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Syndicates .967 is nearest to 0.965
Middle between .965 and. 970 is 0.9675
11/06/2018 19:43
freddiehero if ppl lost confidence surenpenic sell..
11/06/2018 21:01
Pacbut286 CCK still good stock. Plan to keep for a few months at least.
11/06/2018 21:39
iTelex6 Syndicates, I guess it was bringing the ex- price to a meaningful 0.965. Thanks very much for sharing, Syndicates. It helped.
11/06/2018 23:08
KoiFish Good fundamental, potential stock
12/06/2018 09:59
hohoho123 they Q a lot at 0.96 ^^
12/06/2018 16:24
Hunter LaBaby I buy 0.98,look like too high already
12/06/2018 16:48
hohoho123 0.98 i guess is ok.@@
12/06/2018 16:59
eleh eh. what time ur platform will gv u the bonus issue and warrant ah? my remiser tel me by 4pm tmr==..
12/06/2018 18:12
lowtsoon CCK Consolidated Holdings Bhd
(June 12, 95.5 sen)
Maintain add with an unchanged target price (TP) of RM1.09: CCK Consolidated Holdings Bhd’s share price went ex-bonus issue on Monday following the issuance of 315.4 million new bonus shares. The bonus issue also came with one-for-two new warrants at a strike price of 90 sen.

We adjust our numbers to incorporate the enlarged share base of 630.7 million. Also, we include the RM284 million estimated warrant proceeds (assuming full conversion) as well as impute a fully diluted share base (946.1 million) into our sum-of-parts (SoP)-based valuation. Our adjusted SoP-based TP stands at RM1.09.

We gather from CCK’s management that the warrants’ proceeds will be earmarked for paying off its borrowings, future capital expenditure plans for its poultry and retail segments, and financing its working capital requirements which are set to increase in tandem with its expansion plans. In our view, these proceeds will allow the group to pursue merger and acquisition activities if the right opportunities arise.

CCK will continue to pursue expansion in the poultry and retail segments. Besides upgrading existing poultry farms, CCK plans to gradually increase its number of layer, broiler, and breeder farm in Kuching, Sarawak. This will provide sufficient supply to increase the daily output of its Kuching abattoir by 33.3% to 38,000-40,000 birds. It also plans to produce 240,000 eggs daily (currently: 200,000 eggs per day). In retail, CCK plans to open more outlets with four to five new ones planned for 2018.

We keep our “add” call, with a fully diluted SoP-based TP of RM1.09. We still value CCK’s business at 18.3 times calendar year 2019 (CY19) price-earnings ratio (PER), a 20% discount to our consumer sector weighted average CY19 PER, and input the cash from the assumed full conversion of all its warrants. We continue to like CCK for its strong earnings prospects, dominant position in East Malaysia through its network of 57 retail outlets, and robust demand for poultry products in East Malaysia. — CGSCIMB, June 11
13/06/2018 14:50
winvestor guy anyone know when is the listing date of the cck warrant ?
13/06/2018 15:57
eleh should be tmr??
13/06/2018 16:10
Rider tomorrow's listing is only for the subdivided shares, warrants have to wait for another one/ two weeks.
13/06/2018 18:57
tayyc1969 We refer to the announcements date 11 April 2018, 19 April 2018, 27 April 2018, 10 May 2018, 11 May 2018, 28 May 2018 and 30 May 2018 in relation to the Proposals (“Announcements”). Unless otherwise defined, the definitions set out in the Announcements shall apply herein.

On behalf of CCK, Kenanga IB wishes to announce that 630,718,800 Subdivided Shares will be listed and quoted on the Main Market of Bursa Securities with effect from 9.00 a.m. on Thursday 14 June 2018.

This announcement is dated 13 June 2018.
13/06/2018 20:01
Dakewlest Still waiting for my bonus shares. Anyone?
13/06/2018 20:46
eleh yea. warrant should have need to wait for around 1-2 weeks. taking bjasset as example.
13/06/2018 23:07
Hunter LaBaby Why still keep drop?scare die me
14/06/2018 09:42
maomao2 Better to hold?
14/06/2018 09:48
iTelex6 The price of the mother must be above .90 otherwise it would be useless to hold/buy any warrants. To induce the market to convert, the price of the mother has got to move up or has an upward tendency to ensure some level of comfortability.
14/06/2018 10:34
eleh first day warrant sure goreng one la.
14/06/2018 11:05
elbrutus any idea when d new warrants will be deposited into our CDS accounts ???
17/06/2018 17:00
KoiFish Wah, the price keep goes down
18/06/2018 17:36
KoiFish Must be a sign before goreng session
18/06/2018 18:04
mytan84 KoiFish,

Any indicator or what kind of news trigger the sign of goreng?
18/06/2018 18:32
Balasuresh Shammugasamy why the trend is going down anyidea?
19/06/2018 10:23
freddiehero once loss confidence with this comoany, sure penic sell..
19/06/2018 10:49
mdmlyn freddiehero...any bad news kah? why loss confience?
19/06/2018 14:48
freddiehero i mean the investor..
19/06/2018 15:22
maomao2 Will it drop to 0.7? my average price is 0.92. May i know why panic selling?
19/06/2018 15:29
investgo what is the good entry price? now is 0.85 only
19/06/2018 16:03
noobbie fundamental ctr gonna lead the mrket soon..this one is good
19/06/2018 16:25
Balasuresh Shammugasamy can do short selling for CCK ? i'm wondering if more investors are prone to intra day short selling due to down trend
19/06/2018 16:29
KoiFish Good fundamental, going to entry some now and hold. haha.
Good luck everyone. Huat ah
19/06/2018 16:30
noobbie cck is not in idss list..nobody can short
19/06/2018 16:36
loonginv think is the good entry point/turning point. but yet, market sentimental is bad now, maybe got cheaper price waiting ...?
19/06/2018 16:38
KoiFish what is idss list??
19/06/2018 16:50
Balasuresh Shammugasamy thanks nobbie for confirmation
19/06/2018 17:09
loonginv Intra Day Short Selling
19/06/2018 17:49
KoiFish thanks loonginv
19/06/2018 18:21
iTelex6 The company gets funds from the conversion of warrants @ 90cts to get the mother share. Therefore, it is hard to imagine the mother would go much lower.
19/06/2018 18:31
noobbie nice rebound...beautiful
20/06/2018 09:29
atack_chia no need to worry much on this stock, company will continue growth. Just hold for longterm without emotional attach
20/06/2018 09:45
mdmlyn atack chia hold for longterm is how many months or year.
20/06/2018 10:45
KoiFish congrat noobbie. Haha. Huat ah
20/06/2018 11:43
isupertrader When share splits, par value should be half too. While the expectation of share might go up in good sentiment, it is possible within the next few weeks true correction will come. The par value is about RM0.58/ per share. Indicator shows there is more sell down coming with a sell call in short term. Those people who are buying in today might get lock out.
20/06/2018 12:17
Rider what par value is he talking about? Don't know don't try to be be clever.
20/06/2018 12:34
noobbie congrats to u too koifish...can buy one year eggs with the profit..lol
20/06/2018 14:17
ktsk88 Directors selling before split to booked in the profit and at the same time the funds are use to support after ex.

from today rebound it is going to push up to accommodate the warrants listing......further yesterday was the start of share buyback.

so in term price support ....no need to worry.
20/06/2018 15:37
KoiFish noobbie, one year of egg, thats a lot of protein wei. hahahaha
20/06/2018 17:42
Money122 Up to 2.00 again very soon
21/06/2018 01:31

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1465490528 Ye ke
13/06/2018 22:41
jasontan1177 https://youtu.be/DkeiKbqa02g

One kiss.
13/06/2018 22:42
moneypedia https://youtu.be/PZHkaJBKn3w

lagu raya skit la.....yeahhhhhhh layaaaaaaa,yeahhhhh
13/06/2018 23:52
BullGila aaarrrRrGGggGGGG... http://uberhumor.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/upKehoC.gif
14/06/2018 09:15
polycarp Happy raya dragonslayer!!
Jasontan what kind of regularization
plan to offset 230 million?
14/06/2018 11:07
polycarp Selamat Hari Raya to moneypedia,
last but not least Selamat Hari Raya
to Dream dream dream!!!
14/06/2018 11:42
jasontan1177 ikan jipun want to invest , pls invest in real O n G company la...

this one ..goreng counter .. blow blow big projects to goreng saje la..
14/06/2018 11:57
jasontan1177 the one and only point is ..Will MELL pay sumatec on time ?
14/06/2018 11:59
moneypedia Aiyo dlagon itu la kalu maciam, LGE sama moody tepaksa aku ikut moody laa. lge newbie lagi. Mmg patut man man la ciakap2 jgn bgi bagi foreign investors takut smpai asik kluar je,aiyoo manyiak amatur ini menteli wang ngaa...aiyo olang tua pun satu, pelik ploton 2.0 la apada, lia mau lawan ka sama geely-volvo-ploton(lotus), wa rasa mmg talak untung itu maciam.lain la lia mau hire expertise balu,itu pun kne klua luit lulu manyiak,pk la lulu, proceed mana ptut dulu mrt3 kaa...ego kena la buang skit, pasat lia pun ala wat salah....maminco,pkfz, forex scandal, etc yg aku pk lagi manyiak lo dali 1mdb, fgv ajibkor,xpun samajaa,muhasabah la sikit dh tua,kita pun akan tua...aiyo....bape kali mau ulang laaa,aiyoo....

Boleh la cali luit laya dlagon, contra contri kat myeg, hhseb, bleh la walau bepeluh wat luit laya cikit,walau talak manyiak kn kikiki....walau ku tidak suka contra ni suka hold tapi tepaksa bulajat pasal takut simpan gila folein investors kluar lngsung negative hali2, aiyoyo kikiki

Ok tq ikan jipun silamat hali laya, sula mau takbir laya ini, malam...yahooo esok ali laya kosong2 simua ya lakan2....

ps : Aiyo penin aku buat pelat sampai abis camni kikiki
14/06/2018 14:18
Ammar Roshidy say what?
14/06/2018 14:42
DreamCruiser Posted by jasontan1177 > Jun 14, 2018 11:57 AM | Report Abuse

ikan jipun want to invest , pls invest in real O n G company la...

yah gah

Especially real O&G cmpny making profits of a few hundred million every quarter for the last six years lor. Not another one bleeding profusely & owing billions to the bank lor.
14/06/2018 16:40
jasontan1177 U pinya dialog pe 40 50 . Wor.....u tau itu pe ka..

Kikikiki ini ah dream sibuk promote dialog dekat sapura jandan reban.
14/06/2018 17:10
ProRoy Hello everybody.. Its been a long time.. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness if I have offended any of u with peace & gracious heart especially dragon.. I would like to wish everybody also a happy selamat Hari maggie..! Ha,ha..!
14/06/2018 21:40
DreamSorcerer Posted by jasontan1177 > Jun 14, 2018 05:10 PM | Report Abuse

U pinya dialog pe 40 50 . Wor.....u tau itu pe ka..

Kikikiki ini ah dream sibuk promote dialog dekat sapura jandan reban.

Gua bukan butut butut manyiak guat plomot pinya. Gua kashi kongsi itu info yuga lor.

Dialog more suitable for long term investor lor. Not for hit & run type short term player lor.

Gua lg ata panggit lu olang mali itu HSSEB yuga itu hali leih. Lu olang pun lg x mau tingat yuga lor.
15/06/2018 00:34
DreamSorcerer Selamat Hari Raya to ya all, Ah Tan, Ah Gon, Ah Likk, Queen Polycarp, Moneypedia, DkNY, KAQ, Ah Loy, GayauQwe, BullGila & all the rest of ya all regular Suma dudes.
15/06/2018 00:37
jasontan1177 Selamat hari raya dream.

HSSEB...you ada untung . Cipat lari lor...lia push up to distribute. Dun stand beside danger wall. ECRL itu project nanti cancelled.
15/06/2018 05:36
jasontan1177 Ini Roy manyak bagus olang wor...

ProRoy Hello everybody.. Its been a long time.. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness if I have offended any of u with peace & gracious heart especially dragon.. I would like to wish everybody also a happy selamat Hari maggie..! Ha,ha..!
14/06/2018 21:40
15/06/2018 08:51
DreamSorcerer Posted by jasontan1177 > Jun 15, 2018 05:36 AM | Report Abuse

HSSEB...you ada untung . Cipat lari lor...lia push up to distribute. Dun stand beside danger wall. ECRL itu project nanti cancelled.

Tia pinya TP 1.72. Balu 81 gua sutah mau lali gah. ECRL talak yati cancel lor. Even HSR also postpone only lor. Klu sumua ployek pun mau cancel yuga, hapit lor Malaysia economy, hapit mampuit lor.
16/06/2018 03:30
jasontan1177 Like that u kasi lay yr body at 81 lor...
Wa wish u good luck . Kasi pegang kuat . Tunggu tp 1.72 lor. Ok boh ?
16/06/2018 18:51
DreamSorcerer Posted by jasontan1177 > Jun 16, 2018 06:51 PM | Report Abuse

Like that u kasi lay yr body at 81 lor...
Wa wish u good luck . Kasi pegang kuat . Tunggu tp 1.72 lor. Ok boh ?

Yah gah. I oledy laid down my dikk @63 lor. gig gih gih.

Nt itu lui mali manyiak manyiak, I go get me some excellent premium grade poussey lor. gih gih gih.

Laugh me die!!!
17/06/2018 19:08
Play00 Can enter suma now?
18/06/2018 14:15
GoodBoy Wall Street bloodbath tonight , Europe bloodbath ... No good for KLSE tomorrow ...
18/06/2018 20:42
moneypedia no suma no cry, no suma no cryno sumaaa no cry, noooo suma no cry!! say i remember when.....to be continue
18/06/2018 22:06
freddiehero when exit pn17?
18/06/2018 22:30
freddiehero who stuck here?
18/06/2018 22:31
DreamCruiser Lg mau tanyia boleh enter x boleh enter, itu PlayBoy. Tia shama tia gf tia lg tanyia itu maciam gah, boleh enter x boleh enter pinya gah.

Mau sintili tingok apa maciam, sintili ingat, sintili enter pinya lor.
19/06/2018 00:57
Play00 Haha.. Sure I will observe sendiri.. Since here is hot so I ask see any expert can advise or not..
19/06/2018 09:29
1465490528 Suma dah tak boleh pakai bro....
19/06/2018 09:39
GoodBoy Donald Trump said he has directed the US Trade Representative to identify additional $200 billion worth of Chins goods for additional tariffs ... Trade tension between US n China could intensify further ...
19/06/2018 09:59
moneypedia ayoo mann, itu wb sula mau expired laaa, besabaq sikit tunggu kut2 goreng aje laaa, aiyooo la usurpadora btul.....exit pn17 lia lia ckp taun lepan, betui talak betui hntm sajalah labu...
19/06/2018 10:00
moneypedia aiyoo maciam tala pinah mayin talik tali kaaa, aiyoma aiyopa aiyoyyo aiyothia
19/06/2018 10:24
polycarp Sumatec ada kangtao boleh lah!!!
19/06/2018 11:56
jasontan1177 Lanjiao ala. Pisang ala . Oil tala .

Lagi ciakap wa untung manyak brent 75...
Wa ala satu tong oil. Ala untung manyak oh...
19/06/2018 13:15
GoodBoy Chinese equities sink almost 3% ... Dow Jones futures sink more than 1% ( > 300pts ) already, could get worsen tonight ... tomorrow could see another day of bloodbath in global equities ...
19/06/2018 14:44
moneypedia aiyo, this time really bad....so need to use word of Arnold Syushahnakeja "ill be back"......
19/06/2018 16:34
moneypedia Ermm Arnold Syushahnakeja wanna say again, "Talk to the hand Donald Duck. Wong Fei Hong long pow long low will comin....."kiding for da day
19/06/2018 17:08
Bursa Christopher haha... nobody want to buy sumatec wb... ZERO?
19/06/2018 18:36
moneypedia entahlaaa labu...nasib si labu labi....kikiki....juatla goleng pisang litepi yalan, sula hapit kut ini maciam...kikiki
19/06/2018 21:16
moneypedia aiyooo ikan jipun, minat leorojas yugak ke...itu lagu lonely shepherd manyiak sedap lia goreng loh...suma tunggu lulu goleng kendian...goreng lonely shepherd lulu...boring nnti denga lagu chopsuey plak
19/06/2018 21:25
polycarp Do you know where I came from? I
came from the land of the plenty
the land of the free!!
19/06/2018 21:44
DreamGuardian Tuesday night chill

19/06/2018 23:04
DreamGuardian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWBk22geGyM
19/06/2018 23:06
DreamGuardian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fOilaIEy58
19/06/2018 23:10
cashflow Suma coming. patience is the key to success.
20/06/2018 08:20
polycarp Leo Rojas - Earth Song - YouTube
20/06/2018 09:52
polycarp Ada kangtao boleh jalan
20/06/2018 13:43
jasontan1177 Mell can pay sumatec ontime ? If not sumatec kerja kuat
Tak lapat gaji. Lagi mau pp la. Kasih bayar staff gaji la.

Lagi pp bayar gaji so that staff can come out good solution to dev oil field la....aiyo last pp ini maciam ciakap leh.... Production sekalang berapa ini ?.
Lupa lupa mau pp kaw kaw . Tambah gaji staff
.so that staff can come out good solution to dev oil field again leh.....ala lapat increase production...
One question again...mell will pay sumatec on time ?

One n only very important question...need tobe answered.

Bursa please help to make this question compulsory to be answered by mell with written reply. Before allow sumatec to be uplifted from pn 17.
20/06/2018 19:53
jasontan1177 Later production 7500. Mell stilldun pay sumatec.

How ah ? Siapa lugi ? Olang sumatec will chase mell for the outstanding payment or not....

Hehehe....sikalang no chase...nanti will chase ga...
20/06/2018 19:58
Diven Teh yo yo management
20/06/2018 20:22
DreamSorcerer yah gah
21/06/2018 01:29

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GoodBoy Those big mouth politicians better learn up how to talk, otherwise they may scare away local n foreign investors ... In case Rakyat continue suffering, we can vote them out in the next GE ...
17/06/2018 22:16
kaikai010 KLCI sudah ke longkang time to find stocks for IDSS
18/06/2018 09:15
GoodBoy Today n tomorrow sentiment not good ... support at 0.70 to 0.75 ... hopefully next week rally again ...
18/06/2018 09:16
kaikai010 This HSSEB still strong those sell maybe they bought at 0.60 region. It is never wrong to take profit good job
18/06/2018 09:16
kaikai010 Huh internal sentiment not clear add on global sentiment hard to survive
18/06/2018 09:22
GoodBoy In case can stays at above 0.80 would be good ... otherwise 0.75 also not bad ...
18/06/2018 09:24
kaikai010 I believe will stay above 0.800. Someone really want push the price. Quite similar with GBGAQRS
18/06/2018 09:26
kaikai010 Crucial point. Need to clear 0.825. Waiting shark for it. Now only retailer playing around
18/06/2018 10:06
GoodBoy Tomorrow is more crucial coz China announced the retaliation of additional 25% tariffs on $50 billion US goods after US market closed on last Friday ... The real effect will hit Europe markets this afternoon n US markets tonight ... Asia Pacific markets will be affected by Europe n US sentiments tomorrow ...
18/06/2018 10:18
kaikai010 Die. All hail trump for brilliant idea start trade war
18/06/2018 10:39
kaikai010 Even this counter supposely not affected by this trade war but when KLCI slump all gonna panic like hell
18/06/2018 10:44
GoodBoy Donald duck is asking for trade war ? ... US vs Europe , US vs Russia , US vs Middle East , US vs China , US vs Asia Pacific ...
18/06/2018 11:11
kaikai010 He don't give f**k. Not enough US involve in physical war now want trade war
18/06/2018 11:24
apolloang yeah not worth this much also,lesser contracts this company is dead duck
18/06/2018 12:03
kaikai010 Contra player start clear position
18/06/2018 12:03
GoodBoy Anticipating another bloodbath tomorrow ...
18/06/2018 12:26
kaikai010 With low volume try to scare bilis
18/06/2018 13:00
GoodBoy An alternative to HSR that cost about 20 billion could be on the table for KL to Singapore Standard gauge trains that travel 200km per hour ... HSSEB could stand to win contracts worth hundreds of million ...
18/06/2018 14:46
kaikai010 HSSEB have chance to win it. The question when. Liao today short term can't cari makan anymore with global sentiment
18/06/2018 17:24
DreamCruiser Posted by GoodBoy > Jun 17, 2018 08:00 PM | Report Abuse

Donald duck has a big mouth ... Our bolehland also produce many big mouth ... hahaha ...

Posted by GoodBoy > Jun 17, 2018 10:16 PM | Report Abuse

Those big mouth politicians better learn up how to talk, otherwise they may scare away local n foreign investors ... In case Rakyat continue suffering, we can vote them out in the next GE

Lu manyiak butut ciagap, GoodBoy. Ini Pakatan Halabull new govt is just a bunch of know-nothing-but-act-like-know-everything bullcrappers.

Now they're even thinkin of paying 500 mil compensation to Singapore for shit. Singapore was NOT AT ALL interested in HSR initially, but Ah Jib worked his darndest hardest to convince them to come on board. And they hv not spent even 10 mil on anything on their side. But they're brilliant at playing hardball in any nego. So, why wanna pay them 500 mil for project cancellation? Stupido idioto or what.

This 500 mil is Rakyat's money. Not frekkin Pakatan Halabull's money to be simply fukkin around with.
19/06/2018 03:39
GoodBoy Donald Trump said he has directed the US Trade Representative to identify additional $200 billion worth of Chins goods for additional tariffs ... Trade tension between US n China could intensify further ...
19/06/2018 09:55
kaikai010 Haha ya lor this PH suka suka want to pay 500mil to Singapore. Sudahlah foreign investor lari hari hari. Support market use EPF KWAP TH etc duit rakyat somemore. Tambah lagi US China trade war mampuih la ini macam
19/06/2018 11:18
AlfI3 So, these trade wars innitiated by US cud caused all hot $ b siphon back to US mkt? Lately a lot of sell downs in emerging mkts causing outflo of funds at these regions into US financial mkts. It wun stopped so fast n will cause more harms to our fatique bursa rite?
19/06/2018 11:21
kaikai010 Contra take profit ni. Anchovies volume. Sell sell before force sell
19/06/2018 12:29
GoodBoy Chinese equities sink almost 3% ... Dow Jones futures sink more than 1% ( > 300pts ) already, could get worsen tonight ... tomorrow could see another day of bloodbath in global equities ...
19/06/2018 14:42
kaikai010 Die this what Trump want
19/06/2018 15:54
kaikai010 But at the end need to ask what is corelation Trump shit idea with this counter. Just follow KLCI make sense?
19/06/2018 16:32
AlfI3 Hi Goodboy, lu ciakap punya bloodbath udah tiba. Apa buleh bikin skrang. Mau averej atau ambik utung oh? Klau averej, apa harga bulih masuk oh?
19/06/2018 17:16
AlfI3 Itu Myeg makin naik tak mo trun juga. Sanget kuat oh. Bulih masok lagi tak ha?
19/06/2018 17:18
AlfI3 Kaikai010, klci ody lost direction today due to last minit panic selling. How to make sense?
19/06/2018 17:20
GoodBoy I guess HSSEB shld be able to hold at above 0.70 ... collect between 0.70 to 0.75 for this week ... Selling shld be over by end of this week ... may go up next week in case no bad news from Donald Trump ...
19/06/2018 18:14
kaikai010 Our market is not standalone. It will follow any top market in the world. But this trade war is quite worriying whole world and this reaction is reasonable. This counter got many small and contra players. Those panic will sell either with profit or small losses. MyEg that different story back up by big players
19/06/2018 18:17
kaikai010 DJI waterfall. Hurt to see KLCI tomorrow. Drop below 1700 die hard. Such a waste gain for many months then easily wipe off within a full month. PH gov will have new excuse for KLCI drop. Received country with a lot of 'debt' then whole market turning bad
19/06/2018 23:22
kaikai010 Support still strong
20/06/2018 10:41
GoodBoy HSSEB starts rebound n moving up ... good sign ...
20/06/2018 14:50
BursaGolfer up up up...
20/06/2018 14:59
kaikai010 Chill don't rush slow and steady. Bagi pecah itu 0.82 confirm fly langit
20/06/2018 15:16
kaikai010 New contrarian come come you're welcome
20/06/2018 15:17
kaikai010 Now left T+11 players. Enough la how much more wanna earn hahaha.
20/06/2018 15:24
GoodBoy In case can rebound to above 0.80 this few days, maybe next week can go above 1.0 to 1.20 ... hopefully ...
20/06/2018 15:41
kaikai010 As long not break trend will hold
20/06/2018 20:08
kaikai010 No more capital to buy
20/06/2018 20:10
Tatih All big caps kena whack today...mid cap soon?
20/06/2018 20:11
kaikai010 Looks like good news. Please make it fast

Selangor MB optimistic of resolving water restructuring issue next month

20/06/2018 23:20
liokmin Kaikai010, what is Selangor water takeover related to HSSEB? I am newbie.
20/06/2018 23:54
kaikai010 This article might be old but may help to understand HSSEB prospect in water industry

21/06/2018 00:03
liokmin Ok, thanks bro.
So HSSEB got chance to turbo tomorrow?
21/06/2018 00:09
Want2Win Lagi lua tahun yuga itu Tonald pun boleh pigi mampuit lor. Siapa olang lg ata yg manyiak pottoh mau kasi elect sama tia lagi satu kali leh.
21/06/2018 01:10
DreamSorcerer Posted by kaikai010 > Jun 21, 2018 12:03 AM | Report Abuse

This article might be old but may help to understand HSSEB prospect in water industry


"Apart from these, the takeover deal will also include share consideration, whereby 94.7 million new ordinary shares in HSS Engineers will be issued to SMHB vendors, at an issue price of RM1.14"
21/06/2018 01:13
kaikai010 Turbo? Don't know leh as it just preliminary news still not materialize yet. It is up to market maker now. Current price trade near support line. For past 3 days selling volume deminished. Indicated those collect early hesitate to sell their holding. At this time short contra player might clear their position to avoid force sell. Now left with cash player long contra player eg T+7 T+11 and new comer short contra player. Should be good sign. If no bad sentiment today anticipate price will close green. Just my opinion don't take it seriously :)
21/06/2018 01:27

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paulthesotong Same biz as elsoft, vitrox n mms...if not mistaken.
20/06/2018 12:15
apolloang later my supporters gonna bring XO to celebrate,tonite gonna spend 10k makan and karaoke time......hahaha
20/06/2018 12:16
apolloang INARI boss always went to may garden makan,give tips to may garden boss and he make millions.make until his restaurant tutup,kns.SO hopefully MI can give us some like INARI.....hehe
20/06/2018 12:21
beatme pai seh, i off the train first XD
20/06/2018 12:21
williamtkb Should i take profit first? Or wait above RM2?
20/06/2018 12:24
paulthesotong Shaken not stirred.apolloang can be 2.35.
20/06/2018 12:25
apolloang keep 2-5 years,tonite can go celebrate 1st.....hahaha
20/06/2018 12:30
JimYeoh Sold off all.. Cheers
20/06/2018 12:31
stockholm999 cheer, i hold 3 day. somemore they using 5year time only to go in bursa. such a strong company.
20/06/2018 12:34
apolloang how to sell,vitrox PE is over 30 times,MI is only 13? hehe
20/06/2018 12:35
stockholm999 u make me want to hold for longer time, apolloang. ok la. i follow u. just hold it :)
20/06/2018 12:50
stockholm999 parking another few hundred lot. gogogogo sky rocket till tp today
20/06/2018 14:05
tklim Floor Price 0.995...Good Luck
20/06/2018 14:54
winwin2288 profit taking time, I wait 1.5
20/06/2018 15:08
Yu_and_Mee 1st day listing?
20/06/2018 15:09
eleh habis cerita?Haha
20/06/2018 15:09
Hwai Hooi slowly drop
20/06/2018 15:09
stockholm999 today only 1st day lol, what to scare xD BUY only. short term is fast money, long term more solid
20/06/2018 15:10
winwin2288 make it slowly down..
20/06/2018 15:11
stockholm999 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5827413
20/06/2018 15:11
winwin2288 dont rush buying. wait it down further
20/06/2018 15:12
stockholm999 financial report so strong, what to scare. lol
20/06/2018 15:12
beatme TP at 1.62 before lunch
20/06/2018 15:12
Hwai Hooi stop drop and nobody dare buy...scare drop further
20/06/2018 15:18
Vincent Sim how to buy ipo?
20/06/2018 15:27
stockholm999 those ppl see other ppl sell, sendiri also folo sell. becoz they no confident. short eye sight. why scare -.- look at the company performance. solid as f. this is why only have small percentage of ppl can get rich. becoz they dare to step out comfort zone
20/06/2018 15:33
rr88 @ 1.57, PE = 13. Avg mkt PE = 20. Ride the profit taking. Sooner or later above 2.00.
20/06/2018 15:39
signalmw new ipo stock?
20/06/2018 15:40
stockholm999 agree to rr88, by this week can be done above
20/06/2018 15:41
stockholm999 signalmw, yes is new
20/06/2018 15:42
Hwai Hooi let it down enough first
20/06/2018 15:48
stockholm999 i just let it be, put there. xD
20/06/2018 15:55
Yu_and_Mee drop more
20/06/2018 16:02
actura long term counter..
20/06/2018 16:05
looi88 all please don't confuse, this mi equipment is not xiaomi
20/06/2018 16:14
kyy_superinvestor aiyo...semi cond ma...same la
20/06/2018 16:14
winwin2288 surge so fast of cos ppl will take profit, this is normal.
20/06/2018 16:20
ahton88 stockholm999, i follow you put there first. ^^
20/06/2018 16:39
PlsGiveBonus 71m traded???
20/06/2018 16:41
actura ↑↑ Arbo then...
20/06/2018 16:50
actura Happy ending @ 1.54, will continue tomorrow
20/06/2018 17:03
Risk Trader Tomorrow will pull back for profit taking
20/06/2018 17:09
winwin2288 Risk Trader, you bought MI too ?
20/06/2018 17:30
eleh 3 cents dividend.
20/06/2018 17:40
derrtan did it just announced dividend? tomorrow continue to fly
20/06/2018 17:49
valuelurker Latest Qtr profit is RM6.5 mil, EPS 1.8c, annualised 7.2c, current share price is RM1.54, P/E is more than 20 la

Might as well say Mi Equipment is the same as the smartphone giant XiaoMi from China who's having their IPO in HK lolol
20/06/2018 17:55
valuelurker Latest EPS is pre-listing. It gets even worse

Market cap = 500mil * RM1.54 = RM770mil. NP RM6.5mil.

PE = 770/(6.5*4) = 27.5
20/06/2018 20:36
VenFx Cant apply with the 6.5mil lar...
The expected Fy19 is 15sen by few IBs .

One ib rated a x10 pe
Rakuten rate mi x 16 pe.

If one have the holding power, anything below 1.66 is considered
Good entry point for the next 2 years growth lor.

Reaward over Risk is 120%
20/06/2018 21:14
sHyung Mali mali! Buy buy buy!
3QR 2019 will be fantastic for this company after the completion of new factories with full production capacity.
21/06/2018 00:42
huat stock good ipo...buy
21/06/2018 01:25

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signalmw 2night see us
18/06/2018 15:49
signalmw 2day close 1. a big gate sales here
18/06/2018 16:00
signalmw r u sure?
18/06/2018 20:58
signalmw it yes. then good opportunity
18/06/2018 20:59
investgo good
19/06/2018 09:45
queensmates i think will eventually climb back to 1.50 due to its defensive nature in a volatile environment soon
19/06/2018 10:48
FunnyTan yeoh family kuat..market down..ytl related shares up
19/06/2018 11:16
Shun83 Power come!!
19/06/2018 11:25
dragonfruits yeoh is strong...unable to catch up..unespected too fast
19/06/2018 11:36
signalmw they cash money strong. think they maintenance around this price. because before down to 75 sen.
19/06/2018 12:27
signalmw ytlpower have iSsues new share think around RM1.10 before.GE
19/06/2018 12:28
signalmw unless they want private ytlpower
19/06/2018 12:29
i3lurker Guinness Stout time again!
19/06/2018 16:51
FunnyTan good show despite the market red
19/06/2018 17:00
Linus Kt Do you guys recommend to Buy In YTL too???
19/06/2018 17:31
FunnyTan will break 1.10 this week
19/06/2018 17:41
FunnyTan sit tight and watch the show
19/06/2018 17:43
FunnyTan ytl power vroommmmmmm
20/06/2018 10:05
Shun83 yeoh family continue buying back YTLP shares n i think this will back to 1.47 very soon
20/06/2018 10:35
apolloang 1.47 is the day the founder passed away ar? hehe
20/06/2018 10:37
apolloang sorry type wrong tot is it's YTL not YTL power
20/06/2018 10:38
signalmw unfortunately. sell too early
20/06/2018 10:41
signalmw shark coming for this 2 counter now
20/06/2018 10:43
signalmw ikan bilis also coming
20/06/2018 10:44
FunnyTan 1.08 today..ytl showtime today
20/06/2018 12:40
williamtkb Fair value should above RM1.50
20/06/2018 13:35
wwq84999 Funny tan....wat would happen if ytlp privatise...The price is under $1???
20/06/2018 14:57
FunnyTan rm1.20 min
20/06/2018 14:58
FunnyTan pal exercised warrants even at RM1.10
20/06/2018 14:58
wwq84999 Thanks a lot...funny tan...hope u huat huat in this counter
20/06/2018 15:05
FunnyTan gooogooogooo
20/06/2018 15:52
signalmw Funny Tan, have internal new?
20/06/2018 15:54
FunnyTan buy before too late...below rm1.10 can go in
20/06/2018 15:58
FunnyTan look out for DGB also
20/06/2018 15:59
Skykooll Tan FunnyTan below RM1.10 still can go in? what price u goin to take profit
20/06/2018 16:13
FunnyTan I will sell all when RM1.10
20/06/2018 16:16
FunnyTan ytl rm1.20..ytl power should be RM1.10 close
20/06/2018 16:16
MG9231 Broom.....uptrend engine just started
20/06/2018 16:18
FunnyTan sell when pal greed...buy when people fear
20/06/2018 16:19
Skykooll Tan dnex look promising
20/06/2018 16:24
FunnyTan shift all profits (if manage to sell) to buy DGB
20/06/2018 16:24
signalmw ytl nearly reach 1.20. cannot ready
20/06/2018 16:26
Skykooll Tan im goin shift all to dnex ..lol
20/06/2018 16:26
Skykooll Tan or mrcb.. dirt cheap..
20/06/2018 16:27
i3lurker Guinness Stout time again
20/06/2018 16:46
Investorkaki Guinness Stout till next week...!!!finger X.
20/06/2018 17:06
signalmw don't forget this share issue new share at 1.10 b4 GE. then drop to rm1. after he drop to 8sen and up now. my consideration of this able put up again?
20/06/2018 19:59
Ron90 sold olready...will stay away from this counter until got freash lead.... mahal n risky.
20/06/2018 20:11
Flash Zoom Buy at any price offered in this few months. Big reward soon.
20/06/2018 21:47
Kweng Mak big reward....? any insider news
21/06/2018 01:17

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freddiehero just see investor wan cabut or hold
20/06/2018 17:40
SuperPanda dont ever bet in qtr rpt... out of 10 rpt, 9 are bad

the 1 that good also not go up much

pls calculate the risk and you will success in every investment

hope will not help at all
20/06/2018 17:43
Betkaukau SuperPanda (-200mils) vs Mobuzz (+100mils)
20/06/2018 18:05
wilson1149 no report until now

you all should know what happen.
20/06/2018 18:14
Betkaukau What happen? Another master sifu is here. Haha..
20/06/2018 18:16
alectay received report , losss for last financial year
20/06/2018 18:16
mobuzz @superpanda....loss is confirm near to 200m at least

superpanda....where did u get the 200mil losses from?
how could u confirmed something which is not yet announced and published?
if it is true they made such a loss ....surely they would not get the 'outperformed' rating...
out of all the o&g companies....only 2 got the 'outperformed' rating....sapnrg & dialog...
dialog we know made profit all the time...surely sapnrg also made profit this time around for them to earn the 'outperformed' rating...
even hibiscus that made profit also did not get the 'outperformed' rating
20/06/2018 18:16
Hawaiiii Mobuzz sifu, if portugal win, tomorrow i will collect more heehe
20/06/2018 18:24
freddiehero lol he is work specialist..
20/06/2018 18:25
freddiehero dj should back 200 point
20/06/2018 18:28
JJchan 2.1B impairment loss already reflected on NTA( from 2.19 to 1.69 ------27% asset writeoff )

1Q18---major point should be Revenue ( gain from QoQ Or loss ) Sap is a huge beast---just don't
whether Revenue gain / loss are coming from ( i never dare to forecast )

By the way Sap is making operating profit last Quarter but Net profit was killed off by Depr. and
finance Cost
20/06/2018 18:32
mobuzz jjchan...true....very good observation
20/06/2018 18:41
freddiehero 0.4-0.6 tat oledi show improve more than 60%
20/06/2018 18:45
SuperPanda hibiscs operation still loss. i hold hib at 77c. pls check their p&l.
20/06/2018 18:46
freddiehero hibics march qr can go 0.86 for sure
20/06/2018 18:53
freddiehero if up lebih keep hold til next qr
20/06/2018 18:54
freddiehero break 0.86 sell 1st huhu..
20/06/2018 18:54
Maceve Just look at their previous QR, if their revenue change tide then high possibility of registering profit assisted by lower depreciation charge.
20/06/2018 18:55
freddiehero hibi if all way got luck can break 1.2
20/06/2018 18:58
SuperPanda reply to jjchan, impairment and depreciation/amortisation is different expense.

asset impaired been done at one off occasion at bal sheet but depreciation is a reduce value over period of time

no impairment ths qtr but asset depreciate always there.
20/06/2018 18:58
freddiehero wish u got luck..
20/06/2018 18:58
freddiehero im miss boat sad
20/06/2018 18:59
Maceve The problem is with the interest cost of about rm200.
20/06/2018 19:01
SuperPanda mobuzz, i estimate pat +/- 200m loss derive from revenue below 1.2b and deduct ops cost 800m, finance/depreciate/tax.

unless rev can above 1.5b that different case
20/06/2018 19:07
SuperPanda Hibiscs is the best o&g fundamental. The loss was due to higher admin cost on north sabah acquisition but overturn by -ve goodwill.

It dont hve outperform call bcoz all buy call.

Date Price Target Source News
30/05/2018 1.08 PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/05/2018 0.97 BIMB Price Target News
03/04/2018 0.97 BIMB Price Target News
22/02/2018 1.08 PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
22/02/2018 0.97 BIMB Price Target News
22/02/2018 1.48 ALLIANCE Price Target News
23/01/2018 1.05 BIMB
20/06/2018 19:19
SuperPanda hib is my 1st og pick, sapnrg 2nd and velesto 3rd.
20/06/2018 19:22
SuperPanda dialog is diff biz. they are not upstream player.
20/06/2018 19:23
SuperPanda BTW Outperform rating is only slightly better than neutral. worse than buy recommendation. So hibiscus is better pick by analyst than sapnrg this year.
20/06/2018 19:28
ProRoy Anjing lah lu semua.. Ptui..!
20/06/2018 19:29
mobuzz superpanda.....lets just wait for the official results rather than making an unnecessary speculation....i believe its going to be profit and u believe its going to be otherwise...
i'm buying and obviously u are not....so....lets just wait and see...
20/06/2018 19:29
chandra54 Well if they delay the earnings, then maybe in the red!
20/06/2018 19:33
Betkaukau Mobuzz. Don’t waste your time entertain SuperPanda. Everytime near QR many pop-up claimed to be master sifu come here to save us all. Last QR was the same when the price was 40 cents with 2 bils losses. Today what is rhe price? This jokers will gone hiding after QR. wait for it...
20/06/2018 19:52
mobuzz not necessarily chandra....perhaps they know the results are good....they purposely push the price down so that ppl like us will throw at lower price to them before they make the big push and take full advantage of the situation when the results are announced
20/06/2018 19:55
chandra54 Sounds okay your thought process mobuzz
20/06/2018 20:04
Tradeshare Hahaha.... I say oredy good Stock can crash bad stock can fly up this is stock market . N sapura is undervalued stock, hibiscus is valued stock n dialog over value stock with one is high risk is market crash? Think before say anything.
20/06/2018 20:07
freddiehero good info
20/06/2018 20:48
hlafdz Kenanga & AmInvest already indicate
Q1 F2019 prelim result is outperformed for Dialoq & Sapura.. why worry?

Next week Sapura will fly.
20/06/2018 20:50
hlafdz Sape2 mau skim cepat kaya beli Sapura C64 call warrant.. now only 10sen.
20/06/2018 20:54
SuperPanda my projection revenue at 1.2b and loss -200m (worst case)

if can hit 1.6b, that another case. loss might less than -100m

but loss is confirm.

i will wait 55c and below to buy. if you buy its your decision and i dont mind at all
20/06/2018 21:38
riko loss is confirm
loss is confirm
loss is confirm
loss is confirm
loss is confirm

20/06/2018 21:50
SuperPanda Betkaukau, you are talking people buy at 40c again. Justify you new sapnrg holder.

Many were excited when oil up from 34usd last jun17 to usd50 and started buy sapnrg at 1.80 but when Q3 rpt out with >200m loss, it sunk to below rm1.

Millions of value just gone. Im lucky not one of them.
20/06/2018 21:52
SuperPanda There is no way sap can turn profit this coming rpt. Finger crossed. It only can profit in FY19 onwards if oil remain above 60 and FY20 when gas start to contribute.
20/06/2018 21:54
hlafdz 8 June 2018

Macquarie Equities Research (MQ Research) upgrades oil and gas services provider Sapura Energy (SAPNRG) to Outperform with a price target of RM1.00 in a report released yesterday, reflecting SAPNRG's long-term value in the exploration & production (E&P) and engineering & construction (E&C) segment.

SAPNRG's share price fell 2.3% to RM0.635 yesterday and is down 10.6% year-to-date (ytd).

Outperform With a TP of RM1.00 – Inflection Point

MQ Research upgrades SAPNRG to Outperform (from Underperform) with a new sum-of-parts (SOP) based price target of RM1.00 (from RM1.35), MQ Research’s top pick for the sector. SAPNRG is expected to post a smaller net loss in FY19E, however, MQ Research’s valuation reflects the long-term value in the E&P and E&C segment, underpinned by a production ramp-up in the SK408 gas field development and rebounding offshore capex, respectively.

An E&P spin-off could be a major catalyst in the near term, funding SK408 capex and reducing group debt. Bull and bear case scenario valuations are RM0.24 and RM1.93, respectively.

MQ Research believes the E&P and the E&C segments are headed for an inflection point. Offshore capex is showing strong signs of recovery on stronger oil prices, supporting MQ Research’s base case RM5.5bn orderbook wins for FY19E (RM2.7bn won ytd). SAPNRG plans to triple E&P production to ~12mmboe/yr by FY21, nearly tripling revenues. More importantly, the payoff could be brought forward if SAPNRG manages a spin-off of the E&P assets in the next 12 months.
20/06/2018 22:12
B4b4 https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/Oil-Inch-Higher-On-Strong-Crude-Draw.html
EIA reported strong crude draw. A day earlier , API reported crude draw too. This clearly shows robust global demand for oil .
20/06/2018 22:49
hlafdz SuperPanda..

The one u mention that will only contribute in FY21 is SK408, this one still WIP for long term.

Gas production revenue already started in March 2018 from SK310 B15 block.. this is new source of revenue for Sapura & will reflect in Q1 2019 result.

Hopefully this will add few hundreds of million in Q1 2019 revenue.
20/06/2018 23:02
mobuzz thanx hlafdz for the info...
20/06/2018 23:13
Betkaukau hlafdz. Don’t waste time entertain SuperPanda. He’s a joker. He don’t even know that the reason of previous huge impairment was partly to save cost of subsequent QR asset depreciation..
20/06/2018 23:55
Risk Trader Wait until qtr results out before enter back
21/06/2018 00:10
nasaie24 68-69sen tomorrow
21/06/2018 00:47
hlafdz AmInvest, Kenanga & MQ already indicate "ourperform" rating for Dialoq and Sapura.
Hibiscus pun tak dapat "outperform" rating.

Can "outperform" rating be a loss?

Outperform can only mean one thing.. Higher than expected revenue & PROFIT LIAWW..!!
21/06/2018 01:09

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kaikai010 US waterfall. Asia tomorrow will follow. All hail Trump. Wars all same. There will be price to pay for it
19/06/2018 22:50
Asdfghjkl https://paultan.org/2018/06/19/special-number-plates-cost-government-nearly-rm20-million-in-lost-revenue-for-each-series-loke/

Rip myeg? Lol
20/06/2018 00:53
Maurice1688 Read the entire article before making comments, how naive
20/06/2018 01:07
Uncle_Lim Solid info tomorrow limit down
20/06/2018 04:01
cheektan Asdfghjkl is obviously trying to create fear. This is already old news, and MYEG is not NGO. MYEG is service provider for government.
20/06/2018 07:44
Asdfghjkl Rip myeg
20/06/2018 08:58
signalmw trumph already stake hand with China? market fly
20/06/2018 09:06
Axe Capital Funny to see how so many people want MYEG to crash and burn but it continues to go up
20/06/2018 09:07
signalmw buy low sell high
20/06/2018 09:10
lobangking Puc,Pworth,M3tech,Gsb,Dps,Cuscapi, Mlab potential reach... TP0.25
20/06/2018 09:33
casanwk rsi is above 50 for past 18 days
indicating bullishnes still intact!
20/06/2018 09:38
Maurice1688 Another sad day for myeg conman
20/06/2018 09:59
PiddleMinger there's a psychological barrier of 1.06 placed by UOB. Get past that and myeg will soar.
20/06/2018 10:00
signalmw if this buy ytlpower and ytl also ok?
20/06/2018 10:04
pang72 So hot
20/06/2018 10:11
traderman rr88 1.01 - 1.03 is end of the rebound. You will not see this level again for years to come. Sell.
i just see it. you eat shit lar REAL SIFU
20/06/2018 10:13
ddd ccc those who follow my instruction yesterday already can sell with 5% profit
20/06/2018 10:36
signalmw now sell not too late
20/06/2018 10:42
casanwk price now at 161 fib - key level
also at resistance zone 103-104
waiting for price to break resis zone and
... retest the 161 again
and....will buy in from there!
(hehehe sold at 1.02 -small profit)
20/06/2018 10:45
ddd ccc Good...
20/06/2018 10:55
dividendenshark Took profit and sold all myeg stocks. Found better value mid term investment: myeg-c42. Another 6 mths lifetime which will be ample time for it to rise in value and you can buy 10x more volume to parent myeg for profit taking purposes. I forecasted before that MYEG will go back to RM1. 50-RM2.00 levels. Oh, before the sceptics start attacking me with nonsense claims, I suggest they look at the price charts first. These clowns just want to provoke others when price drop and so delusional even price is going up, they cannot accept their stupidity. I told you jokers out there back when 0.785 that this was a panic sell, totally value buy and that prices will increase back to normal over time, you all ridiculed me. How much is it now??? One day or two drop, dont simply come and hantamlah think you all so clever, open your miserable eyes and look at the stock price in long run. Lol!!
20/06/2018 11:07
apolloang yeah better invest in MI
20/06/2018 11:08
signalmw better invest ytl and power
20/06/2018 11:15
traderman better invest topglove and kossan
20/06/2018 11:28
zayady who want 2 go,,,batter go now...let others stay...no need to provoke
20/06/2018 11:39
Maurice1688 No worries when myeg hit 1.2 in soonest time those jokers will come back
20/06/2018 11:46
zayady hahahaa....that's how jokers play...their are real sharks
20/06/2018 11:50
Axe Capital Just buy and hold, price will only continue to go up
20/06/2018 12:22
bonds56 Today will close at 1.05
20/06/2018 14:08
YuckyChicken no more friend with rosmah still can go?
20/06/2018 14:11
dividendenshark No more friend with Rosmah, still increase to 1.02 from 0.785. Not can go meh? Tok kok sing song. Lol!
20/06/2018 14:43
Asdfghjkl It's gonna drop...look at the amount of sellers..hahaha
20/06/2018 14:57
thiagarajan81 seem the re-bound come to end... the selling volume too huge.. unless big news to push the price and some will withdraw from selling que.. below RM1.00... selling que always less than 1M.. investor dare to buy, but now.. more than 3M.. wow..
20/06/2018 15:02
yeeck YuckyChicken, why not? See AirAsia back up again
20/06/2018 15:12
Asdfghjkl Sharks wont push up the price until drop the price first hehe
20/06/2018 15:13
zayady I wonder why everyone here love Kak Rosmah or Kak Mah haaaa, she must be so pretty I think...hehehehe
20/06/2018 15:54
SpikeG Yes zayady! How come u r so brilliant?
20/06/2018 18:52
ran777rpt Memorandum of Understanding
20/06/2018 19:21
ran777rpt Today’s announcement
20/06/2018 19:22
Maurice1688 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/myeg-associate-seeks-be-payment-processor-philippines
20/06/2018 20:24
Maurice1688 Good news keep coming out
20/06/2018 20:25
Uncle_Lim joker counter. Alipay and wechatpay already conquer asia
20/06/2018 21:05
Bursa1575 Rm1 target archive
20/06/2018 22:26
Pavillion Task force set up to look into monopoly claim in four Ministries
20/06/2018 23:35
EPS Bad news?
20/06/2018 23:54
PanjiAlam55 to end up BN (UMNO) crony tender in all govt ministiers. this look as Good News, more intergriti
20/06/2018 23:59
xgakuseix US IT shares fly tonight,tomorrow MYEG fly2.
TP 1.98.huhu
21/06/2018 00:02
bennyloke Business will not always be smooth sailing, there are contingencies, internal and external issues arising every day, invest the money and let management sort it out, invest in the business model. A downturn can last few months or few years but it presents opportunities for new investors.
21/06/2018 00:05
vxpoison KUALA LUMPUR (June 21): The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) urges the new Government to provide for greater transparency and fairness in implementing the new sales and services tax (SST) that will come in by September, and not just simply revert to the old SST regime.

It said this after noting the criticism of the previous SST regime, where the sales tax component of the final price paid for goods was not known to consumers, unlike the abolished goods and services tax (GST), which had improved transparency of pricing as businesses were required by law to state the amount of GST charged in any given receipt.

Hence, in a brief paper on recommendations for the new tax regime, which IDEAS has dubbed the "the reformed SST" or RSST, it urged the Government to maintain the same level of transparency as the GST regime by requiring businesses to state the amount of sales tax paid for a given product in the final receipt.

"This will require this information to be passed from the manufacturer along the supply chain to the retailer so that they can provide the information to the consumer. Businesses should not be required to report all their costs, or how much profit they are making, but since the sales tax is intended to be passed to the consumer, it is reasonable to require that the exact amount is made known to them," it said.

Such a requirement will also support the Government in enforcing fair practice among businesses once the new tax is introduced, it said.

Lessons learned from both the rocky implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) and the old SST should be taken into account in implementing the new tax system, it added.

As such, it suggested that the RSST be a single-stage tax without refunds, set at an initial standard rate of 5% for both the sales tax and service tax elements — and for different products — to reduce complexity and variability in prices.

"Even if the rate for RSST is set at 6% or higher, the amount is likely to be lower than under GST, as the tax is only applied at the initial stage," it said.

The sales tax component should only be paid at the initial stage of distribution, unlike the GST that was paid at every stage of the process, it said. "Businesses were able to offset GST paid on inputs against GST received. However, this led to a complex, burdensome and time consuming process for filing refunds," it noted.

By returning to single-stage taxation, businesses won't be required to file any refunds and their payment to the treasury will be considered final liability. "This will also increase the working capital which is critical to healthy functioning of all firms, but particularly SMEs, which are often run on private equity," it said.

IDEAS also recommends that the RSST maintain the exemptions of the GST regime, including the 30 plus items that were zero-rated. "The coverage of taxable goods and services should also remain as it is under the GST regime," it said.

The Government should also maintain the current practice from the GST regime of exempting the export of goods and services from the RSST to encourage development of Malaysia’s export sectors, it added.

To ease the burden on small businesses, the GST's minimum threshold of RM500,000 of taxable return per annum should also be kept — and not be reverted to the RM100,000 threshold under the old SST — while tax payment should be made as simple as possible, with standardised and simplified administration procedures that incorporate the best practices of GST.

Those who meet the minimum threshold should be registered under the Royal Malaysian Customs, which will increase transparency of the tax system and enable customs officials to more easily identify businesses that are trying to escape from paying the new tax.

The government should also establish a fund of RM100 million to smoothen the transition, and ensure greater compliance to the new tax regime, just like how it established a similar fund to compensate for the costs associated with the introduction of GST.

"The government’s decision not to have GST will create extra disturbance for businesses and conversion to the new RSST platform will entail additional costs for businesses. We recommend an allocation of RM100 million for all SMEs, to cover the cost of installing software and imparting necessary training," Ideas added.
21/06/2018 00:51
vxpoison *****Those who meet the minimum threshold should be registered under the Royal Malaysian Customs, which will increase transparency of the tax system and enable customs officials to more easily identify businesses that are trying to escape from paying the new tax.*****

The monitoring system is still needed.....
21/06/2018 00:53

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Danny_Tan 1.3 or 50% upside I vote BN. If not Pakatan.
13/04/2018 11:08
Danny_Tan 1.32 or 50% upside by GE I vote BN. If not Pakatan.
13/04/2018 11:09
marvels Post removed. Why?
13/04/2018 15:55
jordanmaggie61 now pray hard
13/04/2018 15:58
sniper8 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5758185
13/04/2018 20:50
limch Tropicana Corp sells Subang land to MCT for RM143m
14/04/2018 02:24
limch I just checked MCT QR and NTA much worse than Trop why share price higher? M'sia stock really unfair. Heavy manipulation. Ini kali must change govn.
14/04/2018 02:30
limch Ayala Land why not takeover Tropicana?
14/04/2018 02:31
limch new id with fake info. This is Trop thread. That CEO is from Hap Seng.

marvels new CEO package:

Alex Yeow Wai Siaw
10 Mont Kiara
Jalan Kiara 1
50480 KL

hp: +6019-333-2022
ic: 650202-02-5463

Salary: RM 190000
Car Allowance: RM 16000
Holiday Allowance: RM 150000

cheng swee swee pang nui nui
13/04/2018 15:55
14/04/2018 02:43
limch Tropicana Corp Bhd’s wholly-owned Tropicana Metropark Sdn Bhd is disposing of a 9.12-acre plot in Pekan Country Height within the Petaling district in Selangor to MCT Bhd for RM143 million.

A conditional sale and purchase agreement was signed between Tropicana Metropark and MCT’s wholly-owned Next Delta Sdn Bhd for the transaction.
14/04/2018 02:44
-M2- This Tan brother are the biggest conman in Malaysia. Avoid they counter at all cost. The worse of all is Vincent Tan and Family.
14/04/2018 08:45
ahbeng Compliance risk settled. Sold land for rm143m-land cost rm102m. Suddenly rm41m gain reported, Monday sure limit up!
14/04/2018 12:55
limch Not all VT counters the same. I think Magni and BAuto did quite well on share price and QR. Tropicana QR is good but only share price still lagging therefore I prefer to buy.

Michael Wong Yew Kong This Tan brother are the biggest conman in Malaysia. Avoid they counter at all cost. The worse of all is Vincent Tan and Family.
14/04/2018 08:45
14/04/2018 17:38
Lee Richard Write a commenLee Richard I guess Trust is everything.,, theses days many companies includes Berjaya had lost trust and reputation despite the Director still make can millions. ..but history told us you lost trust.., you lost everything..,see Sunreit price is higher than few years back and still paying 6% dividend.., Hope Berjaya and Tropicana mgt understand Trust is everything..,See Berjaya"s brother Tropicna NAV at 2.10 but its share price is only 0.80 ... Indicate the Value of TRUST is lacking.....see Capitaland Singapore doing well and keep growing based on foundation of honesty and Trust.., I remember while working on KL Sentral Suasana Condo., project ., Due to 1997 Asia Financial Crisis., most project delayed in completion., hence Developer need to honour LD payment to purchaser but I told Capitaland director how Meranti Park in Bukit Berjaya did..,pay less 6 months due to Govt support and deduct from maintenance bill and paying voucher.. I was blasted by Capitaland director .., Capitaland director decided to honour 100% LD and even 10% rental guarantee scheme despite only 6% achieved..,Today Capitaland KL Sentral project and the rest doing so well and Berjaya hill still struggling...,
19/04/2018 10:33
ahbeng Despite so many good news, Trop price still like that. The only way to boost the share price will be declare 10 cents dividend. Sure STAND like swallow viagra. 敢敢来,Danny, you got ball or not?
19/04/2018 10:56
jordanmaggie61 no problem
19/04/2018 12:11
origins Can confirm this guy is joining Tropicana. He left Hap Seng to join Lion Group.
He just resigned from Lion and is now joining Tropicana. Banker told me that he was asked to leave by Tan Sri William Cheng personally for being incompetent and could not even finish his probation period.
A professional katak jumping from job to job. Don’t think he will last long in Tropicana.
This is how kataks make their money. Same in politics as well as corporate.

Ridiculously overpaid with no track record to justify the package below.

marvels new CEO package:

Alex Yeow Wai Siaw
10 Mont Kiara
Jalan Kiara 1
50480 KL

hp: +6019-333-2022
ic: 650202-02-5463

Salary: RM 190000
Car Allowance: RM 16000
Holiday Allowance: RM 150000

cheng swee swee pang nui nui
13/04/2018 15:55
22/04/2018 22:33
origins Confirmed Danny is a con man. He sold shares to proxy so can make public spread. With public spread settled now he is supporting share price using another proxy. Rinse & repeat. Ask your broker to check.
22/04/2018 22:46
luckyman https://www.tropicanacorp.com.my/media-centre/from-the-press/2018/new-straits-times-8-march-2018-tropicana-reaps-benefits-of-landbanking
24/04/2018 22:05
luckyman It's a matter of time for it to divest W Hotel to realize the profit & cash flow for the group to further degear itself.

No point working hard to develop its land bank when no one believes in property sector & counters at this juncture... the counter simply could not move up despite pretty good profits reported in the last 2 years notwithsatnding the challenging property environment...no one appreciated the company's financial performance......
29/04/2018 18:07
sharebuyback Tropicana divests RM3b assets within 5 years
06/05/2018 05:41
sharebuyback Shares buy back for 3 days.
06/05/2018 05:42
Undi_PKR Vote PH RM 2 next 5 years?
09/05/2018 10:14
i_investor Tan Sri Danny Tan Chee Sing is the younger brother of Malaysian tycoon Vincent Tan from Berjaya group.
Tropicana Corp Bhd group managing director, Dion Tan Yong Chien is the son of Tan Sri Danny Tan Chee Sing, the founder and major shareholder of Tropicana.
15/05/2018 16:30
i_investor Tan Sri Danny Tan Chee Sing is the younger brother of Malaysian tycoon Vincent Tan from Berjaya group.
Tropicana Corp Bhd group managing director, Dion Tan Yong Chien is the son of Tan Sri Danny Tan Chee Sing, the founder and major shareholder of Tropicana., the developer of Penang World City.


15/05/2018 16:51
marvels Alex Yeow Wai Siaw
10 Mont Kiara
Jalan Kiara 1
50480 KL

hp: +6019-333-2022
ic: 650202-02-5463

Duration of contract: 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2024 (a period of 6 years)

2 units of Tropicana Gardens Dianthus to be sold at 42% discount upon confirmation.
2 units of The Residences Tropicana to be sold at 42 % discount upon confirmation.
2 units of Paisley Tropicana Metropark to be sold at 42 % discount upon confirmation.
2 units of Tropicana Heights Ridgefield to be sold at 42 % discount upon confirmation.
2 units of Tropicana Aman Dalia to be sold at 42 % discount upon confirmation.
2 units of Tropicana Danga Cove Oasis 3 to be sold at 42 % discount upon confirmation.

Group Personal Accident Insurance:
You shall be covered under the Group's Personal Accident Insurance Policy (24 hours coverage) during your term of employment One Hundred (100) times of your basic salary.

Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Coverage:
As agree between your goodself and Tan Sri Dato Danny Tan, the Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance coverage for room and board will be capped at RM 800 per night and the annual limit shall be at RM 180,000 per annum.
22/05/2018 20:28
luckyman Tropicana’s profit before tax (“PBT”) came in at RM85.4 million in Q1 2018, surging 110.7% from
RM40.5 million in the corresponding quarter in 2017, led mainly by the property development
segment. The Group’s earnings per share (“EPS”) for Q1 2018 stood at 3.17 sen against 1.89 sen
recorded previously.

Tropicana’s prudent cost savings initiatives and ability to align its growth strategies to suit the
changing market environment saw its net profit rise 84.6% to RM52.2 million in the first quarter of
2018, from RM28.3 million recorded in the corresponding quarter in Financial Year (“FY”) 2017.

22/05/2018 23:18
luckyman Tropicana will move north as soon as it announces the sale of its nearing completion W Hotel and the Tropicana Gardens Mall....
28/05/2018 12:47
RVI123 Will Tropicana sell Tropicana Garden Mall? I don't think Tropicana will sell it away?
28/05/2018 15:14
I_want_to_be_rich Yeow Wai Siaw is new Tropicana group CEO
29/05/2018 03:23
i_investor As of March 31, TROP had delivered total unbilled sales of RM1.2bil, anchored by 15 ongoing projects and an existing land bank of 888.9 acres with a total gross development value of RM42.1bil. TROP also has recurring income stream from its property investment portfolio that includes international schools, namely St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia, GEMS International School and the latest addition, Tenby International School, which is expected to have its first intake of students in September 2018.
31/05/2018 09:01
luckyman http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/hleresearch/159402.jsp

Recovery in housing loan approvals => recovery of property market?
04/06/2018 21:56
sharebuyback When some1 sell Trop cheap we have no control. SBB means insiders deem Trop undervalue. The lower the share price the lower amt of money Trop need to buy back shares.
05/06/2018 04:46
JimYeoh Super undervalued
07/06/2018 10:56
khatulistiwa1234 Possible 0.78 in few days time , patient awaiting .
07/06/2018 18:17
JimYeoh Good.. Collecting more
07/06/2018 18:39
SJSOON Pls drop some more. 0.50 pls.
08/06/2018 14:20
Frank Tan Next QR drop share 0.50 possible
08/06/2018 16:39
JimYeoh collecting more..
08/06/2018 16:54
JimYeoh more shares purchased into treasury
08/06/2018 18:12
origins A friend mentioned that Tropicana is going into the fruit plantation business. Hope that they are wrong. Will check with bankers if its true.
Trop has really turned into a rubbish company with the new set of management.
11/06/2018 01:35
RVI123 @origins, hope that your news is not true. If it is true, then I can conclude that Tropicana management has lost its direction.
12/06/2018 12:02
pakatan_harapan2 VT met Tun M on HariRaya open house. Any hope for revival DT/VT group under PH?
18/06/2018 12:01
pakatan_harapan2 VT has 14.4 million shares in AR 2017 or 0.98% stake.
18/06/2018 12:10
Frank Tan wth,everyday new low....
19/06/2018 20:35
joeylee2013 The company stock name should change from TROP to DROP, more befitting of the ever dropping shares price performance
19/06/2018 22:03
TheContrarian EGM to be convened to change name to Dropicana. Haha.
20/06/2018 09:57
ivan9511 @
TheContrarian EGM to be convened to change name to Dropicana. Haha.
20/06/2018 09:57

TheContrarian , you buy back tropicana ?

why tropicana qr so good as follow but price drop to 81sen

already 2 years trop qr keep improve until pe 5

22 May 2018 31 Dec 2018 1 31 Mar 2018 453,005 85,442 46,403 3.17 1.60 2.280 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 43%
28 Feb 2018 31 Dec 2017 4 31 Dec 2017 619,039 114,239 69,617 4.77 0.00 2.260 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 138%
30 Nov 2017 31 Dec 2017 3 30 Sep 2017 463,466 49,040 35,492 2.43 2.00 2.220 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 2%
29 Aug 2017 31 Dec 2017 2 30 Jun 2017 444,395 82,084 52,849 3.63 2.00 2.210 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 59%
26 May 2017 31 Dec 2017 1 31 Mar 2017 381,868 46,403 32,517 2.27 0.00 2.200 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History 114%
27 Feb 2017 31 Dec 2016 4 31 Dec 2016 457,324 40,684 29,256 2.05 2.50 2.190 Malaysia Stock - KLSE Quarter Report History
20/06/2018 14:53
Frank Tan dropicoma better
20/06/2018 16:53
origins At the rate they keep doing share buyback surely will breach public spread soon.
I wonder if Danny can prop up the share price?
My entry price was RM 1.49. Looks like my investment is 50 percent gone liao.
21/06/2018 00:50

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Natu Ral Bruno Manser Fund offers to share evidence of Taib Mahmud's alleged corruption
19/06/2018 15:48
GoodBoy CMSB is possible to revisit 2.0 or below again ... be cautious for tomorrow ...
19/06/2018 15:50
Midnite Natu ral, please dont share old news and put fear in investors. Anyway, CMSB long term is good. PE only 11x. Just that now trump+china makes everything drop crazy.
19/06/2018 15:55
trulyinvest wa, beter dun touch. it is oficial in the star said macc wil investigate taib coruption.
19/06/2018 16:01
poosk Not so soon for taib. At least one year later. Najib case also haven't start. Once Najib put in jail then only taib. PH won't put two focus at same time for political show.
19/06/2018 16:12
Midnite Cmsb 2.30 is a steal. Good company buy and keep for long term will see rm3 back.
19/06/2018 16:14
Rosmah Ali Tomolo 2.50
19/06/2018 16:35
mastermarcus Long term holding, since the current price, buy one free one. EPF losing so many Bil, I am just peanut.
19/06/2018 16:44
Rosmah Ali Fuyoooo.... 2.40!
19/06/2018 16:55
mastermarcus can someone tell me what happened, wtf, last 15min sapu all the way to 2.40??????? what happened? my system down just now.....
19/06/2018 16:55
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/161901.jsp
[转贴] [CAHYA MATA SARAWAK BHD,长期可持续收入和盈利增长] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
19/06/2018 17:07
sleang Latest buy call from TA, target RM3.80
19/06/2018 17:10
sleang Maybank Research target RM4.10
19/06/2018 17:30
poosk As long the company is making money, share price will go up.
19/06/2018 17:56
Midnite True. It always comes back down to company fundamentals. If pan borneo is confirmed to go on. This could limit up. Because there is no more uncertainty.
19/06/2018 18:25
johnny cash Natu Ral that is taib s old news dated 17 of may
19/06/2018 19:22
kaikai010 Cheap sale
19/06/2018 19:23
mastermarcus Rosmah Ali: Taib M, gone, this counter will be very fluctuating, but this counter Tml I predict at least 2.50!!!
19/06/2018 20:54
Mr.J Great revenue ahead and cash rich company with P/E of 11x @2.40. Obviously undervalued!
19/06/2018 23:07
cheated Taib Mahmud why MACC never check he so rich?
19/06/2018 23:11
mastermarcus He is actually a friend of Mahathir.
19/06/2018 23:36
Midnite Masteramarcus, youre right. Hes a friend of mahathir and daim. Back in the 80s they were all one group. if taib goes down..hes gonna bring all down with him..now im sure they wont want that. Haha

Having said that, this company is good because of its good and healthy financials.
20/06/2018 01:15
mastermarcus Yes you are right. Yesterday the whole Asia is over react, US drop so little as I thought at least 1000 points. Today will re bounce.
20/06/2018 08:22
poosk Sapu time.
20/06/2018 09:57
sellselllsell regret didn't sapu more ytd at 2.3
20/06/2018 09:58
mastermarcus sapu before it is too late...the wave just started
20/06/2018 10:04
sellselllsell i've been sapu since 1.8.........
20/06/2018 10:06
mastermarcus what is your target price ?
20/06/2018 10:08
20/06/2018 10:09
sellselllsell do own analysis, 2017 profit down due to OM make loss in Q1 & Q2, 2018 OM turn from loss to profit, so Q2 result if core business remain same will be better than 2017. if 2017 share price 4.2, asking for 3.2 is not too much. don need to go business school to learn how to analyse
20/06/2018 10:11
sellselllsell if based on 2017 dividend, 0.08 cent per share calculation, at price 1.8 = 4.4% return, i do nothing also better than put in FD. Even at price 2.3 calculation, i get 3.5% return from dividend only
20/06/2018 10:15
sellselllsell that is just my analysis, trade at your own risk. i'm not recommending buy or sell
20/06/2018 10:16
sellselllsell ppl talk about political risk

let's assume taib get arrest, so what? he's not running the company, scenario analysis

Cement - nobody can setup cement plant overnight, so business still definitely safe
Roads - already secure another year, no need worry, money come in auto
project - only uncertain is pan borneo - and already say will continue
OM - it's commodity business, not political link anyway
Property - as above

my analysis of sell is definitely overdone. even at worst should worth tp3
20/06/2018 10:24
mastermarcus project - only uncertain is pan borneo - and already say will continue.

My friends working over there....no sign to stop.
20/06/2018 10:28
mastermarcus lets guess today closing price....
20/06/2018 11:20
zhouxingxing can i know how much you all sifus has sapus? and ur avg price is?
20/06/2018 11:24
clss17 i also wanted to know. as i m still a newbie in stock.
20/06/2018 11:25
signalmw (美国.纽约19日讯)中美贸易战继续升温,美股开市早段沽压加剧,3大指数均见红。

20/06/2018 11:26
kaikai010 EPF start selling but support well by share buyback and director. Who else can sell in big volume
20/06/2018 12:41
zhouxingxing 2.55 closing is good... 5 to 10c a day til 3.1 pls
20/06/2018 13:57
GoodBoy CMSB is moving up ? ... no chance to buy low already ? ...
20/06/2018 14:54
zhouxingxing goodboy. no one knows where is the bottom. if this is not ur bottom price you can always wait. this is already a good price. you can always wait for a lower price too.
20/06/2018 15:02
GoodBoy Maybe no chance to buy lower already ... shares buy back from 2.27 til 2.50 ...
20/06/2018 15:07
mastermarcus I jump off boat first...today seems index will turn red
20/06/2018 15:07
G-boy luckily someone stop selling in big volume...worry.haha
now turn trend to up again.
20/06/2018 15:17
GoodBoy In fact the company n EPF is buying back shares from as low as 2.27 to 2.50 n 2.80 ...
20/06/2018 15:26
GoodBoy Once sentiments improve, price could go above 3.0 ... Target price given by 3 investment bank are 3.80 4.00 n 4.10 ...
20/06/2018 15:53
slts correction over. uptrend resume
US mkt rebound tonight
so relax n hold on
20/06/2018 15:54
Midnite Tomorrow 2.60
21/06/2018 00:44
Midnite Pan borneo will go ahead.
21/06/2018 00:45

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pang72 Rm88 coming...

131 lowest today...
07/05/2018 10:00
pang72 Gradually drop till 3iii drop pants
07/05/2018 10:01
pang72 I heard 3iii screaming
07/05/2018 10:27
pang72 If Hengyuan down from 19 to 6 ,
Nestle is drop from 140 to 88 now
07/05/2018 10:28
Depeche Looks like head and shoulder formation (one year chart)...may surge above 140 soon.
07/05/2018 18:34
pang72 ooop...may down to rm88 as far as i know.
07/05/2018 21:10
hellbender http://money.cnn.com/2018/05/07/news/companies/nestle-starbucks-deal-coffee-alliance/index.html
07/05/2018 23:05
Scalp3r I like white chocolate mocha yummy!
08/05/2018 00:26
hellbender i hope the starbucks will be manufactured in malaysia or at least malaysia will be able to contribute in some way to the nestle-starbucks deal.
08/05/2018 09:25
Hanwen Yeh kali ini lah!!!
08/05/2018 11:44
Depeche Starbucks deal very strong jab
08/05/2018 11:48
Depeche 2nd shoulder in the making indeed.
08/05/2018 12:15
Hanwen Yeh Depeche Guru:

Wise man think alike!!!

I am hoping for 160 in 5days!!!
08/05/2018 12:16
Depeche Hanwen...Possible..HUAT
08/05/2018 12:23
3iii Nestle has strong economic moat (wide and deep). :-)
08/05/2018 12:31
Depeche Fantastic run
14/05/2018 10:16
Hanwen Yeh Depeche--my "WISE GURU"--we are NOT wrong like what Mr Bull & Mr Pang72 dyingly hoping we would be, aren't we ?

Anyway i was heavy on Nestle-CA (when it was 0.065-0.070-0.080) and this morning looking at 0.11 & 0.15....hoping for 0.20 this week riding on this Incredibly, shockingly rewarding Mahathir Rally....

I also bought into FGV-C39 around 0.07-0.08, expecting the FGV to go 2.20 soon....

With a pull back soon,i think this KLCI rally will stretch to next monday.
14/05/2018 11:20
Depeche Well done Hanwen..RM11 profit in a week is great
14/05/2018 19:37
Hanwen Yeh Depeche Guru : you study dump-dump EPF's activities , there are much more to come next 7 days:
141-147-151-155-160-169-172-180........... Ang pow for you too!!!
15/05/2018 01:31
Depeche Hanwen...Yup..they're putting their smart money to work.....if hits 150 this week, should revisit the peak of 163 soon.
15/05/2018 04:26
nestlelover keep dropping everyday
15/05/2018 17:03
Outliar Yep, keep putting your money into this 50PE stock, will reach 200 and then 300 soon
15/05/2018 18:35
rlch PE 50 cheap why BAT cannot have PE 50?
16/05/2018 11:30
nestlelover mahathir control consumer price, so nestle won't up so high
18/05/2018 09:41
Depeche 2nd shoulder still forming(1 year chart)....however, looks like its uptrend momentum is getting weak...may at most hit 150 before the next correction.
18/05/2018 13:09
Undilah_DAP Can goreng bec only 1 CW? Even then CW exercise price RM 160 stll far behind.
19/05/2018 10:49
Pi Di Tan Depeche Guru : some correction...BUT WILL KEEP GOING UP....
22/05/2018 09:40
Pi Di Tan Tomorrow shud touch 151-2, consider very slow moving....
22/05/2018 13:12
BULL1000BEAR1000 run for your life
23/05/2018 15:34
Depeche 2nd shoulder formation will complete with correction.
23/05/2018 18:25
ahgoo For the 2nd shoulder to be confirmed, it has to break RM136.06, thereafter to test 131.38 and then RM125.03 If it gets to RM125 level, my view is that there will be buyers who will step in.

In any case, my mother sold @ RM154, to lock in her gains for her airfare to Europe. On the other hand, I am very happy sitting tight since I was able to buy some when others were fleeing over the last few months.

I have said this before. This is a stock that is not for day-trading. In fact, most KLSE stocks do not have the volume for day trading. This is a consumer cyclical stock. With 'zero-ing' of GST and lower petrol, etc., if you invest with a 2-3 year time frame, I think you will be handsomely rewarded.
24/05/2018 12:04
Depeche Should do away with IDSS and IBs
24/05/2018 13:18
Depeche Unfortunately ...Volatality creates opportunities for day traders....though I am a long player myself...have to say intra day trading makes good money in volatile stocks too.
24/05/2018 13:21
Thepainfultruth Rocket to the sky, well done
25/05/2018 13:08
ahgoo Yes, volatility is the mothers milk for Traders. KLSE market capitalization is relatively small. There are many penny stocks that attract gamblers and mostly less informed investors. The BIG money comes from institutional investors like pension funds and foreign funds. These investors do not invest in penny stocks or small to midsize companies. Unless the market capitalization of local companies are at least a few RM Billion, it is unlikely to make he cut
26/05/2018 13:41
propsushi Still the most well received among index counters
30/05/2018 15:37
31/05/2018 17:35
pang72 Earn little and price so high..
After the boss leaving the country, it back to 80..
Be careful...It is happen to gkent, myeg, muda and many more...
01/06/2018 08:10
BULL1000BEAR1000 Ya becareful
01/06/2018 13:38
BULL1000BEAR1000 Runnnnnnn
01/06/2018 13:38
wannyin when nestle will split share?
01/06/2018 18:01
BN_forever PE 53 is cheap bec BN mindset?
02/06/2018 04:40
A D Is there a small chance that Nestle Malaysia will consider to issue bonus share to current shareholders to bring down the share price ?
06/06/2018 17:54
ahgoo From my point of view, the 2nd shoulder is still being formed. The good news is that since May23rd, the stock price has hovered around RM146. Given that Support is at (RM144.26 - S0, RM139-S1, RM134-S2) and that just before election on May7th, it closed above S2 at RM134.55.
If you then consider that Nestle issued 2 warrants on Mar 27th and May 22nd with an exercise price of RM160 and RM168, maturing at Dec 31st and Nov30th. The bottom line is HOLD for the long term investor (which is what I am doing). For the bandits, who want to scalp, I will say it again this is not a highly volatile stock, it grinds up or down a litle - it remains an institution's favorite.
07/06/2018 19:52
Depeche Good days are limited as the number of CWs grow.
12/06/2018 19:17
hstha Don't focus too much on GST 0%. After it's over, sales are likely to plunge.
15/06/2018 19:15
siti nurhaliza i like nestle milk
19/06/2018 11:58
wannyin when will split share?
19/06/2018 12:32
Depeche Share split=good news?
20/06/2018 20:32
binghan https://www.facebook.com/ch8news/posts/2065418946809744

6月19日 受总统哈莉玛 Halimah Yacob 启发,雀巢公司 Nestlé 推出全球首个完全无糖份的美禄粉“Milo Gao Kosong”!

原来,总统去年11月出席一场保健促进局 Health Promotion Board, Singapore 的活动时,问雀巢公司的负责人,美禄是否能达到完全无糖份,以帮助我国进一步推广健康饮食。而公司过后真的展开了“无糖美禄”的研发过程,并在今天将“Milo Gao Kosong”推出市面!
21/06/2018 00:44

  Linus Kt likes this.
Invest_Sensibly day dream
20/06/2018 23:32
Linus Kt Calvin, What about my bought in price at 0.09... will it be safe???
20/06/2018 23:38
joetay7 @linus,

mata buta calvintaneng will tell u to just hold on.

i suggest u to do a write-off.

btw, i really cant believe u still asking advice from this joker who got u into this mess in the first place.

20/06/2018 23:40
calvintaneng Linus Kt

The Net Net after liquidation if all in order is 44 sen

So should be ok

But since future is unknown we hope for the best possible outcome

Maybe a White Knight comes in?
20/06/2018 23:40
joetay7 no need to pay debtors and administration costs?????

u just show ur stupidity again, mata buta calvintaneng.

20/06/2018 23:41
calvintaneng Debtors & all admin, court fees all factored in if you have read my article carefully




20/06/2018 23:43
Jhau65 Promote since Rm0.5...now 0.03 still dare promote.
May he only buy Rm1k MpCorp share.
20/06/2018 23:44
joetay5 what u stated is book value.

do u think anyone will buy its kl building now when there is an office oversupply and with the weak jb property market, who will pay up?????

just exposed ur inability to understand the basics of buy and sell again.
20/06/2018 23:45
Linus Kt JoeTay you're damn funny... how come you got so many account??? I got no choice since my head already wet, and I just recall why in beginning I trust and Buy In. So think positive and I believe he won't simply spent so much time to analysis these all and keep standing strong on his point
20/06/2018 23:45
joetay5 despite us making fun of mata buta calvintaneng, he still likes to write bs articles.

since he doesnt makes sense most of the time, i just stay away from the stocks he promotes.

20/06/2018 23:50
Patron Ha Linus that's exactly what I thought too. The only logical explaination is he was paid to do so.
20/06/2018 23:50
joetay5 if mata buta calvin is paid to do it, he is doing a very bad job on doing writeups.

the joker only know how to use nta and dont even know how to read financial statements.

20/06/2018 23:52
Thkent91 See how Calvin and gang average down ya. already promoting it when it was around 22 sen. now 3 sen. wow his money tree keeps growing money
20/06/2018 23:55
joeylee2013 Your 3 sen will stuck with the court processes, auction, distributions to entitled creditors etc.....all least another 5 years before you can see any leftover on your plate
21/06/2018 00:24
joeylee2013 After interests expense, professional fees and unsurfaced claims, probably nothing left also
21/06/2018 00:25
calvintaneng Nothing left?

I remember when Pm Corp fell to its lowest at 7.5 sen people also said Game over.




21/06/2018 00:42
calvintaneng MANY HAPPY RETURNS!


21/06/2018 00:43

  24 people like this.
hisehatu just wait to re-entry. this week and next week will be very slow. orang dah mood raya.
11/06/2018 09:34
Force Hisehatu, I think u r right is time to re entry back
11/06/2018 09:48
Woo Kok Keong This last week to pump up for all duit raya.... Go go buy
11/06/2018 09:50
moneykam TA TP of RM0.64, very reasonable and realistic....should move after Raya. Go Go Go
11/06/2018 12:55
orangbaru77 PCCS only contribute 2million/year..small significant contribution to company
MD DNeX says they need more 2 years to build up company...aiyooo
11/06/2018 13:45
JJchan Today most of the buying comes from TA Brokerage house. Hope it will continue tomolo
11/06/2018 19:15
GoodBoy HSSEB is moving up ... aim for 50% to 100% returns ...
11/06/2018 23:18
rijack88 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/dagang-nexchanges-longterm-outlook-expected-be-secure
12/06/2018 11:16
Woo Kok Keong http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/391269
12/06/2018 11:18
SHQuah https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/dagang-nexchanges-longterm-outlook-expected-be-secure

Maintain buy with a target price (TP) 64 sen
12/06/2018 13:05
tw01 Yes...Will BUY MORE !!!
13/06/2018 10:51
badboybad Hopefully can move upwards in short time.
13/06/2018 10:53
PARKER TP 0.6 min potential ctr
13/06/2018 10:58
Buy1st buy and keep it for future since this is potential ctr
13/06/2018 12:00
mkmike Candlestick is above 20 and 40 EMA. Force Index and MACD is above 0. Time to buy.
13/06/2018 16:33
mkmike Hope it will close with a bullish engulfing candle. Besides, Dow Futures is up now.
13/06/2018 16:41
khchong78 Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has neither confirmed nor denied whether Bukti Megah Sdn Bhd is owned by his special officer Abdul Halim Suleiman.

However, he confirmed that the firm was appointed to handle the rehiring of undocumented workers, in a parliamentary reply dated Nov 20.

"Bukti Megah Sdn Bhd is one of the companies appointed to assist the Immigration Department to handle the 3+1 amnesty programme and rehiring programme," said Zahid in his capacity as the home minister...

13/06/2018 16:51
khchong78 hhttp://www.imi.gov.my/images/keratan_akhbar/2018/6_Jun/06062018/sinar3_06062018.jpg

Bukit Megah is one of sister company of DNEX?
13/06/2018 16:57
khchong78 https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/427919
13/06/2018 16:57
mianpao old news???
13/06/2018 20:18
1605909803020610 dnex provide support and service to Bukit Megah.
The revenue from the service provider to Bukit Megah was very limited, less then 10% of its total revenue and profit.
13/06/2018 20:24
1605909803020610 Less then 1m
13/06/2018 20:30
1605909803020610 Raya mode.
14/06/2018 11:31
1605909803020610 No hope for Raya
14/06/2018 12:10
SHQuah http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/it-time-bet-og

Goon, who also covers Dagang NeXchange Bhd (DNeX), said the company’s earnings growth is likely to continue as its more recent acquisitions begin to deliver, including the order flow from production sharing contracts, as well as the development of the 1Trade system — a web-based one-stop portal for cargo and trade management.

He observed that improved oil prices would also benefit DNeX’s associate Ping Petroleum as its “Anasuria cluster is directly exposed to oil prices”.
18/06/2018 10:24
ZHAO Run liao loh
18/06/2018 13:27
michaellim Waiting for good timing for explosive shot up as support is there even index dropping...
18/06/2018 14:45
michaellim Chart wise double bottom pattern...
18/06/2018 14:50
kk1kk1 can try FBMKLCI-C3V 0.075
18/06/2018 15:50
wajatimur_28 https://www.mynewshub.cc/terkini/bekalkan-diesel-secepat-mungkin-sekolah-di-sarawak/
18/06/2018 15:53
Mdnizam CEP Daim Zainudin takeover government funds buying shares , WAWASAN is our PM TUN M master plan , they will use these funds to acquired shares before budget 2019 .
Mara linked company active today Mnc,Fintec,Dgb Today big volume mara buying...
18/06/2018 15:55
GoodBoy Wall Street bloodbath tonight , Europe bloodbath ... No good for KLSE tomorrow ...
18/06/2018 20:43
The Market 林冠英:阿里巴巴参与马国多项高端计划
18/06/2018 23:37
sharonchok is it good for dnex?
19/06/2018 09:18
GoodBoy Donald Trump said he has directed the US Trade Representative to identify additional $200 billion worth of Chins goods for additional tariffs ... Trade tension between US n China could intensify further ...
19/06/2018 09:58
GoodBoy Chinese equities sink almost 3% ... Dow Jones futures sink more than 1% ( > 300pts ) already, could get worsen tonight ... tomorrow could see another day of bloodbath in global equities ...
19/06/2018 14:43
michaellim Haiz..Stupid Trump that create all this havoc..never end story..
19/06/2018 15:25
Centurion123 Buying signal
19/06/2018 17:44
1519378884747574 Why buying signal..pls explain
19/06/2018 18:43
Neut_ron1 Time to buy d bluechips & cheap counters that makes profits!
19/06/2018 23:58
Centurion123 Buy within this week.
20/06/2018 10:42
1519378884747574 Why buy this week?
20/06/2018 10:43
Centurion123 Next week can eat some kfc. Hihihi.
20/06/2018 11:01
SHQuah Oil prices gain on lower U.S. crude inventories, Libyan disruption
20/06/2018 14:43
michaellim Bottom fishing as Dow future up now..
20/06/2018 15:33
Buy1st tomorrow can eat kfc
20/06/2018 16:23
michaellim Buy more then can have shark fin
20/06/2018 16:36
pretty http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/394661
20/06/2018 21:20
The Market DNeX’s Ping receives two licences in North Sea

20/06/2018 23:46
moneykam Usd moving up, oil price edging up... New license for Ping, enormous opportunity for trade and IT solutions, 50cents on the radar.... After Raya, warming up....
21/06/2018 00:38

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Johloh 5.20 should be the top
07/06/2018 11:01
kyy_superinvestor that is resistance.....if break how? turn to support lo
07/06/2018 11:47
future888 Hold 6.5 soon. Pe 10
07/06/2018 12:08
trulyinvest Rebound from 4.45' took profit first
07/06/2018 13:31
kyy_superinvestor My tp is 8
10/06/2018 10:14
trulyinvest C d result first tis month
10/06/2018 11:29
kyy_superinvestor After u see it, it is no longer below 6.5
10/06/2018 11:47
kyy_superinvestor Grab it now or watch it fly
10/06/2018 11:47
trulyinvest Not so fast la. Market now very uncertain. Dun b over confident
10/06/2018 12:32
kyy_superinvestor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nWHMqgFItU
10/06/2018 14:07
kyy_superinvestor Now entry still early before next quarter
10/06/2018 14:10
13/06/2018 12:47
profitgrow maybe can reach to 6.0 due to world cup. Magni-Tec print Nike t shirt and shoes.
13/06/2018 16:01
13/06/2018 16:46
VOS26 Flying as it should. Up all the way!
13/06/2018 18:06
kyy_superinvestor Maintain June tp 8 within one year
13/06/2018 19:23
shareinvestor88 TP 8 ??
13/06/2018 19:45
trulyinvest Never predict movement of this counter. U wil kill urself. When u predict up, it can down all the way. Tis counter very stuborn. Suka main terbalik
13/06/2018 19:47
kyy_superinvestor Fed hike interest affect export? FIFA cup? New factories?
13/06/2018 20:46
makesomemoneyonly world cup
13/06/2018 22:01
kyy_superinvestor Buy magni for world cup!!!
14/06/2018 07:41
kyy_superinvestor http://markets.businessinsider.com/stocks/nke-stock
14/06/2018 20:44
kyy_superinvestor See Nike Inc up so much since january 2018 .....and 90percent of magni is derived from Nike....current price still has great upside...last call before next week quarter announcement (please note that good result will released earlier) , I have upgraded this stock from "outperform" into "rocketing"....
14/06/2018 20:47
kyy_superinvestor I have sialang but how about u?
14/06/2018 20:47
kyy_superinvestor U can dun believe me but u must learn business sense from kyy who is my idol
14/06/2018 20:49
qqq3 business sense very important,

most important.
14/06/2018 21:02
17/06/2018 13:56
kyy_superinvestor ya...confirm
17/06/2018 14:12
ckh823 Bro. Don't forget on the foreign exchange. Last quarter the ringgit very strong ohhh
18/06/2018 00:51
kyy_superinvestor Bro, dun forget this counter is related to export oh
18/06/2018 07:34
kyy_superinvestor http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/393115
18/06/2018 07:52
ckh823 when we talk about export, magni trade in usd or ringgit? this will affect the PBT.
18/06/2018 07:55
kyy_superinvestor I think u will have a better understanding after reading the quarter report...I predict next quarter report is green....u can refer to Nike Inc share price performance as it is correlated to magni because 90 percent of magni revenue generated from Nike and not least this year is world cup year therefore Nike as one of the biggest sportwear manufacturer will definitely benefited.....
18/06/2018 08:15
shareinvestor88 Dear Kyy superinvestor is it a buy on Magni ?
19/06/2018 07:40
OSoleMio if he say Buy, you buy? if he say Sell, you sell?
19/06/2018 10:50
apple168 Sold all at 5.2++.. expecting to drop less than 5 soon with trade war US vs China..
19/06/2018 14:51
kyy_superinvestor fear what? now talk about greed, average and holding power on good stock just like magni
19/06/2018 16:15
apple168 We are heading to economic recession with falling of commodity price such as oil, gold, silver, corn, palm oil etc! Dump dump hold till kena trapped for years! Free up the Capital is the key now to buy cheaper shares later. Magni is overvalued compared to others..
19/06/2018 18:20
kyy_superinvestor Dun create panic bro...what is the pe and div yield now? Overvalued?
19/06/2018 19:37
probability when is results going to be announced?
20/06/2018 17:15
kyy_superinvestor before 28th june
20/06/2018 17:21
apple168 Magni Management has yet to find a solution for minimal wages hike in Vietnam which will drag down profit and lower EPS. Many non original Nike products selling as cheap as 3 Singapore dollar only (RM10) at pasar malam. Ppl will buy this rather than original one in economic downturn. Donating 2million cash is not a wise move for a company. Cash is blood for a company. Company with poor cash flow will face lots of problems. Buy Magni at current high price at your own risk!
20/06/2018 20:02
apple168 US China trade war will affect Nike sales in China with huge tax in Nike! With upgrowing company like Li Ning, nike will lose customers as Li Ning sports wears are less pricy compared with Nike!
20/06/2018 20:08
kyy_superinvestor Just continue bark here...result will prove everything
20/06/2018 20:47
apple168 If you can’t answer my questions here, u better stop shouting here and conning others to get trapped. Kyy hv made many losers in share market, that’s the fact. One follow the another..
20/06/2018 21:31
apple168 If the result is good, why major shareholders (insiders) stop buying Magni shares?
20/06/2018 21:34
kyy_superinvestor dun let me see u disappear in this forum after this quarter report released...with such low pe still scare? i dun noe what u scare? trade war no need wear shirt izzit? u r born to be a loser in stock market....
20/06/2018 21:50
kyy_superinvestor if the management started to buy due to insider news then what would the outside investor think about the company?
20/06/2018 21:52
kyy_superinvestor if u dun have six sense then nvm....but pls use comman sense
20/06/2018 21:53
chonghai Economic downturn will 100% not affect Magni.
Trade war will likely not affect Magni but no one can be sure on this one.
As for wage hike, this is one hell of a headache.

By the way, world cup will have no positive impact on Magni as well. Those who think so has not follow MAGNI or NIKE long enough.
21/06/2018 00:33

  37 people like this.
Poisonivy Gadang oversea projects weightage is about 70% ignore noise for those who give negative comments... speak like expertise when they dun even know their niche engineering.... Hahaha
05/06/2018 18:19
geary Good... Niche...they have the competitive advantage over their rivals...selling almost at NCAV...???
05/06/2018 18:31
kyy_superinvestor Do u know construction and property development sector contribute the most into economy GDP? What gov will do to maintained the GDP growth?use some command sense pls and not just sixth sense
05/06/2018 18:34
apple168 Many fishy construction projects by BN Government going to be uncovered one by one soon. Big taikuns of construction company will go MACC for coffee. Needless to say, it will hit construction counters and drag all construction shares down!

The panel of elderly (Tun Daim/ Zeti etc) said Zero GST will bring up GDP instead of construction and property development. The truth is PH government stopping all mega projects! We seeing tones of unsold condo/ apartment/ Shoplots in Klang valley! PH government upholding Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) by open tender all projects and thus bringing down the profits of construction company.

Avoid construction shares till all dusts settle down!
05/06/2018 21:42
kyy_superinvestor use brain to filter other thoughs.... zero gst already is a big issue by bringing down the nation income ....wake up man
05/06/2018 21:52
rogers123 Buy Gadang.............
05/06/2018 22:00
Poisonivy Many new projects be staring open budding gadang, fajar etc... Will benefit from it rather than main con sub out... From the arena of PH onwards lower cost with better progressive looking forward thus there only one direction up...
05/06/2018 22:25
apple168 (吉隆坡5日讯)怡克伟士(Ekovest Bhd)与Samling Resources私人有限公司联营,以共同承建砂拉越泛婆罗洲大道(Pan Borneo Highway),合约总值21亿令吉的WPC-02配套首期工程现在已无效。

怡克伟士今日向大马交易所报备,独资子公司Ekovest Construction私人有限公司(ECSB)周一(4日)接获Samling Resources的信函,告知该项目的项目交付伙伴Lebuhraya Borneo Utara私人有限公司(LBU)还没有同意将该项目分包予Samling-Ekovest JV私人有限公司。



05/06/2018 22:30
apple168 KUALA LUMPUR: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng today summoned former Treasury Secretary-General, Tan Sri Irwan Serigar Abdullah, and ex-prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to explain the lopsided and dubious RM9.4 billion deal signed by Suria Strategic Energy Resources Sdn Bhd (SSER).

"The Board of Directors (of SSER) and Tan Sri Irwan Serigar in particular, must answer as to why SSER signed such a lopsided contract that clearly jeopardises the interest of the Malaysian people and government.

"In addition, we would seek the assistance of former Finance and Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who has been active on Facebook recently, to explain how he could possibly approve the above transactions,” Lim said in a statement today.

He added that the government would seek the assistance of the China government to help trace the flow of funds in China, in order to investigate the possibility of money laundering.

Based on the highly suspicious transactions, Lim had instructed his officers to file a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

The no-holds-barred Finance Minister hoped that there would be no more "nasty surprises” to be found in the "red files".

The "Red Files” were only accessible to certain parties and impeded officials and auditors from carrying out the responsibilities with integrity.

SSER is a wholly-owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary set up on May 19, 2016 with the specific intent to undertake the Multi-Product Pipeline (MPP) and the Trans-Sabah Gas Pipeline (TSGP) projects.

Both projects amounting to RM9.41 billion were awarded to China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPPB), whereby negotiation was done solely by the Prime Minister's Department, without involving Treasury officials.

According to Lim, the Attorney General's Chambers have also confirmed that these contracts were signed despite numerous unanswered questions and red flags raised.

To-date, a total sum of RM8.25 billion constitutes a staggering 87.7 per cent of the total project value have been paid, despite an average completion rate of only 13 per cent, with another 2 years of the contracts to go, making it a highly suspicious and lopsided transaction. - Bernama
06/06/2018 07:12
apple168 A QUESTION OF BUSINESS | Not only is the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) highly overpriced and extremely lopsided in favour of China - that alone is reason enough to scrap it - its ties with 1MDB and attempts to cover up debts by channelling overpriced contract sums should be investigated, unravelled and those responsible brought to book.

As much as the scrapping of the high-speed rail project to Singapore is a pleasant surprise, it came as a shock that the estimated cost of this project was RM110 billion, according to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This compares to initial cost estimates of RM40-60 billion and shows how much infrastructure costs can balloon compared to initial estimates when the projects are first mooted. Hopefully Singapore will be amenable to reducing the RM500 million compensation, or forego it altogether, for scrapping this unfeasible project as we had explained here.

Now let’s focus next on the ECRL which the government says costs RM55 billion but which we estimated may cost RM100 billion with cost overruns. But if the cost escalation at HSR is anything to go by, then the cost here will be more than double the RM55 billion and could be as high as RM120 billion!

This is a project which is even less feasible then the HSR. Even assuming a project cost of RM55 billion, it is still terribly unfeasible as pointed out in this analysis.

The table below gives the main information regarding ECRL but even this is only for the section from Kota Bharu to Gombak. The Gombak to Port Klang section is not included and the Council of Eminent Persons, or CEP, estimated this to cost a further RM11 billion to take the cost up to RM66 billion.

Note too that the project excludes land costs and costs of rolling stock which will take total project costs much higher. Also, the rail is only for a single track at the moment with provisions to incorporate a double track later which will increase project costs further.

In fact, the cost of construction of the link as the current price is said to be by far the most expensive such contract in the world...
06/06/2018 08:34
Sebastian Sted Power kacang putih company like HSS ENGINEERS BHD price also higher than Gadang liao. Gadang is a fundemental strong company not a goreng type like HSS
06/06/2018 09:11
aidwiz agreed with u sebastian.
06/06/2018 10:59
Sebastian Sted Power Another thing is Gadang's Ah Kok everyday sapu
06/06/2018 11:16
kyy_superinvestor lol....big boss ma
06/06/2018 11:50
geary Haha... rationally at least PE 8x...But present sentiment is uncertain... another one below its NCAV is...FAJAR...GL.
06/06/2018 12:28
Sebastian Sted Power if Ah Kok got enough bullets, now is good time for him accumulating until 50%.
06/06/2018 13:45
ajack Price Long way to go before reach rational PE8x.
06/06/2018 16:51
sosfinance Insider purchase (MD) since April 17 to 5 June 18 is about RM11 million. (For info only).
06/06/2018 17:17
geary Foreign funds haven't really come in yet. Probably after the World Cup in Russia. Plus uncertainty in our Malaysian GDP n governance. We shall see...GL.
06/06/2018 18:28
Poisonivy Beginning of the run up no worries where those negative noise
06/06/2018 19:33
lizi with so many project cancel, why foreign fund want to come into construction sector?

geary Foreign funds haven't really come in yet. Probably after the World Cup in Russia. Plus uncertainty in our Malaysian GDP n governance. We shall see...GL.
06/06/2018 18:28
06/06/2018 22:47
Sebastian Sted Power I believed projects still here and there. Bear in mind, vision 2020 still in Tun M's mind and cannot be denied that Malaysia still a "developing" nation.

But with open tender basis, those competent company won't afraid in open tender, Only kacang putih company will scare
06/06/2018 23:20
Fiona Yip Otb and kyy also buy call, must buy some. Join the party! Lolx
07/06/2018 11:13
geary Proud Malaysian~So much Envy from Foreigners... hahaha...!!!
My Say: An almost new Malaysia | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/389393
07/06/2018 13:15
AmstrongKL As mentioned in the article above, we should promote human rights, as done by the European countries. Go for it. :D
07/06/2018 18:22
TheMiddle hold and hold tight. fly one day.
07/06/2018 19:18
Goldchia MH KYY is serious slowly be 1.80
07/06/2018 19:59
Fiona Yip This time really earn big. :)
07/06/2018 22:27
albert787378 I seriously doubt that KYY is pushing up the share price.those who are interested can keep the stock for long term.
09/06/2018 13:45
kyy_superinvestor My tp is 1 within six months
10/06/2018 11:46
Sebastian Sted Power six months? if really want to push, six days already too long liao
10/06/2018 14:15
kyy_superinvestor Now construction is very down but gadang is undervalue....to regain back the fair price of gadang take time bro
10/06/2018 14:36
tehka I agree that Gadang is undervalue.

But I am quite surprised that Mr Koon buy Gadang as he said there is oversupply of properties in everywhere which will affect price and rental.
11/06/2018 13:54
kyy_superinvestor I am loyal to mr koon and that the is why my username is kyy.....I have earn a lot (5 figure and yet still not enough to poor ppl education ) by following his recommendation.....the important thing is patience which most of the loser don't have...
11/06/2018 20:12
apple168 Rubbish! KYY recommended to buy so called undervalue share like HengYuan a month ago. I m seeing HengYuan is being dumped by many investors a month later. The truth for property market now is buyer market, NOT SELLER MARKET. Ppl can buy cheap house at good bargain price! This is at the expanses of construction company which narrows profits margin. One bad news will bring gadang back to 60 cents. Trade at your own risk.
11/06/2018 21:26
kyy_superinvestor narrow margin? are u sure? and some more so called bad news? are u fortune teller or investor?
11/06/2018 21:39
kyy_superinvestor if I am not mistake, the first article which promoted HY is when the price is around RM8......and how come u lose money I also dun understand, stock market is not suitable for fortune teller
11/06/2018 22:03
kyy_superinvestor if kyy intend to pump and dumb....do u think the price is still 0.76? use brain la
11/06/2018 22:04
PiddleMinger Gadang is undervalued if your investment horizon is more than 3 years. But currently, it is fairly valued with limited upside.
12/06/2018 12:19
Larrytrader When can GADANG reach back my buying price 1.00??
13/06/2018 07:17
13/06/2018 07:17
Data5000 Buy
13/06/2018 13:00
tonyneo1234 now price better buy
13/06/2018 15:59
Matthieu Seven all blow water only, See GBGA, HSSEB, ECONBhd all back to their one month before price; Gadang still water water 80cents also susah
13/06/2018 16:43
PiddleMinger last year's Q4 results was one of the best quarterly performance they've ever had. would be extremely surprised if they could replicate it. I'll be waiting, plenty of volatility in bursa now.
13/06/2018 18:51
mianpao hmmm... epf buying in back after selling for almost a month or two
13/06/2018 20:37
sosfinance The Company is hopeful it will be able to maintain or do better next year and to achieve this, it will have to execute its on-going construction projects on a fast track basis. (extracted from AGM minutes dated 8 Nov 2017)...... Likely to be plus minus 5% of FYE2017. Anything PAT increase above 10%, it will be a positive surprise to analysts.
13/06/2018 22:55
geary Malaysian are blessed with multiracial, multilingual, multicultural environment n multi religious society n beliefs. The huge Karmic Wall had collapsed...We have HOPE~ HARAPAN...!!!
Dr M: 'They have taken money, now they have lost the money' | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/392923
15/06/2018 02:06
TheMiddle Apple168: refer to your post of ECRL & ESSR, are they related to Gadang?
16/06/2018 16:21
geary Misleading from BN...!!!
FBM KLCI dipped due to external forces, not Guan Eng's debt expose, Tony Pua rebuts Ku Li | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/394763
21/06/2018 00:27

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Invest_Sensibly cpteh, I will come if you belanja makan
21/06/2018 00:25

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deMusangking Aiyoh! She lost her panteess! Am going to find for her! Certainly will use hand glove to touch it if find!
18/06/2018 19:37
deMusangking Polikarp, u must be a dude for funnie jeanie is the most beautiful lady , tat's the way she thinks!
18/06/2018 19:46
deMusangking 3iii, cheaper to buy a bicycle pump to inflate ur deflated balls, than to see a doktur! Kikiki
18/06/2018 19:48
probability i see a de-Musquitoe stuck alone in an empty glass bottle here unable to escape...

once a while we can hear the buzzing sound here...
18/06/2018 19:50
deMusangking Haha ! Funnie Jeanie is going to skrew s ufor being so indecent
18/06/2018 19:57
deMusangking Witnessed the Cam bump! What a feeling!
18/06/2018 19:57
GoodBoy Wall Street bloodbath tonight , Europe bloodbath ... No good for KLSE tomorrow ...
18/06/2018 20:37
deMusangking U r hapi becos the panteess u lost arecheap panteess from pasar malam?
18/06/2018 22:51
3iii Poor tailess musang.
19/06/2018 09:37
GoodBoy Donald Trump said he has directed the US Trade Representative to identify additional $200 billion worth of Chins goods for additional tariffs ... Trade tension between US n China could intensify further ...
19/06/2018 09:58
moneypedia brace yourselves...........................................,,,,,,........,,,,,,,...,,,,..,,..,,.,,......
19/06/2018 10:45
GoodBoy Chinese equities sink almost 3% ... Dow Jones futures sink more than 1% ( > 300pts ) already, could get worsen tonight ... tomorrow could see another day of bloodbath in global equities ...
19/06/2018 14:43
deMusangking Did i tell u to buy the side dish Penta
19/06/2018 15:03
Fam Jenny Demusangking so broke,stuck in market.
19/06/2018 15:23
deMusangking If u buy penta a couple of days be4, u could recover ur lost panttees which u bot at pasar malam!
19/06/2018 15:48
deMusangking Fam jenny, do u like 3iii?
19/06/2018 15:49
Fam Jenny My wealth is still intact despite of losing rm200k do nothing to cry about.
19/06/2018 16:08
kentwoon Poor 3iii
19/06/2018 16:17
3iii Please donate within your means and passionately to Tabong Harapan.
19/06/2018 17:50
pang72 Wow..I am glad that here becoming peace heaven
19/06/2018 18:10
pang72 No need to go to sumatec anymore but only missing is dragon
19/06/2018 18:11
moneypedia where is dragon, sembang pasar malam comrade no in here la, so bored becum....
19/06/2018 18:41
probability we shall invite Dragon to Lion's den..
19/06/2018 18:50
deMusangking Funniejeannie, u better stay away from bursa! u have lost all ur cheap pasar malam pantees; u may lose all others!! just imagine if that happens , all of us cant open our eyes! y? becos veri ugli! kiki
20/06/2018 00:08
deMusangking 3iii, u better teach fammyjeannieie how to recover her cheap pasar malam panteess
20/06/2018 00:14
deMusangking 3iii, u must help becos u like funniejeannie
20/06/2018 00:56
deMusangking How to wear when lost all panteess! Maybe like to see when others close eyes!
20/06/2018 01:12
deMusangking Polikarp, u like to see funniejeannie without?!?!?!?!? Kiki
20/06/2018 01:13
deMusangking Funninie jeannie must be veri hapi becos polikarp likes to see her without?!?!? Kikiki
20/06/2018 01:19
deMusangking Polikarp says u doesn't like to wear panteess! Is it true fammymy Jeannie?
20/06/2018 01:22
kong73 Macam budak budak hingusan deMusangking
20/06/2018 06:31
Totalpackage http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/energy/refined-products/singapore-mogas-92-unleaded-platts-brent-crack-spread-swap-futures.html

20/06/2018 07:44
pang72 Lion like pasar malam. Dragon should there
20/06/2018 08:14
pang72 I will not . I like here.
20/06/2018 08:14
pang72 Why I always drop by then it move up?
20/06/2018 09:27
pang72 I go away , it drop...
20/06/2018 09:27
polycarp pang72 are you having a good time?
20/06/2018 11:22
RVI123 @Totalpackage, Mogas 92 Crack Spread has dropped to below US$6.00. We can expect the profits for the next quarter to drop.
20/06/2018 13:09
hollandking demusangking, do u know what u r saying is considered as sexual harassment.
20/06/2018 14:20
3iii The musang that lost its tail ... !!!! :-)
20/06/2018 15:11
pang72 Poly, I am having a very good and comfortable time .

Even 3iii is not dare to bark me.
20/06/2018 15:48
deMusangking 1 n only 1 in bursa! He who believes him will be rewarded! For his revelations are from the Heaven! Kiki
20/06/2018 17:35
deMusangking The great bomoh recommended penta n I followed! $$$to the bank ,!
20/06/2018 17:36
deMusangking Those who believe him will be rewarded! Kiki
20/06/2018 18:27
deMusangking Go n get the side dish Penta! Sweet n fruity!!! Believe the great bomoh!
20/06/2018 20:03
deMusangking 3iii pls dun ask fammiejeannie to donate! She has to bursa!
20/06/2018 20:07
deMusangking Polikarp u dun trust? Aiyoh, one sparrow doesn't make a summer!
20/06/2018 20:54
hollandking where is dragon?
20/06/2018 22:52
deMusangking Bursa is a battle field! Wat Kong sine r u talking!!
20/06/2018 23:13
deMusangking Wat u talking?
21/06/2018 00:22

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gongkia meaning 1 sen dividend for every share you own.
31/05/2018 10:01
sheryn74 Oh ok thks , i got it.
31/05/2018 10:13
sheryn74 In that case better to hold right?
31/05/2018 10:19
VFTRADER [A] 3 new lines w annual op 360mil glove.
1 line=120mil. up 20% from their 100mil per line op last yr. Sure boh??

[B] Mkt share:
USA drop.
Asia drop
Msia increase (who is buying)??

[C] new institutional shareholders
- why they buy? FDA issue not settle yet leh....
31/05/2018 10:22
Dakewlest Need to clear the FDA issue. Then can fly back to RM1 and beyond.
31/05/2018 14:05
Dakewlest Good to give dividend...
31/05/2018 21:39
sheryn74 Most counters up why only comfort down? Sigh...
04/06/2018 16:27
hooi Not good sign. Insider dumping as they know something not good going on.
04/06/2018 16:34
shawn88 what is ESOS - 3,158,700 shares at 1.080? they giving share to their employee @ 1.08 each unit?
05/06/2018 13:34
ickric Right to buy .. no mean want exercise now.. mayb buy when the share price more than 1.08. Then can earn
05/06/2018 14:20
wingold UP
06/06/2018 09:34
wingold trust me once BO don't regret not buying
06/06/2018 11:07
sheryn74 Wingold. What is BO?
06/06/2018 11:36
wingold Breakout. BO 0.91 soon. Look at the TA charts ;)
07/06/2018 10:11
wingold Already BO hahahaha. Faster buy before reach TP
07/06/2018 10:22
sheryn74 I see.. tq tq
07/06/2018 10:26
55880955 something bad going to happen. Stay away from this counter.
Very bad.
07/06/2018 20:30
clemence Beware of False Breakout
07/06/2018 20:37
hotsteel sell before the next quarter result come out.
it will crash you until you pengsan. Many containers being recall. You all not scared-kah ?
07/06/2018 20:52
VFTRADER haha. pls sell so that the boss can buy. they already paid for RM1.08 on Esos and dont might to get more share at cheaper cost.
08/06/2018 09:59
micsoh Why it drop , of course it got reason one, the blacklist still not delisted yet, it will threat like a boom.that why people dump, think of the risk first , only follow by how much u can gain.
09/06/2018 09:21
sheryn74 If the company wants to propose buy back shares is that a good sign?
14/06/2018 10:40
ymj1016 pn17 soon. Bad sign
14/06/2018 11:28
hooi right issue soon for working capital.
14/06/2018 12:06
sheryn74 What is pn17??
14/06/2018 13:12
questionmark11 I dont see reasons comfort should be in pn17
1-director buying
2-proposed share buy back
3-esos at rm1.08
Maybe others can share their tought here?
14/06/2018 16:28
yuanlong57 An objective way of understanding the viability of the company is to read its Annual Report 2018.

The Management Discussion and Analysis (AR 2018, p. 15-18) will tell us what the management is doing and gives us a good overview of the future company performance.

Another is the Financial Statements (AR 2018, p. 47-114) will reveal the financial health of the company. It will also tell us whether the company will be able to give us better dividends or not.
14/06/2018 19:42
sheryn74 Yuanlong57 can u pls share with us about the report. Is it good or not?
14/06/2018 23:04
vxpoison see you at 0.835 tmrw Comfort!
18/06/2018 22:23
sheryn74 Why down so much?
19/06/2018 09:11
hooi I tnink bad result coming
19/06/2018 12:20
antidebt the next level heading is 76 cents.
tomorrow may cross 80 cents.
19/06/2018 20:20
hotsteel faster run and cut loss. you will regret it if keep holding this counter.
19/06/2018 20:25
yuanlong57 Hotsteel, Don't be a panic monger. Avoid making subjective comments without substantiated evidence.

1. "fda issue not settle. Tonnes of glove recall. Scary to hold this counter."
22/05/2018 20:13."

Read carefully Comfort company announcement on 6 April 2018

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to clarify that on 15 March 2018, the Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, Comfort Rubber Gloves Industries Sdn. Bhd. (CRGISB) was listed under Import Alert of the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This has resulted in CRGISB examination glove shipments to the United States ("U.S.") requiring inspections upon arrival in the U.S and released after passing an inspection.#1 The Group is working towards removal from the Import Alert list through its U.S agents and is confident of securing the removal from the Import Alert list. The FDA Import Alert listing does not prevent the Group from exporting to U.S. #2 Upon removal from the Import Alert list, CRGISB examination glove shipments will no longer require inspection. Therefore, the operations of the Group have not been disrupted by this incident and is continuing in normal operation. #3

This announcement is dated 6 April 2018.

#1. " ... resulted in CRGISB examination glove shipments to the United States ("U.S.") requiring inspections upon arrival in the U.S and released after passing an inspection."

#2. "...does not prevent the Group from exporting to U.S."
Your comment: "Tonnes of glove recall" There is no basis for your comment.

#3. "...the operations of the Group have not been disrupted by this incident and is continuing in normal operation."

2. "sell before the next quarter result come out. it will crash you until you pengsan. Many containers being recall. You all not scared-kah ?
07/06/2018 20:52

1. Are you a fortune teller? You can forecast a crash?
2. Are you the company auditor or the Chief Financial Officer?
3. How come you are so sure of the next quarter result?
4. Where is the justification for your comment," many containers being recall?"
The Board of Directors announce that, " The FDA Import Alert listing does not prevent the Group from exporting to U.S.," and "...released after passing an inspection."

3. "faster run and cut loss. you will regret it if keep holding this counter.
19/06/2018 20:25

1. Are you trying to create panic to make others sell in fear so that you can buy cheap?
20/06/2018 03:07
thenextwave Don’t ever touch this counter yet. The fda things still have not settled. Probably have to wait for 1 year before play again.
20/06/2018 06:32
yuanlong57 Attend the coming AGM on 9th July to hear direct confirmation of the FDA issues and others. Put whatever doubts or queries one may have as questions to the board of directors. This is a more positive way than guessing or making predictive suppositions.
20/06/2018 08:19
yuanlong57 A link to the FDA Issues:
Comfort Gloves Bhd jumped 10.67% on ckarifying exports to US not affected.

20/06/2018 09:37
wakarimas when will the qr come out?
20/06/2018 18:26
smartinvestor2 come out or no come out no difference.
Sure big red.
20/06/2018 18:30
smartInvestor1 如果亏损最小化,获利最大化是资金管理的原则,那麽风险的程度以及可获利空间就成了资金管理的原则。所采用的手段一般是将资金分为几个部份,在不同的下手时机,以不 同规模的资本投入市场
20/06/2018 20:31
VenFx smartInvestor1 大哥,

您一般 的选择
会利用 时间来换取空间
还是 用筹码与量 ?
20/06/2018 20:36
VenFx 你试过
用最长 多久时间
来收集 您要的票 ?
20/06/2018 20:37
VenFx 回筹与总 累积收集时间

在我的 porfolio 中
就有2只,如此操作法的 股票。
如果大哥 有什么 更好的提升 方法
希望 大哥 可以分享
让小弟 受益
20/06/2018 20:41
VenFx 目前 也只敢在 看好有 可以 较出
利润的 股
做这类 操作。

如果真 有万一,年化利润 不能达标 将会开始
20/06/2018 20:45
VenFx 一般这类操作
我 不会选择 已经有主力 进场的。
反而, 会选那些 还在 发芽阶段的
或者 成长capex有大力增加的。
20/06/2018 20:49
VenFx 大哥可以
与 uptrending
会 选择
重仓 ?
20/06/2018 21:00
yuanlong57 Top Glove's Q3 profits surges 51pc to RM117.57m on higher glove demand

Will Comfort be able to ride on the higher global demand for gloves?
20/06/2018 23:41
smartInvestor1 小弟乱吹水自爽而已 我觉得收票是庄家 散户只需技术跟庄 你不知到会等多久 时间换成本是用等待观察而不是买入持有来等 觉得差不多时机到了就分注买
买在无趋势横盘等突破变上升趋势? 时间成本-大把股票轮流表演 可以抓到时机投机是靠技术和对个别股特别观察熟悉
拿些例子5277 直接买在0.24大赚上升趋势 cuscapi超跌出现大量 长期下跌股karex反弹很有规律每次超跌出现reversal后反弹卖出 然后最近一次挖个洞出现强势反弹 要会波浪理论和Fibonacci
我反而比较注意已经有主力进场的 有momemtum的强势股 这些才是玩家的主菜
你既然有自己的操作方法 就要在基本面和大市面下功夫 对公司的未来前景要很有把握
拿回5277来看 就下跌不买等待 出现筑底横盘就可以注意或分注买在支撑位低价区建仓 差不多要2个月收票 然后来个突破就加码。我忍了2个月直接重仓买在0.24 原因是时机来了机率很高。
如果是你应该会在横盘买入 那如果买在0.24跌到0.20 纸亏-16% 加码就变0.22 还可以用拔挡法卖一半在0.24赚9%再排队买回0.20成本变0.21 卖在0.32 赚50% 如果你有信心选对一只股重仓 它的回酬会是很令人兴奋的。分散投资才是上策走得长远 3-5只股会比较ok点
找到临界点是靠技术和经验 cuscapi也乱乱买在0.14大赚 有时就是幸运看到
20/06/2018 23:43
smartInvestor1 长期下跌通常是因为前景走坏不看好 很难用加码来解套。如果是短暂或一次性的因素导致 还可以在底部加码。重点是它的反弹力度和时间。Cuscapi若买在0.35 35k 大选股大跌到0.15 亏了 57%
加码 30k 变 0.215 升回0.28反赚 30%。一是加码时机 二是资金管理和仓位大小 你还可以做average down。如果你重仓买太多350k 你可能拿不出300k来加码 即使机会来了
Comfort 买10k在1.00跌到0.70亏了30%=3k 加码10k 变0.82 卖出0.90倒赚 10%x20k=2k
21/06/2018 00:04
smartInvestor1 散户资金少而有限 不怕死all in买完 等到被套亏损又怕死赶快卖
现在买在底部 跌的空间有限 上升空间很大 所以myeg gkent 这些超跌的我都敢买一些
Comfort买在0.85跌到0.75也才-12% 最好跌到0.65 然后加码 重点是comfort以后还有前景 一旦短暂的问题过了 会回到1.20 40%-50%
21/06/2018 00:15

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SimonLee76 @john0909 do you think that because government cap the oil price at RM2.20 while global oil price increase is a huge contributing factor to this result?
24/05/2018 17:26
apolloang tomoro break 8.00,now is your turn after hengyuan
24/05/2018 17:31
john0909 Hi Simon, what you mentioned will only reflect on coming 2nd quarter. If you are the shareholder of petronm, I suggest you to enquire them at the coming AGM regarding the effect of oil price cap at RM2.20 and also the impact of fuel subsidize to the company cashflow. Instead of speculate and listen to ppl here who do not have the real and first hand information.
24/05/2018 17:32
trulyinvest Tomorow open below rm8
24/05/2018 20:56
sharegain Petronm has carried out plant maintenance recently and result for next quarter will not be good either.
24/05/2018 22:51
smoking Seems petronm no selling pressure today.... Compared to hengyuan. Petron 1. EPS down but not as volatile as hengyuan. 2. RM0 loan. 3. Giving dividend. At RM8.00, giving around 3% dividend. -> I mean where can you find multi million dollar company that is cash cow and giving 3% dividend
25/05/2018 09:45
KYY_GREATEST_INVESTOR luckily klci up today ... save petronm a bit
25/05/2018 11:00
trulyinvest Wow tp slashed,from 1362 to 861. Rm5 cut. Pity those who bought above rm10
25/05/2018 13:48
ohbeeyee writing on the wall for all who choose to see, more shocks on the way,..
25/05/2018 13:53
Jaya Petron is a buy, market is very volatile
Give it time to settle
Patience is a virtue
25/05/2018 19:32
Fabien Extraordinaire Outlook. The Group is likely to see margin pressures ahead, brought about by higher capital expenditures in preparation for adoption of the new Euro5 diesel requirements, while also managing the volatility of oil prices. Euro5 is due to reach the Malaysian market in 2020, but with investments having to be undertaken now including the changing of refinery specifications and all related pump station fittings (e.g. new tanks). In light of these challenges, our call on the stock is lowered to Neutral. Re-rating catalyst may come from lower volatility of oil prices however, especially towards the end of rate tightening in the US and the easing of geopolitical tension involving major global oil producers.
26/05/2018 19:23
SimonLee76 The forum here a bit dead if compared to Heng Yuan
01/06/2018 21:11
abn10 Tomorrow could trade between 7.5-8.0
06/06/2018 03:49
shen_en86 Anyone is attending tmr agm?
06/06/2018 15:17
mamatede Good good, boikot petronas plz expand more to East Malaysia and Sabah.. they need more petronm.
07/06/2018 00:37
Junichiro Bollinger band squeeze in Petron. Fireworks time for Petron.
07/06/2018 09:21
PN17player yesterday closing was 8.57 , why the price suddenly adjust?
08/06/2018 10:09
john0909 today is the div ex-date for petronm
08/06/2018 10:15
SimonLee76 Any highlights on yesterdays AGM?
08/06/2018 10:27
trulyinvest Bought back 824
08/06/2018 12:10
ChipSaham Bought 8.12 n still kept 8.06
08/06/2018 21:10
ongts with dividend of 0.25 should be maintain at price of 8.50
10/06/2018 17:04
sheldon SimonLee76 Any highlights on yesterdays AGM?

Yes a disappointing realisation.
11/06/2018 06:35
SimonLee76 Sheldon What did that announce or say?
11/06/2018 11:35
sheldon Among others - Euro 5 upgrade & opening of new stations would consume about 600m & yada yada yada.

But here's the realisation.... Are you aware that about half the stations belong to the sister co PFI? Now here's the kicker ... PFI is wholly-owned by San Miguel
11/06/2018 14:03
SimonLee76 Euro 5 would make it have more future proof and ahead of its pack in Malaysia.
Sorry that I don’t really know about San Miguel beside that they are a conglomerate. Care to fill me in on it thanks
11/06/2018 14:29
trulyinvest someone press it very hard from goin up
11/06/2018 17:01
Sardin Hi Sheldon, it is already mentioned in the AR 2017 that the 600 stations include those owned by sister company. It is not a bad thing though as it will make sure that the demand exceeded Petron refinery's output.
12/06/2018 12:06
sheldon Sardin - you're right on that point.

However there are structural issues of governance. The top management are naturally beholden to the Philippine parent co. In addition, (as per directors' report), they own large chunks of San Miguel Corp. Therefore they are incentivised to ensure that the sisters Petron Fuel Int & Petron Oil register more profits by a combination of picking up lesser that their share of expenses and more than their fair share of revenue.
12/06/2018 23:37
Halite the world can be more beautiful if you constantly remind yourself not to look at others so evil
there is nowhere you can put your money if everyone you think of is that selfish
13/06/2018 09:47
Halite a long an genuine joint-venture needs an excellent governance ,Not the Big bully the Small

a lopsided business may see a short term gain on one side but it is just temporarily

the reason is simple to understand

if you think other is a fool , then you yourself already a fool
13/06/2018 09:58
Jaya Halite my Sifu
Jaya from UK, I am back into Petron again
Slowly slowly accumulate 50k, 8.02 cheap when reach 8.7 sell and return to Malaysia on holiday again for 6 weeks
13/06/2018 19:00
john0909 hmm.... gas tariff increase... good for petromn lpg gas?
13/06/2018 21:22
trulyinvest added 7.94. no bottom at all
14/06/2018 12:33
trulyinvest Crude oil drop. Good for refiner like petron. Cost of production drop
16/06/2018 02:18
SimonLee76 Trade war tensions again between China and US. China gonna slap US with sanctions on crude oil. Any ideas how market will react ?
17/06/2018 15:33
kong73 Good for OPEC and Russia. But it will not make a difference to increase oil price
17/06/2018 18:18
steve_usa It's good to collect it now, a possible good run by early July....
19/06/2018 01:10
sonyangel collecting 7.70 range
19/06/2018 14:04
trulyinvest drop until scare to average
19/06/2018 16:59
Sardin Who wants to buy at 8.20 tomorrow please queue now. I'll sell to you tomorrow morning.
19/06/2018 21:42
trulyinvest I oso wan to sell. Market crash very soon
19/06/2018 22:19
trulyinvest dun know who keep pressing it down
20/06/2018 11:51
john0909 foreign fund.... petronm share mostly driven by foreign investors i supposed.... correct me if im wrong...
20/06/2018 12:23
trulyinvest sth bad hapen?
20/06/2018 14:43
trulyinvest game over. 8 straight days down
20/06/2018 16:58
Junichiro Very likely there is not much free float in the market. A few players have already cornered all the free float. The trades are in 100 shares rather than 1000 shares. Petron may be better than Hengyuan but Petron is highly illiquid to trade.
20/06/2018 17:04
steve_usa Can't wait to see 10 straight trading days in red! Time to allocate your spare fund for the showtime tomorrow and Friday collection! For a short term, No such stock as good as Petronm for a lucrative return of investment!
20/06/2018 19:19
ChipSaham Dji with +ve jumps.hope KLci with rebound
20/06/2018 23:44
humblechung falling knife
21/06/2018 00:14

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marcoz if can close green , tomorrow kaw2
11/06/2018 11:41
marcoz if close 0.27 and above
11/06/2018 11:44
Shahrizal Bin Ibrahim be greed,buy2 tp: 0.3
11/06/2018 15:04
stockholm999 yea, just buy it. confirm raise kao kao
11/06/2018 15:13
stockholm999 0.255 can mass collect liao
11/06/2018 16:09
Benchong6333 Remember, Signal always come before news, today it’s a new uptrend and closing price at 0.255. Technical Analysis show this will break up to existing record 0.355.. Time to chase.
11/06/2018 17:37
Risk Trader Shahrizal..where you get info tp 0.30 cent
11/06/2018 22:38
Shahrizal Bin Ibrahim my estimation from chart, if the chart dont lies as in case of sapnrg.
11/06/2018 23:46
Shahrizal Bin Ibrahim the trend should repeat itself..hopefully..
11/06/2018 23:50
Risk Trader If the price can break out resistance at 0.28 cent so the next tp will go higher
12/06/2018 06:06
marcoz hope this hammer n doji will make my day b4 raya
12/06/2018 07:29
angelo Sell n run while you can. Gonna drop now.....
12/06/2018 07:40
stockholm999 https://www.themalaysianinsight.com/s/53797
12/06/2018 08:41
stockholm999 signal coming already
12/06/2018 08:43
stockholm999 its rocket time, fasten ur seatbelt
12/06/2018 08:44
genius Selling pressure is weakening. Anytime it will sky rocket
12/06/2018 10:24
stockholm999 i guess most of the buyer now focus on sapura energy. due to sprng found a 9th well nearby bintulu there.
12/06/2018 10:26
Risk Trader Today mkt weak due to Hari Raya mood...
12/06/2018 12:22
Risk Trader Is good closing maintain above support
14/06/2018 15:36
Ahead1268 Somehow volume very thin
14/06/2018 16:18
vcgh23 Any Sifu heard about this company will be award SST software contract ..fasten ur safe belt .monday going to be rocket ..35 cent
14/06/2018 22:29
Risk Trader After raya this counter will fly high....
15/06/2018 10:38
vcgh23 Risk trader @ really my reliable source also said next Monday will fly
15/06/2018 23:26
Ameera Can reach 0.50?
16/06/2018 08:02
xgakuseix Monday market tutup?
16/06/2018 20:28
sheep Monday business as usual.

16/06/2018 20:48
Risk Trader Old news la sheep
16/06/2018 20:59
Risk Trader No more force selling.... vcgh23
16/06/2018 21:00
Risk Trader Hope fully Ameera
16/06/2018 21:01
Shahrizal Bin Ibrahim alibaba open up their office tomorrow? jack ma meet up with lge? many tech stock are going up tomorrow..
17/06/2018 23:47
Shahrizal Bin Ibrahim last time pun up only around 30%, we can expect tomorrow around this range?
18/06/2018 00:47
Ahead1268 This time 30 cents instead of 30%!
18/06/2018 08:36
Shahrizal Bin Ibrahim finally, picking up some volume, any news on jack ma?
18/06/2018 10:08
Risk Trader Moving to new high....accumulate by shark
18/06/2018 10:39
Rosmah Ali Mau goreng today???
18/06/2018 12:24
Rosmah Ali 30 sen today??
18/06/2018 12:27
greedy_bilis Jack Ma.... Ready to ✈ fly
18/06/2018 12:35
Rosmah Ali olrite!!!
18/06/2018 14:54
adi85 tomorrow 30sen
18/06/2018 15:15
Mdnizam CEP Daim Zainudin takeover government funds buying shares , WAWASAN is our PM TUN M master plan , they will use these funds to acquired shares before budget 2019 .
Mara linked company active today Mnc,Fintec,Dgb Today big volume mara buying...
18/06/2018 15:39
18/06/2018 15:40
1774931129203279 Posted by adi85 > Jun 18, 2018 03:15 PM | Report Abuse

tomorrow 30sen - 50SEN..very fast one.

thats my opinion...
18/06/2018 16:15
Risk Trader Best entry to accumulate at 0.25 cent
19/06/2018 10:12
Ahead1268 Today selling down from 9am to 5pm. Next shall come down!
19/06/2018 21:26
sitia the best time to buy now is 24 cents.
20/06/2018 09:25
HanzointheShadow Price should be 21.5 soon
20/06/2018 09:45
sitia hanzointheshadow, u are none other cyber trooper. what is your intention?
20/06/2018 11:20
sitia Date of Change: 19/06/2018
Type of Change: Appointment
Designation: Alternate Director
Directorate: Exec
Age: 62
Nationality: Malaysia

Dato' Sri Khazali Bin Haji Ahmad ("Dato' Sri Khazali") graduated with a
Bachelor of Economics degree from University Kebangsaan Malaysia in 1980 and
obtained a Diploma in Public Administration from Institute Tadbiran Awam
Malaysia (INTAN) in 1981. He received a Masters Degree in Economics from the
University of Central Oklahoma, USA in 1991.

Working Experience and Occupation:
You are advised to read the entire contents of the announcement or
attachment. To read the entire contents of the announcement or attachment,
please access the Bursa website at http://www.bursamalaysia.com

Directorship of public companies (if any):
1. Malaysian Venture Capital Management Berhad2. Bank Islam Malaysia
Berhad3. Shangrila-La Hotels (Malaysia) Berhad4. Favelle Favco Berhad5.
Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd
20/06/2018 11:23
Risk Trader Look to go down further.....better clear the position for short term trader
20/06/2018 15:22
rsim03 Wait for AGM
21/06/2018 00:13

  14 people like this.
carilembu Past few days dropping from 0.24 and still got ppl thinking going up or limit up everyday...
18/06/2018 10:05
winwin2288 any possibility going up ?
18/06/2018 12:01
kentrade888 ready to breakout.
18/06/2018 12:03
greedy_bilis Ready...
18/06/2018 12:15
noobbie good volume...come on barakah believer
18/06/2018 12:22
apolloang believer all in church not bursa.....hahaha
18/06/2018 12:24
noobbie hahahaha...why so serious dude
18/06/2018 12:25
yiqqre The second half will soar.
18/06/2018 12:40
wkkht Big investors come in and buy.
18/06/2018 12:49
winwin2288 Barakah is returned !
18/06/2018 13:10
jennychin Returned back to 60sen?
18/06/2018 14:12
Chengheng Lee Yeah ini kali lah... Up
18/06/2018 14:39
winwin2288 wow wow wow !!!
18/06/2018 14:43
calvinsia Coming coming liao...
18/06/2018 14:44
wkkht The second surge came.
18/06/2018 14:48
noobbie :)
18/06/2018 14:52
tallman No power liao
18/06/2018 15:22
calvinsia syok kejap jer
18/06/2018 15:29
RioStock Barakah fly high...
18/06/2018 15:33
aaabbbccc today no power ad.. wait for tomorrow
18/06/2018 15:35
calvinsia hmmm....dont know when it can fly high. waiting for this moment
18/06/2018 15:35
WhoKnows to buy or not to buy..... argghhh.......
18/06/2018 16:47
shlyw Tomorrow will soar very high.TP:0.30
18/06/2018 16:47
WhoKnows any reasons that I am not aware of that is causing this counter to have so high traded volume today?
18/06/2018 16:49
Risk Trader Today for technical rebound only....tomorrow will down again
18/06/2018 17:40
turbofast Hold and waiting new boss
18/06/2018 22:04
calvinsia Who is the new boss??
19/06/2018 09:47
winwin2288 i buy
19/06/2018 10:51
shlyw http://leoting81.blogspot.com/2018/06/016.html
19/06/2018 11:04
shlyw 传世霸动力入股巴拉卡
SinchewThu, Jun 14, 2018 - 4 days ago




世霸动力(SERBADK,5279,主板贸服组)以及本地三林集团(Samling Group)为3家潜在收购者之一,另外一家则是外国公司。

《The Edge》引述消息人士指出,持有该家公司40.1%股权的聂韩丹正在寻找适当买家,脱售手中部份股权。对比去年60仙价位,目前该公司股价企于17.5仙,他选择在这个时候脱售,显然不太划算。


19/06/2018 11:23
azdrichwork This caunter ok...but anyone knows new project
19/06/2018 13:21
azdrichwork TP 50 ...if muhibbah take over
19/06/2018 13:26
noobbie with current mrket sentiment..i dont see any rally coming for now..better save your cash first for small retailer
19/06/2018 14:50
yiqqre If tomorrow will follow the market rebound.
19/06/2018 16:20
azdrichwork Should be rebound tommorow
19/06/2018 18:27
Risk Trader DJ down 400++ tomorrow will be second round panic selling.....contra player better run before force selling
19/06/2018 22:37
Kim Wong If going down to 0.10 can buy or not?
20/06/2018 00:10
winwin2288 Panic selling and panic buying. no worries.
20/06/2018 08:35
winwin2288 http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Company-Announcement.aspx?id=1064596

what is this extraordinary meeting about ? any guessing ? thanks.
20/06/2018 10:56
Kidir89 Go , barakah
20/06/2018 15:08
afifi ape cite take over
senyap aje
dah mati ke?
20/06/2018 15:25
winwin2288 kasi dia bagunkan and keraskan !
20/06/2018 15:40
kentrade888 rebound
20/06/2018 15:56
Bull13 Who is the 3rd buyer for this block?? Is it "M" ??
20/06/2018 16:17
winwin2288 M ??!!!
20/06/2018 16:19
mike_kim319 Not much moving..
20/06/2018 16:49
aaabbbccc hmmm
20/06/2018 16:54
aaabbbccc so how
20/06/2018 17:52
azdrichwork Take over still on
20/06/2018 22:14
Risk Trader Waiting 0.16 cent to enter back
21/06/2018 00:07

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