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6 Stocks on My Watchlist for 2023 (KLSE)

Publish date: Sun, 25 Dec 2022, 04:35 PM
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About a fortnight from now, DSAI will face his acid test of vote of confidence in Parliament. 

GRS exiting Bersatu seems like DSAI's majority in Parliament will be fortified. 

The KLCI should stabilise and move upwards. 

The USA Federal Reserve has a meeting on interest rates next week, in which the stockmarkets would react accordingly. An interest rate hike would send stockmarkets globally to another minor downwards spiral again.

However, I think much of the pessimism would have already been factored in.  

I shall disclose the 6 stocks that are on my mind. 


I've written a bit about AHEALTH in one of my past posting on long-term investing. This is a pharmaceutical company that has grown from strength to strength over decades. It's not the sexiest growth story, but its secular growth is what caught my eye. AHEALTH is a stock where you can buy and sleep soundly at night without worrying much. 


Glove stocks, probably one of the most hated stocks since 2020. Although HARTA was booted out of the coveted KLCI top 30 spot, it's only a matter of time before supply-demand dynamics normalise and HARTA should return to its former glory. HARTA was one of those that didn't raise its ASP too much during 2020-2021 and its customers would probably be more loyal to HARTA for that. Could be as fast as a year, but could take a rather long, long time like years before HARTA climbs its way back to retrieve its KLCI status back. 


The sudden boom in CPO prices early this year eventually dived down. Share prices followed suit. With IOICORP below its usual share price threshold of RM4, it should have room for some upside when CPO prices stabilise as well as when the local stockmarket recovers as part of the KLCI Top 30 gang. 


On 30th Nov 2022, the Celcom-Digi merger was a done deal, becoming Malaysia's largest telco company. 

Individually, DIGI has performed not too badly by being profitable in recentmost 3 quarters. Yet,  AXIATA's recentmost 3 quarters had been recording consecutive losses despite being positive on operating cashflow. 

Would this mega-merger result in better efficiency and a brighter future? That's what I'm looking forward to.


While the future outlook for sin stocks seems bleak, (no thanks to the new government reducing the special draws for numbers forecasting companies next year), I still think brewery stocks would be the beneficiaries of the recovery of the economy. Social events are gradually picking up pace. Besides breweries, Consumer good companies should benefit from the increase in people's spending power as more people get employed/re-employed.  


Its share price started a severe downtrend after rumours of being involved in corruption to obtain projects, followed by some private placements, deteriorating financial performance (profitable to loss-making) & highly indebted state. Although I'm not very familiar with PESTECH, I remember it's in a business where technical skills are needed and that its orderbook is still very much larger than its current market cap. 


Using a quote from "The Hunger Games": "Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous."

Disclaimer: This article is not tailored financial advice, but mere general stock sharing / observations. Please do further due diligence. The author disclaims all liabilities from readers.

Dated: 11/12/2022

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