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sitia Momentum is higher today and expected a rally.
08/06/2017 23:30
Wei Jie Yau Tmr up
08/06/2017 23:45
Rahmeet8 Tmr holiday
11/06/2017 20:55
Jefflim1234 Any market rumours wiith this counter????
12/06/2017 18:20
paulchong moving
15/06/2017 12:03
Daily8 335 at least ?
15/06/2017 21:51
kun1971kun Ya why up???
16/06/2017 01:31
Rahmeet8 Buy buy buy
16/06/2017 05:58
kun1971kun 0.315 block
16/06/2017 10:30
Jefflim1234 At the mmt looks like counter is only good for sideways trading.
16/06/2017 22:10
sitia Panpage need buyers to appreciate the price at the moment. So far, it's been traded minimal and profit taking.
19/06/2017 09:16
Akula Tigam panpage..going up..any news
21/06/2017 17:19
Explode what the fuck this counter doing? Changing hand?
22/06/2017 11:38

TRANSACTIONS (CHAPTER 10 OF LISTING REQUIREMENTS)PROPOSED ACQUISITION BY PANPAGES BERHAD OF 11,400,000 ORDINARY SHARESREPRESENTING THIRTY PERCENT (30%) OF THE EQUITY INTEREST OF G-MART BORNEORETAIL SDN. BHD. FROM LAY HONG BERHAD FOR A TOTAL CASH CONSIDERATION OF RINGGITMALAYSIA TEN MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND ONLY(RM10,750,000.00)-COMPLETION DATEYou are advised to read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment.To read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment, please accessthe Bursa website at http://www.bursamalaysia.com
22/06/2017 15:51
sitia Something brewing. Coffee , Beer, Tea or....
22/06/2017 15:52
sitia Director disposing. Any reason?
22/06/2017 18:12
sitia Announcement
22/06/2017 18:15
sitia The DFTZ Strategy Workshop hosted by our Group CEO, Mr Fong was held yesterday at PanPages. Indeed it was a great sharing session among all attendees! #dftzstrategyworshop #panpages
22/06/2017 18:26
sitia The DFTZ Strategy Workshop hosted by our Group CEO, Mr Fong was held yesterday at PanPages. Indeed it was a great sharing session among all attendees! #dftzstrategyworshop #panpages
22/06/2017 18:26
MoneyShow3 New shareholder coming in. Largest shareholder crossed at rm0.35. Stock should fly pass 40¢ soon. Probably got smart New strategy that will push the company to New heights
22/06/2017 20:50
Explode Wondering who takeover the 57 millions shares.
23/06/2017 07:30
Alan Kok Kim Lin yeah agree the fake.
23/06/2017 09:07
rikki http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/06/23/panpages-could-see-emergence-of-new-substantial-shareholder/
23/06/2017 09:38
funkyway what's up with this counter? my remisier told me to buy
23/06/2017 09:49
23/06/2017 09:50
funkyway havent bought yet lol
23/06/2017 09:52
yee9766 https://blog.huskyintel.com/panpage-what-gives-1
23/06/2017 10:04
funkyway wait and see first. Just placed order at 30c :)
23/06/2017 10:09
deddymines Fake support at 31.5c. Will close unchanged. Come Wednesday market open, operator will sell down. Cause panic sell and then they will buy and push up past 35c.
23/06/2017 10:57
dusti When standing on quicksand don't wait and see.
23/06/2017 11:58
sitia dusti, u mean to sell or to collect and at what price please?
23/06/2017 13:31
Jefflim1234 dusti meant to say panpage is quicksand. What do u think???
23/06/2017 14:13
23/06/2017 14:15
Jefflim1234 The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect. You need a temperament that neither derives great pleasure from being with the crowd or against the crowd.”
Sober judgement is a commodity in a world of emotional investors.
“You’re dealing with a lot of silly people in the marketplace; it’s like a great big casino and everyone else is boozing. If you can stick with Pepsi, you should be O.K.”
23/06/2017 14:16
Jefflim1234 So your own call, sitia!!!!
23/06/2017 14:17
deddymines Unchanged today. Watch the 178k queue at 0.315 disapper on Wednesday. Happened twice this month
23/06/2017 15:58
notebook layhong director just fined by bursa.

panpages not so clean at all

be careful this counter
23/06/2017 16:51
Mond Mon Notebook where u get the info from that Layhong hoy fined by bursa?
23/06/2017 16:57
notebook http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/bursa-malaysia-publicly-reprimands-lay-hong-fines-8-directors-rm750000-0
23/06/2017 16:58
notebook http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/06/20/lay-hong-censured-for-inaccurate-replies-to-uma-queries/
23/06/2017 16:59
notebook big big title bagi you tenggok
23/06/2017 16:59
Mond Mon Not related to pp la
23/06/2017 17:08
sitia The company's prospect is what most true Investors are betting upon.No doubt, we are all emotionally driven when comes to seeing the price of respective shares going through roller coaster rides, it is in fact, showing the market itself is the pulse in our veins. We are the market maker itself.

To those who bet in Panpage, they bet through the guidance of Technical Analysis, the MACD , the Fibonacci, the trend that formed opportunity
As for Fundamental of the business background, Panpage did an ongoing job of forming, collaborating, encouraging the online businesses to all the small and medium enterprises to come together through advertising platform. Panpage also have the support and ongoing collaboration with the DFTZ. So as to say, Panpage have the back ups from the government.

Panpage is a platform for the beginner and also for those looking to immense in the online businesses. Of course there are other better channels and online platforms than Panpage, this company have the longest history in Malaysia for 28 years and ongoing. Online advertising does not only mean promoting one businesses but also a mean to provide data for online market researching, finding e-solutions for the respective market and entities. With collaboration with Google and Alibaba Group, Panpage will enter a new height in building a better connection between buys and sellers across the asian regions.
23/06/2017 20:19
sitia lay Hong has nothing to do with Panpage. Please don't post this kind of news to post thread to Panpage.
23/06/2017 20:22
notebook still the question, panpages buy 30% lay hong's mart for what?

IT base company buy mart? i dont want say much.

So could you give me a reasonable reason to answer this question?
23/06/2017 20:32
sitia notebook, I am not Panpage directors. This question should aim at Panpage and good to bring it up.
23/06/2017 20:36
MoneyShow3 Notebook, you might not be aware but the latest trend worldwide is for ecommerce companies to buy a stake in a physical grocery store. Not to expand the current biz but to gain the credit lines , supplier base and the platform to operate grocery direct to consumer. In this case layhong supplies to both f&b biz and end consumer alike. Panpages will establish a auto ordering system for f&b outlets to place orders on a farm to business platform. This is the New billion $$ biz now. Like grab, even small organic farms can participate and get a network.
Why is Amazon doing it, nestle too...and many many New startups.
Panpages has the old RFID know-how which adds credibility in distribution of fresh produce. Just like DHL tracking your parcels, they can track and tag food for say 5 star hotels. Previously this is only possible for FMCG products not farm and poultry produce.
Why in Malaysia? Because it is also a global halal hub!
Whomever is buying up the shares has a big plan, not just play price up. In fact notice how they keep price down and collect. It won't drop past 29.5¢ but with the latest crossing at 35¢ sooner or later an announcement is due. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they become the retail channel for layhong and other grocery brands as this could be really big.
24/06/2017 00:11
Explode i have no ideal what notebook doing here. maybe he get burnt in panpage before. thats y keep declining panpage
24/06/2017 01:30
notebook sabah wide area spread population, and low IT. you are taking about shit.

why dont just doing in klang valley, high density population.

keep dreaming, my friend.
24/06/2017 16:22
BetterTomorrow Yes related to lay Hong shareholders and Victor chin, easy to recognize who is behind, same method
Long up, corner it , issue icps,. Simple, his previous counters ocr , spring gallery berhad, lay Hong, on going new piece of art, greenpacket, G3, titi jaya, panpages.
24/06/2017 16:43

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probability gf..high risk high gain...

im sure you have the highest 'intense pleasure' with your gf more than your wife..

thus, its worth the risk
23/06/2017 16:50
aseng good answer
23/06/2017 16:56
wltan22 @skyea, thanks for your concern on the impact of volatile oil prices and, upgrade and maintenance doubt, most of the investors in this forum should be aware of these risks, if you follow the discussion well, on and off we brought up the same issue, congrats to you for your handsome profit, I believe others will make the same move if they doubt, so please don't belittle others judgement and decision, everyone has different risk tolerance...in the end of the day the goal is to maximize your profit...when we discuss usually we discuss with fact, as you did, we are not asking someone to buy or sell...your money your decision
23/06/2017 17:06
Newmaster probability sifu, just read your analysis of crack spread and net gross margin on HY for each quarter, would you mind showing one for Petronm ? Sure a lot of readers here are interested to know. Appreciate your kind sharing.
23/06/2017 17:37
probability Newmaster, lets see if i can come out with something. will share if its something solid..
23/06/2017 18:32
Newmaster probability sifu, hope you could still share it even if not solid, or else can't sleep tonight.......hahaha thanks in advance !
23/06/2017 18:43
probability ha ha... homework for you if you cant sleep...try obtaining the average crack spread reported for each month (or qtr) from early 2016 as per graph from Jay below:


present it here then..i will work on it. Guess its a fair deal?
23/06/2017 18:48
invest turtle Crack spread is about 7-10usd from April to June. Is even better than q1. Is this true? Have to top up more next week
23/06/2017 20:04
skyea crack spread only works if u buy in USD or the currency being measured. and your selling of product prices is based on market rates, also in USD/measured currency. this is not the same for malaysia. our product prices is formula rate, government intervened, only can earn certain margin type of rate, 5sen per liter, hardly market rate at all. oil purchase also using ringgit currency. dont forget ringgit just only recovered from its weakest point not very long ago. the cost in ringgit was recently at its highest. so please lah stop comparing with singapore/asia crack.

does this make sense? maybe u all should question why those people keep using other country's or region crack and assume malaysia follows the same structure. isn't there a better source of info to look at than something so indirect and structurally different? oh right, petrol station and info gotten from the chairman's mouth. and WTI or BRENT which is used by petron themselves. its like the board is explaining and looking at one thing, these fellas go see something else. why nobody listen to ramon or stay on the same page as the board? or read the annual report? oil up margin up, so oil down margin how? instead..go find asia crack pulak. u all evaluate lah. follow petron statement or follow half cooked articles lah.
23/06/2017 20:54
LaLaLa Read, objectively analyse, processing, outcome: helpful? no. Move on. Next.
Thank you for sharing.
23/06/2017 21:15
davidtslim If can only earn certain margin type of rate, 5sen per liter in Malaysia, then why say oil price goes up margin goes up? Petronm got 30% refined products coming from commercial (jet fuel, LPG).
24/06/2017 01:02
stockmanmy its margin business yes....but subject to timing differences.

so, don't buy just because it has an extraordinary quarter.

and don't sell just because it has a losing quarter.
24/06/2017 01:10
stockmanmy the question is ...do you really understand the business and the accounts?

I bet all those who buy just because of low PE do not understand the business or the accounts.
24/06/2017 01:12
Newmaster probability sifu, become very sleepy once heard homework ! Immediately sleep like a baby, what a excellent sleeping pills......hahahahaha.

Anyway, woke up fresh this morning to crack my head to get the crack spreads as requested :

2016 :
Jan : 6.8
Feb : 5.9
Mar : 7
Apr : 7.8
May : 6.8
June : 5.2
July : 4.4
Aug : 5
Sept : 6.3
Oct : 6.7
Nov : 6.8
Dec : 8.6

2017 :
Jan : 9.1
Feb : 8.7
Mar : 9.7
Apr : 7.5
May : 10.4
June : 9.9 (till 23rd)

Hope the above data are not too far from the figures based on the graph given. All are not rounded up or down.
24/06/2017 08:01
soojinhou Thank u sir for the numbers! Like like like!
24/06/2017 08:04
Newmaster Posted by probability sifu :

24/06/2017 08:46
逍遥子 @ Newmaster, where did u get this data ? Do u mind to share the link/source ??

Thanks in advance
24/06/2017 10:40
Newmaster 逍遥子, based on the link originally posted by Sifu Jay.
24/06/2017 11:01
逍遥子 Oh ! Ok thanks
24/06/2017 11:03
aseng newmaster sifu,

it seems that Q2 margin is better than Q1, can I say that another EPS 40 is at hand or achievable
you don't scare me har......, wear a big spectacles , make sure you don't read from a wrong graph ,
24/06/2017 11:25
Newmaster But, I didn't give average of the month. Only picked month end figures. Hopefully it's acceptable to sifu probability.
24/06/2017 11:45
probability Oh really newmaster? I was already working on it thinking it was an average...but nevermind..i will see the graph myself and see if i could make any meaningful conclusion.

The difficulty with PetronM compared to HRC is that, i suspect the above graph is more meaningful to HRC where it produces higher yield of gasoline compared to PetronM due to complexity factor.

The other residual fuel (fuel oil) would be influencing PetronM more.

See on table below under 'refinery complexity factor and yields'.
High complexity can produce upto 50% gasoline and 15% fuel whereas low complexity can be just 20% gasoline and 30% fuel.


We should have the same graph Jay had provided for MOGAS for Fuel oil perhaps..
24/06/2017 12:48
probability But, will provide my opinion on how to derive PetronM earnings soon...
24/06/2017 12:51
ooihk899 aseng, when I bought FL in 2011 @0.60++ sen, PE around 4 to 5, dividend 6 sen, I also cannot believe it is so cheap and why nobody buy it. Then it drop to 50++ sen, I though there was something wrong with the company or industry or me. Luckily I stick to my buying decision.
Same as Deleum, bought in 2011, PE around 4 only, MFM bought in Feb 2011, PE 3 to 4. all the above stock I sold and made more than 100% profit. So, low pe doesn't mean something wrong. Sometimes market can be wrong. Low PE sometimes mean we can make huge profit. Hahaha.

Posted by aseng > Jun 23, 2017 04:47 PM | Report Abuse

probability sifu,

you calculation of HY profit is fantastic, EPS almost RM3 ,
how come the market price of HY is just around RM5
really hard to understand where has gone wrong ?
or is there anything very.... very important that most of the great sifu here have missed to see

very very funny , that's why I dare not take is as my wife and keep it at home
but take as girl friend keep in the car.
when arrived at the destination or seen another beautiful girl just replace it with a click
24/06/2017 12:51
aseng ooi,

since you talk about flbhd, i wish to share with you my thought , a good company does not mean a good investment. honestly speaking, if it was without KYY involvement, it is still sleeping .... your few hundred % gain is still nowhere to be seen

so , do you see, share trading is not 1 man game , it is a shouting game to pool all the forces together if we do not have a big kaki like KYY to join us , if not the big elephant still can not wake up....
24/06/2017 13:11
probability the puzzle is becoming much clearer - this probably explains why the difference between HRC and PetronM on overall crack-spread per barrel earlier as my calculation shows at times it was having negative margin/barrel earlier in 2016:


It would be so much easier for me if the hardworking newmaster can extract similar figures provided for gasoline from the above graph:

Do it if you want my analysis presented faster.

just use a rough estimate for each month...end or starting values has no meaning...we are not talking about stock loss.
24/06/2017 13:11
aseng that why we still can find some super sifu with many followers or subscribers coming out to shout . it is less now because I had already warned them not to do that, if not there is no reason i can't consider it is pump and dump......
24/06/2017 13:17
ooihk899 aseng, What about MFM n Deleum, also KKY goreng meh?
24/06/2017 13:25
meistsk3134 share does not have involve in profit margin revenue. it all about we more buy and company try to rise it or rose it. profit revenue just a show for us attract us. is that right?
24/06/2017 13:29
meistsk3134 i see lot company have good profit like genm yet share keep up and drop maintain
24/06/2017 13:30
aseng NO ! not KYY goreng
some big kaki goreng.....
since the FA is there just create the TA , then shouting kuat-kuat.. Job done

Posted by ooihk899 > Jun 24, 2017 01:25 PM | Report Abuse

aseng, What about MFM n Deleum, also KKY goreng meh?
24/06/2017 13:36
aseng probability,

this statement is very wise and appropriate in your calculation

"...just use a rough estimate for each month...end or starting values has no meaning...we are not talking about stock loss..."
24/06/2017 13:40
aseng probility sifu,

is this the graph that inspired you to construct the milk story to explain the unsolved puzzle
24/06/2017 13:45
probability no puzzle on the milk business model aseng...
the puzzle was the market selling price of the cheese made out of the milk...and the skimmed milk selling price.
24/06/2017 13:51
probability or precisely the margin the market offers for cheese and skimmed milk on top of the fresh milk
24/06/2017 13:53
aseng this is the part most difficult to match with the graph

"....precisely the margin the market offers for cheese and skimmed milk on top of the fresh milk...."
24/06/2017 14:02
probability aseng..not sure where you are heading..let me bring you to the right path incase you are deviating:

(1) Crude Oil = Fresh Milk

(2) Gasoline = Skimmed Milk

(3) Fuel Oil = Cheese

You buy Fresh milk from the cow owner and sell the skimmed milk at the margins the market is offering (refer graph on Mogas) and the margins the market is offering for cheese (refer graph on fuel oil)...

we know how much fresh milk you buy every month (say 50,000 liters) and the skimmed milk you make (say 40,000 liters) and the remaining cheese you make (10,000 liters).

Thus, from the market margins presented by the graphs...we can roughly estimate the profits you are making per month.
24/06/2017 14:11
aseng a sure win business model. ......
24/06/2017 14:41
aseng this is the part that you need a foolproof mechanism to ensure thing always work in your favour......

".....You buy Fresh milk from the cow owner and sell the skimmed milk at the margins the market is offering...."
24/06/2017 14:53
aseng anyhow with data worked out by newmaster from the graph provided by jay it is quite safe to guess that the coming quarter eps can not be bad, another 40 sen is achievable
24/06/2017 14:58
aseng similarly my girl friend will also perform another exciting show .....
24/06/2017 15:00
probability super good news:

(1) look at the below Fuel oil crack-spread data which is for Dubai available till June unlike singapore i had presented above:


(2) Look at the below news confirming singapore fuel oil crack-spread as per Dubai data:


PetronM and HRC earnings is going to be simply explosive for Jun17!
24/06/2017 15:13
probability even the waste (fuel oil) crack-spread had turned positive...meaning its 'shit' also people want to buy at 'higher price than the food you consume'. Great...

newmaster...im working so hard..hope you will help with the data as requested when can..i need some members to support and motivate..if not im very very lazy one..
24/06/2017 15:22
Newmaster probability sifu, my maid has not reverted to me yet. Would update once available.........hahaha.
24/06/2017 16:21
Newmaster probability sifu, maid can be multi-tasking too at times !

Hope the following estimated crack spreads are also helpful for your "Kung Fu" presentation this evening :

2016 :
Jan : -9.7
Feb : -9.8
Mar : -10.2
Apr : -11.0
May : -11.3
June : -10.9
July : - 10.4
Aug : - 10.2
Sept : -10.5
Oct : - 10.1
Nov : -8.6
Dec : -7.8

Cheers !
24/06/2017 16:29
probability what a nice maid....give her some treat!
guess the above is approximate average for fuel oil 180cst.

do ask her to give the average for Gasoline if you had only provided closing month end figures instead of approximate avg earlier.
24/06/2017 16:34
aseng probability sifu and newmaster sifu,

well done!!!
jia-you !!!
many kisses !!!
24/06/2017 16:35
Newmaster probability sifu, maid wants me to do housework instead now !! Hahahahaha........., how ??
24/06/2017 16:38
probability thats more relaxing...i suggest you take the offer:)
24/06/2017 16:39
Newmaster And maid is gonna to manage the investments too later, is it a good idea ?
24/06/2017 16:42

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strategisst Stay tuned...
04/05/2017 11:58
apicalypse gonna drop to 25cent?
04/05/2017 12:22
melvintcs if 25cent die la
04/05/2017 12:25
04/05/2017 12:42
Ismani Infinity KLSE pun slow
04/05/2017 12:42
RedorGreen Son shows resilience... even intent on catching up with mother. It is stable today even though Mother was sliding down rapidly at one point
04/05/2017 19:05
Ismani Infinity 0.325 now
05/05/2017 09:20
Ismani Infinity shoud stay or cut loss
05/05/2017 09:20
Ismani Infinity buy at 0.355
05/05/2017 09:20
Younglearner i buy at 0.345 , die loh
05/05/2017 09:30
Younglearner keep lau sai
05/05/2017 09:31
Younglearner shoud stay or cut loss ?
05/05/2017 10:07
wwwin Mother share still remain, but son just keeping drop only.
05/05/2017 17:14
ck_eyong Simple logic, why buy warrant at .330 with exercise right at 0.50 when mother share already above 0.50? Unless dnex stock split to 2.
05/05/2017 18:37
ck_eyong Plus those who contra on Tuesday above 0.35 need to selloff by today (t plus 3). So today is actually a bargain buy at 0.33.cheap. These bargain sales will be gone by Monday.
06/05/2017 00:54
swchin22 Tomolo is another great day........
08/05/2017 22:05
pofit10 mother and son. concured top 1 n 2,, most active counter,,, huhu
15/05/2017 11:04
kk83 Down again tomorrow?
15/05/2017 19:37
melvintcs mau down Base on bar chart
15/05/2017 19:39
mmf2332 sold at 0.34 last week. now realised it suddenly drop so much. what happened?
15/05/2017 21:44
melvintcs like anzo.die la
15/05/2017 22:15
wwwin no hope
19/05/2017 13:43
melvintcs wd wake up
19/05/2017 13:59
KiasiPu TODAY out QR?
19/05/2017 14:20
nelsoncs712 hope can touch 0.4
19/05/2017 16:50
Ryan88 great !
19/05/2017 20:24
ramjie56 down down down-sold-rose up.
20/05/2017 16:49
Ryan88 0.5 tmr
24/05/2017 19:20
Ivan89 40cents vry good alr
24/05/2017 22:44
feelhoney good chance to collect now...
25/05/2017 13:26
Tai KT This is my opinion of Dnex. If I overlook something, please help to point out to me.

*Remark of Dnex 1qr2017
Revenue IT=30m, profit=14m
ROR on IT =46%
Revenue energy=14m,profit=3.8m
ROR on energy=27%

Yr2016 cumulative
q4,IT21m( 5m),energy112m( 26m)
q3,IT16m( 4m),energy86m( 4m)
q2,IT12m( 6m),energy82m( 83m)
q1,IT 6.9m,energy -1.5m

Note: 89m asset reevaluation gain take out for 2016. Energy segment earn is 23m and IT 21m.
From the results, we see the IT side with huge jump of profit , the ROR achieve 46% can suffer very good profitable business and energy segment was roughly sustain the similar profit amount with 27% profit margin.

Outlook for 2017
IT segment will expect to grown further, more profit from e permit ( e permit only started in mid if Feb), VEP and RC from Thailand between Malaysia will be started in second half. Improve if B2G and B2B.
New farm out contract of oil receive in early of May also expect to deliver some result in second half.
25/05/2017 13:27
Tai KT *consider ->suffer
25/05/2017 13:30
Tai KT typo error
25/05/2017 13:30
zoomsbooms how to view DBT whether it's selling or buying?
26/05/2017 16:12
Ryan88 Collect lo.
This time dont buy .dont know got nex time or not
26/05/2017 16:17
moneyface25 www.cnbc.com/2017/05/24/oil-prices-rise-in-anticipation-of-extended-opec-led-production-cut.html
26/05/2017 21:12
kk83 need more momentum to jump up the price
02/06/2017 13:24
nelsoncs712 today might break 0.32
02/06/2017 14:46
Ryan88 Finally
02/06/2017 16:50
nelsoncs712 everybody celebrate tonight. hahaha. top up more in mon morning. steady
02/06/2017 18:24
Ryan88 Haha
03/06/2017 00:23
zoomsbooms Ryan..did u said u want to get rid of bursa for half a year?
03/06/2017 12:42
gimmy2u WD. Premium 36.89 % Gearing 1.82 times . Very attractive prices for best buy lever !!!
05/06/2017 01:38
kk83 One day up..another 4 day down?
06/06/2017 11:50
melvintcs haiz
06/06/2017 12:07
wwwin friday up, then drop 2 weeks. bcome it pattern oledy.
06/06/2017 21:06
TF Peter 0.305 done. Tq.
08/06/2017 22:23
nelsoncs712 waiting u at 0.28
19/06/2017 12:29
gimmy2u The Marketplace: Dagang Nexchange Berhad

24/06/2017 03:31
Jeremytee gimmy2u, good information of your sharing. Thank you.
24/06/2017 16:42

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ilovehits Sifu Ooi buy call at 32, now you can buy at 38, already good. Don't forget TP as high as 95sen. Just wait, wait for market sentiment turns good.
21/06/2017 16:43
Qwertyuiop OTB is ur mentor a? haha, ilovehits. His TP @95sen? lol
21/06/2017 16:48
Qwertyuiop Wasnt offending bro, did he post any articles on atta to justify on the buy call or its a private buy call?
21/06/2017 17:02
ilovehits Private buy call lah. Only for his subscribers.
21/06/2017 17:05
Wei Xidu Collect more today dy . Stay tune haha
21/06/2017 17:08
Cly Serena Omg drop 3 days missing Rm0.12 already will 2moro still drop
21/06/2017 17:12
Winmore88 how come keep falling down?
21/06/2017 22:32
8wpwtmt8 During the bull market from January to mid June 2017, whatever stock recommended will also go up. Everyday got a new active goreng stock. But when bear market strikes, even good FA stocks will also go down.
21/06/2017 23:10
Wei Xidu Atta bavk to 1.40 . N goto 1.50 soon . Stay tune .
22/06/2017 11:17
air01557 going for limit up - i bought yesterday at 1.32
22/06/2017 15:18
ilovehits Loser panic sell, winner buy on weakness. Always right.
22/06/2017 16:24
Wei Xidu Correct . Market rebound . 1.50 coming
22/06/2017 18:25
kevin008 Dividend 0.10 woh haha
22/06/2017 18:51
ilovehits OMG, 10sen dividend!

7.35% dividend yield. Good management. Who sold at 1.32 and 0.38 really amdui.
22/06/2017 19:54
ilovehits EX-date 26 Sep 2017

Final dividend of 2 sen per share and special dividend of 8 sen per share under the single tier system in respect of the financial year ended 31 March 2017.

Just like CSCSTEL. Pay final dividend 2sen and special dividend 8sen to reward their shareholders. Very very good management.
22/06/2017 19:56
dfsbipohsch Tomorrow will fly
22/06/2017 21:58
Apollo Ang 101% will up because of the dividends
22/06/2017 23:14
paulthesotong Atta is cash rich......can afford to pay.app rm10.7m pay out dividends.
22/06/2017 23:32
Apollo Ang I did't not own atta but don't worry it will up tomoro
22/06/2017 23:35
ilovehits Just buy ATTA-LA. Once it breaks resistance with high volume, buy call soon.
23/06/2017 09:09
CharlesT This is the market reaction for RM0.10 div??
23/06/2017 09:25
Winmore88 have no idea, but I bought in dy
23/06/2017 09:45
fly_high nowadays good qr down, bad qr sure down, good div no response...what is this
23/06/2017 09:55
zoomsbooms chill la..dat means you can collect before everybody does..are you gonna collect when the price already rise??
23/06/2017 10:02
wcchong May I know what is the resistance for ATTA-LA?
23/06/2017 10:11
ilovehits Don't know where is the resistance. I no subscribe to ChartNexus support and resistance software, haha.
23/06/2017 10:20
ilovehits Maybe market sentiment not good I think. But I want to say the management very good. They know to reward their shareholders.

Posted by CharlesT > Jun 23, 2017 09:25 AM | Report Abuse
This is the market reaction for RM0.10 div??
23/06/2017 10:25
kevin008 Buy atta la convert to mother la
Get dividend n capital gain haha
23/06/2017 10:36
kevin008 Mother 1.40..atta la shd worth 0.50 with 0.90 convert price
23/06/2017 10:37
ilovehits If I buy ATTA-LA then convert to ATTA ordinary shares. I get 10sen dividend plus 7sen discount instead of premium. (ATTA 1.40 and LA 0.43)

That's why I say ATTA-LA undervalued.
23/06/2017 10:43
kevin008 If got money..just buy 2 loh haha
23/06/2017 10:49
Qwertyuiop using fibonacci, immediate resistance @ around 0.435 and 0.45. Cheers.
23/06/2017 11:03
ilovehits Good. Fast fast break it, hopefully.
23/06/2017 11:08
Wei Xidu 1.45 . 150 . Stay tune
23/06/2017 11:15
Winmore88 wooohooo..up up up
23/06/2017 12:45
davkitz ATTA-LA value for money
23/06/2017 13:42
Apollo Ang already moving
23/06/2017 15:02
kevin008 mother 1.41 atta-la worth 0.51..why sell 0.435
u only need 0.90 and 1 week to convert only leh..
dividend ex 26/9/17..still got 3 mths leh..scare wat
23/06/2017 15:29
Wei Xidu After raya will b 1.50 ? Soon wow .
23/06/2017 15:31
Hwai Hooi today close 1.41?
23/06/2017 15:32
Winmore88 soon will up lots
23/06/2017 15:52
Wei Xidu Close 1.40 . Good . Stay tune see u all next wednesday . 1.50 ?? Hha
23/06/2017 17:04
air01557 bought at 1.32 and sold at 1.40 - contra profit - that was fast
24/06/2017 11:25
air01557 now waiting to sell the LA
24/06/2017 11:25
Winmore88 LA at least can up to 50c
24/06/2017 12:01
melvintcs LA expired when?
24/06/2017 12:18
kelvin61 Buy the warrant - WC. Expires in Nov 2024. The returns would be excellent in the future so long as the mother share continue to perform and pay good dividends, cheers.
24/06/2017 12:44
paulthesotong More ppl to convert their LA, Warrant B, C n Esos more cash 4 Atta House...
24/06/2017 15:39
Winmore88 when is the expired date for LA?
24/06/2017 15:58
Winwin98 Winmore88 @ LA expiry on 09/05/2022,
Got more room and potential to move higher.
24/06/2017 16:37

  20 people like this.
Awet91 Wednesday fly fly?
23/06/2017 16:12
vegebotak drop la.....crashed lo.......stil fly.....
23/06/2017 16:15
Nikmon Not open until next wednesday, the timing of signing is not good,
23/06/2017 16:15
balvin71 With the deal DRB will also be getting prime Batu 3 land, Glenmarie casting plant land and also Tg Malim/Proton City land. How much is this worth?
23/06/2017 16:20
Grow1 The Edge quoted market consensus
Target price = 2 25 (0.45 upside...26%)
23/06/2017 16:25
Grow1 www.theedgemarkets.com/video-feeds/fridaytakeaway
23/06/2017 16:28
JJchan read lastest biz focus about proton/geely......the author(s) doesn't get it correctly bcoz he doesn't
know manufacturing / production ( but he is quite close).....Gov. has loan proton 15billions over
10 years period and what do we get???? SUV monthly Sales in Malaysia is only 2000++( proton
turn around Plan is 200,000 units per month ( supply More than Demand)

Anyway, Drb is officially a goreng stock so it doesn't matter what is real or Not
23/06/2017 16:50
JJchan sorry it should be 200,000 suv per year.....this is what i heard some analyst said during press conference
23/06/2017 17:03
chamlo What Geely interested in DRB is Lotus. They will manufacture Lotus in China. How abt Proton car? Dump like rubbish?
23/06/2017 17:11
JJchan Geely just want Lotus Design Team( not manufacturing) to improve Geely products to compete
with Korea and Japan in international market.....as for proton---hahahaha ( cannot said bad
things about junk anyway)
23/06/2017 17:24
JJchan someone in this blog suggest name change to "potong" or "potong stim"
what about "Waja Potong Stim"
23/06/2017 17:30
qwerty Cannot write off Proton too early.
23/06/2017 17:35
qwerty Paymasters knows best what it takes to do biz professionally.
23/06/2017 17:36
Effendy Tay Rome was not build in a day. Lesson of the past is careful approach for future progressive development. As business management, I'd you have not experienced failure, it's assumed inexperienced management for future development. Geely going to be firmed to orientate no hanky panky unlike the past l
Political intervention sitting on the laurel at the expense of investors funding. A good lesson indeed. Once beaten twice shy third time never dare to simply try
23/06/2017 17:39
qwerty Proton has a bright future with Geely, climbing up slowly, making ends meet and thence plan for the rout.
23/06/2017 17:40
yongch Hahaha....pm announced proton sign married certificate wz cinapek...but cinapek dump old fashion model to proton so continues used factory in tg malim!this old fashion model oledy many yr in china cny115k...so now buang sampah to msia shd b selling below rm50k...tp2.0!!!kikiki....
23/06/2017 17:42
gcke Updated news: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/money/article/after-buying-proton-stake-chinese-billionaire-says-lotus-car-may-be-produce
23/06/2017 18:02
Huat168 Last time geely buy Volvo, how is the Volvo now? It turn into profit.
Again, geely now buy proton, people suspect also. Few years later you will see the result.
23/06/2017 18:32
LOO99 If ploton rugi...geely also tanggug rugi 49.99%..untung lugi sama bagi lor..
23/06/2017 18:39
Huat168 At least drb now try hard to turn around proton. It is better than do nothing and remain huge loss as the past. It is just whether investor agree a bright future for proton or not. Some more, proton is just part of drb. The loss from proton will reduce in near time to drb. The effect of reducing loss in proton is higher than the numbering. For example, company A loss 10m, company B profit 6m. Both company A and B is control under mother company C. So, company result will be loss 6m. It looks not good as huge loss making. However, if sell 50% company A to other, even with same bad result, mean loss 5m then, company B profit 6m. The result for company C is profit 1m. It look much better right?
In addition, company B = drb other business except proton, is getting better like posted etc as mention by Calvin and others.
Company A = proton which may have some ++gain or less loss after partner with geely.
And, drb receive some cash from the selling and grant.

It worth a bet on it to put money here right?
23/06/2017 18:48
Huat168 Like posted*= POS
23/06/2017 18:50
LOO99 When u have optny to make money, take it! But never fall in love with a stock..Run faster if it turn against you
23/06/2017 18:56
Huat168 Loo99, yes. So do you think geely boss don't have plan to turn proton to profit or try to reduce the loss impact from it? He will need to answer to geely share holders as well. If he no care about proton and remain it in huge loss, both parties will suffer it. How many loss here in proton, geely have to use same amount of money just to get it balance as 0. Otherwise a same amount profit will shown on geely balance sheet, if don't have proton loss contribution.
23/06/2017 18:57
LOO99 Yes exactly..agree mr. Huat168
23/06/2017 19:13
yongch So what will b the next????DRBhcom will host EGM soon lo....aiyoo far lo...shah alam glenmarie ...hope next week tp2.0 will wash hand sailang lo!!!kikiki...
23/06/2017 19:13
Lkl888 EPF bought more DRB shares > 5.11%. Bright futures for DRB and Proton@Geely
23/06/2017 21:29
michaelwong Suspended with goods reasons pending announcements and should be a good sign for the stock price to move forward when market reopen so those who bought earlier at cheaper price should be comfortable
23/06/2017 21:39
lwyy60 Lolz, argue more wont do any good, if open above rm1.86 wil be too great, as it will b good bottomline for drb. A great company need good CEO. Who is Geely CEO? He is amazing people. Read through his portfolio and u will be amaze. My work company before that was 100% state own company and loss million through out the years and guess what? it turn out just like drb n geely. Now my work company hv gaining revenue yearly after joint venture with jerman corp and more than 100m. Good luck all.
24/06/2017 01:52
aa88 this good deal? only 170 million cash other take 260 million China Boyue stake only....
24/06/2017 08:15
poorkid I am poor. What models Geely produce cheaper than Axia?
24/06/2017 09:22
poorkid Talk no use. Proton car sales already jump? Coming QR sure make profit?
24/06/2017 09:23
poorkid Why loss RM 328.451 million everyone blind?
30-May-2017 31-Mar-2017 3,481,596 -255,628 -262,267 -328,451 -7.53% -5.41% -16.99 0.00 3.1400 -193.05% 58.46%
24/06/2017 09:25
lwyy60 Geely will assist in > , cash injection 170m, management expertise, SUV boyue 290m, proton rnd as global centrel execllence, future models, MANUFACTURING HUB for Geely RHD models, local vendors on GLOBAL SHARED PURCHASING SYSTEM, ASSEMBLY of Volvo cars, LATEST TECH N RND PROGRAMS & operation Relocation to Te Malim. Yeah Geely bring nth to Proton? Lolz. U will see how BIG invester react to drb in coming months.
24/06/2017 09:40
henry888 Do you mean Geely don't care and foresee the loss in Malaysia and making profit in China. And they don't mind to share the losses with proton?
24/06/2017 10:25
pakatan_harapan2 Might be just show off from our PM Dr M is bad so agree to whatever deal China Geely might come?
24/06/2017 10:32
nasaie24 Boyue is not old model, 2016. Current honda jazz being sold in malaysia is 2014. Boyue is the highest selling suv in china
24/06/2017 10:35
limch Now DRB is selling cars in M'sia not China. How is M'sia current reception towards Boyue ?
24/06/2017 10:44
LOO99 Geely target market malysia..south east asia..china and...next
24/06/2017 10:45
nasaie24 If the car is really good, like boyue, even bad perception cannot affect sales
24/06/2017 10:49
lwyy60 China alone were already huge market for geely, geely intention are not for this, proton should do this many years ago, atlast. Congrat all for holding this. Buying into proton like buying into geely. Good luck all.
24/06/2017 11:00
vegebotak maybe we see this time GEELY benefit the most, but dun forget about the future and prospect they will bring to PROTON.

Most important is , DRBHICOM will benefit the most by some 1 ( GEELY) will bare with them this liability ( current ) and some 1 will bring them profit in the future. Some more government also will pay 1.1B to Proton for new R&D.

The best thing is , DRB can get all the lands and buildings from Proton asset. What i want to say is DRBHICOM will benefit the most, secondly Geely and Government the 3rd 1.
24/06/2017 11:09
LOO99 If geely making more profit jv with proton..even better. If geely doesnt gain any profit ..very bad for geely n proton. But even if proton geely jv dont make profit at the begining...also good for drb because geely share almost half proton's loss
24/06/2017 11:10
LOO99 Those who buy drb at low price...80 cents to 1.70 no harm to hold on. Let c what coming ahead...going north or south. Small fluctuation is just normal. 1 thing for sure is we never fall in love with a stock
24/06/2017 11:24
Huat168 Proton become debt free when geely come. The joint 1st priority is to stop loss, then only further take care of future plan. It is all stated in their announcement. You now talk about how many years later for the electrical car etc, how popular is it now in whole market, some more in ASEAN? They have plan for it, success or not no people know. But with government support, technical or R&D support, geely a team of experience management, fund, etc, it worth a bet. Even in very near term can't make into profit, but reduce loss, and even can share with geely. In high chances, it will only become better. Even Worst case, still in huge loss, but with debt free, save interest etc, release the value of assets like land value etc, and most important thing - share with geely. It looks good to drb.
24/06/2017 12:51
ks55_ Why must Geely buy loss making Proton? No other place to park their money?
24/06/2017 13:45
TrippleZ Of course Geely got their own reason to invest in proton. You do not need to know why.
24/06/2017 14:17
ks55_ If don't know how to buy DRB?

TrippleZ Of course Geely got their own reason to invest in proton. You do not need to know why.
24/06/2017 14:17
24/06/2017 14:54
ks55_ DRB is not only 1 ctr in Bursa and not cheap.
24/06/2017 14:55
LOO99 Buy proton because business potential n future expansion
24/06/2017 15:29
股海无情 Geely was exchanging it's soon to be old modal boyue with proton shares, that cost them nothing; they are not buying... they just pay 1 quarter of the amount require to buy proton... Y not?

who would want to buy proton, unless it's dirt cheap!!!
24/06/2017 16:36

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Nicolas Nelson Ong DR. WA again. This guy really Holland.
21/06/2017 09:21
DRwarrant told you MQ TECH / mqtech-wa $$$$$
21/06/2017 09:30
traderdragon results coming in July.... either do or die...
if report shows recovery.... it may U turn up
21/06/2017 09:36
traderdragon now turning the volume to be active.... good or bad?
21/06/2017 09:40
Monde Result will out next week
21/06/2017 10:09
Monde Shake abit, all these "opposition" come out Hu-Ha.... funny
21/06/2017 10:11
DON_JUAN this Cap Ayam nexgram is finish .
anoucement after anouncement is meaningless
Haboq pun taraq to this holland counter !
21/06/2017 10:58
Monde Hi opposition! hahhahaha
21/06/2017 11:02
DON_JUAN ..will declare that Cap Ayam Nexgram is Impotent !
21/06/2017 15:22
Loh Boon Sen Haha. Nicolas.. I am still sapu-ing.... ..Q 0.04.. I will soon become one of the thirty largest securities account holder for nexgram... Hihihi
21/06/2017 16:21
RodaImpian Good time buy buy this counter. Soon sure fly when projects kickoff wang besar for those with patient
21/06/2017 18:14
DON_JUAN Ladies & Gentelmen >>
Cap Ayan Nexgram is declared an Undisputed Pondan + Holland Counter
22/06/2017 00:05
ivan9511 nonsense,, this counter is undervalued pls read their financial report carefully
22/06/2017 01:26
DON_JUAN Cap Ayam Nexgram is finished -
This Holland counter is beyond repair ( - tak boleh repair dahh.. )
22/06/2017 06:42
invest69 Don_Juan how many time you what repeat your statement? Pls comment based on fact .
22/06/2017 07:14
DON_JUAN Keep Kool , my friend Mr Invest69 . it's not the end of the world yet
## 29 June , QR ( next week ) QR out -
it's a DO or DIE to this Cap Ayam - Holland Nexgram
seems no hope based on the Nexgram trading pattern- down trend n side way lately

Dudes - Pray hard to GOD for our safety !
22/06/2017 08:56
safewinner brother brothers monitor closely now set trap 0.045
simple unexplained why?why?why? 0.045 NO big Q buyer
good luck player NG no easy gain
22/06/2017 09:30
Loh Boon Sen Pls sell and trow 0.04 ...
22/06/2017 10:54
traderdragon throw... look like trending down
22/06/2017 11:07
DON_JUAN most likely QR nextweek to be another blooody one
by looking at the current trend & trading pattern
Mamposss geng deadly trap on this Cap Ayam / Holland Nexgram
22/06/2017 11:12
Loh Boon Sen Pls sell 0.04..I am waiting..
22/06/2017 11:14
Loh Boon Sen If you can so firm about " look like"...no more poor people on earth... Lol
22/06/2017 12:01
NIBIRU_T not up, i hope for down now waiting to park @ 0.040
22/06/2017 12:41
Nicolas Nelson Ong Good sign ahhh.... yet to see. If after June 2018 price at 0.030 then there is no hope...as DJ said cap Ayam and Holland liao......no one can guarantee now ......
22/06/2017 13:38
DON_JUAN can't rule out this Cap Ayam / Holland Nexgram will be COFFIN after Raya ?...
22/06/2017 16:16
steveooikp chiong very soon....
all the JV already done... SEL , Mujabina and asia capital are all on board....

MD in majubina also director in asia capital... so Asian capital could be related to asia capital....
22/06/2017 16:52
Investingold Buy Anzo for possible 100% profit just in 2 months!
23/06/2017 00:03
Nicolas Nelson Ong Holland liao Anzo.....going down....when It stop investi
23/06/2017 12:24
steveooikp why lost 2xx k?
why so much revenue?
23/06/2017 13:04
Monde Showing improvement lose abit only

Next quarter sure profit
23/06/2017 13:12
chinaman Loss Myr277K but some may misread as myr277Million.
23/06/2017 13:53
Monde hahaha... last time also got one time.. earning few hundred millions
23/06/2017 13:57
newbiecc queuing 0.045..lol, no hope to buy more at 0.04..
23/06/2017 14:22
lkhoong forgot to remove the last three zero
23/06/2017 14:23
SureWin1Woh lkhoong: forgot to remove the last three zero

Fire the stupid accountant. Not the 1st time on this kind of mistake....Cannot see table header got RM'000 meh...
23/06/2017 14:57
DRwarrant golden opportunities 100 %
immediate TP 10 sen.....
23/06/2017 15:18
traderdragon the report seem got improvement
23/06/2017 15:51
RodaImpian Parking at 0.45. Sure improve year end chiong
23/06/2017 17:34
DRwarrant promising nexgram !
more to come $$$$$ TP after raya 10 sen
23/06/2017 18:04
ivan9511 actually who can understand the report?
good or bad ?
I really have no idea
23/06/2017 19:03
Monde The so called opposition seems very quiet

All those Rumours on heavy losses la

All of them is just empty trash can
23/06/2017 20:08
Monde On 19 May 2017, Nexgram Land Sdn Bhd has entered into a Joint Development
Agreement (JDA) with ChinaAsian Capital Holding Ltd, a company duly incorporated in
the Republic of Seychelles to undertake a joint development of the Cyberjaya project.
The Company shall target to resume the activities and commencement for Cyberjaya
project in the third quarter of 2017.
23/06/2017 22:51
Monde DON_JUAN most likely QR nextweek to be another blooody one
by looking at the current trend & trading pattern
Mamposss geng deadly trap on this Cap Ayam / Holland Nexgram

hahahaha, fell into deaf ears, already told you nexgram is improving

Now thinking want to buy... same for you empty can nicholas
24/06/2017 11:47
DRwarrant noted my friend Monde Nexgram improving quarter result making 24hrs Doom Don Juan , Nicholas N Ong & what not cabut ,,,,now in hiding & in shame !

PROMISING Nexgram - more to come $
Immediate TP NG 10 sen , WA 6 sen , WB 4 sen , WC 6 sen
24/06/2017 12:43
Monde Yes Dr, Our friend here TheEdge also talking about it.

24/06/2017 13:05
Loh Boon Sen The bad moment is over.. The stock price should start going up since the price is quite attractive now..After the project kick-off.. No more 0.045...
24/06/2017 13:58
Chong Jin Hun


June 23, 2017 14:58 pm MYT

KUALA LUMPUR (June 23): Nexgram Holdings Bhd's third quarter net loss narrowed to RM277,195 from a net loss of RM3.67 million a year earlier, as operating expenses fell.

IT firm Nexgram is also in the video surveillance equipment business and property development. In a statement to Bursa Malaysia today.

Looking ahead, the company said it plans to focus on its existing businesses, due to uncertainties ahead.

"As part of on-going business rationalisation and a continuation of the group’s long term growth strategy, the group is in the midst of securing new projects for property, construction and logistics businesses," Nexgram said.


immediate TP NG 10 sen , WA 6 SEN , WB 4 SEN , WC 6 SEN

>> OPPORTUNITIES NOWWW.......MORE $$$$$ to come after RAYA !
24/06/2017 14:59
dex hahah, actually everyday i come to see all the noobies such DONJUAN, NICOLAS commend. they are soooo funny. not more than empty can. Pity them.
24/06/2017 15:56
dex After raya sure $$$$$$$. Get ready guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24/06/2017 15:57
Loh Boon Sen The EPS per year after the 2 key projects commenced estimated will be 1.2 cent for at least 3 consecutive years.. If take PE 10, the future share price will be 0.12.... Assuming no new project in the pipeline...
24/06/2017 16:36

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bsngpg Added 3 lots at 3.02 in anticipation of good qtr earning.
24/02/2017 17:02
bsngpg Aiya! Pitfall for the time being.
27/02/2017 10:09
ezobear QR announce soon .. lets see how IQ deliver the promises
27/02/2017 10:37
ginvin superb result!
27/02/2017 18:12
abangadik Very Happy everytime passby on the way to Penang Airport.. Great company.
27/02/2017 18:31
Olga Hahaha
27/02/2017 23:29
ezobear NTA, Cash on Hand, Profit Margin, Retained Earning increased ... what a fantastic company!
28/02/2017 17:42
limcs sky is the limit
06/03/2017 10:50
ezobear 主力持续锁仓拉升 ....very good
06/03/2017 12:19
sun99 RM4 is not a problem, is the matter of time
06/03/2017 17:45
Olga now pe only 10.88.. seems like not yet goreng..
08/03/2017 04:45
limcs @shareinvestor88
sky is the limit :P
09/03/2017 09:27
shareinvestor88 Dear limcs did u buy ?
10/03/2017 00:12
limcs @shareinvestor88 yes i did
10/03/2017 11:06
Yolo solid company. good dividend. defensive stock with high growth.
14/03/2017 13:51
shareinvestor88 Dropping. Any reason ?
15/03/2017 21:06
micsoh Because outstanding too little, sooner or later this company i guess will either bonus issue or share split, if not how to entice fund to buy your share, and how the big shareholder gonna sell his share if the spread is so big?
15/03/2017 23:11
limcs @micsoh

16/03/2017 14:57
micsoh I think other big shareholder will push the boss to impletement.
17/03/2017 11:21
sun99 Steady moving up
21/03/2017 17:34
micsoh This is why the outstanding share too little is affect the price fluctuate so great, suddenly down.
22/03/2017 17:42
ezobear Up up & away ... just buy & wait for durian jatuh sendiri
29/03/2017 16:51
sun99 Wow
29/03/2017 17:09
Takashi Sorimachi Next TP 4.00
29/03/2017 20:56
newbie4444 Time to buy?
30/03/2017 05:02
limcs @Takashi Sorimachi , gogogo
04/04/2017 09:51
limcs IQgroup is very strong recently . bonus issue ?
05/04/2017 13:59
micsoh Foreign buyer strong buying push many share up recently, iq pe actually still low, shall be many potential for shooting up.
05/04/2017 20:43
limcs @micsoh
Foreign buyer normally sapu blue chip but not small potato like iq :P
08/04/2017 07:20
shareinvestor88 U never know foreign funds or unit trust is buying
10/04/2017 23:07
micsoh i think many people sold when this share is drop last few day, if not how come so quite even now up 6percent in one day?
18/04/2017 18:54
bsngpg I did not sell instead I added 3 more lots.
18/04/2017 20:42
micsoh Let hope tomorrow big jump to rm3.75,bsngpg
18/04/2017 22:34
limcs RM 4 ! :)
18/04/2017 23:12
charles_cty good result and dividend coming....
17/05/2017 10:45
limcs how you know @charles_cty
17/05/2017 11:57
charles_cty compare to last 2 years....
17/05/2017 12:14
limcs RM4 ?! :P
22/05/2017 09:00
Takashi Sorimachi Fuyoh.. very close to 4.00
22/05/2017 15:46
23/05/2017 16:32
limcs average up ~
23/05/2017 16:49
VenFx Who has missed Penta / Vis / MMsv / Vitrox

IQgroup has more value to offer now @ $4.00
23/05/2017 16:55
JoshuaV Anyone know when QR is coming out?
28/05/2017 19:19
Abismail This week
28/05/2017 19:27
LA777 Hi Takashi, now IQ new TP is rm 5 ?
07/06/2017 13:37
Force Rate increase is time iq mov again.....
15/06/2017 10:23
braveang Anyone knows why IQGroup share in uptrend? what is the trigger factor?
15/06/2017 11:19
shareinvestor88 Increasing profit , net cash , potential bonus . Cold eye is in top 30
15/06/2017 14:15
lai81533 Target rm7.77
24/06/2017 16:23
necro mcm naik tangga graf dia...wow
24/06/2017 16:34

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OngLai88 Bornoil ESOS price should be around 11 sen.

Purely for illustrative purpose only, calculated based on RM0.11, being approximately 8.33%
discount to the five (5)-day volume weighted average market price of Bornoil Shares up to and
including the LPD of RM0.12 per Bornoil Share
19/06/2017 18:45
chan9301 The percentage of discount and lock in period and distribution matrix are inked in the mandate of the ESOS . A better incentive and reward for loyal staff would be a higher discount rate cum 3-5:years lock up period. Cheers
19/06/2017 20:36
bruce551133 Tai KT(son goku) is around nothing to worry...tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
19/06/2017 23:27
Orson Chin Tai kt ??? Sispa ini?
20/06/2017 02:07
Tai KT Bruce was joking. Anyway...up up up.:-D
20/06/2017 06:12
Crazy11223 Bornol go up soon, be RM1
20/06/2017 06:35
Mike Jcy Crazy11223, how u know? Got any insider news?
20/06/2017 07:27
Yun Hin Chong Nono.. l got a news. Should be rm 2
20/06/2017 07:52
Yun Hin Chong Real one. Believe me.
20/06/2017 07:53
Mike Jcy Haha...yun, den whn? Our here would like hv this good real news to all of our shareholders....
20/06/2017 09:26
bruce551133 Ga yau! Ga yau! Ga yau! Up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/06/2017 09:40
Roly Rm1 to RM 2 wow real news or joke only
20/06/2017 09:44
nich0las What la! RM0.20 also enough ma. Then Split again to RM0.10. Then up to RM0.20, and split again to RM0.10 ..... continue Bornoil style~! This is what bornoil want.
20/06/2017 12:51
faralenz77 below 0.10 is possible in near term.
20/06/2017 15:51
ryan8814 Holy shit!! Portfolio turn red first time for bornoil
20/06/2017 16:21
bruce551133 tomorrow continue ga yau! ga yau! ga yau! up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/06/2017 17:06
bonus_2017 Hahaha, Bruce...YUP! Few more days till mining report and then QR ! Now what even price i also dont care, up or down nothing big deal, let see how the result this time !
20/06/2017 19:13
bruce551133 yes...bonus2017, need to go temple pray more...amithaba...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/06/2017 21:21
eyman_alisons Bornoil sudah mau lingkup ka? From 0.130 to 0.105.
21/06/2017 11:12
Roly ESOS not yet clear waiting 3 to 5 year price rebound if company make profit
21/06/2017 13:52
bonus_2017 Hahaha, see these ppl messages , sometime very "xian". Talking nonsense here and there, but with tin tin kosong. Ignore is the way. But i choose to quit monitoring this forum, once awhile comeback for sharing is more than enough, even what u wish to talk here also wont give any impact to share price. Every forum got ppl like this, u really got a happy life? Creat few id and play characters like this? Really big SHAME of ppl like u. Hide behind the keyboard and become rubbish. Ya, before i quit monitoring, i choose to be impolite to these kind of ppl, for the others, just ignore cox i am 100% not touching u. 人家说,有人不做,要做鬼,还有什么好说的?哈哈哈。不是不接受负面评价,负面评价是有根有据,而不是车大炮,或是造成一些新手恐惧而不必要的亏损,这真的很缺德。每天看这些人胡言乱语,或多或少会影响心情。前段时间离开,不知过得多清闲,价钱到了就卖了赚钱,简单。有空我会回来看看,给点感想,顺便找找这里的朋友
21/06/2017 14:47
bruce551133 bonus2017, take it easy, be happy...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/06/2017 15:53
bruce551133 woodswater(water mean money)... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/06/2017 17:42
ysn8 bonus 2017 加油 加油
21/06/2017 17:47
bonus_2017 Ya, Bruce and Woodswater, u both are right. Woodswater, u ready understand what i mean, ur mean is what i mean, u got what i mean? Hahaha. Bruce, I am ok lah, but decide come back once a while and give comments if only needed. But, at least i got friends like u and woodswater here. Also learn somethings and get some useful info expecially for Mr Tai ( Shun WU Kong ) tq for that. Still owe Redz1 pillow, hoho. Ya, QR is ahead, i am waiting for it. Happy holiday next week and wish Muslim friends here selamat hari raya 2017! All the best for bornoil shareholder, i will be back once a while "look look", all the best !
21/06/2017 17:52
Sales Hi all! Wishing all the Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya and happy holiday!!!
21/06/2017 18:20
Tai KT Me as well, selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays to all Muslims and Malaysians.
21/06/2017 18:30
bruce551133 bonus2017, u r always welcome here...before u came back here, redz1 is around, when u back here, turn redz1 missing... :-D bornoil shoud be worry free because we got mighty Tai KT(son goku) guard here around... :-D tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/06/2017 21:42
mjra 買,收,樂。
Beli, simpan, gembira.
Buy, keep, happy.

2moro coming
Esok akan datang.
21/06/2017 23:35
bruce551133 woodswater, got bonus, got redz(red angpau), got water(lui=money), bornoil sure no problem to go up... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
22/06/2017 15:02
Woodswater Trust me , since I monitor almost all Malaysian stocks these few years starting from airasia at 80c , Dynex at 27c (both sell very early , just small gain) now only 1 stocks I concentrating , I feel no pressure even neck become very long liow .

Because too many people is expecting will skyrocketing within a very short term , but the facts is
Few people is still stand pat n staying when Bornoil Eventually kaboom couple QR later , inevitable !
That's my fade with Bornoil 今日地底泥,他日龙穿凤!

22/06/2017 15:18
Gold_King Manage to top up some at 0.105
22/06/2017 15:35
nich0las from early no volume, until last TOP1 vol.
22/06/2017 17:35
bruce551133 woodswater, your confident is our confident... :-D tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
22/06/2017 21:03
Thiamhuat Too earn money and sell off pls dont keep it thank you
23/06/2017 06:58
Roly Clap your mind ask your brine
23/06/2017 15:53
nich0las Gold is alots now. Rich company
23/06/2017 17:26
Tai KT gold inventory update
*May2017, was 57,723oz
*Apr2017, was 46,689oz
*Mar2017, was 46,565oz
23/06/2017 17:44
Tai KT coming qr will be interesting, haha
23/06/2017 17:45
Woodswater 大师兄,after 500 yrs came back journey from the West . I think the excited moment v waiting seems arriving soon !

23/06/2017 17:49
Tai KT yalo, let wait the qr. haha....
23/06/2017 18:54
ryan8814 Gold ! Gold! Gold!
23/06/2017 19:15
bruce551133 hopefully can see the excitement by next wednesday... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
23/06/2017 21:03
Franklim1989 why gold suddently jump up to 1.7ton on this june report??so fast
24/06/2017 12:24
Woodswater @franklim1989 , b4 this ,management sell gold every month for their expenses especially expansion of their business from east to West Malay . You will notice they use almost 90% profit margin to cover everything with xxxM income . Now business become more stabil , dig gold quantity gains more because of last 2 Qr is raining season , now digging more n just keep it into inventory for hedging lah.....

24/06/2017 14:43
Woodswater At the meantime , phase I I for digging gold has in progressing now ( I think lah)

24/06/2017 14:44
Woodswater Buddies , I have sense Bornoil is coming.......soon liow

24/06/2017 14:46
Woodswater As I predict b4

Owner controlling >60% shares , their target is
1st , WC (from 0.050 can go many many times fold if mother at 1.00)
WD , then
WB (almost session liow )

24/06/2017 14:55
bruce551133 woodswater, really coming soon? my saliva wanna start to flow out... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/06/2017 15:52
Woodswater I paid Rm 3.60 ask God , then God told me hmm , ji mai jiu Ho Seh Liow !

24/06/2017 16:34

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CharlesT Correction:he didnt dump xinquan..instead he bought more n more till the co suspended....
22/06/2017 23:12
Oldhand88 ANG will find ways to dilute KYY. Only way out for KYY is to trigger a GO. Does he have the appetite to run the company?
23/06/2017 00:32
notebook kyy stock , dont touch, that's all
23/06/2017 00:36
KingOfLeons Waiting for the drama to unfold.....
23/06/2017 07:13
wotvr JAKS should be in panic selling today
23/06/2017 07:30
bjgdila123 selllllllllllllllllll
23/06/2017 07:54
r°Moi .

Rather close votes...

1st time... show of hand.... Mr K has friends....

1st time... show of force

23/06/2017 08:04
r°Moi .

Close fight

Gotta buy.............................

23/06/2017 08:06
kyaputencom major cloud support broken, i will wait at rm1.25 level to reconsider later.
23/06/2017 08:17
RoseMallow Selling down to trigger some people's margin call, because their shares are all pledged. They will struggle and feel the pain. Do they have money to top up their margin account? If they really have money, why they only have share holding of below ten percent? These people are not controlling the company in terms of share holding/ownership. Eventually, they will give way because KYY has too much money to simply beat them badly. ANd Jaks owned by KYY now. He has closed o 30%. KYY is the boss. ANd KYY has money. KYY will do whatever necessary to get rid of people blocking his way to make the company better, e.g. completing project on time to avoid penalty.
This company's share price will go down unless some people are willing co-operate with KYY to make things better for the company.

KYY likely regret he didn't place his representative in XIng Quan to get a clearer picture of the company financial position. you think he will repeat his mistake?
23/06/2017 09:01
RoseMallow You can always buy back at a lower price tomorrow. Better sell fast now. price is going to be lower later today.
23/06/2017 09:02
RoseMallow Due to ego, some people might not give up easily. They will find ways to support their margin accounts, likely. But, do they have as much money as KYY?

Now, even if these people call KYY early morning to offer co-operation, KYY's assistant will let them wait to make them feel the anxiety.

"Sorry, KYY isn't available now."

KYY will teach them a lesson for humiliating him during the AGM. THis will make these people to be more compliance and co-operative later.
23/06/2017 09:07
AhMeng Uncle is a businessman. Do not make a mistake to assuem that he will be bully by jokers this time.

Do you not know he is the owner of the company or you still think the jokers are?

What is his options? Do not think that he just an old feller that can be push aside.

This is a game of money and money is what he will mobilize to obtain his objective.

Run if you still can or be victim of this war....
23/06/2017 09:14
RoseMallow beating down the share price, KYY will buy low, buy more shares. He will find support of institution supporters, calling EGM and push down the current managemet. And you think some people want to lose their salary?
23/06/2017 09:16
paktua73 old man win bet 25k at 1.44
hold on hand share 30k unit at avvrge per share 1.453
23/06/2017 09:31
Vc Looi KYY is rich man but not GOD la..talk like he is capable of anything..
23/06/2017 09:37
AhMeng If you are owner of a company and your staff treat you like nobody, what would you do? Are you just quite walk away?
23/06/2017 09:45
CharlesT Then launch MGO at RM2.00 to teach them a lesson?
23/06/2017 09:50
CharlesT Money is not important but face is...
23/06/2017 09:51
CharlesT Show them who the Boss is and the power of money......
23/06/2017 09:52
eshadgupta1234 Please be patient.This is knee jerk reaction after agm.Just wait till end of the day.
23/06/2017 09:55
AhMeng MGO at RM 2 is not teaching them a lesson, it is helping them.

MGO maybe will come but with lower price..

Everyone just need to think why share price drop 5% yesterday
and make own conclusion. Who did that sell down?

A better way for teaching them a lesson, if you know your staff are depending on bank margin, you just let them pop up the price with whatever money they can find now, then only you do the regular sell down. How long can they tahan?

Remember sell down does not mean you will sell away your shares to others, you can sell to your buddy, your girl, your ex- etc
23/06/2017 10:01
stncws Ah meng shuld be not so good in investing and share market ! Name like Ah Meng Ah Kow,,normally PHD!
23/06/2017 11:20
RVI123 KYY is putting himself into trouble. Just like Xingquan, he bought into this company without doing careful research. He is not following his own rules of investing. There is so much problem in this company. Shopping Mall is not doing well and still making losses at least for the next yew years. Pacific Star is not selling well, the project is delayed and Jaks has to pay a lot of penalty to the buyers. The Vietnamese power plant venture may not be a smooth sail. Jaks may say that they are enjoying 20% profit from the construction work. I am quite reserved with this. There are a lot of uncertaties with both the Vietnamese government and the Chinese partner. Bare in mind that Xingquan is a Chinese company, Jaks' power plant venture partner is also a Chinese company. There is not much information about the JV available other than the announcement that Jaks is owning 30% of the venture. In fact, the profit during construction period is a self-declared profit. There is no actual profit until the power plant is completed.
23/06/2017 12:09
r°Moi .

Ang Lam Poah.... buy... or.... cease being CEO

23/06/2017 12:10
money888888 apa jadi ni? kyy punya kaunter
no more support? used up margin?
can go in or not?
23/06/2017 12:36
notebook if the company is good, kyy terus buy all share, make jaks delisted and untung sendiri.
23/06/2017 12:40
stncws maybe he buy bad company to make it good compny, anyway most of his share is up.. he controls
23/06/2017 13:36
Sslee Dear Tapdance,
I absolutely agree with you that JAKS’ business prospect is of better quality than the management/BOD (strange). I am lucky enough to be able to talk to the man behind the Vietnam IPP and also make some verification with the external Auditor on the signed contract. As I put it previously if Vietnam IPP project progress as plan, definitely it will be a game changer for JAKS.
Mr. Koon definitely know what he is buying into, he even advice the board no to tender any more construction contracts in Malaysia but to concentrate on producing electricity business. Will his JAKS investment (Exception from his golden rules) reward him handsomely in the long run? only time can tell?
Thank you.
23/06/2017 13:42
RoseMallow There is a LTIP. The exclusive ESOS for privileged 3 staff that intended to subscribe discounted 10% cheap shares (RM1.40). THe price was determined based on the price of the stock at the closing of RM1.58. SO, if they subscribe the shares at RM1.40, and if the shares maintain and rise a little from RM1.58 to 1.60 or maybe, happily 1.70. Wah... can make quick money by disposing their cheap shares from this exclusive ESOS into the market, just for this 3 people. ANyway, the amount engaged was in total 12M shares. This is a RM16.8M.

SO, now, have they got so much money? If they had, then their should have held more shares compare to thier current stake of less that 10% each. So, where did they get this 16.8M?

If the RM16.8M is margin facilities or OD or whatever, interest is imposed. Now, the share price is RM1.45. Not much gain of subscription of 1.40. If share price goes lower, rugi-oh... how much do they need to fork out to pay interest everyday?

Now they have fully accepted this offer, (please refer to bursa anouncement), their shares are no listed yet. If by the time listed, share price lower than 1.40, macam mana?

Of course, KKY not happy these people get to subscribe cheap shares lah. KKy lowered the price for them to make it difficult to dump shares into the market. ANd if these people forced to release shares into the market because of heavy interest expenses, oiyo... share price goes where?
23/06/2017 14:07
AhMeng This 3 people has commited RM 16.8M to subscribe 12M shares under LTIP.
The same people also need to spend to maintain the existing share price to avoid
margin call. How much they still have ?

If uncle not buying, share price will not move up.
23/06/2017 14:15
DK66 LTIP are share options. No need to subscribe immediately. Normally given a time period of 5 years .
23/06/2017 15:54
RoseMallow oo... thanks for the reminder. THen if KYY manages to kick them out of the company later. No more ESOS.

WHen the share price rises to RM1.80/RM2.00 later, are you as a minority shareholder happy to see this 3 people buying at RM1.40, then, dump it into the market to dilute the share price later or not?

Are this 3 people worth the reward, so far, judging by their performance, i.e. Evolve Mall, and Pacific Star Project, incurring penalty by inability to complete project in time. Are they efficient and capable?

How do you justify this reward for these 3 people with thier performance?

I hope the power plant construction won't delay by their current style management.
23/06/2017 16:20
r°Moi .

Sslee.... did you ask person in charge of IPP...... under the EPC..... if JAKS just do back to back billing only..... ie.... all works sub out to China companies...

23/06/2017 16:25
r°Moi .

Sure or not?

Sell his shares.... he dares?!?

Ang Lam Poah.... while no need to go.... will cease being CEO

23/06/2017 16:43
Sslee Dear AhMoi,
I am not from construction industry and I am not very sure what you mean by “back to back billing only”.
Anyhow from the conversation I have with the Auditors and the person in-charge of Vietnam project. JAKS was able to get a very favorable Power purchase agreement signed with the Vietnam government for 25 years and Coal supply agreement signed with local coal suppliers hence JAKS was able to get CPECC as JV partner and also as EPC contractor. With all this lose end tie in the JV able to secure banks financing for the whole project. As construction progress the JV will be able to draw down the finance from banks to pay CPECC and JAKS. JAKS will be able to recognize this payment as construction profit after substances the expenses incur. So do CPECC after paying all the suppliers and sub contractors.
JAKS roles during construction period is as project manager (make sure project is on time and of correct quality and specification) and also as contact point between local authorities/regulatory and JV.
After project completion (certain agreed fixed period) then only JAKS need to recognize his portion of JV financial and depreciation cost. By that time the JV power plant should have generated and sold the agree quantity of power to the grid and get payment from the power sold at the agree price per KWh.
From this income then only JV will start to pay back the bank loan principal and interest to the banks.
Thank you.
23/06/2017 20:07
DK66 Sslee, thank you for the insights. Do you know the progress of the construction ?
23/06/2017 20:18
musangfoxking Sslee, so can buy to invest?
23/06/2017 20:19
limsaykin buy 1000 units@rm1.49,=1490. kept it like fixed deposit for two to three year, you should knowthe result.should knw tge
23/06/2017 21:30
Sslee Dear all,
From the short period of time I speak and listening to what the auditors and the Person in charge on the Vietnam project have to say, they give me a very good impression as men of passion and loving their works.
The IPP site civil pilling completed and Jetty pilling in progress. The CPECC contractor is very capable and can quickly mobilize whatever machinery, manpower or material that local unable to provide from china.
The PIC jokily told me the only things that can slow down the CPECC are if they hit landmines. PIC is not worry about project progress but more in ensuring the machinery and civil work done with right quality and specification.
I still think JAKS is for long term, it is still at early stage of transforming itself to a significant power player. If JAKS able to get this one done right the potential for more power plant is always there.
After saying all this I still personally prefer to follow what Mr. Koon Golden rule preach: PE below 10 and with business sense that earning will keep increasing due to favorable external business conditions. (Raw mat price, selling price, market demand, currency exchange rate and etc)
I will buy some small quantity of JAKS and keep JAKS at KIV and do not mind buying later at higher price if JAKS is proven it can deliver.
Thank you
23/06/2017 21:56
limsaykin tqvm Sslee
23/06/2017 22:37
HebeiFortune Mr K ask his followers take profit..... Drop soon..... RUN
23/06/2017 23:15
aliyusof Thanks SSlee. But today Starbiz shows PE of Jaks at 876 times. For it to go near 10 or 20, its EPS should be very very greatly improved or jumped and this is anchored on now on the realization of success of the so called game changer or Vietnamese IPP project . Personally think it is having a very long term hope with quite a lot uncertainties in it. Invest in a future hope, basically. Right, must assess own risk profile and appetite before invest in Jaks. What now with two major shareholders at loggerheads , seemingly so from the AGM.
24/06/2017 11:13
gohkimhock I will endorse Jaks only provided the Ang faction is removed from the Board.
24/06/2017 11:33
tomwah more to up after hari raya ???
24/06/2017 15:04
nekosan yes. tp 3
24/06/2017 15:43
rogers123 I am with KYY, waiting the price to surge.........Hahahahah. Another Iwcity soon
24/06/2017 16:31
rogers123 bought 0.85++ for IWcity, sold at 2.80++
24/06/2017 16:31
rogers123 Jaks...... Plz fight for the shares holding. I am waiting to sell u at 2.50
24/06/2017 16:32
rogers123 Huat ar......
24/06/2017 16:33

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mancingbursa You dun act like god lah, pls....
God know everything. Can't hide one.

richardlee Yah at first i don't know Icon8888 but then i saw his old posts by Investo. But he keep attacking me especially once i got my track record, Even though i am a newbie, from the comments made by his fake IDS, it is clear Icon8888 is the cause of all the troubles and vulgar words here. Also, his manipulative ways to make money here is not honest and may even be illegal.
23/06/2017 17:31
23/06/2017 17:35
mancingbursa I create pray board and put u up there- top ! Investo and bwc beside you. We all praying you every morning and evening, ok ar? Icon-bad guy, all fake id, ok. You give me light to shining the i3, omin...
23/06/2017 17:40
mancingbursa Hahaha kanina.... Sai hei, giler lor...

richardlee Intelligent post. We are all proud of you.
Wasted education?
23/06/2017 17:44
Embrace Belief shameless persons....
23/06/2017 17:44
mancingbursa Use this type of word make chatting more reality ! Western movie always use f**k so do u watching it regularly?
23/06/2017 17:49
mancingbursa Tiu ...!
23/06/2017 17:49
richardlee Wah it has been a really good week for me! i am really glad my newbie track record so accurate so far. Longer term maybe big picture ok but short term my market psychology method really helps a lot! The price i bought or sold i posted in my comment history. I don't make claims i cannot prove.
23/06/2017 19:09
richardlee JN88, I got many questions to your post defending Icon8888. So far i only asked one question many times but you and Icon8888 already do not dare to reply. You think readers on this forum stupid meh? Let me repeat the question for you.:

You boasted that Icon8888 dare tambah? Actually all losers also dare tambah but at the wrong time. That is why they became losers!

What price was AA when Icon8888 shouted and promised minimal downside. What price was it when Icon8888 lured readers by saying insiders buying already and asked buyers to jump in?
After that what price did AA fall to?

Posted by Icon8888 > Sep 27, 2016 11:41 AM | Report Abuse
I tambah makan yesterday and today. Minimal downside risk

Posted by Icon8888 > Oct 12, 2016 12:53 PM | Report Abuse
the insiders are buying now
if u are smart, jump on the bandwagon now
(if you are not smart, just stay sideline and bitch about it)

23/06/2017 19:09
richardlee Post removed. Why?
23/06/2017 19:10
richardlee Look at Icon8888 posts through his many fake IDs and gang. Only insults and same vulgar words. Wasted education.
23/06/2017 19:14
richardlee Icon8888 can gang up to delete but he can't hide the truth!
23/06/2017 19:14
richardlee Yah at first i don't know Icon8888 but then i saw his old posts by Investo. But he keep attacking me especially once i got my track record, Even though i am a newbie, from the comments made by his fake IDS, it is clear Icon8888 is the cause of all the troubles and vulgar words here. Also, his manipulative ways to make money here is not honest and may even be illegal.
23/06/2017 19:15
paperplane2016 He is a typical losers
23/06/2017 19:15
richardlee Post removed. Why?
23/06/2017 19:15
JN88 richardlee: as long as icon tambah at < 3.00.....he still the winner......you dont tell me you tambah at 3.59??????

3.59?????You tambah????

Just accept the fact. Truth cant hide.....from your post that show icon tamabah all below 3.59.....

Even supermx 1 sen earn cant get 20k.....you better learn some technique from supermx.
23/06/2017 19:26
xuewenapeng Sure go up to 4.00
23/06/2017 19:56
Investo Going home time.............;-)
AA up again! richardlee, u are real hero. I am impressed N cannot bluff, u got yr old comments 2 prove. Congrats! I also happy, my cost is 3.02 N now i making more even. Early 4 rounds profit in pocket oredi. My win-win plan working well. Laugh

Posted by Investo > Jun 5, 2017 06:52 PM | Report Abuse
AA up! BWC right this morning when he say big picture again signal buy..I bought more more AA this morning at 3.23, my average AA cost price is 3.02 N now 100% in stock. That is what call buy with conviction! My win-win plan working well!

Posted by Investo > May 26, 2017 04:11 PM | Report Abuse
Seem more steady. BWC say big picture still good N improving even. So i just bought more at 3.05 N now back to 90% in stock market. Average cost in my 5th round in AA at 3.00.

Posted by Investo > May 25, 2017 08:40 AM | Report Abuse
AA 2day how? I sold 80% on Tuesday N bought back 30% yesterday - cannot bluff. price N trade date all given my comment history. This is my 5th round in AA, average cost 2.95 N now back 2 70% invested. So far so good. With big picture N win-win plan, AA sharp up or down also become opportunity. Suspect maybe got some bad news eg results not good or AAC sale delayed but selling like overdone. Hope AA up back soon. Laugh

Posted by Investo > May 23, 2017 05:05 PM | Report Abuse
I now only got 20% in AA, sold half in morning at 3.49 N 30% in afternoon at 3.33. From my average cost of 2.88, my 4th round in AA make good profit again N no need 2 worry if AA fall or up back 2morrow. This is beauty of my win-win plan. Laugh
23/06/2017 19:58
Investo richardlee, i can see u are making Icon8888 N his fake IDs running in circles like mad chicken dun know what 2 do! Laugh U really do good job. But my advise is dun waste time, be like me, just CNP V2 3x a day when not working. Enough 2 do the job N help forum become more honest oredi. Laugh
23/06/2017 20:01
Investo Icon8888 will keep attack u if u got good track record. He attack my win-win plan, BWC big picture N now he attack richardlee's short term calls. All this attack but he dare not talk about his own track record. Why? Laugh

He ashame lah, his calls so wrong but let me help him. I copy N paste his old post
So lets compare their calls N see who more right. See below old post show big different Icon8888 call N BWC call when AA drop from 3.30 down 2.30 last year. No wonder Icon8888 sell recently at loss N leave forum. Laugh


Posted by Icon8888 > Aug 11, 2016 12:08 PM | Report Abuse
I am not selling. I am guided by PER
I think it should worth 3.50 to 4.00 before special dividend from leasing disposal. add that in, RM5.00 not impossible

Posted by Icon8888 > Sep 27, 2016 11:41 AM | Report Abuse
I tambah makan yesterday and today. Minimal downside risk

Posted by Icon8888 > Oct 12, 2016 12:53 PM | Report Abuse
the insiders are buying now
if u are smart, jump on the bandwagon now
(if you are not smart, just stay sideline and bitch about it)

Posted by Icon8888 > Nov 24, 2016 09:45 PM | Report Abuse
three strong results today : Jaks, Air Asia and Thong Guan
I am happy

Posted by Icon8888 > Dec 6, 2016 05:53 PM | Report Abuse
Not selling a single share
Full of confidence
I have conviction

Posted by Icon8888 > Dec 15, 2016 04:38 PM | Report Abuse
Bought more today at 252
I never sell based on whatever picture
BuyWithConviction > Sep 6, 2016 09:23 AM | Report Abuse
Still have conviction in AA longer term but big picture suggests AA could stay soft in near term. No crystal ball but still suspect it may be best to reduce exposure a bit and get ready to buy at lower prices if AA falls further.

Posted by BuyWithConviction > Sep 14, 2016 11:14 AM | Report Abuse
Keep eye on big picture. It suggests may be prudent to take some profit first. Still positive AA longer term.

Posted by BuyWithConviction > Oct 13, 2016 08:46 AM | Report Abuse
Still positive on AA longer term but tactically it may be good to be prudent a bit short term. With the delay in PP and the sale of AAC still in early stages, the next price catalyst for AA may not be so soon.

Posted by BuyWithConviction > Oct 31, 2016 01:23 PM | Report Abuse
The spike in yield curves last week and new developments in the US presidential election over the weekend are hurting market sentiment. The price of AA has weakened for 2 months already. No crystal ball but big picture continues to suggest some caution may be warranted for now.

Posted by BuyWithConviction > Nov 30, 2016 10:03 AM | Report Abuse
Ringgit more stable in the last few days but headwinds not over. FF likely to continue to tweak portfolio to reduce EM assets. No crystal ball but big picture analysis continues to suggest some caution is warranted with an asset allocation at about 70%, much less if you are in AA alone. Positive on AA long term, short term can be choppy and risky.

Posted by BuyWithConviction > Jan 18, 2017 09:04 AM | Report Abuse
As said repeatedly since mid Dec, big picture is gradually improving. Also AA is oversold and Ringgit likely to have overshot. Put together this big picture suggests the recent rebound in AA is likely to be real and has further room to rise. @Investo, big picture suggests - buy with conviction.
23/06/2017 20:02
elbrutus mancing...u r funny....lols
23/06/2017 20:08
elbrutus in a lovely way....hahaha
23/06/2017 20:08
playplay Is AirAsia peaked already ? Is it time to move on ? What is your view ?
23/06/2017 20:17
richardlee JN88 you are not answering the whole question. Got problems reading or eyesight not good?

JN88, I got many questions to your post defending Icon8888. So far i only asked one question many times but you and Icon8888 already do not dare to reply. You think readers on this forum stupid meh? Let me repeat the question for you.:

You boasted that Icon8888 dare tambah? Actually all losers also dare tambah but at the wrong time. That is why they became losers!

What price was AA when Icon8888 shouted and promised minimal downside. What price was it when Icon8888 lured readers by saying insiders buying already and asked buyers to jump in?
After that what price did AA fall to?

Posted by Icon8888 > Sep 27, 2016 11:41 AM | Report Abuse
I tambah makan yesterday and today. Minimal downside risk

Posted by Icon8888 > Oct 12, 2016 12:53 PM | Report Abuse
the insiders are buying now
if u are smart, jump on the bandwagon now
(if you are not smart, just stay sideline and bitch about it)

23/06/2017 20:18
richardlee Investo! My job is on the screen so i can monitor regularly but noted what you say. True, as long as i post regularly, i don't have to monitor all the time and i still get to share my AA view and also warn newbies about traps here on this forum.
23/06/2017 20:23
newbie1111 even friday before long weekend also up, next week will test 3.40?
23/06/2017 20:23
mancingbursa If u r here surely laugh loudest ! Alot already deleted

elbrutus mancing...u r funny....lols
23/06/2017 20:08

Richardlee proudly said we should pray him.....
23/06/2017 20:26
elbrutus u oredi promoted him/her...or maybe half half....to d sin toi....hahaha
23/06/2017 20:31
richardlee AA closed strong for raya break like i predicted. Strong buying at 3.19 before close, good signal for next week!

Icon8888 kept saying this is fake rebound. Seems he always getting his calls wrong, no ability so no choice he has to use dishonest ways on the forum.
23/06/2017 20:41
newbie1111 can BWC bring his obsession with Icon somewhere else? Icon had sale his airasia share and left for long time. for the love of god please stop with you pointless attack and using own account to praise yourself.
23/06/2017 21:40
JN88 I not able to understand your question, what I know is buy low sell high......and make money.... your question too deep.... little knowledge person very hard to understand.
23/06/2017 22:00
Lqiaoyin Hi i sold airasia on 25th may. Which is 2 days after ex date of 23th may. Today i am suppose to get the dividend but i didnt. Anyone encounter same problem as me? This is my 1st time getting dividend but yet make me dissapointed.... :-(
23/06/2017 22:33
valuegrowth Lqiaoyin, if you didn't subscript to e-dividend, you need to wait for cheque
23/06/2017 22:37
valuelurker Dont keep repeating the same damned thing and drowning the thread la mahai...and stop feeding the attention whore

Clueless admins go put a maximum cap of number of posts an account can post on the same thread in a single day la
23/06/2017 23:00
Lqiaoyin Valuegrowth, thx for the reply. Ic.... i thought everything is via on9 trf :-( actually i dont even get the manual annual report....
23/06/2017 23:00
Whey Whey U need to request for the manual script if u want one
24/06/2017 00:06
SharkTank Thanks for the cheese AA. Almost 30k in dividends. Nothing better.
24/06/2017 00:21
JN88 SharkTank: you still havent answer my question, what point hv you top up.......tambah makan.....I dont want to bother your 30k dividend.
24/06/2017 11:30



24/06/2017 13:03
mancingbursa To all muslimat and muslimin SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI
24/06/2017 13:04
richardlee Wah it has been a really good week for me! i am really glad my newbie track record so accurate so far. Longer term maybe big picture ok but short term my market psychology method really helps a lot! The price i bought or sold re-posted below to prove. I don't make claims i cannot prove.

Posted by richardlee > Jun 23, 2017 08:05 AM | Report Abuse
For today, i think we going to have another good day for AA. Lets see if i am right.

Posted by richardlee > Jun 22, 2017 09:36 AM | Report Abuse
completed rest of my back back at 3.15.

Posted by richardlee > Jun 22, 2017 08:10 AM | Report Abuse
For today and tomorrow, I predict time to rebound, close strong for Hari Raya holidays. I think i might buy back more today.

Posted by richardlee > Jun 21, 2017 06:32 PM | Report Abuse
I say already, afternoon sell down further. I managed to get back 1/2 of my AA holdings! AA is my lucky stock so far, managed to sell and buy back lower!

Posted by richardlee > Jun 21, 2017 04:23 PM | Report Abuse
Bought back about 1/3 at 3.10 and 3.11. Price still look weak but learn from human behavior, now might be good time to buy?

Posted by richardlee > Jun 21, 2017 09:46 AM | Report Abuse
If morning also down sharp, then afternoon will be even worse? I am waiting at even lower price now.

Posted by richardlee > Jun 20, 2017 07:23 AM | Report Abuse
Yesterday closing very weak, shows got people throwing last minute trying to get out. So today i think AA could be fall further. Sentiment on our market also negative. I am going to try to sell first and buy back lower. Will see how the opening goes.

Posted by richardlee > Jun 19, 2017 10:37 AM | Report Abuse
As i said before, several times AA could not break resistance, this is a negative sign.

Posted by richardlee > Jun 18, 2017 05:27 PM | Report Abuse
Monday thinking of selling half first while i am still making money. A few times AA reached resistance and could not break through. That is a clear negative sign suggesting short term weakness,. I think better sell first.
24/06/2017 13:56
JN88 richardlee: I suspect you are Icon888....hahahahahahaha
24/06/2017 13:58
richardlee JN88, even if i am Icon8888 or Investo, any difference? Conclusion still same. This forum got many vulgar posts and a gang trying to make money dishonestly, dangerous to newbies.
24/06/2017 14:01
JN88 richardelee: forget about Icon888, focus next move of AA......so we all can earn big money.....
24/06/2017 14:01
richardlee JN88, how to forget, he keep insulting me and deleting my posts. Must defend and attack back lah. I am nice to most people but i don't take shit from anyone.
24/06/2017 14:04
richardlee Yes, Icon8888 inspires you to make money dishonestly in the stock market. You are so smart! Better go feed his dog.

Posted by mancingbursa > Jun 22, 2017 09:15 PM | Report Abuse
Yeap... If icon8888 call me to feed their dog, i also willing to do that ! This call willingness- he inspires me alot in stock market.
24/06/2017 14:05
JN88 ricahrdlee: you can refer to my previous post..... I worry I explain to you and you not able to absorb.
24/06/2017 14:07
richardlee JN88, I got many questions to your post defending Icon8888. So far i only asked one question many times but you and Icon8888 are too coward to reply so far. You think readers on this forum stupid meh? Let me repeat the question for you.:

You boasted that Icon8888 dare tambah, Actually all losers also dare tambah but at the wrong time. That is why they became losers!

What price was AA when Icon8888 shouted and promised minimal downside. What price was it when Icon8888 lured readers by saying insiders buying already and asked buyers to jump in?
After that what price did AA fall to?

Posted by Icon8888 > Sep 27, 2016 11:41 AM | Report Abuse
I tambah makan yesterday and today. Minimal downside risk

Posted by Icon8888 > Oct 12, 2016 12:53 PM | Report Abuse
the insiders are buying now
if u are smart, jump on the bandwagon now
(if you are not smart, just stay sideline and bitch about it)

24/06/2017 14:09
JN88 After defend you get 30k dividend?
24/06/2017 14:12
SharkTank @JN88 what do u mean?
24/06/2017 15:49
JN88 SharkTank: after you defend Icon , you can get another 30k special dividend.
24/06/2017 16:31

  8 people like this.
Leonardo12 i try to use DCF analysis, using fcf of 25 mil, growth i use 5% for 5 years, then terminal growth 3%, i get IV of 2.2. Sound ok?
15/04/2017 21:40
yeekarwai 95 i dont know this method to calculate,i just use normal.calculation,haha.
RM2.20 also possible,as a lot of projects will indirectly benefit OKA.
15/04/2017 23:12
tokohM I strongly believe OKA will be performing good like ajiya with both companies also involved in supplying IBS for PR1MA projects.
17/04/2017 08:31
Alley83 Good to enter now?
26/04/2017 18:32
8085208 @Alley83, strongly no
26/04/2017 19:04
Cockcroach I entered 1.47
26/04/2017 21:25
wolf1 some1 pushing everyday?
27/04/2017 21:12
gohkimhock good stock no need to push. Just like HaiO.
27/04/2017 21:26
samsambank ENGTEX GROUP BHD is a good stock as well.
02/05/2017 19:57
yeekarwai 95 Break new high soon.
13/05/2017 10:57
ginvin broke! after bonus issued
15/05/2017 10:09
yeekarwai 95 New high!!!
15/05/2017 13:09
Christiano88 coming soon...
15/05/2017 14:13
wynwyn Hi
May I know what's causing the surge in price? Is there going to be a special dividend or something?
15/05/2017 15:21
yeekarwai 95 maybe is going to announce good QR
15/05/2017 17:13

Minister calls for mandatory use of industrialised building system in construction industry
16/05/2017 21:33
cpng 26th May 2017 Friday
The latest quarter results going to release upon market closed.
22/05/2017 14:11
J Trader 7.3 mil.
Eps 4.5 sen.
Hold tight.
Strong resistan 1.61 follow by 1.73.
23/05/2017 00:13
cpng Oka board of directors having meeting 10am to approve quarter results and final dividend proposal.And will be submitted to bursa right after market closed.
26/05/2017 09:31
ginvin result superb! strong fundamental
26/05/2017 17:21
Apollo Ang Monday open green again then profit taking coming again end the day on the red, just like ann joo,prestar,petron and many more
26/05/2017 17:22
isaacnz EPS 5.88. Good result.
26/05/2017 17:22
Christiano88 1.80 coming soon
26/05/2017 17:31
ginvin net cash increase 10m too !
26/05/2017 17:58
Aries Will add more.
26/05/2017 18:05
shahrin warm up
29/05/2017 16:19
J Trader Time to collecting more before it shoot up.
Market slowly recover, before it is too late.
1.80-1.85 is coming
31/05/2017 14:47
Cornerstone wahhh like that u also know ah??
31/05/2017 14:48
cpng 這个股不是卖高科技產品,但是毛利可能比高科技產品還高,因為他们肯真材實料,好好做工,傳統產品的也可以做出品牌,做出客滿的生意,成了現金牛(cash cow)。

31/05/2017 20:18
J Trader @corn I smell the money, and I like %.
31/05/2017 22:27
Jay good company, good track record and in a growing industry.
now revenue is relatively flat as they focus on selling higher margin products, if they can grow both volume and margins then this stock will really explode
01/06/2017 15:14
paperplane2016 Jay, this stock my sifu buy before. Not sure if he still buy. But last time I did not follow him as I don't think the industry growing. Very reliance on projects etc also in cOuntry economy. Can enlighten
01/06/2017 19:41
wynwyn @cpng 说得很好!给你一个贊!
02/06/2017 12:37
Jay from my limited understanding of the industry, I think precast concrete is the future. unlike simply supplying cement or building materials, this is a higher skilled industry and can save time, costs and need for labour (if done right and in reasonable scale). its fate is closely tied with construction and property industries. construction is still booming, offsetting the sleeping property industry. and precast concrete industry should only grow as more construction and property players adopt the technology
06/06/2017 07:34
paperplane2016 but my thought earlier was precast concrete cant be flexible or custome made. custom made will be very costly also.
06/06/2017 08:11
kampachi ops director and substanial shareholder disposing.
07/06/2017 18:18
SC been keeping since the bonus 3 years ago...
08/06/2017 16:50
fireinvestor Consistent profit growth with low PE.. limited downside, just hold and wait for breakout
09/06/2017 11:58
J Trader 1. Why OKA profit margin increase? Demand > Supply. So. OKA focus on high margin product.(Strength) - Refer Q4 2017
2. Why Demand>Supply? Pssible due to labour shortage. Company like Homeriz, Chinwell facing same issue as well(Risk).What-If OKA solve this issue? Revenue? Bottom-line?
3. Prasarana on track to complete award of LRT3 main packages by July(Gov project)-somehow benefit OKA.Eg:T-Beam, M-beam.(Opportunity)
4. In term of Dividend 5.5 sen FYE 2017 10% increase, indirect mean OKA 10% growth.(Growth)
5. Debt free company with cash 49 mil in equivalent to 30 sen per share(49/163). Use for expansion or dividend payout. (Strong cash flow)

I’m just summarize my point of view.
13/06/2017 11:00
hahaha1412 How OKA utilize the cash? Focus on develop new product? Buy machine? New plant (less possibility)? More dividend payout? This is most investors interested.
13/06/2017 17:20
wan7075 Hi J Trader. 2. Why Demand>Supply? Pssible due to labour shortage.
can u teach me why labour shortage can cause the demand increase? thanks!
13/06/2017 19:46
J Trader Hahaha 1412 I like this question "how utilize the cash". I'm sure you able to discover it if your hold this counter for another 3 to 5 year. I think it is hardly to see any expansion in short term.

@wan7075 I'm just sharing, limited supply due to labor issue, demand as usual= demand>supply.
13/06/2017 23:31
hahaha1412 This is worst if keep cash and do nothing. For 1 to 2 years still OK but no good for long term.
14/06/2017 11:15
Godstock88 A very good stock accumulate ..
Never too late to go in .
More to come

Bonus issues ?????
16/06/2017 19:46
shark_fin 股价稳固向上
16/06/2017 23:45
kampachi why so many substantial shareholder and director disposed OKA?
17/06/2017 00:51
J Trader @kampachi Mr Ong and the family own more than 55% of total share, 200k of share is inmaterial to them. Mayb the son or daugther need some cash to buy Mr Ong gift for father day or possible they just realize 200k share at 1.73 and resubscribe it back via ESOS at myr 1.13 possible. Be confident in the company you are invest in.
18/06/2017 09:15
Godstock88 Net cash + growth = results telling everything
18/06/2017 16:00
shark_fin stock price more and more steady
24/06/2017 15:27
Abdul Rahim Coming after raya celebration
just monitor
24/06/2017 16:31

  4 people like this.
ktsk88 EPF keeps accumulating means goodies is coming.
11/05/2017 13:01
RainT Keep up and up
No chance to buy low
11/05/2017 23:06
ZeaXG low volume trading.
12/05/2017 17:41
RainT Number of shares just small only

Volume sure lower
14/05/2017 12:03
MATB If good QR next week, 43 is on its way
20/05/2017 22:06
lching no need good result, announces bonus will do.
20/05/2017 22:13
josephtan No need bonus or good results, the price will up at least rm2 after announce dividend. So expect to pay at least 38.64 on 1st of june, if dividend is announced on the same date as the results
21/05/2017 01:06
Kensington Panamy will be releasing its 4Q results by the end of this month. The earnings for the 4Q has to reach a target of 77 sen/share which is highly unlikely to equal last year's earnings. However, going by last year's payout ratio of 57% at 139 sen/share, it is considered low. So although eps for this financial year is expected to be lower than last year, the Co could either maintain or increase the final dividend. This will however be more likely if the ringgit has a more favorable exchange rate against the yen.
21/05/2017 10:18
MATB If EPS 0.60 + good prospect ahead, considered very good news already.
21/05/2017 22:37
MATB topped up again today 36.54. Bet on good QR
24/05/2017 20:01
suregain Beter u go genting
24/05/2017 20:23
MATB haha
24/05/2017 22:46
josephtan LOL, bet here is better
probability of winning is much higher, give bonus (dividend) some more
did genting give you bonus if you lose?
24/05/2017 23:45
MATB He Bacarrat SUREGAIN ^_^
25/05/2017 11:31
ZeaXG New TP recommendation by HLG: 43.20
25/05/2017 12:18
suregain oredi up rm3 from rm33.50. stil can buy meh? if poor result, sharp drop wo...
25/05/2017 13:51
MATB Share price move in tandem with eps + prospect. My aji, bought from 6.80 till 9.00, last buy 13.32, Just sold 94% recently at average 19.70, still have 6% in hand
25/05/2017 17:53
suregain U bought at cheap px of course,said,like,tat la
25/05/2017 22:24
bumperProfit88 buy high and sell higher
25/05/2017 22:31
MATB haha, everyone have own strategy. My panamy average cost is more than 20, less than 30, i know what i do what i buy
25/05/2017 23:22
lching latest result not good enough. tomorrow breaks $36......
30/05/2017 18:44
suregain Wow,poor result, tomorow down
30/05/2017 20:03
Apollo Ang so bad results and less dividend, should down 2.00 to be fair
30/05/2017 20:38
MATB Bad result @_@. only bright point is management is "more optimistic" on future outlook, compare to previous few quarters
30/05/2017 20:41
suregain Luckily I din bet on panamy.. if not buta buta rugi duit
30/05/2017 20:44
Apollo Ang sure rugi lah tomoro is a fact not fiction
30/05/2017 20:46
pputeh Management have to say 'more optimistic' lah. If they say otherwise share price will drop tomorrow! Anyway management very 'selfish' Build NAPS to rm13+ for what?. Good to see only. Why no 'special div' for long suffering shareholders. Always building cash reserves, but not utilizing it for good investments.
30/05/2017 22:07
suregain no way to run.. haha
31/05/2017 08:48
fong7 wah! why dividend so little?!
31/05/2017 09:34
MATB bad result also drop not much @_@
hardly can get dead chicken
31/05/2017 10:01
lching 3.6% is lot of fluctuation for PANAMY.
31/05/2017 10:12
fong7 bad eps, bad dividend.
it has so much cash, more than 30% of its current market share. But not using much, just mild expansion on manufacturing, and no increase (but decrease) of dividend to shareholders.
hmm.....not pretty.
31/05/2017 10:24
fong7 looking for 33.90 support then....
31/05/2017 10:25
MCC8 .... Wah still Good. Counter Panamy still going to give to it's lovely shareholder for this coming year 2017 dividend RM 1.02. :)
31/05/2017 22:11
fong7 HL report saying dividend is 1.24 (full year 1.39), but i also read 1.02 (adding the previous 0.15 is 1.17 in total only). hmm.....HL made a mistake? Or Panamy not yet declare a special dividend?
01/06/2017 03:50
fong7 an 18% decrease of dividend is definitely not what investors happy about for its huge cash pile in the balance sheet, that including myself. I am a long term shareholder, already 6 years+ until now.
01/06/2017 03:52
MATB Good chance to buy good company CHEAP is when they announce bad QR
01/06/2017 18:02
hewusana Oh.. back to zero..
01/06/2017 19:22
hewusana Before is rm37?
01/06/2017 19:23
makesomemoneyonly this is a good company. however the management is so stingy. so much cash on hand dont know do what
01/06/2017 20:50
makesomemoneyonly is this stingy company going to annouce dividend
02/06/2017 19:20
MATB Bad QR also did not hammer down its share price 。。。 莫非 。。。
03/06/2017 16:39
bumperProfit88 it is not a bad qr, FY16 was an exceptional one
05/06/2017 08:45
Yip2880 http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/hleresearch/125701.jsp

Based on HL Invest TP of RM 43.20, Panamy is still undervalued at current prices.
19/06/2017 15:57
makesomemoneyonly no 1 care if it doesnt announce dividend
20/06/2017 06:53
makesomemoneyonly wanna ask will this company announce dividend.
23/06/2017 17:31
MATB Company 20% market, Middle East recovered. Eps normalised is expected. Cheers ^_^
23/06/2017 18:27
ktsk88 hope it will announce a share split of 1 into 5 to improve liquidity in the market.
24/06/2017 09:26
MATB This issue was raised during last AGm. Dun think company will split. The trend now is investor prefer "high price" stock like Amazon, Google, Facebook etc
24/06/2017 14:47
suregain Corect, good stock no need to split. The higher d px d more valuable.. only d pretend to be so call good counter only split
24/06/2017 16:29

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yeekarwai 95 all the steel counters flies,ssteel.still.no movement!
02/06/2017 10:11
nicky11 Everyday 2 cents improvement also good ma
02/06/2017 19:22
MrPauper Oh yeah !!!
02/06/2017 23:31
leoting 钢铁第6报告之颁奖典礼!! ---http://leoting81.blogspot.my/2017/06/6.html
03/06/2017 01:06
nicky11 Everyday i3 got news account like yourestupid come to spread nonsense in everywhere...zzz
03/06/2017 01:34
lanjiolang 感谢 Leoting 将军的无私分享!!
03/06/2017 09:59
lanjiolang Congratulation to SSTEEL for inclusion in "FTSE BURSA MALAYSIA SMALL CAP INDEX".
03/06/2017 10:14
nicky11 Today steel counters move again...
05/06/2017 11:24
abangadik wakakaka..many ppl topup with dividend lui..
05/06/2017 11:42
kevin008 http://www.enanyang.my/news/20170605/%E3%80%90%E7%8B%AC%E5%AE%B6%E3%80%91%E4%B8%89%E5%88%A9%E5%A5%BD%E6%BF%80%E5%8A%B1-%E8%BF%9B%E5%8F%A3%E6%88%90%E6%9C%AC%E9%99%8Dbr-%E9%92%A2%E9%93%81%E4%B8%9A%E5%8F%AF%E6%97%BA3%E5%B9%B4/
05/06/2017 15:04
yeekarwai 95 Today's performance not bad.
05/06/2017 16:57
Edwardljhoo YKW 95,
More to come
05/06/2017 17:28
CaiShenYe another gem
09/06/2017 10:56
yeekarwai 95 far lag.behind the peer.
09/06/2017 17:10
nicky11 It need a turbo engine..lolz
09/06/2017 22:28
Takashi Sorimachi Be patient, mates.
10/06/2017 23:44
MrPauper I am patiently waiting for rm3. Anything more than that, perhaps rm3.50, I will happily take it
10/06/2017 23:48
ming Too less ticket floating outside.. hopefully new big player will come in assist the price.lol
13/06/2017 07:22
yeekarwai 95 need break new high and break 1.80 to show its power.
13/06/2017 22:09
huahtai98 Do be patient people...the HL team will deliver....give them a bit more time....probably overtake AnnJoo.
14/06/2017 11:12
MrPauper Annjoo has their own core competency to generate higher gp margin but ssteel has their own cost efficiency too, each generating their own advantages. Rarely seen investment bank issuing coverage on ssteel but pbinvest just issued immediate tp for ssteel at 1.88 and 1.97.. Good news for ssteel
14/06/2017 12:27
yeekarwai 95 Why cannot see the report from IB?
14/06/2017 12:40
abangadik it is a trading buycall guys..
14/06/2017 12:42
yeekarwai 95 ya,i will listen your advice.

why give a cchouse link?
14/06/2017 13:50
abangadik opps.. I meant to give link to the publicbank trading buycall.. aiyor sendiri tengokla ..lolz..
14/06/2017 14:06
MrPauper https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/PublicInvest/125365.jsp
14/06/2017 14:26
yeekarwai 95 thanks
14/06/2017 14:27
tan lucy any below rm2 is cheap. buy now or regret later
16/06/2017 11:39
yeekarwai 95 Yup.
but i dont know why the operators still press the price,dont follow the peer.
some queue will automatically cancel.
16/06/2017 15:31
MrPauper Operator will want to make a profit. Of they buy all the way up and push the price high up, who will buy from them given the current sentiment?
16/06/2017 16:34
MrPauper Operators have a lot in hand. They wont be able to unload to public to realise their profit if no one wants to buy from them at a higher price
16/06/2017 16:35
kevin008 wait Aug sure come haha
16/06/2017 23:06
Musangfoxk1ng Buy more!!! Top up today!!
20/06/2017 07:47
20/06/2017 16:27
Edwardljhoo Some one is trying very hard to push down the price but too bad, it wont work as they forgot who is the largest shareholder
20/06/2017 17:20
ProStockbroker I push down to swallow. Kikiki!!
20/06/2017 21:17
yeekarwai 95 1.64 also exists
21/06/2017 10:31
21/06/2017 10:45
tan lucy sell faster, so i can collect cheaper
21/06/2017 15:53
ProStockbroker https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/koko888/122541.jsp

Koko sifu also bought it. Don't worry! His stock up a lot 1. If no rm 2.50 I won't sell.
21/06/2017 19:17
CaiShenYe bought some @ 1.63
22/06/2017 10:05
MrPauper Does the chart shows a hammer at the bottom of the downtrend? Does it signify a reversal of downtrend?
22/06/2017 21:33
cl1122 mr pauper, it shows reversal if today close high..yeah ~!
23/06/2017 12:24
ProStockbroker Buy buy buy!!!!
23/06/2017 16:15
yeekarwai 95 what happens.
23/06/2017 16:34
MrPauper Is today's closing price high enough to signify a reversal of downtrend? Hahaha !
23/06/2017 17:22
yeekarwai 95 Enough
23/06/2017 17:25
cl1122 mr pauper, ssteel close highest of the day ! kikiki
24/06/2017 15:38
gcke The appended Technical Price Charts as appended signalled buying start.
View- http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Stock-Chart.aspx?securitycode=5665
24/06/2017 15:40
Ahbeng11 I guess there will be dividend announce on coming quarter result
24/06/2017 16:29

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pc_FA Kenanga Research about Tomypak:
09/06/2017 10:28
pc_FA IB research up-to-date:
CIMB - Reduce - RM 0.75;
Kenanga - Hold - RM 1.00;
09/06/2017 10:31
kenken85 pc_FA whats ur TP? haha. what will be the expected dividend after all this diulation. btw i just top up more at 1.00. average up ..
09/06/2017 11:09
ozzie75 Haha!

kenken85 pc_FA whats ur TP? haha. what will be the expected dividend after all this diulation. btw i just top up more at 1.00. average up ..

09/06/2017 11:09

pc_FA @Kim Yi Chia

I'm happy if year end can reach the goal below.

After share split and bonus issue:
Stage-1 @ 2017, RM 3++; >> Adjusted RM 1.2++
Stage-2 @ 2018, RM 4++; >> Adjusted RM 1.6++
Stage-3 @ 2021, RM 6++; >> Adjusted RM 2.4++

***It heavily depend on the financial result/PAT/eps and I might adjust (increase/decrease) the TP later.

06/06/2017 20:40
09/06/2017 11:18
pc_FA @kenken85

I'm happy if year end can reach the goal below.

After share split and bonus issue:
Stage-1 @ 2017, RM 3++; >> Adjusted RM 1.2++
Stage-2 @ 2018, RM 4++; >> Adjusted RM 1.6++
Stage-3 @ 2021, RM 6++; >> Adjusted RM 2.4++

***It heavily depend on the financial result/PAT/eps and I might adjust (increase/decrease) the TP later.

I'm happy/satisfy if every three month can up 0.10 :)
My last Top up is at RM 2.45 (or RM 0.98).

For dividend, Tomypak Group’s dividend policy of distributing at least 40% of the Tomypak group’s net profit for the year to shareholders.
Last year is around 65.8% of its PAT.

Assume every quarter can get PAT 6 million and 60% of its PAT as dividend. I believe we can get 1 sen each for the upcoming financial result.
Plus 2017Q1, we already get 2 sen. This year I will expect to get 5 sen.

I might wrong but all this is heavily depend on the financial result/PAT/eps.
09/06/2017 11:30
ozzie75 @pc_FA: Really got chemistry ah! Hope to know you in person, one day. Haha!
09/06/2017 11:34
pc_FA @ozzie75, let meet up at next Tomypak agm :P
09/06/2017 11:53
kenken85 can meet me up as well?
09/06/2017 15:22
pc_FA @kenken85, sure :) We can have a gathering of i3 Tomypak share holder by that time :P
09/06/2017 15:47
hero666 hahahaha @pc_FA, didnt count me in meh ? ahahahahaha
09/06/2017 18:11
pc_FA @hero666, sure. Everyone is welcome. Hehe. Let share whatever info and grow together with Tomypak.
09/06/2017 18:41
pc_FA Features of quality stock:
1. High dividend yield (高股息)
2. Defensive (安全性)
3. Growth (成长)
09/06/2017 22:44
hero666 @pc_FA, am so fortunate to have you n ozzie advise over here, prev i'd so much queries for this company, thanks 2u all, can unds this counter better and felt much secure of my investment
10/06/2017 10:31
omgimnoob Dividend below 3% not attractive anymore...Wait become 0.50 :)
10/06/2017 11:03
pc_FA @hero666, You are most welcome. I'm happy to learn with everyone here also. The best part of discussion is to understand more and solve all our doubts and concerns.
10/06/2017 13:32
pc_FA @omgimnoob, hope what you said come true. I'm happy to see that and can accumulate more at lower price :P
10/06/2017 13:34
necro OVERVALUE...IV before right issue was RM3.40...calculate its value after that+bonus issue..you will find that its value...
11/06/2017 17:07
pc_FA @necro, perhaps you can show us how you calculate it instead? I'm happy to learn it. Thanks a lot.
11/06/2017 19:44
hero666 http://www.enanyang.my/news/20170611/时势造英雄草根牛马/
12/06/2017 00:25
pc_FA @hero666, thanks for your sharing. Change in Revenue is the main concern for 2017Q2 and 2017Q3.
12/06/2017 00:40
Bird87 i bought at 0.99 ....pc_Fa LOng term hold it ba..
13/06/2017 11:48
ozzie75 Aiyooo...I am a noob learning from pc_FA leh. haha!

hero666 @pc_FA, am so fortunate to have you n ozzie advise over here, prev i'd so much queries for this company, thanks 2u all, can unds this counter better and felt much secure of my investment

10/06/2017 10:31
13/06/2017 12:04
pc_FA http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/tomypaks-turnaround-efforts-prove-successful
13/06/2017 12:12
yzgoh6 bought at 1.0 ....keep 1 to 2years
13/06/2017 12:42
hero666 ".........The prospects are for stable growth mainly driven by capacity expansion plans, as Tomypak has plans to increase capacity by 89% up to 36,000 tonnes per annum by FY20 to FY21 (from 19,000 tonnes per annum currently) by constructing a new plant in Senai. Phase 1 of the capacity expansion plan will come on-stream from second half of 2017 (2H17) to 1H18, while Phases 2 and 3 will see capacity growing gradually from FY19 up till FY20 to FY21. As such, we expect revenue to grow by 11% to 23% from FY17 to estimate FY18 (FY18E)....."
13/06/2017 13:37
hero666 Consistent with what pc_FA mentioned previously. Full harvest still a long way to go, expecting 2021...FY22 maybe.
13/06/2017 13:40
pc_FA @hero666, patience is the key to success :)
For expansion plan, I believe Tomypak management plan to double (Senai + Tampoi) its production capacity (around 36,000 tonnes) by end of FY 2019 and triple (Senai + Tampoi) its production capacity (around 54,000 tonnes) by end of FY 2021 or FY 2022.

Anyway let focus on upcoming financial result or any bursa announcement to keep track on Tomypak expansion plan.
13/06/2017 14:22
yyinsg seem to be a quiet phase for share price movement until next qtr result
14/06/2017 14:22
limiklimik bought some, for simpan
14/06/2017 16:02
ozzie75 Yes, and patience towards the management too, to upsize and bring about revenue growth. Haha!

pc_FA @hero666, patience is the key to success :)
For expansion plan, I believe Tomypak management plan to double (Senai + Tampoi) its production capacity (around 36,000 tonnes) by end of FY 2019 and triple (Senai + Tampoi) its production capacity (around 54,000 tonnes) by end of FY 2021 or FY 2022.
15/06/2017 15:12
Bird87 ok la all hold till die ba including me hahaha
15/06/2017 15:13
ozzie75 Aiyoyoyo...won't die de. They are just shares leh. haha!

Bird87 ok la all hold till die ba including me hahaha

15/06/2017 15:13
15/06/2017 15:32
Bird87 just kidding ..plan to hold it also for long term
15/06/2017 16:23
Eric Fong Fair Value Rm1.20
16/06/2017 16:34
ozzie75 @Eric Fong: could you share with us how the 1.20 fair value is derived?
18/06/2017 11:13
ozzie75 Wah.....packaging companies having "bonus issue fever". Haha!

20/06/2017 11:45
hero666 Lately market sentiment are so poor and foreign fund are running away...btw thanks 1mdb after all.... tas y lot of company need to raise fund through split/bonus/esos/ipo/consolidation/m&a..... what to do.... i think more and more news of these on the way...
21/06/2017 10:16
hero666 @ozzie75, 8275 chart quite similar with 7285 @@"
21/06/2017 10:35
pc_FA It is a good time to whoever have confident towards Tomypak expansion plan :)
21/06/2017 12:14
ozzie75 Bonus issue & split raise fund? How ah?

Aiyoo....market mood not so good why companies think of raise fund through IPO?

M&A raise fund or spend fund? Buy other company the seller give money ah?


hero666 Lately market sentiment are so poor and foreign fund are running away...btw thanks 1mdb after all.... tas y lot of company need to raise fund through split/bonus/esos/ipo/consolidation/m&a..... what to do.... i think more and more news of these on the way...

21/06/2017 10:16

21/06/2017 12:25
21/06/2017 12:33
pc_FA http://easywong.blogspot.my/2017/06/agm2017-tomypak.html
22/06/2017 21:43
pc_FA Hope it helps :)
22/06/2017 21:44
pc_FA 问:公司未来依然能保持60%的Dividend Payout吗?
答:公司无法对此做出Forward Statement。不过,公司的看法是,投资者们都是冒着风险,投资在公司身上,为了确保投资者的利益保障,公司会尽可能的让股东回酬高于定期存款的4%。
22/06/2017 22:09
pc_FA 新厂新机器的双倍的产量是可以达到的,而且公司不会在没有找到顾客来吸收产量的时候就冒冒然添购机器,在万事俱备的情况下,才会增加生产线。
22/06/2017 22:10
pc_FA "公司无法对此做出Forward Statement。不过,公司的看法是,投资者们都是冒着风险,投资在公司身上,为了确保投资者的利益保障,公司会尽可能的让股东回酬高于定期存款的4%". Give it a LIKE ^.^
23/06/2017 09:24
hero666 @pc_FA, at the end of the posting, the blogger concluded in such a way

Never heard of any 7yr master plan, but seemingly consistent with what we discussed previously, which all the way stretch to 2022 / FY2023.
23/06/2017 10:03
pc_FA For 7 master plan, it should stick to what Eddie Lim mentioned earlier when he appointed as managing director and ask for fund raising to build the factory/buy machine to triple production capacity on 2015.

@vinvestor who attend agm on May 2017 also has share the same info previously.
It looks promising to me.
What management promise, they do it as plan and schedule.

I will slowly accumulate below RM 1. My last entry is RM 0.975. I have GTD all the way till RM 0.90 :)
23/06/2017 11:17
pc_FA http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5471009
23/06/2017 23:43
Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred ACQUISITION
Nature of interest Direct and Indirect Interest

20 Jun 2017 30,000 Acquired Indirect Interest
21 Jun 2017 100,000 Acquired Direct Interest
22 Jun 2017 20,000 Acquired Indirect Interest
23/06/2017 23:45
pc_FA The Asia-Pacific region generally includes:

Southeast Asia
East Timor

East Asia
Hong Kong
North Korea
South Korea

American Samoa
French Polynesia
Pitcairn Islands
Wallis and Futuna

Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Norfolk Island

New Zealand
Cook Islands

New Caledonia
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands

Federated States of Micronesia
Marshall Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
Wake Island

South Asia
British Indian Ocean Territory
Sri Lanka

Central Asia
24/06/2017 16:27

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Depeche @mohsiong...see how confused you are....how how bad your advice was earlier in the day in the post u deleted..now Dnex is climbing...please just don't act like a guru la...sigh
23/06/2017 15:19
qwer4321 those waiting for "friday theory" lecturer, chase high now?
23/06/2017 15:20
datasonic today 0.650
23/06/2017 15:22
Erie Hahahhaaha friday theory againn..dnex is really the darling stock of the year..never fail u buy low sell high
23/06/2017 15:22
greatgains88 2 big shark going opposite direction. Let's see who will win.
23/06/2017 15:25
Depeche Dun buy. Dun sell. You're right...Put your $$ in FD most suitable for you..Ms Wong
23/06/2017 15:27
hohoho123 keceng keceng
23/06/2017 15:30
Sw33per friday-profit
23/06/2017 15:30
Nigel Low Relentless daily speculation from ikan bilis? There are people who invested 6 digit figures or more also keep quiet.
23/06/2017 15:31
T800Terminator Are you referring to me?
23/06/2017 15:33
pakmat Going up ciput only...why start blaming ppl here and there...
23/06/2017 15:36
greatgains88 Show over so fast?
23/06/2017 15:37
nelsoncs712 up little bit ady so noisy , act like fortuner, u should c wat is UP means in HSSEB.
23/06/2017 15:39
datasonic i think another wave will come later
23/06/2017 15:40
hohoho123 30%?
23/06/2017 15:41
aiboon hsseb so wat...ancom lar...
23/06/2017 15:42
T800Terminator if HSSEB is god stock, why r u here dicky head?
23/06/2017 15:45
Depeche Aji la..better
23/06/2017 15:45
nelsoncs712 haha. amcom pulak. hsseb from yesterday 0.8 surge till 0.915 till now within 2 days performance without waiting so long time like dnex. just enter yesterday ady earn. ancom so wat
23/06/2017 15:46
noobbie want more?..have to wait
23/06/2017 15:52
nelsoncs712 terminator.. who tell u such theory cant earn from diff stock? your theory? everyone want cheap price and u just HOPE DNEX up up up. i got no lost at all once price cheap enter, price high sell. who care you bark like dog? funny
23/06/2017 15:53
richardlee Wah cimb target price 0.72, still it don't want to move? Most investors on holiday already lah.
23/06/2017 15:55
Sharon Chok too bad, so meany people queue to sell!
23/06/2017 16:07
huatliao come ...friday show
23/06/2017 16:15
GoodBoy Good to see Dnex price go up a bit today ... Price must be able to continuously moving up for a few days In order to sustain an uptrend ... Since we are unable to trade on next Monday n Tuesday, it may pose a risk in case global sentiments not favorable to us ... happy investing ... hv a nice weekend n holiday ... see u all next Wednesday ... cheers ...
23/06/2017 16:15
T800Terminator Your mother theory Dicky head Nelsoncs712.
23/06/2017 16:18
KingDavid Holiday starts early. No show today. Take a break & have fun.
23/06/2017 16:20
pakmat Slmt Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all Dnexian...cheers...be cool and enjoy your long holidays
23/06/2017 16:21
observer11 Hahaha Friday theory not bad today.
23/06/2017 16:35
greatgains88 Congrats to those who have made money. Selamat hari raya all.
23/06/2017 16:47
T800Terminator As predicted, closed at 0.595.
23/06/2017 16:52
Chang206 @T800Terminator.... Haha...Your prediction is correct again, Dnex closing at 0.595. You shouid go and buy 4-digit...Cheers.
23/06/2017 16:53
hohoho123 aiya talak wang lagi
23/06/2017 16:58
hohoho123 miss said buy more oh,she lagi pannai ..
23/06/2017 16:59
Chang206 For the whole week, both Dnex & son closed grren, both up 0.5 sen. Dnex & son doing quite well in view of sharp dip in crude oil price and bad market sentiment this week. Have a good weekend and enjoy your holidays. Cheers.
23/06/2017 17:03
sampool next month will heading towards 0.70
23/06/2017 17:08
YES666 Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh
23/06/2017 17:38
GoodBoy Good closing price for Dnex n Son ... Monitor oil price movement next Monday n Tuesday ... Price will continue move up in case oil price move towards USD50 per barrel or good news of getting projects ... Sell down might happen if oil price drop below USD40 per barrel ... Hv a nice Hariraya n holiday ... cheers ...
23/06/2017 17:45
T800Terminator Next Friday closing at 0.62
23/06/2017 21:59
kbkool Next Wednesday 0.62.....chartwise.....
23/06/2017 22:06
RX350 so confident?
24/06/2017 09:11
very_goat Price still within triangle, the volume still very low, need high volume to breakout triangle ...
24/06/2017 09:46
Vivoforever Predict 0.60 after raya
24/06/2017 12:37
sampool 0.60 not need to predict la.. :))
24/06/2017 12:54
ramjie56 orang sabah bilang manakai harapanlah lu dia mau naik .60 lps raya.
24/06/2017 12:59
Calvin882 Next week will reach .60 to .63 for sure
24/06/2017 13:33
richardlee Actually i think possible for DNex to rise further next week.
24/06/2017 14:13
Vivoforever 0.60 is coming
24/06/2017 14:36
nekosan 1.0 coming
24/06/2017 15:16
Jambu Waited for more than 2 month , i cut loss and now already make profit rather than wait dnex to go up, lots of good stock out there, the volume of dnex is too high.
24/06/2017 16:27

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Sebastian Sted Power Clever Alex5398; will buy 4D 5398
05/06/2017 14:47
hotdogge tnwc 0.770 is quite attractive now!
05/06/2017 15:07
leon312214 negative premium for tnwc
05/06/2017 15:35
Alex5398 negative premium 是因为2sen dividend,现今无面值时代,wc 也应该能享有而外50股送1股比例的share dividend???
05/06/2017 16:13
hotdogge very strong buy call!!
06/06/2017 12:18
Alex5398 share buy back 1790*50
06/06/2017 19:30
Alex5398 deeply undervalue compare to peers.
07/06/2017 14:56
Alex5398 especially wc 0.760!!
07/06/2017 14:59
Alex5398 i have all in,hope i will not regret
07/06/2017 16:28
leon312214 haha, you are not alone, i put alot portion on this stock, tnlogis and tnlogis-wc
07/06/2017 17:28
Alex5398 thank you ;)
07/06/2017 17:40
lai81533 Trending
08/06/2017 05:35
lai81533 Watch
08/06/2017 05:35
Wong Jie Wei 0.770 wc buy in here~ hahaha
08/06/2017 10:37
hotdogge last call!!
08/06/2017 10:49
Alex5398 早前Ong boss 向媒体透露已会见各方基金经理,我预见不久将对股价带来直接的效益,所以现在不买,难道要等2.00+ ? buy!!
08/06/2017 11:11
1009 我们等在多一点Offer才进的..
08/06/2017 11:16
hotdogge 半个月前不是才刚offer ?1.68 ,有买到吗?哈哈哈
08/06/2017 11:26
leon312214 我买了1.62,haha
08/06/2017 11:38
Alex5398 暴风雨前的宁静...
08/06/2017 12:17
hotdogge oh yeah...time to hit 52 new hi g h!!,
08/06/2017 15:42
hotdogge i have a l l in too;))
08/06/2017 15:43
ubf104 So good ? SAILANG lah..no regrets ? But @ your own risks, hahah :-)
08/06/2017 15:45
hotdogge YESS!!
08/06/2017 15:52
ubf104 Sifu hotdogge,your word is really true and alive , must learn from you ,I buy already ,tq ,hehehe
08/06/2017 15:54
hotdogge im k leh fei only ,not sifu ,dont simply ask :)
08/06/2017 16:01
ubf104 K lei fei can become LEAD too dun worry...
08/06/2017 16:14
Alex5398 lead us to hoholand=)
08/06/2017 16:19
stockmanmy TN...made $4 million from hundreds of million in logistics assets..............................

fair value, no more than $ 1.
08/06/2017 16:21
hotdogge 这周的周线涨的不多,明天还有一天的机会,应该能有不错的封关!
08/06/2017 16:58
hotdogge today all buyers almost company buy ,super crazy!
09/06/2017 17:41
hotdogge pwf 就是其中一只,被公司在相对高点回购股票,股价突破0.900来到今天的1.150 的一个例子。
09/06/2017 17:57
Alex5398 今天有股隐藏的力量在后市。
13/06/2017 17:10
stockmanmy take out the stock market profits from last period....not much left.

I call it bak kut teh profits.
13/06/2017 17:22
leon312214 huge conversion again, looks good for the company
13/06/2017 17:50
Alex5398 最近这几天观察到有大组的转换母股就把部分排在公开市场售出,公司拿到行使价的资金又回购部分股票,大组的再买回wc在0.770左右再行使,所以短期应该不会上涨,反而靠近annual report和股东大会前可能会炒一炒。;)
15/06/2017 10:32
Alex5398 wc 还有不少的票,如果有一方大量行使,很容易诞生新大股东,所以王氏家族不能忽视
15/06/2017 12:12
hotdogge http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kianweiaritcles/125573.jsp
16/06/2017 17:37
leoting ---- http://leoting81.blogspot.my/2017/06/3.html ----
19/06/2017 13:39
Sebastian Sted Power CONVERSION OF WARRANTS TO ORDINARY SHARES getting more and more; seem like all people waiting for coming DIV
21/06/2017 00:18
Alex5398 大户不停地转换成母股压低股价,因为少人注意此股,庄用小量的票就能轻易操控把价格再压低,所以上去大大量,下来小小量,形成现在的不会跳舞的大象?
21/06/2017 16:36
Sebastian Sted Power I still remember about 6 months ago I make a comparison on this counter and TASCO. Cannot decide buy which one, so end up divide my capital and bought both counter. About same price 1.55 on both counter. Fundamentally I don't see any bad on this counter.

However today when check my trading account, TASCO already up almost 50%; when this counter will up??
22/06/2017 09:39
godhand u just answered your own question

CONVERSION OF WARRANTS TO ORDINARY SHARES getting more and more; seem like all people waiting for coming DIV
22/06/2017 10:29
hotdogge buy 1.740
22/06/2017 15:05
Alex5398 油价低迷对交通业者是利好!
22/06/2017 18:01
Alex5398 http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1655459/散户购兴浓%EF%BC%8E小资股增长潜力高
22/06/2017 21:35
LanSeeBoy As I mentioned b4, the major shareholders just keep telling market about REIT listing of their property assets. They just want mkt to push the share price up. Rubbish, don't get con, friends
22/06/2017 21:42
hotdogge 我的预测,炒家部署已久,不停洗盘,将在下半年大炒一番!
22/06/2017 22:28
Wong Yong Keong 炒家在高价横摆,不停收票,为产托上市做准备
23/06/2017 09:58
lai81533 Target rm2.37
24/06/2017 16:27

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ks55_ How much is the price? RM 50K? RM 80K?
24/06/2017 14:58
Tomato Juice Posted by ks55_ > Jun 24, 2017 02:58 PM | Report Abuse

How much is the price? RM 50K? RM 80K?

Answer : 100k! Better buy Honda Brv! At least after 3 years you still can sell at premium! Don't bother to buy brand new Proton Bayu! After 3 years, you got plenty of 2nd hands that nobody bother to buy!
24/06/2017 16:11
suregain Brv pun x payah beli la... stupid car oso
24/06/2017 16:27

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limch Now got Shahrir at Felda, Sulaiman as chairman is Z still very important?
23/06/2017 15:30
limch If the way forward to be recommended by Idris Jala is manpower cut that must include Z as well.
23/06/2017 15:33
Edwardong53 The main culprit will always be untouchable since with strong ties......Need to look one or few lambs to sacrifice lah in order to cover up the shit. Msians are stupid or the mentality of Tidak APA attitude
23/06/2017 15:33
Edwardong53 The main culprit will always be untouchable since with strong ties......Need to look one or few lambs to sacrifice lah in order to cover up the shit. Msians are stupid or the mentality of Tidak APA attitude
23/06/2017 15:33
kytan I see 1 million Q sell at 1.78, hope LTH KPF coming back to buy
23/06/2017 15:36
limch You mean Siam Road char koay teow? It is 2 man show so profit a lot. If FGV manpowers only 2K profit should be above RM 1 billion.

TrippleZ QR 2mil profit? I can do better selling cha kueh tiaw. Happy holidays guys.
23/06/2017 12:41
23/06/2017 16:03
limch 22-Jun-2017 Insider KOPERASI PERMODALAN FELDA MALAYSIA BERHAD (a substantial shareholder) acquired 500,000 shares on 20-Jun-2017.
22-Jun-2017 Insider LEMBAGA TABUNG HAJI (a substantial shareholder) acquired 263,400 shares on 19-Jun-2017.
23/06/2017 16:08
Felda_settlers Why no duit raya? How to vote BN 100%?
23/06/2017 16:15
kytan control at 1.75. no good show. can offline and go back holiday
23/06/2017 16:21
23/06/2017 16:27
Liang Edmund jibgor very weak,nobody care about what jibgor order
23/06/2017 16:34
Felda_settlers BN hopeless?

Michael Wong Yew Kong Hopeless.
23/06/2017 16:27
23/06/2017 16:39
gcke Huhuhu...read between the line and all the lines what Ah Jib said.When he said the matter will be resolved before Hari Raya,he implicitly meant that changes will be made to the Chairman,and action on Z and the three others.Now former Chairman already out and Z and three others waiting for internal enquiry by the board as recommended by Idris.
2. Employees and management will perceive whether Z and three others have been treated fairly and equitably!.If their sentiments are nay,then the company will be bogged down by internal dis-satisfaction,dissension and low morale.
I stand to be corrected.

Outcome: No good for the image of the company.Local funds like EPF and Pencen Board will still say away from the company's share.

Happy holidays.
23/06/2017 16:42
Lim Sc Final 15 minutes fireworks,
same tricks yesterday was final hour
23/06/2017 16:43
Felda_settlers Pakatan pls show what you can offer us this Raya.
23/06/2017 16:52
Felda_settlers BN=barang naik, FGV turun. Very bad.
23/06/2017 16:54
Liang Edmund don't vote BN ,ini kalilah。kalah-kalah,kalah BN
23/06/2017 16:58
char1234 look at POS....management bad..just remove them..employees dont care as long as they see improvements
23/06/2017 17:11
Lim Sc FELDA settlers were sort of "FORCED" to buy FGV shares.

Forum Kemelut FELDA, FGV
Apa Najib & Isa dah buat ?

https://youtu.be/ZLFAg71CqKA (23 minutes)
23/06/2017 17:16
gcke @Felda-settlers the best option and way forward is for the company to be free, and un-encumbered from all political interferences.You can read anywhere,such political masters meddling always lead any company to nowhere and instead the company will be stuck in the serious financial straits.
2.Best is for the company to appoint corporate figures to head the company and the BOD members who are dedicated,competent and professional in their duties and responsibilities as directors.Not as seat warmers and enjoyed fat salaries,remunerations,perks,benefits and nothing to show at the end of the day.
3.The CEO,and top management staff must be drawn and appointed from the available candidates who know the industry inside out and are firm and intolerant towards any malpractices,misuse,embezzlement of company funds,etc.
Competitive Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) shall be fixed for two years for them to perform and achieve.

I stand to be corrected.The members of the forum can add further.

"Selamat Hari Raya" to all our Muslim brothers and sisters.Bersopan santun bila memandu dilebuhraya.Take care and happy long holidays:-)))
23/06/2017 17:21
Why_ http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5470429
23/06/2017 17:27
Why_ 2nd extension(29th June) for Z? Want him to return after Raya?
23/06/2017 17:28
char1234 no change....wait for Zakaria show cause reply...
23/06/2017 17:30
AdCool Seem like the BOD isn't willing to take drastic action against Zakaria now since Isa has resigned. More towards softer stance against Zakaria. Think they would reach a win win situation, either Zakaria resign himself or reinstate his position. I think the former is most probable to happen
23/06/2017 17:54
Ring FGV: Zakaria has till noon today to reply to show-cause letter
Posted on 23 June 2017 - 10:39am sunbiz@thesundaily.com
PETALING JAYA: Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) group president and CEO Datuk Zakaria Arshad, who was issued a show-cause letter last Tuesday (June 13), has until noon today to submit his explanation.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday, FGV said its board of directors had considered Zakaria’s request for an extension of time to reply by July 30, 2017 and agreed to grant him until noon today (June 23) to respond to the show-cause letter.

Zakaria was given seven days to respond and was supposed to submit an explanation by 4pm on Tuesday (June 20). Group CFO Ahmad Tifli Mohd Talha, who was also served a show-cause letter, responded on June 20 as required.

FGV said both Zakaria and Ahmad Tifli will continue to be on leave of absence until further notice.
23/06/2017 17:57
Ring Guilty
23/06/2017 17:57
Jun Yi Lim Extended again to 29 Jun... Gonna be sell down after days?
23/06/2017 18:03
char1234 long Raya holidays for them....damp good....multi millionaires already...stay smart
23/06/2017 18:06
LOO99 Root cause...glc use by umo as job placement to politicans.
23/06/2017 18:33
Maceve Fast replylah, dont waste time.
23/06/2017 18:47
KLCIraider aiyoyoo.... show-cause-letter also cannot reply on time, how can he manage a company?????
23/06/2017 18:57
LOO99 Hraya first..work later. After raya all happy..oledy maaf to each others
23/06/2017 19:16
Maceve Just want to ends all nonsense ASAP.
23/06/2017 19:39
kytan Still in collecting mode to push higher. Let others take profit
23/06/2017 19:56
titus No action. Will be coffee shop talking point this raya. Well, it still up abit. Let see wht happen on next wednesday.
23/06/2017 19:59
LOO99 Ajib promised to solved fgv problem before raya??? Raya next year may possible..cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel..Another exp. of janji tidak ditepati..
23/06/2017 20:40
Maceve Get this fiasco over and the price move back to rm2.0
23/06/2017 20:40
meisarel FGV has been fair to Z by granting extension until next Thursday.

Now Z has to be fair to FGV. Either answer or just pack your bag.
Do not drag everybody in this whole mess.
23/06/2017 21:56
limch Group calls for reshuffle of FGV's Board of Directors to strengthen company
23/06/2017 22:10
limch "GWGF is willing to assist Sulaiman in various aspects such as providing consultation to improve the group's performance and sustainability," said Rozali.
23/06/2017 22:19
limch Puncak Rozali Ismail new FGV CEO/BOD?
23/06/2017 22:19
Iting Peng ZAKARIA better resign youself,just show-cause-letter also cannot reply on time?
23/06/2017 22:20
FGV_ Z on 2 weeks of leave of absence from FGV. Any problem for FGV w/o Z?

meisarel FGV has been fair to Z by granting extension until next Thursday.

Now Z has to be fair to FGV. Either answer or just pack your bag.
Do not drag everybody in this whole mess.
23/06/2017 21:56
23/06/2017 22:26
FGV_ Puncak is cash rich so can takeover FGV?
23/06/2017 22:26
limch Small matter also take so long to reply how abt big matter?

Iting Peng ZAKARIA better resign youself,just show-cause-letter also cannot reply on time?
23/06/2017 22:20
23/06/2017 22:57
Alex Foo zak hasn't collected enuf...once enuf will show letter :)
23/06/2017 23:24
Lim Sc -

“ Lantik semula Zakaria jika beliau betul ” - GWGF
23/06/2017 23:49
LOO99 Happy raya to all felda settlers...On behalf of felda settlers ...tq ajib for the duit raya. Love u more for taking care of our need. We understand that many more aid to be given to us. Thnks for caring.
24/06/2017 11:33
Satkunabalan K Sabaratnam zak cannot reply without counsels approval
counsel on holiday
siapa counsel
ajib punya counsel
fgv tak nak beri lanjutan masa
tak boleh mahkamah pun bagi lanjutan masa
24/06/2017 14:58
gcke More adverse news about the ex-Chairman.View and read ONLY for those interested to know further: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2017/06/24/heres-why-isa-samad-should-not-be-spad-chief/
24/06/2017 16:24

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pengwin looks like another Nexgram or Glotec. Very disappointing. I sold some to buy AIRASIAC47 today. Still holding about half....
22/06/2017 18:12
xiaogumin88 How you know someone put the price down?
22/06/2017 18:55
alan123 @powerrangerhuat huat ah huat ah.
alamak sakit perut and lausai. hahaha.
huat ah huat ah. lausai again.
22/06/2017 20:41
powerrangerhuat i am strong holding powerranger...No 300% no sell for me....I am sure within 1 year i will get it...Lol...Losers like u only can cry all the time....No patient and no holding power still want to play share...hehehe
22/06/2017 21:10
Meowyx Call me big sifu
Free advice : tmr dare dare hamtam semua duit beli Netx
Cause next week confirm fly gao gao lat
22/06/2017 21:20
xiaogumin88 next week raya mood...no people goreng how to fly
22/06/2017 21:52
Ken Lim rubbish stock.. throw .. will 0.035 cents .. hold 3 years then 6 cent
22/06/2017 22:49
alan123 @powerrangerhuat continue to hold and wait.
ya I am loser because I didnt hold netx and wait until cow come back hahaha.
you can win here and say holding and make a lot of money.
i am counting money how much i make from other stock.
really pity see an ego person stuck here and console own self how much money he make holding a loss money stock. pity pity.
22/06/2017 22:50
dxbman Sell all your Netx and buy Atta & Vis tomorrow to recover your losses.
23/06/2017 00:16
Apollo Ang why vis? any news?
23/06/2017 00:19
dxbman Today's Bursa announcement: 70% of their income will be tax exempted for 10 years
23/06/2017 00:22
Lantoi Lantoi Alan123 u r good..some ppl always think other people wrong whithout realize he is mr UNFORTUNATE. Telling here he gain profit but the way he handle NETX also we know he know nothing...bla bla
23/06/2017 07:36
Winmore88 any links to support the statement?
23/06/2017 07:48
ilovehits Buy ATTA to earn back your hard-earned money. Just announced 10sen dividend, around 7.35 dividend yield. ATTA-LA is a good buy, the highest 0.525 but now 0.41 only.

Upside more than 100%.
23/06/2017 07:53
Winmore88 okay
23/06/2017 07:59
pengwin Hope it won't crash today
23/06/2017 08:25
fl888 As long as AsiaBio is involved, it will crash back to below 4'mm
23/06/2017 08:32
richman is today trading 1/2 day ?
23/06/2017 09:26
richman anyone knows
23/06/2017 09:26
pengwin Not sure....maybe.
23/06/2017 09:54
pengwin Full day, I heard
23/06/2017 10:06
gohky87 Hi guys. Hello Pengwin, I see you still into this stock ah? :)
23/06/2017 10:08
gohky87 I'm still watching this but seem no movement up.
23/06/2017 10:09
PopperMask weird...with Alipay pay should be a big pump, but the price...weird
23/06/2017 11:32
wakeupcall It's typical money goes into bosses own pocket first rather than reinvestment into the company...
23/06/2017 11:44
upshare Not Alipay.. only for develop Payallz..
23/06/2017 11:54
KeliEja byak bosan tunggu ini kaunter..
23/06/2017 12:05
nn91 I knew this is goreng counter, just nvr thought it end so soon. I will laugh also if anyone say this counter is long term hold hahaha
23/06/2017 12:07
TrippleZ Any counter can be long term hold as long as no delisting in the near future. Share price will go up and down whether the company profitable or not.
23/06/2017 12:12
wakeupcall Normally, people talk about long term counters would have bonus/ dividend issue etc once in a while even the share prices go flat... And bosses would spend their capital wisely into expansion thus gaining investors confident.
But this...? It's better to put money in FD if you don't earn in short term.
23/06/2017 12:33
nn91 that's the point, long term hold=say equal to no say. Last month those that keep supporting this counter will up soon, all disappeared.
23/06/2017 13:02
Lantoi Lantoi Yes nn91 all disappeared especially **** bla bla bla. Aak ppl to buy/hold but he run away. But any counter he run he always unfortunate
23/06/2017 14:23
richman let us see whether it can take out 5.5cts today.Syndicate also want duit raya
23/06/2017 14:57
upshare Heavy sell again..
23/06/2017 15:07
Hwai Hooi back to 4sen lose 60% money.....
23/06/2017 15:07
richman NETX 5 cts is an excellent entry point
23/06/2017 15:12
paperplane2016 up 10% how
23/06/2017 15:16
Hwai Hooi got good news also cannot up..
23/06/2017 15:40
Alan Kok Kim Lin what good news ??
23/06/2017 15:59
ilovehits Don't play with sharks. You buy 1000 lots, they sell 200000 lots, already 3 days like that.
23/06/2017 17:01
upshare Who is the buyer for these few days ???
People sell shall have people buy ???
Why this buyer keep buy in huge amount in these few day.. buy almost at 0.050..???
23/06/2017 17:38
bizzbuzz Selamat Hari Raya , @all !
23/06/2017 17:44
upshare If the shark want to dump their share.. why not dump at 0.10 . 0.08 or more higher price..
Why only dump at 0.05 ???
Proposal for Mac. Bank also at 0.051 per share..
0.05 is consider low price.. the shark shall know this..
Many question mark ????? .. ...
23/06/2017 17:46
upshare Or.. is the collecting for othet shark???
23/06/2017 17:46
longvalley Glotc,nexg,netx.....conglomeret.....think sky the limit...............???????!!!!!!!!!!!
23/06/2017 17:54
nklye 'They' pushed it down bit by bit, ~ 0.005 everyday or two from 0.10.
'They' know how to induce those hopeful to buy in at higher price (0.005-0.01)
by throwing out theirs in bulk which they bought at lower price (0.005-0.01 too)
24/06/2017 12:30
nklye If 'they' threw 10M at one go (which we use to see) for 0.005 a share gain, then they made
10,000,000 x 0.005 = 50,000 for each transaction. Imaging when 'they' made few of such transaction, how much they have made. Then 'they' bought back by the end of the trading
day at 0.005 or 0.01 lower and repeat the same operandy the next day...
24/06/2017 12:42
TrippleZ 10mil shares are a lot. Who the hell so stupid to donate 50k each time for them? Unless someone need to transfer money to them in a legal way.
24/06/2017 14:27
Vivoforever Tp 0.55
24/06/2017 15:23
dex game over liao. wait next year
24/06/2017 16:21

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Tomato Juice Eventually people will realise bitcoin is just a Holland tulip euphoria! You can't even walk into McDonald and buy yourself a decent Big Mac! What's the use!
24/06/2017 16:09
Tomato Juice Bitcoin is actively use by dark trades! I don't share optimism that bitcoin will eventually become common currency! Bitcoin is not fintech! Fintech is much superior as every transaction can be traced!
24/06/2017 16:20

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