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Top Stock Picks for 2022 from Investment Banks & Others : Winners & Losers thus far

Publish date: Sat, 17 Sep 2022, 11:59 PM
Unique content created once in a blue moon to increase the quality of articles of klse.i3investor.com. (used to be weekly)

This week's article takes another different approach.

As per title (to date):

1. Affin Hwang


AH's concise list consists of: Winners are GAMUDA, QL and banks (ABMB, PBBANK, MAYBANK). 

Losers are from techs like D&O and INARI , plus SCIENTEX and PMETAL from industrial. 

2. Hong Leong


HL's winners are diversified: TM, RHB, SUNWAY, FOCUSP. 

Biggest losers are tech like UWC and KOBAY. 



Such a huge list. 

Biggest winners are similar to AH, GAMUDA, QL and HLBANK. 

Biggest losers include techs like MPI, INARI and MRDIY from consumer sector.




Another huge list.

Biggest winners again has GAMUDA and HLBANK. KLK from plantation sector and HEIM from consumer sector are big winners too. 

Big losers are quite similar to CGS-CIMB which includes techs like GREATEC, INARI, FRONTKN and MRDIY from consumer sector. 

5. RHB


A nice list. Not too many shares. 

Winners include banks like AMBANK and CIMB (but CIMB's gain pales to AMBANK's), MATRIX from property sector and GENTING from consumer sector.

Biggest losers are MRDIY, INARI, PMETAL. 

6. The Star Fund Managers' Picks


Only one winner, AMBANK. 

Biggest losers again include techs like GREATEC & DUFU.

7. Busy Weekly


The short list of 6 has 2 winners from Financial sector, MAYBANK and ALLIANZ.

Big losers came from techs of MPI and GTRONIC.

8. The Edge 10 stocks brokers say to buy


From a list of 10, 3 are winners, HLBANK being the biggest winner, followed by QL & TM. 

Big losers are the recurring names of MRDIY & INARI.


2022 thus far has been a good year for bank shareholders, and some consumer sector shareholders. 

2022 has not been so good for cyclicals like metals.

2022 has been cruel to tech shareholders but even worse for the Sector Which Must Not Be Named. 

A few investors have merely been scratched by the Bear version of Mr. Market. 

Most of us have been badly injured and nursing our wounds. 

Some have been permanently scarred by the Bear. 

Gain experience from the battles with the Bear. Keep learning. Keep going. 

Disclaimer: This article is not tailored financial advice, but mere general stock sharing / observations. Please do further due diligence. The author disclaims all liabilities from readers. The author has interest in PBBANK, MAYBANK, HEIM, HLBANK.

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What will happen in Nov 2022, Feb 2023, May 2023 and beyond ?


Glove cannot rebound due to China glove glut and fierce price war

Palm oil will continue to report good profits and more good profits as Cpo over Rm3800 with cost of Cpo production Rm1900 so lots of profits

Palm oil co will continue to give good dividends including Tsh

Tech will collapse as Fed will raise interest rate to fight inflation

After Syndicates finished goreng frothy tech they will runaway and Tech will crash by 80% to 90%

Stay very safe in palm oil as it has

Real earnings
Margin of safety with land asset backing
Good dividends better than Bank FD that protects from inflation

Final decision every one must decide

2022-09-19 14:02


good thing speakup got 2 banks in portfolio

2022-09-19 16:22

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