3.74 months or 113 days.

The Company is dealing with multinational and international trade credit period cannot be that long. something is fishy going on can somebody enlightened me. It looks like another Englotech that went bust in the making of jacking up dummy sales and went bust. Collections of Company is slowing down.
27/02/2017 16:19
Investor 9999 Becareful with your investment????
27/02/2017 16:20
Alex Chan Exactly either goods rejected or client can't pay or move product after contracting manufacturing
27/02/2017 16:21
Vin Chuah gosh! lao sai
27/02/2017 16:29
kent98 @Investor 9999, how do you get the debtor turnover or credit period? Does not seems to mention in the quarterly financial report. Just curious, and wish to learn.
27/02/2017 16:33
kent98 OK, I saw there is aging reports in 2016 A.N. Report, but I still don't get it how to calculate it to "3.76 months or 114 days". Also, in this current Q2 report, there is no aging report at all, how to get the number to be "3.74 months or 113 day"?
27/02/2017 17:17
Lukesharewalker 88 next..
Then 86 ...
Then 82
27/02/2017 17:21
chl1989 business good also scared. business bad also scared. put into fd lah. haha
27/02/2017 17:29
77huat77 Yalo hahaha sozai
27/02/2017 17:41
Alley83 Good timing to enter?
27/02/2017 17:48
huiyi kent98 OK, I saw there is aging reports in 2016 A.N. Report, but I still don't get it how to calculate it to "3.76 months or 114 days". Also, in this current Q2 report, there is no aging report at all, how to get the number to be "3.74 months or 113 day"?
debtor days = (account receivable / sale) x 365days = (308184 / 494407) x 365/2 = 113.8 days

inventory days = 47.5 days
acc payable days = 66.8 days?
working capital days = 113.8 + 47.5 - 66.8 = 94.5 days
working capital that required to run the business = 94.5/494407 x 365/2 = 128004 ???
But cash and bank balances = 49642 < 128004 ! that's y need RI to get money???
27/02/2017 18:23
Lukesharewalker Suspect ballooning of trade debtors and cash flow problems due to client cannot pay maybe due to product not selling well.
Had not raise provision for BD to make accounts look good.
Red flags
27/02/2017 18:50
huiyi damm. just add today, after calculate, should sell.
27/02/2017 18:53
VenFx haiyo,,, Echicken has juz merely cross their half pass line and planning to climb up the rank.
has the results qtr maintained ?

1.any 1 time gain / exceptional item compared to previous yr qtr ? No, Echicken did well indeed .

2.why not give this baby 6-12 mths time to climb up ler ...

3.huiyi, i dont know what is your calculation ? My calculation : $1000 mil revenue x 3.2% net profit ; devide with 211.3 mil share x 10p.e. = $1.51 fair value .
Not to mention my Echicken -wc ... $$$$ $$$$ xp
27/02/2017 19:11
VenFx Rating of $1.59

Still in doubt ?

Btw, if u are contra player, sure mati lor .
Look for Moving average 60 D @ $ 0.875 lor :D
27/02/2017 19:15
VenFx No secret already Echicken is constrained by the current level of debt ; thats why need your $$$ lor.
27/02/2017 19:17
77huat77 Why you can wait three year to get your keh of your new condo and can't wait for the stock to double up your capital
By Cold Eye
27/02/2017 19:20
VenFx Borrowing paid will make gain for interest saving $500K annually ma, the rest go to cacth more international contract ; whereas u need talents / design / hard facilities / materials cost ...
27/02/2017 19:21
VenFx I suspect there are pledged share from IB bank sell off to meet someone shareholder to meet their Financial tariff lor,,, once this over Echicken will start expanding its wing lor .
27/02/2017 19:24
VenFx Dont be Chicken out lar ...
Echicken will bring U HUAT HUAT HUAT, in mid fire rooster 2017 .
27/02/2017 19:26
Lukesharewalker Post removed. Why?
27/02/2017 19:36
VenFx Lukes,,, are u follow calvin tan path ?
Dont spread salt onto other's wound lar . Bad karma will come
27/02/2017 19:44
77huat77 Sell la sell la after hear lukesharewalker said
27/02/2017 19:48
henrytham77 good time to accumulate more Eggs... kept it already 2yrs, dont mind another 2yrs..
27/02/2017 19:50
77huat77 Waaaaa two year also cannot up arh this share betul cannot up lo
27/02/2017 19:55
Lukesharewalker Dunno who's Calvin. Just my humble opinion and doing the good deeds to save the ikan bilis
27/02/2017 20:06
henrytham77 who kept Eggs over 2yrs and still dare to said no profits?
27/02/2017 20:10
VenFx Posted by Lukesharewalker > Feb 27, 2017 08:06 PM | Report Abuse

Dunno who's Calvin. Just my humble opinion and doing the good deeds to save the ikan bilis

ME : say what u like, be sure it is fact based ; we r here to share.
27/02/2017 20:14
Shafiq Oversold! Therefore, BUY!
28/02/2017 09:09

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moneySIFU One thing good i love about Ekovest is the price won't move before good news out. It indicated no insiders buying but in fact someone selling :)
27/02/2017 10:43
TylerTan Should I top up or just hold current shares?
@moneySIFU any comments on the price, whether will stable or will consolidate?
27/02/2017 11:01
newboy today buy rate for mother and son is good.
If we hold long enough at touch 1.80, maybe some of the big kakis here will be able to get a free unit of ekocheras. hehe...
27/02/2017 11:10
chris1988 hi, im new is this stock market, i just wanna start investing in stocks, my friend told me that this stock have potential, is this the right time to buy in? any suggestion?
27/02/2017 11:14
moneySIFU Hi TylerTan, I don't really know as I am bad in timing the share price. It always go against my thoughts.
27/02/2017 11:16
chris1988 1 more things i wanna ask, whats the different with mother share and warrant?

head the differences was
warrant has expiry date
warrant no dividend
thats it? is there anymore difference?
27/02/2017 11:19
moneySIFU My advice is to do your own calculation & homeworks, read all articles & news under the headlines as well as past years' quarterly reports & annual reports. After all, make your decision based on the facts & figures made public available.
27/02/2017 11:21
moneySIFU chris1998, my advice is do google search to find out the definition, these are basic things that does not require too much technical knowledge to understand.

You may visit bursa malaysia official website to know the definition also.
27/02/2017 11:23
chris1988 thank you for the advice moneySIFU.

what bout the mother share and warrant?
27/02/2017 11:24
chris1988 alright, thanks!
27/02/2017 11:28
moneySIFU Don't buy warrant or call warrant if you don't know the definition & the relationship with its mother share, it is quite a high risk investment, though it is also high return if doing it right.
27/02/2017 12:29
TylerTan What's your thoughts on current price? Fair or undervalue ?
27/02/2017 12:48
moneySIFU Hi TylerTan. Price is a reflection of views from a large group of people, everyone act according to the best of his situation & money.

Some think it is overvalued so they sell & some may think it is undervalued so they buy or hold. I am still holding it, so it is long term potential to make it good hold for me :)
27/02/2017 13:19
hissyu2 DUKE highway, a goose that lays GOLD eggs... LOL~~
27/02/2017 13:33
hissyu2 skyjet Base on latest result, forward PE for Ekovest is 14.5. Is overvalue with current price.

How "Forward" you are talking about? until next month? next year or next 5 years? LOL ...
27/02/2017 13:35
kenari82 Overvalue only on paper...technical chart still bullish...buy more gain more..
27/02/2017 13:37
skyjet @hissyu2, base on 41 Mils for 4 quarters. Now forward PE is >14.5 with current price
27/02/2017 14:24
skyjet Yahoo, AWC up so much. :)
27/02/2017 14:50
moneySIFU Frank to say, it is undervalued for Ekovest having its PE at 15 times only
27/02/2017 15:09
moneySIFU That's my opinion for my money
27/02/2017 15:10
IamGoogle Very resilient @ RM1.16
27/02/2017 16:14
moneySIFU Since I believe it is undervalued, I continue top up warrant @ RM0.725, hope it won't fail me.
27/02/2017 16:45
gift For high growth stock, PE 15 is considered small. Look at MYEG.....
27/02/2017 17:03
moneySIFU Agreed, gift, my eyes open big big when saw GDex....
27/02/2017 17:26
Henry Chan what is the good price to buy in now?
27/02/2017 17:42
optimus9199 aiyoyoy why it goes up?
27/02/2017 18:00
gift People are like this. When it goes up, then only regret why didn't buy it earlier.
27/02/2017 18:06
moneySIFU Price target revised to RM1.41


27/02/2017 18:11
paperplane2016 Yes, further splits coming....
This is for longterm, hold like PBBank....
27/02/2017 18:13
moneySIFU Up to RM3 & then split again? haha
27/02/2017 18:14
Ekovestup Very good result today
27/02/2017 18:38
hissyu2 moneySIFU Frank to say, it is undervalued for Ekovest having its PE at 15 times only

we are more "forward" la~~ 5billion market cap in 3 years :) look at the cash generated by Duke toll~~ OMG~~
27/02/2017 18:42
0411 Gongxifachai to all shareholders... Ekovest mother n son let gambateh together...
thank for every SIFU sharing here...
27/02/2017 19:24
IamGoogle Moneysifu just show his proof of purchase for 50,000 warrant @ RM0.725 today, he said last week that he sold his mother to top up more warrant, he is real man of his words
27/02/2017 19:37
Warrenton65 Time to all in
27/02/2017 19:59
theintinvestor share split entitlement date today at 17:00 hrs right?
27/02/2017 21:05
azlan88 The similarity of DUKE and LDP is both are intercity highways, which means high volume of vehicle passing by everyday. With the increment of toll rates and huge amount of vehicles passing by everyday, LITRAK (concessionaire for LDP) earns more than 50% NET PROFIT from REVENUE!!! Imagine the potential of DUKE Phase 2, 2A once all are completed and connected!!
27/02/2017 21:18
Peter Pan Probably massive round of selling starting tomorrow!
27/02/2017 21:19
greatful believe the price will be fluctuate at this range until 20MA line come to meet, only will choong. Should be in two weeks time. Now is good time to collect? No idea.
27/02/2017 21:24
Star8888 So many sheeps over here, I run first.
27/02/2017 22:13
Risk Rider This is one of the most steady stock so far in Bursa, not only got potential, but also delivering results.
27/02/2017 22:19
IamGoogle Very confusing by looking at the market, so many bombs activated & triggered here & there.

Ekovest seemed become a safe heaven? Let's see how it turn out tomorrow.
28/02/2017 00:43
Warrenton65 Invest for long term , cheer !
28/02/2017 00:54
KLCI King Star8888, run? Run where? To Jaks or Rgb?
28/02/2017 01:05
nikicheong Ekovest is probably overvalued at the moment and cutback is very likely. Of course if you are a long term investor just stay put, top up when the price falls. Long term this company will grow well and has great management. As for me I missed my boat at 2.38 at the start of the year, now I will wait till it gets to 0.98 before I buy.
28/02/2017 01:32
SJSOON @nikicheong, you are so funny. On what basis you say it is overvalued and it may drop back to 0.98? Hahahaha.
28/02/2017 07:42
Wei Li Chen Good morning all sifus/bros, as i have bought ekovest before the exdate, and today i log in the quantity of share is still the same and i thought yesterdaywas the entitlement date and should be adjusted today. can anyone please give me advice? thank you
28/02/2017 08:08
Warrenton65 Niki u r so clever maybe u will be the next Warren Buffett
28/02/2017 08:45
moneySIFU We have already one famous malaysia version WB, but think the number will be more :)
28/02/2017 09:02
TylerTan Heavy selling pressure o.o
28/02/2017 09:09

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Aizai Hippo
22/02/2017 12:03
damontee Kchia how do you come out with TP 5?
22/02/2017 12:08
kchia damontee: Kchia how do you come out with TP 5?
kchia: God told me... i mean share god.
22/02/2017 12:46
Aizai kchia give you 1000 likes.
22/02/2017 13:07
briantc14 frankly speaking... TP RM5 in 2 years still consider a conservative TP.
22/02/2017 13:26
damontee Look at their rsi. It's slightly overbought. If you are buying it now. I believe it's slightly overprice
22/02/2017 13:55
woosytan kasi kchia 2000 likes. And briantc14, yesyesyes! RM 5 is a conservative TP.
really sai lang d.
22/02/2017 13:57
woosytan very body rush in to buy because they know this stock has very high TP.
from 1.6/1.7/1.8 til now 2.3x. you can see the buying interest.
so, buying now still consider very very cheap. but still up to you all, you decide!!
22/02/2017 14:02
Yuming I ard Sai Lang my 40% of my fund to this stock..... You could imagine how keat this stock.....
22/02/2017 14:09
briantc14 JHM business is not same with D&O... D&O is LED manufacturing. JHM is use LED to do sub-assembly.
But, from the D&O message... there is very very strong positive hints to JHM's coming result.
1) Q4FY16 vs Q4FY15 - Propelled by a 48% growth in Automotive Segment
2) Q4FY16 vs Q3FY16 - The Automotive Segment sales revenue registered a 36% increase to a record level of RM121 million.
3) Prospect - Automotive industry is expected to continue to gain traction amongst global automotive players.
22/02/2017 18:11
kchia nice. buy buy buy. yesyesyes!
23/02/2017 10:38
briantc14 I guess Japan market has a high change to be happened in short term because company already has the right resource to fight for it. For Europe, I read from old article news mentioned there was potential customer visited the plant in 1-2yrs back (if not mistaken), hope will able to see some positive feedback in near term too. Just my personal prediction.
23/02/2017 14:59
Jane1111 After the q result out, will the price drop?
23/02/2017 19:08
Olga Olga JHM !! Huhu... din miss the last train !
20/02/2017 15:43

Go go go !!
23/02/2017 23:22
Bruno Rose TP 10
24/02/2017 13:36
Investor5711 just beware.. sell on news
24/02/2017 14:37
weiyetan1 JHM looks good... but don't over chase at critical moment. Let's wait to see the result first. I'm willing to pay higher price to top up if result is good and share price has stable down. Feeling so excited in waiting the Feb result.
24/02/2017 21:24
Ryls There is a situation that continue to climb for months and never look back ..
24/02/2017 22:52
Jane1111 What kind of situation?
25/02/2017 19:17
VenFx Counting $$$ till hand soft, is an issue ?
25/02/2017 19:20
anonboy After coming QR is released, the price may drop. But you can buy the stock on dips. If the stock price drops, it's a bargain sales.
26/02/2017 17:18
johortiger Buffett: Stocks are ‘virtually certain’ to rise in years ahead
‘Miraculous’ U.S. economy remains the engine, says Berkshire chief

As long as the US economy is good, JHM can make a substantial profit.
26/02/2017 22:06
Jane1111 QR is going to be. Price may drop?
26/02/2017 23:41
smart1 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5349257
27/02/2017 17:56
smart1 Another excellent quarter...
27/02/2017 17:57
Aizai profit EPS=6sens.
27/02/2017 17:57
Aizai 7.4m
27/02/2017 17:57
Hippo Wow !!!

Profit up 32% Quarter on Quarter.
Jumped few folds year on year.
27/02/2017 18:14
abangadik This one siaoliao...performance even better than IQgroup. GENG!
27/02/2017 18:26
VenFx hengtai , u oso jingheng monyet shareholder ?
hoseh liaw ...
27/02/2017 18:46
Alex Lim Jun Xiong I missed the boat all the way from RM1.60 to RM2.50 =(
27/02/2017 18:49
VenFx 2.90 lai liaw .
27/02/2017 18:52
johortiger Very good result! Congratulations!
27/02/2017 19:50
MoneyUp888 Most powerful counter ever
27/02/2017 19:51
Alex Lim Jun Xiong VIS going to be the next I believe~
27/02/2017 21:04
Jane1111 Tomorrow gap up?
27/02/2017 21:31
Jane1111 U still can buy now alex lim
27/02/2017 21:31
Goldmann chase high chase high
27/02/2017 22:03
woosytan the price now dirt cheap
27/02/2017 22:30
johortiger JHM’s net profit soars in Q4
27/02/2017 23:02
Jane1111 What's the good news aizai?
27/02/2017 23:06
Aizai just hold your shares..
27/02/2017 23:10
Aizai you wouldn't regret.
27/02/2017 23:12
johortiger The stock price is expected to move up to RM 3.5 very quickly.
27/02/2017 23:15
Jane1111 Have ur words aizai!!
27/02/2017 23:18
Aizai agreed.
27/02/2017 23:18
abangadik congrats all.. Believe this...
27/02/2017 23:22
abangadik no hengtai I dont have JHM.. bcsz I have IQ at the runup.. It was a wrong pick of horse but both good horse, My main horse is still MFCB because a lot ppl didnt promote it, I prefer lowkey... Thanks
27/02/2017 23:27
johortiger I have so many promising stocks besides JHM, one of which is Lay Hong.
27/02/2017 23:44
Hippo Dont be surprise if close red today. It happened to JHM previously.
Short term and intraday I cant beat you.
But medium term laughing all the way.
28/02/2017 09:08

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cherry88 coming again. Stay tune
21/02/2017 16:01
nemesis Slow n steady without u even noticed it...
21/02/2017 16:16
kudamuda not a bad thing if slowly & steady moving up. :D
21/02/2017 16:41
kancs3118 very the kin-cheong...tomorrow is Quarterly Results releae...
22/02/2017 10:56
nemesis How you know is tomorrow?
22/02/2017 13:22
investor8888 i think is this friday or next monday come out Q report
22/02/2017 13:27

1Q 47.5M 4.0M

2Q 70.0M 6.2M


22/02/2017 14:14
nemesis Today T+3 selling is Over...Tomorrow will begin a fresh buying of Symlife tat will take it to new high above 0.80...
22/02/2017 16:55
CharlesT Thu is t+3 for Mon's 4m trades...c hows the selling pressure like
22/02/2017 17:18
nemesis U mean it will only go up again on Friday?
22/02/2017 18:09
kancs3118 can't wait for the quarterly results
23/02/2017 14:24
kancs3118 apa macam itu punya quarterly results belum keluar lagi?
23/02/2017 20:45
nemesis Today is the best time to buy Symlife as fin result will be out today...So starting fm Monday it will fly up the sky...
24/02/2017 10:13
CharlesT If Boss no goreng no vol no movement
24/02/2017 10:17
CharlesT My 2 cents forecast on their sales n in 2017.

Say if sales is around RM300M- RM350M in 2017 (back by unbilled sales of Rm1B+), then their sales in Q3 n Q4 will be around RM180M-RM230M (Q1+Q2 is ard RM117M)

Assuming their sales in Q3 is ard RM80M and net profit margin of 10%-15%, net profit will be ard RM8M to RM12M then EPS will be ard RM0.027 to RM0.04.
24/02/2017 10:22
Ya Hoo Hi CharlesT, I think the EPS per quarter will be higher than RM0.04 once the star residences and TWY was start major contribute. Especially high margin on star residences project due to low land cost. Timing of this contribution is very important now which will lead the shares going up.
24/02/2017 12:00



24/02/2017 12:44
24/02/2017 13:18
kudamuda eh... have to wait patiently for Qtr report... unlikely today?
24/02/2017 15:07
CharlesT Ya Hoo, more conservative to use 10-15% net profit margin i/o 20%, not all their projects could have such high net profit margin...
24/02/2017 16:44
nemesis Next week another great rally of Symlife...
25/02/2017 16:25
kancs3118 Quarterly results have not yet been released ....mmm...maybe they have got something to hide ??
25/02/2017 17:11
25/02/2017 22:00
nemesis The clock is ticking to the final countdown....Starting next week u will never see Symlife below 0.80 again...I m serious!
26/02/2017 12:33
investor8888 Q report tml come out.
26/02/2017 13:04
kudamuda @nemesis.. hopefully you're right :D
26/02/2017 15:27
kancs3118 @ nemesis, hope you are right for both of our sake.
26/02/2017 19:53
lunamaya why symlife wb not moving since last week? nobody intrested ???
27/02/2017 13:05
lunamaya why why.... warrant symlife seems no life
27/02/2017 13:05
nemesis Today is ur last day to buy at low price...Price will fly up starting tomorrow if Fin result out later...
27/02/2017 13:33
lunamaya nemsis. if u depend on qoq report. thaen keep on dreaming. u can see eg-wc and eg stock for your reference. eventhough qnq report show flying color result. but the trend keep going down
27/02/2017 14:37
lunamaya sym life need cpr. ask syndiket to cpr symlife.. before die.
27/02/2017 14:40
red_85 eg down because of right issue!!!
27/02/2017 14:42
red_85 report out..nemsis , you are correct, it is better regardless of qoq or yoy..
27/02/2017 17:46
cherry88 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5349285
27/02/2017 17:49
darrenliew VERY GOOD 3Q PROFITS REPORTED (UP 378 % )
27/02/2017 17:49
27/02/2017 17:53
nemesis So tomorrow share price will fly up or maintain at current price?
27/02/2017 17:53
Ya Hoo I think tomorrow price will fly a bit only since profit no so surprise. still waiting major contribution from RM1 billion unbilled sales.
27/02/2017 18:01
CharlesT Within my expectation....slow slow one dont dream of limit up...anyway q4 will b better than q3 n 2018 will b better than 2017
27/02/2017 18:05
CharlesT Net profit margin higher than 15%
27/02/2017 18:14
equitydiary Good quarter and even better times ahead.
27/02/2017 18:48
darrenliew 2015 PAID CASH DIVIDEND OF 5 SEN.
1Q +4.OM
2Q +6.2M
3Q +10.0M



27/02/2017 18:59
kancs3118 Amazing set of results
27/02/2017 19:01
azlan88 great result supported by JV. They need to replicate the success by doing JV for Sg. Long. Cheers
27/02/2017 21:47
kancs3118 @ azlan 88_ long time no see...are you still holding on to Symlife ?
27/02/2017 22:09
azlan88 balance few lots only. haha
27/02/2017 23:01
smartInvestor1 出业绩了?我只会跟师父低价买 不懂卖咧 可以卖了吗?谁可以分析一下
27/02/2017 23:15
kudamuda great results.. wonder the current share price already priced in the good factors... hmm.. let's see how far this Qtr result can propel the share price
28/02/2017 08:29
kudamuda opps... looks like everything is priced in.. stay flat :-|
28/02/2017 09:08

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TF Peter Waiting....
27/02/2017 10:19
ErickLee Waiting show after tmr meeting...
27/02/2017 10:48
Tan Toh Fei i estimate final yearly profit is 600 millions or above, 3 qtrs is 444 millions. Lets see.
27/02/2017 14:24
Hunger last grab before news out tomorrow
27/02/2017 15:03
ErickLee wow...all ppl throwing, any news?
27/02/2017 15:18
Hunger contra players maybe.dont need to panic la lol
27/02/2017 15:32
nicky Result must b under expectation .... like hibiciuos
27/02/2017 15:38
Hunger based on what evidance u say result under expectation?if wana talk cock sing song please go back to ur hibiscus counter.dun go spew poison to other ppl without any proper news
27/02/2017 15:42
nicky wow... only want to hear good comments ? Just like an ostrich... ha....if really can go up then whatever ppl say also wil up.. u piss off
27/02/2017 15:51
Hunger excuse me,u just came in to spread rumours?i ask again,under what evidance you say the result under expectation?i am still waiting for your answer.

ppl like you only cause investor to sell off and lost their chance of earning.poisonous guy
27/02/2017 15:56
Bizfuneng Dun worry.....those die hard holder like me not easily shaken. Why upset so quick. Haha.....if there is not up and down there is no live in it.PMetal is still very lively.
27/02/2017 16:01
Edwardong53 Agreed with Hunger that it is very bad to simply open your mouth unless you have some relevant and concrete info to shared with others....otherwise better don't cause unnecessary worries for others.
27/02/2017 16:10
Hunger that si lang kan punya nick minta kena marah only.if concrete evidence this counter no good i dun mind,sama sama lari ma.but this 1 tak tentu pasal just come in simply talk cock.sure i marah..

forum is not a place for ppl like him to spread rumors for personal gain.maybe he want buy cheap price
27/02/2017 16:20
nicky Bizfueng....simply like yr style .. good
27/02/2017 16:27
FLMF No worry la, confirmed with insider, result is good, hope big shark start to goreng once announced.
27/02/2017 16:44
ErickLee When is the result out?
27/02/2017 16:57
ErickLee tomorrow?
27/02/2017 16:57
Hui Xin Sim haha nicky... you not being eaten by big shark yet??? when Pmetal went up so much where you went??? big shark is unloading again???? LOL
27/02/2017 17:07
Hunger he go buy siggas and stuck at @ RM0.665 hahahahahaha
27/02/2017 17:12
Hunger aluminium price shot up today 1,893.75 +6.50 +0.34%

27/02/2017 17:19
Hunger http://www.alcircle.com/primary_aluminium/newscircle/market/detail/27105/lme-aluminium-rebounds-on-chinese-supply-cuts-but-likely-to-face-resistance-at-us1889
27/02/2017 17:23
ErickLee @hunger, do you know when is the result out ?
27/02/2017 17:38
Hunger Should be tomorrow egm or by this week
27/02/2017 18:04
kk83 result out with good expectation
27/02/2017 19:24
Nigel Low 131 mil profit.
27/02/2017 19:26
Winwin98 EX-date 10 Mar 2017
Entitlement date 14 Mar 2017
Entitlement time 05:00 PM
Entitlement subject Interim Dividend
Entitlement description Fourth interim single tier dividend of 1.5 sen per share for the financial year ended 31 December 2016
27/02/2017 19:32
Hunger Thats faster than expected.now where is the idiot nicky that say profit drop?
27/02/2017 19:44
telusdansuci @ Hunger, do you still remember last December, 2016 got one " Mat Salleh " said Pmetal will be going down to Rm 1.30 by using mathematics calculation ? Totally until now no comment already in this Pmetal's forum . Last week my target price Rm 2.50 did not achieve . Anyway by this week i will increased its from Rm 2.50 to Rm 3.00 ? Pmetal can make it . Press Metal tetap boleh minggu ini .
27/02/2017 20:12
happy123 Wonder why so few analysts or broking house cover this counter?
27/02/2017 20:13
telusdansuci https://www.investing.com/commodities/real-time-futures
27/02/2017 20:14
Hunger Rm3 a bit too far fetched for one week ler bro haha.if me maybe 2.8 still ok
27/02/2017 20:16
Hui Xin Sim Q4 performance of 0.045-0.05 or 0.20 per year, PER 15.5 fair price is 3.10 for 2017....
my previous post few weeks back... LOL.. jack pot
27/02/2017 20:22
happy123 Company expects better profit contributed from strengthening os usd, high Al price and China gov to curb some of the production in view of pollution
27/02/2017 20:30
Jianjianfox Result 0.048 wonderful eps... as expected LOL... thanks moneyKJ...
27/02/2017 20:32
Hunger Good news keep coming.aluminium price break 1,900
27/02/2017 20:50
Jianjianfox Where is nicky??? Eaten by shark???
27/02/2017 20:52
mamatede A little bit lower than rough estimation of 150mil. However, good one but without increase in quarter dividend yield 3% or 0.015 post split.
27/02/2017 21:00
Simple man Good report. Tomorrow good show..!
27/02/2017 21:21
telusdansuci http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/press-metals-4q-net-profit-swells-240-higher-output-better-metal-prices
27/02/2017 22:32
astalavista Yahooooooo...
27/02/2017 23:13
Awet91 Nice report,hope tmr got up and fly,hehhe
28/02/2017 00:03
nicky If so good then why share price dropped before announcement ?
28/02/2017 07:30
Investo 早安 Tuesday................. :-)
PMetal hero stock 4 this year. Wait results. Laugh
28/02/2017 08:06
ErickLee But only Rm 15 dividend per share, dont know can up 99 or not leh today?
28/02/2017 08:34
feelhoney sifus...should we sell before or after 14/3?
28/02/2017 08:39
Hunger after,cos entitlement time is 5pm on 14/3
28/02/2017 08:41
Hunger fly babeh fly
28/02/2017 09:01
ErickLee up up up....
28/02/2017 09:06
goodjoe Is RM3 possible?
28/02/2017 09:07
feelhoney will keep for another 2 weeks. thanks hunger.
28/02/2017 09:08

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BananaMan Greedy... haha!
but that's why we r here
27/02/2017 09:32
Remo Any idea when is the report coming out ?
27/02/2017 09:34
tiongkeat No volume now also
27/02/2017 09:41
BananaMan see coming...
27/02/2017 09:56
fl888 Syndicates do not care what you says as their TP is already planned...
27/02/2017 10:05
RainingDay today got hope la
27/02/2017 10:09
BananaMan it's lai liao?
27/02/2017 10:15
arcadicus wuhooo....
27/02/2017 10:17
arcadicus upupupupupupupup.....
27/02/2017 10:17
tiongkeat Wait and see lo, hope it really jalan,
27/02/2017 10:18
RainingDay 5sen already
27/02/2017 10:19
tiongkeat Bro raining, many tines like this lo
27/02/2017 10:21
Jessgoh At least break 0.55 only got show see
27/02/2017 10:23
RainingDay if keep go up then nice lo
27/02/2017 10:27
tiongkeat Yea. Hahah
27/02/2017 10:32
RainingDay buyer 0.045 low
27/02/2017 11:01
Jessgoh Hope is not tactic to build the 0.45-0.5 buyer
27/02/2017 11:26
RainingDay wow this situation same last 2 week
27/02/2017 11:28
tiongkeat Yea mostly same lo
27/02/2017 11:37
RainingDay hahaha atleast same not getting worst....still not bad ^^
27/02/2017 11:38
RainingDay look like need to wait good news come....
27/02/2017 11:38
William Choong Good news on the way, 45 cents is much cheap price to enter
27/02/2017 12:58
RainingDay william any info share?
27/02/2017 13:03
RainingDay this 2day qrt report out right?
27/02/2017 14:51
tiongkeat Pray hard lo
27/02/2017 14:55
RainingDay wow 0.05 seller more and more.........
27/02/2017 15:00
DON_JUAN Trap......Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
27/02/2017 15:31
Jessgoh Don Juan really cute la...hv u run???y always see u still here ger
27/02/2017 16:15
Justa Doll you find Don Juan cute? he is scare monger..also in other threads asking people to run
27/02/2017 16:17
RainingDay many counter can see him hahaha
27/02/2017 16:26
Jessgoh Haha...tats y he is cute always asking ppl run but he can't move at all....
27/02/2017 16:41
DON_JUAN Kaput-ing again
back to square one ,,,, carefull trade avoid trap
27/02/2017 17:15
Ehl1964 You're worry too much, are you sick???????
27/02/2017 17:50
RainingDay forget him,he is a joke
27/02/2017 17:54
bonus2016 hahaha- Ehl1964 like ur comment "are u sick?" hahaha lol !
27/02/2017 17:56
RainingDay any news from mq?
27/02/2017 17:59
bonus2016 rainingday, today till now no news. but today i choose to top up somemore at 0.45 price. Dont care too much, wait for mqtech to hit 0.08 ! hahaha
27/02/2017 18:11
RainingDay i means qtr report
27/02/2017 18:23
bonus2016 till now, nope, u can go to disclosure section to check for it
27/02/2017 18:52
bonus2016 this mean qr will be tomorrow after 5pm, lets see tomorrow movement how
27/02/2017 18:53
RainingDay tomorrow up then good haha
27/02/2017 19:03
tiongkeat If tomorrow no qtr report how?
27/02/2017 21:52
RainingDay dono.....
27/02/2017 22:07
DON_JUAN ,,,,gone case !
27/02/2017 22:12
safewinner bonus2016 0.045 patience,you will have your bonus 2017
27/02/2017 22:12
RainingDay dont be a joke here DON JUAN
27/02/2017 22:16
DON_JUAN CAP AYAM counter - Be Carefull Bro(s)
28/02/2017 08:00
tiongkeat ok CAP AYam, thanks Don for the reminder, but please again i believe alot of ppl here do not wish to see your negative comment here.
28/02/2017 08:45
RainingDay hope today good news
28/02/2017 09:04
tiongkeat u need go temple more often lol
28/02/2017 09:08

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mamatede short rebound. with current PE, this stock is over bought. at PE10 should be around RM1.8-RM1.9
17/08/2016 13:19
Jason Lim RSI shows it's oversold, not overbought.
31/08/2016 13:29
leelc70 1st interim div 2.5 cent for F/Y2017 Mar.
01/09/2016 17:39
mamatede Hi Jason, overbought because the profit does not justified the high price.. thats all my 2 cent..
02/09/2016 22:51
Jason Lim I see...
05/09/2016 10:34
Wing Destiny Intrinsic Value still RM3

As we know the 5 Yr EPS avg = 27.69
ROE of 5 Yr = 16.76
Growth rate is 22.22 in this 5 Year, all is going so well.

if we look at long term debt is only 4.44 and dividen yield for 5 years is 5.17

Just a sharing, not intention to suggest sell or buy :)

Thank you!
20/09/2016 16:15
leelc70 poweroot no power liao
22/09/2016 16:53
oishi no drink no power after drink power come...
28/09/2016 01:50
maggie kacip fatimah good for women healty
29/09/2016 08:50
Jason Lim Strong today.
29/09/2016 11:44
mamatede kacip fatimah is only good for womens libido and not health
30/09/2016 15:51
mjy88 Ah huat brings huat!
04/10/2016 23:45
mamatede proposed acquisition only..... they might even cancel it later...
05/10/2016 15:20
Wing Destiny Intrinsic Value still RM3

As we know the 5 Yr EPS avg = 27.69
ROE of 5 Yr = 16.76
Growth rate is 22.22 in this 5 Year, all is going so well.

if we look at long term debt is only 4.44 and dividen yield for 5 years is 5.17

Just a sharing, not intention to suggest sell or buy :)

Thank you!
12/10/2016 11:25
sell So many competitors nowadays eg Super, Nescafe, etc how to remain good? Below RM 2 more likely.
17/10/2016 21:01
sell Die 99.
17/10/2016 21:10
jonatlau79 PWROOT Set up factory UAE. Will change revenue from 60/40 local/oversea become 40/40 local/oversea. But , after year 2017 . haha
18/10/2016 10:32
Wing Destiny Intrinsic Value still RM3

As we know the 5 Yr EPS avg = 27.69
ROE of 5 Yr = 16.76
Growth rate is 22.22 in this 5 Year, all is going so well.

if we look at long term debt is only 4.44 and dividen yield for 5 years is 5.17

Just a sharing, not intention to suggest sell or buy :)

Thank you!
18/10/2016 11:56
mamatede diversification to oversea is good tho.. looking at the fact tat Saudi will boom when oil price up..
24/10/2016 14:19
leelc70 compare to peer, old town, super, pwroot prove of consistancy in its business growth and dividend policy. Price valuation also better.
25/10/2016 16:39
xanavi seems like the agreement of stake acquisition for UAE plant going to sign soon as fews announcement made...pending document only...great...i like those business with capability to expand to overseas...
25/10/2016 17:47
mamatede there will be private placement to raise fund for this acquisition tho, expect price to be depress for a while
31/10/2016 16:10
leelc70 one of the kenanga top pick as potential small-mid cap counter
01/11/2016 10:08
lai81533 target Price= Rm1.86
06/11/2016 08:42
Wing Destiny @lai81533 I hope so, then i can buy more. Seriously you talk like no sense, and cheap!
07/11/2016 17:15
Jason Lim Divergent between price and accumulation/distribution curve.
08/11/2016 20:48
leelc70 Waiting the other dividend payout after result release soon. No much counter which offer dividend per quarter. Like their marketing network and price position as observe
15/11/2016 23:46
CUTLOST Good fa stock to have
21/11/2016 12:01
Up_down Long way to go before they complete their new plant in Middle East.
28/11/2016 12:10
rkgfantasy this result is not bad, i still think it will fly haha
03/12/2016 19:15
leelc70 What happen? Early morning drop 9sen in a big volume of disposal
27/12/2016 09:19
xanavi to suppress the price?
27/12/2016 12:08
warren22 open price direct 2.00. deal with close market.
27/12/2016 13:28
mamatede There's share placement thats why the price drop. Wait a while, this counter is poising to move.
06/01/2017 15:44
leelc70 CNY everybody like A huat. Huat ah
18/01/2017 20:03
Younglearner can this year target come to 3.00?
19/01/2017 11:03
leelc70 Only mr market know
19/01/2017 15:47
enjoyinglife I got a few stuck there too
19/01/2017 16:00
mamatede 3.00 maybe can if they show improvement in quarter if only maintaining maybe until 2.4 or 2.6
20/01/2017 00:44
warren22 new year ah huat ah huat huat huat huat huat la.
20/01/2017 12:09
SuperLaber silently moved up :D
25/01/2017 16:55
mamatede Told u buying near the share placement price is the best bet... Happy CNY all..
27/01/2017 12:24
leelc70 Market overall rise but this counter dropping. Is the result not good coming quarter report?
13/02/2017 11:15
SuperLaber results will be out soon, seem like the price moving north, with goods QR perhaps??
24/02/2017 00:30
SuperLaber http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5346665
result's out, better eps and dividend
24/02/2017 17:40
mamatede Very good results nice !
24/02/2017 19:30
xanavi nice result with better eps compared last year...congrats to those who hold pwroot...but will the new drinks introduced earlier this year have some capex in the next qr?
25/02/2017 12:54
enjoyinglife This counter sleep so very long d
25/02/2017 18:15
mamatede Since King Salman from Arab Saudi came to Malaysia, any particular announcement for Pwroot? since Pwroot is expanding to Arab Saudi.. Just wishful thoughts
27/02/2017 21:05
kakashit Revenue, profit before tax and dividend payout on par, continue to hold
28/02/2017 09:07

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bluelight Hope can break 5 soon
25/02/2017 17:42
Up_down Good to see the rally before QR announcement. Tguan can only make a leap after announcing QR. :D
25/02/2017 21:12
Erudite looking forward to the same
25/02/2017 21:12
Up_down I'm expecting Tguan to achieve forex gain exceeding RM 4 million in 4th Qtr 16 due to massive RM depreciation. It's very likely Tguan would hit new record in its earnings.

31 Dec 16 - Forex gain??? (RM depreciated 8.6%)
31 Sep 16 - Forex gain RM 2.0 million ( RM depreciated 3.6% )
31 Jun 16 - Forex gain RM 2.1 million (RM depreciated 2.9%)
31 Mar 16 - Forex loss RM 3 million ( RM strengthen 9%)
25/02/2017 21:33
bigbigboss That bonus issue i dont think so fast announce
26/02/2017 11:21
Collin Soo i hope can get special dividend this time
26/02/2017 14:08
tguan888 Breaking new:next week big boss thong guan push the share prices above 5.00-6.00,please don't sell all your share early,wait and see show only!
26/02/2017 16:50
RUOutOfUrMind Breaking News from MD, he has no idea why price was up, he is now busy playing golf with his buddies.
26/02/2017 16:55
michaelwong So which breaking news is true and which is false . Alamak !
26/02/2017 23:04
HuatRex Both are false
27/02/2017 13:38
Erudite dont have to listen too much to news. TGuan fundamentally strong. nothing to be concerned
27/02/2017 14:32
geoffreylee out d, drop 4%
27/02/2017 19:23
goreng_kaki No growth, jialat

2moro prepared dump lo…
27/02/2017 19:24
Hippo Ya, profit so so.

But look at the prospect..... Take note of the words Double Digit, and Profitability (not just sales).

With the additional capacity, the Group is optimistic to continue its double digit growth trend in sales volume and profitability........ Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Group is confident of its continuous growth and consistent contributions from all its business units.

27/02/2017 19:27
Chan SauWei Got 6sen div...no bad la
27/02/2017 19:30
Davidl Yup, not bad! Time to accumulate.
27/02/2017 19:35
bluelight Hope tomorrow share price wouldn't drop too much
27/02/2017 19:42
Pusher_Punisher really sad seing these soo called investor cannot see 'growth'.. better run kuat-kuat and become speculator.. in TGUAN we believe. u sell i topup.its simple
27/02/2017 19:50
Cheer2016 director buy in
27/02/2017 19:55
woosytan PBT record high d, just got more tax expenses.
Dunno why
27/02/2017 19:55
excelyou Annual profit growth double digit, bravo
27/02/2017 19:56
PlsGiveBonus Drop...
27/02/2017 20:00
abangadik Not many management will say next year also double digit growth..kekeke..
27/02/2017 20:00
VenFx Feel happy to see Tguan Ebit growth .
Instant organic mee ... real interesting.
27/02/2017 20:04
popo92 happy to hear management is very optimistic that the group can achieve another double digit growth next year..
27/02/2017 20:14
ffforever Lets see will market react irrationally
27/02/2017 20:16
pantor The PE is 8.67, still the cheapest among the peers!
27/02/2017 20:23
pantor If the profit is maintained without growth, with PE 10 its TP should be 5.50, not to mentioned management is confident of double digit growth. So it should worth at least RM 6.
27/02/2017 20:32
Up_down Impairment loss on Receivable RM 3.374 million is the main culprit preventing Tguan from achieving another new records of PAT. Tguan business growth remains intact except the impairment.
27/02/2017 20:36
kchia Now PE11x++, need to consider the ICULS ma.
27/02/2017 21:03
zexon Drop!
27/02/2017 21:14
kchia ya pls drop more. so that i can top up lol
27/02/2017 21:22
excelyou You analysed well Up_down
27/02/2017 21:22
Simple man show time
27/02/2017 21:24
abangadik hehehe Up_Down is always very good and straight to the point with his analyst unlike those Golden rules/ dynamic kok.
27/02/2017 21:54
YiStock If not mistaken, Tguan policy for calculating impairment loss of receivable is based on 60 days after due. Any sum due from customers if not collected then will fall into impairment loss.

Having said that, this RM 3.37 mil is more an accounting policy. After the sum is collected, it will then added back under "Reversal of impairment loss on receivables" and add back to the Profit in future.

If certain criteria is not able to met after the impairment policy, it will then only consider physical loss and categorized under Bad Debt.

I will double confirmed this policy again in next article.

Latest result, to me, still a historical high one, if this exceptional item is added back.

Posted by Up_down > Feb 27, 2017 08:36 PM | Report Abuse

Impairment loss on Receivable RM 3.374 million is the main culprit preventing Tguan from achieving another new records of PAT. Tguan business growth remains intact except the impairment.
27/02/2017 22:15
Collin Soo Price up or drop is depend on market demand. Let's see tomorrow!
27/02/2017 22:21
Harrysellyoubuy Harry calling everyone to keep this stock after he hold one year without any return!.... guys what to do?!
27/02/2017 22:39
Harrysellyoubuy Harry trying hard to keep TGUAN shareprice... the magician
27/02/2017 22:40
Newbie7229 Any clarification on the increase of tax expenses?
27/02/2017 23:05
MataSejuk Harry keep you sell?haha...maybe he will out first tmr
27/02/2017 23:54
michaelwong Minimal impairment loss on receivables of RM 3.374 millions wouldn't have much impact on Tguan overall yearly financial status. Still paying 6cents dividend with additional productions on line to boost up its future revenues . If dipping below 4.50 l still preferred to collect. Let's see how it reacted
28/02/2017 02:31
excelyou Well say YiStock, accounting policy always be prudence.
28/02/2017 07:30
Jeff Lee For the financial year ended 31 December 2016, the Group continued to achieve a double digits growth both in its sales
quantities and profit before tax for both of its plastic and food and beverages divisions. The group's recently installed nano
layer stretch film line is currently running at optimum capacity. It is taking delivery of the second nano layer line in the
second half of the year to cope with increase sales. It has also just completed the commissioning of its 7th PVC food wrap
line in February 2017. Sales has been robust and the 8th PVC food wrap line will arrive in the third quarter of 2017. It is also
planning to install another 5-layer blown film line within the year. With the additional capacity, the Group is optimistic to
continue its double digit growth trend in sales volume and profitability. It is also opportune to take advantage of the current
favourable USD rates by focusing more effort on export sales.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Group is confident of its continuous growth and consistent contributions from all
its business units.
28/02/2017 08:21
Jeff Lee i seldom see management will comment "CONFIDENT" in continuous growth....
28/02/2017 08:22
Jeff Lee prospect must be good
28/02/2017 08:22
riskabsorber Hopefully won't drop 30 sen.
28/02/2017 08:38
George888 Yes~ very seldom u see company so confident about its future growth prospect by increasing capacity with 7th and 8th PVC lines, nano-tech line in Q2, and additional blown film line within the year. :)
28/02/2017 08:43
chl1989 why director selling 40% of their stakes? wth?
28/02/2017 08:56
fattycat Mega sales coming!!
Faster grab~~~ buy buy buy
28/02/2017 09:07

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red_85 already rose so much since yesterday..dont chase high la..profit taking soon
24/02/2017 16:33
vitac No body know how much can earn in future, up so fast because results too good, up so much also got people want to chase haiz...
24/02/2017 16:36
Equityengineer It will rise more../ still undervalued
24/02/2017 16:46
LowProfile lol so early then certified "trap"
24/02/2017 16:49
Erudite come monday likely to continue upwards movement as close above RM6
24/02/2017 16:59
Risk Rider I can't imagine how those people feel after bought above RM6.50..... but I know they won't sleep well tonight or over the weekend.

They will pray very hard for price to go up & sell the price where they purchased
24/02/2017 17:05
LowProfile today overall market sentiment not really that good... mostly red red in most countries... klse break below 1700... so today closing result considered not bad le
24/02/2017 17:06
Equityengineer hold till next quarter ..no worries ... today sell down due to overbought in KLse and most market around the world ..
24/02/2017 17:36
Luqman Hakim Long term shareholders dont need to worry I think..

Only people looking for short term profits kena trap, but thats on them, which idiot go day trading on fridays.
24/02/2017 18:59
pitbull Sorry.."
Forgot to tell everyone..
Last time i bought RM4.2 , many lots

Today , i buy 6.2 two lots only..
My average price is...RM 4.35
Some idiot still under dreaming..LOL
24/02/2017 21:48
Joblessrich This Petronm is for long term. Like what Equityengineer have said, keep for 3 more months, next quarter should be good.
24/02/2017 22:02
pitbull I like dividend.....
Oil price stable now
Gov continue increase oil prices..
I aim for nxt qtr..
24/02/2017 22:47
quekkeong Chase share risky is more, must look long term....greedy is more risky...
24/02/2017 23:11
Berkat hi frens,
today close at bargain i think
24/02/2017 23:43
Goodstock Guess the price will start being pushed up and down every now and then by some interested parties to also make super handsome profits from Call Warrant
25/02/2017 00:18
zhangliang I still like PetronM. Sharing here as well http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/tradeview/116847.jsp
25/02/2017 21:03
Erudite agree petronm still undervalued
25/02/2017 21:11
zoizai As long crude oil price stabilize at 55USD, Petronm will continue produce same result.
26/02/2017 00:51
Cindy Ling Wonder tml up or down ....
26/02/2017 18:43
zoizai collect if down. Hope can reach rm7 after t3.
26/02/2017 20:11
meistsk3134 history only 7.. no more than 7. go collect 6
26/02/2017 21:30
Goodstock Be prepared to collect more at lower level, opportunities resurface
27/02/2017 09:36
pitbull History..is passed
27/02/2017 10:17
Equityengineer Hope can close higher at 6:20 , tomorrow sustain the price and then rocket up ..
27/02/2017 10:59
Cindy Ling Sad.... Rocket trend ended.....
27/02/2017 11:06
Erudite today just flushing out contra players. come end of the week or next week i quite sure it will move towards Rm7
27/02/2017 11:21
Cindy Ling Agree, I guess flush away many d...Seem d price floating in stable
27/02/2017 11:29
invest_101 To truly benefit from this stock would be to hold longer term hoping that it will mature into the next PetDag, supported by increasing dividend payouts. In the meantime just support and patronise the Petron brand/stations and report any positive and negative observations from your visits for ongoin discussion. Monitoring daily is tiring and not constructive. Timing in buying is not important when a stock performs. Take PetDag as an example, as it was trading below RM10 at the turn of the century and with current price at RM24.50, I don't think one would complain much if they bought at RM9.00 or RM9.50 or even RM11.00. Your only complain would be if you acted or bought the exposure you wanted. Good luck.
27/02/2017 11:40
SALAM Why comparing PetDag, why not Shell??
27/02/2017 11:46
Goodstock Keep buying more while price is still reasonable, or else you would need to buy above RM7.50/= next week ? No looking back and regret
27/02/2017 11:48
Equityengineer Shell loss making and I don't think it's related to shell petrol bunk , correct me if I am wrong .
27/02/2017 12:32
stockraider Petron = Shell + Pet dag loh....!!
27/02/2017 12:33
逍遥子 @invest_101, what a coincident this morning I was looking at PetDag historical data, what u mentioned is absolutely right. As at 2006 Petdag was trading at range of $4+ to $5 with a PE of around 9 & dividend yield of 3+% ! Once their dividend yield start to pick up, their PE was adjusted to 12, from there onwards the PE was gradually upgrade to 20+

Good company need times to unlock their value, and most of the times the process will take longer than we expected.

Happy Investing.
27/02/2017 13:27
pitbull This petronm forum suddenly appear many kaki....=.="
27/02/2017 13:33
Jay luckily could collect some when pressed down this morning. it's a good stock which is getting better
27/02/2017 13:55
Erudite I am more comforted to know that PetronM has more room to go once contra kakis are kicked out. So no issue to hold.
27/02/2017 14:25
LowProfile IMHO, i totally agreed with comments from invest_101 and Xiao Yao Zhi. But just on a side note, a gentle reminder that petromn is not the same like petdag, as we all knew that petronm involved refinery operation as well but not for petdag, and with petdag is the biggest petrol brand in malaysia, thus, petdag earning is relatively "predictable" and "stable" if compared with petronm (refinery factor), hence also be one of the reasons for petdag share price to continue to up and steady in the past years... uncertainties are still remain a concern for petronm in future, sales volume wise for petronm should be quite steady and increasing slowly as seen confidence slowly build up in the customers, much volatility concerns should be still remain with global crude oil price and on refinery margin, though with the latest and limited information we have now, at least we somehow can roughly know coming q "should be" able to maintain the same or better...

my 2 cents....
27/02/2017 14:26
Equityengineer dividend up by 2 cents , so that is positive , next get rid of th debt . It will yield to better dividend ... more investors will log in ..
27/02/2017 14:38
Goodstock Next, some stockbroking houses or business news units are soon to recommend "BUY" call to their clients or readers. Just sit tight and watch the show
27/02/2017 14:45
逍遥子 Ya, Petdag earning is more stable & predictable in a way compare to Petronm, that is why Petronm is still trading with PE 7, where as Petdag on 20+
27/02/2017 14:53
probability if you look at on that angle...
PBT of Petdag is 335M for a Revenue of 6B
PBT of Petron is 158M for a Revenue of 2.3B

Does that means 85% of the PBT in PetronM contributed by the Petrol Stations...and only 15% by the Refinery?

Then...does that mean it would be very reasonable to assume the sustainability of current PBT of Petron?
27/02/2017 14:58
probability should use the Gross Profit and determine...
27/02/2017 15:08
LowProfile @probability, i do not have the specific knowledge/information that could specifically tell the contribution between refinery and petrol station (retail & commercial products). Based on the limited information i have, it seems like petronm do not list it out that details about the contribution part. Due to this, personally i cant confirm and confidence with the sustainability of petron PBT. But few positive things for sure which are: 1) stable crude oil price as of now (usd54-56), with opec intention (actions taken gradually) to get the oil price stable which is good for petronm. 2) petronm debt reducing in a very promising way which is a very bright and positive side for the company itself in future. 3) confidence in petronm is growing healthy as we can seen from its sales volume, be it in retail and commercial area...
things like global crude oil and refinery margin it seems like petronm couldnt do much about it but if refer to internally the company itself personally i think they are doing great so far, well at least in a right and promising direction...
27/02/2017 15:13
Jay at the very least cashflow is still great despite the earnings volatility
27/02/2017 16:18
bluelight Great more people knowing petron is good company
27/02/2017 18:28
Berkat great
27/02/2017 19:06
Equityengineer The main main important thing is stability of cruft oil. Up is good but as long as stay at the same level not volatile, should be fine... Then the recurring revenue easily predictable
27/02/2017 22:36
tkp2 March petrol price predict to increase to 2.4, lets see tonight announcement.

28/02/2017 08:49
tkp2 with petrol price for Oct: 1.8, Nov: 1.95, Dec: 1.9, Petron already delivered such a fantastic results, what do you think Petron will be able to achieve with Jan: 2.1, Feb 2.3, Mar: ??
28/02/2017 08:52
Goodstock More long term investors and private funds are accumulating
28/02/2017 09:07

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Chang206 0.39 strongly supported. Now already 0.395.
27/02/2017 15:18
qwer4321 no support? 395 finished, just queue lower if u no confident see u can get onot XD
no nid make negative impact here
27/02/2017 15:18
vic_amat87 U cant know where is the support now as Dnex at new high
27/02/2017 15:23
HuatRex Where is Sin Ka Lan traderman? Where is your insiders selling force? Why my queue at 0.1 not match?
27/02/2017 15:24
MrPork Hahahahahahha
27/02/2017 15:30
amyzo fly bby fly
27/02/2017 15:31
amyzo fly mom fly
27/02/2017 15:31
Chang206 Let son take the lead, mom will follow.
27/02/2017 15:33
amyzo waitin mum fly 1st
27/02/2017 15:40
amyzo 1st
27/02/2017 15:40
vic_amat87 I feel more safe if holding mother rather than son
27/02/2017 16:22
8wpwtmt8 Tomorrow T + 3 of last Thursday surge. See can stand the selling pressure or not. OTB suggested buy for warrant at RM0.12.
27/02/2017 16:23
Shawn Phang sell car sell house ..
all sailang son already.
tp 0.200
27/02/2017 16:25
thinkfirst Not easy to bring down Dnex
27/02/2017 16:27
derrick8228 buy buy buy....then continue buy...some more buying.... hold it tight and sleep on it
27/02/2017 16:44
Spiderman2 Last done 0.395 . Expected going down today
27/02/2017 16:53
HuatRex ikan bilis traderman eaten by big shark already. lolz
27/02/2017 17:02
GoodBoy Expected healthy profit taking ... don't worry, be happy .... cheers ....
27/02/2017 17:04
mirilang great potential stock better keep for long term investment.hot pick 2017
27/02/2017 18:00
RX350 yes keep for mid-long term, I am happy to buy some at 0.395 today.......
27/02/2017 18:08
Chee Weng traderman wanna collect cheap ,thats y keep scare ppl..sad case.
27/02/2017 18:11
Jason5183 I enter 28c. Keep topping up.
27/02/2017 18:15
MrPork Tomorrow very geng
27/02/2017 18:16
Whey Whey Game over for those speculate in censof that dream it was a dnex! Many buy in to censof hoping it will announce fantastic QR like dnex! Now proven dnex is dnex, luckily i dont chase high into censof when it shoot up last week...for those already lock in profit in censof congrat! But for those still holding censof with high price good luck tmr
27/02/2017 18:50
Whey Whey As for dnex finally the price correction is happening which is very healthy thing so dnex can move higher!^^
27/02/2017 18:57
HuatRex Yup game over for Censof player
27/02/2017 19:04
vic_amat87 Censof QR profit so so only. Revenue drop by half. Profit only little up
27/02/2017 19:04
Whey Whey The profit could be even contribute by dnex lolx... means buy dnex better
27/02/2017 19:08
Chang206 You are right, profit for Censof must be mainly contributed by Dnex as its revenue drops by half but profit little up.
27/02/2017 19:20
thinkfirst Dnex is strong and strong, buy before to late.
27/02/2017 19:23
amyzo fasten our belt..
27/02/2017 21:00
amyzo belt
27/02/2017 21:00
amyzo together gether
27/02/2017 21:01
amyzo gether ha ha ha
27/02/2017 21:01
greatful LOL, fasten belt because going to drop from sky? or up like rocket? LOL. Both also need to fasten belt.
27/02/2017 21:26
jontfj both also good news, if drop from sky I going to grab some more, if up like rocket then huat ah!
27/02/2017 21:31
greatful i go through the buy sell today, not so good like someone said strong buy. i might be wrong. anyway, i love to see so fast trading counter but dare not to play after contra once that day with profit. My lesson learned told me after contra gain, never go back to contra within 2 months. so i follow my rule. Contra vivo, dnex, jaks and time to hold on already for three of them.
27/02/2017 21:33
chinaik82 good timing for invest - but trade as own idea...
27/02/2017 21:43
nekosan Trump will speak to Congress tomorrow. Prepare for sell down if investor don't like what he said
27/02/2017 22:20
ritz78 I will only top up if price go down to 38¢ or below. Happy holding what I already have in dnex wd for now. For wd, average down if price go below 12¢. I wont cut loss coz this is a great prospect co. Will average down at correct price. Be cautious not to collect at high price.
27/02/2017 22:26
lee77 My enter price for mother is 0.31 and wD is 0.085..
I dun want to sell. Because this is good counter.
27/02/2017 22:30
Whey Whey U all going to be reward great if dnex MD really can deliver what have they promise which is double in revenue and more than double the profit^^ 2017 will be a harvest year for dnex investors!
27/02/2017 22:48
Chee Weng Since Censof's qr result has been released,which is not so good, Dnex gonna rise back tomorrow(most probably) .Good luck everyone!
27/02/2017 22:56
Whey Whey Dont contra just buy and hold at least 100% return in one year if dnex can keep deliver good result.... this counter even give dividen for god sack haha
27/02/2017 23:31
Whey Whey Expecting price correction will continue tmr but well who know, no one can predict the future it all depends on mr market to decide... As long as the FA of the company didnt change or suddenly market crashed... i wont sell this baby before it fully value yet... in short term the price might go up and down but eventually the market need to unlock the real value what dnex worth..
27/02/2017 23:40
Anakku Tmr rebound
28/02/2017 00:19
nekosan not yet, trumph speech tonight
28/02/2017 08:13
Whey Whey Good morning all!! Get ready for today show! Today expecting the correction to be continue but who's know maybe it will continue her uptrend today again^^
28/02/2017 08:14
thinkfirst Today expecting up for new show new high.
28/02/2017 08:53
Whey Whey Rest in peace censof
28/02/2017 09:04

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char1234 so sell Fri ?
23/02/2017 11:15
ozzie75 :) Shhhhhh...
23/02/2017 11:29
traderman Posted by calvintaneng > Feb 22, 2017 12:50 AM | Report Abuse

Hi guys,

IFCA has an intrinsic value of only 30 cts. So Calvin calls for all i3 forumers to take profit above 50 cts.

Then switch to PNE




hi bastard, ifca recover from 26 cent to now 100% at 52 cent ...

your binapuri ?
23/02/2017 11:30
IronShirt same like hibiscs, Ifca distribution also contained within One price____If you bought alot last few
rounds, Monday is your day to realise good profit
23/02/2017 11:46
Wahlauerr988 Ifca got entitlement?
23/02/2017 20:58
char1234 fri buy more ?
23/02/2017 22:42
char1234 ifca insider say game still on...v must hv faith....
24/02/2017 04:49
char1234 calvintang's comments....actually i like reading his post.hv a lot of facts n points...he do put effort on research...
few ppl do that...my salute to him
24/02/2017 04:51
VenFx Friction more than facts; more often is tweaked fact.
Points maybe, but irrelevant most of the time.

Gd luck.
24/02/2017 04:57
crazy127 IFCA FUTURE Rm3.50, why cut so early???
24/02/2017 06:08
char1234 3.50...how u calculate that ?
24/02/2017 07:41
ozzie75 Pluck from sky..

char1234 3.50...how u calculate that ?

24/02/2017 07:41
24/02/2017 09:42
hklcheng aiyo, when report come out....
24/02/2017 10:16
char1234 Ha ha at least Calvin know how to count..m
24/02/2017 10:34
char1234 hk...report may show a loss...ifcam hv become a casino ground...im selling at 53 ct soon...
24/02/2017 10:36
ozzie75 shhhh....
24/02/2017 10:57
char1234 ok lah ....i will buy....shhhh
24/02/2017 20:03
char1234 going down today...buy today...trending up tis week after today
27/02/2017 10:03
traderman crazy127 IFCA FUTURE Rm3.50, why cut so early???
suit your name -> crazy
27/02/2017 11:36
bunuhsateman KY & OBB said IFCA going to hit 3.50 soon... please continue SUPPORT !!!
27/02/2017 11:45
ozzie75 Joke of the day. he...he...

bunuhsateman KY & OBB said IFCA going to hit 3.50 soon... please continue SUPPORT !!!

27/02/2017 11:45
27/02/2017 11:56
IronShirt Bad Quarter results___maybe,,,,,,price plunging,,,,,insider selling
27/02/2017 12:02
hewiester not surprised . . this is a goreng stock
27/02/2017 12:03
calvintaneng IFCA

C (hokkien for die)

This is a dangerous goreng stock.

Sell and switch to

Mui Bhd. Buy and keep till asset sale to unlock value.

Don't be surprised one day Mui Bhd now 16 cts will rise up to overtake Ifca share price.
27/02/2017 12:23
ozzie75 No offence, Calvin. I don't think that is going to happen for MUIIND.
27/02/2017 13:55
RX350 let's see what's the quarterly results about......
27/02/2017 14:11
howard498 some people start collecting back............
27/02/2017 15:02
melovesony03 i bought some at rm0. 475 heheh
27/02/2017 17:35

Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS
The Board of Directors of IFCA had resolved to recommend a single-tier final dividend of 0.5 sen per share for the financial year ended 31 December 2016, subject to the Shareholders' approval at the forthcoming Nineteenth Annual General Meeting of the Company.

The date of entitlement and date of payment in respect of the aforesaid proposed final dividend will be determined and announced in due course.

This announcement is dated 27 February 2017.
27/02/2017 17:51
FX Lee http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5349445
27/02/2017 17:51
melovesony03 tmrw buy some more heheh
27/02/2017 18:37
char1234 tommrow..also red...take yr time
27/02/2017 18:52
Ben_trade Hi all sifu here, am a newbie. Bought in 0.510. Should hold or release tmr? Pls help.
27/02/2017 18:54
Money Come Yessssssssssss tmr hor say Liao...green green all d way : ):)
27/02/2017 19:02
agcnazriadam Hi all sifu here, am a newbie. Bought in 0.510. Should hold or release tmr? Pls help.

Top up some more at lower price
27/02/2017 19:05
Chang206 Q4 Results not bad but share price drops due to profit taking.

27/02/2017 19:17
melovesony03 Char1234, if tnrw red I more happy cause can get cheaper price..You sell Liao?
27/02/2017 19:42
Ben_trade Why so confident?
27/02/2017 19:51
melovesony03 Just feel confident lo
27/02/2017 19:59
char1234 nope...its still trapping contrarians who bought at 54 ct..
27/02/2017 20:37
melovesony03 i see.. i just enter today lo..
27/02/2017 20:54
char1234 esok is T4.....good luck
27/02/2017 22:05
melovesony03 hmmm.. noted
27/02/2017 22:45
C-put worst is over for IFCA
27/02/2017 23:09
char1234 Dont b tooo sure....
28/02/2017 00:22
char1234 someone earlier said ifca is not worth more than 50 ct....
28/02/2017 08:15
FX Lee Ben_trade , hold
28/02/2017 08:20
ozzie75 You buy stocks purely based on hearsay?

char1234 someone earlier said ifca is not worth more than 50 ct....

28/02/2017 08:15
28/02/2017 08:50
calvintaneng Gambling time over!

IFCA is a sell!

Anything above 40 cts just sell!
28/02/2017 08:54
char1234 today ...gap up ..good
28/02/2017 09:04

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vinoth Quarter results out. Company losing money again.
25/11/2016 17:49
vinoth Why you all keep saying this company so good, but in end every quarter also making losses.
25/11/2016 17:57
kser well, on positive side, Q revenue the highest since 2007. To be fair, this Q3 result before ace credit, mr chang etc came, which they bought shares via DBT at around 0.17-0.20/share at end of Sept. so no worries
25/11/2016 18:12
mh87 Loss is getting lower and Revenue is getting higher.. Why need to worry.. I strongly believe it will gains profit in next Q.. 2017 is the boom for connect.. Trade on your own risk..
28/11/2016 08:31
Angielim9955 base on CONNECT 康乐康迪(2)今年什么科技字眼最吸睛?最杀的硬件革命一统苹果与非苹阵营
tomorrow will good
all the beszt
29/11/2016 22:23
Lee Yeong Wai what happened to connect
30/11/2016 12:07
ivan9511 got big rich push up see can till 0.14
30/11/2016 20:05
sunkist818 tomolo i might buy some...
01/12/2016 17:38
kser slowly collect...
02/12/2016 11:09
isaac225 no volume...
07/12/2016 10:57
fhis move move
07/12/2016 15:10
fhis connect-pa is moving with volume 2 minutes ago...eaten all...connect should also follow i think...
07/12/2016 15:18
fhis connect-pa is green..wow...mother should come...
07/12/2016 15:44
ivan9511 connect sould be 0.15 soon
19/12/2016 16:40
flee8 12c strong buying
20/12/2016 09:37
isaac225 need more to came..
20/12/2016 15:28
as1915000 gogogoggo 15 sen
21/12/2016 09:23
kser going to break 0.125 soon
23/12/2016 14:29
isaac225 WA is worth to buy at 0.05..
27/12/2016 10:28
isaac225 when only people came to connect and goreng it?
28/12/2016 09:40
Ravin Cheema Tunggu sampai tua
28/12/2016 13:46
kser WA worth to buy? hahaha. no lah, just buy connect-pa lah. got volume.
29/12/2016 16:20
kser going to reach 0.15 soon
03/01/2017 12:16
kser bye connect, already gained 70%+ from connect-pa.
04/01/2017 11:47
isaac225 look like a lot have profit from Pa but still lot ppl getting in..if got volume should be 0.15 easily..
04/01/2017 15:20
AllWin Looking forward:
06/01/2017 08:54
ant123 this counter ... dead d... who bought ah??? still can go ah?
10/01/2017 10:35
twoplus goreng stock la 0.14 resistance,if cant break then sayonara
15/01/2017 23:25
jaynetan if 0.15 already very happy. then its PA will be at least 7 sen
16/01/2017 10:26
bale chinese new year touch 20
16/01/2017 16:01
jaynetan if really 20 sen, them its LA 12 SEN
17/01/2017 16:31
Weng Shu Mei Break 14c also difficult,how to reach 20c?
17/01/2017 21:25
jaynetan yes , talk about 14 sen first
19/01/2017 09:05
VerySUI come on...go go go
24/01/2017 09:36
otai7111 ang pow taken. tq all
24/01/2017 12:10
de_investor wil coming ,,,,,support@0.15
25/01/2017 16:01
Weng Shu Mei When will break 0.155c?
04/02/2017 20:32
ivan9511 50 wa , back to 0.20 then 0.30 then 0.40 0.0
very strong very strong very strong
09/02/2017 14:55
chongmeng Weng Shu Mei no volume how to break 0.155 sleeping counter..
23/02/2017 14:50
zai kalau kasi makan satu biji pill biru vigra ...ini konet bila bila pun boleh bangun.....
23/02/2017 15:10
zai Appasia dulu baru 15 ada nazifuddin razak kat dalam sekarang pun sudah jadi 39
23/02/2017 15:40
zai chongmeng aku memang ada satu batang konet,Saham connect aku belum beli ...Tapi kamu ciakap sleeping counter ,Aku nampak fuzi razak dan najib razak dua batang sulah masuk kat dalam tidur,Sekarang aku pun sulah keliru ...
23/02/2017 15:52
sunkist818 when qtr result out ?
23/02/2017 15:55
AllWin I don't expect qtr to be good as their contract only start contribute in 2017. Let's see.
23/02/2017 16:55
Albert Baker Better buy now before it's to late
23/02/2017 18:13
keuin CONNECT had on 13 January 2017 invested an additional 727,388 ordinary shares in the share capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary Rapid Conn (S) Pte. Ltd.
Upon completion of the Investment, the issued share capital of RCS shall increase from 4,311,525 ordinary shares to 5,038,913 ordinary shares. RCS shall remain as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CONNECT.
24/02/2017 11:08
sunkist818 when qtr result out ?
24/02/2017 15:40
newbie18 Why no answer? Why can up?

sunkist818 when qtr result out ?
24/02/2017 15:40
25/02/2017 11:28
AllWin It will be either coming Monday or Tuesday.
26/02/2017 22:39
keuin CONNECT had on 13 January 2017 invested an additional 727,388 ordinary shares in the share capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary Rapid Conn (S) Pte. Ltd.
Upon completion of the Investment, the issued share capital of RCS shall increase from 4,311,525 ordinary shares to 5,038,913 ordinary shares. RCS shall remain as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CONNECT.
27/02/2017 11:03

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tksw told you he will sell son buy mother, dun believe
24/02/2017 21:39
tksw sosfinance sifu, he sold 47-48 sen... not 24 sen
24/02/2017 21:40
sosfinance free warrant was given 1 free warrant for 2 shares if I remember correctly.
24/02/2017 21:56
tksw I see...
24/02/2017 22:08
Birdbird tksw, you want everyone to sell Gadang son so that you can collect is it? Are you working for any syndicate?
25/02/2017 10:27
Hunger Dun think he can do that lol.market is a free place ppl buy and sell.unless hes a very popular investor and he got huge sum of money like millions.and even if he have that amount..i dun think he will be that dump to throw all the money in one share
25/02/2017 11:10
Birdbird Hunger, syndicates also got margin financing from broker. It'll be a boring world without them.Even hedge funds also can be penggoreng. LOL!
25/02/2017 11:44
tksw sell Gadang son ya... Kok Onn already show you how to buy sell Gadang
25/02/2017 13:59
tksw birdbird sifu, you buy gadang son la... buy more,
25/02/2017 13:59
tksw as for others, I already told you, you no sell Gadang son, Gadang son wont go up.
25/02/2017 14:00
tksw if you buy, it will never go up too much. cos why should penggoreng goreng if they dun have Gadang son? you bot all already ma... oni when penggoreng got a lot of Gadang son than they have to goreng to sell it. now is a dangerous time to buy Gadang son, cos penggoreng sell it, they took all the profit and retailers wont be able to pull up the price.
25/02/2017 14:03
tksw that is the reasons why most of the time the share price shoot up after you sell, and fell if you buy. espeacially when the price is high. and Gadang son is simply high...Gadang need to be 152 to justify 46sen... you think Gadang can reach 152 or not? and that is only justify... even Kok Onn think difficult...
25/02/2017 14:06
tksw sell gadang son, and it will go up, that's the paradox
25/02/2017 14:14
tksw Gadang son max up to 48sen cos Kok Onn sell at this price.. if you are the penggoreng, you wanna pay more,,, millions of funds is needed just to take kok onn bullets... other major shareholders leh?
25/02/2017 14:16
Hunger Tksw.interesting.am curious how to do the calculatiom to justify 46sen=152 for gadang.any formula?
25/02/2017 16:03
Hunger Ah i found out how to calculate d.tksw is right
25/02/2017 16:28
Hunger Tksw ,means to say warrant son must always be lower than mother share?if it is slighty higher means the mother share got higher chance of going up?
25/02/2017 17:01
Sosmart tksw, don't mislead people here. Talk wisely otherwise people will treat you like sostupid. Smart people won't follow you and only sostupid will do.
25/02/2017 18:19
tksw soli I confused ppl liao
25/02/2017 21:08
tksw Sosmart sifu, where I misled ppl? Gadang son is risky at the present price and price action? no meh?
25/02/2017 21:10
tksw hunger sifu, I am sure you know theorectically, son should follow mother ma. mother move 20 sen, son follow 20 sen, son will gain more than mother in term of %age as its cost is much lower. that's why ppl still can pay some premium for higher return. but in Gadang case, KYY and a few sifu here said Gadang no hope liao and they are influential, so for the price of 46 sen, it is very risky. What if the penggoreng just dump it and never look back? they past the risk to the buyers and buying mother for less risk. selling 46 sen, they need to fork out 64 sen to buy mother shares... and they can put their money to goreng mother shares only, after all they can goreng mother shares up to 140 then only buy back Gadang son. cos if they dun buy the son, the son can hardly go up...
25/02/2017 21:19
tksw Gadamg son premium is just too high at the moment, especially when it stop moving north together with its mother
25/02/2017 21:20
tksw we as retailers, dun have the privy of info like the penggoreng, why take higher risk for higher return? buying gadang son even at the rational price is consider higher risk already, 40% premium actully to me it's more than 100% --- if warrant expired next Monday, completely burn la...
25/02/2017 21:25
tksw last time, you stil can get the share cert/warrant paper and used it to do maths calculation, or as toilet paper, now you dun even have a piece of paper...
25/02/2017 21:26
tksw 'za' oso dun have
25/02/2017 21:26
tksw this Gadang son, you can only let the penggoreng earn.... if they are really collecting your shares, no other option but only to fry up to get ppl chase... you buy the mother, more chances to gain, as to fry son, mother got to go up, else difficult to up... their cost is increasing cos need to pay GST, kakaka
25/02/2017 21:29
tksw so if you wanna mother up, give them the son they want...
25/02/2017 21:29
tksw it the son is not what they wanted now.. can you imagine who is selling the son now? you not takut meh?
25/02/2017 21:30
tksw even kok onn is selling Gadang son, ma ma mia...
25/02/2017 21:31
tksw sell gadang son wont bring you to hollan ma. buy gadang son may be will get free ticket to hollan...
25/02/2017 21:32
tksw sell Gadang son ya... and it may be going up after you sell.
25/02/2017 21:38
tksw if not, any time KYY will jump out call you stupid losers....
25/02/2017 21:39
tksw buy gadang already stupid losers, buy Gadang son is super stupid losers, and buy Gadang son at 48 sen,,, ultra stupid losers... dun let KYY call you that, kakaka
25/02/2017 21:40
tksw Gadang supporter dun scold me ya... I no tok bad Gadang at all, may be gadang will up to prove me wrong, that way I actually help gadang up...
25/02/2017 21:41
tksw check mate
25/02/2017 21:42
Hunger Logical.no one would pay more for son if they wana convert to mother share end of the day.only question is...will mother share catch up to be in par with son gadang?if itd true...a lot of share also face similar situation like telekom malaysia
26/02/2017 02:19
lkoky recent TanSri Kok onn purchase of Gadang of 140000 shares@1.11, realisticly wont impact the share value. But it serves a clear signal to syndicate, it time for for mother to go up. especially he is also selling the son aggressively.
26/02/2017 08:31
Hunger U guys use what software that can monitor who purchase share?
26/02/2017 10:18
tksw Kok Onn sold Gdang son and buy Gadang. U think penggoreng dare to go against him?
26/02/2017 13:36
Hunger Tksw sifu.i did some research and comparison.dnex share is more or less the same as gadang .but dnex shoot up a lot...
26/02/2017 15:50
Hunger Dnex warramt after convert 0.54.current dnex share is 0.41
26/02/2017 15:51
tksw hunger sifu, I dun do stock I didnt study
26/02/2017 23:00
tksw however TQ very much, both you and whey whey sifu
26/02/2017 23:02
Takashi Sorimachi Tksw sifu, Trop delayed their big project announcement to 2 to 3 months due to some political issues, just fyi
26/02/2017 23:05
Hunger Good sharing tksw sifu.this is what i like bout forums.not just buy buy fly fly sell sell run run with no facts and figures
26/02/2017 23:22
Whey Whey @tksw sifu no worry, i just want both of us huat together.... i stil got some free gadang in my hand so dont worry i will be back when the time is right... Gadang is good company also.
26/02/2017 23:28
tksw takashi sifu, no worry on trop, this year profit should be good
26/02/2017 23:42
tksw Gadang son 455 liao
27/02/2017 10:07
William Cheap cheap now
27/02/2017 22:01
tksw willian sifu 445 oso too expensive
28/02/2017 09:04

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PenguinDad today make it to the top active stock!
27/02/2017 10:16
Beza Don't teach traders what to do lah!
27/02/2017 10:16
Patrick13 Small investors dun go in first, TS need another quarter to digest 4Q negative result.
27/02/2017 10:17
nkk53 luckily did not buy much
27/02/2017 10:18
nich0las Solar jadi solat
27/02/2017 10:39
SharehlderOppression Current quarter's cost of sales higher than revenue.
And not too long one of their big client set up their own factory in Cambodia.
200 staff laid off and yet Mr Loh claims growth remains intact.
How so? Via economies of scale from bigger production capacity?
No analyst report under coverage on Tekseng to verify their claims.
In my opinion, newspaper reporters are not qualified to interview them, as they don't pose enough challenging questions.
Get Kok Beng/Kok Cheng to come on BFM for an interview.
27/02/2017 10:41
lavenderong Just received this news - UOBKH
Tek Seng Holdings (TEKS MK) SELL (Downgraded)
Price/Target: RM0.74/RM0.62 Mkt Cap: US$58m 3-mth avg Vol: US$0.9m 52-week hi/lo: RM1.43 /RM0.65

4Q16: Missed Expectation; Downgrade To SELL

Tek Seng turned loss-making in 4Q16, dragged by the solar segment and the PVC segment which disappointed as well. We expect the PVC segment to recover in 1Q17 but earnings visibility remains uncertain for the solar segment, judging from the dynamics in the global solar industry. Downgrade to SELL. Target price: RM0.62.
27/02/2017 10:49
Beza When its business is good , then they ask you to buy or outperform. These analysts have no sound proof record of earning.
27/02/2017 10:56
Beza Imagine if you buy now at this price and 1st Q result is good, surely your investment bear fruit. The lower the better. Afterall M&A can take place as Tekseng is the only solar panel manufacturer in Malaysia, i guess, listed in Bursa.
27/02/2017 11:03
Lukesharewalker All divisions losing money...cash left 6 million.inventory at high level.Don't look very optimistic
27/02/2017 11:09
mamatede Hoseh, fake rebound.. a lot people trap like this woh..
27/02/2017 11:26
Beza Then why number of buyers are more than sellers now? Are you smarter than all of them?
27/02/2017 11:36
Beza Malaysian gov is promoting solar energy since this year. The pros is here.
27/02/2017 11:38
Stock2017 A lot of buyers at 0.655, 0.65 and 0.646 compared with sellers but the price did not move. This means what .............. becareful guys
27/02/2017 11:39
ezobear solar is commodity .. just buy from spot market, no need to buy from TekSeng directly ....
27/02/2017 11:40
Beza Many expected it down to 50 cents or less today but it did not ? why?
27/02/2017 11:41
Beza So you better sell it down to 50 cents, OK?
27/02/2017 11:41
Beza Let see how many will come to buy. Ha! Ha!
27/02/2017 11:42
Beza Tekseng has the technology already as a manufacturer. That's the interesting part.
27/02/2017 11:43
gusheng I have prepared the fund to get it at 0.50, seem cannot get it today. wait few more days and c.
27/02/2017 11:44
Beza Let us wait for it together.
27/02/2017 11:45
ezobear Technical support @ 0.6, if break it, you can easily get it @ 0.5
27/02/2017 11:50
Beza OK
27/02/2017 11:50
TomyamGong Holland one way ticket.
27/02/2017 12:25
calvintaneng TEKSENG


Tek = kick in cantonese
seng = sounds like "wake up" in cantonese

So being kicked by bad result all "wake up" to stare at losses.

Should have listened to Calvin and sold Tekseng above Rm1.00

Where is the sorchai wahaha now?
27/02/2017 12:34
vivoviva gusheng, now can enter. cant wait to go 0.50. i entered 5000 lots just now. hehehe.
27/02/2017 12:50
Lukesharewalker Should be back to ground level at 30...next Q gonna be a loss too.
But syndicate active ...maybe the boss itself
27/02/2017 13:09
Lukesharewalker Jerk up. Sell and buy
27/02/2017 13:10
Lukesharewalker Maybe syndicate also trapped. Remember recent upsurge?
But its a downtrend...run
27/02/2017 13:12
Nigel Low With price of solar module & panel declining steadily, better sit this one out.
27/02/2017 13:13
hklcheng i think after lunch wil go out somemore before continue drop
27/02/2017 13:28
lanciao Wow tekseng go go go strong suport 0.660
27/02/2017 13:30
gusheng @vivoviva, since u got insider infor.. so i will buy a bit later.
27/02/2017 14:12
vivoviva can can. that day told u guys to sell first because QR is a loss so can enter cheaper. alot people say i lie lar, drama lar, tokok lar. blablabla. now all dissapeared. haiz
27/02/2017 15:10
gusheng @vivoviva , remember ''come out'' to advise us on the following quarter.
27/02/2017 15:16
air01557 selling on heavy volume - a sure sign of a crash
27/02/2017 15:18
Alex Chan Next support at 53
27/02/2017 15:20
dompeilee Speculative bought some TekSeng @ 65.5c
27/02/2017 16:09
calvintaneng Cannot buy yet. If got dead cat bounce MUST SELL TO OTHER SORCHAI & RUN

27/02/2017 16:10
stockmanmy with $ 70 million of useless stocks, who can say what is fair value?
27/02/2017 16:12
hklcheng seem like "buy" win zor
27/02/2017 16:38
safewinner intraday gain in 0.645 sell 0.665...old stock still holding
27/02/2017 16:54
gusheng downtrend will not happen in one or two days. Be patience, can collect cheap one soon.
27/02/2017 16:58
safewinner SORCHAI panic sell 0.630 n 0.635 people sell less closing 0.660 already bad mood.DO your self trade.self claim master sifu here
27/02/2017 17:29
lanciao Tomorow tekseng star fry....
27/02/2017 17:30
Hunter Cho i was surprised to see that the price was ok and holding, all bad news and bad performance could have been factored into this price since dropping from 1.40 to 0.66
27/02/2017 23:35
HowAh Sei lo.
28/02/2017 01:15
manji so geng still above 0.5
28/02/2017 01:22
Patrick13 Dear Hunter Cho, you are right. I also surprised it drop 10% yesterday only. Anyway, TS need at least another 1 or 2 quarter to bounce back
28/02/2017 07:38
safewinner present 0.660,catch contra T4 kaki if this week trading not below 0.630 support,still have confident,my view only
28/02/2017 09:02

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Rahza #company
16/02/2017 21:58
Rahza Ksl-cg go first tommorow still low price
16/02/2017 22:03
Rahza musangfoxking shall be happy, if can increase just 1 sen a week lol!!!!! kikikiki
16/02/2017 20:32

I think you not buy any ksl?now you interested
16/02/2017 22:05
Rahza Tabung haji get ready buy more tru open market today
17/02/2017 07:44
Rahza Is coming break new high
17/02/2017 09:05
Rahza Buy buy
17/02/2017 09:07
katty I love good news XP
17/02/2017 09:10
kenneth89 wait it reach 4.00 1 days XD
17/02/2017 09:14
kenneth89 TODAY WILL TOUCH 1.25
17/02/2017 09:53
zyrexho touch is not promising, can we have it closed at 1.25 instead? hahaha
17/02/2017 11:12
Tom Leem ksl showtimes haha ~
17/02/2017 13:26
zyrexho where got show?
17/02/2017 13:33
spider68 ksl = kasi sai lang.
17/02/2017 14:20
Rahza Wow
Buyer start buying already
20/02/2017 11:07
Rahza Wowww
20/02/2017 11:08
Unicorn Who buying? Haha..
20/02/2017 11:10
Rahza Tabung haji comingggg
21/02/2017 07:56
kenneth89 ksl result coming =)
21/02/2017 08:57
kenneth89 COMING =)
21/02/2017 09:38
tklim solid
21/02/2017 11:35
Rahza Tommorow buy some more
21/02/2017 17:53
spider68 Tabung Haji disposing?
22/02/2017 10:15
Rahza TP 1.50
22/02/2017 12:53
23/02/2017 10:09
spider68 Tabung Haji Selling.
23/02/2017 11:00
8illionaire slow.
23/02/2017 12:04
Bert8861 can give up ksl already
24/02/2017 12:17
upsidedown119 TB did not sell much. Just 185K shares compared with 1.5 million shares purchased recently.
24/02/2017 18:34
sangjero strong uptrend
25/02/2017 01:24
spider68 Tabung Haji Dumping.
27/02/2017 12:04
Nelson Chua Awesome QR released,tomorrow jump up how many cent open?
27/02/2017 18:05
cruger12345 there is a one off of property revaluation of 112 mil... dun be get too excited over this quarter figure
27/02/2017 18:10
Nelson Chua But at least will give power to the price right?
27/02/2017 18:12
Nelson Chua 53 million results also not bad
27/02/2017 18:13
luckyman http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=195114&name=EA_FR_ATTACHMENTS

Solid balance sheet with minimal borrowings. Its earning was still very impressive compared with that of other bigger property companies, even after netting off the fair value gain.

27/02/2017 18:25
Rahza Tommorow price back to normal n tommorow jump start
Sure huaaaaaat
27/02/2017 18:56
Rahza Tabung haji come back buyyy
27/02/2017 18:57
CUTLOST good..keep until Rm1.80
27/02/2017 20:39
chiongster1234 gap up limit up. huat ah
27/02/2017 20:40
yfchong hey need to reaudit again. im possi ble crazy figures
27/02/2017 21:30
Rahza chiongster1234 gap up limit up. huat ah
27/02/2017 20:40

Agree tommorow sure huatttt ah
27/02/2017 22:49
Risk Rider Wake up, don't dream lah, the profit is largely from non cash gain of fair value adjustment, read below:

the increase in gain of approximately RM112.7 million from the fair value adjustment of investment properties.

Current quarter = 166,852 less 112,721 = RM54,131,000

Compared to last year same quarter, profit was RM63,666,000
27/02/2017 23:00
sosfinance FYE16 is RM203m (exclude fair value adjustment of RM112m). MCap today is RM1.172b. Historical PE is 5.8x. Have to see prospects & go into details before can conclude the potential, if any.
28/02/2017 00:00
enid888 Fair value adjustment is also profit to the company. That means the company has property or properties that worth more than the value accounted for in the book. The adjustment is definitely good especially to a property company like KSL.
28/02/2017 00:05
sosfinance Taking out fair value adjustment, FYE16 vs FYE15 is RM205m vs RM210m. So, results is flattish. Not too bad with this type of environment. The more critical questions is going forward on the success of KSL Mall & township in Klang with GDV of RM10b. This is the make or break for KSL.
28/02/2017 00:16
IamGoogle Guess the result is reasonably good if less out fair value adjustment.
28/02/2017 00:21
red_85 good result, congrats all the investor
28/02/2017 00:37
Rahza http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/stockalliance/117022.jsp
28/02/2017 08:27
kenneth89 ksl going show today?
28/02/2017 08:56
kenneth89 who sold ytd now sading =(
28/02/2017 09:02

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noah In the coming 1 or 2 yrs.
This company will enter an exciting growth phase.
01/01/2017 11:08
gohkimhock Strong growth for Nike does not mean strong growth for Prolexus. Nike have goodwill. Ppl buying Nike is bcos of its branding. Nike can enjoy high profit margin whereas Prolexus cant.

Just like Coca-Cola, who cares which supplier supply it with sugar. The Coca-Cola is still there and the ppl are enjoying it.
01/01/2017 11:25
chamlo Keep dropping. RM 1 final bottom?
02/01/2017 12:13
Dolly_Chai goh, u have a point here... there is no guarantee that Prlexus can enjoy the growth Nike/Under-Armour is having, as there are also other suppliers such as Magni etc... but if what the management revealed is true, they are getting increasing demands from Nike and Under-Armour and urge from these customers to expand their capacity... this is why Prlexus is expanding - to cope with the increasing demand (as requested by these customers).
03/01/2017 10:43
Dolly_Chai unless the management is lying to us.. than that is a different story...
so now it is to examine if Prlexus is a transparent and honest company with high integrity...
we can tell from their previous past records... read back their annual reports/quarterly reports to check
03/01/2017 10:45
Dolly_Chai noah.. in 2016 annual report, under the chairman's statements of the future prospect, it is stated that the company expects to continue to grow.. i think this is something positive...
03/01/2017 11:27
red_85 bad report, all retailer already stay away..still in downtrend..
not easy to climb up in such bad sentimental market. I think you guys need to stuck in here for sometime..
03/01/2017 11:58
noah retailer staying away is not necessarily a bad sign.
most retailers is those that buy high and sell low.

do you think retailer have the force to drive price in any direction?

and if you are a syndicate, before you push the price of any company, you would wish there having lots of or less retailers in it?

anyway, PRLEXUS is not suitable short term play due to uncertainties in US policy and the capex requirement for initial expansion.
Hold if for min 1 year to bear the fruits.
03/01/2017 12:30
Dolly_Chai agree with noah.. i bought into it for its future growth (of course, its current fundamentals must be good)... my only concern is the large number of warrants...
03/01/2017 12:53
red_85 yea, short term not good yet..tat why i rather wait first..keep money in the bank first..i rather buy late than stuck earlier..
03/01/2017 14:02
Dolly_Chai red_85, i did the same mistake last time.. keep waiting and the price keeps going up and ended up never get to buy at good price anymore... think this way.. when ppl are not interested to buy yet, you have to start collecting... coz when ppl started to buy, it is no longer cheap
04/01/2017 09:35
Dolly_Chai ColdEye said a good share is worth to keep 2-3 years.. why not?
04/01/2017 09:36
noah There's a lot of retailers that like to chase high instead of accumulating share at bottom.
This single factor had coz more than 90% of retailer making a loss.
Overcome this and it would increase your stake of outperform the benchmark.

But of course buy on weakness does not apply to those shares that drop a lot due to deteriorating fundamental like tekseng.
04/01/2017 16:34
dompeilee Secured the latest dividend...and now it's HIGHER than my entry point of 1.38 :D
05/01/2017 10:40
Dolly_Chai agree with what noah said...
05/01/2017 14:36
dompeilee Not bad ah! Nabbed a short-term dividend...now can sell the shares I bought Dec 19th :D
07/01/2017 08:40
comebackisreal Not bad . Get dividend and have little profit.
07/01/2017 21:43
Mgician accumulating ~~~
09/01/2017 15:37
Jenas Tan Why no movement at all??
11/01/2017 11:43
Dolly_Chai Jenas... check the price today... dun worry, Prlexus is a value share for investment... it has great ROIC, EY and FCFY... just dividend not so good... and i dun like the huge number of warrant too.. else, it is almost close to perfect...
12/01/2017 16:05
Mgician not bad
12/01/2017 17:19
Dolly_Chai finally it moves... hope it will go up further...
13/01/2017 08:57
Dolly_Chai my valuation for Prlexus based on EV/EBIT=10 will give fair EV = RM380.850million, which translates into RM451.586 market capitalization.

the intrinsic value therefore is calculated to be RM2.5298.
that means a whooping 72% of margin of safety for this share....

*note that I am using TTM for the EBIT calculation.
13/01/2017 09:00
SuperLaber Hold tight, ProLexus coming back!!
14/01/2017 16:08
Jenas Tan dividend tmr.. drop another 2 cents?
15/01/2017 18:31
R40s Jenas, dropped 2 sen on a week ending day with only 34 lots traded, no need to worry at all.

Base on Dolly's calculated intrinsic value at Rm2.53, give it a 20% discount due to it's small share base and relatively low liquidity of stocks traded, the fair price should still be above Rm2 or higher after the new factories are completed in Q3-Q4 this year.
15/01/2017 23:53
SuperLaber Jenas, today is not dividend ex-date, it's the date company paying out dividend, the price won't dropped/adjusted, btw cheers for the dividend!! Hope more to come :)
16/01/2017 09:36
Jenas Tan Why no movement? ;(
17/01/2017 14:44
Dolly_Chai Jenas, yes, like what R40s sifu has said, even if we give a 20% discount to the intrinsic value, it should still worth >RM2.00 for this gem... and dun forget about their track records (consecutive years of annual growth), and their current expansion activities... u go read the chairman's statement in their annual report, it is stated that the management expects the company to continue to grow...
18/01/2017 12:40
Jenas Tan When will boom this counter?
23/01/2017 18:59
red_85 every quarter report of each company also said mgmt expects to continue grow..but they always cant deliver...prlexus is in the stage of flat growing already in last 2 years if you check their revenue.. now still not see any uptrend..still in flat/downtrend...jst wait
24/01/2017 17:05
Dolly_Chai red_85, i doubt if you had really checked the data before you commented...

see this:

both revenue and net profit has been growing from 2013 to 2016 (without a miss)....

pls la, before you commented, at least do a simple check so that you wont be misleading ppl...
25/01/2017 09:09
Dolly_Chai note that net profit margin has also been improving from 6.5% to 7.4%
25/01/2017 09:10
comebackisreal Seem downtrend ,better beware
26/01/2017 00:57
Dolly_Chai haha... when ppl are worried, i am more than happy to collect more at lower price... thanks for selling...
26/01/2017 09:28
GIK Any info why price keep dropping
03/02/2017 14:02
yewniengwei2693 Just accumulate at these price, will go up on next quarter good result performance.
04/02/2017 09:12
Dolly_Chai yewniengwei2693, so confident ar? haha
07/02/2017 12:41
rotilemak Another downtrend stok. Sell
07/02/2017 23:53
hng33 bought back prolexus at 1.40-1.41
08/02/2017 15:26
shareinvestor88 Downtrend stock. Sell target 1.00
09/02/2017 12:24
Jenas Tan Lost tempered with this stock ad
10/02/2017 12:01
Tay Sze Yang Cheap stock
14/02/2017 21:46
Jenas Tan drop like xhit.. low volume..lousy
16/02/2017 20:59
lai81533 Rm1.60
21/02/2017 03:33
Dylan Yong Hua Tai should be 1.70
22/02/2017 20:19
Dolly_Chai2 negative sentiments (while the stock's fundamentals remain intact) give you a great chance to buy at attractive price. as i had mentioned earlier, based on EV/EBIT = 10 ratio, this share is worth around RM2.52. If you are to give some discount to the EV multiple, it is still worth at least >RM2.00.
23/02/2017 13:18
yewniengwei2693 Be patient....
24/02/2017 21:31
Jenas Tan when result out?
24/02/2017 22:10
Dolly_Chai2 Jenas, Prlexus financial calendar is a bit different, their quarterlies are dated July, Oct, Jan & April...

so, next quarterly result is ended Jan 31st and will be announced by mid/end of March...

that is why you do not see the quarterly result yet in Feb
28/02/2017 09:02

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27/02/2017 21:39
ks55 ??
27/02/2017 22:41
Risk Rider What he is trying to said? kiki kong kiki song? WASTING TIME & RUBBISH ARTICLE
27/02/2017 22:43
Timothy Teoh Thanks for sharing. As a newbie investor too it's great to see how others began their journey. Ignore the noise :)
27/02/2017 23:31
pwtalk33 also?? too
28/02/2017 00:06
blackspy ???
28/02/2017 00:27
CharlesT Better than selling keropok n market crash stories
28/02/2017 06:49
speakup cpteh is not deserving of a sifu title. everyday talk crash crash crash like TTB for years!
28/02/2017 09:01

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speakup main suspect: Teh Poh Yee
28/02/2017 06:45
CPK999 Chong Ket Pen so good planning can make 1% profit. Debt 1billion revenue 1billion. Master piece.
28/02/2017 07:41
kmohan62 If what is alleged by Bnews reader is indeed true,than the onus is on the relevant authorities to carry out thorough investigations without a iota of fear and favour and bring to book the culprits so as to serve a lesson to future would be manipulators.Nevertheless,let this serve as a lesson to those greedy punters out there...who themselves know very well what they are getting into..you very well know the consequences of your action...there's no such thing as free lunch...you have to do your homework before you invest your hard earned money...do your own analysis first before deciding if a particular company is worth investing in..
28/02/2017 09:01


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