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Posted by gohkimhock > 2022-12-17 17:20 | Report Abuse

Tobby you want to silence Lim Kit Siang? Roflmao! When he was in politics, you are still inside your dad's scrotums..

Posted by Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥ > 2022-12-18 15:39 | Report Abuse

Wish our PM10 good luck and success introducing a healthier political culture to benefit all Malaysians irrespective of race or religion, always upholding and not neglecting the rights enshrined in the Federal Consitutions.


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Posted by henry888 > 2022-12-19 06:54 | Report Abuse

Hopefully can complete full term and provide stability to stock market and ringgit also.

Posted by stumblenel567 > 2022-12-27 10:52 | Report Abuse

We can only hope that he can serve out his full term and bring stability not only to the stock market but also to the ringgit.


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Posted by stockraider > 2022-12-27 10:55 | Report Abuse

Give anwar a chance to complete his service mah!

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