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looks like Q4 results will be good and potential privitization will be presemted to the board. whats more is opening of new 400 bed hospital in ttdi in april. see which is the catalist for the run up.

2022-02-12 02:05


the new facility in TTDI will enhance valuation by 15 to 20%... if all other things are equal.

2022-02-12 02:13


Faked stock.

2022-02-15 12:36


already dead.

2022-02-16 13:43


may be very bad results for Q4

2022-02-16 13:44


The trading price is pretty unusual as if someone wants to keep it at 1.09/1.10.
Maybe it is going to be suspended with VWAP at 1.10.prior to privatisation

2022-02-18 09:54


Hopeless counter. Needs to change CEO and BOD.
Getting rid of my shares 1st thing Monday morning

2022-02-19 13:22


sit comfortably with all the safety features

2022-02-19 16:48


kpj rili. steady..

2022-02-19 18:42


results OK only. nothing to be excited.

2022-02-19 23:44


Poor results, will sell off and wait below RM1.00. This stock has potential but not under current stewardship.

2022-02-21 09:33


Only reason I am holding on is the fading hope of privatisation.Many probably doing the same.
Once this is no longer believable it will definitely dive below 1.00

2022-02-21 16:17


Looks like game over for this counter

2022-02-22 09:28


Result ok only? never expect it will gv you a surprise! People buy it for various reasons, but for sure they never expect it will gv u surprise..

2022-02-23 18:54


Privatisation talk means KPJ shareholders Johor Corp are frustrated with the current low share price

2022-02-23 21:48


Outlook. Given the inelastic demand for healthcare, we expect the normalisation of world travel habits should benefit KPJ on the back of pent up demand from domestic and international patients. However, there might be short-term headwinds as Covid-19 services taper off.

2022-02-24 11:29


i m no nostradamus..but it will fly when it wants too fly when johor corp and tpg capital submit proposal to take kpj private

2022-02-25 11:42


There is a lot of selling from recent conversion of esos at 0.91cts, more than 6 wont go up until these are sold.

2022-03-02 18:51


Flying without wing is like crashing

2022-03-03 15:32


BN win big in Johor. TPG will run away from BN or their funds will b stuck.

2022-03-13 01:56


Interest rate up
Lagi pinjam sukuk
Kena control debt rate

2022-03-18 15:20


IHH offers to buy Ramsay Sime hospital for RM 6.57 . Quite recently Ramsay Sime bought Manipal hospitals. It seems there are active corporate actions on hospital assets currently.

2022-03-22 16:35


Kpj maybe the offer at rm2.00

2022-04-04 17:03


Very nice to hear Offer RM2.00! Ini hanya di mimpi aje

2022-04-04 22:57


deal TPG is off with exit of former CEO. this has become another normal company

2022-04-04 23:00


no more take over. enjoy sleeping with JCorp as ur major shareholder who can't deliver results.

2022-04-04 23:01


KPJ ceo left after about a year - ?reason.
Former JCORP chairman charged with corruption. The replacement apparently died from cancer.
All the bad vibes from this counter
Waiting at 80cts.

2022-04-08 09:53


sama sama ada bisnes, tapi hospital orang lain yg untung byk, kpj untung sikit saje, hospital orang lain ada pemegang saham besar yg hebat, saham kasi naik, kpj ada pemegang saham besar johor corp yg ada masalah, hutang banyak, tak ade wang, kononnya hospital "homegrown", aku orang melayu pun rasa malu

2022-04-12 09:41


They do a lot of good deeds, will be rewarded after...

2022-04-13 04:34


Ya lah. Sarupa PROTON. Every year rugi. Jual to China straightaway make money.
Lebeh baij Jcorp sell the company

2022-04-13 09:07


Harga saham KPJ skrang lebih teruk berbanding masa covid pandemik, malu lah

2022-04-27 16:26



2022-05-06 14:30


KPJ going to fly soon?

2022-05-11 16:28


hampir semua malaysia stock pun lebih teruk sebelum pandemik ..... Terima kasih KERAjaan

2022-05-12 16:45


This shhitty stock never grow since IPO in early 1990s?
Too many freeloaders.

2022-05-12 18:19


New president of KPJ was from airline industry. Does he know anything about healthcare.
No wonder the company going south.
I notice the pay of CEO is going up (around RM2mil) and board is getting bigger but share price on the downtrends for more than 5 yrs. except fo a short spike last year due to unfounded rumour.
Just compare KPJ board and IHH board.

2022-05-12 18:25


GLC or Malaysia no need smart people on top management . If too smart, than can minum kopi here and there. Budaya ma

2022-05-12 20:19


malu ape kpj? harge tak boleh naik...

2022-05-27 16:16


do something la board kpj yg baru..malula klu harga offer tuk esos staff pun dibawah nilai

2022-05-28 17:37


new low today at 86.5 sen... die die sell by some fund.

2022-06-09 17:47


kpj staff better buy today price ...still cheap

2022-06-15 09:11


low and lower ... that is malaysia quality

2022-06-17 11:07


Kpj used to buy back own shares. Now duit tada.
The present BOD looks like a microcosm of our Cabinet Ministers

2022-06-17 14:58


Too many parasites we need to feed in our country . All BOD is empty brain with full money in pocket . Just like our Ex Prarasana Chairman

2022-06-18 14:48


For two over months now,no one wish to comment anything,why?Is this a sleeping counter?

2 months ago



This stock behaves like a GLC because its owned by a Sultan. They (the royal family) will have some influence to get themselves into advantageous positions before it starts to move.

2 months ago


A better-than-expected recovery in patient volume and operational efficiency is bolstering KPJ Healthcare Bhd's prospects, even as it comes off a stellar set of financial results.

KPJ reported a core profit after tax and minority interest (Patami) of RM54.6mil in Q3, which was double that of the immediate preceding quarter.

The healthcare group declared an interim dividend of one sen, going ex on Dec 12, 2022, as compared with a payout of 0.3 sen in the same quarter last year.

According to Hong Leong Investment Bank (HLIB) Research, the results were above its and consensus expectations at 95% of full-year forecasts.

1 week ago


"The stellar results were achieved mainly due to stronger-than-expected recovery in hospital operations post-pandemic.

"We raise our FY22-24f earnings forecasts by 20-36%, to better reflect the strong rebound in patient volume and operational efficiency," said the research firm in a note.

It reiterated its "buy" call on KPJ while raising its target price to RM1.27 from RM1.13 previously.

1 week ago


"The debt repayment is expected to lower KPJ’s net gearing to 0.61x, from 0.68x. The proposed sale is expected to complete by 1Q23," said HLIB.

In a separate report, CGS-CIMB Research noted that patient volume and bed occupancy rates have surpassed even pre-pandemic levels, possibly owing to underlying demand and pent-up demand from patients who had deferred surgeries during the COvid lockdowns.

"Post-3Q22 results, we raise FY22-24 forecast core earnings per share by 8.6-27.4%, mainly to factor in lower opex and depreciation, as well as higher associates earnings.

"We raise our FY22-24F payout ratio assumption to 70%, leading to yields of 2.5-3%.

"Our target price rises to RM1.18, after our earnings upgrade and rolling over to 2024 forecast price-earnings of 32 times (still 10-year mean)," it added.

1 week ago

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