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foodie I'm not optimistic 2017 good for Local Market. No catalyst to improve. Rally can only happen in USA. And USA may be isolating itself from the rest of the world. Good companies all go back there.
20/01/2017 22:22
foodie Obama leaving Oval Office now... bye bye Obama... hello Trump!
20/01/2017 22:32
foodie Trumps just went into White House with the Obamas.
20/01/2017 22:48
foodie Obamas hosting Trumps at White House. Other former presidents are walking in to join them ...
20/01/2017 22:53
foodie Trump glamorous clan walking in...
20/01/2017 22:57
foodie In less than 2 hours, Trump will be sworn in...
20/01/2017 23:04
foodie Count down swearing in in 52min...
20/01/2017 23:10
foodie Dignitaries arriving...
20/01/2017 23:12
foodie Hillary arriving ( sad lol, it could be her own inauguration .... )
20/01/2017 23:24
foodie Obamas & Trumps leaving White House to Capitol Hill.....
20/01/2017 23:54
foodie The reporters were commenting it must be difficult for Hillary to be there. Bill is by her side. She lost to the 2 guys ( Obama &Trump) in the limo heading towards Capitol Hill.
21/01/2017 00:02

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kakashi with all these selling pressure, hibiscus share price is consolidating.
Why I say so?
SMA25 days have moved up to 0.43, 12 days SMA had moved up to 0.475

it means the support is inching upwards from 0.40 to 0.43
20/01/2017 15:57
B4b4 Buy keep long term. Hibiscus is good investment simply because oil price is still good.
20/01/2017 15:59
kennny the overall market is very uncertain now.....all wait for next week...
20/01/2017 16:01
Teoh Boon Leong Operators cost is around 0.450 and 0.455,price hopefully won't lower than this
20/01/2017 16:11
8wpwtmt8 Today is T+3 of Tuesday's surge. Still holding on very well.
20/01/2017 16:11
B4b4 8wpwtmt8, yes sir, you are right. It will go up. Since oil is now otw up. Buy, keep ,wait long term. No worry. This stock is debt -free, with good healthy balance sheet.
20/01/2017 16:14
BabyTA later trump sing twinkle twinkle how?
20/01/2017 16:15
Franklim1989 Yap..next week will be stable if hibiscus..This week not stable because (UK problem , Trump problem , Opec problem)so going up and down...Next week is HIBISCUS theme...
20/01/2017 16:18
EasyInKlse Next week anything can happen.....
20/01/2017 16:26
B4b4 Trump has picked Rex Tillerson , a former Exxon Mobil to be the Secretary of State. Surely oil price will go up
20/01/2017 16:39
Ssmani B4b4 agreed with u.. Oil sure will up
20/01/2017 16:43
B4b4 Brilliant play by Hibiscus shareholders. Buy, KEEP, WAIT, Tp RM 1.00 mid term
20/01/2017 16:48
8wpwtmt8 Closed at RM0.46.
20/01/2017 16:50
Teoh Boon Leong 2017 is year of chicken,fong sui master says fire is the theme and favours O/G stocks,haha
20/01/2017 16:51
lee77 Heavy selling at closing price..
May be drop again on next monday..i guess
20/01/2017 17:01
Franklim1989 Nono,today or tomorrow see news of trump and opec sunday report...monday will be excited...HIBISCUS fly like BULL
20/01/2017 17:06
HeartBreakKid yes, for sure will drop like what sifu calvintaneng said. Please don't take risk with this counter if you have no confidence. Calvintaneng has already warned.
20/01/2017 17:07
Franklim1989 Today closed at 0.460 its ok...good show...next week will be stable
20/01/2017 17:07
B4b4 Yes, good show.
20/01/2017 17:32
bleuerouge yea, better than umwog
20/01/2017 17:34
8wpwtmt8 lee77 Heavy selling at closing price.
May be drop again on next Monday..I guess
20/01/2017 17:01
Since he/she has sold 30444,00 shares just now, he has no more shares to sell on Monday. So I think Monday will not be affected.
20/01/2017 17:43
8wpwtmt8 https://www.investing.com/news/forex-news/dollar-weakens-after-yellen-remarks-454533

Dollar weakens after Yellen remarks
20/01/2017 17:46
Calvin882 Holding quite well. It shows that most shareholders not willing to sell lower than the current price. Next week will go up from .46 onwards. Congrats to whom able to grab at the current price
20/01/2017 17:47
Franklim1989 NOW oil ptice up to 52,trump really make effect...
20/01/2017 17:57
cksam All you investors/gamblers here better stop your 'screen staring' routine. It is the main culprit for causing your emotions to roller coaster. Once you are in this emotional state you cannot differentiate whether the market is trending up or down. You are confused what state the market is in at the moment whether it is trending long term, intermediate or short term.

You people cannot tell whether a dip in thecurrent stock price is due to profit taking or the market is making a significant new low or maybe breaking new support. You people just trying to find excuses to cover your wrong judgements whether it's due to a dip in Brent price, Trump inaguration, shark selling, weather in North sea, shale oil ramping up productiom, conflict in Iraq, record oil pumpimg by Iran, new oil production from Giant Kazakhstan oilfield (see below),


Opec cutting production, strong US dollar, increase world demand of oil due to population growth, rig count decreasing/increasing, strike in PetroBras cause supply reduction, Nigeria cutting production due to rebel attacks on pipelines, economic chaos in Venezuala halting oil production, demand in Europe is increasing sue to improving economy, vehicles are becoming more efficient i.e hybrid and electric vehicles sales are booming, oil majors are increasing investment in exploration activities due to expectations in oil price recovery over the next few years, Shell is selling oil assets globally to reduce debts, Angola replaces Nigeria as the largest oil producer in Africa in 2016 and blah blah blah.

You see the above are some of the reasons affecting the demand and supply curve of oil. I am just wondering how can you guys predict the forward price of oil using a few simple reasoning? Oil price movement is a very complex thing. Volatility can be due to many factors as above. As for the current oil price recovery from the lows of USD 40s last year it is mostly due to the 'psycholigically effect'. It seems like Saudi Arabia has been calling the shots since last year.

Whenever its oil minister says the current oil price is not reflecting the true value the price of oil then will shoot up. Whenever oil price goes for some serious dip, Saudi Arabia will always come up with some cock and bull story (Opec production cut) so as to create some support for the oil price. However the market is already sick and tired by the psychological manipulation by Saudi Arabia. It still remain to be seen how they are going to get their act together as how much each Opec members required to cut back production. See below.

Opec is expecting to cut between 1.2 to 1.4 million barrels per day from its production. But the problem is Indonesia has just been kick out of Opec recently and this means there is already a 722,000 barrels/day (Indonesia daily production) cut in Opec production. Thus this leaves roughly only about 500,000 to 700,000 barrel/day cut divided among the Opec members. So how much will this roughly 0.5 million barrels/day affects the oil price? So, not much of a cut isn't it?Minimal i would say maybe it will be a knee jerk reaction on Monday but in the medium term oil price will again move downwards to reflect its true value by the intersection of supply and demand forces.

Other factors include Opec Nov output rises to 34.06 million b/p up from 33.84 million b/d or up 220,000 per day. Iran has also been increasing its output while Libya, Nigeria and Angola gets exemption from cutting their oil production. Iraq gets upset because it is not getting an exemption. So how will this going to workout on who is going to cut how much this Sunday?

You tell me?
20/01/2017 17:58
B4b4 Nobody dare to predict oil prices. Even oil traders with many years experience and oil experts cannot say oil goes up or down. However, when Trump takes over, his moves clearly sent a message that oil industry is too important to let it fail. So, let us be patient and see how it goes. Oil stocks can only pray and hope, Trump will do a good job in creating more jobs in US
20/01/2017 18:35
lucaluca I bought more Hibiscus today at 46sen.
20/01/2017 18:44
thinkfirst They will open many Rig and give many job but when oil float at market I don't think price will go up. Hope the best. Still waiting for lower price to enter.
20/01/2017 18:51
thinkfirst https://www.energyvoice.com/oilandgas/129322/explorers-oil-bright-spot-seek-tax-breaks-spur-output/
20/01/2017 19:22
8wpwtmt8 https://www.investing.com/news/stock-market-news/top-5-things-to-know-in-the-market-on-friday-454572

Top 5 Things to Know In the Market on Friday

This weekend market participants will also be looking for any clues on the landmark agreement among major oil producers to cut production by nearly 1.8 million barrels per day.

Really there is a meeting among oil producers this Sunday.
20/01/2017 20:00
xinanfen "Royal Dutch Shell is selling many assets to cut debt...." is posted by me because there is opinion HIBI is stealing from oil giant, bukan steal from oil giant, it is Shell herself has to raise > 50 billion to buy BG group...HIBI is junior O&G production and development company...bukan pencuri mar...
20/01/2017 20:08
B4b4 Sabah Shell, concept is willing buyer willing seller
20/01/2017 20:19
8wpwtmt8 Brent Oil 55.02 +0.86

Brent oil temporary reclaim USD55 territory.
20/01/2017 20:24
pc007 Bunga Raya kasi Angpau CNY minggu depan
20/01/2017 20:35
B4b4 8wpwtmt8, yes good news starting to flow in from Trump office!
20/01/2017 20:35
Ssmani Crude oil 52.90, brent oil 55.03 now..
20/01/2017 21:08
B4b4 Another good news is Polo Resources in London SE is now at trading at 1 year high ie above 7 p
20/01/2017 21:12
kakashi What's about polo resources?
By the way.. who flinch today? Sold at 0.555?
20/01/2017 21:20
B4b4 Polo Resources , the second largest stake holder in Hibiscus.
20/01/2017 21:25
Teoh Boon Leong More good news may come when Trump speaks tonight
20/01/2017 21:45
kakashi Ooh....i have to ask a stupid question. How much polo hold in term of % n who is the largest shareholder
20/01/2017 21:49
kakashi Polo Resources Limited is a natural resources investment company focused on investing in undervalued companies and projects with strong fundamentals and attractive growth prospects. For complete details on Polo, please refer to: www.poloresources.com.
20/01/2017 22:06
kakashi 10.8%
20/01/2017 22:06
Calvin882 Look at the oil price now!!
20/01/2017 22:18
8wpwtmt8 Brent Oil 55.45 +1.29 (+2.38%)
Wow! Can it sustain?
20/01/2017 22:19
8wpwtmt8 https://www.investing.com/news/commodities-news/oil-up-1-after-china-gdp-data,-rig-count-ahead-454605

Oil up 2% after China GDP data, rig count ahead.
20/01/2017 22:54
hian949372 those sell today. heart pain
20/01/2017 23:24
Calvin882 Why heart pain? Hibiscus will not go away. Summore at discounted price now.
20/01/2017 23:45
B4b4 Good news, oil up almost 3% for Brent.
20/01/2017 23:57
B4b4 Buy, keep , wait , long term because oil price is still strong .Tp mid term RM 1.00
21/01/2017 00:01

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stockmanmy Where will shareholders go without PNB?

Money down the drain, tissue paper.

Easy to vote yes
20/01/2017 20:39
stockmanmy Both are bleeding companies

Combined, it's a winner.
20/01/2017 20:40
stockmanmy There are big differences between super investors and the rest.

Super investors see a lot lot more than analysts.
20/01/2017 20:42
stockmanmy You know who is the best shareholder in Malaysia?


When has PNB ever failed? Never.

They are very good, very careful and impeccable track record.

Look at their stable of companies......all first class.

And this re structured UMWOG comes directly under PNB....they can twist Petronas arm. They are strong enough to get wind when want wind, get rain when want rain.

Its business sense and knowledge of Malaysian corporate history.
20/01/2017 20:45
Rowie Yes if only they structured a fairer deal in the first place.

The deals r overpriced & the rights issue is at too deep a discount.
They need minorities to vote in favour but they miscalculated.......too bad

Say u buy at 0.73 come meeting day it's at 0.53, will u still vote in favour?
Most retailers have bought between RM1-RM4 guess what they will do?

Nobody will think like u , PNB or no PNB
Crude oil recovering & my share going down, so will I vote yes? Nah
20/01/2017 21:01
Rowie Umwog share price crash today become of merger mania ............tomorrow's headline . Reason PNB structured deal ........only in bolehland, land of endless possibilities
20/01/2017 21:06
Rowie I give up la, God Bless
20/01/2017 21:06
stockmanmy In PNB we trust.

Better than in God we trust.
20/01/2017 21:24
stockmanmy by the day of the EGM, the price will be way above the rights issue price.

the people will be informed they can sell their rights on the market if they don't want to take up their rights.

That is how it has always been done.
20/01/2017 21:29
lizi rasa next week jatuh lagi, doom days for umwog in short term.
20/01/2017 21:32
20/01/2017 21:33
lizi hahaha, sampah campur sampah jadi sampah sarap
20/01/2017 21:34
Rowie Just go vote NO
20/01/2017 21:36
cooling rowie...u vote no but icon shareholders vote yes....because they are getting the 0.50 cents from you!! haha hahaha.....umwog shareholders kena anal left and right...up and down...by permodalan nenek berhad..
20/01/2017 22:02
mfbs Umwog ipo 2.80. Cone people
20/01/2017 22:08
miker Icon ipo 1.80, both already sampah
20/01/2017 22:18
cooling umwog(ipo 2.80) + icon(ipo 1.80) = umwconek(0.40)

use icon boat fetch all the sampah to the oilrig..
20/01/2017 22:24
kakashi Stockmanny..u go bit 0.73? I will lose 40% of ur money by May
Want to bet with me?
20/01/2017 22:43
kakashi Of all ppl u trust PNB? EPF much better
20/01/2017 22:44
labu83 Merger....good deal in Long term,high volume today all sapu in Discount price,just say...opportunity to buy in big discount,they big chance get mega project incoming with petronas n link government,especially fully all naga will get new project in this year,oil maintain above 50,huge buy in Low price,sunshine future or not?
20/01/2017 22:45
stockmanmy The making of a super investor needs to know who to trust , when to trust and then take action.

Two years of steep industry decline. This is the perfect time to restructure and make a Malaysia giant with a rights issue.
20/01/2017 22:49
nich0las UMW sidekick OG, the back mountain gone. dua dua isnin more drop.
20/01/2017 22:50
cooling naga??....sudah jadi cacing lorr
20/01/2017 22:51
stockmanmy There are not many super investors.

That is for sure.
20/01/2017 22:51
labu83 every year technical will spike oil new high between march n Mei,chance....in your hand
20/01/2017 22:52
Rowie Merger should benefit umwog but this one unique, offer premium on the deals during industry downturn . Bodoh punya kepala
20/01/2017 22:54
cooling this one umwog shareholder jual buntut bagi 0.50 cents to pelacur icon shareholders lor...ini mana ada investment
20/01/2017 22:55
Rowie Mungkin Ada side deal
20/01/2017 22:55
Rowie Main buntut
20/01/2017 22:59
stockmanmy The assets are there......
Petronas will make everybody happy
20/01/2017 23:00
stockmanmy The assets are being offered at more than 50% discount.
More important, Petronas is also leading the restructuring.
20/01/2017 23:03
cooling come Monday will drop somemore after umwog shareholders digest the news that their buntut kena main....haha
20/01/2017 23:06
labu83 Merger deal 80 cent,Opportunity buy discount price,ok Lor,better than 80,90 Sen...or rm1
buy in Low price ,not sell in Low price,money in your hand
20/01/2017 23:14
stockmanmy UMWOG shareholders have seen their share dropping since listing.

This is the only day that have brought them cheers in the form of PNB direct involvement.
20/01/2017 23:15
labu83 Buy 5243 in toto tommorow,maybe u can cover loses ,haha
20/01/2017 23:17
stockmanmy Raider

An IPO is when shareholders cash out

A restructuring is when shareholders sense the bottom has been reached

Like that also don't know want to buy shares.
20/01/2017 23:24
Rowie U buy icon at 10c discount to nta, u change yr share at 56c discount wtf u must be a dickhead
20/01/2017 23:26
stockmanmy Jobs must be coming back already
Petronas also want an industry consolidation for a healthier industry.
20/01/2017 23:26
Rowie This not called restructuring , called stupidity
20/01/2017 23:29
Rowie Ya coming back so why a giveaway deal
20/01/2017 23:32
Rowie Don't oppress the minority
20/01/2017 23:33
stockmanmy Assets are there.
Icon did a $ 400 million write off........

But the boats are there.......not a problem at all.

What is needed is Petronas blessing.

And PNB is very competent.

Don't look down on PNB.
20/01/2017 23:34
Rowie Majority must take good care of the minority not oppress them, . Oh I forgot PNB part of gomen so use that mentality. Lucky this has to go to egm
20/01/2017 23:35
Rowie I agree PNB very competent in getting good deals for themselves . That's not the way as it's very clear cut that this is a bad deal for umwog minorities. U also know that but not admitting it
20/01/2017 23:39
chompks What is it worth after umw exit? So many firms exiting O&g so better stay out of this.
20/01/2017 23:41
cooling minority is always at losing end.....corporate exercise is called merger deal....public man on the road will call it a bailout....
20/01/2017 23:42
stockmanmy wrong

super investors like to buy distressed assets.
but nobody dares to buy until PNB gets behind the deal.

Now, it is coast clear all the way.

Be a Warren Buffett, be a super investor.

Don't settle for mediocre.

analysts like to buy high sell low

Super investors buy low sell high.
20/01/2017 23:45
labu83 peluang take over dengan harga murah rm 50 Sen icon n saham umwog ,bisnes Lor,sape Mau beli mahal2,merger Bleh settle hutang umwog Lor,project naga Jalan ,untung lor,
20/01/2017 23:49
labu83 Umwog jerk down to give chance u buy as more u can,greedy n buy in Low price....if u sell u are losers....
High volume today sapu Huat2,merger...big chance give link government mega project,election will come,they want give cronie easy money,time it money,
20/01/2017 23:57
Rowie well good luck. Hope this is the bottom
20/01/2017 23:58

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Haha 9.5 & 10 sen r the lowest of warrant....
26/10/2016 16:03
alant812 thats mean IT will go down till 0.10?
26/10/2016 19:12
alant812 but good pe and still making profit. i think it is good for keeping. I still hold it till next year
26/10/2016 19:15
SyedIbrahim Memang stock in boleh kolek skrg, utk saya simpan hingga tahun depan pasti angpau banyak lah
26/10/2016 20:47
kingcobra Syed, u asik suruh beli tapi harga dok turun...macam dapat COMMISSION! sejak tahun lepas u hantar pelabur HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26/10/2016 21:17
sangjero hmmm......good stock....under value....whats up?
27/10/2016 12:04
aloy Why asiaply???
27/10/2016 15:25
alant812 why like this
28/10/2016 09:48
Spid3rman When will asiafly
28/10/2016 16:32
Spid3rman Keep on drowning
02/11/2016 19:06
hornbill Cut loss soon will continues downtrend
02/11/2016 19:12
kingcobra LOOKS LIKE GOING INTO PN 17....sellers more than buyers,dai!!!
04/11/2016 16:26
891088 Collect now..going to fly back to 30cts
05/11/2016 14:57
Jessgoh Or drop back to 0.10 cents??
06/11/2016 15:11
sangjero any comment?.....

06/11/2016 22:29
Jessgoh He sold the shares for you abv 0.2 and buy below it.....
07/11/2016 10:02
sangjero discount.....
08/11/2016 10:00
kingcobra what's the hell going on?
08/11/2016 10:00
BetterTomorrow Normal lo, market bad, every one sell stock. do your guys still hold stock and properties?

cash is king or maybe gold?
08/11/2016 10:53
BetterTomorrow btw how to define rubbish stock? stock price drop? if yes. so many stock drop including bank stocks?
08/11/2016 10:54
kingcobra been dropping for WEEKS!
08/11/2016 10:59
BetterTomorrow many stock been dropping from the week, FGV? Gadang? all the same
08/11/2016 11:30
alant812 good stock will remain its value
08/11/2016 12:32
Haha downtrend...wanna go to 12 sen...break the support level...
08/11/2016 19:57
BetterTomorrow sell sell
16/11/2016 12:12
BetterTomorrow double growth ? can?
16/11/2016 12:12
Double_K Sell ?
16/11/2016 13:25
Telstar Memang stock in boleh kolek skrg, utk saya simpan hingga tahun depan pasti ang mampui
23/11/2016 22:47
Jessgoh Telstar totally the same as syedibrahim ....keep misleading ppl
To holland
24/11/2016 15:13
Telstar I am not the same, do u understand my words (ANG MAMPUI) meens seey lol.
24/11/2016 15:39
Telstar I said ang mampui read carefully mampui meens sey lol.
24/11/2016 15:48
Spid3rman Ini ayam mati
25/11/2016 12:14
Telstar Yes you are right ayam mampus 100% is true.
25/11/2016 18:40
Telstar Sure mampui one this ctr Sui n sial maa.
25/11/2016 23:07
BigDaddyCool bloody counter....OMG
28/11/2016 10:29
Jessgoh 0.10 soon
28/11/2016 11:26
SpiderMan3 As of 25 November 2016, ASIAPLY has been on a strong downtrend as suggested by the downward sloping 20-Day and 50-Day Moving Averages.In addition, the price is trading near its resistance of 0.15. The indicator analysis on RSI is not exhibiting any extreme condition. Watch out for the 30% and 70% levels which indicate any oversold and overbought condition respectively
28/11/2016 12:47
SpiderMan3 next support 0.128
28/11/2016 12:51
Haha warrant drop...
29/11/2016 16:13
Jessgoh The warrant drop like no value...I bought at 0.15 last time now not even half sigh
01/12/2016 11:08
sangjero looks ok.....
12/12/2016 15:36
sangjero but.....medium to long term looks very promising.....
23/12/2016 09:50
Jessgoh From 0.28 drop till 0.15 nothing much more to drop also
23/12/2016 20:50
sangjero A sleeping beauty.....
30/12/2016 22:02
CUTLOST 12cts coming
07/01/2017 08:03
Jessgoh Seem start engine Liao
11/01/2017 21:19
Mohd Faridz VI vrommm vrommm
12/01/2017 12:02
KlseCalvary 1 day show?
13/01/2017 12:45
myportfolio 1 day break?
14/01/2017 05:39
SyedIbrahim It's buy call all the way 0.25
20/01/2017 23:57

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RainingDay kakijudi how to say not material,mean bad news?
19/01/2017 19:03
RainingDay tomorrow i'll go pray to god...
MQ tomorrow price 0.1
19/01/2017 19:04
tiongkeat ok u pray what god, i go tell chinese and angmo god, who can go tell malay god? lol
19/01/2017 19:07
RainingDay tomorrow 0.1 all friend here take big angpow
19/01/2017 19:26
Rowie Yahooooooo.........good u turn by stevie g.
My view.... the old deal if cancel is better.
Melaka property linked to Monkey Teh, so delay means no deal, just buy time for other newer deals
I'm waiting for the 2 monkey to sell, then share will fly to 10-12 sen
19/01/2017 20:04
Rowie Yahooooo, I also will pray
19/01/2017 20:05
RainingDay rowie,now is good news or bad news..
19/01/2017 20:10
RainingDay if go to 10sen then another pray to 50sen
19/01/2017 20:11
Rowie Start of good news
19/01/2017 20:11
Rowie But that does not mean buy some more
Just hold what u got
19/01/2017 20:11
RainingDay no la im no buy already,i hold only
19/01/2017 20:12
RainingDay ok la tomorrow go 8sen 1st ^^
19/01/2017 20:13
Rowie I think at least 3 months to go to 6-8 sen
19/01/2017 20:20
RainingDay oh my god.....
tomorrow i pray hard!!!!!
19/01/2017 20:44
Rowie I pray to my Monkey God, for it to jump higher
Monkey see , Monkey do
19/01/2017 20:49
RainingDay yeah
19/01/2017 20:56
arcadicus 30c.... come on mq... u can do it...
19/01/2017 21:13
Rowie After much analysis, the Robbie & gang will come up with new plans soon cos b4 they become directors, they already got plan, so now is execution time.
I got a feeling that they may plan to JV with Naga Corp or Donaco to go into leisure business locally & abroad.
That's why they talk early abt Naga bul t later deny, when asked abt Donaco, they said no comments
So this will become rumour until materialise.
30c no problem
19/01/2017 21:21
RainingDay mini genting?^^
19/01/2017 21:32
RainingDay 30c and after i pray will go 50cent...haha
19/01/2017 21:45
tiongkeat no movement yet lol.
20/01/2017 09:22
RainingDay i continue pray^^
20/01/2017 09:30
RainingDay everyday 300lk buy 300k sell
same ppl or?
20/01/2017 09:32
RainingDay or 2 monkey show no finish?
20/01/2017 09:33
persie 2 monkeys are still in it. No fun in near term.
20/01/2017 09:40
fl888 look like the 2 monkeys will be charged in court soon like Tey of Nexgram.....
20/01/2017 09:46
tiongkeat want to sell 5 cents aslo cannot.. haiz
20/01/2017 11:05
RainingDay tiongkeat nvm we sell at 50cent
20/01/2017 11:13
Jeff10 8-10 sen enough la
20/01/2017 11:17
arcadicus 30c is enough for me...
20/01/2017 11:24
RainingDay hahaha
20/01/2017 11:24
RainingDay everyday 300k buy and sell
price same
dono what meaning
20/01/2017 11:25
The One • It means no angpow laa.. haha
20/01/2017 12:52
RainingDay sad i more week cny..........
20/01/2017 13:25
RainingDay mayb no small angpao,got big angpao
20/01/2017 13:25
RainingDay later close time also 0.05 zzzzz
20/01/2017 15:12
Jessgoh Tis ctr sure won't move further ...wait few mths pa maybe will move slowly
20/01/2017 15:31
FUSOLU Guess, all quiet, then it will move,......
20/01/2017 15:51
tiongkeat Rainingday bro, u take 10m invest in this share push it up sure move already lol
20/01/2017 16:53
20/01/2017 17:29
RainingDay im not rich man
20/01/2017 17:29
Rowie Guys, I may have some bad news
The latest balance sheet don't look right
No wonder The Monkey resigned asap
20/01/2017 21:33
Rowie Any accounting expert, pls look at the balance sheet & give views
20/01/2017 21:34
Rowie He must be under investigation, not only for share manipulation but also for accounting fraud if true that money is missing
20/01/2017 21:38
RainingDay ....
20/01/2017 22:06
RainingDay god bless us
20/01/2017 22:06
Rowie 6m is missing
Need expert to verify
20/01/2017 22:56
Rowie RD do some homework
20/01/2017 22:58
RainingDay then the robbie and gang shoud know right?
20/01/2017 23:50
Rowie Should know cos I can see something fishy n very odd in the balance sheet
20/01/2017 23:54

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RojakInvestor perhaps all the attention is focused on AA at the moment thats why other stocks are left out lo...
19/01/2017 12:19
blueocean88 3pm game again ?
19/01/2017 13:23
steven20 sigh....
19/01/2017 15:24
Mohd Yazid Mohd Ali siapa beli ini counter 85 millon at price 36---38 ,from 28 dec. until 3 jan. 2017,
19/01/2017 16:34
MrPouper drop back 0.36 then move up 0.38 and down again 0.365, for fun, wakakakah
19/01/2017 17:38
small_investor http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5319741

AAX : 15% own by foreigner
19/01/2017 20:07
small_investor http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5312821

AA: 53.50% own by foreigner
19/01/2017 20:11
derrickinvestor AAX bila mau naik 0.50? byk susah la
19/01/2017 23:38
anbz2 Posted by calvintaneng > Jan 19, 2017 10:04 AM | Report Abuse

Follow airasia?

Airsia got hype and hope of Aac which will be used to pare down huge Rm78 billion committed borrowings

Aax got nothing but a huge time debt bomb of Rm110 Billions.

So don't be stupid.

Better wake up!


i3 members wake up and know who talk crap.

19/01/2017 23:47
calvintaneng Stupid anbz!! Really bodoh!

See you bought Pdz at 30.5 cts

Posted by anbz > Sep 1, 2014 09:28 PM | Report Abuse

1 pdz = 3 glotec

beli jangan tak beli

beli jangan tak beli

beli jangan tak beli

triple your volume in a day

and triple your profit in a month

Today PDZ closed at only 7 cts

PDZ Crashed by 78%

Calvin recommended Pm Corp at 15 cts on Sept 20 2013.

After 8 cents Cash Payout Pm Corp still up 60% today!
19/01/2017 23:49
anbz2 yawn..where 50 cent price for your pmcorp germ?sorry,should ask calvin 1+1=???.

english too hard for you?tak tau you tak faham.
19/01/2017 23:57
calvintaneng Haha!

Why are you here to question me when you have not answered your 78% losses in Pdz

Stupid anbz!! Really bodoh!

See you bought Pdz at 30.5 cts

Posted by anbz > Sep 1, 2014 09:28 PM | Report Abuse

1 pdz = 3 glotec

beli jangan tak beli

beli jangan tak beli

beli jangan tak beli

triple your volume in a day

and triple your profit in a month

Today PDZ closed at only 7 cts

PDZ Crashed by 78%
20/01/2017 00:02
anbz2 waiting calvin answer 1+1=???

20/01/2017 00:06
radzi Stop troll - If Calvin cant stop trolling in this forum, it is time to send kaki pukul to his house to shut his mouth out.
20/01/2017 07:28
John Lu I will contribute the money to hire someone do these

Posted by radzi > Jan 20, 2017 07:28 AM | Report Abuse

Stop troll - If Calvin cant stop trolling in this forum, it is time to send kaki pukul to his house to shut his mouth out.
20/01/2017 08:27
TATOWER no need lah,we are civilised prople,let the market do the talking.
20/01/2017 09:14
IronShirt traderman aka calvintaneng aka "Chameleon" ( one side attack another side Bullish Buy )

Calvin has long traded AAX as traderman,,,,,,,,if you keep posting even chameleon Exposed
to EagleEye
20/01/2017 09:32
small_investor AA moving .. AAX when lah .. still very undervalue leh
20/01/2017 10:29
radzi Yesterday, profit taking and they shook weak traders. AA , moving again.
20/01/2017 10:34
Vincent Tan How is your MPCorp now, still opetasi tong sampah?
20/01/2017 12:05
Vincent Tan stkoay calvintaneng recommended this stock in early 2014 when it was trading above 50 sen. He also said he will conduct operasi tong sampah ie buying all he can....even with borrowed money.
After 2 years, his investment dropped a few HUNDRED percent.
This is what will happen to your investment if you have eagle eyes like calvintaneng.
21/12/2016 14:59
20/01/2017 12:05
RojakInvestor looks like calvin tan is i3's public enemy no.1 !!! lol
20/01/2017 15:44
calvintaneng Calvin Tan is the saviour of sorchai from conman and syndicates!!

Better wake up!!
20/01/2017 15:46
RojakInvestor public enemy no.1 trying to console n con back himself....sigh

we all see him as the devil...he sees himself as a saint...aiyooo

i pray for your soul la calvin
20/01/2017 15:49
IronShirt ConMan on the line,,,,,someone pls speak to him,,,,,,,hello traderman,,,,,Long time no heard i
thought you dropped inside the jamban
20/01/2017 16:12
RojakInvestor calvintan = traderman???
20/01/2017 16:17
nekosan This sohem calvin really think he is expert level?
20/01/2017 19:08
aceso http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/#/?=&company=5238&category=all
20/01/2017 19:09
aceso heavy disposal by Uncle tony and friends... but transacted in Dec
20/01/2017 19:09
JJchan No...it is share swap....bottom line....Tony and Kama will receive dividend from aac sales even with aax shares..
Damn i thought how it can be done when Kama said aax will receive dividend....he stop short to
finish the line ( now i know only HE receives dividend Not me---f***k)
20/01/2017 19:28
small_investor Jjchan mind to explain how this is share swap?
20/01/2017 19:47
JJchan No....only if you have Tune shares.....we cannot even dream.....owners will find ways to benefit
them First------
20/01/2017 19:51
Fatsen Cfs Berry... I'm not understand, swap share to AAX"? What mean?
20/01/2017 19:54
JJchan First Tune swap Tune shares with aax shares (Tony & Kama ----mine not included) after Tune
received dividend from aac and distributed-----then Tune " has the Right to reacquire Tune shares
from Tony and Kama Again ( it takes me 2 mins to ponder why? Yes tune will swap aax shares
back to Tony and Kama )
20/01/2017 19:59
small_investor Sound like using AAX shares to buy AA without purchasing it
20/01/2017 20:02
JJchan swap mean exchange of shares based on market price (aax is based on 0.380....Tune price is ?
----same day where the exchange happens )
20/01/2017 20:04
Fatsen Cfs Jjchan.. I'm still Confuse... Kikikiki.. sana pusing, sini pusing...
20/01/2017 20:06
BabyTA @jjchan, how does this benefit us then?
20/01/2017 20:15
JJchan Nothing........only very Good 4Q16 will shoot aax to 0.50--0.55 range (with a strong goreng from
Mac, price might hit 0.65 (only 10--15% chance)

Don't feel bad....AA is no better after dividend handout-----you will know later
20/01/2017 20:27
aceso thanks jjchan... still a noobie here
20/01/2017 20:40
Fatsen Cfs Ic.. AAX still cheap, so there wan get more dividend buy using aax share... Am I right?
20/01/2017 20:46
aceso well i guess if the news is neutral... then we have to take it as it is. Rather the swap drag the AAX price down. All of us suffer lol
20/01/2017 21:14
small_investor Like no hope.. wait for Q4 result only got movement
20/01/2017 21:21
DONGFANG JJchan..how u know it is swap between Tony/ Kamarudin with Tune? From Tune announcemwnt it is also stating disposal
20/01/2017 21:43
small_investor Dongfang read the announcement in detail Is written there
20/01/2017 21:48
DONGFANG Hi investor..can u explain this..it is also stating the same description for tune with disposal.http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5321397
20/01/2017 22:35
Darren Lim frm 35.5 to 38.5. den down back den up back. keep repeat repeat
20/01/2017 23:18
OrangKuat Tune, Kamal, Tony are dispose their share. Not swap
20/01/2017 23:40
small_investor Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred The transactions were effected by Tune Group Sdn. Bhd. ("TGSB") through an equity swap whereby TGSB maintains the right to reacquire the shares.
20/01/2017 23:45
DONGFANG Definitely not swap between Tune group with Tony/Kamaruddin. It is betwwen Tune group with third party.
20/01/2017 23:54

Posted by lextcs at Jan 20, 11:52 PM
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twoplus never fall in love with the counter
08/01/2017 19:22
stonenut2 Trust in this counter. Solar is the future .
08/01/2017 20:26
imnewbie i just worried the same situation as 2014 4th Q will happen by next month, where the loss in solar erode PVC profit, made Tekseng negative in that Q result.
08/01/2017 21:58
fhis well...now every tomd**kandharry counters are rebounding/moving up...it is time for tekseng to break bounce back above 0.74 then 0.80..close watch..you could be surprised...
09/01/2017 03:56
air01557 sideways trading with downside bias - stay out
09/01/2017 11:44
M16s If u bought, prepare hold for few years. Hopeless counter, will never rebound
10/01/2017 09:41
gusheng May I know who is still holding start from the price 0.9x and above?
10/01/2017 12:20
adamdacutie i still
10/01/2017 12:30
TomyamGong 0.01 cent profit. Sold. Hahaa. Tq tekseng
10/01/2017 12:54
beso with dt made in usa policies this counter sure below 0.60 soon
10/01/2017 13:17
Isaac320 gusheng, u cant ask in this way. else others will critic "how come these dumb people still holding the shit stock" which can cause mentally assault.
10/01/2017 13:27
M16s Ya..quite dumb
10/01/2017 16:17
solarboy UAE to invest US$163bil to diversify energy
12/01/2017 07:45
solarboy DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates announced Tuesday plans to invest 600 billion dirhams (US$163bil) in projects to generate almost half the country’s power needs from renewables.

”Our aim is to balance our economic needs with our environmental goals,” Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum said on Twitter as the Gulf state unveiled its “Energy Strategy 2050”.

The UAE is a top oil exporter, but has taken steps to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels to generate power, including building nuclear facilities.

The country’s energy mix by 2050 will comprise 44% from renewables, 38% from gas, 12% from clean fossils and 6% from nuclear energy, said Sheikh Mohammed, who is also the UAE’s vice president and the ruler of the emirate of Dubai.

”The plan aims to increase usage efficiency by 40% and increase clean-energy contributions to 50%,” he wrote.

In June, Dubai announced plans to build a 1,000-megawatt solar power plant by 2030, the year it aims to turn to renewable energies for 25% of electricity needs.

In 2013, Abu Dhabi opened the world’s largest operating plant of concentrated solar power, which has the capacity to provide electricity to 20,000 homes.

South Korean firms are also building four nuclear reactors west of Abu Dhabi, which are expected to generate 1,400 megawatts by 2020.

The UAE produces around 2.99 million barrels per day of oil, of which it exports around 2.44 million bpd, according to Opec statistics. - AFP
12/01/2017 07:45
solarboy Even UAE the largest oil producer in the world is going for solar with massive US$163bil in projects. This is latest news!
12/01/2017 07:50
greenpeace That looks like good news for solar.
12/01/2017 09:57
kayrelanuar looks like will breakout soon. huat ah!
12/01/2017 10:10
air01557 sideways........ then CRASH
12/01/2017 15:40
Zamry Yahaya 1100 employee First solar Kulim akan di buang kerja.. Bisnis x baguih..
Sorry to say..
12/01/2017 15:49
gusheng 0.5 or 0.8 depends on next quarter result.
12/01/2017 17:56
Hunter Cho laying off staff is not the solution, the demand is there everywhere in every country and is growing exponentially like crazy but the solar companies in malaysia are just not good enough in bidding the PV jobs!!! these companies are just too dependent on the government for funds and grants
12/01/2017 22:17
fhis tomorrow looks set to move up toward 0.80...sit tight...
13/01/2017 05:41
greenpeace Exporter with PE ratio 5.0 still not cheap enough? They rely on china taiwan customer orders so US trump's next possible trade policies won't affect tekseng. Check below:

"..... to ramp up its production capacity based on the volume loadings from existing customers in China and Taiwan."

13/01/2017 09:58
greenpeace https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramp_up
13/01/2017 10:42
adamdacutie tekseng time to yumseng !
13/01/2017 11:16
M16s Yeah 0.695 yumseng!
13/01/2017 16:06
stonenut2 Flyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
15/01/2017 12:42
M16s Panic sell. Habis....
16/01/2017 09:23
M16s Set to 0.5x
16/01/2017 09:24
M16s Must be result no good . Insider start to sell. SELLLLL!!
16/01/2017 09:33
M16s RUN!!!!
16/01/2017 10:15
adamdacutie more like ppl pressing down to collect , so different from panic sell
16/01/2017 10:37
cytew Operator is behind the scene
16/01/2017 10:50
air01557 down down down - 0.60 can buy
16/01/2017 10:52
gusheng no eyes to c
16/01/2017 15:33
Patrick13 If 4Q result is bad, sure more ppl throw this counter.
17/01/2017 20:59
lalahuhuki no more yumseng? lol
18/01/2017 10:40
stonenut2 Will up Yummmmmmsengggg
18/01/2017 14:04
fhis it's time to move up again after a long rest...
18/01/2017 15:13
fhis tomorrow should rebound further...i am in
18/01/2017 16:30
gusheng no more yumseng...but jump into water
19/01/2017 09:52
M16s Dunno @wahaha use Wat name to comment here already.
19/01/2017 11:03
Tai KT price will stay below 70cents before qr release.
19/01/2017 11:24
alant812 it is net cash company. should have more money to improve it business
20/01/2017 11:37
imnewbie how to define 'net cash'?
20/01/2017 12:11
stonenut2 Tp1.50 coming
20/01/2017 12:55
S29 gogogo tekseng go
20/01/2017 14:43
fhis show ur true color...holding on at current level already for so long...should jump up now...
20/01/2017 15:37
imnewbie http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20170115PD200.html

It sounds not so good to TS.
20/01/2017 23:34
imnewbie If that happened, then the production line 4,5,6,7 may b shut down...

It would b a disastrous scenario!!!
20/01/2017 23:50

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Dolly_Chai let me cut and paste my statements and question to him again:

let me make one last blow to him on his idixtic and biased comments (for his personal agenda i guess, if not why spend so much time here... quite obvious, he missed the boat and is trying to pull down the share price - but who is he? does he have such influence.. haha.. )..

1) Debt of Evergreen (which is manageable and reasonable for the industry it is involved in) - he keeps saying that Hevea has zero debt but Evergreen has debt.. I have told him that Hevea is more like a furniture company as its 60% sales are from RTA (ready to assemble furniture) which are less capex intensive. Where as currently Evergreen manufactures 80% of raw MDF so it is more capex intensive in terms of the machineries and maintenance. They are not in the exact industries so you just can't compare directly.. he has not even answered my question on this one.. Yes, evergreen will target to build more RTA (current 5% of total revenue), but their main focus is still MDF at current stage. So, until one day when Evergreen has its RTA sales reach 50-60% of total revenue, then only it is fair to directly compare with Hevea on the debt/net cash...

2) Debt of Evergreen - again, let's discuss if the debt is bad or actually good for evergreen. We know that many business raise loans to expand. We have to examine whether their profit margin is higher than the interest they need to pay for the loan. Last year (2015 full year), evergreen net profit margin is 9.1%. This year (up to 9 months), due to forex loss, the net profit margin dropped to 7.3%. But this is still higher than the bank interest rate that they are paying for... example, if you earn RM10 additional but you pay RM5 for interest, u still get additional (net RM5) for the expansion... so why not to expand if you have net profit from there?

3) Dividend - he is again very biased and misleading here.. 2013-14 were bad years for Evergreen, we all know and admit that. This was due to the intense competition of MDF makers within ASEAN (as 2006-08 were good years and many new MDF makers ventured into this business can caused over-supply) However, as mentioned by Evergreen management, many small and incompetitive MDF players have been washed out (go bankrupt) during the bad years of 2012-2014 due to losses.. but evergreen as the biggest MDF player in ASEAN with strong footing and experience has weathered thru the storm and grow bigger now.. in fact, they ate up the market shares of those closed-shop small factories,.. so from 2013-14, we cannot expect evergreen to pay dividends during tough years.. why I said he is biased? When Hevea was in deep financial woes during 2009-2010, why did sxckperformer not question: why Hevea did not pay out dividend during tat time? see? he is manipulating his words...

4) Dividend - in latest AGM, Evergreen management has approved to give out at least 40% of net profit to shareholders... so, with the expansion plan almost done (will require less capex, and have more cash)... we can expect more dividend to come.. we invest in the future of Evergreem.. but this joker keeps talking about the past.. and he totally kept quiet about Hevea's past on the bad years.. and when raider said Hevea almost went bankrupt.. what did this sxckperformer say? Trump went bankrupt 3 times but now is a US president.. haha.. funny right? we know it is not end of day for bankruptcy, but we dislike his biased view on evergreen.. Hevea's past was bad, but it is ok.. Evergreen's past was bad, but it is not OK.. see it?

sxckperformer.. see.. i wasted so much time to explain to some idixt like u.. quickly thank me la.. coz i "put money in ur pocket" d...
19/01/2017 12:27
Dolly_Chai i have answered all his stupid and manipulated questions, but he has not even answered my one question:

is evergreen a furniture stock at current stage? is it fair to compare its capex intensive business with "pure/mainly" furniture makers which are less capex intensive?
19/01/2017 12:27

until now, he still dares not take up my challenge...

sissy farker retarded sxckperformer..
if you dare to accuse me of modifying my portfolio, where are your balls (oppps, i forgot you cut them off already) to take up challenge?

1) If I modified my average price for Evergreen and the % profit for Evergreen and other shares (not shown), I will die horribly today...

2) If I did not modify my average price for Evergreen and the % profit for Evergreen and other shares (not shown), you will die horribly today...

God will know and judge...

if u have balls, take up this challenge...

else get lost and dun ever talk cxck again...
19/01/2017 12:29
Dolly_Chai ANSWER to me, sissy, no-balls idixt....

you are best at barking and then running away with your doggie tail snapped between your legs...
19/01/2017 12:30
Dolly_Chai dun farking talk cxck anymore if you dare not take up my challenge...

you think you can simply accuse ppl just like that, fark you!!!!!!!!!
19/01/2017 12:31
Dolly_Chai other ppl here can see that you are such a loser...

until now, sxckperformer still has no balls to take up my challenge...
that means what???

1) he has no balls
2) he does not admit his wrong-doing in accusing me
3) he is a typical loser (who always lose) but want to win so badly by all means
4) he has no face to apologize to me for accusing me
5) maybe he cut off his penxs already to train some legendary Kungfu like "Kuai Fa Bou Dim".. haha
19/01/2017 12:32
Dolly_Chai and pls do the same if you dare:

1) show us your Hevea profit/loss in your portfolio
2) swear (like what I did) that you did not modify your average price

I don't think this sissy will ever do this...

1) He is very likely (i said very likely, not like some idixt said like he is 100% sure) stuck at high entry price for Hevea
2) He has no-balls lorrrrrrrrrr...................
19/01/2017 12:34
Dolly_Chai haha... u guys realize or not..

sxckperformer keeps talking about debt and dividend of evergreen...
in fact, i explained that above.. but he just ignored my explanation...
and still live in his own farking world and talk cxck...

ppl here are wise ok?
they can see that this idixt is running away from my question...

typical LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19/01/2017 12:37
Dolly_Chai and more importantly.... I demand him to apologize to me for insulting me of modifying my average price...

but i am quite sure loser and low-life farker like him will never apologize to anyone even though he already realize his mistake...

i have to assume that low-life idixt like him is living alone in his own world...

Evergreen5101, previously you said he sure can't live in harmony with his wife bcoz he just wants to win (despite that fact that he is already wrong)...

Let me tell you, i doubt idixt like him will have a wife, or even a girl-friend..

u think his "always want to win, thick-face, run away from questions, pretend did not see my challenge" attitude will attract any girl? haha.... i really doubt...

sometimes i really pity him a lot....
19/01/2017 12:41
Evergreen5101 Dollychai the more you get angry starperformer@KYY will be happy, dun fall to his trap. Old pathetic bastarx. Dun bother of him. A loser will only act like this...maybe he is just too lonely...
19/01/2017 13:57
Evergreen5101 Dollychai... why starperformer@KYY so pissed and hate Evergreen, the reason is on 2015 he invested heavily on Evergreen, unfortunately in 2016 Evergreen did not perform well...So out of frustration he backfire and criticize Evergreen badly, his behavior is indeed very bad and childish..so just let him be... the more you say the more he feel happy....
19/01/2017 14:01
Evergreen5101 Why in the earth someone can hate Evergreen so much...hahahah... the story behind is himself starperfomer@KYY invested so much but cannot see the results on 2016.... that why he is so piss off.
19/01/2017 14:09
Evergreen5101 ladies & gentlemen,,..Evergreen is gearing upwards starting today...
19/01/2017 14:17
Dolly_Chai Hi Evergreen5101, thanks for your kind advice...
maybe you right, there angrier I get, the happier this idixt is...
So i will totally ignore him for now...

Until today, I have explained and pointed out (with facts) that all his accusations/manipulated statements on Evergreen are false. And he has not responded yet on my explanation. It is obvious that he knew I am right with my explanation and he just has no face to take it.

Secondly, he has not even answered my simple question whether it is fair to compare Evergreen's debt with other furniture companies who require much less CAPEX in business nature... why furniture companies require less CAPEX? Ricky Yeo had explained that in his post and I am not going to repeat (the link can be found above)... here, again, this sissy coward continues to pretend he did not see my question... no answer until today...

Lastly, he accused me of modifying my average price. And I was so furious that I challenge him to swear... again, no-balls sissy like him continues to hide his balls and run away from answering it...

All this has proven that he is such a coward who is not responsible for what he said.
Worse is he always wants to win despite that fact that he knew he was wrong...

So i start to pity him a bunch now.....
19/01/2017 15:08
Evergreen5101 Let it be...let him win as long as he is happy...
19/01/2017 15:09
starperformer No made-up stories but all factual data taken out from quarterly & annual reports and newspiece. Plz interpret any reports correctly before u shoot ur guns, Dolly zai.
19/01/2017 16:42
starperformer 1) NO DIVIDENDS SINCE 2012 so not good to hold long-term. Evergreen is already STINGY and NOT GENEROUS. WOW 3/4 years also so stingy. Don't think they will give out dividends with giant of DEBTS right now, check:

Evergreen's latest quarter report announced on "28 Nov 2016":
Total debts: 216,585,000
Cash - Total Borrowings = -75,567,000 (*NET DEBTS POSITION)
No. of shares in circulation: 846,423,985 shares
-75,567,000(Net debts) / 846,423,985 shares = *Worth approx. RM (-0.089) per share



3) PROFIT MARGINS ARE HALF OF HEVEA, check the above links.


2012: 3.2%
2013: -4.5%
2014: 0%
2015: 9.1%
2016: 7.3%

2012: 4.1% (Hevea's RTA segment started operation in early of 2012)
2013: 5.7% (Continuation of CAPEX throughout the year for more automation for RTA)
2014: 7.2%
2015: 14.7%
2016: 13.3%


Medium density fibreboard (MDF): 80% of revenues contribution
Value-added MDF: 15% of revenues contribution
Ready-to-Assemble (RTA): 5% of revenues contribution

Particleboard: 40% of revenues contribution
Ready-to-Assemble (RTA): 60% of revenues contribution
19/01/2017 16:43
stockraider What is the use of looking at historical figures, when see owner conning 750% profit loh....!!

The next stage of conning, is this management will build white elephant factory at over inflated price loh....!!

If don run , cry all no tears loh....!!

These hevea management are big time conman loh...!!




19/01/2017 16:46
Evergreen5101 They even fake thier financial report once...becareful
19/01/2017 16:52
starperformer Tell u a "secret point" & u should be awaken after u read. Since Evergreen's 80% revenues are from MDF segment so THAT IS THE REAL REASON WHY EVERGREEN's PROFIT MARGINS ARE SUBDUED & NOT STABLE OVER THE YEARS. Due to MDF not able to give the company higher profit margins, Evergreen has to embark & venture into other product segments especially RTA and particleboard again.

Plz note that Evergreen is "RESTARTING" the particleboard segment after years of suspension. Why is that so? The story dates back to years ago when it decided to focus mainly on MDF segment and chose to suspend particleboard segment. Little did they know that they have became "OVER-RELIANT" over the years mainly on ONE product segment and this is RISKY and not diversified hence it is susceptible to price fluctuations of MDF in the world market bids pricing.

EVERGREEN's Annual Report 2015, Page 17:
".....Our Particle Board plant remained idle since 2013..."

EVERGREEN's Annual Report 2015, Page 19:
".....The upgrading of the Particle Board Press will enable us to produce premium particleboards for specific markets of higher profit margin...."

That naturally killed Evergreen's competitive edge against it's well-rounded competitors because of non-diversified product segments.
19/01/2017 17:07
Evergreen5101 starperformer@KYY... then why you invested on Evergreen on 2015?
19/01/2017 17:10
Evergreen5101 can answer my question?
19/01/2017 17:10
Evergreen5101 you dare to admit you bought Evergreen on 2015?
19/01/2017 17:11
Evergreen5101 Koon Yew Yin@starperformer
19/01/2017 17:13
stockraider Ok loh...strategic decision setback....at least Evergreen management is honest to admit loh....!!

Not like dishonest hevea management con land big profit 750% loh....!!

Conning big on factory coming loh....!!
19/01/2017 17:13
starperformer EVERGREEN's Annual Report 2015, Page 20:
3) Relocation / refurbishment of Medium Density Fibreboard Plant in Masai, Johor which is currently having losses on the depreciation cost of its assets, will be refurbished and relocated to Segamat, Johor and this will contribute to the Group’s revenue and profits towards the tail end of 2016.

EVERGREEN's Annual Report 2015, Page 20:
4) Upgrade of our Particle Board Plant in Segamat is on-going. Currently the plant is in an idle state and incurred losses on the depreciation cost. Once upgrading works are completed, this plant will contribute positively to the Group’s revenue and profits in 2017.

EVERGREEN's Annual Report 2015, Page 20:
".....disruptive demand for our products due to political turmoil in particular the Middle East and possible financial disruption...."
19/01/2017 17:17
starperformer So much losses??? U should expect bad quarters eating into current cash balance and most likely will have to borrow more debts. Check properly before u shoot me.
19/01/2017 17:19
Evergreen5101 Yes...MDF margin is no good, but they switch to RTA to make a changes, this will signify growth for Evergreen on the next 6 months... so what is the problem..come on dun act as a loser when you bought on 2015 it does not perform within 1 year then you start to criticize Evergreen.....Just want to say please dun act like a dog shit..
19/01/2017 17:19
stockraider This are honest business forces...no con on evergreen parts loh....!!
But Hevea...embrassment loh....owner gasak 750% profit on RRPT loh...!!

Hevea con cannot be forgiven mah....!!
19/01/2017 17:20
Evergreen5101 MDF for Evergreen is to defend thier business....
RTA is to attack new business opportunity....
What is the problem with you KYY...
19/01/2017 17:23
Evergreen5101 You act like this really dun gain respect from people....
that why people reject your 30 million donation...eat shit la you
19/01/2017 17:23
Evergreen5101 Even you are rich but i dun see you with respect....
You dun have class...assholxx
19/01/2017 17:24
starperformer Strategy talks can be overwhelmingly wonderful but it is the EXECUTION that is CRUCIAL. All other competitors have done very well in executing strategies. Just answer this urself & u don't have to reply me.


EVERGREEN's Profit Margins:
2012: 3.2%
2013: -4.5%
2014: 0%
2015: 9.1%
2016: 7.3%

Quarterly profits have been sliding down and so does the share price. That is obvious. Not to mention last dividend payout was in 2012 and halted for years then in beginning of 2016 just gave out RM 0.01 sen? Big joke! No more dividends will be given out for years to come because it has giant debts of RM 216,585,000.

Evergreen's latest quarter report announced on "28 Nov 2016":
Total debts: 216,585,000 (*NET DEBTS POSITION)
19/01/2017 17:27
Evergreen5101 so what you are rich.... fucx you la assholx...
19/01/2017 17:28
Evergreen5101 Dun even dare to admit you bought on 2015... people respect you if you admit and listen to you...
19/01/2017 17:30
19/01/2017 17:30
Evergreen5101 Evergreen might not be doing well for the past 2 years... but at least they are honest and make improvement on thier machines. does not means forever they are doomed...understand old dog shit!!!
19/01/2017 17:32
Evergreen5101 Honestly Heveaboard is a good company, but i really dun have confident that they can buy the land for their directors, really chinaman style... i won't invest in this kind of company even if they are NET CASH company.
19/01/2017 17:35
starperformer Why talk like that leh? Be gentleman mah. Did u see me scold like that ever? I talk about the companies only. Focus mind. Why is there dog shit comes out from u? I frowned upon ur behaviour this Evergreen5101. LOL
19/01/2017 17:35
Evergreen5101 Honestly Heveaboard is a good company, but i really dun have confident that they can buy the land from their directors with high price, really chinaman style... i won't invest in this kind of company even if they are NET CASH company.
19/01/2017 17:35
starperformer Many companies done so. IOIPG, HIL, etc. Important is be transparent which is what HEVEA has done so because nothing dodgy in the deal mah. Don't do things like certain politicians/bankers until public found out. Clean and transparent mah.
19/01/2017 17:41
stockraider No company other than Hevea management make a staggering 750% profit on related party transaction loh....!!

If Hevea management can wallop 750% profit such a big chunked...can u imagine how much they will wallop from inflated factory construction leh ??

Raider says hevea management are corporate rapist loh....!!
19/01/2017 18:24
starperformer Don't play-play oh, Evergreen has giant of debts is real problem (committed & obliged). U better tell Evergreen management to focus & reduce debts oh if not they will take more debts. Fix their five consecutive quarters of falling profits & unstale profit margins. Oh wait, I forgot Evergreen doesn't have enough money to give dividends. This is a norm culture of Evergreen, right? Halted dividends since year 2012.

Hevea expanding while having lots of cash & no gearing. WOW Hevea's share price moving upwards on uptrend. How is Evergreen doing?
19/01/2017 19:11
starperformer Evergreen's latest quarter report announced on "28 Nov 2016":
Total debts: 216,585,000 (*NET DEBTS POSITION)
19/01/2017 19:12
starperformer So if Evergreen needs to de-gear & achieve net cash position, it needs 10 to 14 quarters! That is 2-3 years just barely achieve net cash like Hevea & many other competitors. Also interest charges of the borrowings are eating Evergreen's cash-pile so this might push it to 3-4 years just to achieve net cash position. WOW
19/01/2017 19:19
stockraider No company other than Hevea management make a staggering 750% profit on related party transaction loh....!!

If Hevea management can wallop 750% profit such a big chunked...can u imagine how much they will wallop from inflated factory construction leh ??

Raider says hevea management are corporate rapist loh....!!


19/01/2017 21:47
starperformer Evergreen earns RM 16.88m net profit (NP) in latest quarter. The highest NP per quarter recorded at RM 27.586m but that is a one-time.

Financial quarter 30 Sep 2015: Net Profit 27,586,000
Financial quarter 31 Dec 2015: Net Profit 21,029,000
Financial quarter 31 Mar 2016: Net Profit 20,619,000
Financial quarter 30 Jun 2016: Net Profit 16,459,000
Financial quarter 30 Sep 2016: Net Profit 16,880,000

27.586m + 21.029m + 20.619m + 16.459m + 16.88m = 102.573m

102.573m / 5 = 20.5146m median average of NP for latest 5 quarters

RM 216,585,000 (Total debts) / RM 20,514,600 (NP: Median average) = 10.5x times

That means Evergreen needs at least 10-11 quarters or more just to break-even with the total debts while most competitors are already in net cash position! I have not taken into consideration of the interest charges of the giant debts over RM 216.585m so it will definitely take longer than 12 quarters just to break-even with that mountains of debts.

12 QUARTERS = 3 YEARS needed to break-even with giants of debts. That's if they do everything right & net profit does not fall further. Remember that it's NP has been falling for 5 consecutive quarters!

How much is the interest charges of the giant 216.585m debts? WOW Go figure.
20/01/2017 08:14
slts mieco, a net depth co. is even better than hevea
20/01/2017 10:18
Dolly_Chai this useless sxckperformer is repeating all the same nonsense which i had explained in detail...
really hopeless idixt...

Evergreen5101, all you mentioned is correct... we are looking at Evergreen's future...
20/01/2017 17:45
chompks Have to salute starperformer for his efforts somehow. Debate can educate others.
20/01/2017 23:45

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Leoleo suspend soon ? pending for court case announcement ?
20/01/2017 10:39
Leoleo operator sula stop kerja ,quiet sumatec
20/01/2017 10:40
nomanland Leoleo, do you know the time for the court case?
20/01/2017 10:45
Leoleo no idea ...
20/01/2017 10:48
bc1234 Where has yr sense of humour gone Mr Leo Leo?
20/01/2017 11:02
bc1234 Write a comment.. hop you eat yr words back anai? anai?anai?
20/01/2017 11:20
nomanland hmm! everyone must be smoking, drink coffee, and waiting....

...smoke again
...sipping coffee afraid of too much caffeine
...light another cigarette without realizing already has one on the ashtray
...cursing again (which God forbid)
...asking (Why me?)
...thinking(wearing a special cap, not french cap...if up tonight wear it)

Geez I must be nut case.
20/01/2017 12:03
nomanland ...continue
ah huh! now.. it is coming,
... come on, faster,
... almost there
... now, pleaseeeeeeeeeee
... I want more
at last...
what a relief...

another round of waiting...
20/01/2017 12:08
Leoleo aiyoyo brent didnt broke 60 . this weekend opec having compliance meeting on output cut right. ?
ala compliance ala upside for oil price
20/01/2017 13:02
bc1234 OTHERS SUMATEC RESOURCES BERHAD ("Sumatec" or the "Company") - Clarification in the Classified Advertisement publised in the New Straits Times, entitled "In The High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur in the State of Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia Companies (Winding-Up) No. WA-28NCC-1062-12/2016 in the matter of Section 218(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1965 between Zulkifly bin Mohamad - Petitioner and Sumatec (Company No. 428355-D) - Respondent".


Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS
Description SUMATEC RESOURCES BERHAD ("Sumatec" or the "Company")
- Clarification in the Classified Advertisement publised in the New Straits Times, entitled "In The High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur in the State of Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia Companies (Winding-Up) No. WA-28NCC-1062-12/2016 in the matter of Section 218(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1965 between Zulkifly bin Mohamad - Petitioner and Sumatec (Company No. 428355-D) - Respondent".
Reference is made to the classified advertisement in the New Straits Times dated 12 January 2016 entitled "In The High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur in the State of Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia Companies (Winding-Up) No. WA-28NCC-1062-12/2016 in the matter of Section 218(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1965 between Zulkifly bin Mohamad - Petitioner and Sumatec (Company No. 428355-D) - Respondent".

(1) Particulars of the claim

The Company wishes to inform that the Company received a sealed copy of the Winding-Up petition by Zulkifly bin Mohamad (Petitioner) via his solicitor, Donovon & Ho on 23 December 2016.

(2) Details of the default or circumstances leading to the filing of the winding-up petitions against the Company.

The Petitioner who claimed to be the ex-employee of the Company is claiming his alleged outstanding salary in the sum of USD171,401.18. However, the Company wishes to clarify that the Petitioner was actually appointed in Kazakhstan and is subject to the Kazakhstan Labour Code. The Company believes that the Winding Up petition will not succeed as there are bona fide disputes to the Petitioner's claim i.e the Petitioner was not employed by the Company and there was no record of payment of his employment provident fund and income tax in Malaysia.

(3) Financial and operational impact on the Group

There will be no material financial significance to the Group as the amount claim is less than 5% of the Company's net assets. There is no operation impact on the Group.

(4)The expected losses if any, arising from the winding-up petition.

The maximum exposure on the Winding-Up petition is USD176,401.18, equivalent to RM786,748 (RM4.46 to USD1) which is part of the Group's operational expenses.

(5) Steps taken and proposed to be taken by Sumatec in respect of the winding-up proceedings.

The case was fixed for a case management on the 4 January 2017 and on the same day the Court has directed the Company to file a Notice to Appear and submit and Affidavit in Opposition by the 20 January 2017. The Court has also fixed the hearing for the Winding-Up petition on 23 February 2017. Pending the disposal of the Winding-Up petition, the Company has also instructed its solicitors to file an application to strike out the Winding-Up petition on the ground that the Petitioner has no reasonable cause of action against the Company and there are bona fide disputes to the Petitioner's claim. In addition to the above, the Company believes that the Petitioner shall file his claim in Kazakhstan and in accordance to the Kazakhstan Labour Code.

The Company will make further announcement of any material development on the above matter.

This announcement is dated 13 January 2017.

Announcement Info
Stock Name SUMATEC
Date Announced 13 Jan 2017
Category General Announcement for PLC
Reference Number GA1-12012017-00032
20/01/2017 13:17
bc1234 OTHERS SUMATEC RESOURCES BERHAD ("Sumatec" or the "Company") - Clarification in the Classified Advertisement published in the New Straits Times, entitled "In The High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur in the State of Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia Companies (Winding-Up) No.WA-28NCC-1062-12/2016 in the matter of Section 218(1)(a) Companies Act 1965 between Zukifly bin Mohamad - Petitioner and Sumatec (Company No. 428355-D) - Respondent".


Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS
Description SUMATEC RESOURCES BERHAD ("Sumatec" or the "Company")
- Clarification in the Classified Advertisement published in the New Straits Times, entitled "In The High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur in the State of Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia Companies (Winding-Up) No.WA-28NCC-1062-12/2016 in the matter of Section 218(1)(a) Companies Act 1965 between Zukifly bin Mohamad - Petitioner and Sumatec (Company No. 428355-D) - Respondent".
Further to the Company's announcement dated 13 January 2017 pertaining to the classified advertisement in the New Straits Times dated 12 January 2016 entitled "In The High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur in the State of Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia Companies (Winding-Up) No.WA-28NCC-1062-12/2016 in the matter of Section 218(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1965 between Zulkifly bin Mohamad - Petitioner and Sumatec (Company No. 428355-D) - Respondent", the Company wishes to further clarify as follows: -

1. Date of representation of the Winding-up petition.

Date of representation of the Winding-up petition was on 16 December 2016.

2. Interest rate on the amount claimed for, if any.

There is no interest rate on the amount claimed for.

This announcement is made on 19 January 2017.

Announcement Info
Stock Name SUMATEC
Date Announced 19 Jan 2017
Category General Announcement for PLC
Reference Number GA1-18012017-00068
20/01/2017 13:54
bc1234 Date announcement made on 19th Jan 2017
20/01/2017 13:55
HYG Any good news for Sumatec?
20/01/2017 14:27
nomanland @bc1234, just copy the link and paste it. We can just click on the link and read it.
20/01/2017 14:28
Leoleo he scare you didnt click on the link. those who already saw the announcement before . to them he is spamming this forum.
20/01/2017 14:44
Leoleo there are many sumatec announcement . he can cut n paste here too. dun underestimate his ability.
20/01/2017 14:46
Vick buy in....
20/01/2017 14:56
Leoleo so next monday bole up ga ? if opec got compliance on output cut..monday oil will up too
20/01/2017 15:30
nomanland Monday oil up. What choice does Opec and non opec have. Even US shale also worried.
20/01/2017 15:32
nomanland Do you think the US shale want to see the 40, 30, 20, 10 again!
20/01/2017 15:33
Leoleo Of course, U.S. shale will be a major factor in this output rebound. In its latest Oil Market Report, the IEA revised up its forecast for U.S. production this year, expecting gains of 170,000 bpd.

i only trust the above forecast. this skl said brazil can add 400 k barrels la blahblah blah...where he get that figure ? jus blow water to the limit.

20/01/2017 15:40
nomanland who or which country do not want high price?
20/01/2017 15:42
Leoleo 170 k barrels. ? very big increase ah ? dns ..skl when iea said shale oil production will increase 170k barrels. skl dun question this figure.

when opec cut 1.2 m barrels. skl said opec will not compliance.
20/01/2017 15:43
Leoleo the pen is on their hand . mau tulis apa pun bole.. blow water
20/01/2017 15:44
nomanland do you think US shale increase their production is good for them? They like poker games.
US and Opec(+non Opec) are worried and don't want low price. Both have to give in soon or later.

Now is just January 2017.
20/01/2017 15:48
Leoleo aiyo shale oil production will coming back this year ..aiyo increase 170k barrels ..manyak ini...
brent oil cant up lor
20/01/2017 15:48
Leoleo 170 k barrels is a small figure lor...why those SKL want to make so big noise ?
20/01/2017 15:49
nomanland I am not thinking too much about the oil price. All they want is higher oil price. They know it. Report is just another report. All win.
20/01/2017 15:51
nomanland Will there be any benefit if oil price drop to 30 or 40 range for the US shale?
20/01/2017 15:52
JoshuaMS7 may i know later will have announcement / notice about the default court case? anyone go to listen the court case?
20/01/2017 15:53
Leoleo if u sell 100 barrels get 50 USD per barrels , as compare when you sell 50 barrels can get 100 USD per barrels ,.
which one you prefer ?
20/01/2017 15:54
Leoleo SKL they never mention this .
20/01/2017 15:55
nomanland when oil price dropped, every oil(or related)companies and countries were suffering.
the only benefit are the consumers.
20/01/2017 15:55
Leoleo only said opec country will pump more oil to get more money...
20/01/2017 15:56
Jajalala Why shale oil producers want lower crude oil price? if crude oil down, they will suffer as well. end of the day, it is about the balance of crude oil price and shale oil price.
From what I know, shale oil producers did suffer when crude oil price drops.

Just my thinking
20/01/2017 15:59
JoshuaMS7 today sumatec terrible quiet until i can't believe!!
20/01/2017 16:26
20/01/2017 16:44
Leoleo wait the wayang meeting on this sunday . lia olang mesti wayang ada follow cut promises.
takan sendiri mali meeting. kasi lu olang tau lia olang tala follow cut meh...

make sense or not....lu sendiri olangs bikin itu meeting . lu ciakap lu tala bikin kerja ah...
20/01/2017 17:44
Leoleo simu recommend dragon lu pegi counter bikin quarter profit cantik pinya...kikiki lia sula lapat ber tong tong profit dekat bunga raya sana lor....lu cipat pegi bunga raya sana cari your long loss kuku lor .itu.kuku lu sula cut long time ago....aiyoyo
20/01/2017 17:48
Noraini Ismail Leoleo & dragon.....happy weekend & Qong Xi Fa Chai......
20/01/2017 17:52
Leoleo simu happy weekend to you n folks .
20/01/2017 17:57
Lim Motor R Station opek takla tipu..macam mana harga minyak nak naik? tunggu opek tipu, minyak naik semua bikin duit...
20/01/2017 18:41
amet2017 Brent oil rise back to USD 54.90 at the point of writing. Itu US punya shale senyap2 mau activate balik, semua org fokus sama opec saja. US sinang2 mau pump banyak2
20/01/2017 19:00
Lim Motor R Station opek tipu sumaa bikin duit, buy jangan takla buy...nanti sumatag naik, sumaa gong xi fu_k cai
20/01/2017 19:06
Equity101 I dont understand latest legal announcement... Please english...
20/01/2017 20:43
venture Not OPEC problem..this fucking US capitalism only want more money by pumping more shale oil. donal trump company
20/01/2017 21:49
JoshuaMS7 today market quiet because of trump!! but oil price, share price are boosted, Monday Sumatec should break higher and higher!!
20/01/2017 22:18
dragonslayer Aiyo...hari hari cakap mau mari....itu underground taiko taiko...abang abang pun belum ada action lagi...apa macam mau mari...aiyoyo...ki ki ki
20/01/2017 22:52
Leoleo aiyoyo bila lu pinya understand group taikor mau mali goreng sumatec ini....
20/01/2017 23:32
Leoleo brent up 3 percent 55.79....up down up down never break 60.
20/01/2017 23:41

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CharlesT Sochai....close both eyes n buy umw....
20/01/2017 20:05
CharlesT When mbsb was rm0.70 last year,u showed price chart n ask why never cut loss blah blah blah...
20/01/2017 20:10
abangadik close eye buy umw :D
20/01/2017 20:14
CharlesT Dont miss umw in 2017
20/01/2017 20:16
lextcs forget about msian stocks la....go for the best market and do justice to your money....ETRM going crazy again...up 47% after a few days of heavy selling...
20/01/2017 23:38

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Step 123 I am guessing that Iris in the near future will involve in cashless payment system,like e-wallet..
18/01/2017 09:59
BabyTA stop scamming people la jack ma collect 4%, this kind of trick you wanna scam people
18/01/2017 10:04
27055825 goodnews Macc has started investigation on FIC investments published in Edge today Finally and hopefully that guy will get..........
18/01/2017 11:35
Pavillion Without TSJ they will be no new contracts ....medium term.....this biz need political connection and network.
18/01/2017 11:54
27055825 what contracts ????
All investors have been taken for a ride by all the bogus............
Forget that guy, he is the problem !!
18/01/2017 12:01
Apple888 All director resign lagii good...new and capable ppl in
18/01/2017 12:01
27055825 Few days ago,I recommended Luster, its not too late !!
18/01/2017 12:02
vinvin Now v can't check the major shareholders/directors' purchases/sales transactions as i3investor.com has done away with the application.................I don't why???!!!
18/01/2017 21:31
Apple888 125.....very good buy
19/01/2017 15:04
samchua1001 me very syiok buy at 0.14
19/01/2017 16:15
Apple888 Don worry sam...still very good buy at 14c...will up up up
19/01/2017 17:42
Pavillion Better sell all.
19/01/2017 18:23
Pavillion http://m.malaysiakini.com/news/369858
19/01/2017 19:29
Pavillion Bungkus !
19/01/2017 20:06
alenac Acting ceo is Datuk Hamdan Mohd Hassan

"In Tan’s absence, Iris deputy managing director Datuk Hamdan Mohd Hassan has assumed the leading role, taking charge of the group’s operations. In a recent interview with The Edge Financial Daily, Hamdan said the group’s operations will undergo a major restructuring next year which includes strengthening its trusted core business in identification."
19/01/2017 20:20
cariwang888 abandon this for real. company cannot pay salary on time
no hope
gone case
19/01/2017 20:42
Pavillion TSJ smart.....sold everything...before anything.....told already don't touch this stock....doomed!....Felda mati again....next time....should limit their investment to max 10% per stock.
19/01/2017 20:43
vinvin Somebody is talking nonsense!!! I don't know who.........!!! Just taking advantage to buy low!!!
19/01/2017 22:23
27055825 TSJ is not smart,he has no moral value.He is mother of all con.
20/01/2017 00:19
Pavillion You can't call person without moral value if it just about .... companies performance or stock price. If that the case then ...... more than 8o% of CEO in bursa has no moral value? :))
20/01/2017 07:17
Pavillion -2 heads sudah kena chopped - without leadership - no new contract
-Founder and backer Felda exited - More shares in hand of retailer
-African projects in question??? Nigeria bad paymaster.
-Kotak biz no more - Did you benefit from disposal? Any special dividend?
-KOTO too expensive...all developer also dying
-Tourist tax - Tourist also pokai
-Papua? ??? Just to bring out cash
-ID biz no more
-Maybe now you can transfer the shares to your children ...let them wait..as they have more time than you.
20/01/2017 08:35
Apple888 Mr Jack....coming....dun worry.those patient will benefit
20/01/2017 08:47
Bob101 Buy later..
20/01/2017 09:05
Bob101 throw away money here
20/01/2017 09:06
Apple888 See....no drop also...well protected by jack n big fund
20/01/2017 10:27
ImCK tan say jim being tangkap ? http://www.enanyang.my/news/20170119/%E6%8D%95%E5%AE%98%E8%81%94%E5%85%AC%E5%8F%B8%E4%B8%A4%E9%AB%98%E5%B1%82br-%E5%8F%8D%E8%B4%AA%E4%BC%9A%E5%86%BB%E7%BB%93%E6%8B%BF%E7%9D%A3%E6%88%B7%E5%A4%B4%E7%99%BE%E4%B8%87%E5%AD%98/
20/01/2017 10:47
Apple888 Not tsj...is hamdan
20/01/2017 10:48
Apple888 Our beloved tsj will return to office..announce biggest project ever
20/01/2017 10:51
Game Co will be alright now, if MACC can tangkap all the tikus. Should go up. Anyway, who is that International Sales Manager?
20/01/2017 12:42
Step 123 Biggest project ever announce ???

Time will tell whether my analysis is correct or not. I hope the project related to

1) M******y g*****y (G* group)
2) Mr Paul /Mr Hakimi
3) e-wallet
4) Transportation (Touch & go)

I am waiting the answer to be review!
20/01/2017 13:23
Apple888 Wowww...13.5c.
20/01/2017 14:35
Zillions http://www.theedgemarkets.com/en/node/328386
20/01/2017 15:16
BabyTA bye bye guys, free fall coming soon
20/01/2017 15:17
Goodluck888 Soon!
20/01/2017 16:37
vinvin Now the company can make better profit................no need to share!!!
20/01/2017 16:56
vinvin Other directors of this company in charged of projects n other businesses also have to be checked of their activities so that profit must not be misused!!!
20/01/2017 17:06
Apple888 This stock really capable...well supported even director in court.jack in the making
20/01/2017 17:24
leslieroycarter It was once traded 60c , now it is a real penny stock of 10c....
20/01/2017 17:30
Flybythenite So this case, the MD damn innocent? Even if 1-2 kakitangan korup, they still
can't manipulate the co profit. Where the millions go? MACC kena dig deeper lol...

Best change the whole Board of Directors! Clean start.

Posted by vinvin > Jan 20, 2017 05:06 PM | Report Abuse

Other directors of this company in charged of projects n other businesses also have to be checked of their activities so that profit must not be misused!!!
20/01/2017 18:22
Pavillion According to news the kickback is 2.5% of gross sales that could equal to more than 12% of net profit. That why got contract also no profit. Now without TSJ .....don't think anybody there capable to secure big contract. TSJ = Iris.
20/01/2017 18:36
Flybythenite What for get big contract, no profit! Btw, No one is irreplaceable. And this is a public co.
20/01/2017 19:23
Apple888 Tsj....will be bek with another new advisor...dun worry
20/01/2017 19:26
Flybythenite Btw, according to this news
It does not expect the remand of Hamdan to have any implications on the validity of the contract and the e-passport project nor any material effect on the earnings and net assets of the company for the financial years ending March 31, 2017 and 2018.
20/01/2017 19:27
Flybythenite Also, according same news above.

Pending the finalisation of the investigations, COO Choong Choo Hock will take over Hamdan's duties and responsibilities as acting CEO of Iris Corp.
20/01/2017 19:31
Pavillion Sure no impact on FY, corruptions is their own doing unless MACC investigate and find out it with co blessing/approval......then different story.....even cos like Rolls Royce, Airbus are doing.

The main issues is leadership and continuity of co growth....sure they will find replacement.....but that will take some time...Choong ...
.emmm you can judge by his performance in Koto.
20/01/2017 21:20
Zillions You should see hamdan wearing the "Lokap" orange t-shirt in the news hahaha
20/01/2017 21:53
ryan7642 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/01/20/iris-corp-deputy-md-arrested-over-epassport-project/
feel bad to recently investor on this share may get trap soon.
20/01/2017 22:09
ryan7642 for short term impact perhaps at range 15-20% drop..technical play to cut short the trap time perhaps..good luck folks..
20/01/2017 22:10
27055825 This is the tip of the iceberg Hamadan issue alone cannot cost the company huge loss
With so many big projects announced in the last 3 years Papua New Guinea, mining ,felda agro , fertilizer plant and the list goes on TSJ was in charge and he has made many statements to the press
So who ???? Is actually responsible???
20/01/2017 23:21
27055825 What about all the hype of PNG project that TSJ is so proud of!!! Who is his right hand there??? Where is all the money??
Come on guys nothing came out of the projects What happened to all the investment
The CEO TSJ should be accountable to all investors!!!!
20/01/2017 23:28

  4 people like this.
jay111 This time I take profit and sold all
20/01/2017 10:28
BabyTA to be honest, i dont know why u all compare yourself to venfx, not saying he's not right about this stock, it's a very good stock, the difference is that he went in at a VERY low price, no matter what he will hold till result out which i think will boost the share price, but now till then no one knows the stock will drop till what price
20/01/2017 10:29
EasyInKlse Haiz.....take profit for CNY 1st.....no eye see liao.
20/01/2017 10:34
20/01/2017 10:39
max_cavalera I assume rally from 0.275 until 0.495 is 1st wave rally. 2nd wave correction support level would be: 0.41, 0.385, 0.36

Before it rally again......so if u guys cant take such steep paper loss. My advise is cut loss for now and reenter again when price rally again....
20/01/2017 10:39
Linda Tan Lay Cheng lucky I sold all on tuesday
20/01/2017 10:41
tkp2 every day i see why retailers lose money in share market, this is a good example, at 0.3+ they don't want to buy, after price surge high, they like to chase high, then price down a bit, they cut lost, and this happen again and again. Cut lost in VIS at this level show that you don't understand the valuation of VIS.
20/01/2017 10:44
jay111 Cny nee
20/01/2017 10:44
jay111 If you no need money still can hold for mid-term,but I want money for cny,so I sold first
20/01/2017 10:45
jay111 Last I advise you all don't talk big in this forum,maby have ghost
20/01/2017 10:48
Alex Lim Jun Xiong VenFx, I hope to average down more before next result is out.
tkp2, is a successful investor, earn so much from Airasia call warrant.
I got burn in Airasia call warrant last November, gone RM5000 & promise myself never touch on Airasia again~
20/01/2017 10:49
tkp2 for those who buy at 0.45-0.5, ask yourself why you want to buy this stock at that level, fundamental doesn't change, price is going thru a normal movement, no share price will go up in straight line, after a surge, it will pull back a bit, if you have profit is ok to take it if you can't stand volatility, but if you buy at high price, really no need to cut lost.
20/01/2017 10:51
miss_secret Aiya I'm long term luckily I not urgent use money right now,so I keep for long term,if drop, I top up some
20/01/2017 11:02
valuelurker Post removed. Why?
20/01/2017 11:03
k6ii Ghost everywhere....haha..i don wan post anymore here...good lucky everyone..
20/01/2017 11:12
hisehatu valuelurker is purely sohai. buy high sell low. losing money and losing mind also.
20/01/2017 11:13
EasyInKlse NM here is vis forum la.....if want talk digistar go back there fuk la.....
20/01/2017 11:20
jay111 Just believe yourself,cny ghost everwhere,some will help you,some will give you fallingknife
20/01/2017 11:23
VenFx I see this sh*tlurker must be burned badly by Digista,
till he need to find moneykj sifu to be blamed.

Hope he will not go insane.

20/01/2017 11:38
strategisst Kutip sampah lagi...
20/01/2017 11:49
gabriel1985 Strategist, how many tonnes of sampah have you collected? I will sapu a bit of sampah at this price.
20/01/2017 11:56
Darren Lim support for tkp2. jst hold n be patient. collect some when price is drop.
20/01/2017 12:36
rchi this stock went up nearly 300% frm its low of 14 sen....a slight consolidation is normal.
20/01/2017 12:50
char1234 lowest price ?
20/01/2017 13:00
moneykj Ven bro, I suspect this sorchai sh.t lurker is the same person with the sorchai car salesman. One character is like holy person, another is mad dog. He promote Digistar months ago, get burnt badly by Digistar. One with 2 characters is very difficult to adapt in normal life. That's why he always barking thru the mad dog character to ease both depression. And imagine Venfx=moneykj.
20/01/2017 13:47
strategisst gabriel1985, collect good sampah..could fetch good price for kitar semula
20/01/2017 15:03
miss_secret why so many ppl drop the share? why so many ppl willing to buy? if got ppl buy,why guys want drop the share?
20/01/2017 16:39
char1234 its over n done ...game over...
20/01/2017 16:40
valuelurker Post removed. Why?
20/01/2017 16:45
valuelurker Post removed. Why?
20/01/2017 16:47
valuelurker Post removed. Why?
20/01/2017 16:48
valuelurker Post removed. Why?
20/01/2017 16:51
tkp2 show some respect ok? don't bring your personal issue to this forum
20/01/2017 16:58
tkp2 this forum have been very peaceful recently
20/01/2017 16:58
jay111 Big boss still have,but they want draw look bad chart
20/01/2017 17:01
valuelurker Post removed. Why?
20/01/2017 17:01
jay111 Why many stupid anjing here,period coming I think
20/01/2017 17:31
Masterful Fanny Price is cheap now. Can buy and keep
20/01/2017 19:23
valuelurker Venfx moneykj lose then remove my post? Hahaha run back to your hole la

Lose money wor, come la got balls come show your IC, hahaha we see if ive ever touched your Digistar or Visdynamics conman
20/01/2017 19:33
valuelurker Dont remove my posts la, you want to remove, better delete their ID's

Everyday con aunty uncle money TP 80c hahaha
20/01/2017 19:34
bigbigboss better sell now
20/01/2017 19:36
valuelurker Moneykj your Digistar 0.160 wor today, where's 30c ahhhh? One week already lo noob, 'cant say much' some more ah hahaha

Warrants being converted conman you still holding ah? Next week tell people TP 30c again so you can sell ah? hahaha
20/01/2017 19:37
valuelurker Im hanging conman out to dry, who trash talk and call names but their comments stay and mine get removed hahaha

Let the world see who you two conman are dont hide behind the screen, say I lost money on Digistar hahaha free also dont want la

Dont hide cowards
20/01/2017 19:49
hisehatu Crazy dog losing money barking here.
20/01/2017 20:01
valuelurker I already said lose money? Ha ha ha I show my trades and you show the world your conman face, I know my performance and you will have to go back to your hole

Venfx moneykj hisehatu who else wants to be exposed as conman
20/01/2017 20:11
VenFx moneykj sifu,
I don't even bother who he is .
Juz find he is no more better than a scum bag.
20/01/2017 21:24
VenFx For certain I know this scum bag pay full attention on ViS.
He don't want to miss Jhm & Pmetal like during our very prompt move last year.

I'm sure pplane2016 agree, rite ?

Cut all your crap sh*tlurker.
U desperately need a live out there.
It's only will show how low u r .
20/01/2017 21:30
valuelurker Again you changed the subject hahaha

First say lose money, then now talk again about your past picks, and now you want to bring in paperplane2016? Hahaha how many people you need Venfx coward

You cheat aunty uncle clueless retailers to hold your shares, and you call me to get a life? How about you go back to your mother's hole?

I'll show you I have never touched Digistar or Visdynamics, and you show the world your conman face, deal?
20/01/2017 21:45
nskim0909 from a knowledge sharing forum into a warzone, that y nowadays less and less people tend to share and guide newbie in this hard condition.
20/01/2017 22:38
foodie Sadly quite often forums bring ppl to holland. Don't listen too much. Do your own homework. Not everyone can be trusted. Careful.
20/01/2017 22:41

Posted by 稻田·* 粒粒芳香 at Jul 27, 11:39 PM
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稻田·* 粒粒芳香 rchi kor...

thanks for drop by.. Ini rumah akan disita tak lama lagi....

Really wan sek ka nan meh??? Since I join stock market in 2008..... every year esp beginning of year and year end also read and heard whole world say IT GONNA BE TOUGH AND TOUGHER..........VERY BUMPY ROAD AHEAD..............

every yrs also hear the same demotivated statement... Nevertheless, I am doing better and better .... and my company also doing great and greater...... may be we pay attention to explore and discover than normal ppl...

chat soon...
23/12/2016 11:42
rchi i did hv a fantastic yr this yr even tho many kalah,but i always am modest wan ma...kikiki..dun wan tell u how many % return lar,lest u say i boasting.
up make more, down make less but down offer opportunity to buy bargain.

only the top players welcome a deep correction...we will get this chance in 2017...cheers.
23/12/2016 11:49
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 rchi kor... don't get me wrong.. I trust U... I know how U execute ur trades... I know about U since 2013 from Tj's thread....

I know U are not boast..... I also hope and dream I have ur brain immediately....

This year I have been very quiet compare last year.... most of time absent and also cut down my blog/article.... I will reduce more in 2017 and slowly divert to other channel.....
23/12/2016 11:52
gemini15 Duit merry Christmas to you and your family.
23/12/2016 11:55
rchi duit...you will do great as a corporate man...let me know when they publish your name big2 in the papers...you hv many talents...wish you all the best.
23/12/2016 11:55
suremax Merry Christmas to all sifu here.
23/12/2016 12:05
sclow Duit & all the bro/ sis. Wish you all & your family Merry Christmas & A Happy 2017 new year. Cheers....
23/12/2016 12:09
rchi ok duit good luck.

sign off now.
23/12/2016 12:10
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Enjoy all..

Curry mee moment!
23/12/2016 12:13
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Follow money flow pls.

take profit by today

HSI-C68: buy RM0.175/0.180
HSI-C60: buy RM0.090
CHina50-CP: buy RM0.160
China50-CN: buy 0.085 (NOT RECOMMENDED)
29/12/2016 11:26
suremax Huat ah!!!
29/12/2016 11:28
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 U can go china CP
29/12/2016 11:29
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Have to break silence after seeing so many innocent frens clouded by innocent comments.

Follow money flow pls.

take profit by today

HSI-C68: buy RM0.175/0.180
HSI-C60: buy RM0.090
CHina50-CP: buy RM0.160
China50-CN: buy 0.085 (NOT RECOMMENDED)
29/12/2016 11:30
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Earn or not earn pls clear everything. I will not assist to do follow up tomorrow.
29/12/2016 12:59
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Good to see all make money today.
29/12/2016 15:44
Oldman I just noticed this. too late for me for hsi reference. But congrats to all who earned from your pick. Thanks.
29/12/2016 16:33
KAQ4468 Happy New Year abang Duit ....

Tahun 2017 kita kasi collect RM
30/12/2016 15:42
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Hello my fren...wish U huat huat huat in coming year
30/12/2016 16:21
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Dear Fellow Readers,

This is my last message to end 2016.
Throughout this year statistically it's fruitful and joyful for me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped me, alert me when I'm in danger, provided me second chance/third chance when I made mistake, discussed stock investment with informative inputs, etc. At the same time, I must also apologize to those who hurt by me, personal attack by me, psychologically ruin by my messages, etc.

As a summary of good and bad about my whole year performance it's at satisfactory score. Let me summarize my 2 biggest mistakes of the year.

1) SOLD Airasia at RM1.4X with 35% gain-- It went up above my absolute fair target RM1.85. Learned something new from this incident and will pay attention in next similar event.

2) Based on May 2016, predicted Hangseng index should close at 25,000--It pulled back a lot after touched 24,xxx level. Learned something new and understand the mutated variables in affecting the entire environment. Apart from that, I managed to formula my 3 principles for trading HSI warrants which could help me protect capital

For the positive outcome this year I learn and start to modify Larry Williams's way of analysis to deploy to my Macro analysis. LW is my target of learning and his success story in 2016 inspired me a lot. This is unbelievable when I see how LW use Copper/Copper Index to predict the market outlook of China. Really an eye opener in 2016. Keep track on how LW carry out analysis it opened my mind on how to carry out multiple regression and produce the correlation thingz in my stock investment. Very few people could agree with me but those who follow LW will understand and believe it.

In 2017, I will participate in the forum lesser compare to 2016(lesser than 2015) so I have more time to build foundation for my future business. Nevertheless, it will not take away my passion to do blog/article/handout to share with my fellow recipients.

Lastly, I wish you success in career, family, health and OF COURSE investment field.

Yours sincerely,
30/12/2016 16:21
abangadik thanks duitkor! likewise to you too.
30/12/2016 16:23
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 thanks abangadik HengTai.... my great fren..
30/12/2016 16:29
manstar thanks duit kor for the tips and guidelines
wish you happy new year
30/12/2016 16:37
luckylee Duit & All Heng Tai , A Very Happy & Huat 2017
30/12/2016 17:11
tsy88 Hi Duit ... wishing u a very Happy n fruitful Year 2017 !!! Cheers !!
31/12/2016 19:39
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Thanks and happy to see u all make a wishes here
05/01/2017 10:48
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Market outlook update:

Some less heartening news for HSIF warrants traders.

As latest CBBC table is referred. Banker and market makers are unable to confirm the strength and intention to continue buy up the market from 22,230(mild resistance) to 22,850(upper resistance).

Today 5 January 2017 at 10:40AM the comparison table show both bear and bull contracts stake up at 21,400(heavily) and 22,500(building up). This is a 1,100 pts gap which we noticed whenever this happen Banker will monitor the retailers holding only react. The range bound is typically wide and traders are not comfortable with this. I suggest you guys(newbie) to consider below option;
1) To review whenever it broke 22,500 to trade for uptrend
2) Wait till it break 22,000 and you go to quick ride (day trade) to short

I believe this environment will continue for 2 weeks while hit and run with put warrant would have lesser risk.

Remarks: This outlook will not valid should CBBC contracts reduce their contracts at 22,500-22,599 tomorrow.

05/01/2017 10:48
Coldrisks Mr Lim, Ms Andy, Mr Duit, Mr Chinforming and all my friends here, my being in i3 is bec of lfe corp; now it has exited pn17, my duty is over.

我决定退出江湖,leave i3 for good. Wish you all the best in everything you undertaking and please take good care of your health.

Happy Chinese New Year in advance.

05/01/2017 21:53
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Take care Coldrisk...

Very glad to know you finally decided to divorce with LFECORP... You are supposed to belong to good stock but it was too long overdue when you engaged in LFECORP.

Bye and see you in next chapter
05/01/2017 22:00
Coldrisks You misunderstand my message, I believe LFE is going to perform very well from tomorrow onward that is why I don't need to take care of it from now on.
05/01/2017 22:11
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 I see Coldrisks...

Hahaha.... I respect your view of LFE CORP....
05/01/2017 22:13
paperplane2016 Duit Is pure goreng kaki. Sometime win, sometime lose. Better follow raider, kcchongnz....
05/01/2017 22:36
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 hahahaha

good point. I dislike people follow me actually becoz I dun like to see ppl lose money.....
05/01/2017 22:50
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Everyone welcome to say anything..... Public will judge who has substance....

No need to waste time argue. hahaha
05/01/2017 22:51
paperplane2016 Ya meh. You make mKney goreng Hsi Mah.
05/01/2017 22:52
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 I dislike people follow me in HSIF warrants too.
05/01/2017 22:53
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 by the way, so many forumer why you always comment me this and that? I never ask you to follow me in any share....
05/01/2017 22:55
paperplane2016 I never follow you also. I think I can pick stocks better myself. I do!mentioned every where in forum also wat. This yr I target top 50 enough, many great sifu here!
05/01/2017 23:07
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 paperplane2016. good that U never follow me. jz wondering why you keep comment me this and that since U never lose money on my proposed counter.

Every year also great sifu but I am just set target to compete with myself. Never bother to compete with other simply because I am in learning stage. I target Top 25 this year, last year Top 35.
05/01/2017 23:12
paperplane2016 You are sifu Mah, I target top 50 only this year....by yr end all portfolio able read red negative.
06/01/2017 00:04
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Dudes,

Worth to take a look A&M this week.

You will know better after tomorrow.
09/01/2017 12:00
VerySUI Duit bro, good time to enter SIME now??
09/01/2017 12:14
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Wait.

Afternoon will update
09/01/2017 12:35
VerySUI Noted Duit Bro
09/01/2017 14:13
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 HSIF outlook.

As CBBC and technical charts are referred.

Hangseng future index has great potential to break 23,100 and shall start to pull back from 23,112 if not from 23,104. We can see from 22,530 level each 100 pts from CBBC will create profit to the bear killers.

Let's make simple assumption when HSIF hit 23,112 what should be focus.
At 23,112...
H79 RM0.760
H67 RM0.275

The above assumption is subject to change in different condition.
11/01/2017 10:19
flyingkite Ah duit, d above still valid for 2day?
12/01/2017 08:14
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Afternoon market update:

It is very obvious current index broke down 100 MA after numerous attempts to break 22,997 since last night. No clear implication of the fail breakout at 23,008 this morning. I will ignore this point for my analysis.

Upon Donald Trump speech US Dollar slightly pull down but his speech bring Nasdaq closed above 5,000 while slight pull back on stock market. Generally, his intention to bring back pharmatech is clear and also unchanged decision on TPP (Malaysia can look at biotech/pharma for any collaboration synergy in this TPP participants).

Based on CBBC it is now at quite equal ratio but to eat up the 150 pts to 23,100 is much lower cost than eat down 200 pts below 22,800. While CBBC and external factors are on mixed mode II tend to go fundamental. This week Hangseng cash market does not see any key mover from Banking or Energy ,hence, we believe many are prepare for mild correction (http://www.bnppwarrant.com/tc/index money flow in for put & flow out for call at Hongkong). Today market surge was mainly due to Tencent stock (7000)on this morning's banker target of 230.00 and also China Mobile rise(941). Watch out this two for the rest of the day.

Game plan:
1) do not open call warrants position for more than 2.5 hours esp when we see UP slow Down fast
2) To trade H67 when HSIF hover 22,992 with a cut loss point at 23,040.
3) Next support line which comply with CBBC contracts would be 22,830 before to 22,650.

Happy investing.
12/01/2017 13:33
jackyle Ok, Thanks. Hope u still continue share ur precious knowledge and pls don't hide back to gua niah.
12/01/2017 19:33
SS1967 Hi Duit! can give comment on UMWOG?
20/01/2017 11:42
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 hi SS1967

did not follow pre and post corporate exercise. Not in best position to comment.
20/01/2017 11:49
Coldrisks Posted by 稻田·* 粒粒芳香 > Jan 5, 2017 10:13 PM | Report Abuse

I see Coldrisks...

Hahaha.... I respect your view of LFE CORP....

Mr Duit, thank you for respecting my view of LFE CORP by going to the forum to shout lousy stock and sell; when it was just out from pn17. Who say you were wrong? i never say that, you were so right that on the second day it dropped right from the beginning.

More people follow your path jumped out to ask people to sell and buy back later. Fantastic, now is almost the same price before it exit from pn17 already. No, still too expensive, still not too late to sell. Stock God duit asked us to sell lfe and buy the quality shares he recommended.

Thank you again, duit, I think by no time it can drop below 20 cts then 10 cts, wao, cant wait for it to happen, everyday also I dream about it, so wonderful can buy double. hahaha
20/01/2017 23:19

  hero666 likes this.
tiongkeat 0.135 now.. hopeless
19/01/2017 10:39
koi koh on the first of listing , 300+millions shares at the average price of 14.7 being traded may press down the price to 12.5 next week
19/01/2017 10:52
Pavillion Tmr last day of trading and start of 3wks long holidays....coincidence with Trump gila gila policies statements.
19/01/2017 11:24
leslieroycarter 13.5 n coming down?
19/01/2017 11:28
ezobear ah tiong ah tiong . .so disappointed with you ... politic lembek .. goreng batang pun lembek ... how can i count on you to lead? sure let you balik kampung tanam jagung in next GE ...
19/01/2017 11:33
PlsGiveBonus Made 240m from the IPO
So happy now
19/01/2017 12:46
PlsGiveBonus 1000 hectares is only worth at most 20m
Why not bring it into IPO and made 240m
Instant 12 times flip of profit
19/01/2017 12:48
PlsGiveBonus 240m can buy more than 12,000 hectares land and bring into IPO again
This time can flip 2b or more from IPO
19/01/2017 12:51
PlsGiveBonus Definitely made more money than mo1 and 2.6b
19/01/2017 12:57
Pavillion Friday people will sell
19/01/2017 13:11
IronShirt Friday T+3 also sell day----nobody made money----Buy 14c Sell 14c-----only matang made 18.2M
19/01/2017 13:18
Tripaka Down further..
19/01/2017 14:06
ggky09 Stupid stock 3 days and down sumore meh..
19/01/2017 14:49
koi koh Sit..to..pig to buy this stock
19/01/2017 14:56
Angielim9955 all Ipo guys alreday sell , in current market all is apply Ipo and sell after ada 15% profit , exmaple last year all new Ipo also first up alot after people take profit , noone dare to bet on future but for new ipo sure ada goreng kaki , so just follow then untung faster run far far
19/01/2017 15:32
char1234 game over so fast ?
19/01/2017 16:30
19/01/2017 16:53
ezobear use your voting power to punish the lembek MCA ... must teach them a lesson & don't play play with small investors... :(
19/01/2017 16:56
BigDaddyCool Buy 13 sell at 13.5...a really bunch of useless company....it sucks public money to exit their internal debts issues...wasting time
19/01/2017 18:11
BigDaddyCool Better concentrate on my hsi stock...daily make.money...this useless counter is a vehicle to entice public to dump their money for election purpose...
19/01/2017 18:15
char1234 new company in debt already ? cannot b
19/01/2017 18:16
Jack Wong General election is near, they will not do something which can cause bad reputation, between oil palm is uptrend, just wait patiently. Just sell now, if feel worried. So, other can collect at lower prices
19/01/2017 18:19
PlsGiveBonus How much is the net debt after merge?
19/01/2017 18:23
BigDaddyCool Campalang company....if hoping for price to increased with exception if palm.oil price increased then its gonna be a stupid statement....look at fgv same fate and situation...after listing price dive until now...now its on its way to be delisted from bursa....then to go private..kasi malu 1 dunia...biggest IPO in the world...now biggest loser to shareholder...failed...looks.like matang is the same game only with different name & images...end of the day its pump and dump method
19/01/2017 19:11
char1234 my mistake in buying this share.Lesson learned...
19/01/2017 21:34
Pavillion Come back again after Chap Goh Mei ! Everybody packing already.
19/01/2017 21:50
darkxfs buy gocean or scope mybe will up
19/01/2017 22:50
PlsGiveBonus Director already made 240m
Mother also cannot recognize now
20/01/2017 00:22
hohoho123 one way ticket
20/01/2017 09:02
leslieroycarter Hope can maintain 13c......
20/01/2017 11:29
koi koh may drop to 12.5
20/01/2017 11:43
Pavillion Most likely will test 11.5
20/01/2017 11:48
leslieroycarter US markets r considered 20% over-valued , so the tendency of interest hike is prevalent as envisaged by many analysts . The spill over effect will be felt here n Matang will not be exempted. Our currency will be put to another crucial test . If it can weather and cushion the impact then we r considered lucky. The Trump administration has no details on its expansionary measures on infra spendings . His protectionist attitude will encourage more countries to adopt protectionist behaviors , this will not auger well for the world economy , more so when Trump advocates trade war with China which will inadvertently caused turmoil in other countries more so for countries depending more on exports. Our country will not be spared either. The crux is uncertainties r abound so our future is bleak ! Beware all the pundits!
20/01/2017 12:14
klsehopeful price is rallying. the world needs palm oil. and whos the second largest producer.
20/01/2017 14:56
Contender Looks like heading back to IPO price ....
20/01/2017 15:02
char1234 so pathetic a company......but next week shld rally in conjunction with CNY
20/01/2017 15:41
klsehopeful very strong support at 13.5. better not disappoint, if not batang story will spread to all ah mas and ah paks over cny. nobody will buy ur share.
20/01/2017 15:42
BabyTA if next week go back up, i chop my head down for you also can.
20/01/2017 15:43
klsehopeful chop chop chop.....go chop fruits, maybe got buyers.
20/01/2017 15:52
koi koh batang already pendek , chop chop chop...... nothing remain
20/01/2017 16:23
char1234 lets see next week after t4
20/01/2017 16:43
PlsGiveBonus IPO is I paid overpriced piece of land
20/01/2017 20:53
PlsGiveBonus Matang: To improve yield, cost efficiency. MCA-linked plantation company Matang made its debut on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia yesterday at a 7.7% premium, two years after a planned merger with Scope Industries fell flat. Matang chairman Datuk Teh Kean Ming said the group will focus on improving its yield and cost efficiency in a move to boost revenue and profitability. Matang is stepping up its replanting exercise in Matang Estate and at the same time increasing its fresh fruit bunch (FFB) yield through greater usage of fertilisers. (SunBiz)
20/01/2017 20:55
PlsGiveBonus Ace market with market cap of 240m?
It must be the biggest one
20/01/2017 20:56
S7R7 What's good thing about Matang? So actively traded.
20/01/2017 20:58
PlsGiveBonus All this IPO has no quality at all
Only aim for quick profit
20/01/2017 20:58
char1234 ipo ....goreng...
join d fun
20/01/2017 21:31
darkxfs monday open 13.5 then will up to 14.5
20/01/2017 23:13
darkxfs when 14.5 sell all take money buy scope ><
20/01/2017 23:13
darkxfs scope 0.155 if up 0.01 then sell all
20/01/2017 23:14

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Lim AS now is less than 40k/ac after discounting 25m cash given free ? What a shock to many? what has been disclosed by captains of the industry is :
EPS by Scope is 0.21 cts and Matang is 4.3 cts Difference of 20xs
NTA by Scope is 12 cts and Matang is 118.9 cts Difference of nearly 10xs
under Matang -Scope Merger , it is clearly the minority shareholders were taken for by a free ride????
Assets of 12 cts will be valued at 25 cts??? Very smart move by Scope.Which is value by 2.1 x higher ..V smart n clever move compared with matang which is grossly undervalued.
30/05/2013 22:24
Tiago GT Now is the time to enter....
31/05/2013 16:27
Lim AS The share may drop further n resistance around 20 cts?
01/06/2013 00:26
koosp Looking forward 10c
05/06/2013 00:14
koosp Can anyone explain to me what is warrant ?
05/06/2013 09:29
iQBE189 那些董事应该是脑生草了!读那么多书来害人!
05/06/2013 15:53
TanChaiHe Scope shareholders got to sell your shares fast before it starts to plunge when the Scope Taikos who have accumulated Scope shares (as they planned CSL will bulldoze the Matang merger deal thru) over the past year start to dispose off shares, by then it will be too late
05/06/2013 19:19
koosp I personally think that the bod in matang have reach a certain deal with bod of scope.otherwise the whole thing is no logic.just a crazy speculation.
05/06/2013 21:13
TanChaiHe Sell SCOPE shares now or you get burnt real bad when the taikos who hold millions of shares (hoping CSL can get them a revised Matang deal see no chance at all as CSL 'loyal' supporters now shift support from this rotten head) have no choice but to sell.
07/06/2013 08:27
tybear 4.7million shares@ 22sen valued RM1.034million crossed hand today! What's it all about?! I thought scope game over ardy!
15/07/2013 15:51
Lim AS the play has long been ended prematurely ....
13/09/2013 12:27
greatman9 this one can bor
24/02/2014 14:48
LuckyStorm finally break 25sen resistance. TP=49.5sen
24/02/2014 16:49
ericoconut Scope boleh ?
26/02/2014 16:49
eu7985 So sunyi here...but the price keeping rise, any news bout scope?
08/03/2014 23:42
john888 Scope something is cooking .
15/03/2014 18:14
lola88 0.350? Haha
17/03/2014 10:06
satha44 Not sure of uptrend...general market weak...sold at 33
17/03/2014 17:27
satha44 No volume to push higher
22/03/2014 11:35
greatman9 sold, let other make the money
26/03/2014 12:55
eu7985 Wa...it really can up ler, now hit the highest record liao, 0.39, still can in or not? Today eyes on gpacket n dsonic ca, congrats to those who make money
26/03/2014 21:25
satha44 No volume on thursday / friday....cannot sustain uptrend without volume....lets wait and see..
30/03/2014 14:05
satha44 Lousy player...every few sens he has to rest...how to go to 1 rinnggit ever...
01/04/2014 21:22
LUCAS Post removed. Why?
02/04/2014 07:22
satha44 Well done..
02/04/2014 22:00
nch1388 Heard the directors are selling their shares??
09/04/2014 22:34
nch1388 True??
09/04/2014 22:34
satha44 Needs to break 40aens...forever stuck below 39....
15/04/2014 07:30
durianking lower n lower...
18/04/2014 10:44
eu7985 0.335...shld I sell or hold, stuck 0.37...
25/04/2014 18:19
eu7985 Drop lagi...0.32
28/04/2014 22:16
TMMC I think it will go lower than 0.30
01/05/2014 00:15
eu7985 Up 1 day drop 3 days?? If drop below 0.30 then buy some to avg down my price..
08/05/2014 11:57
Risk Trader Still downtrend.....better sell and buy back lower
22/05/2014 08:06
eu7985 Up liao, pls go up some more, let me out with break even I also happy d ...
24/05/2014 23:38
Ruby Sim Fong Fong a good share to keep?
18/06/2014 18:38
eu7985 Director convert warrant to mother share, wait it go green back to 0.37 ...
01/07/2014 20:19
Bryan Lee can go until 40 sen today...
13/08/2014 09:06
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/quarterResult/YoY/quarter/0028/31-Dec-2014.jsp
12/02/2015 23:04
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/quarterResult/YoY/quarter/0028/31-Mar-2015.jsp
21/05/2015 20:42
Stockwatch Kim http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kimstockwatchfajar/96677.jsp
17/05/2016 23:09
HEROLAI how come no power today..
18/05/2016 15:28
HEROLAI lai liao lai liao
24/05/2016 10:14
Chee Chuan Koh hi guys and girls matang a goodieee buy for me maybe 40 cents..guessing gane hahaha....hehehe...
25/12/2016 14:18
darkxfs justnow buy 37.4k at 0.155 still left 12.6k
18/01/2017 16:32
darkxfs done all got 50k at 0.155
18/01/2017 16:34
darkxfs q another 50k at 0.155 till 8/2/17
18/01/2017 16:54
BigDaddyCool bloody damn counter...relisting again just to suck public money...not even a buying support appeared now
19/01/2017 10:27
darkxfs justbnow buy another 46.8k at 0.155 total 96.8k
19/01/2017 22:41
darkxfs low volume ...
20/01/2017 23:10

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joannelim hopeless frankie tan
03/03/2016 08:44
NicholasNWH90 Look like someone is collecting.
04/03/2016 11:04
DaitoRyu Let's hope they collect millions, we need miracle here.
05/03/2016 10:48
NicholasNWH90 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5022353
Private placement at RM0.10 to bumiputra investors.
08/03/2016 13:09
joannelim below 9 cents now
08/03/2016 20:35
zumzum no volume
10/03/2016 13:32
NicholasNWH90 Getting active.
29/03/2016 10:06
DaitoRyu Yeah they need to push it up for the new issue, needs a lot more volume. Its a long way back for me on this. If I get my money back I will be doing well...Fingers crossed.
29/03/2016 11:49
NicholasNWH90 I have already cut loss on half of my holding. 40% loss of capital. Hopefully can recover for my remaining holding.
29/03/2016 15:36
NicholasNWH90 Force awaken.
10/05/2016 16:19
zumzum Sure or not?
17/05/2016 15:05
yanerfei pp 10% to bumi goreng up soon
27/05/2016 15:41
persie Brewing....
27/05/2016 15:42
yanerfei son will double at least 0.07 from lowest
27/05/2016 15:42
DaitoRyu Maybe there's life in the old dog after all
27/05/2016 16:52
zumzum good good
27/05/2016 17:21
persie Hopefully Dato Tan can turns gocean around this time. Revenue for last two quarter increase tremendously.
28/05/2016 18:29
al_beast haiya.pagi2 gocean tido lg.
30/05/2016 09:10
persie 4QR : 0.701mil profit. FYE2016 : 0.297mil profit. Good improvement. Good for long term investment.
31/05/2016 18:26
darkxfs justnow buy 350k at 0.090 q 100k at 0.085 no people sell..........
01/06/2016 23:37
al_beast hopefully a good sign.
02/06/2016 00:52
persie I got in at 9c and 9.5c based on its increasing revenue and profit. Dont forget, its shares only 263mil, very small and price is easy to go up.
02/06/2016 13:53
NicholasNWH90 Good results. Getting active. They should goreng it now.
02/06/2016 15:12
DaitoRyu It deserves to fly, they appear to have turned the business around, great results.
02/06/2016 15:40
NicholasNWH90 But in their QR, they describe their future to remain challenging. I believe now is the accumulation stage for operator waiting to be pushed up for next quarter.
03/06/2016 14:56
darkxfs today sell 350k at 0.095 wait drop then buy back......total gain rm2900+/-
03/06/2016 23:45
darkxfs buy 0.090 350k sell 0.095 total gain rm1200+/- not rm 2900 ><
06/06/2016 08:30
darkxfs 0.100......
06/06/2016 09:44
persie Got volume today, Hopefully it is coming...
20/06/2016 12:04
NicholasNWH90 They could be building support at 0.11.
21/06/2016 10:04
joannelim hopefully is no roll games. if the price want to moving up then the volume must continues to increasing.
22/06/2016 21:00
buyabest few years back gocean game was like annual event. but since 2013, it is a boring game already.
but somehow, boring mean accumulating. but not sure they need how long to accumulated this counter
27/07/2016 16:43
persie Q report will out soon today. Either Dato Tan cheat investors or not will determine later.
30/08/2016 10:19
persie http://m.thesundaily.my/node/330743
30/08/2016 18:50
persie http://m.thesundaily.my/node/274482
30/08/2016 18:50
joannelim It is no easy to turnaround this company as the business model is no profitable. The margin is very thin to operate in palm kernel crushing and refining of palm oil . Dato Tan should think of other business model or backdoor listing or inject his own co. into gocean. Just keep depending on private placement to ease cash flow is no the long term.solution.
31/08/2016 09:47
darkxfs today buy 0.080 100k
11/01/2017 01:40
darkxfs get another 96k at 0.080 still q 114k at 0.080 total got 196k
11/01/2017 16:53
darkxfs not 114k is 104k wrong ><
11/01/2017 17:00
darkxfs 0.090 !
12/01/2017 09:12
DaitoRyu Its been sleeping a long time, I've been waiting a long time, hopefully we can go above .10
12/01/2017 09:29
darkxfs sell 100k at 0.085 left 96k
12/01/2017 10:01
darkxfs sell all at 0.085 total gain rm 800+/-
12/01/2017 10:32
darkxfs now playing mclean but price already up
12/01/2017 14:48
persie All share price go up do as gocean.
12/01/2017 21:07
darkxfs friday buy back 5k only today buy back 2k zzzzzzz loss money........
17/01/2017 00:19
darkxfs finally buy another 97k at 0.080 total 104k now q 100k at 0.080
17/01/2017 11:12
darkxfs got another 100k at 0.080 today easy get total 204k
18/01/2017 11:29
darkxfs today got 200k at 0.080 total 404k q 200k at 0.075 till 8/2/2016
19/01/2017 22:39
darkxfs today no volume... pay money first then buy if price drop
20/01/2017 23:10

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geoffreylee shortinvestor77, compare to jaycorp?
01/12/2016 16:13
Wawai Samah Very2 steady counter
01/12/2016 18:18
shortinvestor77 Jay Corp is diversifying businesses. Its new construction business will be a star in future.
01/12/2016 20:39
filidon kyy still the biggest shareholder ? pray hard 4Q will be good or else he will dump like no tomorrow. that's his rule
03/12/2016 01:03
muse8 actually Q3 result was very good but price going down
05/12/2016 11:57
Eric708 Dat de problems if kyy biggest shareholder haizzz
05/12/2016 16:30
filidon kyy had a great influence, if result good he will push up like no tomorrow. this his pattern. as an investor should appreciate his effort to push up
06/12/2016 16:30
filidon so once result turn ugly, be prepared to jump water.
06/12/2016 16:31
filidon http://www.theedgemarkets.com/en/article/exporters-fear-higher-costs-new-forex-measure

this could affect exporting company , glove com already start making noise.
06/12/2016 16:32
muse8 will that affect liihen much?
06/12/2016 17:44
kkchoo79 buy buy or bye bye
06/12/2016 20:22
foreign_fund We vote Donald Trump as US President because he promised us with jobs if elected. If he does not keep promise can we revote and choose Hillary Clinton instead?
07/12/2016 04:16
Andry Ong all export companies affected by last friday BNM ruling.
07/12/2016 17:14
kkchoo79 Mr Market tell me bye bye. Hahah
07/12/2016 19:59
chamlo Myanmar stops migrant workers going to Malaysia after Rohingya row
07/12/2016 21:30
andychk No worried as Minister said will bangla workers will continue come in.
07/12/2016 22:46
Kikilala666 US economy is doing well, good for Liihen..
08/12/2016 08:31
Sephy In making specific reference to the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturer Association’s (Margma) call for an exemption from having to convert 75% of its export earnings to ringgit, he said BNM has already provided exporters to hold higher balances (with the central bank’s approval) to meet their obligations in foreign currency.

“Thus the request by Margma to reduce the conversion of foreign currency proceeds into ringgit from 75% to 50% is already addressed by BNM including the double conversion concern,” said Abdul Rahman in a statement yesterday.
08/12/2016 08:33
yoloisreal rebound coming
08/12/2016 16:54
optimus9199 good dividend yield stock
08/12/2016 23:39
Victor Tan ULiihen shares has been stagnating within a 30 cents range for quite some time despite steady growth even against troubled times. The share price now is undervalued by industry standards and it should rebound almost immediately after all dust has cleared. Maybe towards RM 4.
09/12/2016 18:05
kkchoo79 This is the good time for you to collect more furniture companies. Cheap Cheap...
13/12/2016 09:02
SuperLaber still drop despite the USD:MYR = 4.41? hmm..
13/12/2016 11:52
chamlo Trump's policies to impact export-driven Asean including Malaysia
14/12/2016 20:40
RainT Fed rate hike 0.25
Crash soon
15/12/2016 08:20
shortinvestor77 Up 13 cents. Mr Market decides it is up or down. Not you.
15/12/2016 17:12
kkchoo79 Still in strong buy situation. Will continue tomorrow...
15/12/2016 20:20
optimus9199 up up up!
15/12/2016 23:45
optimus9199 up up up!
19/12/2016 17:11
optimus9199 up up up!
20/12/2016 17:21
Wawai Samah upupup!!!!
28/12/2016 07:41
rocky77 Down down down...
28/12/2016 15:39
rocky77 down to below 2.95....
28/12/2016 15:39
rocky77 quickly run!!!
28/12/2016 16:03
rocky77 going to be the next latitud
28/12/2016 16:03
Mgician really ? where to run ?
28/12/2016 16:06
rocky77 Up to you Mgician!
28/12/2016 16:07
drill qixin
28/12/2016 19:58
shortinvestor77 3.18 down? Be positive. If you are negative, sell your shares and run. Don't talk only.
28/12/2016 20:42
optimus9199 up up up
28/12/2016 20:57
Patrick13 Dividend received yesterday. Kekeke.
29/12/2016 09:11
Patrick13 http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/candlestick/112850.jsp
02/01/2017 20:46
optimus9199 Up.up
06/01/2017 02:13
Fabien Extraordinaire Liihen should achieve 40 sen full year. With such good profit growth, good dividend yield, strong cash flows generation, high return on equity, Liihen is due a rerating on its multiples. Let's take a P/E multiple of 10, this stock should be valued at 4.
06/01/2017 17:56
shortinvestor77 That is minimum price. Afterall, it could pay 4x4 cents plus 4 cents of special dividends totalled 20 cents of div.
06/01/2017 22:13
optimus9199 up up up
11/01/2017 22:57
optimus9199 up up up
12/01/2017 21:39
optimus9199 up up up
13/01/2017 19:04
ravih Trading Buy Signal Triggered on 13 January evening.
15/01/2017 20:55
Ryan88 Usd going to up more after trump take in office
20/01/2017 23:06

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cemertugus the pengoreng waiting for the right time which all news and TA look goods...i said like im the pengoreng hahahaha
19/01/2017 15:18
tksw this penggoreng useless ler.. lembik, no power. good one can even go against market.
19/01/2017 15:26
tksw you see PRG, what sound oso dun have, son went up 20%+ already...if got sound...sky is the limit
19/01/2017 15:27
tksw 26 sen quietly climb up to 515 sen highest in a month, no sound at all
19/01/2017 15:29
tksw jilakak this Gadang still got so many if and but...
19/01/2017 15:29
tksw Gadang profit is already there, this qtr if no good , all go next qtrs
19/01/2017 15:31
WaAdaLui Dun know what will happen........ i paly safe...... all let go le.......... Untung sikit.........
after QR see how........ ^^
19/01/2017 16:20
calvintaneng waadalui is pandai

19/01/2017 16:21
cemertugus hahaha tksw sifu also not confident with gadang QR?
19/01/2017 16:31
WaAdaLui SIFU...SIFU..... What counter got potential? can give me tips ma?
19/01/2017 16:34
10bagger10 WaAdaLui,
how ur hevea?
19/01/2017 16:38
WaAdaLui 10bagger10 sifu.... I let go le..... make 5k profit........
now dun no what to buy wo.......
19/01/2017 16:39
cemertugus go try fgv
19/01/2017 16:43
WaAdaLui 10bagger10 sifu..... yesterday I buy sumatech 0.75....... abit scare...like playing fire......Aiyoyo.....
19/01/2017 16:44
keke yup yup, please help me to goreng fgv...kakkaka...
19/01/2017 16:47
10bagger10 LOLS...
19/01/2017 16:48
WaAdaLui cemertugus sifu.... FGV ...... will look into it
19/01/2017 16:48
WaAdaLui keke sifu..... how FGV.... good ma?
19/01/2017 16:51
keke why sumatech, got other good o&g counter, later calvin said "sudah trap"...
19/01/2017 16:52
WaAdaLui HA.... 0.75 oledi trap meh? so fast!!!!!!!!
19/01/2017 16:54
kancs3118 walau....when will they release the quarterly results? tengah suspense ni..
19/01/2017 16:55
cemertugus Waadalui sifu, good & hensem loh...behind fgv got najib ma...
19/01/2017 16:55
keke kancs3118 sifu, next week....ms kok told me liao...but she din say good or bad...she just give me wink wink sign...dun know good sign or bad sign....
19/01/2017 16:57
keke FGV is for GE14 portfolio, if you dun like, can go support calvin call on DRB or Media....final decision is always yours....
19/01/2017 17:00
cemertugus sumatech also not bad at all, now if u buy, very hard to sell with profit until QR release...mayb need to hold to long or you will give up to q
19/01/2017 17:00
tksw cemertugus sifu, I said the profit is there aleidi,now depends on how much to recognised and when oni
19/01/2017 17:06
keke aiya, gadang still the best, i play 3 round already, 3 round also earn money...this time 4th round, the result will be same....
19/01/2017 17:11
WaAdaLui sifu sifu.... WCT how ?

WCT forum... got sifu said.. new boss bought 2.50, EPF, KWAP, PNB bought 1.80, now stil cheap wo.... zhun ma?
19/01/2017 17:15
cemertugus Now the best way to hold your money first and wait a few week
19/01/2017 17:27
nocindycat if can make rm18M profit then will be good
19/01/2017 18:40
cemertugus Theirs result depend on profit margin..if can maintance increase profit margin then profit more then 18m..
19/01/2017 19:30
anonboy Gadang was awarded the development rights of a 21.08 acre plot known as R3-1 by Kwasa Land Sdn Bhd with an estimated GDV of RM700mil.
19/01/2017 20:11
cemertugus next week TA indicator ready (create very hensem TA) but pengoreng need to start engine first...
20/01/2017 09:30
WaAdaLui cemertugus sifu..... what u mean? will fly kar?
20/01/2017 09:35
cemertugus if my calculation not wrong, gadang will fly if closing more then 1.08...
20/01/2017 09:58
apini I am very comfortable with gadang business model now
very confident to have another good harvest for 2017
20/01/2017 10:29
kancs3118 Qtr results when released ?? Adui....I think next year liaw ...
20/01/2017 12:23
Alvinkua Today?
20/01/2017 13:25
tksw Waaa... apini sifu come out!!!! Sapu Gadang
20/01/2017 15:44
weechin53 Where got sapu? So little only! One time buy 1000000 that's sapu!
20/01/2017 16:05
cemertugus apini sifu already accumu since 2015....no money left to buy...hahaha
20/01/2017 16:45
keke next week gong xi fa chai loh...
20/01/2017 16:51
weechin53 Tou liao!
20/01/2017 16:55
tksw weechin53 sifu, I small fly, sapu by 100 units
20/01/2017 17:05
nocindycat results lower QOQ?! run for your lifeeeeee!
20/01/2017 17:18
tksw of course la, if looking at EPS... got bonus share and share split ma..
20/01/2017 18:19
tksw today csla bot my gadang at 106
20/01/2017 18:20
tksw UBS oso sapu my Gadang
20/01/2017 18:21
weechin53 tksw sifu you bought 100x10 or 100x1,000?
20/01/2017 21:13
Ryan88 Gadang going t get another contract. Hahaha
20/01/2017 23:05

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Jeff Lee i think bonus should be coming.
05/01/2017 08:45
fattycat aiyaya...almost drop everyday since the day i bought @@
05/01/2017 10:49
optimus9199 This stock is cash rich ( approx RM 1 per share) and number of shares still small abt 120mil + small capex but positive free cash flow. I see good future in this stock, hence bought more.
07/01/2017 21:12
michaelwong Yes exactly and keep topping up for further future sustainable growth ! Hopefully announcement of bonus issue to liquidate shared movement in the near termed to benefits investors and company
07/01/2017 21:34
optimus9199 No worry, i belief TGuan will give a bonus issue this year
08/01/2017 11:43
fattycat yup. I hope so...2017 will be a good year to tguan♡
09/01/2017 09:39
goreng_kaki Director say tguan worth 1b, currently tguan only worth 500 million

Is it mean tguan fair price rm 8.5?
11/01/2017 09:20
Snorlax Lee it's their target to achieve 1b market capitalization in a few years
11/01/2017 10:20
xcu843 now only RM1++ only, still very far away to reach RM8.5.
11/01/2017 10:58
xcu843 Sorry typo error, now is RM4++.
11/01/2017 10:59
Chan SauWei Few years time for 100%return...could u wait?
11/01/2017 20:05
excelyou Might happen soon ....
11/01/2017 21:06
YiStock Liquidity is a factor; only so many shares are available to be bought and sold. Large buyers must buy over long period of time to avoid running a stock up too quickily. When price up too quickly, it means that the large buyers are buying at much expensive price. So, the only way is to continue swinging out retailers within a controlled range.

It is simply very obvious in tguan case. A typical scenario: the share price go upward right after you sold yours. Test it out if you do not believe.
12/01/2017 10:51
valuelurker Well this is embarrassing...
13/01/2017 11:09
tguan888 Good new for all shareholder tguan!888
16/01/2017 08:47
Quartz good news!
16/01/2017 09:23
fattycat wow ~what good news? mind to share ?
16/01/2017 09:42
tguan888 Today closing prices 4.40!
16/01/2017 12:18
stev609 Intrinsic value:
FY2015: 5.216
TTM: 8.971
16/01/2017 16:09
excelyou Accumulate more
16/01/2017 18:39
tguan888 Buy!buy!buy!tguan give ang pow!
17/01/2017 08:38
chankp7010 For YiStock's comment dated 12/1/17- I totally agreed with your observation for TGuan :" A typical scenario: the share price go upward right after you sold yours. Test it out if you do not believe." If investors are selling out now, they would regret later because TGuan Price will continue to climb north. Unless you really need the money, if not, be patient to wait till end of February 2017 to examine the QR, by then TGuan's share price might have up another round. Buy and sell at your own risks. This is my personally view only
17/01/2017 09:42
leelc99 Bought in Tguan-WA today. Holding for upcoming Q
17/01/2017 10:48
ykloh directors selling dampen sentiments.
17/01/2017 12:02
Snorlax Lee http://www.chinapress.com.my/20170117/開拓新市場提升生產線-通源工業放眼更佳盈利/
17/01/2017 19:00
bangsar Worth to buy TGuan or TGuan-WA now?
17/01/2017 19:54
chankp7010 Thanks Snorlax Lee for the article from China Press reinforcing coming QR will be better than FY 2015 results. Furthermore, we are looking forward to FY2017 financial results that will likely even better than FY2016 as expressed by Director predicting RM 70 millions pretax profits for 2017. Those who can understand Chinese language, pleade read it. Thank you.
17/01/2017 20:39
17/01/2017 20:39
fattycat http://www.chinapress.com.my/20170117/%e9%96%8b%e6%8b%93%e6%96%b0%e5%b8%82%e5%a0%b4%e6%8f%90%e5%8d%87%e7%94%9f%e7%94%a2%e7%b7%9a-%e9%80%9a%e6%ba%90%e5%b7%a5%e6%a5%ad%e6%94%be%e7%9c%bc%e6%9b%b4%e4%bd%b3%e7%9b%88%e5%88%a9/
18/01/2017 10:24
fattycat share by snorlax lee
18/01/2017 10:25
klc9357 Thanks for sharing. 4.43 Now. What is the target price before CNY?
18/01/2017 11:50
Ntpboon Relax, just for laugh....................

18/01/2017 11:59
jaynetan what happen if coming down?
no new year?
18/01/2017 12:02
Jeff Lee target RM 4.80 good enough.

PE 8 x EPS 0.60 = RM 4.80
18/01/2017 12:03
Icon8888 why up ? good news coming ?
18/01/2017 12:06
leelc99 Feeling lucky to have entered before train moved. Pom pom
18/01/2017 12:10
excelyou Train full of high quality petrol and nitrogen, Up Up.
18/01/2017 12:12
Alex Lim Jun Xiong Icon8888 , what is ur tp for this Tguan?
I just bought at RM4.43, can hit RM8.86 by end of this year?
18/01/2017 12:14
ckkhen Posted by Alex Lim Jun Xiong > Jan 18, 2017 12:14 PM | Report Abuse

Icon8888 , what is ur tp for this Tguan?
I just bought at RM4.43, can hit RM8.86 by end of this year?

Using DCFA and enlarged capital (due to warrants conversion) Tguan is worth 6.00 in mid to long term (2-3 yrs). Need to wait.
18/01/2017 12:32
tguan888 All don't worry bonus come on 26/1/2017!
18/01/2017 13:00
lloydlim http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/181139
18/01/2017 13:19
Ntpboon jaynetan
what happen if coming down?
no new year?
18/01/2017 12:02

Relax, just for laugh....................

18/01/2017 14:06
lloydlim I like this:
18/01/2017 14:33
excelyou Tguan just formed Handle
18/01/2017 22:36
optimus9199 up up up
19/01/2017 00:22
Davidl Good! Uptrend towards 6.00
19/01/2017 00:31
leelc99 once break 4.58 means fly to the moon.
19/01/2017 19:20
chankp7010 This is an excerpt from newspaper cutting:"(雙溪大年17日訊)通源工業(TGUAN,7034,主要板工業)在經濟疲弱中突破重圍,今年將更積極開拓新市場和提升生產線,放眼2017年稅前盈利可突破7000萬令吉。




“公司將繼續增加投資在拉伸膜(strecth film)、吹塑薄膜(blown film)及塑料產品(PVC Product)的新機械及技術上,同時專注于自動化工業的發展。”



Just Image, if the Board of Directors who knows everything especially sales, demand, profitability,cost can project good income for 2016/7! Are you not prepared for it?
20/01/2017 07:48
excelyou http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/candlestick/114314.jsp
20/01/2017 22:09
Snorlax Lee thanks for sharing
20/01/2017 23:00

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