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Yes. .... next div will around 0.045 ....

2021-05-22 10:04

Bgt 9963

Post removed.Why?

2021-05-22 10:04


Why is this stock so quiet? The price has also been declining. Is it because it's undervalued?

It just acquired the UOA corporate tower. Profit is going to shoot but the demand for this counter is still low.

Any thoughts?

2021-06-01 17:45


Haih the price went up. Gonna wait till 1.09 to all in

2021-06-03 21:21


hidden gem

2021-07-22 09:46


Why this reit no dividend this year?

2021-07-22 10:54


Today should announce dividends

2021-07-22 16:58


There you go, 4.32 cents per share kenokaya :)

2021-07-22 19:35


Wah, great performance result. Looking forward to my yummy divvy. Sentral next please :)

2021-07-22 20:32


Good div announcement ......

2021-07-23 01:00


if you can't see the bull trend, you are missing out the big picture

2021-07-24 09:14


Noted ReaHero, thks

2021-07-27 11:26


Very good qr, wait for next dividend announcement. Confirm more than 4.32 cent.

2021-11-18 17:36



2021-11-18 22:34


Next dividend may be more than 5 cent

2021-11-18 22:46


The Manager intends to distribute at least 95% of the realised income before tax (unaudited) for the second half year
ended 31 December 2021, to be distributed by end of Feb 2022 as described under Section B17, Income Distribution.

2021-11-20 14:19


The Manager intends to distribute at least 95% of the realised income before tax (unaudited) for the second half year
ended 31 December 2021, to be distributed by end of Feb 2022 as described under Section B17, Income Distribution.

2021-11-20 14:19


does UOA Dev has shareholding in UOA REIT? what % ? thanks

2022-01-21 12:14


Please read the annual report. Thanks.

2022-01-21 14:42


Post removed.Why?

2022-03-27 12:57

Thirai Thiraviam

I remember a time when the annual dividend was over 10 cents, and the share trading at around RM1.50. For long-term investors, the overall return has not been that great.

2022-04-03 18:52


The upcoming recession could be a great opportunity for bargain hunters. Analysts are positive on UOA REIT and 6 other stocks as mentioned in the link below:


2022-06-20 08:35


Let's wait for the good news.

2022-07-16 21:22


If buy tomorow 3/8 still can get dividen or not? (Before ex date 4/8) Because only tomorow got money

2022-08-02 16:59


janji buy before ex date u will get

2022-08-03 11:05


Bought some tickets at RM1.12.good luck guys

2022-09-19 18:55


Is it a good time to enter now?

2023-01-10 18:37


Sg reits is a letdown , hope the price here will maintain

2023-01-10 18:39

kk t

no angpow for CNY

2023-01-17 17:43


Still the more superior office REIT

2023-01-20 09:24


best mall reit: igbreit
best office reit: ouareit
best industrial reit: axreit
best hospital reit: alaqar
best diversified reit: sunreit

buy only the best, forget the rest!

2023-01-21 14:16


is this the reason why drop?

2023-05-11 07:47


Post removed.Why?

2023-06-17 06:54


I prefer Sunreit. More diversified

2023-06-17 09:43


Result coming out on friday?

2023-07-20 21:16


Yippy, good pickup at 1.12.

2023-07-20 21:54


Last year, total dividend is 8.62 but is taxable. Net of 10% tax gives 7.76 sen which is still a very nice dividend yield of 6.9%. Q1/23 earnings dipped a little relative to Q1/22 earnings, but even if dividends reduces slightly, it should be able to maintain 6.5% net of tax yield, which should easily beat EPF rate. If you own a basket of REIT, you should own a piece of UOAREIT too. I have a nice position here which I'm content.

2023-07-20 21:58


Dividend declared at 3.96 cents, how much net dividend if u own 1000 shares? Thanks

2023-07-25 11:11


when do i need to buy to entitle for the 3.96 cents devidend payout per share?

2023-07-25 14:52


Ex-div today 3.96 cents. Closed 1.10. Nice.

2023-08-07 22:13


any TP for this counter? UAO reit many properties are still empty, dont get tenant yet

2023-08-08 12:11


I suppose it will stay at RM1.12. The above statement of "UAO reit many properties are still empty" is without proper research.

FY2022 annual report indicated average occupancy rate of close to 80% as at 31 December 2022, the revenue in 2Q2023 financial report has not change much. Therefore, I think occupancy rate is quite stable for Q2.

2023-08-08 14:05


This is one of my diversified REITs. I have a small holding due to its attractive 6.8% dividend yield at 1.09. I just added at 1.10, and will be looking to add at lower prices. I don't own it for price appreciation, just expecting this REIT to beat EPF every year. The risk is I suspect the dividend for 2023 may be a record low dividend, at least TTM is, but a part of me thinks that when all looks bleak, it's time to get some of these cheap. I always could be wrong, hence, just 3% for me.

2023-08-23 23:38


Div, you are right. I have been buying selling and enjoy it div for many years. This counter is actually not bad. Good property location...

2023-08-24 05:28


very steady reit counter with good dividend

2023-12-24 04:46


hope a good QR and dividend this quarter

2024-01-19 06:14


Uoareit is by far the best office REIT. Beats Sentral & Tower hands down
Best diversified REIT: SUNREIT
Best industrial REIT: AXREIT
Best hotel REIT: YTLREIT

2024-01-19 07:37


Book closure 3.86 sen, bringing total taxable dividend FYE2023 to 7.82 sen (or 7.04 sen after tax).
It has been a tough year for Office sector. The last 6 years, DPS keeps declining:
2018: 8.225 sen
2019: 8.199 sen
2020: 7.596 sen
2021: 7.966 sen (recovering)
2022: 7.758 sen
2023: 7.038 sen (new low).

It may be a decent REIT, but comparing FYE2022 vs FYE2023:
- Gross Rental Income is lower, Property Operating Expenses high giving lower Net Rental Income for FYE2023 (challenging headwinds).
- Manager's fees flat / inches up a tiny bit
- Borrowing costs up
This basically explains the new low.

This REIT is 3.6% of my portfolio, my last add was 1.08. Keeping it small.
Reminds me of Buffet's quote:

When a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact.”

The office REIT space is not exactly poor, but has been facing headwinds since COVID pandemic. UOAREIT DPS has been declining at least a couple of year prior to the onset of COVID pandemic. No matter how good the management is, it is hard to outperform in this sector.

Still, Dividend Yield after tax is 6.2% per annum, should still be matching EPF this year i.e. still a decent result. Perhaps not as good as MAYBANK benchmark, but still, not too bad for some diversification.

2 months ago


expecting a better 2024

4 weeks ago

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