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I follow the smell of money.


When come to investing, the "feel" is very important.


Instead of treating the stock as a symbol / code on the computer screen, it will help if we can actually tell what the company is doing.


As a further step to getting familiar with ACE stocks, I have copy and paste certain operational information from the respective companies' websites. 


I hope the information and images can help us to have a better understanding of the companies and thereby allowing us to be better stock pickers.


This is Part 1 of a four part series.






1. Brite Tech


Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
The Brite-Tech Group, via Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd, offers a complete range of formulated chemical products and services for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, as well as water and wastewater treatment. Cybond Chemical Sdn Bhd, being 100% wholly owned by Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd, is principally involved in manufacturing of water treatment chemicals and providing others related services.

Water and wastewater treatment chemicals are essential in the successful operation of the respective systems. Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd supplies these chemical products to treatment systems built by both the Group and others.

With the motto "Make Water Treatment Part of Productivity"., its aim is to assist industries in maintaining and upkeeping expensive equipment from water-related problems. The following sets out in detail the principal programmes offered by Brite-Tech Corporation Sdn Bhd to customers :

Boiler Water 
These treatment programmes prevent corrosion inside boilers, reduce scaling and deposition, eliminate oxygen and acid attacks, halt dangerous metal embrittlement, increase system reliability and maximize energy output of boilers.
Cooling Water
These cost-efficient programmes are designed to reduce unscheduled shutdowns, conserve energy, save manpower costs and reduce operational cost.
Water & Wastewater
Through innovative formulated chemical products, these programmes (comprising 3 steps: primary clarification, secondary clarification, dewatering and sludge handling) ensure environmental regulatory compliance of difficult parameters such as oil & grease, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) & Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Suspended Solids, heavy metals and colours. In the process, sludge generation is also reduced, resulting in cost reductions in disposal and hence, eventual overall cost savings.


Analytical Laboratory & Environmental Monitoring Services
The Group presently operates three testing laboratories, namely Spectrum Laboratories Sdn Bhd,Spectrum Laboratories (Johore) Sdn Bhd and Spectrum Laboratories (Penang) Sdn Bhd. The laboratories are strategically located respectively in Shah Alam, Johor Bahru and Bukit Mertajam to cater for the central, Southern and Nothern regions of Peninsular Malaysia.

The laboratories provide analytical and environmental monitoring services such as :

 Water analysis
 Effluent analysis
 Soil analysis
 Food analysis
 Organic analysis
 Environmental air and noise level monitoring for EIA studies
 Water quality monitoring for EIA studies
 Air emission monitoring
 Isokinetic stack monitoring
 Wastewater characteristic studies (WWCS)
 Treatibility studies
 Reseach and Development (R & D)
The laboratories which utilities internationally recognized standard techniques are equipped with the latest instruments to cater for testing and monitoring services. The laboratories serve not only as independent third parties to provide accurate and prompt services to relevant industries as well as the Group itself, but also undertake R & D activities for the Group.


System Equipment
The Group through its subsidiary, Hooker Chemical Sdn Bhd provides consultations, engineering design, construction and installation, and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment, water purification system and wastewater recycling especially for the dicing saw, back grinding and lead frame plating rinse waste. The wastewater and water treatment system are generally constructed in modular skid for easy installation, mobilization and demobilization. In addition, Hooker Chemical Sdn Bhd provides water treatment chemical, equipment spare parts and after sales services.
AKVA-TEK 20ppm BOD treatment using Ozone + Fixed film Bioreactor.pdf

System :



  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water purification
  • Wastewater recycling and minimization
  • Wastewater treatment plant maintenance
  • Contract operation & maintenance for treatment plant
  • Treatment chemical & equipment
In order to keep abreast with new technologies in advanced countries, Hooker Chemical Sdn Bhd constantly sends its management team overseas to attend trade fairs and meetings with leading water management companies.


Ancillary Products & Services

The Group operates a facility in Kluang, Johor, under its subsidiary Rank Chemicals Sdn Bhd, to provide solutions to various industries that require ultra-pure deionised water, institutional housekeeping chemical, industrial maintenance chemicals as well as hotel amenities.

The products and services of Rank Chemical Sdn Bhd can be outlined as follows:

Ultra pure deionised water
Ultra-pure deionised water produced by ion-exchange resin is commonly used in electronic-related companies (for rinsing processes), pharmaceutical manufacturing and others demanding high purity water. Rank Chemical Sdn Bhd operates an ion-exchange resin regeneration facility. With such a facility, Rank Chemical Sdn Bhd provides rental and/or sale of portable ion-exchange resin columns and after sales technical support.
Insttitutional housekeeping chemicals
Institutional housekeeping chemicals are vital in maintaining a pleasant environment and can be categorized into laundry, floor care and kitchen hygiene chemicals. Rank Chemical Sdn Bhd provides back-up technical support to customers to ensure that the chemicals are used effectively and safely.
Industrial cleaning chemicals
The rapid pace of industrialization and pollution has prompted increasing demand for products which are cost effective, environmental friendly and biodegradable, Rank Chemical Sdn Bhd offers range of such products: traffic film remover for floor shine, oil degreaser for petroleum spillage and bio-drain opener to remove trapping oil and grease.
Hotel amenities
Rank Chemical Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of products to hotels, ranging from quality bath soap, bottle shampoo & conditioner to foam bath. Room amenities are considered essential elements for the comfort of hotel guest in today's hospitality industry.


Speciality Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals & Related Products
 The Group through its subsidiary, Tan Tech-Polymer Sdn Bhd, provides formulated specialty chemicals and polymers to the industries, in particular, the latex and rubber industries. Tan Tech-Polymer Sdn Bhd also provides consultancy services, development of specialty polymers, research and development on product innovation and process improvement for the industries as well as other related chemical products.
Sincere United Sdn Bhd, another subsidiary of the Group, supplies raw materials used in the manufacture of water distribution pipes and also supplies raw materials used in oil pipeline for the oil and gas industry. Sincere United Sdn Bhd also supplies water treatment chemicals, materials such as coating materials, welding flux, welding wire, tools and implements used in water pipeline as well as quarry and cement and other related products.






2. EA Holdings


System & Infrastructure Integrations   Banking Applications   ICT Consultancy Services
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing   Automated Invoices Processing Solutions   RFID Access Control Systems
REAL-TIME Location System (RTLS) Solution        
Main focus markets :-
Government & GLCs
EASS Sdn Bhd
  • Automated Invoices Processing solutions
  • Data Warehousing solutions
  • ICT Consultancy services
  • Infrastructure integration services
Enterprises (Corporate & Retail)
EA MSC Sdn Bhd
  • RFID & Access control systems
  • Systems & infrastructure integration services
Financial Services Sector, Primarily Banking Institutions
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Data Warehousing solutions
  • Banking applications
  • ICT Consultancy services
  • Systems integration services






3. Eduspec


Eduspec is a provider of IT literacy materials for primary and secondary schools since 1984. In view of the global recognition of ICT education to schools, Eduspec believes in integrating ICT into the education system to prepare the young towards a 21st century workforce. Eduspec develops IT courseware andeducation software to cater to innovative learning in schools.


Major products :-




is a benchmark in education system developed to create a new and exciting learning environment for students. The digital school transforms the way students are taught. With the combination of computer technology and multimedia in education, the digital school promotes interactive teaching and learning processes. In the classroom, teachers employ interactive multimedia equipment in their teaching activities. This helps create a fun learning environment. With the help of technology, students also learn faster and better. The interaction is more vibrant and has accurate diagnosis of students’ progress. 

Eduspec believes that ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is the key to shaping the development of education successfully. As early as the mid-1980s, Eduspec’s embarked on a major project themed “ICT In Education” in a number of Chinese primary schools in Malaysia. The goal was to enable these schools to progress in tandem with the fast changing technology.


DIGITAL SCHOOL version 2.0

自2009年,崇文华小已正式迈入数码学校,运用数码科技,将传统的办学方式摇身一变成为有机制的 资讯系统。学校在增设数码课室时,成立资讯站。配备完善的保安系统、设立学校网站,并让家长们能在 网上查阅孩子的功课,查询考试成绩、学生之出席表等。除外,优质的网络功能提供给学生新的学习方式,孩子也因而拥有更广阔的视野和世界观。 

2010年,学校更持续深化推广,不断增进培训。目前,数码学校的概念促成今天我校有效率的学校行政, 令教学的安排顺畅,令学校的办学素质提升,以顺应时代的转变,使我们大步跨入高效能学府的领域。 

这一次大力推介数码学校2.0的背后强大力量是杨忠礼通讯有限公司和育式培控股有限公司,本校董事部率四机构全力支持,并大力推动数码学校2.0发展。这一次的启动承蒙杨忠礼通讯有限公司慷慨提供 Chromebooks 及Frog VLE – 那就是 云端资讯学习平台,并获得育培式控股有限公司协助培训Frog VLE , NEC有限公司亦报效3台投影机,让学校顺利装备及迎合这个革新的不同学习方式。本校董事部也修建Chrome Lab,一间学习空间平台,以让学生有适当的空间展现他们学习的需求和提升学习乐趣。这些都是校方所期待的蜕变,也是全体师生期待一个百花盛开的网上整合“教”与“学”的学习平台。 

育培式控股有限公司拨出了宝贵的时间培训本校老师及学生,引导他们运用Frog  VLE网络,擷取有用资讯, 指导教师构造作业,协助学生自主网上练习作业。这项功能的优点提供了课堂延伸学习,学生再也不会框在枯燥的传统抄写作业模式而感到乏味。



DynaMice is a new teaching and learning technology that uses a suite of applications built on Microsoft’s Multipoint technology that allows multiple mice to be connected to one computer allowing interaction with the facilitator and among the students. Using DynaMice and Microsoft PowerPoint, teachers can create their own interactive learning activities easily without any computer programming knowledge, creating drawing or writing activities, multiple choice questions, drag and drop activities and short answer questions. This makes lessons more motivating and fun for students than conventional teaching methods.

DynaMice allows schools to be able to help students have access to computers using a mouse each which is affordable than for the school to buy many computers for every one of the students. With the affordability and accessibility to Information Technology, students would not be left out in the ICT education. Recently, the schools that use DynaMice have also turned their wired mice to wireless. Classroom learning will never be the same, true to the DynaMice tagline. 


What is MGA (Meter, Graph, Analysis) Data Logger?
A revolutionary educational device which can read and store various types of electrical signals, it brings to life the abstract principles of science and engages students on a self-exploration, self-discovery and self-learning journey into the world of science. It facilitates implementation of inquiry learning within very limited curriculum time. 
How MGA Data Logger benefits?


Prepared by a group of dedicated and experienced teachers, each course program is tailored according to the age of children. The course programs include three aspects which are; General Knowledge, Software Application and Online Application. Each level of difficulty increases as the students progress in the IT training. The courses are updated frequently in tandem with the development of new technology to ensure students acquire the latest IT knowledge. Besides that, the whole structure of the IT learning program also has the strong support from Microsoft. 

In recent years, Microsoft and Eduspec have jointly launched the Live@edu campus community. The purpose is to bring the students to move beyond spoon-fed learning and towards more e-learning to give students a new learning experience.

Live@edu is the ultimate out-of-the box suite of applications provided by Microsoft that includes email, instant messaging and other interesting features. There are many online features which will enhance communications between students to improve online collaboration and efficiency. This helps give an effective platform of communications between schools and students in the long run.


Australian Guild for English Communication
The language lab under the Australian Guild is a world-class multimedia programme. This two-approach programme is designed specifically to help students to master the English language as well as provide professional training for English language teachers.



Bringing technology into a classroom is not something new today, especially for an established company like Eduspec, who had been providing quality ICT education and various administrative systems to Malaysian schools for almost three decades. 

Now, bringing technology into the classroom, equipped with an effective learning tool, multimedia aid and most importantly, to learn about technology using technology is one of the most effective learning methods discovered. This new learning system is known as “Robotics Learning Solution.”

Having exposing and spearheading students to robotics learning tools as simple as assembling LEGO parts, writing simple programs from the computer and download into the readily robot, and animate the robot to perform activities requested by the user; Eduspec had been running innovative Robotics events from classroom solutions to platforms like Nationwide Junior Robothon and International Competition, Digital Youth Award – Robotics for Children for the past seven years. Their position as the market leader for Robotics Education is well-known in Malaysia, and expanding rapidly to neighbouring Asian countries like China, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

“Where the universe, vast as it is, is shrunk into the size of a classroom for children to see, hear and touch... To feel, learn and understand.”

The above statement is the mission statement for the Robotics Education research and development arm for Eduspec, DES. Through a series of interesting and structured classroom learning solution, children are able to make the world “real” to themselves. When they build customisable robots, children are actually learning by making. Thus, knowledge transfer happens from abstract to concrete and they can assess their performance via result-oriented programming activities.


In 1998, Eduspec first introduced the computerized administrative operation to school to help implement a Computerized Administrative System.

From then on, the schools daily administration, library management, school managment, attendance reports, exam result processing and other records, are handled electronically. Few years back, some school in fact have adopted new online module so that parents can now check their children's performance and access the latest updates on thier children status or progress.


Riding on the rapid advancing technology, Eduspec is able to provide world-class robotics programme into pre-school market. Carefully assembled and packaged by a team of specialist in education and engineering, this robotics programme is proven to be both interesting and promising. This programme is known as SWIPE.

Building on the foundation of development, children at the age of four to seven are the best learners. Their mind is like a sponge and they absorb every information passed to them thoroughly. SWIPE is catered to provide fun and entertaining learning experience for this group of learners.

Accompanied by various multimedia-featured learning solutions, children are now able to enjoy the convenience of an encyclopaedia by making with an effective learning tool, known as SWIPEBOT. They see, build, play and have fun with the learning tools based on the theme of the day. 

Students get to build and create their robots inside out with sensors and various programming functions! Programming cards are used to animate their creatively created robot. Through a simple swipe card motion, the robots are brought alive by the little fingers of our future leaders.

This is not just an entertainment but an educational platform that is fun and mind boggling!






4. Focus Point



It all started with the opening of the very first Focus Point outlet in Muar, Johor, back in 1989. At the time, it was simply called Focus Vision Care Centre, and the store was nothing more than a small counter in a shopping centre.

From those humble beginnings, we have grown from a small-town optical store to a company that not only leads the eyewear retail industry in the country, but one that is set to make its mark on the region.

Certainly, it has been quite a journey. Following the establishment of Focus Point Sdn Bhd in 1993, a head office was set up in Johor Bahru to provide management and operational support to the growing number of retail branches. But more opportunities beckoned, and we eventually expanded to the nation’s capital and set up home in Kuala Lumpur in 2000.

As business continued to thrive, our management arrived at a turning point. The decision to formulate a franchise programme was sparked by the belief that people are the most important asset, plus a desire to create opportunities for rising young entrepreneurs.

The offer to operate a franchise with the full support of the management was extended to Focus Point staff, and was met with such overwhelming response that over 70 franchise outlets were launched in just seven years.

Since then, Focus Point Vision Care Group has won numerous awards for its franchise programme, including the prestigious “Best Homegrown Franchise” title from the Malaysian Franchise Association in 2009.

Moving forward, we are confident of brighter prospects ahead. On 23 August 2010, Focus Point Holdings Bhd successfully made its debut on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd, a move Dato’ Liaw hailed as “a new benchmark for ourselves.”

In the span of twenty years, our annual sales have grown to more than RM100 million. As we look forward to expanding our market, we recognize that in order to create more demand for our products, we must diversify our product range and professional services. And we are ready for that challenge.







5. Genetec


Genetec was incorporated in 1997 and began operation in 1998 providing assembly automation and engineering services to various industries and have grown ever since.

Genetec has technical expertise to support a diversify industry across the board,
such as:

Consumer product
Food and packaging
Hard Disk
Oil and gas
Semiconductor industries providing turnkey factory automation
Customize system design
Conveyor and transportation system
Tooling and fabrication technology as well as standard machine

With these core competencies, Genetec is committed to provide a total engineering solution and deliver high quality product to all our customer.


Customize System Design

Genetec provides engineering solution in designing, manufacturing and integrating custom automation solution customizable to your individual needs and application. We have a dedicated engineering solution team in various engineering disciplines to meet all your engineering needs.

Process Verification
Specification Writing
Automation Simulation
Continuous Improvement
Equipment Design & Build
Design to Specification
Retrofit Automation
Large scale factory automation
Contract Manufacturing


Build To Print / Replication

Genetec provides engineering services in manufacturing and integrating custom automation solution for build to print according to your individual needs and application.

We have a dedicated group of engineers in various engineering disciplines across a wide range of skill to meet all your engineering requirement.

Being an ISO certified company and coupled with an effective ERP system, good material control, and dedicated project management team, we are able to deliver high quality engineering services, solutions and products efficiently at competitive pricing to our customers.


Conveyor And Transportation System

Genetec provides engineering service in designing, manufacturing and integrating custom conveyors and solutions to suit all your transportation needs to various industries. 


Vision System Technology

Genetec provides engineering solution for a wide range of vision system customizable to your individual needs and application. 

We have skill engineers to assist you in evaluating, designing, and implementing inspection and handling system base on machine vision and image processing. 

With our technical experience in various industries, we are able to provide you with high end and reliable solution to vision-guided robots using imaging technologies.


Tooling Fabrication

Genetec provides engineering services for tooling fabrication and sheet metal works to your specification. 

We have a complete workshop fully equipped with: 
CNC turning
Lethe Machine
Wire Cut
Grinding machine
many more station to meet all your engineering needs

We have a dedicated quality department for tooling fabrication & metal work to ensure all our final products are the finest quality and meet all your specification. 

We are committed in providing products with the highest quality to our customers utilizing our highly skill inspectors and the latest inspection and testing technology to meet the ever increasing industry challenges and demands.















Genetec's supporting team has experience of setting up machines in many Asia countries and working with people of diverse cultures. 








6. Ideal Suncity



Our Group provides Project Design Evaluation services upon acceptance of a client's project. A detailed development due diligence review will be conducted on the project which includes land matters and council by-laws, types of title and category of land use, zoning, density per acre, plot ratio, caveats, the registered owners, building plans and any special conditions attached to the land/title. After completion of the detailed development due diligence review, our Group through its team and panel of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and relevant experts will then work to enhance the conceptual design of the project and compare with the client's existing design. From the comparison analysis, our Group will then coordinate with the client's professional consultants to provide a proposal to the client which will effectively maximise the net saleable area in accordance to the rules and regulation of the local authorities and increased the client's project GDV.

Once the client accepts the Project Design Evaluation proposal, our Group will make an extra effort to coordinate with the clients' professional consultants to prepare the detailed building plans for the re-submission to the local Government authorities.



Project Value Engineering here refers to an organised/systematic approach to increase client's project value by either improving the work function(s) or reducing the cost while maintaining the quality of work. To achieve this, our Group will coordinate with the client's professional consultants to provide a comprehensive value engineering analysis and a detail value engineering proposal which would include solutions to reduce operation and maintenance costs, simplify procedures, improve project completion schedules, reduce wastage of space or materials, increase procurement efficiency, utilise resources more effectively and develop innovative solutions.



Here, our Group will assemble and assign a Project Management Team (PMT) to each project. Our Group's PMT generally consist of project general manager, quantity surveyor, site supervisor, accounting & administrative personnel who will coordinate and cooperate with the client's main contractor and its externally appointed professional team (namely architect, civil & structural engineer, M&E engineer and quantity surveyor) to secure the execution and the completion of projects. This service is divided into two (2) stages, namely pre-construction and construction phase.










7. Instacom




Instacom Group Berhad was formerly known as I-Power Berhad which was established in October 2002 as a locally nurtured e-business solutions specialist and system integrator with a wide range of dominant e-Solutions products that caters for the business needs of both medium and large-sized organizations. 

On 8 October 2012, upon the completion of the restructuring and reverse take-over of I-Power Berhad by Instacom Engineering Sdn Bhd, the new enlarged Instacom Group was formed and consequently, I-Power Berhad has changed its name to currently known as Instacom Group Berhad.

The completion of the corporate exercises and the transformation of I-Power Berhad to Instacom Group Berhadhas brought on new impetus of growth and growth drivers, increased business strength and improved financial capabilities.

Our Group is currently operating in two (2) distinctive industries, namely, the ICT industry and telecommunication network services industry.




Our in house teams currently specialize in the following works:

  • Tower erection – Highly skilled and experienced teams have been erecting telecommunication towers up to 100  metres. All team members have been registered with CIDB to ensure their compliance with safety standards in this challenging skill.
  • Specialised Civil Works teams who have worked closely with tower erection and have equally long and intricate experience of the demands particularly relating to tower erection.
  • Telecommunication cabin installers who have wide and varied experience of the requirements of our telco clients and their telecommunication equipment.
  • Specialized in M & E teams who have received training in the various telco equipments and are skilled technically in their installation, commissioning and testing.
  • In-Building infrastructure.
  • OSP – Civil & cabling teams with in-house HDD machinery and whole complement of equipments to undertake fibre infrastructure work.









8. Jag Berhad




Infortech Hypersoft Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 14 July 1997. It was re-named Infortech MSC Sdn. Bhd. on 9 September 1997 and subsequently to Infortech Alliance Sdn. Bhd. on 10 December 2002. Infortech Alliance Sdn. Bhd. was then converted to Infortech Alliance Berhad on 16 December 2002 and successfully listed on the Malaysian Exchange of Securities Dealing and Automated Quotation (“MESDAQ”) Market (now known as ACE Market) of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 28 July 2003.

Infortech Alliance Berhad has turned a new chapter with the successful completion of the reverse acquisition of Jaring Metal Industries Sdn. Bhd., a reputable Total Waste Management solutions provider on 10 December 2013. To reflect the change in core business, Infortech Alliance Berhad has been renamed JAG Berhad with effect from 16 June 2014.


Jaring Metal (JMI)

Jaring Metal Industries Sdn Bhd is wholly-owned subsidiary of JAG Berhad. We are a specialist in scrap removal and recycling. We purchase all types of e-waste such as ferrous, non-ferrous and also precious metal scrap from public or private manufacturing companies. All the materials are sorted out in accordance to international specifications, and to be supplied to local foundries and overseas consumers worldwide.

Electronic Waste

E-waste is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life." Computers, monitors, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are common electronic products. Many of these products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled. Unfortunately, electronic discards is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation's waste stream.

Each year in Malaysia tens of thousands of electronic items become "obsolete" in the eyes of consumers. Rapid advances in technology and an expanding demand for new features accelerate the generation of "old" electronic equipment ("e-waste"). The result is a growing challenge for businesses, residents, and local governments as they search for ways to reuse, recycle, or properly dispose of this equipment.

Many components of electronic equipment--including metals, plastic, and glass--can be reused or recycled, while others may present environmental hazards if not managed correctly. Various scraps from electric and electronic items contain high quality minerals such as gold, silver, copper, nickel and other non-ferrous metals. The recyclable products include scrap semiconductors, scrap printed circuit boards and other parts of the electric and electronic scrap.

All items received by JMI are recycled in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. The processes include cutting, crushing, milling, separating, smelting and refining. All the materials we recycle are put back into use by firms in the local, as well as global markets.

The materials we purchase and recycle includes:

  • Gold plate PCB
  • Gold plate
  • Silver plate
  • Nickel alloy
  • Mix precious metal scrap
  • Aluminium turning
  • Components (crushed)
  • Copper frames – 194
  • Copper wire


JMI is a full service scrap metal recycling company, servicing from industrial scrap, automotive scrap, demolition scrap, electronic and appliances scrap. We purchase and recycle all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They include copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, tin, steel, nickel and precious metals such as gold, silver and other minerals.

All of our operations utilize environmentally sound practices and meet the highest standards in quality control and environmental health and safety management.


Metal Residues

A wide variety of residues containing tantalum, indium, nickel, titanium, tungsten, and other high-value metals are processed in various ways to recover the metal value. Processes for residues containing these, and other high value metals, are developed on a case-by-case basis to remove impurities and produce salable products.

JMI has broad capability to process precious and high-value metals. We use several different types and sizes of smelting and refining furnaces, and have installed a number of hydrometallurgical and physical separation processes as well.

The utmost care is taken to ensure the integrity of materials during processing. The following types of material containing precious metals are recycled:

  • Metal Hydroxide
  • Photographic waste
  • Metal Dross
  • Spent Acid
  • Spent Catalyst
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Spent Alkaline
  • Cyanide Waste



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