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Posted by wajatimur_28 > 2020-08-21 12:44 | Report Abuse

Yup..I am also monitoring it.. what's going on actually?


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Posted by sakurako > 2020-08-24 11:21 | Report Abuse

boarded 0.88


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Posted by sakurako > 2020-08-25 22:52 | Report Abuse

y it sink once i boarded :'(

Posted by wajatimur_28 > 2020-08-26 19:47 | Report Abuse

Relax bro...just take a seat...feel the ride roller coaster


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Posted by sakurako > 2020-08-26 21:37 | Report Abuse

waiting for its qr


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-08-27 09:44 | Report Abuse

Most plantation companies are reporting very good results. Can't see any reasons why CBIP is not doing the same.


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Posted by sakurako > 2020-08-28 08:33 | Report Abuse

the qr should be out any time?

Posted by wajatimur_28 > 2020-08-28 18:15 | Report Abuse

Nice qr...ready for take off


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Posted by hng33 > 2020-08-28 20:07 | Report Abuse

first interim dividend 2 sen


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Posted by i3gambler > 2020-08-29 09:33 | Report Abuse

KLK announced on 26th August that they bought 17610 ha planted/plantable land (which 10816 ha planted+6794 ha plantable) in Kalimantan from TSH for USD110.1m, or about 4.2*110.1 = RM462m.

The market price for plantable land in Kalimantan is about RM500 per ha.

Therefore, the price for planted oil palm estate is about
= (462000000 - 500*6794) / 10816 = RM42400 per ha.

CBIP own 13502 ha planted oil palm in Kalimantan,

Assuming the same valuation, it worth = 13502*42400 = RM572m,

CBIP market cap = 492*0.9 = RM443m.


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-09-01 10:03 | Report Abuse

I am so happy to see many constructive comments on this company.

CBIP plantation segment is still in its investment stage, A lot of its retained profit are put into this segment. I am not too worry about the losses incurred because it has to take care of the cost of planting the new acreage and maintaining the young palms. I hope this can explain why the performance in Q419 & Q120 as well as Q220 are disappointing.

This situation should improve as more palms are coming into maturity with CPO prices maintaining at current prices as evidence by the encouraging improvement in revenue.

'If you observed long enough, most of the spike was due to SBB, and slowly get pull back.' A very good observation by kinuxian. Not many IBs and or retail players are involved at the moment. The day will come.

BTW, SBB also means it is investing in itself. Confidence & patience shown by its management.

As mentioned by i3gambler, they are instead investing big in palm oil plantation. Another good piece of work by i3gambler. When and if they decided to devest from plantation, it will be a BIG rainfall profit to its loyal shareholders. Otherwise, the enhanced future earning from this segment will bring about dividend growth.

The first interim dividend of 2 sens is a pleasant surprise to me. A total of 4 sens equivalent to 4.4% dividend yield for this year will be good.

I am not too sure about the contributions from SPV, oil mill and refinery plant.


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-09-02 13:55 | Report Abuse

Core Net Profit (CNP)? Both HLG & KENANGA use CNP which is lower than the actual Net profit to underestimate the earning power of CBIP. Both also came out with difference figures which show that they can manipulate the figures to support their wanted conclusion.

ATM, the POE is the core business. I think the importance of POE will be significantly reduced in the coming 2-3 years. Both in term of revenue &Earnings.

HLG gives a sum-of-parts derived TP of RM0.83 which is way below its reported NTAB of 1.46. We all know that the Kalimantan is worth more than that.

Kenanga is giving a higher TP of RM0.87 base on a PE of 11.8. Is it fair? I think that is up to individual to decide.


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Posted by TheSecret > 2020-09-03 10:38 | Report Abuse


Whoa !!!

Fcpo breaks new high everyday

Strong indicator of

Palm oil stocks

Bull Run on the way!!!

Load up kaw kaw now!!!


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-09-04 14:19 | Report Abuse

For the period ended 30/6/2020, Plantation segment alone (excluding share of results of associates & JV) is 13% of the total revenue. This figure will increase significantly as more palms are planted and matured together with higher CPO prices.


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Posted by i3gambler > 2020-09-08 08:38 | Report Abuse

If the share price is undervalue for long time, I think the boss might take it private, we will lose a good company from Bursa.


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-09-08 10:38 | Report Abuse

This share is definitely undervalue, just cannot quantify it. The boss has been ploughing back the retained profit for a long time by venturing into SPV, buying refinery, developing the Kalimantan plantation and SBB. My feeling is that it is about time to mature.

Yes, privatisation is a possibility. same as Batu Kawan. But I think the chance of Bkwan is higher. There are many other means that the boss can cash in later.


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Posted by lloydlim > 2020-09-20 14:04 | Report Abuse

Time to accumulate!


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-09-21 10:12 | Report Abuse

GAP up. Both price & volume shot up.

Is it just a plantation play?

Posted by OldWiseMan100 > 2020-09-23 09:54 |

Post removed.Why?

Posted by FundaStronk > 2020-09-28 11:10 | Report Abuse

haiyaaa still not moving


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-09-30 14:56 | Report Abuse

A first single tier interim dividend of 2 sen per share was announced on 28/8/2020.

No announcement on payment date was made until today.

How long more we have to wait ????


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-10-06 10:56 | Report Abuse

Cancellation of 45,000,000 treasury shares. At the same time, doing SBB at current price.

Does it mean that the management is weeding out the weak shareholders at current price?


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Posted by ian0311 > 2020-10-06 10:57 |

Post removed.Why?

Posted by Mynihar Nihar > 2020-10-07 10:02 | Report Abuse

Salah satu cara untuk bawa keluar dari bursa.. company beli saham masa harga rendah

Posted by Kido Kikidodo > 2020-10-07 16:58 | Report Abuse

May I know what is advantage and disadvantage of share cancellation?


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Posted by soonkaren > 2020-10-07 17:00 | Report Abuse


Posted by Mynihar Nihar > 2020-10-08 19:49 | Report Abuse

Ada baik buruk ..


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-10-09 12:37 | Report Abuse

Kido asked a very good question. I was hoping some sifu will enlighten us.

In my opinion, I think it is a good move. The EPS & NTA per share will increase & PE ratio will be lower. The current market price will looks cheaper. Unfortunately, the share trading system I'm using has not updated the figures.

Furthermore, I guess the company can start SBB more aggressively without having to get a new mandate from the shareholders.

I also notice that CB Lim has done some family shareholdings reshuffling to avoid a Mandatory General Offer.


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Posted by i3gambler > 2020-10-09 13:25 | Report Abuse

Apart from cancellation, the treasury shares can be:
1) Distributed to shareholder as dividend, kind of a mini bonus issue, creating unnecessary odd lot, in this case I think it imply that the company is in tight cash flow, not enough cash to pay cash dividend.
2) Sold back to the market, in this case I think it imply that the company need money.

CBIP decided to cancel the treasury shares, so I think it is meaning their cash flow is good.


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-10-12 17:35 | Report Abuse

Coming ? Or just pushed up b4 dividend Ex?


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Posted by JayC88 > 2020-10-14 17:42 | Report Abuse

the time is now. hoot hoot.


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Posted by Davidl > 2020-10-19 12:54 | Report Abuse

Time to accumulate!


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Posted by Knownfact > 2020-10-22 10:24 | Report Abuse

Big boys lining up to buy? buyers out number by 4 to 1.


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Posted by Dangel > 2020-11-04 16:27 | Report Abuse

Time to accumulate?

Posted by KOHSIENFOOK > 2020-11-10 11:42 | Report Abuse

100%在印尼,不怕没员工,临时工一大堆。棕油价从7月回升至3千多,公司一直buy back。盈利会比上期好,还有可能暴涨。收收收 也是很少有种值股少过NTA,种值股里PE也是很低。这接下几季来,印尼,巴布新几内亚,利比亚合约要完成,还有等Q4完成售地收益都会增加盈利。这个是UMCCA说,2021财年的鲜果串产量会增加,因为印尼加里曼丹的油棕园收成增加、树龄有利及成熟地扩大。

Posted by KOHSIENFOOK > 2020-11-10 12:58 | Report Abuse



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Posted by danchong > 2020-11-12 15:58 | Report Abuse

What are they waiting for?

NTA : RM1.46

PE : 11.48 (last 4 Q)

Cash in hand : Rm142mil (should be more after disposal of land)

CPO price > Rm3,300

All segments including POE, SPV, refinery, oil mill and plantations are doing better last Q. I'm expecting a much better Q results.

What nonsense is this sum-of-parts derived TP of RM0.83 by HLG?

Kenanga maintain UNDERPERFORM with an unchanged TP of RM0.780 based on FY21E PER of 9.9x. They assign a PE of 23.3 to KGB and give two back to back favourable reports on KGB and pushed up the price. Although I own KGB too, I simply can't see the logic.

Hopefully, the IBs will change their mind and start some rotational play on KLSE counters.


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Posted by frankco > 2020-11-12 19:04 | Report Abuse

By the time the research house start promoting it, they have accumulated enough shares so the logic is that they have not collected enough it .


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Posted by frankco > 2020-11-12 19:12 | Report Abuse

FCPO is heading up towards multi year high of resistance 3518 once break, will test another resistance at 3800


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Posted by danchong > 2020-11-13 13:26 | Report Abuse

Yup, hope they have accumulated enough this few days just before the announcement on the last week of this month.

CPO prices is looking good. I hope there is no shortage of labour in Kalimantan.


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Posted by danchong > 2020-11-18 11:07 | Report Abuse

Finally above Rm1, any news or just better Q results


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Posted by Sunson > 2020-11-18 18:11 | Report Abuse

no news is good news, and CPO price is high now, hopefully will breakout even higher


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Posted by lloydlim > 2020-11-18 18:57 | Report Abuse

Uptrend Stock! Time to accumulate!


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Posted by Davidl > 2020-11-27 18:23 | Report Abuse

Wow! Fantastic QR, welldone CBIP


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Posted by lohloyfoo > 2020-11-28 00:11 | Report Abuse

The Group’s revenue and profit before taxation for the financial period ended 30 September 2020
increased by 32% and 153% respective as compared to the same financial period last year.

The increase in the Group’s revenue was mainly due to a new stream of revenue generated by the
refinery segment as well as the increase in revenue by the palm oil plantations and special purpose
vehicles segments. The increase in the Group’s profit before taxation was mainly due to higher
contribution from the palm oil equipment and engineering segment, lower loss incurred by the palm oil
plantations segment and the improved share of results of associates and joint venture.


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Posted by lloydlim > 2020-11-28 20:11 | Report Abuse

Next QR might breaks record high!


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Posted by Davidl > 2020-11-30 08:57 | Report Abuse

CBIP ~ another gem in plantation sector?


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Posted by Sunson > 2020-11-30 10:33 | Report Abuse

faster up up to sky , hopefully reach 2 by nx month


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Posted by lloydlim > 2020-11-30 23:19 | Report Abuse

Plantation index looking forward to break new high!

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