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KPS: Is it really undervalued or is it a trap? Look at SCGM latest results to find out (UPDATED)

Publish date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021, 11:06 AM

There is a lot of hype on KPS since yesterday because of aggressive promotion of the stock.

According to my sources, large positions of KPS were bought earlier but these buyers got desperate when they did not see the share price and volume increasing and desperately want to unload them because the upcoming profits will be very weak. The upcoming profits of KPS will be very weak because resin prices have surged very significantly. Resin is the main raw material for KPS.


Update: KPS just released their quarterly results and you can see the disaster they reported. It is too late if you want to sell now because share price has corrected a lot. You just have to wait and hopefully they will bounce back in the future. I sounded out this warning on 11 March 2021 when share price was at RM1.22 and now share price has gone down to RM0.775. 

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