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My favourite investment quote is this. “It is not how fast your investment appreciates that matters but how sustainable the gains are.” --- Tan Teng Boo





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1 week ago | Report Abuse

The plunge in share price has got me interested. Probably will enter if it falls further to RM1.30+ levels.


1 week ago | Report Abuse

3iii, what do you think of HIBISCS? In view of the sustained high oil demand & high oil prices, coupled with Hibiscus Petroleum's acquisitions in recent times, shouldn't HIBISCS be trading at higher valuations? Its cashflow has been pretty strong too.


2023-07-03 23:39 | Report Abuse

DividendGuy67, I'll reply you on my personal capacity & understanding as a shareholder.

1) ICAP is not a speculative fund. Otherwise, TTB would just trade goreng stocks, instead of buying boring stocks like UTDPLT or SURIA.

2) Why would TTB sell PADINI when PADINI dividends has reduced the cost price to 0?

3) SAM is meant to be purchased for the longer term. Some of SAM's shares were sold when the share price went up too quickly previously.

4) TTB applies similar value-investing principles to Buffett, but doesn't invest totally like Buffett. When Buffett sold airlines stocks, TTB purchased Airasia (now CAPITALA).

5) But I agree with your point that the discount to NAV is a structural one, although I differ on the point where a bull market will shrink the discount. ICAP had been trading at a discount despite the bull or bear market in the past 10 years.

6) Whether a portfolio is concentrated or diversified, is not a problem if it delivers good returns. I fail to see why that is an issue with TTB, when Buffett also applies a concentrated portfolio investing method.

7) On dividends, ICAP never claimed to be a dividend fund. In fact, the issue of dividends should not arise, unless ICAP decides to change its aim to a dividend-paying fund. Note that the two special dividends given in 2013 and 2022, were under very exceptional conditions.


2023-06-20 23:54 | Report Abuse

I concur with Johnzhang's interpretation. What Boustead Holdings' is saying, is different from what The Edge is saying. Those who understand will get it.


2023-06-17 23:04 | Report Abuse

According to Public Investment Bank Berhad's Research Report dated 13June2023, TSH had the lowest realised average CPO price in 1Q2023 at RM3555/mt, compared to Chin Teck, FGV, GENP, IOICORP, KLK, SWKPLNT, SIMEPLT and TAANN.


2023-06-16 22:42 | Report Abuse

trader808 is right and his/her past comments are very informative and helpful for us to gauge the situation. We also should not use past share price to determine its "cheapness". "Cheap" does not mean you can profit from it. Investors of HapSeng unfortunately are caught between a rock and a hard place.

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2023-06-02 23:05 | Report Abuse

Bamboo-style value investing still produces satisfactory returns.


2023-06-02 23:01 | Report Abuse

The stocks in your portfolio are evergreen. Those are the ones that I'm looking at. Companies that withstood the test of time and survived recessions.


2023-05-26 23:39 | Report Abuse

I'm starting to see value emerging in consumer stocks, especially beaten down ones with rather good cashflow. What do you think, 3iii?

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2023-05-19 01:11 | Report Abuse

Excellent advice from 5 years ago. Still applicable as of now.


2023-05-19 01:07 | Report Abuse

Form is temporary, class is permanent. Great companies will always beat mediocre companies consistently from medium term to long term.


2023-05-16 01:06 | Report Abuse

On sleepless nights like these, Padini is one share that won't give me sleepless nights. Simple yet beautiful stock returns.


2022-12-31 17:35 | Report Abuse

For the 2nd consecutive year, the Stockpicks based on icapital.biz's CD Timer portfolio has performed well, ranking in the Top 20 of i3investors 2 years in a row, which is like Premier League status of English football tiers.

Hopefully, this fine performance will continue for the 3rd year.

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2022-12-31 16:50 | Report Abuse

Hi Tan KW. I'm enigmatic, No. 20 in Stockpicks 2021 & No. 18 in Stockpicks 2022.

Here is mine for 2023:
1. KGB - 14%
2. CAPITALA - 14%
3. MKH - 14%
4. BIOHLDNGS - 12%
5. PADINI - 12%
6. UTDPLT - 10%
7. ICAP - 10%
8. SURIA - 5%
9. BSTEAD - 5%
10. HPMT - 4%

TQ & happy new year!

[Stockpicks 2023 is based on iCapital.biz's CD Timer portfolio (top 10 largest weightage). Hopefully, next year I'll still be in the Premier League of i3investors.]


2022-09-29 20:43 | Report Abuse

Can we know the reasoning behind your sale of RHONEMA? And why MYNEWS, which has similar business model to QL's FamilyMart? A bit curious here.


2022-08-16 13:28 | Report Abuse

Mr. Philip should delay announcing his buys next time.

The funds obviously saw his announcement of 1.87 buy price yesterday & intend to force margin call by pressing down the price of HARTA.

Can't see other reason why HARTA share price is thrown down today while the rest of glove stocks have merely dipped a little.

P.S. Everyone is allowed to comment, but some hooligans here are simply toxic trolls that should have their comments removed.

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2022-06-19 17:09 | Report Abuse

skoh888 is right.

The non-stop postings of Calvin Tan of his repetitive promotion of TSH and his favourite plantation counters is getting annoying.

It is also incredible that only a handful of users of i3investor.com bothered to post opposing views to Calvin Tan. I still remember the days where he used to spam postings on NETX.


2022-06-19 11:32 | Report Abuse

Investmalaysiaa and Maxpowar represent the worst kind of forumers on i3investor.com.

They start insulting you when you are down and throw you with barrage of criticisms while contributing nothing.

Their comments are nothing but unjustified direct attacks on a person.

Philip ( buy what you understand) has mentioned that his intention is not to show off, but to provide the public a guide to how investing can be done. There'll be times where he'll be right, there'll be times where he'll be wrong.


2022-01-01 17:19 | Report Abuse


Tan KW has mentioned that we have to monitor & adjust our stockpick portfolio regularly. He cannot do it for all 80+ of us.

Therefore, the true rankings may differ.


2022-01-01 11:36 | Report Abuse

Similar to last year, enigmatic's Stockpick 2022 is heavily based on the purchases made in iCapital.biz's CD Timer portfolio in year 2021. Stock Pick 2021 generated positive returns, which is not too bad amidst a challenging market.

Interestingly, with the exception of KGB & Airasia, the remaining stocks are not picked by other participants of Stock Pick Contest Year 2022 thus far.


2021-12-31 22:55 | Report Abuse

THanks, Tan KW! Appreciate your effort!

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2021-12-31 16:50 | Report Abuse

Kgb 14%
Padini 20%
Mkh 22%
Airasia 16%
Bioholdings 4%
Biohold icps 3%
Icap 11%
Parkson 5%
Airasia rcuids 5%

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2021-11-13 10:49 | Report Abuse

cnman53 should raise his/her questions in AGM. You always appear here before ICAP's AGM is held, even last year.


2021-09-22 21:52 | Report Abuse

Philip, what led to your decision to average down Hartalega & Serba Dinamik yesterday?

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2021-08-04 20:27 | Report Abuse

ada udang di sebalik batu


2021-07-07 21:52 | Report Abuse

Anymore golden rules to share, 3iii?


2021-07-07 21:48 | Report Abuse

Anyone noticed that for the past 5 years, Krono share price will rise from Jul-Aug? Not sure the reason behind this occurence.


2021-04-20 21:18 | Report Abuse

AngryBird, you're right. He seems to like trolling around good stocks.


2021-04-13 13:44 | Report Abuse

The close end fund added Airasia, Bioalpha, KGB, Krono, MKH, Suria & Tongher in the last quarter. Where are the critics that say TTB sits on cash forever?


2021-03-17 12:08 | Report Abuse

Genting reached my TP of RM5+ quicker than expected


2021-02-15 18:09 | Report Abuse

You've done your part. We only can share views to those who're willing to listen. For stubborn closed minded ones, it's like playing music to cows.


2021-02-15 15:18 | Report Abuse

If this is a pot of gold, why dont people rush to pick it? Is there some OTHER REASON?


2021-02-15 15:15 | Report Abuse

If this ARBB is so good, why dont fund managers buy & feature them? THINK.
Do you think you can spot a gem, when the professionals who study stocks daily refuse to touch it?

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2021-01-19 11:32 | Report Abuse

There is no way Supermax will be privatised.

When a company is listed on Bursa, it attains extra prestige. Why stop at 20 years of profitable listing status when you can enjoy another 20 more years? Very few companies can achieve the premier status of many years of not suffering losses.

If the Thais want to privatise, they would've done that last year when prices were even cheaper at below RM5. That would have ensured even more profits to be enjoyed, instead of sharing with thousands of other shareholders now.

Seems like people are desperate to support the price of Supermax shares that privatisation can be used as a speculative reason to buy the shares now.

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2021-01-18 12:56 | Report Abuse

Unlicensed "gurus" are aware that whenever they put disclaimers like "for sharing purposes only" or "for education purposes only", they will not be caught under "giving unlicensed investment advice".

They know SC can't get them, because if SC were strict, no one would be able to post their views on stocks without a license.

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2021-01-16 15:27 | Report Abuse

Your article is more persuasive than GillianTan78's name-calling article.


2021-01-14 19:37 | Report Abuse

Good news for Frontkn. Exciting growth story.


2021-01-14 12:31 | Report Abuse

Still patiently waiting for my TP to materialise. Although MCO will definitely adversely affect Genting in short-term, Covid-19 is definitely not long-term. No idea when Covid-19 will end, this year? Next year? But when it does, Genting would not stay at multi-year low prices anymore.


2021-01-14 12:15 | Report Abuse

When cup & handle formed, see naik or not?

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2021-01-14 11:46 | Report Abuse

Why take interest on Vivocom, when you have so many other wonderful companies to choose from?


2021-01-01 19:53 | Report Abuse

Online trolls like stockraider have no substance in their arguments. All they can do is launch ad hominem attacks on others. Very low class thinking.


2021-01-01 11:31 | Report Abuse

I thought this BABA is that Alibaba... It's not.


2021-01-01 11:27 | Report Abuse

To whom it may concern:

Inspired by iCapital.biz's Section D: The CD Timer, this paper portfolio serves as reference to gauge the performance of 2020's stockpicks over the next 1 year.

Interestingly, with the exception of Airasia & KGB, the remaining stocks are not picked by other participants of Stock Challenge 2021 thus far.

Note: I have vested interest in some stocks in this list.


2021-01-01 10:56 | Report Abuse

Thank you, Tan KW for amending the list & wishing you a Happy New Year!

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2020-12-31 23:13 | Report Abuse

Thank you for your hard work, Tan KW.

Just wanna point out that I made a mistake. My apologies. The rule states that: Each participant CANNOT INVEST > 30% of capital on any single stock.

My portfolio's Bioholdings has exceeded the 30% limit with 40%.

To comply with the rules of 30% max per stock, can I lower the 40% Bioholdings to 30% & increase 20% Airasia to 30%?

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2020-12-31 16:50 | Report Abuse

enigmatic's submission:

Bioholdings 40%
Airasia 20%
Kgb 13%
Padini 12%
Hpmt 7%
Wellcall 5%
Suria 3%

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2020-12-25 01:12 | Report Abuse

Took me a while to understand the scenario.

So, FocusMalaysia(FM) posted an article labelling one of Tradeview's article as "deceitful". FM thinks the media hasn't written negative things selectively to run down the glove industry. FM thinks the media acts as check & balance, report good news when glove companies earn plenty and report bad news when certain glove companies have poor treatment of employees. FM feels Tradeview is misleading people to think the media is biased against glove companies.

Now, Tradeview being labelled "deceitful" is hurt. "Deceitful" is a strong word. It may damage one's credibility & insinuate bad intentions. If Tradeview writes its articles in good faith, without its content bluffing readers, FM may have misinterpreted & inadvertently described Tradeview as "deceitful".