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@Starship2 acquisition of KIP Warisan is only at proposal stage

2023-07-25 13:20


Thanks Pinky for the info....Regarding this reit, the payout of 1.75 sen gives an annualised dividend yeild of more than 7%.. Personally, I feel it is not all that bad to park some money there...

2023-07-26 15:23

Value Investor Coo1eo

Please consider the nett dividend (after withholding tax) which will give you around 6.3%
Not too bad

2023-07-27 13:55


Let us do the maths again. At 1.75 cts equal to 1,75x4 = 7 cts per year. At a price of 90 cts, 7cts gives an annual div of 7.78%. After 10% tax nett div is 7 %. Am I right here ?

2023-08-14 21:24


1.75 x 4 x 90% ÷ 0.895 = 7.04% DY nett

2023-08-14 22:43

Value Investor Coo1eo

Wow…I would be very happy if the gross dividend for next 12 months is 7sen. I prefer to be conservative and take gross 6.4sen which is average of past 3 FY. So nett around 5.8sen.

2023-08-15 22:43


Value Investor, we think similar, 6 months ago, I predict KIPREIT FYE2023 Dividend after tax is 5.63. It came out 5.74, better than I expected. I was bracing myself for the lower dividend. At 0.885, DY of 6.5% is not bad after tax. This is one of my smaller REIT where I will be happy to add more at lower prices.

2023-08-21 23:31

Value Investor Coo1eo

@dividendguy67 - thanks for the message. yes, indeed. that said value buy (with MOS) for KIP is round about 0.83..i would not anything pay more than 0.85
the high dividend yields comes with an inherent risk that we are taking. Not that small is bad, but I see a lot of uncertainty and lack of transparency from time to time. CEO is also very green and lacks the experience, riding on family business. i have been now accumulating S-REITs with strong sponsors like Mapletree, CapLand and Frasers. No witholding tax, and the SGD is more solid.

2023-08-22 13:20


Wow ... hidden buyers plenty here. After a GTC order to queueto add a little to buy at 0.885, my order is finally executed today (97.5% matched, outstanding to match 2.5%). This is notwitstanding there was 7 consecutive days of trades being done at 0.885. 2 weeks of waiting. At 0.885, the lowest ever yield the past 6 years occured in 2019 when after tax, it is 5.437 sen with a Yield of 5.437 / 88.5 = 6.1%. This beats EPF very handily. It's TTM Dividend Yield is not bad, at 6.5%. It's maximum yield is higher, which occurred in 2021. I don't look at maximum yield, only the minimum yield, so that I can reasonably expect the worst.

My only concern is that 2023 is supposed to be an even better year than 2022 and 2021 but its distribution is lower than 2022 and 2021, hence, otherwise, I would have loaded up more. It pays not to be greedy.

2023-08-28 15:53

Value Investor Coo1eo

Kota Warisan will help boost up 2024/25 numbers.

2023-09-08 05:46


Then next div in July next year will be great then

2023-11-10 15:39


It gives out dividend every quarter if I am not mistaken..If I am right we can expect a dividend for 4th Q 2023...soon

2024-01-18 16:10


late QR, should be on 17 Jan

2024-01-19 00:20


See past few years history la

From 16th to 19th

No law saying that QR must be same day every year

2024-01-19 10:01


Usually on a Friday which is today

2024-01-19 10:33


Hope 2 cent.

2024-01-19 13:32


2c susah lah. 1.6c hopefully.

2024-01-19 13:35


Their pattern is every Q 1.45 to 1.55 cts region for 3Q. Next Q in May also should be about the same. The mid year in July after book closing then they will usually give a bit more ie 1.7 or 1.8 I think this coming July.

2024-01-19 16:09


Bought kip at 89sen

2024-01-22 12:12


Good buy

2024-01-22 16:45


good buy !?
later you will see "Sold kip at 90sen".....LOL!

2024-01-22 17:09


To make 1 or 1.5 cts in a week is good buy also. There will be a small jump once dividend is announce

2024-01-22 20:42

Value Investor Coo1eo

Delayed. I think they may have a problem

2024-01-24 01:08


Yes, delay usually not good sign

2024-01-24 10:22


actually I buying a lot last few days at 885. After announcemnet it goes to 90 cts I just sell

2024-01-24 10:23


if dpu can declare 1.55c, high chance can reach 90c

2024-01-24 16:22

Value Investor Coo1eo

Well…if there is a surprise in the earning it can go to 805. 🤭

2024-01-25 17:17


Doubt it as REITS income usually fairly consistence unless some major write off or surprises as most rental contract are long term

2024-01-26 10:17

Value Investor Coo1eo

That is what i said…”if there is a surprise”

2024-01-27 10:57


steady. DPU 1.55c. tomorrow will creep up to 90c

2024-01-29 17:39


Improved DPU 👏

At current price, 6.9% net yield!

2024-01-29 17:49


Income Distribution
Entitlement Details:
Second Income Distribution of 1.55 sen per unit for the 2nd Quarter of 2024
(from 1 October 2023 to 31 December 2023) comprising:- (1) 0.85 sen per unit is
taxable; (2) 0.65 sen per unit is non-taxable; and (3) 0.05 sen per unit is tax
Entitlement Type: Income Distribution
Entitlement Date and Time: 14/02/2024 04:00 PM
Year Ending/Period Ending/Ended Date: 30/06/2024
EX Date: 13/02/2024
To SCANS Date:
Payment Date: 29/02/2024
Interest Payment Period: 01/10/2023 to 31/12/2023

2024-01-29 18:10


Then this year yield should to above 7% this year as in July the last one before book closing usually is higher.

2024-01-30 10:09


smartly,.... this usually I do not understand the term.

Second Income Distribution of 1.55 sen per unit for the 2nd Quarter of 2024
(from 1 October 2023 to 31 December 2023) comprising:- (1) 0.85 sen per unit is
taxable; (2) 0.65 sen per unit is non-taxable; and (3) 0.05 sen per unit is tax

Does it mean on the 1.55 cts declared, the 0.85 cts are taxable at 10 %, right and the 0.65 % is non taxable means no tax and the final 0.05cts is tax exempted... what it really means ???. I am not sure about this last 2 term. Can someone pls help explained and clarify on this ?

2024-01-30 10:36


To normal/layman investor like us

Taxable = Deduct 10% withholding tax
Exempt = 0% tax
Non-taxable = 0% tax

2024-01-30 10:47


Don't need to overthink or over-analyse

2024-01-30 10:48


about the tax...pinky is correct.

2024-01-30 11:22


overall the dividend yield for now is > 7%. better than putting in fd

2024-01-30 11:23


Oh... Ok, many thanks. Means effective base on the tax, the tax would be 5% of 1.55 cts since about half is not taxable

2024-01-30 15:32


all give tp > RM1 but since listing, never before it touches above RM1.
this stock is only good for keeping for its dividends.
those looking for higher interest yield than epf, not a bad idea to park your money here

2024-02-02 16:47


They have bought the 3 industrial lots and Kinta City which are damn good investment for KIPREITS. Makes KIP not so reliance to just shpping mall and a bit diversify. If they keep on this trend it will be good in the future.

2024-02-07 16:34


Q2FY2024 - 10.6m
Q2FY2023 - 8.1m
so the 3 industrial properties have contributed approximately (10.6 - 8.1) 2.5m per Q
yearly net profit will have additional 10m, this translate to 0.16sen additional DPU yearly

2024-02-07 17:05


say 0.16sen net distributable is around 0.144sen
every Q will have additional 0.036sen DPU

2024-02-07 17:11


KIPMall Kota Warisan not in the picture yet, only to Start Contributing in 2HFY24

2024-02-07 17:13

Value Investor Coo1eo

@smartly - did you factor in the dilution after the 3 industrial properties in your DPU calculation?

2024-02-07 22:44

Value Investor Coo1eo

Haiyan….@smartly - did you understand my question? You calculation claims on industrial pro wil contribute 0.16 (nett 0.144) annually. Does this consider the increase in number of units following the placement and issue of new shares in lieu of the industrial property acquisition

2024-02-09 11:11


does it matter ????... some results will be due out this week anyway. But expect another 1.55 cts announcement. Next Q will be the interesting one

1 month ago


"The exercise will be funded by a combination of bank borrowings and proceeds to be raised from a proposed placement of up to 180 million new shares in KIP REIT to raise up to RM146.70 million, and a proposed placement of up to 15 million units to major shareholder Datuk Ong Kook Liong, and/or persons connected with him.

"The actual issue price for the placement units will be determined later and may be higher or lower than the illustrative issue price of 81.5 sen per unit," it added."

What will be the impact to the current share price?

6 hours ago


Placements (assuming this is private) at discounted share price is to attract institutional investors, not really a fan of it. Basically means dilution and retail investors always lose out. Short term share price should drop a bit and dividend distribution as well until DPulze starts contributing to the NPI. Likely to expect something similar to 2022 when they acquired the 3 industrial properties, dividend dropped to 6.2 sen/unit for FY23. But KIP's strength has always been giving out consistent dividends. Safe to still expect a after WHT tax of 6% DY. This counter is always about stability. Bought in 2022 and share price is still ~0.89

5 minutes ago

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