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stockistlearner keke sifu, now every day drop with low volume very torturing for those bought at high. lol.
i'm not sifu yet. i am queuing at 580 and 545. just try my luck only.....><
29/03/2017 11:15
limlw waiting at 1.23
29/03/2017 11:21
Lim Yan Kai Hi i am back
29/03/2017 17:19
Lim Yan Kai any good news,huh?
29/03/2017 17:19
kancs3118 Don't know when they will announce the hospital project ?
29/03/2017 18:30
tecpower http://m.thesundaily.my/news/2210114
29/03/2017 19:54
Lim Yan Kai so Gdang is bumiputra company?
29/03/2017 20:13
tksw xuewenapeng sifu, U mana pigi? Gadang down instead of up. veli pai-si lu, cheat me
29/03/2017 20:40
Jason5183 Tomorrow will fly high.
29/03/2017 22:52
Lim Yan Kai how do you know jason?
29/03/2017 23:10
Lim Yan Kai hope that will happen
29/03/2017 23:11
tecpower RM 1.25 is a lower bound of a range Gadang has been forming recently.
29/03/2017 23:54
tecpower The stock price is unlikely to drop further.
29/03/2017 23:56
tecpower During the tabling of Budget 2017, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak announced the setting up of a special fund of up to RM3 billion to invest in potential small and medium-cap companies, besides conducting research on 300 companies.
30/03/2017 00:02
kancs3118 Hopefully, can announce hospital project win soon and LRT3 project win ...
30/03/2017 07:27
stock lover A good sign for rebound, this share definitely will rebound soon or later. The only different is either you are an investor or trader.
30/03/2017 07:41
tksw tecpower sifu, Gadang is dropping ma.
30/03/2017 09:25
kelvin12 Almost no volume, no buyer and seller
30/03/2017 10:29
kelvin12 1.25 is a support, not too wise to sell at support.
30/03/2017 10:31
tksw kelvin sifu, where got support? nobody want Gadang liao la
30/03/2017 11:04
kelvin12 tksw, if nobody want gadang, it should go back to 1.1 already.
30/03/2017 11:16
tksw kelvin sifu, ppl sell non stop at 126 now, no ppl wanna buy oso
30/03/2017 11:20
tksw true supporter will walap Gadang at 126
30/03/2017 11:22
tksw see... every minutes got ppl Q to sell
30/03/2017 11:23
tksw sell kenot finish one..
30/03/2017 11:24
tksw aiyo, who wallap 126 !!!!
30/03/2017 11:24
kelvin12 the sell volume so little, no worry tksw sifu.
30/03/2017 11:24
tksw Forget to tell, I am the true supporter of Gadang, kakaka, bot at 126 this morning
30/03/2017 11:26
kelvin12 tksw, lets be a bit more patient.
30/03/2017 11:26
tksw I sapu the last 5 lots of Gadang at 127 just now
30/03/2017 11:27
tksw aiyo!!! down back, kena tipu buy!!! loss die me this time
30/03/2017 11:28
stock lover the game start?
30/03/2017 11:28
bluemoon22 tksw sifu, buy and keep... no worries
30/03/2017 11:29
tksw bluemoon sifu, I veli scared la... day day down..dunno what happened
30/03/2017 11:47
Kinyuen Ng 1.28 aldy
30/03/2017 12:05
Kinyuen Ng Gadang wb gained 6.4%
30/03/2017 12:06
bluemoon22 this is not a goreng stock so cant earn instant money from this stock... buy and keep for long term
30/03/2017 12:14
bliss08 Very nais.
30/03/2017 13:09
tksw itu Gadang son so-zai...
30/03/2017 14:42
tksw kenot understand so-zai
30/03/2017 14:43
tksw dun buy Gadang ya...
30/03/2017 14:44
tksw ...let me buy
30/03/2017 14:44
tksw oiyo! 126. kena tipy again.. I dun wanna play liao la, Gadang pian-lang one
30/03/2017 15:13
tksw Those chased Gadang son now trembling
30/03/2017 15:14
tksw I chased Gadang 127 oso scared like mad now, kenot imagine how the Gadang Son chasers feelings..
30/03/2017 15:15
tksw die liao la like that, Gadang no hope liao
30/03/2017 15:51
tksw day day cheat ppl buy
30/03/2017 15:51
bliss08 Very steady, very nais. No chase, no chance. No chance, money run.
30/03/2017 16:02
Chinghis @tksw
pls lah...1 sen up down also so big action...
you shouldnt be here...FBMKLCI will be more suitable for you
30/03/2017 17:04
Bigbull99 @Chinghis I agree. 1 sen up down also need to spam, post something more productive also better la bang.
30/03/2017 18:52

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PenguinDad http://www.theedgeproperty.com.my/tags/eo
29/03/2017 12:46
kilerprice007 ENID888 what is the TP? Do you have idea?
29/03/2017 16:56
enid888 Sorry, I don't have target price. I am keeping for long term.
29/03/2017 17:19
dusti Hi enid888. Good to see you are sharing good info and making money in the process. I am here with a believe that a takeover will happen. Our friend Terry purchased the shares he sold previously to SD at 2.90. He deserves to make money and looking at the volume today something exciting has hit the fan. If this eventuates, you will make more than the pile you envisage, but much much earlier. I am a dreamer but have been known to have my dreams come true. Do I make sense people? Good luck all.
29/03/2017 18:25
Dandanjoe I also sold all at 2.10.Soo happy
29/03/2017 19:54
kilerprice007 What about this announcement?
29/03/2017 21:46
enid888 Dusti, takeover is possible only if Terry can get a loaded party/ parties to work together with him. If he works alone, I think the fund involved is too massive for him.
29/03/2017 22:49
PenguinDad http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/03/30/eo-unit-starts-work-on-seri-tanjung-pinang-phase-two/
going to increase the capex.
30/03/2017 08:09
PenguinDad Yesterday movement is the anticipation of the announcement for STP2 with CCCC.
30/03/2017 08:12
zenzen802 suspended ??? cant buy more ,sad
30/03/2017 08:45
PenguinDad Yes. Suspended for trading and pending for announcement.
30/03/2017 08:51
zainal8864 how about my share..
30/03/2017 09:00
Kjsiah I think later will drop already factored in
30/03/2017 09:11
360Capitalist E&O will go up like IWCity... limit up.
Terry Tham's cost is RM2.90
30/03/2017 09:15
360Capitalist At least above RM3.00
30/03/2017 09:16
enid888 The Edge reports today that E&O is in talk with a local fund to invest up to 40% of STP2A. It is good news.

30/03/2017 09:22
dusti enid888 our buddy has friends all over the world. Let's wait patiently with fingers crossed. I think many are going to be very happy, except those who were happy yesterday selling. Smile and have a pleasant Thursday.
30/03/2017 09:25
PenguinDad sydicated loan from bank not local fund to invest. increase in borrowing lah! Working for banks to paid interest if interest rate increase due to inflation.
30/03/2017 09:26
PenguinDad E&O is currently funding the land reclamation almost entirely by borrowings. Last year, the property developer raised RM1 billion in syndicated facilities from Maybank Islamic Bhd and RHB Islamic Bank Bhd. But the borrowings are NOT ENOUGH to fund the land reclamation.

See the "NOT ENOUGH".
30/03/2017 09:27
PenguinDad land reclamation take years to settle before development. cash got tie-up and interest rolling going to be no good to result. CCCC contract could be for the bridge connecting that reclamated land.
30/03/2017 09:36
enid888 Dusti, let us hope it is good news.

PenquinDad, u are sure it is bank syndicated loan and not local fund?
30/03/2017 10:04
kilerprice007 KUALA LUMPUR: Eastern & Oriental Bhd (E&O), which share price surged to a two-year high yesterday, is believed to have found a strategic investor who will pump in fresh capital to kick-start its second massive land reclamation project Phase 2A of the Seri Tanjung Pinang (STP) development.

The key word is "found a strategic investor", such a great news!
30/03/2017 10:12
wonder congrats!
30/03/2017 10:49
jfm3737 新闻
配合重大宣布 东家暂停交易
By Sangeetha Amarthalingam / theedgemarkets.com | March 30, 2017 : 11:32 AM MYT
Printer-friendly versionSend by emailPDF version
Translated by Google Translator:
(吉隆坡30日讯)配合一项重大宣布,东家(Eastern & Oriental Bhd)今早9时起暂停交易。


根据《The Edge》财经日报引述消息报道,该发展商据悉已找到一个策略投资者,注入新资本以启动斯里丹绒槟榔(STP)的2A期填海工程,为STP项目余下760英亩的一部分。





30/03/2017 12:19
Winnergetitall Any update on their Investor Briefing this morning at 10am?
30/03/2017 12:25
Friendship KWAP coming in
E&O will limit up after lift of suspension
Huat ah!
30/03/2017 12:48
PenguinDad enid888, Have you heard banks give out fund? Unless they are doing charity. I only heard about syndicated loan and the rate is always higher than you FD rate. 7~8% or more. Right!
30/03/2017 13:38
PenguinDad I believe it is some foreign partner that JV with E&O. Likely is China based company with the CCCC as contractor. I don't believe bank will give you fund.
30/03/2017 13:40
ICON3333 Since E & O suspended buy Kerjaya lor ......
30/03/2017 13:50
iamtrader http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/03/30/eo-ties-up-with-kwap-for-property-project/

E&O ties up with KWAP for property project

PETALING JAYA: Eastern & Oriental Bhd (E&O) has signed a partnership agreement with Retirement Inc Fund (KWAP) to take on Phase 2A of the Seri Tanjung Pinang (STP) development project in Penang.

It is known that both E&O and KWAP have signed the partnership agreement this morning. The partnership will see KWAP pumping capital in the sea-fronting development project near Penang island and also to take up a substantial stake in E&O.

This would be KWAP’s first property partnership.

Trading in the shares of E&O was voluntarily suspended from 9am on Thursday.

The project, Phase 2A, involves reclaiming 253 acres (102.38ha) of land, which has an estimated gross development value of RM20bil.

STP is a seafront development situated along Penang’s north-east coast between George Town and the beaches of Batu Ferringhi.

The reclamation project STP2 has already begun dredging works after securing all the necessary approvals.

The entire STP Phase 2 encompasses land reclamation of up to 760 acres under E&O’s concession. Phase 2A only makes up one-third of the reclaimable land.

Last year, the expiry for E&O to undertake the land reclamation was extended from 2019 by three years to 2022. The project was originally approved by the state government back in 1992.

Aside from the reclamation of 760 acres under the project’s concession agreement, which is slated to be completed by June 2018, E&O is reclaiming a further 131 acres at its own cost along the Gurney Drive foreshore for the Penang state government.
30/03/2017 14:12
Imformed just prepare to enter. It will have a big surprise
30/03/2017 14:13
jfm3737 huat liao
30/03/2017 14:14
PenguinDad Just remember E&O is a GE14 counter. Yes.
30/03/2017 14:17
HowAh Isn't leap partnering with ecowld to develop bbcc? How come it is their first property partnership??
30/03/2017 14:18
HowAh Leap=kwap
30/03/2017 14:19
PenguinDad Now, everybody is E&O boss.
30/03/2017 14:21
ICON3333 Kerjaya hold E & O 11.2 % .....
30/03/2017 14:36
Imformed here is the shareholder list which we know. Lembaga Tabung Haji 6.57%, Employees Provident Fund (EPF) 5.63%, Sime Darby Berhad 12.10%, Mutual Fund company 8.36%.
30/03/2017 14:43
kilerprice007 PenguinDad. is E&O a GE14 counter? Because of KWAP & SD?
30/03/2017 14:47
kilerprice007 ICON3333, how come Kerjaya hold e&o shares?
30/03/2017 14:49
bizzybone Isn't Kerjaya a construction company? Potential beneficiary of construction projects from STP2?
30/03/2017 14:49
ICON3333 See my Kerjaya flying hahhaha ....
30/03/2017 15:11
kilerprice007 Don't see your point. Haha.
30/03/2017 15:24
goldman_trader E&O should test RM3.00 tomorrow
30/03/2017 16:21
ICON3333 KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 30): Kerjaya Prospek Group Bhd executive chairman Datuk Tee Eng Ho and his brother Tee Eng Seng, who is the group’s executive director, have emerged as substantial shareholders in Eastern & Oriental Bhd (E&O).

According to separate filings by E&O to Bursa Malaysia today, the brothers had raised their shareholding from 14.63 million shares or 1.16% stake to 140.61 million shares or 11.2% stake in E&O, via their interest in Summerchrome Sdn Bhd.

Summerchrome is the holding company of Paramount Spring Sdn Bhd, the private investment vehicle of E&O group managing director Datuk Seri Terry Tham Ka Hon.

Tham had on Sept 29, acquired 125.98 million shares or a 10% stake in E&O at RM2.45 per share, through Paramount Spring, for a total of RM308.65 million. The shares were acquired from Sime Darby Bhd, and resulted in Tham upping his stake in E&O from 11% to 21%.

Sime Darby and Paramount had initially set the disposal price for the shares at RM2.60 in June, but this was revised downwards to RM2.45 on Sept 27.

The reduction in disposal price was done to better reflect the current outlook of the property sector, according to Sime Darby president and group chief executive Tan Sri Mohd Bakke Salleh.

E&O shares closed unchanged at RM1.68 today, for a market capitalisation of RM2.11 billion. — theedgemarkets.com

Try out one of our super tools, the rental yield calculator, here.


Imformed your shareholder list is outdated haha....
30/03/2017 17:06
360Capitalist goldman_trader Even limit up maximum can go to RM2.75.. How to go RM3.00 tomorrow ??
30/03/2017 17:13
kilerprice007 ICON3333, you are deserve the credit.
30/03/2017 17:22
Friendship Morning session limit up 2.75, afternoon session another 30%? That will be 3.58!
30/03/2017 18:44
bluemoon22 30% is per day not per session, correct me if im wrong
30/03/2017 18:50
bluemoon22 and my adv is dont chase high tomorrow... insider already knew the result early and collect enuf share
30/03/2017 18:51

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stockmanmy tabung haji might be better than calvin
29/03/2017 21:26
人生几何 ~ 尽情博吧 dont understand y u ppl arguing here wasting time, ppl are making lots of money somewhere else...
29/03/2017 21:50
yming Dont understand those not invest in drb but shown very interested at here. Why ?
29/03/2017 22:56
calvintaneng takashi86

Can whatsapp my msian phone at 0193384010.

Yes, I think the time for decision is over. Only a short time more things will show clarity.

Henry Chan,
I first bought at Rm1.42. Then I kept averaging down. So I think should be quite reasonable now. I also started buying C30 around 19.5 cts to 20 cts. I will add more C30 on any weakness.


You should know that Drb debt is Rm6 billions.

But do you know that Drb is backed by Rm20 billions in
Investments in Pos, Puspakom
9 pieces of high value assets.

So the total net net (assets - liabilities) is over Rm4.00 a share. At Rm1.37 I am getting a nice discount of Rm2.63!

Good night everybody

See you tomorrow,

29/03/2017 23:18
人生几何 ~ 尽情博吧 we have been plying drb many round, sure know what happen, drb will continue lose money 4 at least next 2 yrs even with fsp... now is not time 2 play yet...
29/03/2017 23:18
KLCI King Any one can still be better than a dog. No one will know why dog kept barking at all forums in i3 & make enemy with almost everyone.
30/03/2017 02:10
newbie4444 Might be this forum does not belong to Calvin only. You can see his posts everywhere in i3 but he doesn't have shares there.

yming Dont understand those not invest in drb but shown very interested at here. Why ?
29/03/2017 22:56
30/03/2017 04:27
dusti New announcement soon?
30/03/2017 09:37
kevinobc http://www.dealstreetasia.com/stories/my-drb-hicom-doing-a-detailed-evaluation-of-bids-for-foreign-partner-in-proton-68854/

Malaysia’s DRB-Hicom says detailed evaluation of Proton bids underway
30/03/2017 09:47
helloworld123 rejecting a fsp remains a distinct probability - Malaysia Boleh!
30/03/2017 10:06
LOO99 yes King...dogs barking here n there with reasons.. some dog here like irrational crazy dogs.. barking non stop to wrong tree
30/03/2017 11:17
aajjvb CalvinTaneng, about what u mentioned on the 20 Billion in cash backing DRB. This should be the
customers Deposit from Bank Muamalat?
30/03/2017 12:12
FGV_ French left M'sia w/o signing anything so FSP bid fail?
30/03/2017 12:17
FGV_ If FSP also don't want Proton DRB QR will again be in red until bankrupt.
30/03/2017 12:18
newbie4444 sifus I heard Proton cannot sell RM 50K Iriz after 5 years left RM 5K only is it true?
30/03/2017 12:22
newbie4444 If got 10K Iriz cannot sell how much is Proton loss?
30/03/2017 12:23
newbie4444 Can Proton negotiate with unions if car cannot sell no need to pay salary?
30/03/2017 12:25
Nelson Yoong Hehehe very funny!!!
30/03/2017 12:39
calvintaneng aajjvb,

No. I am not referring to deposits in Bank Maumalat.

I computed its net net from just the valuable lands and assets plus investments in Pos, Puspakom and others.


Drb just disposed Corwin for Rm500 mil

The Proton City lands in Tg Malim alone is worth Rm2.55 billions. Not counting the building and machinery.

So if the total net net minus liability we are in the black for Rm4.00 per share. So less our Rm1.37 cost of purchase we get a windfall of Rm2.63 per share if Drb closed shop today. Liquidate all assets and distribute proceeds to all shareholders.

Now go see why these shares I bought were taken private because of net net assets. Earnings are secondary.

1. Super Enterprize taken private for 200% gain
2. Kulim taken private by JCorp for 60% upside
3. TMakmur taken private by Pahang Sultan for 38% windfall
4. TheStore taken private for 50% surge.

By virtue of its deep value assets and 3 assets with high barrier to entry:

1. POS is a cash cow and monopoly. With pricing power like MyEg
2. Puspakom another monopoly like MyEg. Also cash cow with pricing power.

Last time one Johor buddy complained that Govt raised his maid fees from zero to Rm1.20. Though he grumbled he paid up. Bad news for him as I got maid in Spore without MyEg. So I bought MyEg for rm2.00. MyEg doubled in price to Rm4.00 and then split. I made 100%

So if POS raise stamp fees or Puspakom raise inspect fees for cars there is no escape!

3. Bank Maumalt got Islamic Pawn shop like RceCap. Another Cash cow like RceCap. Ha! I also made 100% from RceCap the legalized Ah Long. And Ah Long does roaring business in bad times.

Remember the Eagle sees first
Then followed by other flying birds
The chicken on the ground see nothing until price already run away like Jaks.
30/03/2017 13:04
4444 Should be Pos. Even KWAP, EPF does the same. Only Tabung Haji stupid. Refer to Rafizi.

Posted by smartly > Mar 29, 2017 07:57 PM | Report Abuse
?? pos or drb ?
30/03/2017 13:07
4444 Heard from insiders E-commerce actually make car industry worse. Why need to buy car when everything can buy online at home.
30/03/2017 13:08
calvintaneng No lah!

Look at it this way.

With Ecommerce every one will save 30% to 80% online.

With so much savings many got extra Cash to spend.

And since Malaysia is such a beautiful country with first world roads and infrar more people will buy Proton Exora or Proton Ertiga and go travelling. Also stay in many resorts owned by DRB.

So think out of the box.

1. Ecommerce will make Pos/Drb tonnes of monies

2. Savings of up to 80% by buying online will translate into extra purchasing power. So will benefit Drb car sales. And go travelling.

3. And Drb resorts will boom with people. Those go fishing in Kenyir Dam can stay in Drb resort.
30/03/2017 13:37
semperamaris Back it up with facts and statistics.
30/03/2017 14:03
LOO99 ha.ha surely drb real value will be unlock very soon...sooner than expected
30/03/2017 14:13
30/03/2017 14:21
人生几何 ~ 尽情博吧 drb still can play... timing... dog wont be able 2 understand...
30/03/2017 14:27
stockmanmy HLI research says DRB will shortly report $ 300 million losses for YE 3/2017.......you not scared, go and buy la.

closer look

30/03/2017 14:35
john did u read the line after that?
30/03/2017 14:42
stockmanmy you so smart, you read for me la/
30/03/2017 14:43
LOO99 he..you play2 to scare ppl ah..buy call ma..
30/03/2017 14:46
stockmanmy why don't you look for the estimated profits 3/2017 in this report

30/03/2017 14:53
calvintaneng Hahaha!

What. OTB said about stockmanmy being a fake accountant is so true!

Hli Research called for a buy on Drb and gave a target price at Rm2.00. So Hong Leong Research is more bullish than CIMB Research giving a tp for rm1.69

Better go read again!

And more!!

Calvin Tan research already stated the figures that DRB already got Rm594 million paper profits yet to be realised from Pos price rise from Rm3.33 to Rm4.64
30/03/2017 14:54
30/03/2017 14:54
calvintaneng Mohd, you better sell comcorp and switch to DRB now.
Comcorp accounts show dwidling cash and receivables still dangerously elevated levels.
30/03/2017 14:58
stockmanmy calvin

details matter.....look into the details.............not just conclusions.

DRB to report loss of $ 300 M for FY 3/ 2017 you not scared?
30/03/2017 15:02
calvintaneng Where got scared by only mere Rm300 mil if profit from Pos price gain is already Rm594 millions.

Plus Pos is growing by double digits in Ecommerce every year.

Then also got Islamic Pawn shop raking in monies like no tomorrow. See rcecap.

Then also got 21.25 million cars and vehicles that need puspakom certification for roadworthiness and transfer of ownership.

Also the billions Pm Najib going to pump into Drb through Defense Tech.




30/03/2017 15:19
The One • 1.39.. come on 1.40 ya.. :)
30/03/2017 15:22
hng33 :D)
30/03/2017 15:36
helloworld123 Don't forget to mention how much losses proton is racking up.
30/03/2017 15:39
bliss08 mayday mayday atom bom arrive. fsp= chance= opportunity. u slow slow talk about proton loss while I busy counting money haha
30/03/2017 15:52
stockmanmy if like Pos, buy Pos

if fall in love with daughter, marry daughter

don't also marry mother and grand mother.
30/03/2017 16:29
nasaie24 Sell sell. If not later it goes up, and end your cycle of misery and starts a new one, cause then u'll realize money cant make you happy also
30/03/2017 16:31
pineapple123 stockmanmy, when u marry the daughter, u are in fact marrying the whole family. u just fuxk the daughter only for your future generation hahahahhaa

if not, every chinese new year, why u go back and visit them right?

As for DRBH , POS demonstrated stocks capitalisation from the earning from stocks and I believed it will be translated to DRBH results too. Just Proton need to speed up their FSP and I strongly realising it's on fast pace now!

Good luck on its way to DRBH! Hip hip hooray!
30/03/2017 16:47
人生几何 ~ 尽情博吧 it is d issue of drb have 2 maintain control otherwise, they cant even keep d name proton... as what rchi said they are difficult 2 deal with...
30/03/2017 17:11
LOO99 Good closing..he2
30/03/2017 17:22
人生几何 ~ 尽情博吧 when u marry d daughter, u are not marrying d whole family; u are not going 2 give money 2 her family but only occasionally visit her family..
30/03/2017 17:26
pineapple123 人生几何 ~ 尽情博吧 I agreed with you on this issue. Being the 1st Malaysian automobile representing the image of our country, they definitely be "non-profitable elements" involved.

that is why, we cannot be the non progressive bangsa. China will kick those people out.
30/03/2017 17:32
david6055my DRBHCOMC25 expiring tomorrow. Maybe they are the one that push down the price.
30/03/2017 17:36
calvintaneng See,

just as I expected EPF sold down. And today Thaji showed another accumulation..

With GE14 coming sure got Govt support for DRB

DRB = Driving Rushing Bull

30/03/2017 18:26
pineapple123 Calvin, that's the passing hands phrase.

hop hopp huray! DRBH u can!
30/03/2017 18:50

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BoomBoomChak Even when market is up, u stay where u r.
21/11/2016 21:12
alibabacoming Holland counter
22/11/2016 08:49
beso poor qr to be released soon
24/11/2016 17:17
husky88 Loss gov contract, sure poor qr
24/11/2016 22:27
beso q3 eps 0.47c profit down again,sure drop
25/11/2016 20:09
pclim i think the result is within expectation, considering the poor market sentiment
moreover they're turning around PVC-O and Renewable energy division
One or two good contracts, that's all it takes///and that's all it didn't get, for now
25/11/2016 20:43
pclim With gov focusing on construction and infrastructure, who's there to say fitters won't get good contracts to improve the non-revenue water problem...STAY POSITIVE =]
25/11/2016 20:46
Blur2investor Home contract so easy to get? Only favourites get.
29/11/2016 12:23
jonbravo failure stock
30/11/2016 16:01
shareinvestment7 wasting time and money if u put ur investment in this company
30/11/2016 19:52
smartInvestor1 等待转亏为盈是买这只股的策略 只是可以是一两年后 这样就浪费了机会成本
所以我一直保持关注 等它跳上0.45- 0.50 确定了上升趋势才来买也不会迟
06/12/2016 16:37
Yoko About to take off. Time to enter
09/12/2016 16:17
beso proposed future nrg listing on sgx has been called off
next week sure selling down
24/12/2016 20:28
BoomBoomChak Yay...time to collect
25/12/2016 14:24
shareinvestment7 This one is s Con company la. Luckily last time cut loss and sell,
25/12/2016 20:51
Jolin Lai Chi Pet this is very good company. If u keep for long term, it will reward
04/01/2017 12:37
beeair2013 Bought 0.42 seems to move .............
05/01/2017 16:05
bowman Is this why the action is being seen?

23/01/2017 10:31
omgimanoob 0.425, highest in four weeks!
26/01/2017 15:10
BoomBoomChak Omg, sure both. Wake up already at fitters. Stil cannot believe
26/01/2017 17:47
Yoko to take off on Monday. Buy now
05/02/2017 23:31
Stanley Sim Do check out my featured chart today ! Fitters

06/02/2017 08:23
Yoko well done Stanley Sim. RM0.42 is a major resistance which had been decisively broken. NTAB is high and shares greatly undervalued. Good buy at below RM0.44 now
06/02/2017 11:32
bleuerouge tomorrow might reach 46c
06/02/2017 18:00
BoomBoomChak Slow and steady fitters
10/02/2017 16:11
Ckk2266 Bought Fitters @ 43
15/02/2017 14:22
fhis monitor closely...will break 0.48 anytime from now...buy if volume comes...
15/02/2017 15:39
Josh Ong @Ckk2266, last volumn 19900 units is yours? Be ready for the spike ya!
15/02/2017 17:39
Ckk2266 Josh Ong : not mine:)
15/02/2017 17:46
Ckk2266 Accumulate more Fitters @ 43sen
16/02/2017 11:21
Josh Ong CKK, how many units you accumulated already?
16/02/2017 11:31
Ckk2266 Haha ...accumulation mode in progress
16/02/2017 11:35
Yoko Got some more shares today. Minimum risk although a bit slow toward North
16/02/2017 16:22
BoomBoomChak Going south
22/02/2017 22:02
Yoko Despite some weakness, its good time to accumulate Fitters below RM0-42
23/02/2017 11:06
alivetoinvest Loss is expected. Not that bad because its impairment loss
24/02/2017 18:23
shareinvestment7 Lol.. for me, this QR is considered very bad. PVC segment also losing money, hopeless company. I do not have any share of fitters. Just passed by and leave a comment. Those interested in this fitters, can continue your dream, dun shoot me, haha.
24/02/2017 18:49
alivetoinvest PVC segment has never made Money.
Useless business. Better to just stop .
25/02/2017 01:29
Ckk2266 Cut loss @ 0.395
27/02/2017 09:26
bowman Regardless of the drop, one should examine its outstanding shares. The past one year it had been buying back, whether loss or gain, there is not going to be much floating around compared to last year although loss is tremendous.
27/02/2017 09:35
toholim Tis always range around 0.405 - 0.42. V sad.
01/03/2017 11:29
Yoko Fitters is moving North. Show time.
21/03/2017 23:18
BoomBoomChak No news. It wont last long
22/03/2017 07:31
Goldmann Those hoping it goes north are most probably the one stuck at high price, sorry to be honest, I cant see any reason it can move up.
22/03/2017 22:45
ngyewchai76 What make it huge loss recently ? Outlook negative
23/03/2017 06:22
smartInvestor1 Huge loss is because of Impairment loss on investment in associate
对联营企业的投资 减值损失 6,885,000

上个季度的财产 Investment in an associate 7,330,000 这个季度没有了 说明Fitter投资外国的联营企业的子公司大概破产了

1 Associate of Future NRG Sdn Bhd Investment holding 40%
2 Subsidiary of AHT Syngas Technology NV Engineering and production of biomass and coal-co-generation systems (gasification) 100%

Share of result of associate, net of loss (445,000)
25/03/2017 19:24
fhis laggard big time...looks like engine is starting...monitor closely...once buying start with volume
29/03/2017 12:22
fhis fitters is flying...starting
30/03/2017 12:04
Yoko Yes Engine starting. Soon break the resistance of RM0-44 and fly. Time to accumulate. .. ..
30/03/2017 14:45
30/03/2017 18:50

  5 people like this.
ugorrkim I think results soso oni,,
29/03/2017 13:39
ewawa Let's wait n see la...I holding tight tight..hihi
29/03/2017 15:06
Olga Bought 0.725
29/03/2017 15:29
ewawa I.waiting at 0.725also...see can get some offer price anot...
29/03/2017 15:35
Yipman QR out later. Good news.
29/03/2017 16:20
papaya keep on dumping....erhmms
29/03/2017 16:21
Olga mayb later qoq not yet out
29/03/2017 16:35
Olga kekeke
29/03/2017 16:35
Equityengineer Buy already , so just hold .. market a bit depressed today
29/03/2017 17:32
Olga arank qoq out.. zzz.. arank didnt outperform.. lbalum ??
29/03/2017 18:13
Equityengineer Can see tomorrow only, if Arank moves up.. It is decent result for Arank,, i still hope LB would post better result than last Q.
29/03/2017 19:31
ewawa Nth to worry...arank and lba is different company...
29/03/2017 19:37
ewawa Arank doesnt outperform because they pay almost double tax this quarter...wonder y..
29/03/2017 19:38
cooling don't worry...read the QR carefully...arank supplied billets double to lbalum compared to previous quarter.......lbalum profit shld double this round

this is because arank is an upstream player while lbalum is a downstream player...

arank profit is affected by high taxation.....so don't be confused....just close your eyes and buy on weakness...
29/03/2017 20:32
cooling read this....lbalum enjoy special rate from arank.....you will understand better

29/03/2017 20:34
cooling ewawa...u go compare arank results for this quarter and the last quarter...they supplied nearly triple amount to lbalum...means lbalum sales is high.....

upstream means raw aluminum.....downstream means end product from aluminium..
29/03/2017 20:41
cooling it is like oil.....digging oil like skpetro are upstream...processing raw crude oil....while downstream are like petronm..selling petrol...look at petronm now....
29/03/2017 21:00
ewawa Cooling...Thks for your information...I get it dy...
29/03/2017 21:07
cooling now is good price to sapu...since now you got an insight that their sales has doubled....the TP remains at 1.00 based on the current pe, eps and nta
29/03/2017 21:16
papaya lbalum.....save the best for the last.....kikikih
29/03/2017 21:38
Yipman @cooling, excellent observation! i have missed out this point. Thank you for the sharing. LBALUM should maintain growth with this evidence.
29/03/2017 21:51
Equityengineer Yes, LBAlum is downstream player, not worried about the sales revenue. It will be above average. The stock price is still undervalued, basically by beating last Q report, the PE should be re-rated.
29/03/2017 21:58
cooling this is only the beginning...as they have streamlined the operations just last year...more to come...
29/03/2017 22:04
cooling what you should be interested in on arank quarter report is section A14 Related party transactions, and you already can predict lbalum outstanding profit
29/03/2017 22:10
Jingweihan @cooling, good info.
29/03/2017 22:11
Glaceau 'Will not be assessed securities charges'. Check this out my fellow comrades

29/03/2017 22:23
cipapo this is even more good news glaceau!
29/03/2017 22:31
Equityengineer Good information, so we know now LB export to australia too and the coming Q on July would even be profitable.
29/03/2017 22:31
Glaceau Let's hold tight my friends!
29/03/2017 22:43
BonZema72 Wow.. @cooling & Glaceau, thanks for your information! Appreciate!
30/03/2017 06:44
cipapo last chance to board the train today...hahaha
30/03/2017 07:16
hinata Time to load up more
30/03/2017 07:20
Glaceau let's earn together
30/03/2017 07:48
cooling alot of ppl looking at pmetal but they have forgotten on lbalum...which is selling at a discount now...
30/03/2017 08:13
Equityengineer But Pmetal capacity is huge and they have smelting ...that is why interest are there.. hope it will be r cord profit for LB.
30/03/2017 08:35
Glaceau Pmetal has factory in China which is currently undergoing a process to curb it's air pollution by limiting the operation of the factories.
30/03/2017 08:52
Jingweihan 0.72 in again.
30/03/2017 09:24
zoomsbooms arank going down 7sen and impacted lbalum a bit..but the volume doesn't seems big..a trader a throwing maybe..
30/03/2017 10:12
isaac225 just bought some at 0.72 and keep for mid term to see where it can go ..
30/03/2017 10:24
cooling if they wanna sell...let them sell
30/03/2017 10:38
averose “By sourcing the billets from A-Rank, LB Aluminium would be able to enjoy a stable and competitive supply of raw materials, not to mention better pricing. As for A-Rank, becoming an upstream supplier to LB Aluminium means it would gain a steady customer that makes regular orders,” he explains.

A steel analyst says vertical integration gives the downstream company, in this case LB Aluminium, the ability to minimise its supply chain risk.

“Expanding vertically could prevent disruptions in the supply of input materials and reduce threats from suppliers, especially those with greater bargaining power,” he adds
30/03/2017 12:54
ewawa Today managed to get some at 0.72...huat ar!!
30/03/2017 17:01
ewawa Report out...
30/03/2017 17:44
Equityengineer http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=195517&name=EA_FR_ATTACHMENTS
30/03/2017 17:55
jack0208 tomorrow sure fly. T.P 0.88
30/03/2017 17:59
cooling as expected....QR won't be bad....it's growing company...
30/03/2017 18:20
zoomsbooms yeahhh..good..maintaning result..but overall profit already surpass FY16
30/03/2017 18:40
cooling with the continuous reduction of tax from Australia you will see more profit
30/03/2017 18:45
angkokann Not bad...How tomorrow ?
30/03/2017 18:46
Jingweihan Tomorrow only one way to go
30/03/2017 18:49

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zzzzz Please don drop further... my cost damn high for warrant
24/03/2017 09:23
OngLai88 Selling has slowed down. Next week will be better time. Good luck.
24/03/2017 10:22
OngLai88 Let's see whether it will move the mountain
24/03/2017 14:28
zzzzz just like a spark.... dim so fast
24/03/2017 15:00
Birdbird Mother and son price forming a triangle soon....hopefully then will skyrocket
24/03/2017 15:54
Lee Chee Hoe prepare to fly 2morow
26/03/2017 23:51
OngLai88 Still consolidating.
27/03/2017 10:16
mahorse Today last T4 for 15 million plus volume.
27/03/2017 10:40
lscplzlh run...
27/03/2017 15:42
zzzzz Die.........my warrant RM0.56.. - 50 lots
27/03/2017 16:26
greatful 50 lot, only cut loss RM500, not big deal
27/03/2017 16:28
zzzzz 50,000
27/03/2017 16:32
BornToSpeculate Zzzzz on contra or taking up? Today is regional market down.
27/03/2017 16:40
IMasterMoney What just happened?
27/03/2017 16:45
vardy shakey liao
27/03/2017 16:55
OngLai88 Warrant high risk high gain. Be careful if play contra.
27/03/2017 16:58
shan75 T investment guru who busy buying mother n transfer back to LA than convert back to mother make this price to reach at this stage! Greedy is zero at best!
27/03/2017 21:10
shan75 Both LA n mother same price n t investment guru is out!
28/03/2017 11:12
OngLai88 Add more for next round.
28/03/2017 15:04
jimmylee123 If the warrant can sustained above 50cents still got hope. Otherwise, better sell some at current price and collect frm below 45cents later. Just my own thought.
29/03/2017 19:21
Lee Chee Hoe malton good fundamental. no worry
29/03/2017 22:16
PenguinDad WCT is suspended.
30/03/2017 09:00
OngLai88 Round 2 uptrend, pushing wb very hard. Big boss holding a big chunk. Who is selling, who is buying?
30/03/2017 10:33
shan75 mother towards 1.46!
30/03/2017 10:35
zzzzz Today closing price ? guess
30/03/2017 10:50
STUPIDPUNCAKKPS malton limit up today
30/03/2017 11:06
STUPIDPUNCAKKPS strong buy 1,30 ibought at 1,30
30/03/2017 11:07
OngLai88 No need limit up, steady moving toward 1.49 next target
30/03/2017 11:13
JS135 Suddenly puncture
30/03/2017 11:51
OngLai88 Temporary reverse gear. Day traders and contra players running for their life
30/03/2017 11:58
zzzzz Oh .. no
30/03/2017 11:58
shan75 Royal flush !
30/03/2017 12:01
zzzzz Don tell me close below 1.30 :-(
30/03/2017 12:12
shan75 Just don't miss this golden opportunity, before this price consolidated because of those investment guru who trade LA to mother to LA, now both price synchronised! Buy!Buy! Buy!
30/03/2017 12:59
OngLai88 Directors exercise some ESOS

Company converted LA to Mother
30/03/2017 13:49
OngLai88 Fasten the seat belt and enjoy your ride.
30/03/2017 14:57
shan75 Those miss this, 2moro another round coming for sure! Buy Buy buy
30/03/2017 16:04
shan75 1.40 closing!
30/03/2017 16:33
OngLai88 More to come tomorrow and next week. Next TP 1.49, 1.70
30/03/2017 16:35
PocketRocket Vroom vroom.. Up up and away
30/03/2017 16:43
dxbman Last chance to buy for big profit tomorrow
30/03/2017 16:57
zzzzz Sold too early ... 0.58 out all ...
30/03/2017 17:06
windcloud missed the boat, if morning, afternoon sold also can gain 10-15%, really interesting, think maybe got corporate news for restructuring of companies assets ..... Sister companies also same, just realized ....

Don't know should I miss it or chase high ?
30/03/2017 17:11
Ryan88 Wah goreng again. LOL. Every day having new goreng counters in 2017
30/03/2017 17:16
OngLai88 Just hoping for another 20 - 25 % for mother price to go. TAYOR. Good luck.
30/03/2017 17:17
BornToSpeculate I cleared all today too :-)
30/03/2017 17:19
winwin2288 goreng counter, difficult to judge... up or down....
30/03/2017 17:25
Tan Cheng Poh next tp 2.00 coming soon
30/03/2017 18:12
zzzzz I won't touch anymore ... too risky
30/03/2017 18:41
nikicheong Malton is being sustained by Affin Hwang Asia ex-Japan Quantum Fund. It's a Ponzi fund. Beware.
30/03/2017 18:49

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TomyamGong When is the latest qr going to announce?
30/03/2017 10:05
si3nz tonight
30/03/2017 10:20
Redz1 Hi Bruce n bonus. Im back for the showdown
30/03/2017 10:39
Redz1 So how's Bornoil comming along? Dnt worry after lunch well see.
30/03/2017 10:40
BBoy Everyone say tomorrow since last year...
30/03/2017 11:03
luckyeveryday hope got good news.... I need some money...keke ;-)
30/03/2017 11:43
luckyeveryday @si3nz..... sure QR will report tonight???
30/03/2017 11:49
si3nz @luckyeveryday yes, in the evening so u may check tonight
30/03/2017 11:55
luckyeveryday @si3nz thank you !
30/03/2017 12:01
Gold_King Eating popcorn ... watching good show
30/03/2017 12:25
ryan8814 let see 3pm show how they play, good show or bad show only they will know
30/03/2017 12:52
davislum gold price seem to going up, good nes to bornoil
30/03/2017 13:12
davislum good news to bornoil
30/03/2017 13:12
bruce551133 redz1, u missing longer than me... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
30/03/2017 13:30
Eric_B8B Where is bonus2016 ? Hiding undertable ?
Come one ,result will be superb xcelllent ,dun worry la. Wakakakakaka
30/03/2017 13:34
bonus2016 Bro Redz1 and Bro Bruce, yup, long time no see, really happy to see u both back to bornoil forum, hahaha. i still be here, always be here, still waiting for bornoil to roket up, hahaha ! All thr best for us ! My prediction is today MR, tomorrow will be QR ! Go Go Go !
30/03/2017 13:35
melvintcs 4/8 bonus when gving?
30/03/2017 13:38
Eric_B8B Bonus2016 is here !!!! Runnnnnnnnn
30/03/2017 13:43
lkf0512 My prediction is today MR...AND QR ! :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D
30/03/2017 13:49
OngLai88 So many people waiting for fatt mama to make a move. Even with MR and QR to be announced in these 2 days, fatt mama just moving side way like a crab.
30/03/2017 13:52
Redz1 Haha. Comming soon Bruce above ,185
30/03/2017 14:08
Silly_money Which black horse, got unicorn?
30/03/2017 15:08
TomyamGong Everyone here so confident on this stock? i also follow the wind buy 5k try try .. hahaa
30/03/2017 15:13
si3nz @Woodswater got pony or not
30/03/2017 15:17
bruce551133 bonus2016, redz1, yes, today, tomorrow or next week is up up up for bornoil...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
30/03/2017 15:20
Gold_King No worry !!! GO down then buy more..... if u scared u will not earn$$$ in the share market
30/03/2017 15:30
Redz1 Write a comment..e waited too long. A day or two is nothing lor.
30/03/2017 15:40
luckyeveryday I see the volume moved a bit....hope by end of the day...it will go up a bit. Pray.
30/03/2017 15:48
Woodswater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixRywl5rbdI
30/03/2017 15:59
bruce551133 up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
30/03/2017 16:28
TomyamGong apa pun tak ada ...... my 5k kena trapped!!! T.T
30/03/2017 16:40
ryan8814 Don't worry tomyam, I trapped longer than you! Lol
30/03/2017 16:50
ryan8814 And more than 5k
30/03/2017 16:50
nich0las Yam kong loh..... Haha
30/03/2017 17:01
ryan8814 Up half cent!
30/03/2017 17:03
bruce551133 another half to 1 hour or tomorrow will up 50cent...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
30/03/2017 17:05
Eric_B8B How many time u wan me to repeat, this qr is superb xcelllent, ready for 25, not 50, don't dream too much. Wakakakakaka
30/03/2017 17:20
bing Wow! Everybody 现身, hoseh bo...
30/03/2017 17:27
bing not bad... up half cen.
30/03/2017 17:28
jackyle Gold inventory reduce so much liao. QR shud be good enuf to push the price break 0.2 for bonus issues and free warrant.
30/03/2017 17:31
si3nz woo hoo good news
30/03/2017 17:53
nich0las 999.9 gold, who want buy? Lai lai lai!
30/03/2017 17:53
si3nz http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5381069
30/03/2017 17:53


Type Announcement
Description CHAPTER 9.36 , PART M
oz gm. kg
1. Inventory (LDMA Gold 999.9) 1,000 31,100 31.10
Inventory (Spot Trade XAU) 43,500 1,353,000 1,353.00
2. Ores mined 35,005.40
3. Production of Gold Dore 39.66 1,233.52 1.23
4. Gold Price (USD/oz) Low USD1,209.90 per oz
High USD1,256.95 per oz
5. Gold Price (RM/gm) Low RM172.33 per gm
High RM179.46 per gm
Gold Price (RM/oz) Low RM5,360.13 per oz
High RM5,581.68 per oz
30/03/2017 18:10
ryan8814 1336kg to 31kg?? Did I see the wrong thing?
30/03/2017 18:11
skyrocket https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-29/gold-seen-soaring-by-incrementum-as-inflation-starts-to-kick-in?cmpid=socialflow-facebook-business&utm_content=business&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
30/03/2017 18:14
Mikiyo No. thats additional gold from another category of gold. in fact its 31.1 + 1353
30/03/2017 18:15
Mmzai Oh my. I was about the ask the same thing as Ryan . 1366 to 31kg ?!
30/03/2017 18:15
davislum tomorrow d day....... up up to the sky
30/03/2017 18:19
alone Down down down down
30/03/2017 18:49

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Ezra Thanks but no thanks. I wouldn't wanna fall to a level as low as you are.

Posted by stockmanmy > Mar 28, 2017 04:38 PM | Report Abuse

If you can come to my level, your parents will thank God.

Ezra > Mar 28, 2017 03:35 PM | Report Abuse

KC, there is no need to waste your time with them.
29/03/2017 18:16
Ezra “Never argue with an stockmanmy. He will only bring you down to his low level and beat you with experience.” ― Ezra.
29/03/2017 18:20
kcchongnz Posted by Ezra > Mar 29, 2017 06:20 PM | Report Abuse
“Never argue with an stockmanmy. He will only bring you down to his low level and beat you with experience.” ― Ezra.

I always welcome constructive criticisms, and not personal attack. It is good to discuss things in the forum. This guy is ok as he likes to argue on anyone's view and he doesn't go on personal attack.

On the other hand, he will sing praises non-stop for one person, on every word he says and whatever he propagates, some of them are so misleading and utterly wrong.

Very interesting guy. Never met one to this extent before.
29/03/2017 18:30
stockmanmy kc

I am certainly better than those who spread fake news and accuse others of being fake accountants.
29/03/2017 18:35
Blacksails KC Chong, What is your opinion on Maybank-C24? Would you say call warrants are used by seasoned traders/ investors as an "insurance cover" in certain cases, if you know what I mean.
29/03/2017 18:45
Blacksails If I'm not wrong, the first covered warrants were issued by PNB, and they were all blue clip counters. Believed PNB made a big loss in the end.
29/03/2017 20:46
Blacksails blue chips counters like Maxis, Tenaga and Maybank.
29/03/2017 21:03
kcchongnz Posted by Blacksails > Mar 29, 2017 06:45 PM | Report Abuse
KC Chong, What is your opinion on Maybank-C24? Would you say call warrants are used by seasoned traders/ investors as an "insurance cover" in certain cases, if you know what I mean.

Writing, or selling an option, or call warrant is more for investment banks here, not traders/investors like those markets with matured option market.

The writer of options would have the underlying shares for those "covered warrants".
30/03/2017 00:04
kcchongnz Posted by Blacksails > Mar 29, 2017 08:46 PM | Report Abuse
If I'm not wrong, the first covered warrants were issued by PNB, and they were all blue clip counters. Believed PNB made a big loss in the end.

If PNB had hedged, or covered those written call warrants, they shouldn't be losing big.

They appeared to become speculators rather than as hedgers.
30/03/2017 00:06
KLCI King Fake accountant claimed to be better than fake accountants? Stockmanmy, you are making fun of yourself. What a JOKE of the day.

Posted by stockmanmy > Mar 29, 2017 06:35 PM | Report Abuse
kc, I am certainly better than those who spread fake news and accuse others of being fake accountants.
30/03/2017 02:17
KLCI King Post removed. Why?
30/03/2017 02:18
Icon8888 Wrong. Choose your Warrants wisely as per KC. Otherwise your CW will be like old man tak boleh naik (due to high premium and low gearing)

Trading Volume is secondary. My Airasia C27 rose from 21 sen to 67 sen but all this while thinly traded

Don't believe me ? Go check the chart

manmy always think he very intelligent and made sweeping statement . He can bluff others, but cannot bluff old dogs like me and KC

Posted by stockmanmy > Mar 27, 2017 05:29 PM | Report Abuse

buying the c with the largest volume has a lot of advantages, the most important is that it will response quickly to market conditions..you do not want to buy a c that is half dead and shows no response.
30/03/2017 07:09
Icon8888 The correct way to choose is a combination of (1) low premium (2) high gearing and (3) long expiry

If you see something like the above, can whack big. The chance of profit is good

Volume totally irrelevant
30/03/2017 07:17
Icon8888 My latest exposure is C47. Cost 12 sen

But I bought not much. Only one twentieth of my mother share exposure. Instead I punt big on mother shares. The percentage return lower, but I can punt real big. You can't do that for Call Warrants. It is madness to put 40% (lets say) of your portfolio in an instrument that will expire in few months
30/03/2017 07:20
Icon8888 I would also like to take the opportunity to touch on the topic of sailang promoted by manmy. No body really sailang by betting big big on a particular stock. The process is gradual. You starts small, and as more info trickle in and things seemed to evolve in positive direction , you scale up your exposure (sometime drastically)

When visibility is really really good and risk very favorable, you execute the final "sailang" jump

That is the way it is done in real life
30/03/2017 07:53
Icon8888 There is nothing wrong with call warrants

You sprinkle it on your portfolio like you add spice to cooking. (Nobody cook and eat a whole pot of spice)

It will make your food super extra delicious

For example : Affin at 2.20 is cheap but not entirely sexy. But if you come up with some money to add some Affin CW to your exposure (let's say 10% of mother share value), the whole picture changes

Affin went up to 2.80 only recently but CW has gone from 11 sen to 70 sen+

So the return becomes very attractive

Posted by insulter > Mar 28, 2017 10:53 AM | Report Abuse

it is not a right thing to teach retail call warrant... most of the people lose until underwear lose...
30/03/2017 08:14
cheoky Thx for icon sharing
30/03/2017 08:19
VenFx Another inspiration food of thought .... good sharing from icon8888 bro.
30/03/2017 08:24
stockmanmy whack your head

so happens Air Asia up recently .

How many call warrants have expired worthless?

Icon8888 > Mar 30, 2017 07:17 AM | Report Abuse

The correct way to choose is a combination of (1) low premium (2) high gearing and (3) long expiry

If you see something like the above, can whack big. The chance of profit is good

Volume totally irrelevant
30/03/2017 08:55
stockmanmy if you had bought the highest volume call warrant at the same time, you will not made any less in percentage and absolute terms....go check.

highest volume means that is the fairest with the most buyers and sellers at the relevant time.
30/03/2017 09:01
Icon8888 Well you might have your points, but so do KC and I

That is all I want to say
30/03/2017 09:08
wiki123 Icon, your education is always very good... may i know on low premium selection, how do you judge low premium? Do you set a target like below 10% or 20% or 30% is ok?
30/03/2017 09:31
stockmanmy low premium means it is going to expire soon....simple as that.
forget about premiums, just buy those with the highest volume. At least you have plenty of smarter people with you.

wiki123 > Mar 30, 2017 09:31 AM | Report Abuse

Icon, your education is always very good... may i know on low premium selection, how do you judge low premium? Do you set a target like below 10% or 20% or 30% is ok?
30/03/2017 09:36
stockmanmy icon

the theory of gearing and premium is not very sound.

Gamuda W and Genting W has high gearing but low premiums and long periods....and stays like that forever.

A better theory is penny warrants.....penny warrants always has very high premiums and next to zero gearing and way way out of money.
30/03/2017 09:42
stockmanmy you are focusing on the wrong thing.

The reason I participant in this thread is to say......precisely this...that people like you are focusing on the wrong thing.

wiki123 > Mar 30, 2017 09:31 AM | Report Abuse

Icon, your education is always very good... may i know on low premium selection, how do you judge low premium? Do you set a target like below 10% or 20% or 30% is ok?
30/03/2017 09:52
Ricky Kiat dumb dumb hold for c47 & mother share ...cheers...\(^-^)/
30/03/2017 10:09
Ricky Kiat hope can reach 6 digit profit. cheers...\(^o^)/
30/03/2017 10:11
Shellhouse Manmy, i dont think this is relevant to company issued warrants. Even more so for penny warrants. Structured warrants and company warrants behave very differently. Co warrants practically mirrors the mother share whereas SWs has the speculative element in them.

Premiums and gearing are just risk management mechanisms in place to reduce speculative risk in selecting SWs.

Posted by stockmanmy > Mar 30, 2017 09:42 AM | Report Abuse


the theory of gearing and premium is not very sound.

Gamuda W and Genting W has high gearing but low premiums and long periods....and stays like that forever.

A better theory is penny warrants.....penny warrants always has very high premiums and next to zero gearing and way way out of money.
30/03/2017 10:12
Shellhouse and to illustrate your point of why Co warrants have almost zero premium, at least 95% of them
30/03/2017 10:14
Ricky Kiat whatever focus on which call warrant, make big money is most important, ready to change my 14 years old car .cheers...\(^o^)/
30/03/2017 10:17
stockraider Premium is the cost of using warrant funding loh....say if premium 20% but if expire in 3 yrs time....so roughly it cost u roughly 6% to 7% pa to buy warrant instead of buying mother direct loh...!!

Gearing or leverage....means how many times u get to borrow loh....!!
If the gearing is 10x....means if u put 10%...u can borrow 90% using warrant as a means of funding....instead of borrowing from the bank loh.......!!

So if u r a speculators......beside the underlying stock pick must be good....u want low premium....long dated expiry and high leverage loh....!!

But nothing is this world is so perfect....there are always tradeoff on all the variables....raider mentioned loh....!!

Why raider mentioned speculators leh ?
Bcos warrant is one of the best instrument for speculators loh!!

Btw why warrant is good for speculator leh ?
U use warrant the risk of losing....is restricted to the warrant u invest loh...!!
But if u use margin....the risk is higher....bcos the bank will go after u for the balance owed after margin call mah...!!

Most powerful for speculators with no monies ;
Use margin to buy warrant loh....!!
30/03/2017 10:19
Shellhouse This, you got it wrong.


Gearing or leverage....means how many times u get to borrow loh....!!
If the gearing is 10x....means if u put 10%...u can borrow 90% using warrant as a means of funding....instead of borrowing from the bank loh.......!!
30/03/2017 10:22
Shellhouse Gearing in warrants refers to sensitivity between warrant price and mother share.

High gearing can be both good and bad. e.g. 1 cent (mother) to 1 cent (warrant) move, or 3.5 cents (M) to 1 cent (W) move
30/03/2017 10:26
Icon8888 wiki, as a rule of thumb, for normal warrants with lets say 2 years life, I prefer premium lerss than 25%

for call warrants, prefer zero to 5% premium

if you want to buy high premium CW, you need to be careful of IB issuing additional new Warrants (all of them have the right to do so, you know ? just check any of the CW term sheet, it is a standard term). Anytime IB issue additional new call warrants, the existing Call Warrants will experience dramatic premium evaporation as people has the impression that the IB is going to dump the new warrants on them (which is not the case. It is a long story, sigh). If your premium is low, your CW will not be affected. If your premium is high, you can kiss goodbye to your money as you can expect the premium to disappear overnight

Posted by wiki123 > Mar 30, 2017 09:31 AM | Report Abuse

Icon, your education is always very good... may i know on low premium selection, how do you judge low premium? Do you set a target like below 10% or 20% or 30% is ok?
30/03/2017 10:27
Shellhouse HIgher gearing indicates the Warrant is more sensitive to mother share movements.
30/03/2017 10:27
stockraider Yes it mean sensitivity also loh...but on crude ways....for layman..it means how many time can borrow loh....!!
A high leverage means....very sensitive loh.....bcos borrowing alot mah......!!
30/03/2017 10:29
VenFx Bros & sis here, Would you give EG-wc a punt ? It is now at a merely 13% @$0.520
45 months to expiry. Consider getting less as it is in the semicon field.
30/03/2017 10:38
VenFx Ex -right , will be self adjusted to apprx $0.430 + a 1 for 4 existing warrant.
I hv drop a summary in it's thread.
30/03/2017 10:40
stockmanmy Just focus on the mother share movements and buy the highest volume warrants if you want more andrenaline......nothing else matters.
30/03/2017 11:11
Blacksails KC Chong, About a decade has past since PNB first issued those covered warrants in Bursa. Do you think the current issuers like IBs hedged all their call warrants?
30/03/2017 12:10
Blacksails PNB made a big loss on Maxis cover warrants then as it didn't anticipated Maxis price went very high and PNB started hedging late.
30/03/2017 12:14
stockmanmy Just focus on the mother share movements and buy the highest volume warrants if you want more andrenaline......nothing else matters.

The market will decide for you what is the appropriate combination of term, premium , gearing and beta fluctuations.

It is not for you to decide.
30/03/2017 12:20
stockmanmy Air Asia, they give you many CW to choose.
Is this real choice or Hobson's choice?

You think you are so smart you can choose the one cW that will make you money while the rest will lose you money?

is that arrogance, ignorance or stupidity?

it is just marketing gimmick to suck you in.....like a supermarket with many choices of cigarettes.

I think a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

your task is not to choose the one CW that will make you money. Your task is to read the Air Asia trend correctly.
30/03/2017 14:17
kcchongnz Posted by Blacksails > Mar 30, 2017 12:10 PM | Report Abuse
KC Chong, About a decade has past since PNB first issued those covered warrants in Bursa. Do you think the current issuers like IBs hedged all their call warrants?

If IBs do not have the underlying share before issuing those call warrants, those warrants are "naked" warrants, not termed as "covered" warrants.

If IB has the underlying shares before writing those call warrants, then the rise/fall of the underlying shares/warrants do not matter that much, as warrant price moves in tandem with the underlying shares. The loss in warrants is compensated with the rise of the underlying shares it possesses, and if the hedging is done correctly.
30/03/2017 15:21
明天会更好 有很不错的讨论,也有无理取闹的死硬派,辛苦作者了。

30/03/2017 15:25
kcchongnz Posted by stockmanmy > Mar 30, 2017 11:11 AM | Report Abuse
Just focus on the mother share movements and buy the highest volume warrants if you want more andrenaline......nothing else matters.

Posted by stockmanmy > Mar 30, 2017 02:17 PM | Report Abuse
Air Asia, they give you many CW to choose.
Is this real choice or Hobson's choice?
You think you are so smart you can choose the one cW that will make you money while the rest will lose you money?
is that arrogance, ignorance or stupidity?
it is just marketing gimmick to suck you in.....like a supermarket with many choices of cigarettes.
I think a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
your task is not to choose the one CW that will make you money. Your task is to read the Air Asia trend correctly.

This article has shown you, with numbers, that precisely by choosing the call warrants with low premium, high gearing yields you the best returns such as C34, +43.5%, C35 at +25.2%, against C40, the highest volume? that incurred total loss.

So please show your records, with numbers on the statement as claimed by you, to justify that you are not "arrogance, ignorance or stupidity.
30/03/2017 16:04
stockmanmy kc

you mislead people

You compile a table of warrants and profit and loss at expiry dates.

of course, there will be some in the money, some out of money at expiry date because all of them were issued with different terms.......

you have shown nothing meaningful.
30/03/2017 16:38
stockmanmy so I now know, finally I now know KC.....talking nice, is in reality a very misleading guy.
30/03/2017 16:41
stockmanmy why don't you say c34 and c35 are the ones with the highest volume?

you cheat and you know you cheat.
30/03/2017 16:56
kcchongnz Posted by stockmanmy > Mar 30, 2017 04:38 PM | Report Abuse
you mislead people
You compile a table of warrants and profit and loss at expiry dates.
of course, there will be some in the money, some out of money at expiry date because all of them were issued with different terms.......
you have shown nothing meaningful.

I misleading people? where and how?

Table 1 in this article clearly shows that C34 and C35 with zero premiums, expire with cash settlement of a gain of 43.5% and 25.2% respectively after two months as shown in table 2.

Table 1 also shows C40 with a premium of 36.6% two months earlier, and with the same expiry date as C34, expires with total loss as shown in Table 2.

Isn't that very clear a call warrant with low premium with a better outcome at expiry?

Volume was never talked about volume in the article. It was not that relevant for me.

You are the one who say again and again and again that the call warrant with the highest volume is the best. So, show us, which warrant has the highest volume and has it got a better outcome?

Shows numbers, evidence, proof etc, and not simply bark!
30/03/2017 18:47

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nakamura iwcity rename when o~~~
29/03/2017 09:33
Ang Kian Teck Dato Haris continue sellling?
Whatever, plan to hold ekovest till tp RM3.00 within next 5 years.
Current ekovest holding is condsider free d...

Thank for moneysifu.
29/03/2017 09:34
Equityengineer Index not going down , it still positive compare to yesterday's closing ..
29/03/2017 09:57
Henry Chan Foreign buying?
29/03/2017 10:07
lizi buy more earn more is true for ekovest.
29/03/2017 10:07
Ang Kian Teck top 2 trending in i3 forum
29/03/2017 10:12
Henry Chan anyone knows why the sudden surge?
29/03/2017 10:20
chpiah88 Ekovest taikor tan sri dato lim kang hoo... Chairman of iwcity and iwh.... News about iwcity and iwh share swapping has rippled for bandar malaysia masterplan development. PM chpiah88@gmail.com for more info. Happy investing! =)
29/03/2017 11:01
kakakemas i want to add more but the price keep going up :(
29/03/2017 11:16
leealex24 You guys believe upside another $1?
29/03/2017 11:40
Zillions also .. depends how you guys evaluate MD continue purchasing company shares


Ekovest Bhd managing director Datuk Seri Lim Keng Cheng raising his stake in the company. He bought 10.83 million shares, or 0.51% interest, via private arrangement on March 8.

Lim’s purchase was done at RM1.30 per share, which was on the higher side of the day’s trading range of RM1.24 and RM1.31. The share price climbed to a five-year high of RM1.45 on March 10 but retreated to last Wednesday’s close of RM1.37. Previously, Lim only held an indirect 6.12% stake via his private vehicle, Lim Seong Hai Holdings Sdn Bhd.
29/03/2017 11:46
Winner 2016 I believe it will retest 1.5 in this week... if break it, will create another high...
29/03/2017 11:52
Kino Kow After lunch will be fly again , mayb 4pm ....just wait the money drop from eko sky....lols
29/03/2017 13:03
1973 If next Q3 & Q4 net profit same as Q1 & Q2(41 mil),the share price should be 2.34(PE30),track record from year 2010 till 2016,4 years price hit PE30,2 years hit PE14,1 year hit PE7.5,percentage of hit PE30 is 57%.good luck
29/03/2017 13:09
leealex24 haha thanks!
29/03/2017 14:30
kwang2209 above RM1.50
29/03/2017 14:40
nakamura siao lar u, above 1.5 today..now like no smoke
29/03/2017 14:55
goody99 enjoying the show...
29/03/2017 15:06
moneySIFU Back to those days where few cents movement in a day :)
29/03/2017 16:32
Winner 2016 After the contra out (maybe Friday or t+4) Next tuesday sure going up another level....
29/03/2017 16:32
nakamura tell me where is 1.5..haha~~
29/03/2017 16:33
qwer4321 1.5 next week no rush :)
29/03/2017 16:38
1973 1.52 is PE20
29/03/2017 16:54
Winner 2016 nakamaru, I think you need to wear your spectacles ....
29/03/2017 16:55
0411 清明时节语愤愤,股市笨人欲寻股。
29/03/2017 20:38
Loh Kok Wai W 0411 你的词句不错;最後一句你应该说;不买怡克伟。。买伟哥!
29/03/2017 23:12
kwang2209 Sometime need some motivation mah..to encourage the shareholders
30/03/2017 00:02
FlyFish haiya... money just in. too late to load up more at 1.34! T_T
30/03/2017 08:04
0411 哈哈. Loh kok Wai W, 你是对的。希望EKOSHIP 乘客耐心前进,到达各自的目的地。
30/03/2017 08:04
FlyFish EKOSHIP sailed sea around the world d. upgrade to spaceship 匆上天空!
30/03/2017 08:12
30/03/2017 08:18
nakamura Pu nia mar...now ship sink for tempoarry..~~
30/03/2017 10:41
kwang2209 Haha..don't worry temporary nia
30/03/2017 11:01
nakamura know early i sell take profit, and buy back...kns~
30/03/2017 11:09
qwer4321 if u know early den u wont be here anymore... haha
keep in mind that you can't predict the stock movement, if you wan speculate, but to make life easy, trust good company eventually will go up! :)
30/03/2017 11:18
qwer4321 so good company just hold, hold until u urgent want to use money only tp... lol
30/03/2017 11:40
stock lover Good company sure fly ma... it matter soon or later!
30/03/2017 11:41
CanCan168 So Mr Greatful...shall I take your experienced advice ie buy Ekovest shares...
30/03/2017 13:48
garydonald21 I believed this share will stay above 1.50 in very soon future... don't regret if not on board in time... hehehehehehehe...
30/03/2017 14:48
Henry Chan queuing at 1.40
30/03/2017 15:07
alex3388 https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/damiantreez/119478.jsp
30/03/2017 16:07
Henry Chan Not yet, still queuing lol
30/03/2017 16:18
Henry Chan Just filled lol hahaha
30/03/2017 16:47
Henry Chan I got a bad feeling, tmr will drop below 1.4 :(
30/03/2017 17:00
luilai @henry chan may your wish come true
30/03/2017 17:02
Henry Chan lol sure and top up more
30/03/2017 17:17
greatful nothing to worry
30/03/2017 17:55
Ryan88 Come and go is like that as usual in speculating market. 2017. LoL
30/03/2017 18:00
Nigel Low Haris Onn price control measures again...lol
30/03/2017 18:45
bluemoon22 Haris Onn disposed again...
30/03/2017 18:47

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ooicy yeah...tq tong her
28/11/2016 11:20
chankp7010 3QR is good. Tomorrow share price likely will spike.
28/11/2016 17:18
Goinvest88 very efficient, pay dividend within 30 days after annoucement
28/11/2016 23:27
cheoky hold long long. dividend ring into bank account the best
29/11/2016 13:12
lowdensity dividend today kah?
22/12/2016 14:39
Stead Expect another 10 sen dividend come 27 January 2017?
17/02/2017 13:04
lowdensity No announcement on dividend in Jan 17.
24/02/2017 11:45
Stead Mistake. 27 Feb 2017. Announcement of 4th Qtr and full year results.
25/02/2017 10:42
Stead couldn't figure out how much to pay for the final dividend and hence delay the Board Meeting to the last date of February for FYE 31 Dec 2016 financial results? At least 10 sen please.
28/02/2017 10:02
lowdensity last minute uploading qr...
average sign
28/02/2017 17:38
Stead I am still waiting for its latest qtr results.... cannot decide how much to pay?
28/02/2017 17:59
lowdensity no dividend is announced
01/03/2017 10:53
ooicy eps hikes..n rm100 dividend...but haven't announced the date
01/03/2017 16:27
Stead ya, why no dividend one? Tongher has a long history of paying final dividend... how come this year tiada?
01/03/2017 16:35
pingdan Good result, good dividend, good future, good amount of cash, good fundemental, quite undervalue. Just enter today...
01/03/2017 17:02
John Wick Strong balance sheet! everything looks good!
01/03/2017 19:41
lowdensity buy buy buy
01/03/2017 21:13
chankp7010 Tongherr at current price is selling 6.7 P.E, only. Dividend proposed 10 cents. Prospect is good for the coming quarters. Buy more to profit more.
02/03/2017 10:43
ykloh There is some confusion over dividend. It paid an interim of 10 sens in Dec for FY16. There is no confirmation of a final 10 sens for FY16.
02/03/2017 11:03
lowdensity There is no dividend announcement during this QR.
02/03/2017 12:28
ooicy yup..this div of 10sen ald paid in advance on 22/12/2016
02/03/2017 16:29
chankp7010 It is true that no dividend payment is mentioned in the QR. That 10% dividend actually paid in Dec 2016 for FY 2016. However, I strongly believe the Board will declare interim dividend for FY2017 some where in June 2017
02/03/2017 16:39
lowdensity hope so.
03/03/2017 18:12
Stead ai yo, please propose a 10 sen dividend, then the share price will fly liao...
06/03/2017 16:22
chankp7010 Tongherr current price against earning per share is less than P.E. 7 x; still with rooms to fly.
06/03/2017 16:53
pingdan today reach another new high 52weeks... gogogo
06/03/2017 20:38
lowdensity go go go
07/03/2017 10:19
dotasifu head north~~ looks like powerful
09/03/2017 14:04
pingdan everyday new high.... wohoooo
09/03/2017 15:55
John Wick yeah!
09/03/2017 16:43
lowdensity high high high
10/03/2017 15:44
Stead Why no dividend??
16/03/2017 22:49
Stead Bonus issue 1 for 3 to comply new companies act?
17/03/2017 22:48
lowdensity Bonus Issue? When will it be happening?
22/03/2017 13:13
chankp7010 Despite very poor market sentiment, Tong herr is up 8 cents. Any good news?
22/03/2017 15:50
chankp7010 Tongherr is now RM2.61. Good news must be coming! Any insiders that can reveal a bit?
22/03/2017 16:47
Stead Bonus issue.... still have not decided the ratio....
23/03/2017 11:59
Stead Either 1 for 3 or 1 for 5
23/03/2017 12:01
Xu Yu Fu Pmetal up 0.14 but Tongher down 0.02.
23/03/2017 17:49
chankp7010 Tongherr is up 5 cents to RM2.60. Any insiders' new?
27/03/2017 15:48
lowdensity 0.20 dividend
27/03/2017 18:24
cheoky OMG I really love taiwanese
27/03/2017 19:06
Stead More than what i expected! Vy good to Tsai's family!!
27/03/2017 19:35
Goinvest88 Good! Long time waiting. Sigh.... Just sold 50lots today
27/03/2017 23:12
pingdan walao super generous company...
28/03/2017 00:02
Kwokyau911 Any bonus issue announcement ?
30/03/2017 16:38
Goinvest88 less likely to have bonus issue after declare 20 cents dividend
30/03/2017 17:26
lowdensity buy buy buy
30/03/2017 17:58
Goinvest88 if profit can maintain, 20 cents dividend every year shouldn't be problem
30/03/2017 18:11
Diamond7 Wa.....so good!!!!
30/03/2017 18:46

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gsrajan Why is the price going down?
10/02/2017 11:29
WataFrog Kent @gsrajan I also curious , collect some when low
10/02/2017 11:43
gsrajan KLCI already touch 1700. But the price is going down.
10/02/2017 11:51
gsrajan Westports' FY16
Financial year end net profit 636.981 million (increased 26.17%)
Second Interim Single Tier Dividend 6.70 sen
10/02/2017 13:21
savyinvestor Yup... Grabbed ,,,,,, thanks to those selling it at RM4.12
10/02/2017 14:40
savyinvestor Yup... Grabbed ,,,,,, thanks to those selling it at RM4.12
10/02/2017 14:44
kentg03 QR good but price keep going down. something wrong
10/02/2017 17:39
Wuzy price drop, still giving so high dividend. weired
10/02/2017 23:35
omnigunk Westports delivered 4Q16 core net profit that was 13% above CIMB Equities Research’s expectations, beating its forecast by 3%, as Q4 container volumes outperformed by 3%.
Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/02/13/wesports-q4-earnings-above-expectations-says-cimb-research/#8y5Xda1Xww6yEpJI.99
13/02/2017 09:51
omnigunk Profits up about 2.6% from last Q. Announced 6.7sen dividend. The price should reflect this good results soon.
13/02/2017 10:01
juggernaut74 affected due to superficial speculation and impact of 3rd port, this speculated project take very long time to build.
13/02/2017 14:13
juggernaut74 worse is eventually none of tht will come through, another free zone in the making....pure nonsense for political not economics nor business sense.
13/02/2017 14:15
gcke YES,agreed that when the company announced good financial results,its stock price should go up.But unfortunately when the QR was released ALL the Technical Price Charts for Westport are bearish.Look like the bearish trend will continue for sometimes:

1.The MACD line is below the Signal Line;
2.The RSI is below the neutral line- 50.00.The boundary between bearishness and bullishness.

Just to share and be a smart investor.Good luck.
13/02/2017 14:18
omnigunk As expected, it went up but not yet fully reflect the profit increase. Perhaps there's some element of risk priced into the price.
16/02/2017 14:59
thevillages What happened !!!!
24/02/2017 23:05
kevinobc westport.. falling falling falling... further..... dun be sad ya..
28/02/2017 10:36
fast https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/staticfile/296996.jsp
28/02/2017 13:19
fast I bought in during this weakness season, plan to keep for long term.
28/02/2017 15:36
Mel2learn any news?
28/02/2017 17:09
thevillages 3.8, I'm waiting for u
10/03/2017 19:08
chkhooju No harm buying on dip, but must have holding power.
10/03/2017 19:58
fast I know a lot of funds are selling this stock, such as CIMB, lol. No harm, they sell we buy!
13/03/2017 17:42
fast 2 things I like about westports: very high profit margin and ROE
13/03/2017 17:47
lkw9918 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/03/14/westports-remain-a-buy-at-affin-hwang-research/
14/03/2017 13:57
fast top up a bit
16/03/2017 18:10
Kingoffry Sell all tomorrow before below 3.90 again
19/03/2017 23:19
RainT Fast
Go see Myeg ...profit margin 50% even more higher
20/03/2017 21:03
Waynetan8 Volume breakout..big shark is going in soon at a very good price to come in
21/03/2017 12:03
fast RainT: Myeg lower ROE and dividend yield
21/03/2017 15:09
fast Hold this for 30 years, you wouldn't regret!
21/03/2017 15:11
lkw9918 :)
21/03/2017 19:25
RainT Fast
Myeg higher ROE than Westports
Hold for 30 years ???
Will become 10 cents
21/03/2017 22:56
goldentriangle The bear is coming...
22/03/2017 06:39
goldentriangle DJI was big plunged to closed at 20,668.01 (-237.85) (-1.14 %)
And for oil price, Brent tumbling to closed at $50.98 (-0.64) (-1.24 pcent%)
Nymex also tumbling to closed at $48.25 (-0.66) (-1.35%)
22/03/2017 06:39
omnigunk So surprise if I follow everyone's analysis here, will go wrong. Syndicated?
23/03/2017 16:13
fast https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kimstockwatchfajar/119224.jsp

Kim is watching
28/03/2017 10:33
omnigunk Good day today. Syndicate begone.
28/03/2017 16:53
28/03/2017 20:39
Stockwatch Kim https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kimstockwatchfajar/119307.jsp
28/03/2017 20:39
fast Thanks Kim
28/03/2017 20:56
henryl Hi Kim, WPRT-CP IS GOING TO EXPIRE IN 4 MONTH TIME. Ok to enter @ RM 0.03?
29/03/2017 07:02
lkw9918 Good Day Bro KIM

Bon voyage !!!!

teropong further kasih BO 4.50 :-)
29/03/2017 07:39
Junx Leow look at this stock chart very hard work to make it up !!!! one day up one day down ........ tomorrow will be green then :p
29/03/2017 17:54
ChronoFund So much projects coming, Westport will be very busy in coming months. More profit
29/03/2017 22:48
Junx Leow going to fly soon .... stay turn .....
30/03/2017 13:45
gsrajan WPRTS -CP
This call warrant is very difficult to buy and sell. The mother price fluctuates very fast, One minute down one minute up. Buy/sell tightly controlled by Investment bank. Sometime the spread is very big which make us very difficult to go in and out. You must be very patience with this CW. I have been with this CW since the beginning. Now I have left this CW last month.

Be careful guys
30/03/2017 14:42
gsrajan The mother price went down although the profit was good with good dividend. See my comment on 10/02/2017.
30/03/2017 14:46
gsrajan There were days when I am the only one who buy and sell this WPRTS-CP with the Investment Bank market makers. When I questioned the IB why the there is a big gap in the spread, the IB market maker will adjust spread to 1 bid for a few days then it will back to square one.

I did made some profit and less loss from this CW.

Happy investing guys.
30/03/2017 15:19
Junx Leow be patient, expected real one will come tomolo... keep ur eye. but still , it just a time matter !!
30/03/2017 17:41
gsrajan Comment from Kenanga Life Chart :-

Commentary BASED ON DAILY CHART( 29 Mar 2017 )

WPRTS has been trading above its upward sloping 20-Day Moving Average which is a good sign. In addition, there is a technical level at 4.05 which may support any short-term retracement.

First Resistance = RM4.11
Second Resistance = RM4.18

Source = Kenanga - Kentrade Portal

These comment might give those who own this CW a peace of mind and can sleep peacefully today.

This information is for sharing.

I wish to confirm that I do not own any WPRTS - CP warrant

Happy investing guys.
30/03/2017 18:45

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magus don't hope for pmetal price to crash so that you cn add, just buy high and sell higher. who dares, wins.
28/03/2017 21:59
Hunger http://www.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/2082600/enforcement-not-inspections-key-battling-air-pollution

deeper dig into china pollution case,enforcement by china official to stop further air pollution
28/03/2017 22:01
Bizfuneng telusdansuci - Tq.
28/03/2017 22:27
Hunger yep.big blockage gone d.like what telusdansuci said,it will slowly go up april till may
28/03/2017 22:28
Hunger 1,942.75 aluminium price https://m.investing.com/commodities/aluminum
29/03/2017 00:26
Investo 早安 Wed...........mid-week oredi :-)
PMetal how 2day? I still got half. Still wait 2 see how. Laugh
29/03/2017 08:01
goodjoe Aluminum prices up.... hovering around 1945 now... this bodes well for pmetal
29/03/2017 09:18
Gabriel Khoo http://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/some-japanese-aluminium-buyers-agree-to-q2-premium-of-128t-sources/
29/03/2017 09:19
Gabriel Khoo Future price ald at premium 2200+ for 2018
29/03/2017 09:20
Hunger regret i sold off 2 lot,should have just listen to myself instead of hearing ppl ask everyday pmetal how today.Tulan~
29/03/2017 09:22
TF Peter U still untung eventhough not " much" . Anyway, still got chance to earn more more RM . PM BOLEH.
29/03/2017 09:28
telusdansuci Anytime they can " Goreng " but just wait for the green light only . Right timing will bring right result. Pmetal tetap boleh . Nak untung kena ada ketabahan dan ketahanan , ya . Jangan lupa bulan April hingga Mei ini , ya . Terima kasih .
29/03/2017 11:37
Hunger nasfu terlalu kuat haha.dipengaruhi oleh "jin" untuk jual.rugi rugi...
29/03/2017 11:42
Awet91 Please cek your acc,diveden already bank in into acc
29/03/2017 12:29
moneykj Sudah masuk ka? Can go vocation liao. Now don't wan up never mind, after come back will start...
29/03/2017 13:46
Hunger yep sudah dapat haha
29/03/2017 14:34
Hunger wil it break 2,6 today?we will see~~jeng jeng jeng...
29/03/2017 15:27
coco29317 jeng jeng jeng
29/03/2017 15:40
Gabriel Khoo Aluminium play a big role in automative industry. Pm is expanding in this industry.
29/03/2017 15:45
Hunger 1,949.50 +7.25 +0.37% aluminium price touching 1,950.Good news!
29/03/2017 15:56
Awet91 Sikit-sikit naik lama2 jd bukit.go pmetal
29/03/2017 16:05
Hunger whoa broke 2.6 man LOLOLOL
29/03/2017 16:19
coco29317 battle between 2.59-2.60
29/03/2017 16:34
Awet91 Yes,pass 2.6 hehe
29/03/2017 16:55
JKWIN Good....
29/03/2017 17:01
Hunger sudah lepas 2.6 already.waiting for next TP 3.00!
29/03/2017 17:02
TF Peter Fly PM fly, fly high.
29/03/2017 17:12
Hunger If aluminium price close at 1,950 we can see pmetal earning sure good.from prediction 1,780(tp3.2) to 1,950.
29/03/2017 22:32
TF Peter 1,957.25 +15.00 +0.77% as at 10.55pm
29/03/2017 22:55
Hunger lol aluminium price gone bullish !this is superb!
29/03/2017 23:31
TF Peter so 2 moro, hold? or buy on another dip? sifu
29/03/2017 23:35
Hunger with this result i dun dare to bet on dips anymore.....scare later sell cant catch up.i will hold.aluminium price touch 1,960 already.
29/03/2017 23:38
Hunger http://www.theage.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/aluminium-nears-highest-in-two-years-on-china-optimism-20170329-gv9glw.html
30/03/2017 07:21
Investo 早安 Thursday.......... :-)
PMetal 2day how? I keep half N see 1st. Maybe wait until trend clear again. Laugh
30/03/2017 07:37
goodjoe aluminum price is uptrend. might touch 2000 in april.
30/03/2017 07:49
telusdansuci I also need to think twice to sell at TP 3.00 because Pmetal is a future growth company and have solid growth plans , example Development of new product lines, Expansion in capacity like building bigger factories and Opening new markets . It's not easy to have this type of company . So, will you sell at TP 3.00 ? Press Metal tetap boleh dan tetap hebat .
30/03/2017 10:28
goodjoe in that case, can buy on weakness
30/03/2017 10:30
TF Peter Well, if one doesn't sell, it's just paper gain. Sell some, buy on dip, keep some, hold some . Depends on one's strategy. My opinion only.
30/03/2017 10:34
telusdansuci http://www.thestar.com.my/
30/03/2017 10:35
telusdansuci It's easy to sell on strength but to buy back on weakness is not as easy for this Pmetal counter . Pmetal tetap boleh . Always follow up the message from CEO of Pmetal .
30/03/2017 10:43
Hunger if,it dips,if not how?a question to ponder
30/03/2017 10:44
TF Peter Tq.
30/03/2017 10:46
goodjoe i think i will just buy more at this price, but might go in very slow. If trump don't screw up some more, and china continues to push for less pollution, and demand for raw materials continue to go up, price of aluminum should break 2000.
30/03/2017 11:32
goodjoe fyi... today aluminum price touch 1 year high at 1952.75

30/03/2017 11:35
Hunger shark biting whoaa
30/03/2017 15:48
coco29317 no show today =(
30/03/2017 16:31
coco29317 but its ok, i know this counter will pass rm 3.00 in due course
30/03/2017 16:34
Hunger dun worry..commodity aluminium future been bullish.u will see how bullish this counter will be soon
30/03/2017 16:36
FLMF Let's hope it break RM 3.00 after 1Q17 result out
30/03/2017 17:19
mneo Whoever stay back will have big reward over time
30/03/2017 18:44

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isano 靜靜的等待黎明的到来。
30/03/2017 11:37
soon9913 Good sign
30/03/2017 12:14
soon9913 and sport betting license is officially legalized tomorrow. There should be update on this sport tender status tomorrow.!
30/03/2017 12:14
isano VT要问你,因为你比VT更清楚.
30/03/2017 12:36
soon9913 my shortname is VT also mar.
30/03/2017 12:53
hippoisback vt 也是清楚,只是没说出来
30/03/2017 12:53
soon9913 http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/172545/vietnam-eases-ban-on-sports-betting.html

old news but it states the government is set to allow Vietnamese nationals to bet on international football games and horse and greyhound races starting March 31 which is tomorrow?....

There should be update of the status then.
30/03/2017 13:02
isano 还是等V丅自己开口吧!
30/03/2017 13:04
soon9913 isano, no need ask VT mar, Google can tell. :)
30/03/2017 13:04
soon9913 等V丅开口 is time to sell some and lock some profit jo.
30/03/2017 13:06
Kkevin2625 给予执照会提高股价,what if 取消计划?
30/03/2017 13:06
soon9913 get nothing the price ma maintain at the level lo and the price depend on the result.
30/03/2017 13:07
hippoisback 这里是i3最hot的吗?
30/03/2017 13:08
soon9913 还没,将是如果拿到赌球
30/03/2017 13:23
FutureI3 Vietnam had prepared the news to release
30/03/2017 13:58
hippoisback ya, futurel will get the license, and sell to bjc
30/03/2017 14:17
FutureI3 Tin tức chuẩn bị về bóng đá cá cược
30/03/2017 14:29
hippoisback 等给abv 骂
30/03/2017 14:33
hippoisback Write a comment..明天suspend一天,bjc announce 跟 futurel 买越南赌球
30/03/2017 14:42
FutureI3 I was just sharing the info that I received, you can either choose to believe or not to believe, but there's no point for doing personal attack and being childish all over my comment. Thank you.
30/03/2017 14:52
soon9913 future, can you share the source of the news ? instead of everyone thou u r just empty talk?
30/03/2017 15:01
leek Eating 0.395
30/03/2017 15:03
posby high expectation for this counter... trade @ yours own risk...
30/03/2017 15:05
FutureI3 That was just a message i received from my vietnamese friend, not news, thats why i was just sharing, not asking you guys to trust.

The quarter result will walk the talk today too, first round of boosting and second round coming, these not my view, not any news, just the info I received.

Thank you.
30/03/2017 15:07
hippoisback i also share what i know. no point to say people mature
30/03/2017 15:08
posby like last 2 year ago....same QR 2014
pending material announcement..suspend....this round break 0.420 flying.....
30/03/2017 15:10
FutureI3 @hippo, then no point saying what I sell license to VT or any kind of childish thing too, i never ask neither you nor anyone in the forum here to trust me. And I never mention anything about you, so please, respect each other, we are here to share valuable info and earn money together, not to do personal attack or kids talk here. Thank you.
30/03/2017 15:16
hippoisback i got i talk, you got your talk..

hippo human talk
30/03/2017 15:18
soon9913 future, your fren is a governmt servant?..
30/03/2017 15:20
posby soon9913 nonit ask...believe u buy ..don believe don buy..that is...
trade @ urs own risk...
30/03/2017 15:22
FutureI3 Thanks for the reply posby
30/03/2017 15:23
30/03/2017 15:26
hippoisback buy buy buy
30/03/2017 15:26
kuah Now buy or no buy hihi
30/03/2017 16:03
tt101 https://democratlive.com/business/vietnamese-company-announces-2-billion-investment-into-casino-project-1184.html
30/03/2017 16:15
tt101 so much license given away where got kang tao
30/03/2017 16:17
leek 软啪啪了
30/03/2017 16:34
isano Futurei3,說得好.
30/03/2017 16:39
hippoisback 倒数
30/03/2017 16:45
keng88 救生衣穿好了准备弃船。。
30/03/2017 16:56
soon9913 OK one hour from now
30/03/2017 16:57
firehawk Ha Ha Ha ... get prepared ;D
30/03/2017 17:00
hippoisback 每分钟refresh一次
30/03/2017 17:11
vews08 Average result only
30/03/2017 18:09
Dragon888 mo makai kin hee
30/03/2017 18:14
soon9913 slight improvemt compare to last yr
30/03/2017 18:14
vews08 Still good to keep at current low share price.
30/03/2017 18:22
keng88 业绩 soso
30/03/2017 18:27
yjinnvy No surprise, still need to wait for sport betting license...
30/03/2017 18:27
mmk79 Where is Vietnam toto earning?Anyone can see boh?
30/03/2017 18:43

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Investlink Value_invest.... well explained .. will keep .. tq
17/03/2017 10:51
linges @Just Doll...thx bro :))
17/03/2017 11:51
GoldenShares even with restructuring plan, it doesn't mean that the plan is good, WE movement merely speculation (goreng), : )
17/03/2017 11:58
Investlink Coldinvestor .... is your target WE 0.80 still ok? The restructuring not good to WCT?
17/03/2017 12:03
moneymoneycome the sell queue is sooooooo much.
17/03/2017 12:25
GoldenShares now goreng mahsing WC, even without any news, : )
17/03/2017 14:36
Investlink Market seem start the bull..
17/03/2017 15:16
Desmond Nah seem like will drop below .3 for WE. a lot of profit claiming...
17/03/2017 15:26
martinbartesque Those bought WE in this morning, all go to Holland
17/03/2017 16:57
GoldenShares when the music stop, let see who dance naked, : )
17/03/2017 17:07
Investlink Game over ? Anyone know what is going on? Can update?
17/03/2017 17:20
wongchin I think profit taking n up 3 days non stop. Moreover t4 already factor in today.
17/03/2017 17:23
martinbartesque We can't expect WE to be up every day until restructuring plan is out. If we decide to wait d restructuring plan to sell, then wait.
17/03/2017 19:42
Investlink . good.. my dealer told me bull market coming.. will keep and wait..
18/03/2017 10:41
zhangliang it is ok some profit taking is good, so next week can charge up more once break 1.90
18/03/2017 16:43
GTX_SOROS Thanks everyone for chasing high. Let me clear my long hold stocks at 0.350. Thanks for the 70% profit. wakakakaka
19/03/2017 23:06
imoogi99 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/03/20/boon-for-contractors/
20/03/2017 08:50
Investlink Coldinvestor ... can buy more below 0.30? Ur TT 0.80 stil ok?
20/03/2017 10:18
moneymoneycome today so quiet huh??
20/03/2017 11:48
labu83 Ready 2nd wave,....
21/03/2017 08:09
Investlink Try to buy some today ... wish can make bit coffee money..
21/03/2017 10:38
lw13 its prepare for another wave. seems good.
21/03/2017 10:46
value_invest Market is moving into bull after KLSE had been down for past 3 years.. Foreign funds are starting to pour in, KLSE volume is surging.. Take the opportunity to buy on weakness.

After 2 days of consolidation from 0.35++, WCT- WE at 0.29 and mother 1.86 is not expensive at premium of 26% with long expiry at 2020 and is trading at very high gearing of 6.4 times.. With the restructuring plan coming out soon, i see WCT-WE is good value as a proxy to WCT mother...BUY ON WEAKNESS...
21/03/2017 17:32
wongchin I usually sell we at 200 lot per quee. I sold at 22.5, 24.5, 32, 35. I left only abt 800 lot only. So i will slowly buy bck nw to top up what i hv sold. Nw waiting for it to drop further b4 i go in. If tomorrow drop to 27 i sure go in.
22/03/2017 00:28
martinbartesque in TA, Wct mother's chart doesn't look good but chart of wct-we is good. Really funny.
22/03/2017 23:40
culbertlim Post removed. Why?
22/03/2017 23:59
Investlink Coldinvestor ... any update on WCT?
23/03/2017 09:57
martinbartesque Added wct-we today
23/03/2017 13:37
zhangliang Wct show ur muscle pls!
26/03/2017 18:31
xuewenapeng muscle too small if show people will laugh
26/03/2017 18:31
imokurok When mother was rm1.14 on 04.09.2015 WE was rm0.195. Now mother is rm1.86 but WE only rm0.295. So I think WE need to catch up? Let's see today.
27/03/2017 07:07
zhangliang wake up lo WCT
27/03/2017 18:00
value_invest http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5376165
27/03/2017 21:51
value_invest PP is going to complete soon... More restructuring plan will be coming next. Price will spike.. BUY ON WEAKNESS,,,,
27/03/2017 22:08
ran777rpt Coming. No chance later looks like
29/03/2017 12:10
ran777rpt Restructuring deemed to be in process. PP to whom?
29/03/2017 12:16
kudamuda more update to the PP. Price fixed at 1.77. Raised RM178m for WCT.

30/03/2017 08:36
ran777rpt Thanks kudamuda, however now is a trade halt until 10am
30/03/2017 09:35
kudamuda hmm.. looks like quiet morning for WCT..
30/03/2017 10:53
ran777rpt Buy buy buy WCT, WCT- we. It is coming to a new higher level.
30/03/2017 14:47
kudamuda oh.. suddenly exciting afternoon!
30/03/2017 15:36
linges sold off all WD at 0.265
30/03/2017 15:59
BN_menang Why PP is good news?
30/03/2017 15:59
BN_menang Not India projects?
30/03/2017 16:00
BN_menang Earlier said PP at 1.7 so 1.77 can raise more money?
30/03/2017 16:14
MirageHotelPD PP completed is good new. Cause during price fixing, they will press down WCT price to enjoy cheaper placement price. Now PP only 4% at RM1.77 certainly clear the sky. Ready for crushing to Alaska ...
30/03/2017 16:16
coldinvestor 太爽了!
30/03/2017 16:17
Desmond Nah wah....
30/03/2017 16:20
Desmond Nah how far WE can go?
30/03/2017 16:29
nicky Tomorrow above 0.40? Warrant E
30/03/2017 18:42

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GM68 Soon, Saudi Aramco will have to declare the volume of its oil reserve in order to get listed on the main market IPO, we shall see if the reserve is less than what was expected, than the oil price will shoot up very high, same for China oil reserve and other Contry, no matter Shall oil increase production in teh USA they cannot influwence the oil price as muctch as these data. Also tomorrow is the API inventory report, i guess it will show that the USA reserve may fall as well...
29/03/2017 16:48
kakashi I am with Hibiscus !!!!
29/03/2017 18:00
Yipipang Feel sad.. I though able to close at 0.41. But nvm LA.. Lot almost going to clear. Hope tml have another good start.
29/03/2017 18:54
Tung Kwang Yii Our base case fair value of RM0.60 is premised on a DCF valuation of Hibiscus? 50% stake in the Anasuria cluster with a 11.0% WACC. We are also positive on a further upside boost of an additional RM0.55 with the potential acquisition of the North Sabah asset. The total fair value of Hibiscus would therefore be RM1.15 if the acquisition is successful, pending approvals from Petronas. The base case scenario however of RM0.60 still offers a potential 37.1% upside from current share price.
29/03/2017 19:58
Analyst Going down further https://finance.technews.tw/2017/03/10/alaska-found-the-new-oil-field-30-years-to-land-the-largest-scale/ see this news
29/03/2017 22:29
JN88 This news dated 10 March 2017, today is 29 March 2017...why still no effect geh?? Mean oil demand very high until this discovery also cant pull down? AM I right?
29/03/2017 23:00
B4b4 Hibiscus fans, now it is time to enjoy. Oil prices is UP.
30/03/2017 01:11
kakashi my advice is, buy immediate when the bell ring in bursa tomorrow. The support is done tested. it will rebound now.
30/03/2017 03:30
kaspar janji tinggal janji
30/03/2017 04:17
kaspar i cut lost in hibiscus n focus on MYEG...slowly up..sure hit rm2
30/03/2017 04:19
Yipipang Crude futures settled higher on Wednesday, after the latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) report showed a smaller than expected rise in U.S. crude stockpiles while output disruptions in Libya continued to lift sentiment.
30/03/2017 05:47
Yipipang Brent oil price close at 52.59 up2%
30/03/2017 05:49
B4b4 It is time to buy Hibiscus. Do not wait too long, opportunities at below 45s , very hard to come by. With oil prices stablize, and Sabah Shell coming soon, it is time to buy.
30/03/2017 06:42
Ltk88888 Buyyyyyý.
30/03/2017 08:00
Ltk88888 Don't miss the opportunity, good news coming...buy before its too late
30/03/2017 08:31
Yipipang Probably today can close at 0.415
30/03/2017 08:37
Yipipang Probably open price will hit 0.415..
30/03/2017 08:42
shahbj Kakashi...u r right...support tested many days d..time to test the ceiling now -)
30/03/2017 08:43
Yipipang Up up up
30/03/2017 09:06
Ltk88888 Yipipang, more good news will come...hibiscs sure up
30/03/2017 09:14
Blazer123 it's time now...
30/03/2017 09:25
209291 it's time to buy and it's time to fly !!!
30/03/2017 09:54
GM68 B4B4, welcome back, can you advise when the next QR will be available?
30/03/2017 10:06
GM68 is it mid April ? or later
30/03/2017 10:06
shahbj Faster...faster..faster..join the crowd..yippiiii..(or,is it too early to celebrate??)
30/03/2017 10:07
Yipipang May I know hibiscs wish to issue of new share at 0.29 based on last December news. Will this impact to share price?




30/03/2017 10:36
GM68 Yipipang, this is realy outdated news man,, actualy when it issued the share price went up to 0.405, check teh chart on bursa malaysia..
30/03/2017 10:58
Yipipang Thanks GM68. Because they mention next year mean Q1. So make me confuse. The issuing has been done???
30/03/2017 11:02
Yipipang Brent oil price start the engine again.. Today if hibiscs can close at 415 is quite good day..
30/03/2017 12:01
GM68 yes yipipang, issuing done, and it was sold in three days as showende in teh high volume traded at that time, Hibiscus was Top active for about 4 weeks in a raw, hot hot hot,,
30/03/2017 12:09
GM68 Hot news, comming out regarding lack of oil supply,, this news may lead to further increase of oil price globaly.

30/03/2017 12:09
GM68 Oil cut likely to be extended, see new news :
30/03/2017 12:11
GM68 today, every body talking about the oil market...
30/03/2017 12:12
Yipipang Thanks GM68. Anyhow Hibiscs still try to climb up.. Still lack of news annouch by company to hit up the price. Hit back to 0.405.
30/03/2017 12:16
Yipipang Sorry is 0.41
30/03/2017 12:17
goodview Every time like that up n down
30/03/2017 12:19
Yipipang But at least still up.. Slow move also can consider up. Just sometime expect too high. But hibiscus still a very good counter for long term invest.
30/03/2017 12:24
Yipipang Oil price continue in upward trend. Second half maybe another move for hibiscs. Now all of us just waiting for annouchment about acquisition of oil field result.
30/03/2017 12:45
Cut_losss Still a holland counter
30/03/2017 12:48
longvalley Just 2 waiting news: release shell fr petronas & qr.....zzz!!
30/03/2017 12:57
Yipipang Hibiscs is still a good counter to invest since correction from last mth. Previous is going by people but right now is slow move base on good fundamental. Once acquisition of new oil field is done. This counter may further improve in profit n move up to another level. Is good for those look for long term investment.
30/03/2017 14:00
GM68 as long as the share continue rizing bit by bit , cent by cent, is good for me..
30/03/2017 15:16
Yipipang Waiting of any contra player... Willing to sell low.
30/03/2017 15:16
GM68 oil price keep on moving up. 52.54 USD
30/03/2017 15:18
shahbj Slow volume,despite steady global oil pc..need lot of patience this counter..maybe, T+3 ppl is bz liquidating their position for those who bought it at 0.395/410 area..
30/03/2017 15:24
Yipipang Now oil waiting for tml rig count. If rig count show reduction, oil price will further move up.
30/03/2017 15:39
Yipipang Due to oil price adjusted back to slightly lower after ytd night rebound. Investor is sell off to take small profit. Tml rig count will be announced. Only see how is the impact to oil price. Look like oil price increase will not give much impact. Unless back to prev level or any good news report by company then hibiscs only can be move fast. Or else will be right now, moving slowly. But also is good for long term investor.
30/03/2017 17:14
GM68 I guess the reason why the share is hardly moving is due to the small volume of trading and the reason why there is a small volume is simply because most of Hibiscus shares are now collected by big operators, so there is limited shares to be bought in big quantities. Those big operators already average at 0.395 to 0.410, so they are not willing to buy more or to sell at this low level. The only think is required is to post additional listing and at same time to have a good and positive announcement from Hibiscus together with a high oil price....then bingooo.. moost of share holders today are HOLDING..
30/03/2017 17:21
GM68 can someone tell me is the share can move up or down without trading (sell and buy) ???
30/03/2017 17:22
Yipipang Be patient.... Good day for tml.
30/03/2017 18:42

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Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes election september
30/03/2017 08:28
30/03/2017 08:49
speakup Tun M already got inside info....ELECTIONS SEPTEMBER!
30/03/2017 09:23
alibabacoming careful this type of rumours
30/03/2017 09:44
speakup 1.88 dah murah.
tutup mata....beli!
buka mata.....10% buta money!
30/03/2017 09:51
stockraider U must understand election play strategy loh...!!

Election play objective is to raise fund for election and to make the owner look good b4 election & ready for election loh...!!

So if want to raise fund....ultimately it is to sell mah...!!
So how to make money leh ??
Thus it is a pump & dump scheme loh....!!

U make monies if u get in the pump stage loh...!!
U lose monies in the dump stage mah.....!!

Basically the trick to make monies is to recognise when u buy it is the pump stage loh......!!
30/03/2017 10:00
probability interesting...
30/03/2017 18:37
IamGoogle If you think you are the one can ride up, then go for it. But history said most people were always jumping down together
30/03/2017 18:37
IamGoogle By the time you are running with it, you just discover yourself is the only one still run, alone
30/03/2017 18:38
calvintaneng Top 2 GLC LINKED STOCKS ARE






1. Jaks at 40 cts for water theme play. Up 200% now.
2. MyEg at Rm1.00(after split) for Gst theme play
3. Pohuat at Rm1.25 for export theme. Pohuat up 200% then split
4. Super Enterprize for oil crash theme play. Super taken private for 200% gain

Will DRB and MRCB GO TO RM2.80

Just load up and SEE how GE14 unfolds.

Hip hip hooray!
30/03/2017 18:41

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small_investor JJ Chan today close what price ?? Affin TP 0.57 can reach ?
28/03/2017 14:36
kinkudes_hc if not break/close above 0.41... will not be able to convince market it is "popular"
28/03/2017 14:52
steven20 JJchan, can you sapu 0.415??
28/03/2017 15:15
mancingbursa Blueocean88 you happy lor.... remember what i said b4? Congrats kiki
28/03/2017 16:11
steven20 Start throw again...
28/03/2017 16:23
blueocean88 Nothing to happy mancingbursa, this is just another trap.
28/03/2017 16:24
Fatsen Cfs ... mmmnm..... 0.415-0.420... 11m waiting....... Block.....
28/03/2017 16:39
aceso lol jjchan is missing again... i will call him James Bond 007 next time LOL.. its like a living shadow..

Tomorrow AAX confirm 0.60 LOL
28/03/2017 19:11
Fatsen Cfs ............. aceso ,,, tomorrow all go holland land,,,,,, hahahhahahahaha
28/03/2017 20:17
aceso hahahaha its ok.. lets smoke some weed while we are there
28/03/2017 20:52
zhadao92 Welcome on board.. Our next destinies is Holland. Have a nice trip n enjoy urself. If u ned any services, kindly contact our crew member.
28/03/2017 20:53
blueocean88 Everyone in this forum, please enlighten me "I don't understand why ppl buy AAX call warrant? They obviously setup trap incase of AAX"
Don't be greedy with call warrant on AAX

You will go to Holland lol
28/03/2017 23:36
Fatsen Cfs JJchan in Holland land wait us..... ^^ kikiki
29/03/2017 00:03
blueocean88 Jjchan see u in Holland
29/03/2017 08:57
IronShirt Tomolo 30Apr.___confirmed forex Gained___I still have 5K, want to sell at 0.425 on 31 Apr
29/03/2017 10:25
Fatsen Cfs 0.415- 0.420 13m... to go... ai....
29/03/2017 10:37
Sales Keep for long term!
29/03/2017 11:30
IronShirt No forex loss____confirmed 200m Profit___1Q17___Remisier said pentUp demand, six months
no goreng ______sure over shoot
29/03/2017 11:47
CaiShenYe close 0.41
29/03/2017 12:58
melvintcs Really will reach 0.57?
29/03/2017 14:23
jeht close 39
29/03/2017 15:13
Sales Silence is golden......
29/03/2017 15:31
ksyewks back to square again ...
29/03/2017 16:00
gylai90 Someone really want to keep the price around 0.40 wonder why
29/03/2017 16:03
blueocean88 Because of the call warrant lo
29/03/2017 16:07
stockkids say is AAX a good counter to move on, but being pressed down so hard...gold also become stone. sigh! really dun understand...why blockage so hard to break.
29/03/2017 16:19
IronShirt everythings we said here is monitored. topup in all level before 30Mar
29/03/2017 16:28
IronShirt conman IB
29/03/2017 16:28
stockkids any idea why 10apr?
29/03/2017 16:41
kinkudes_hc good for sideway trading
29/03/2017 17:12
Sales Zzzzzzzz
29/03/2017 17:28
blueocean88 AAX will not move so soon
Any movement now is a trap to Holland

If u guys notice, there is almost every month IB release the call warrant release in 2016, because in this forum ppl like to buy call warrant with anticipation AAX will move up. IB setup the trap and retailer trapped in IB laughing to bank. Retailers go Holland lol.

There is no call warrant issue since Jan 2017, mean IB realize retailers know their tactics already. No point of issuing new call warrant as this would not attract buying from retailers.

So in others word AAX will not move till 24th August 2017.

Pity those trap with call warrant. anyway to those who bought AAX pls be patient ha ha
29/03/2017 17:30
golden_horse already loss my patient on this AAX. sold it with low profit and covert the bullets to aim on other shares....
29/03/2017 19:08
aceso looks like everybody is losing patience here.. one by one dropping... the Jedi shall return
30/03/2017 08:49
aceso here comes the mexican standoff again...
30/03/2017 09:21
Ammar Roshidy We need to see at least 4 quaters of profit, before AAX shares double up in value. At the present moment 40cts. is a good value.
30/03/2017 10:42
Dexter150185 boring counter
30/03/2017 10:51
goldenhope wait....wait...wait..................................
30/03/2017 11:03
stockkids disappointed..sold all @ 0.40..good luck guys
30/03/2017 11:21
aceso i was wondering who the heck sold at 0.4 ...lol
30/03/2017 11:30
aceso hope you can get another better counter.. did u lose?
30/03/2017 11:31
blueocean88 Wait 5th apr wave... otherwise wait long long
30/03/2017 12:05
CaiShenYe 0.38 coming soon
30/03/2017 15:05
zhadao92 good.. holland welcome you.. more more to abroad..
30/03/2017 15:11
blueocean88 It's won't down to 0.38, as IB will lose a lot of money. Their range will be 0.395-0.415
30/03/2017 15:28
aceso agreed with blueocean88, wont go down much then current level... if they wanna flush out or sell down.. they would have push it down long time ago.. if below 0.39.. i will buy even more.
30/03/2017 15:33
blueocean88 Yup below 0.39 I will collect more
30/03/2017 15:50
Gwee Jwen somebody target price 0.5 ++
30/03/2017 17:42
aceso Im not greedy.. tp 0.495 ...lol
30/03/2017 18:36
Tommylim I bought into Aax today as encouraging news that coming quarter will be good. My remisier noted that price is depress for months to make way for syndicates to accumulate. I have not invested for quite a long time as i was in working in Norway for the past 2 years. Aax is my first investment after coming back to Malaysia. Thank you.
30/03/2017 18:41

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pea3034 crazy127 bodoh punya orang ....masuk foron ini utk tukar tukar pendapat bukan kutuk org ini gila tak ada otak
24/03/2017 22:01
crazy127 Hi pea3034 (pi ciak sai), finally u at here, u really sold all at 0.15, really pea3034= pi ciak sai??
25/03/2017 07:16
POONJ Alamak Here suddenly become quarrel forum !!! Anyway anybody got any sharing for trive?
25/03/2017 16:28
crazy127 Trive hv been sustainat 0.03 abt one year , when I bought one 0.05, I :-/ confident Will go up to 0.60, higher price on 2013, But Pea3034 (pi ciak sai) told me that he sold out 0.15, so I can say that he is low IQ, can't focus on Trive with more high price...so I chg his name to Pea3034Chiaksai
26/03/2017 09:43
pea3034 hahaha u realy crazy 127 podah pundai
26/03/2017 12:20
Josephine Ong wah lao eh!
27/03/2017 09:35
Josephine Ong close eye 205 will finish
27/03/2017 09:36
Josephine Ong finishing soon
27/03/2017 09:45
TomyamGong Huat ahhh!! Go go go!!
27/03/2017 09:49
upshare Mana ada
.. sudah jatuh
27/03/2017 11:08
ttchiam77 Go go Trive....will be on no.1 top volume pretty soon
27/03/2017 11:14
Bullhunter is the curtain coming down today? show over?
27/03/2017 11:18
boldrun88 volume really high..
27/03/2017 11:24
ttchiam77 i believe the drop was due to profit making for t3 players...
27/03/2017 14:11
derrick8228 why this counter flying high? any good news?
27/03/2017 16:08
POONJ http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/trive-property-jumps-over-10-speculation-about-chinese-mou
27/03/2017 17:09
POONJ KUALA LUMPUR (March 27): Green energy storage solutions provider Trive Property Group Bhd, which is the fourth most active counter so far today, jumped 10.25% to 21.5 sen, as investors speculate on whether a wind-solar power production deal would materialise from the company's earlier memorandum of understanding (MoU) inked with a Chinese firm.

At 3.56pm, the counter was trading at 20 sen after paring some gains, still up 2.56% or half sen, after 84.56 million shares were done.

According to SJ Securities senior remisier KC Goh, the stock is trading above the 120-day moving average, meaning that all the long-term funds are back to this stock, which will give it the necessary support on retracement.

He told theedgemarkets.com that technical charts showed that institutional buying constituted 90% of the buying.

"Some fund which has gone in earlier is seen doing some profit-taking at this point. Be wary of the market risk.

"Investors are speculating on the MoU with China's Guang Bo New Energy Co Ltd on wind-solar power (production) if the deal can materialise," he said.

On March 15, Trive Property said it planned to team up with Guang Bo in the areas of research and development, production, assembly, distribution and marketing of power generation systems including the off-grid/grid-connected wind power generation system and the wind-solar complementary power generation system.

Under the MoU, the two companies would work together to promote and sell final products to the local market and to import the balance to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and non-OECD countries.

At its current price, Trive Property is valued at RM260.64 million. The stock has grown 400% in a year.
27/03/2017 17:21
27/03/2017 18:38
pea3034 ware idiot carzy127 ...this felo mutal pundah
27/03/2017 22:21
TomyamGong This up trend is fierce.
28/03/2017 10:14
batman88888 still can buy or not?? i thinking to buy in now...pls advise..
28/03/2017 11:27
Semplicita i'll wait above 0.215
28/03/2017 12:00
batman88888 so u think will still up? then i buy a bit try try first..
28/03/2017 12:01
TomyamGong from 0.11 - 0.20 just a dessert i think. higher movement coming.
28/03/2017 12:12
upshare Yes... big meal will come soon....
28/03/2017 12:57
batman88888 no up also....
28/03/2017 14:49
ooiivy Coming coming uppppp
28/03/2017 14:53
batman88888 i play contra..if today no up then i better sell it tomolo..
28/03/2017 14:56
POONJ Better don play contra for the counter!!!
28/03/2017 17:19
ideal88 target 30c
28/03/2017 17:45
lee77 Why u all so confident trive wii go up??
Any news can share??
28/03/2017 20:56
POONJ Wow 30c...... Hopefully lah!!
28/03/2017 21:04
pea3034 how TomyamGong harga boleh sampai 30c ke..
29/03/2017 12:30
crazy127 Pea3034 (pi ciak sai ) already sold all at 0.15, don't waste time here, go back eat shit la
29/03/2017 16:39
jackport http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/trive-property-back-black-rm32m-2q-net-profit
29/03/2017 22:13
lalala89 Good buy at current price???
29/03/2017 22:41
pea3034 crazy127 podah pundai
30/03/2017 00:04
bjgdila123 co sudah in profit now. good time 2 buy
30/03/2017 07:33
jackport ya lo
30/03/2017 09:03
masterus Psiptek will skyrocket soon. Now is buying time. Nat is 0.59.. Current price is 0.19.
30/03/2017 10:09
Very_cheap Market cap RM 267 million cheap? Profit abv RM 20 million?
30/03/2017 11:42
Very_cheap Might be dividend good so 20 sen?
30/03/2017 11:45
bjgdila123 buy 2
30/03/2017 13:19
POONJ Somebody started unload Liao!!!!
30/03/2017 15:52
30/03/2017 16:51
forcyou gg lo... no more hope??
30/03/2017 17:00
lee77 Akan makan balik...to 0.20 on .tomolo...
30/03/2017 17:08
POONJ I think a lot people kena trap Liao!!!
30/03/2017 17:13
crazy127 Pea3034, so happy and CiAk sai, he sold all at 0.15
30/03/2017 17:34
jackport kena trap....
30/03/2017 18:41

  6 people like this.
TAN68 forgot090 juct sold out ,ur got dnex ??
29/03/2017 11:05
forgot090 ha ha binGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , tan 68 wait drop then catch back again ha ha
29/03/2017 11:50
forgot090 today super happy ha ha Q.405 ..kena Q.410 kena lagi ALL SOLD OUT yesssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
29/03/2017 11:51
29/03/2017 11:51
LPTan68 really ?later you see dbe fly up..
29/03/2017 11:54
TAN68 ha ha today buy some dbe
29/03/2017 12:01
TAN68 ok thx forgot090
29/03/2017 12:02
pattleongkam damm..go wash bike miss so many action...
that day q 4c i think kena hook again...
don_know how like to play like this!!!
29/03/2017 12:11
forgot090 tan68 go Q back .395 ha ha lucky lo
29/03/2017 12:17
Kelvin Soh day trader are collecting from market now. but when they will push up. this is the problem
29/03/2017 13:52
120453 Looks good.....
29/03/2017 14:53
Kelvin Soh no good. haha. fast fast sell off. let day trader buy
29/03/2017 14:58
120453 34m absorbed and another 29m came out. Good
29/03/2017 15:05
TKM123 36m ++throw out ,then now another 31m come out
29/03/2017 15:50
TKM123 then who is buyer ?
29/03/2017 15:51
Kelvin Soh Trust me. left hand to right hand.
29/03/2017 15:53
LPTan68 100%not me buy
29/03/2017 15:54
Rselamat Taiwan proxy
29/03/2017 15:55
TKM123 left hand to right hand.?then waste money only ?
29/03/2017 15:56
Kelvin Soh need people to take over also de. if no people take over, now DBE shares should be 1 sen. haha
29/03/2017 15:58
satha44 Me no understand all this...me praying very hard..NOW
29/03/2017 15:59
LPTan68 tak lama akan datang... yes DBE..
29/03/2017 16:04
TKM123 hope and praying ..
29/03/2017 16:05
forgot090 ha ha ya ya hope and praying last is waiting til KO ..HA HA
29/03/2017 16:06
TAN68 relax bro
29/03/2017 16:08
TAN68 forgot090 today got buy back dnex ??
29/03/2017 16:09
TAN68 .395 i Q only
29/03/2017 16:09
forgot090 HA HA I ALSO Q ONLY
29/03/2017 16:10
TAN68 today bought some DBE he he
29/03/2017 16:11
29/03/2017 16:12
29/03/2017 16:12
EvoDeer Ding ding....we will be rewards.
29/03/2017 16:15
forgot090 scare scammer,ha ha another ten year
29/03/2017 16:36
Kelvin Soh April. end of april
29/03/2017 16:40
TAN68 forgot090 go buy some dbe ,maybe ur lucky is coming soon
29/03/2017 16:42
LPTan68 this two months I see dbe macam mau datang...
29/03/2017 16:43
TAN68 LPTan68 ha ha almost same name .wre u come from ?
29/03/2017 16:49
forgot090 ya dbe now got vol ..is good
29/03/2017 16:51
Kelvin Soh No big deal on thusday. wait friday
30/03/2017 00:55
Rselamat again...lama sudah peram nie
30/03/2017 07:50
EvoDeer rewards ......intact uptrend 0.065c\\\\\ believe u the ANGels,,,,s44
30/03/2017 09:45
lextcs think it will take at least 1billion shares trades to even go up 2cts
30/03/2017 09:46
Kelvin Soh Wait they accumulate more shares first. then they will start push up
30/03/2017 09:56
EvoDeer To rise 0.02 cents ,should have to wait for the up trend..intact 0.065c not a worrie
30/03/2017 10:04
satha44 Give us ONE good news DING...
30/03/2017 11:03
Kelvin Soh i will hold until end of May
30/03/2017 14:19
Kelvin Soh i said today won't come. i think tomorrow will have a short move
30/03/2017 16:49
TAN68 juct wait only ...relax ha ha
30/03/2017 16:59
TAN68 i waiting 2year ++ nvm now waiting 2 more years ha ha
30/03/2017 16:59
satha44 So many stocks Moving
DBE is so dissapointing....
30/03/2017 18:39

  9 people like this.
Patrick13 3 sen dividend in the pocket today already, kekeke
16/02/2017 20:40
soohau78 let's challenge 2.00 today!
20/02/2017 12:49
Patrick13 Bought already 3 months, now finally see the breakthrough. Hope can up beyond RM2.
20/02/2017 14:08
Patrick13 EPS 5.39, i think is the highest right? Pay another 3 cent dividend again. Kekeke
22/02/2017 18:00
ljmeng wow....96 profit....sapu!
22/02/2017 18:01
newbie91 Finally Mr. Chen can have a good sleep.
22/02/2017 18:08
warren22 Congra
22/02/2017 18:16
soohau78 Wow, impressive result!
22/02/2017 19:42
carrotlim333 newbie here, in order to entitled for dividend. I shall buy before or on ex date, and hold until dividend pay date? or can get dividend after pass ex date. sifu please advice.
22/02/2017 22:10
carrotlim333 @hippo thanks for the info
22/02/2017 22:54
Gainvestor http://gainvestor10sai.blogspot.my/2017/02/i-came-i-test-i-conquer-with-volume.html
This post also talks about the TA analysis of OLDTOWN, LIIHEN and DSONIC~
23/02/2017 00:41
skyz the dividend is nothing compared to those who entered during last atr when they are no longer shariah compliant, easily more than 10% gain in less than 3 months, the 3 sens dividends is nothing compared to appreciation of more than 30 cents
23/02/2017 09:41
Patrick13 eps 5.39 x 4 quarter x 10 PE ratio = 2.16, exactly the same current stock price. I dun think this is undervalued stock anymore at this moment. But if you are confident the future prospect is bright and attractive dividend yield, can buy and hold for long term.
23/02/2017 10:28
Patrick13 9M17 result is quite close to 12M16 whole year profit. If 4Q eps can maintain at 5.39, whole year should be 16.66, increased by 43% if compared to PY eps 11.66. With this, I think PE ratio given 15 is fair enough, my TP will be 2.50. :)
23/02/2017 11:35
skyz agree with you Patrick13, but 30sens gain (assume entry 1.84 during previous panic selldown) seems like a very good haul (>15%) for short term investors. anyway different person different strategy and appetite :)
23/02/2017 12:15
Patrick13 Dear skyz.. agree with you, I entry at 1.89, so now earn with 17%. I can sell now to earn immediate profit. The problem is I cant another counter better than OldTown at this moment. Haha~~
23/02/2017 13:45
eYuppie Sell first. Better to keep the cash with you. When it retrace, then can buy back. Never fall in love with any stocks!
23/02/2017 14:37
Lucas92 today 2.20, tmr 2.30? haha
Why rush to sell when quarter result is great?
23/02/2017 15:01
soohau78 AmInvest just initiated coverage with TP 3.00
23/02/2017 18:53
carrotlim333 engine just started
23/02/2017 20:02
Hunger The graph shows its going way too high in a short period of time.wont it take a breather first or consolidation before shooting up?
23/02/2017 20:36
cheeseburger goreng saja. music chair spining..hahaha
24/02/2017 10:57
xexlone wow TP3....coming
24/02/2017 10:59
calvintaneng Hi guys,

OldTown result is good. TEXCHEM result also good

Oldtown is now overbought!

Can consider TEXCHEM as it is still a laggard

And TEXCHEM pays better dividend than Oldtown
24/02/2017 11:16
lching rerating?
24/02/2017 11:28
skyz Patrick13, good for you, another 10% for you today at least, making a cumulative 30% gain. and ur TP 2.50 is reaching. congrats :)
24/02/2017 11:40
eYuppie It's record breaking that only few days it jumped up by almost 60 sen. Unbelieveable
24/02/2017 14:43
Patrick13 Dear skyz, this is really interesting as so fast so close my TP. I change my strategy to continue hold on. As long as the FA is strong and good prospect, no reason to give up now :)
25/02/2017 13:11
Wonderful Today Calvin is doing evil thing by asking people to buy loss making company. Why l said it's loss making, read the following yourself:

moneySIFU Net profit for latest QR = RM11.7mil
Included in other income are:
Gain on disposal of associate RM16.2mil
Forex gain RM2.4mil

23/02/2017 22:48


calvintaneng Hi guys,
OldTown result is good. TEXCHEM result also good
Oldtown is now overbought!
Can consider TEXCHEM as it is still a laggard
And TEXCHEM pays better dividend than Oldtown
24/02/2017 11:16
26/02/2017 23:01
hongheng7 where can get AmInvest initiated coverage with TP 3.00 report ?
01/03/2017 12:40
guess1978 regain momentum!
01/03/2017 17:07
guess1978 Go Go Go...for new high today!
02/03/2017 09:36
guess1978 anyway, still a record high closing today.
02/03/2017 16:51
Patrick13 52 weeks range is 1.37 to 2.48. Those who buy in lowest price almost can get double return within a year~~
02/03/2017 17:31
BeTa Workstation Advice to take some profit if closed below 2.430
07/03/2017 08:48
Patrick13 Good job today. 2.54 the highest price!
08/03/2017 17:05
chesslim Testing high price 2.61, good job !!
14/03/2017 11:26
Patrick13 2.74! Perfect closing~~ Hurray~~
14/03/2017 17:10
Rachel Lee Lingwooi Vroom vroom...everyday new high!
14/03/2017 22:22
LIAUSAN any good news coming?
14/03/2017 22:36
chesslim The good news is price stop drop .
16/03/2017 21:27
Tashan How long will the present consolidation phase last?
22/03/2017 11:57
guess1978 Alliance's turn to up TP to 3.05...
23/03/2017 14:32
skyz the good news is... more from the public start to realize that this company performance has more than just kopitiam business. so pls read quarter report of company instead of listen coffeeshop talk
29/03/2017 10:46
guess1978 more and more rerating from investment bank to come...this will be beneficiaries of Alibaba too.
29/03/2017 10:59
Tashan Yup perfect for Alibaba type of business
29/03/2017 14:57
warren22 latest announcement shengzheng franchisor license is previous one or new one?
30/03/2017 13:19
Edmund99 I think latest announcement was for license in Fujian~~ Previous one in July 2016 was in Jiangsu
30/03/2017 13:52
guess1978 more and more growth engine now
30/03/2017 18:04
jenngu Oldtown Berhad ("Oldtown") - Territorial License Agreement entered into by
Shenzhen Kopitiam Asia Pacific Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of
Oldtown with Xiamen Kuaike Investment Management Company Limited and Mr Zeng,
Libin to operate café outlets in the Province of Fujian, Peoples Republic of
China ("China") ("the Territory")
You are advised to read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment.
To read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment, please access
the Bursa website at http://www.bursamalaysia.com
30/03/2017 18:39

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