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Publish date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020, 11:43 AM
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Time flies. Without noticing it, I have been dwelling in i3investor for about 8 years already, reading, sharing and at the same time learning from the website. As a retired engineer with some academic training in finance and investing, and a ferocious reader of investing books and articles on fundamental value investing (FVI), and a retail investor and practitioner, I do have time and some knowledge and experience in investing.

Initially, I shared some investing strategies such as the Coldeye 5 yardsticks in investing, the Joel Greenblatt Magic Formula and the high dividend yield investing strategy. Many people in the forum asked me whether those stocks they were interested met those requirements and if they were good to invest in. I did some research on those stocks and answered them accordingly. I remember those majority of them which I said met those requirements had made great return in the short period of time. I have also shared many articles on how to avoid the lemons in Bursa to avoid losing big money in the stock market. I believe those who have followed those articles would have benefitted.

In the process, I have also learnt a great deal of other investing stuff and have improved my investment process, and at the same time, get some good investment ideas in Bursa. Those were the good times, and I enjoyed it.

I have so far shared a total of 390 articles in i3investor. These articles are mainly for sharing of investing principles, strategies and methodologies. I have also shared my analysis on several stocks and put up a few portfolios for the mid-term from 8 years ago in i3investor. I must say they had done well, thanks to those good times. I have received many favourable and motivating comments and feedback. Similarly, I also have my fair share of criticisms, which from there, I tried and believe I have improved myself in my investment approach and in humility.

I remember there were a few comments that I should write a book to share investment philosophy and principle from a few years ago. I thought about it, why not? However, I have been procrastinating for a long time until last year, when my friend Coldeye encouraged me to do it a few times. Finally, I had completed writing my book and it was printed at the end of February 2020. My friend also encouraged me to do some publicity of the book too.

This is a very comprehensive book involving almost all aspects of fundamentals of investing.

I hope those who have purchased my book have started reading and practise on the methodologies and strategies described in the book. It is an excellent time to use it for investing in the stock market now with the beaten down of so many good stocks in Bursa and all over the world for those who have the bullets to do so, although we don’t know where the bottom is.

Also Remember my promise, I will answer any question you may have regarding the content of the book. Imagine, where else you can get this type of excellent deal; able to learn almost all aspect of fundamental investing, with someone to guide you along, for just a few tens of Ringgit for a book which you can use it again and again, for stock investment all over the world?

This book is available for sale in the major bookshops including Popular and MPH. If you can’t get from the bookshop now because of the lockdown, you may also contact me at the email address for a copy to be posted to your address if you wish. I have a limited number of copies left over from those I allocated for pre-ordering previously.



Below are some comments on my book.

“Currently there is a shortage of good reading materials on fundamental investing written by local investment gurus for investors especially stock market newbies. The series of articles written by Mr. KC Chong have certainly helped to fill the vacuum. I am confident that this book will bring a lot of benefits to those looking for guidance. I, therefore, strongly recommend this book to those who are keen to sharpen their acumen in share investments. -By Cold Eye (冷眼).”


“I used to invest in KLSE using TA and simple FA investing in the stock market. After learning FA from Mr KC Chong in 2014, my FA had improved tremendously. I combined my TA and FA which I learned from Mr KC Chong; I made a breakthrough in my investment. I had made the most money in my life from KLSE in 2015 with a return of 129%, and good returns in subsequent years until today. I always appreciate Mr KC Chong because he is always my best FA teacher who has helped me to make my career so successful in term of profit I had made from KLSE. I believe this book will be very beneficial for those who wish make money in the stock market.     -By Ooi Teik Bee”


“Thanks for your generosity in sharing. I have just finished reading the book and certainly find it very beneficial. Even though I have no Accounting background, through the illustrations and examples within I learn to appreciate what are the numbers in the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement. Prior to that the figures that attract my attention were merely revenue and profit.This book will be a good reference guide for my future investments.

Warmest Regards,Ken Chow”


“Indeed this is a most comprehensive investing guidelines book in Malaysia. Easy to absorb & understand with simple charts, example of real case study. This is beneficial to the public who purchased the book & hopefully enlighten them  some better idea of value investing.

Appreciate your hard work & effort for bringing us a light/positive mindset in value investing

Boon Jieh.”


“Hi KC Chong, 

I have received the book on Tuesday morning. One day before I travel to Taiwan, the timing is good because I can read it when nothing to do on the plane. . After finish first few chapters, I think it is very comprehensive and useful for me. This is one of the books that I would recommend to my friends who want to invest in the right path. Really like this book and appreciate your unselfishness in sharing.  I hope one day I can do the same and make this a better world. 

Best regards, Yuk Seng”


Also read the writeup on the interview of the Edge Magazine with me about the book in the Personal Wealth section of The Edge Magazine dated March 29, 2020.

Happy investing.

KC Chong at ckc15training2@gmail.com





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2020-03-26 11:49


Those followed KC over the many years would have lost a lot of $ lately.

2020-03-26 15:14




2020-03-26 15:16

Philip ( Write To Me If You Need Help)


2020-03-26 15:17


Post removed.Why?

2020-03-26 15:40


calvin...u right...collecting fees better than investing..............

2020-03-26 15:42


What qqq3

You should be the 1st to buy KcChongNz book and read it 10 times

Then you wouldn't have gone up the pirate ship called Sendai and finally died there

2020-03-26 16:04


calvin...sendai was gold ship during its time................

2020-03-26 16:42


Haha calvin,
qqq3 sendai is Koon factor. Now his is in Karim factor kpower and Scib chasing high the golden ship to almost RM 3. Will his golden ship turn up to pirate ship time will tell.
qqq3 never learnt.

2020-03-26 17:06


sslee....u have not answered me.....why are Kpower and SCIB the most powerful, fastest recovery in bursa?

that is what we want, isn't it??

2020-03-26 17:11


Stock mkt guru n mkt gods, please tell us what stocks to buy now, at what price. Thanks.

2020-03-26 17:15

enigmatic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Invest just RM69.90 to save thousands of ringgit! Apa lagi u mau?!

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself - Buffett (apparently)


2020-03-26 17:25


sslee..........I know what is balance sheet and P /L......

but do u know what is stock market?

do u know what is cunt teasing value traps ?

do u know talk is cheap?

2020-03-26 17:35


Posted by ahbah > Mar 26, 2020 5:15 PM | Report Abuse

Stock mkt guru n mkt gods, please tell us what stocks to buy now, at what price. Thanks.

some shares will move whenever market improves...........some shares only know how to go down, never up.............guess which is which?

2020-03-26 17:43


qqq3 I sure know talk is cheap. I also know who empty talk a lot in i3 and wrote a lot of rubbish in i3: X factor, karim factor, fleasible is life rigidity is dead, stock is about attitude, Silaing, margin finance and many more nonsense?
Guesss who is this person? No prize in winning.

2020-03-26 19:24



I give u stuffs u can learn.....

not cunt teasing stuffs only theory , no practical use..........

2020-03-26 19:28


qqq, sori, I got no info to give to your guess. Please just give us your info to my request. Thanks.

2020-03-26 21:17


qqq, I no got able to pass your tests of question. I sure got chi tan mark for your tests !

2020-03-26 21:21


ahbah...............u have to refer to the S exi ness index............

2020-03-26 22:28

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