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VenFx Cant believe This TS wong la,
Must know how to adapt with this kind of scenario...
Measured rusk always above all.

0.720 will be my best guess
20/10/2018 18:12
trulyinvest Pls,dun guess. Filow,u in eg oredi dead
20/10/2018 18:13
Palmgirl MACC is hinting tat they will investigate Datasonic because MACC already confirm that MyEg is not involved.
20/10/2018 18:15
VenFx trulyinvest,

My fellow frens all profitting from EG.
They all thanks me wor !
Can u show me evidence how u lost in EG ?
20/10/2018 18:18
ks5S jho low is involve in the myeg case.
This is link to 1MDB. Go and check myeg account book. All link to Jho Low and Paris Hilton,
20/10/2018 18:19
VenFx truelyinvest is the typically liar la !
Non stop lying to say how good he is trading by contra ...
20/10/2018 18:20
ks5S end of the day, zahid will bocor this case and it link to 1mdb.
20/10/2018 18:21
VenFx Posted by ks5S > Oct 20, 2018 06:19 PM | Report Abuse 

jho low is involve in the myeg case. 
This is link to 1MDB. Go and check myeg account book. All link to Jho Low and Paris Hilton,

ME : The investigator now narrowing the web, cut their sources .
These crooks day are numbered.
20/10/2018 18:22
beso MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Seri Azam Baki said any company and person involved in corrupt activities will not escape investigation.

“We investigate whoever is involved in corruption, so far one company has said they are not involved it is up to them to say. The clarification will come from MACC, if our investigation shows that the company is not involved in any corruption, they are not guilty,” he told reporters after the IBR oath-taking ceremony of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) at the Malaysian Badminton Academy here today.
20/10/2018 18:22
relaks WHAT???!!! Pls post link!

Wah if true myeg will be featured in Michelle Yeoh’s coming Whale movie! Hahaha!

Posted by ks5S > Oct 20, 2018 06:19 PM | Report Abuse

jho low is involve in the myeg case.
This is link to 1MDB. Go and check myeg account book. All link to Jho Low and Paris Hilton,
20/10/2018 18:24
beso to date no one name has cleared in zahid's investigation
20/10/2018 18:24
VenFx Posted by ks5S > Oct 20, 2018 06:21 PM | Report Abuse 

end of the day, zahid will bocor this case and it link to 1mdb.

20/10/2018 18:25
ks5S zahid is the unlucky one only.
no wonder najib was present at the court yesteday to make sure zahid keep quiet on 1mdb .
20/10/2018 18:28
20/10/2018 18:31
beso https://www.malaymail.com/s/1684904/macc-companies-implicated-in-zahid-hamidi-case-to-be-investigated
20/10/2018 18:32
steven223838 myeg .RIP.You will truly be missed and forever remembered.
20/10/2018 18:32
ks5S iam going to write a new book on this new 1mdb episode fast.
Make money from selling books rather than playing this stupid counter,
20/10/2018 18:33
isupertrader More announcement coming on MYEG. Twice hit by MYEG, may causes Monday selldown due to frustration from Investors. MYEG has been overvalued by looking at P/E alone. So whats the driving force behind this? The answer is FOMO
20/10/2018 18:41
Palmgirl The answer is very obvious from the article below. MyEg is not involved.

20/10/2018 18:43
shinebright so many sour grapes here
20/10/2018 18:44
hohoho123 http://www.chinapress.com.my/?p=1386145
20/10/2018 18:45
somersby gone d, myeg investor cant sleep d
20/10/2018 18:47
somersby waiting for 10sen to buy
20/10/2018 18:47
trulyinvest They thx u for pls keep quite n stop promoting eg
20/10/2018 18:49
somersby our epf money gone, hancur
20/10/2018 18:57
ks5S swjee ... are you blinded by your love towards myeg ?
the dungu also know this is link to myeg... why can't you accept it ?
20/10/2018 18:57
ks5S you really dungu-lah.
you better go harakiri fast. No eye see.
20/10/2018 19:00
BlackCapital myeg only worth 0.40....ts wong been buying and push up the price....buy and sell using own investment company
20/10/2018 19:03
1519378884747574 Hahaha..dungu @sjwee3 tin kosong
20/10/2018 19:30
sjwee3 No personal attacks.ok.
20/10/2018 19:42
icecool https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/448171 macc did not clear myeg only myeg claim they were clear by macc LOL wtf
20/10/2018 19:48
Pmaster Palmgirl , is not no investigation to the director but is not yet start the investigation , monday only macc open file start do the investigation on myeg and dsonic director.
20/10/2018 19:51
icecool monday epf will throw faster than everyone else gg
20/10/2018 19:52
Stockhunter85 Run for life .... huge volume will come on monday. It will rebound untill they r clear from macc investigation which will take months or year. Go and have a look at what happened to pworth after under macc investigation. Good luck ....
20/10/2018 19:52
Stockhunter85 They claimed they obligate all the rules of logging also. And what happened to them now? PH now just want to clear all the cronies related to previous goverment.
20/10/2018 19:54
Stockhunter85 Monday confirm another 30% drop
20/10/2018 19:55
relaks @stockhunter85, so what happened to pworth during macc investigation? Counter suspended ka? Or biz as usual?
20/10/2018 19:59
Pmaster You can c the myeg make the annoumemt say macc confirm not investigate the director and so not involve yesterday , Ofcos lah yesterday the Macc not yet start the investigation , monday will only open file.
20/10/2018 19:59
relaks Actually pity the public. We dunno what the directors do behind the scene. And that’s not fair. When a stock collapse, ikan bilis 1st to die! Sad!
20/10/2018 20:02
relaks I’m of opinion now, klse can only do trading. Cannot invest. I’m seeing too many tragedies!
20/10/2018 20:03
ks5S zahid going to charge more later just like najib.
sooner or later those famous company will be involved.
better cut loss early. it still not late rather than you lost more than 60% later.
20/10/2018 20:04
BlackCapital Just like after election, 4 days gap down coming... When another case open for rosmah, another gap down, can collect 0.04....
20/10/2018 20:11
fellysia read this https://www.facebook.com/richmaxinvestmenthouse/posts/240283090179319?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAkyp5wH9CzoKpnwmucefbohXTModYfVwfr5J_bhw_ipqKsxPhMhU-bHfP9yq1wGkGWdExVKvsZKHP_7xAJvysYewGKouUNEh3LWWveQXUJIA5KgAx9KRdut0lBxW0QsVQUsGSQglVL_iVg5DdgrDArK_jZdvegRVx-aDXt3XZc_xymeed4dWxhHkjWdGKF_GLisQWE8AR1doOPEIVx9bZx&__tn__=-R
20/10/2018 20:13
ray1980 Bursa listed companies many got relationship with big guys.So very take risk when we r invest here.This is a big casino for all race only.Long time ago,PAS proposed close this Bursa market bz trade like casino.
20/10/2018 20:15
TrippleZ Got risk so close down Bursa? Drive car also got risk ah. Ban cars lar
20/10/2018 20:25
superbull11 monday confirm IRIS will goreng to 30 sen , Dsonic and MYEG koyak , passport chip only Dsonic and Iris tender project
20/10/2018 20:26
Alibaba Strongly believe Monday gap up and recover to 1.50
Q buy at 1.14 monday
20/10/2018 20:29
20/10/2018 20:30
TheTerminator If Monday gap up, and push up to 1.30. Dsonic will also follow.
20/10/2018 20:34
TheTerminator On the other hand, if operator want to push up for VIP to dispose, Monday is the day.
20/10/2018 20:35

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lcwin i3lurker U must not be misled by statistical manipulation when doing research. U should know nuclear power use very little radioactive material and a small cup will destrot a village.
No data on coal power plant.Do u know Leads in your car battery is way more dangerous as each car uses about 3 kilo of lead.
Remember Bukit Mreah fiasco? They even redo the containment again quietly for the waste recently. It cost 100s of millions if I not mistaken and its just some mild radioactive discard fron the tatalum extraction which during the days was considered very safe.
19/10/2018 12:25
lcwin good for u them pls explain the issue I said about nuclear waste being dangerous. I am just a layman
19/10/2018 12:40
qqq3 Posted by Kc Teh > Oct 19, 2018 10:39 AM | Report Abuse

qqq3, how to trade LayHong and KESM? KESM is 12, need at least 10 sen rise leh.

Morning traded Supermax 3.09-3.14.

go buy KESM and Layhong if u want some money.....
19/10/2018 12:42
somersby This chicken be roaster chicken
19/10/2018 13:06
somersby Everyday offer
19/10/2018 13:22
kimyu1995 My average price at 60sen...recently just keep Lao Sai...
dun wan to average down anymore...dunnoe when can sit on the rocket
19/10/2018 14:12
Alex™ Myeg no show d... Alex come back here
19/10/2018 14:15
i3lurker now looking for new suckers to key in 45 sen
19/10/2018 14:32
KLCI King Hohoho.... cheap sale? anyone dare to buy now?
19/10/2018 15:21
KLCI King Laosai non-stop, eating pop corn watching show now....
19/10/2018 15:21
Justin328 long time not monitor see back look drop like no future
19/10/2018 15:40
somersby die
19/10/2018 16:06
somersby lucky cut loss
19/10/2018 16:06
KLCI King Ooo....... 0.445 already, how low can it go? Interesting....
19/10/2018 16:08
KLCI King Ooo... 0.445 tak boleh tahan, someone throwing...
19/10/2018 16:12
scjm time to buy at 44.5 and be at ease with yourself
19/10/2018 16:19
Fantastico vomit blood
19/10/2018 16:20
lazycat buy what also holland, i already doubt with my life , what am i doing? zzzz
19/10/2018 16:21
Justin328 your buy ah, i scare to buy already
19/10/2018 16:30
PresidentRotiCanai buy roti canai, confirm will happy
19/10/2018 16:30
carilembu going lower and lower... next week 30c
19/10/2018 16:30
Justin328 hard earn money oh, need to keep long long time leh
19/10/2018 16:32
Justin328 i avoid this counter already your are very brave
19/10/2018 16:33
Fabien Extraordinaire if it drops below 40 sen things may get interesting. risk reward favours me..
19/10/2018 16:33
Justin328 30 cent i also will think twice
19/10/2018 16:34
ramada Intrinsic value for Layhong-wa is RM0.05 currently.
19/10/2018 16:39
Justin328 wow 0.05 cents, fast fast run ah
19/10/2018 16:41
ramada The wolves are coming this time, not kidding. But too late for those who still on board.
19/10/2018 16:42
Justin328 lucky i'm not holding already 0.05 cents
19/10/2018 16:42
Pen6 PresidentRotiCanai buy roti canai, confirm will happy
19/10/2018 16:30

Ea, PresidentRotiCanai, no tambah eggssssss ah, support a bit layhong lah!
19/10/2018 16:43
lazycat who keep selling the shares? ah yap only selling warrants, nh food ltd with it 20% holding, if they selling , they have to announce it right? since it above 5%, but no announcement so far... zzzz
19/10/2018 16:49
i3lurker ok folks!

was it good?

was it better than sex?
19/10/2018 16:58
lcwin Big boys support price of mother hen share to prevent it from dropping too fast as they unload all their warrants. Now with unloading of W more or less settled they start selling the mother hen. This way they minimise losses if both were sold down together.
Boss cannot and will not sell their Mother Hen without causing panic.
He will sell those hens that is held under proxies.
Whatever it is stay away n those holding eggs W beware as its well over value
19/10/2018 17:19
Woolei lazycat, it pointless to judge who selling, because layhong support shortselling, which you don't need to hold any share to shortsell.
19/10/2018 17:20
BillyK the whole price trend and selling is like pump and dump in a longer time frame

possibility, accumulation bfore bonus and subdivision, and now the mother hens are coming home to roast
19/10/2018 17:26
shpg22 The boss would like to thanks long term holder for the support and have strong faith on the future of the company.
19/10/2018 17:57
VenFx Tiu, long term holder doesnt mean they would buy high ...
Most veteran long term traders not as what u see lah .
19/10/2018 18:13
steeelman jialak lo new sem ptptn all gone, later sure kena diu by mum gao gao I will say I buy too much nutriplus egg ady so no money
19/10/2018 19:55
somersby many people die because of stock
19/10/2018 21:08
OMGOMG Short selling until price is too valuable until can't go down further. Just wait & see the play.
19/10/2018 21:21
OMGOMG From high of 70 c recently until today 44 c. Very interesting if shortseller can short sell until price drop below 35 c
19/10/2018 21:24
somersby tp 10sen
19/10/2018 22:45
somersby layhong sure terrible iiao, keep sell warrant
19/10/2018 23:08
somersby pn17
19/10/2018 23:11
Macho008 When you lost your faith, you lose your money too -- John Bush
20/10/2018 09:59
Pen6 somersby layhong sure terrible iiao, keep sell warrant
19/10/2018 23:08

Later can lelong eggs cheap cheap, deviden can deliver 1 egg per share ! Everybody happy can have eggs party !
20/10/2018 10:02
OMGOMG External and internal market sentiment is bad coupled with increase of feed cost due to RM weaken and director selling of warrant through off market. All these uncertainty element is good to facilitate a successful short selling. Risk averse and Worried investor will lost their faith and start to cut lost. All this helped short seller to achieve short selling profit. Short seller won this round. Short selling will stop when price is too cheap to short further as value investor / fund manager will jump in to buy.
20/10/2018 14:33
KLCI King It is too cheap? I don't think so.

Please make a comparison to other industry players, except QL, which inflated like a satellite in the sky, crazy & untouchable, all others are traded at the same region of PE8+.
20/10/2018 15:06
shamazia Omgomg... Good analysis
20/10/2018 15:43
TillyLovers Hi, will the counter bounch back to 50 cents within this year?
20/10/2018 20:33

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BN_menang GE15 vote back BN. PH make all suffers.
20/10/2018 13:35
somersby buy for dividen
20/10/2018 13:40
CyrusQ Terminator haha what if no dividend issue .
20/10/2018 13:55
buah_kurma Ini semue cakap negatif nak dsonic $ turun Isnin, semalam Jumaat dah kena hentam teruk sampai 0.395 sen. Tak mungkin turun lagi. Saya confident 50 - 55 sen
20/10/2018 14:18
T800Terminator Let their management to worried on the dividend yield issue to shareholder YoY. They should be more worried than us. LTH and EPF hold around 12%. And free float is less than 30% of issued share. First wave last Friday. Whoever wanna disposed and cut loss has done their job. Following trading will show the true value of the company fundamental strength.
20/10/2018 14:22
relaks Companies involved in Zahid Hamidi charge will be investigated - MACC
20/10/2018 14:41
buah_kurma Betul kata T800... yang nak buang dah buang semalam Jumaat
20/10/2018 14:42
hollandking ok, some of you guys so gung ho yesterday, ya, now I let u see this news from MACCC. Go sue macc ok, if u dont like it.

MACC won't spare companies involved in Zahid case
20/10/2018 14:45
Songsandsong999 Serious margins call for CBB will come on Monday ... CBB can’t sleep well already this weekend.
20/10/2018 14:48
ChickyWaWa https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/10/20/macc-companies-involved-in-zahids-case-will-be-probed/

Good shows on Monday
20/10/2018 15:13
T800Terminator From theEdge news. Implicated MyEg and Dsonic involved in Zahid scandal. From the news to me, I was thought MACC already has evidence on hand. But today news, it seems like they are still investigating...........what is the motive behind? Political revenge? As I said earlier, whoever wanna disposed, they have done their duty. Let see 2nd wave where is the bottom. 1st wave around 0.39. 2nd wave <0.39?
20/10/2018 15:14
cooling myeg and dsonic sure die...

20/10/2018 15:18
cooling Monday 30% limit down again
20/10/2018 15:19
Songsandsong999 Is another 30cent drop...no way to escape already!
20/10/2018 15:25
T800Terminator Another 30c drop. Haha. Major shareholder will privatize the company easily thanks to minor shareholder who help them to make it happen.
20/10/2018 15:31
ThegreedZ just look n see
20/10/2018 15:33
ThegreedZ MACC said that all the company will probe..yesterday they already cleaned the myeg after charged them
20/10/2018 15:41
1009 负面消息会让人变得焦虑..尤其是散户





A。0.70 进 $700 = 1张 = Total 1k = 成本 0.70
B。0.60 再进 $1400 = 2.3张 = Total 3.3k = 成本 0.63
C。0.50 再进 $2800 = 5.6张 = Total 8.9k = 成本 0.548
D。0.40 再进 $5600 = 14张 = Total 22.9k = 成本 0.457
E。0.30 再进 $11200 = 37.3张 = Total 60.2k = 成本 0.36
F。0.20 再进 $22400 = 112张 = Total 172.2k = 成本 0.256
G。0.10 再进 $44800 = 448张 = Total 620.2k = 成本 0.143
H。0.05 再进 $89600 = 1792张 = Total 2412.2k = 成本 0.074
I。0.005 再进 $179200 = 35840张 = Total 38252.2k = 成本 0.009

20/10/2018 15:45
ThegreedZ got flip flop in this allege
20/10/2018 15:46
ThegreedZ they should mention the director...not the company.....
20/10/2018 15:50
ray1980 Monday blue plus Monday bloody!
20/10/2018 15:58
ThegreedZ the impact so big...and many investor lost their capital..
20/10/2018 16:02
ThegreedZ this case not proven yet... the victim is all rhe investor..
20/10/2018 16:05
ThegreedZ very bad..that why foreign investor got hesitate to invest in bursa...
20/10/2018 16:08
Jaya Thegreedz
Cut loss and run before this company drowns in its own vomit
20/10/2018 16:40
Lukesharewalker PH will review contract soon...
20/10/2018 16:43
angkokann So many shares in Bursa dropped more than 50% in short time.
20/10/2018 16:43
BeAmillionaire I bought at 1.2 and cut loss at 1.08 sometime early this year.....lucky man! Goodluck to all still holding strong with faith
20/10/2018 17:18
paulthesotong My Dsonic is an alien he never use IC n Passport ... he from outer space.
20/10/2018 17:20
1009 现在的行情,叫做…趁火打劫。


20/10/2018 17:30
paulthesotong At least you let this CBB (DMD) to go on leave N start on internal probe on alleged corruptions charged..u owe it to public n shdhldgs
20/10/2018 17:31
T800Terminator Nope. This will indirectly admitted guilty.
20/10/2018 17:33
paulthesotong Always innocent until proven guilty.
20/10/2018 17:38
VenFx 合约会被 新内政部长 取消吗?
20/10/2018 17:52
beso let me tell you the public opinion about this case, now solely company announcement won't help, if management have got the official clearance letter from macc, they would have been published as announcement attachment in the first place and press conference would have been called immediately, since macc is able to proceed the charge in court meant there must be enough evidence for them to do so, the whole investigation is going on, dsonic innocent or not isn't on company announcement, it is on macc conclusion.
monday 0.185
20/10/2018 18:04
VenFx Beso's , u r good la ...
Sometimes, we really need to know how to read the untold with the told materials ... especially in this chaotic.
Self bias of reading can bring disastrous.
20/10/2018 18:08
VenFx Lets see how low it will go !
My guess 0.280 first.
20/10/2018 18:09
trulyinvest Pls la, u beter dun guess. U guess eg' now how? Filow u sure die. Kikiki
20/10/2018 18:11
VenFx I wont blame a naive contra players truelyinvest.
He just simpily too idiot.
20/10/2018 18:15
beso https://www.malaymail.com/s/1684904/macc-companies-implicated-in-zahid-hamidi-case-to-be-investigated
20/10/2018 18:33
trulyinvest Too idiot,is u. X malu punya org
20/10/2018 18:50
somersby hand itchy go and buy :(
20/10/2018 18:50
somersby chew bin bin cannot sleep d, he will stay in prison with zahid hamidi
20/10/2018 18:51
newrookie In this chaos I bought at limit down & sold at 54 cents. So tomorrow if down again buy lorr & sell when its going up..
20/10/2018 18:54
Alex Chan like律征强人drama,inside ghost betray Chew Ben Ben, give MACC info...wanna kick out him,eat company...press down price
20/10/2018 19:17
somersby chew bin bin faster step down, to save datasonic and investor
20/10/2018 19:27
CyrusQ Beso : 0.185 interesting
20/10/2018 19:58
tronx 宾周仔....
20/10/2018 19:59
superbull11 Passport chip contract only Dsonic and iris tender , Dsonic koyak , go play iris , why still talk more for what , Macc already mention Dsonic director pay cheque , Dsonic koyak , IRIS fly to sky
20/10/2018 20:18
CyrusQ Superbull: MACC did mention that. But cheque for what purpose? Donation? Charity? Token of appreciation?

Cheque issues under company or personal?
20/10/2018 20:32

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calvincheebursa l don’t think there is any announcement on TF and KM disposing their shares, except a statement confirming they have certain shares holdings prior to the 3rd quarter result announcement
19/10/2018 20:42
oranje shorobin thats my trademark call mine mine mine
19/10/2018 20:53
kiasoocheena guys let's write to AA investor relation and ask for the price down at maa_ir@airasia.com.
19/10/2018 21:08
kiasoocheena or to Tony himself at gceo@airasia.com
19/10/2018 21:11
stock_investor I bought airasia at 3.1. Cut immediately at 3.13 once heard tony give up to hedge oil price during investor briefing.
19/10/2018 21:55
toto OMG, wat is happening? TF & KM owe us an explanation on tis lah........we r all in the dark now
19/10/2018 22:07
Kaka22 The announcement merely says their intention to deal shares during closed period. Could be:-
1) transfer of shares to a holding company.
2) pare down their holdings to a third party.

Exciting moments indeed.
19/10/2018 22:13
toto Kaka22, if tis is a good news, how come suddenly AA dropped so much today?
19/10/2018 22:19
toto Very scare & worry lah
19/10/2018 22:21
astalavista I do not understand what happened today...:(:(::(
19/10/2018 22:24
Kaka22 Not sure why drop. Wait for announcement. Altho the crisis between US and Saudi and Iran sanctions is more worrying to me.
19/10/2018 22:37
10155316461624419 Kaka22 The announcement merely says their intention to deal shares during closed period.

This is meant AAB will announce 3rd quarter load factor within these few day.
19/10/2018 22:41
Kendo Ken Hz Someone big shark just dumped aa at any peices
19/10/2018 22:43
10155316461624419 2018 3rd quarter load factor expected 83% by AAGB when they released the 2nd quarter financial report.
19/10/2018 22:43
TomHagen US market is looking good so far though
19/10/2018 22:44
10155316461624419 Hope no below this 83% load.
19/10/2018 22:44
Kendo Ken Hz Support at 2.2 , tf margin call prices, hehe, don't worry
19/10/2018 22:47
Kaka22 @TomHagen Us is doing fine. But there’s a conflict with Saudi now. If US punish Saudi, Saudi will cancel 100b USD arms deal with US and raise oil prices.
19/10/2018 22:47
10155316461624419 What happened today is warrant issuer merchant damp the price down to protect losing a lots when the special dividend declare. This case Tony must take action again those big shark. Tony must show the good 3rd quarter financial result, those big shark always push down the AAGB price when the warrant issue going to expired.
19/10/2018 22:51
10155316461624419 AAC will completed during next week before 31 Oct 2018. Stay tune for the good news. Special dividend likely more than 60 sen.
19/10/2018 22:55
10155316461624419 Don’t worry about the price drop, AAGB will back to 3 soon. Next week is a last call to add more.
19/10/2018 22:57
10155316461624419 Dare to buy below 2.60. Is the best entry level.
19/10/2018 22:58
marcopolow Really? I scared I lose more money ler.
19/10/2018 23:03
Denster Today just a filing announcement to bursa to show their intention to deal. Becoz the date is close to the quarter report in end of November, it’s a rule.No one know they will acquire more or dispose, until a new announcement report . Today’s sharp drop during closing period of could be not due to their both trading. Could be another possibility that TF and Kamarudin will buy in lump sum next week during close period. Need wait and see first. In July also showed their intention to deal, but no changes of interest(direct holding and indirect holding), as looking at today’s holding percent as of 19oct, still same as 25july , and also same as the share holding percent in annual report 2017. I guess there were no trading done by them in July last time, since no further announcement showing that changes in their interest. AND EPF also keep ACQUIRING the shares since August, you can check the announcement. I do hope the news will mentions they are buying ! Hopefully special dividend declared too. They both will have trading action prior to quarter report. Let’s see
19/10/2018 23:15
MCA_ If EPF buy, IBs' ask buy who sell cause drop? Ghosts?
19/10/2018 23:23
messi88 Luckily sold at rm3 a while back
19/10/2018 23:24
ken2004 Funny with all the target price from analyst usually will go the other way round once their prediction come in, the price will drop.
19/10/2018 23:26
michaelwong Target price are a tool set up by research house with vested interests towards certain stocks in their holdings to set higher TP price to dupe the ikan bilis into their dens and subsequently set free themselves!
You must outsmart and sell first not dupe by the facts to buy in and got trapped .
19/10/2018 23:45
newbie911 Usd up...oil up...
Still wan complain ?
20/10/2018 00:03
1675875085772982 有谁还在捞底? 还捞? 拿钱去吃海底捞更好。 听说要开张了。 一起捞捞捞。 捞美食,要不然真的给人捞上来了。 大家在同一艏船, 保命啊!
20/10/2018 00:03
osseng74 Is already mentioned in the announcement today that tan sri Anthony and datuk kamarudin dispose their direct interest shareholding during the closed period. This could be restructuring exercise where these 2 guys promoted to other AA group of companies and replace with new team. If this is true then Monday before market opening this share will be be taken up by AA. This company financial is good and cash rich. I wish to take up more on Monday at 2.56 if available but I don't think so. Coming Q result will be even better definitely
20/10/2018 01:52
oranje hahaha
annnouncement virgin innocent boys n girls
the dark skin slimy slippery one
gonna do a 2014/15 AAX act lah

huat lah !
20/10/2018 06:18
howtotrade tp $3 in year end
20/10/2018 06:25
shrobin Basically, the issue is due to foreigners selling! If you look at AirAsia's bursa announcements, the first half of this year, Jan to Jun, the foreigners reduce holdings of about 178 mil shares! I believe from Jul to now, the selling is still there! Only by Jan, AirAsia will announce the second half shareholdings changes!

My guess is the foreign shareholdings will be near to 35% by end this year! It was about 44% at the beginning of the year. Down to 39% by end Jun!

In contrast, EPF is doing a net buying for 2018 so far!
20/10/2018 10:52
osseng74 Anyway is a good company to hold for long term be it any changes in price movement or its shareholding
20/10/2018 11:09
kiasoocheena guys I think with all the back door dealing done by the previous government and right now with the current government going after these unscrupulous $#@#holes, I won't be surprised if AA is involved too. That may be the reason for the share price drop. Just a thought.
20/10/2018 11:48
1675875085772982 TONY ada buka CEK bagi BN dulu ke? Inikalilah...
20/10/2018 14:05
Lanesra no idea,shrobin and denster could be right we ikan bills can't do much. Market is shit now pending 2019 budget.
20/10/2018 16:15
jibbie i hope tony F no hanky panky with BN government.
20/10/2018 17:10
shrobin At yesterday close, about 7.7 mil shares were transacted at 2.56! Are these the last of shares that the seller wanted to clear? If selling is little or negligible coming week, we can probably assumed a capitulation has happened yesterday!
20/10/2018 17:20
yutat153 It will drop more for sure....
20/10/2018 17:54
freddiehero if like tat they know early..
20/10/2018 17:56
freddiehero just keep maintain the share price drop slowly..
20/10/2018 17:56
freddiehero break 1.0 also posible now
20/10/2018 17:56
lazycat 0 cent, airasia whole fleet kena hijack by terrorists and crash at klcc
20/10/2018 18:00
salman u all talking nonsense
20/10/2018 18:25
osseng74 If AA drop to 1.0 market is consider market crash a many stock will also down. With AA solid financial result and cash rich how can it drop to par value for an airline company. If MAS off course yes can even below 1.0 as it is maximum scandal company
20/10/2018 18:57
Calvin882 Last Friday's closing definitely a strong indication. With current market sentiment and increasing crude oil, better trade carefully.
20/10/2018 20:06
1675875085772982 U all jangan hope lah sangat. Nothing impossible! Apa pun boleh berlaku. Dulu MAS also price xxx drop sampai Game Over. Lagi minta duit melabur. Omg.
20/10/2018 20:24
oranje slimy TF repeating AAX 2013-14 move
20/10/2018 20:32

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Lukesharewalker 2mil cross trade...rebound coming
19/10/2018 15:07
86chong they playing left and right magic haha
19/10/2018 15:10
Lukesharewalker epf involve with syndicate?
19/10/2018 15:18
86chong it is going up soon all those block might be fake block
19/10/2018 15:23
Lukesharewalker 13th day down... possibly accumulation now
19/10/2018 15:32
kk1kk1 can try ARMADA-C42 0.005
19/10/2018 15:33
Lukesharewalker c45 lah
19/10/2018 15:54
Lukesharewalker trapped by blockers left and right
19/10/2018 16:00
shpok4574 i queue 3000 at 0.415
19/10/2018 16:07
Lukesharewalker u got it already....haha
19/10/2018 16:14
superbull11 Armada share price no bottom at all , it can after 1 month time plunge to 30 sen , worst +game over
19/10/2018 16:26
Lukesharewalker churning at a loss at this level...bottom is near
19/10/2018 16:28
Lukesharewalker anyway structure warrant exercise price amends to the RI
19/10/2018 16:30
Lukesharewalker party of 3 or 4
19/10/2018 16:36
Lukesharewalker Actually Armada is servicing company, contracts are secured regardless of oil price. Oil price is just sentiments for future projects
19/10/2018 16:43
Lukesharewalker party of 4 keep feeding the sellers Q
19/10/2018 16:45
Lukesharewalker see sell 2779 at 33 cents? who does that?
19/10/2018 16:49
Lukesharewalker again 6000 crosstrade
19/10/2018 16:51
Ziko Ro Run for your life
19/10/2018 16:55
niet "see sell 2779 at 33 cents? who does that?"

It is just bursa admin putting up random prices to stabilise prices.
It occurs on most heavily traded counters
19/10/2018 17:01
Lukesharewalker Date of Notice : 17/10/2018

No. Date Transaction Type No of Shares Price (RM)
1. 16/10/2018 Disposed 1,791,300 -
2. 16/10/2018 Acquired 3,029,600 -
19/10/2018 17:15
Lukesharewalker epf trading from left to right
19/10/2018 17:16
SuperPanda its a game and every game has winner and loser
19/10/2018 17:31
SuperPanda no need to play until the debt is settle, just play for the asset news to come out
19/10/2018 17:36
SuperPanda when out 10-20c up can be happen in jst 2 days
19/10/2018 17:37
MengYew Luke, that’s not the correct reading. You should read the bursa announcement in detail. EPF bought 3mils shares while their appointed fund manager, at their discretionary disposed 1.7mil. That’s not consider trade left right.
19/10/2018 17:39
boheng rugi kow kow, will it drop till underwear also takada 0.10.
19/10/2018 17:56
boheng buy few years back and this counter just drop and no up, no eye see
19/10/2018 17:56
RJ87 Who say epf sell at loss? They sell to buy more from idiots...

So, superbull is either stupid or working with them to collect more. I hope the latter.
19/10/2018 17:58
Lukesharewalker @MengYew. The appointed FM can also act on instructions isn't it.
19/10/2018 18:43
Lukesharewalker Conspiracy theory.
What the fastest way to normalize a chart. Gap down has done some damage but operator could not accumulate enough. Decided to drive price even lower and accumulate thus lowering macd and breakout. Later drive it back up.

Just my humble opinion
19/10/2018 18:54
MengYew Luke, yes and that’s possible but the disposal were solely from 1 FM of a few other EPF appointed FM who also hold BA and so far, no action from them. Therefore, I would say it’s the FM decision on the disposal. If the disposal is instructed by EPF, we would see the all other EPF EFM who hold BA will reduce their holding and we will see the blood bath on BA, it would probably below 40 now.
19/10/2018 19:03
Lukesharewalker It's a party of 4 that's keep feeding the sell Q. So it's possible
19/10/2018 19:20
MengYew Hmmm.... what about.... 4 accounts from a single FM. And 1 of the account is EPF. Rest of 3 didn’t hit the 5% holding hence no disclosure. Will this create a an impression that EPF is manipulating?
19/10/2018 19:45
SuperPanda dont be so technical. when a fund dispose.. its a disposal. happen in weak market and at weak counter. so obvious. this is not rocket science. its a psychological behaviour.
19/10/2018 21:25
SuperPanda ups and downs comes with reason, understand it and react accordingly based on your own capacity

is armada going to be PN17? you hve the answer. is the business prospect worsen? you hve the answer too.. so chill out.
19/10/2018 21:31
SuperPanda someone may say its debt is the major risk.. of course it is.. if not the price will be not at 41c now.. its just like buying hibiscs at 40c or reach at 22c or perdana at 17c..
19/10/2018 21:35
Ziko Ro Just wait and see 3 qtr result first and then we can calculate profit or loss.
19/10/2018 22:06
shpg22 Getting ready to go in at 0.38, 1st Phase of buying. Total 3 phase of purchase :-
Ph 1 @ 0.38
Ph 2 @ 0.32
Ph 3 @ 0.27 (sailang)
19/10/2018 22:39
superbull11 Paria RJ87 u are bilis & anak anjing mentality! Dont forget that u stupid sob
19/10/2018 23:00
RJ87 During a selldown, u should be asking who is selling and who is buying. U should be more worried if there are a lot of seller but no buyer. Not like this.

MengYew, if u r Institution, u pulling a selldown down move. Do u buy with ur primary account? U only push it up using primary to convince the public the worse is over. U wait 9 -12 months. Tide starts to change, then both institutin buying and FM buying now will laugh to the bank.

Then idiot like superbull, will either sing different tune or MIA. 9-12 months, I bet he will.

P.S. btw, if u want example of real paria not able to handle any intellectual discourse, look at how monkey superbull retort.
19/10/2018 23:22
SuperPanda you should be worried if the selling happen from years high to the years low and when you have no strenght to buy further lower and handle the paper loss
20/10/2018 06:40
VenFx Armada racing with sapres to see which one can jump the highest cliffs...
Come back and check again , while sapres 0.310 armada 0.350
20/10/2018 09:32
VenFx I rather go dayang pond fir fishing.
20/10/2018 09:33
deMusangking go dayang pond for fishing.????

aiyoh! netter enjoy ur time genting ahmoiing lahg!
20/10/2018 10:02
PVA1 Doesn’t look like a rights issue. Looks like a flush out for accumulation or an eventual privatisation. Max pain has to be inflicted to achieve this objective
20/10/2018 17:09
T800Terminator Fed will raise interest again on Dec. not a good news for high debt company with USD.
20/10/2018 17:31
freddiehero c.. 0.30 coming
20/10/2018 17:58
Flywheel RI would most likely be needed for Zabazaba project. It should be a good development but given the never ending surprises and impairments, there is simply a lack of trust here. Let's hope ST loan can be converted to LT, otherwise there is added pressure. New rescue CFO coming very soon, reading between the lines it tells me something is not right. But help is coming and we need to bite the bullet. The quicker this is resolved, eg RI, etc the better. EPF is selling and soon more institutions might follow. We have to brace for impact if we still want to hold BA shares.
20/10/2018 20:17
TheTerminator Another Barakah in the making.
20/10/2018 20:32

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Alibaba007 cpci
11/10/2018 18:14
8888888 23 sen(MIDF) TP if Vivo-(CPCI or CRCC) win MRT2 underground?
12/10/2018 10:24
8888888 MRT2 give to China they will buy our CPO and provide jobs. Gamuda what govn gain? Might be they corrupt BN?
12/10/2018 10:54
Ismylife73 8888888 23 sen(MIDF) TP if Vivo-(CPCI or CRCC) win MRT2 underground?

How the possible vivo can win MRT2 underground? They need an expertise and license to proceed with the works. If you see back their previous record, most of them involved building only in leu of infra.
12/10/2018 11:01
GstTakNak 0% GST by PH means Vivo pay less or no tax?
12/10/2018 14:49
Ismylife73 There will be no SST to some of the construction material, an effort to reduce the property price.

However Vivo is only a middle person, who got their project from china main con then sub to another sub con. Not only they hardly gain the beneficial, they also need to quote a lower price to stay competitive.
12/10/2018 18:23
Undi_PKR Anwar win PD by-election. So more affordable(Prima) houses can be built in PD?
14/10/2018 21:42
Hidup_Anwar Anwar said PD must build more Prima house. Why not a good news?
15/10/2018 10:36
MIDF 23 sen TP mana MIDF?
15/10/2018 12:13
jakar should be 2.3 sen, target achieved.
15/10/2018 16:15
speakup Too bad LGE not interest in Vivo, otherwise it will VROOOOMMMMM like Gamuda. LGE purposely push down Gamuda to collect himself, now they goreng up.
15/10/2018 16:19
speakup LGE is smart man, he push down blue chip Gamuda and collect kau kau
Too bad he not interested in Vivo.
15/10/2018 16:20
5c0160 DR.. M son interested to take over with 0.02 cent.
15/10/2018 19:31
Digidigi5 Is Vivocom Devil or Gold Fortunes?
15/10/2018 19:36
Alibaba007 gold 。timing 。
15/10/2018 22:29
newbe8888 sifus I heard is non-PN17. Why 2 sen only so cheap who sell?
16/10/2018 11:00
Alibaba007 Tp 35sen
16/10/2018 17:58
Feizal Mazlan Continue South
17/10/2018 10:29
jibkor8 Who said PH good must check your eye sight.
17/10/2018 10:45
100000024310431 mr m sure problem
17/10/2018 11:45
pakatan_harapan2 Anwar PM sooner better?
17/10/2018 12:10
pakatan_harapan2 Prima house project at Port Dickson(Anwar constituency) pls give to Vivocom haha.
17/10/2018 15:40
Orga still hoping? after all these years? ermm.. keep waiting guys. imo, i dont see any light here..
17/10/2018 21:30
curious3 Orga if no light why still come here? Is it no money just come talk cock?
18/10/2018 03:33
secret1q can keep since cheap cheap now
18/10/2018 05:54
zack2456 Vivo vivo vivo vivo vivo...patrol car
18/10/2018 07:25
Orga just visiting fallen comrades.. cannot meh?
18/10/2018 11:30
Feizal Mazlan Go go down further.....
18/10/2018 12:17
miniminer This stock was originally listed during Dr M 1st PM time, somewhat this stock price has been gone down badly till now since PH government formation. By right coming Q result should be super good in welcoming PH 100 days with not GST period and delay of last Q payment on top of PH has promised to gives zero % tax on construction materials next year, with 2B projects in hand, it easily have additional 10% advance profit on book.
18/10/2018 14:59
miniminer Are 2 cents stock with on going biz order on hand too risky to invest?
Bear in mind there are possibility of consolidation due to some event or Financial impairment.
18/10/2018 15:21
tkl88 Lastest news:
CCCC & CREC participated in the bid for MRT2 underground project

18/10/2018 20:42
Darth 2 cents counter is not risky to invest. Only a bit difficult to push up with 5B shares provided that this company can show continuous profits and accumulate good order books.
Bare in mind in 2018 there's hardly any new order Books!
Whatever projects worth 2-3B accumulated from 2016, all not sure....
1) How many are on going.
2) How many got cancelled.
3) Whatever ongoing, where the profits are going.
4) How much pending sales for collection.
Banyak susah this company to predict anything.
19/10/2018 13:19
Darth Not sure who this Pn. Nor Haslinda who's also holding bulk of this company shares (indirect/deemed interest using Oasis/RHB platform)
Maybe proxy for someone else higher?
19/10/2018 13:23
Darth My own analysis. Today.....
1) This company Directors and major shareholders are stuck with their Rights Issues.
2) They have bought their own Rights to raise money for their own company which is good if they're not going to offload.
That means they beleif in their company.
3) Over subscibed by 10% sounds good too. Who bought?
19/10/2018 13:34
Darth Question.
Why buy your own RI and raise money from your own pocket?
Unlesd If for preparing to hantam Retailers to offload!
Make your own analysis.
19/10/2018 13:45
Darth I'm not here hindering anyone from buying this company shares today.
The World stock market is moving forward in knowledge and investment.
Funny thing...
In Bursa Malaysia we still have company's like Vivocom playing the fool around reaping investors instead of progressing and paying dividends to shareholders!
If the purpose of listing in Bursa Malaysia Ace Market is all about manipulation instead of progressing than it's about time we don't need the ACE MARKET anymore.
19/10/2018 14:07
Darth Without Ace Market, Retailers will be exposed to good and reliable counters to invest.
You will not see your money suddenly evaporating for no reasons like..
From 0.35 to 0.02!
19/10/2018 14:12
Darth Yes. 0.02-0.025 is CHEAP!
The company Directors till today has been quiet around 2 years.
Let them come out and talk.
Than we retailers can evaluate to buy or not.
19/10/2018 14:28
Vivonewbie I posts many times about Darth why no 1 bother? When Darth posts again and again Vivo drop. He works for Vivo sharks why not true?
19/10/2018 14:45
pakatan_harapan2 LGE/Tun M pls give MRT2 underground to CRCC-Vivocom pls. If not change govn no use.

19/10/2018 15:03
Darth Vivonewbie. You're really stupid!
How can price of a listed company drop because of someone comments in I3forum?
19/10/2018 15:17
Darth Vivonewbie. People over here knows what's happening.
Your post doesn't carry any weight.
Unless you explain on what exactly is happening with this company.
Stop shutting people's mouth and come to the point about the company!
19/10/2018 15:22
Darth All these stupid people posting about Pakatan, Mahathir and other nonsense.
Nothing is going to change about this company unless the company Directors come out to talk.
If not....
2 Cents only worth for the next coming years!
19/10/2018 15:48
Darth Want to buy and play with company SHARKS than
Go ahead!
19/10/2018 15:50
Darth Today. Vivocom.
Ace Market.
Fair value. 0.02.
19/10/2018 16:18
Vivoforever1 tkl88 are you only shareholders? How to deal with cocky and stupid Darth?
20/10/2018 10:50
Vivonewbie Many in Sumatec thread shout aiyoyo. Don't Vivo shareholders share same view?
20/10/2018 10:52
Vivo No wonder Darth dare not talk in Sumatec.
20/10/2018 10:55
Vivoforever8 Might be Darth sold Sumatec at 2.5 sen? Why he no post in Sumatec?
20/10/2018 10:58
Alibaba007 Happy monday
20/10/2018 20:31

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Happy Investing bought too early this morning at 1.21, now drop to 1.18
26/09/2018 16:51
Oliveoil wait for TP1.3 @happyinvesting
26/09/2018 16:57
Happy Investing Thanks Oliveoil
26/09/2018 17:05
Stock_god Then need change name to sad investing
26/09/2018 21:50
Solomon7 Might pull back before going up. Patience
26/09/2018 23:44
genius Tomorrow will continue up ! That’s the characteristic of revenue. This called characteristic analysis. Hello just see the closing. Nothing is wrong. Plus tomorrow will shoot up. 1.30 by Friday.
27/09/2018 00:05
VvinctLGC I brought in at 1.26
28/09/2018 12:38
milodrinker How to up , Cindy cat push down the price down everytime when the price want to up up up
01/10/2018 08:47
paktua73 finally succeeded to sell balance share at 1.19
just secure all profit
will be back later at lower

tut tut
01/10/2018 09:54
abcb Hang sengindex afternoon session slumps 702 points to 27,085(-4.35%)
this counter already heavily overbought and overvalued
may drop below 0.90 anytime
relative strength index hit to 90% extremely over done
02/10/2018 15:48
Happy Investing Why price dropping?
02/10/2018 15:51
zhiying1995 Run!!!!!!
02/10/2018 16:11
Happy Investing I just topped up little bit more
02/10/2018 16:27
Amran Jahaya Chase!!!!
02/10/2018 20:47
Happy Investing very low volumn
03/10/2018 10:49
Stanley8 Top up tomorrow
04/10/2018 21:30
Happy Investing Are you sure Stanley8, price looks like going down?
04/10/2018 22:49
Stanley8 It is consolidating. Time to move up if u know technical
05/10/2018 00:14
Stanley8 Technically bullish, fundamentally strong. .resting ..time to go high!
05/10/2018 00:19
Happy Investing i only see it drop gradually since I bought last week. Hope it will move up soon
05/10/2018 09:23
Happy Investing looks like there are always someone keep pressing the price down
05/10/2018 14:39
yiqqre Market News
Author: moneyKing | Latest Post: 07 Oct 2018, 9:44 AM | Total Post: 1767
This blog is to share about all the hot and latest market news.

[糊涂投资网] 营收 - Revenue

Author: moneyKing | Publish Date: 07 Oct 2018, 9:43 AM

营收或营业额(Revenue)也就是企业从生意中获得的销售额,包括子公司(持股超过50%)的业务收入。营收也是财报中的Top line,也就是说翻开财报看到的第一行数字。营收虽然是Top line,但往往却为分析员所忽略,我阅读过不少的分析报告,却鲜少有人会提及它,即使有大多都是轻轻带过。或许,有些人会觉得营收就是营收,有什么值得研究的?




*注:除了用图表,我们也可以用 CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate)来计算公司营收的复合年均增长率,[在excel 计算会更加简便,只需输入公式,便自动得出。公式为:=power(现有价值/基础价值,1/年数)-1]



07/10/2018 21:32
yeeck http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/cashless-wave-lift-revenues-growth
08/10/2018 14:34
2323 Tomorrow goreng goreng 1.25...
09/10/2018 18:24
milodrinker goreng to south
10/10/2018 11:59
2323 Better don't goreng...everyday up 1sen enough..hihihi
10/10/2018 19:21
deMusangking thanks for the free starbucks! intra day kontra!!!
11/10/2018 16:05
BursaKakis http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/revenue-group-proposes-bonus-issue-warrants-reward-shareholders
11/10/2018 19:38
VvinctLGC Great news.
12/10/2018 15:38
EatCoconutCanWin good buy.
13/10/2018 09:21
13/10/2018 09:44
ProsperousRealm Good upspike
13/10/2018 09:46
BberndD Free food for 1 month!
15/10/2018 11:05
Livermore no more revenue...sigh... cannot go up further
15/10/2018 16:49
Stanley8 Good news coming
16/10/2018 22:43
wilsonngoh What good news Stanley8?
17/10/2018 07:47
jonathanlum already confirm the free warrant?
17/10/2018 08:42
Wen Hen yes got
17/10/2018 09:36
2323 Bila nak fly ?fry fry goreng goreng.....
17/10/2018 18:12
liqing1219 why ooi guan hoe Disposed many unit?
17/10/2018 21:52
trap666 who is ooi guan hoe. ?
17/10/2018 22:01
2323 Ooi guan hoe director revenue, i think he always keep pressing the price down,mayb don't want let price too high or ???
17/10/2018 23:32
2323 I think is Warrants pblm, monday will stop pressing the price down and continue up...
17/10/2018 23:37
2323 Vwap
17/10/2018 23:41
Stanley8 Give warrant, price must be stable woi
18/10/2018 16:06
hairi http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/more-online-govt-services-govt-pursues-digitalisation-agenda-aggressively
18/10/2018 21:24
2323 Buy buy buy...today stop at 1.12... monday start fly ...this week there contro warrant vwap ....monday fly fly fly
19/10/2018 11:23
milodrinker This counter know only how to drop
19/10/2018 12:28
trap666 lol..u know how drop counter look like de mou ? @@!
20/10/2018 15:07
wilsonngoh Drop counter? Just like myeg and dsonic.haha.
20/10/2018 20:28

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Bruce88 is that sustainable ?
20/10/2018 17:47
yixuan_chin Yes, with a caveat.

Yes, because they have a lot of space for future acquisition, which will lead to potential increase in revenue streams. (read my full article to understand why)

However, if they are unable to maintain and increase the occupancy rate of their assets, it will bring negative impact to their business.

Above is my short explaination, hope it helps! :)


Yi Xuan @ No Money Lah
20/10/2018 20:22

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msnX13 actually gkent is one of the crony company to previous gov. It depends who reported it and willing to furnish hard proofs to authority. Infact almost all companies in malaysia at anytime involved with corruptions esp to get this kind of multi-billions contracts.
19/10/2018 15:09
Maynot Lrt3 confirmed project everyone panic buy. Now not related Zahid myeg case everyone goyang already?? You can see the perfect example of GREED and FEAR taking place in the market within 2 days. Maybe its true my sifu once told me 90% people in the market are pure speculators(gamblers).
19/10/2018 15:15
dex Bad news coming. Watch out
19/10/2018 15:17
qqq3 ed by dex > Oct 19, 2018 03:17 PM | Report Abuse

Bad news coming. Watch out

contract value slashed by half....only in KLSE considered as good news....
19/10/2018 15:20
qqq3 msnX13 > Oct 19, 2018 03:09 PM | Report Abuse

actually gkent is one of the crony company to previous gov. It depends who reported it and willing to furnish hard proofs to authority. Infact almost all companies in malaysia at anytime involved with corruptions esp to get this kind of multi-billions contracts.
19/10/2018 15:21
Wong Chee Siong Get use to it la, bad new come, panic sell, good news come , panic buy even gap up, now no related with Gkent, panic sell again, later go back to normal, they will buy again, haha
19/10/2018 15:23
qqq3 if contract value slashed by half is good news.....what was the initial profit margin ?
19/10/2018 15:29
BaybieShark Initial contract value is 9bil
19/10/2018 15:35
Maynot Sharks threw too much in the morning. And now they keep buy sell buy sell buy sell to bait people to queue sell so they can collect back. But it seems like no one is eating that bait. Poor sharks
19/10/2018 15:40
isupertrader My last comment:

While 2 days momentum is ok but doesn't seems to justify a strong breakout unless counter close above 1.20 which bear and bull fighting now. Also Dow Jones is in red seas, as well as MRCB. The last time his happened when somebody was trying to fry the counter. Hopefully, I am wrong.

My new comment:
If Gkent price does not restore later might cause deterioration on Monday trade. This in turn perceived in trader's mind to sell their share further before closing to avoid Monday blues. Buy support is only at 39%.
19/10/2018 16:08
SHQuah https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/continuation-lrt3-seen-positive-prospects-mrcb-george-kent-jv
19/10/2018 16:15
MRCB Good mean GKENT Good
19/10/2018 16:20
paktua73 paktua still hold at 1.18
but tiny only still got spare bullet for adds soon

tut tut
to busy fight at myeg and dsonic
19/10/2018 16:24
oasischeah 2 days up 20 cents and 2 days will go down 20 cents. Selling pressure will continue after heavy buying last few days. Back even.
19/10/2018 16:31
ATARAH Hoooooo Haaah gab closing good ahhhhh
19/10/2018 16:44
Wong Chee Siong obviously this counter is not affected by news but purposely shot down by short seller, 1000000 fake queue @ $1.15, lol
19/10/2018 16:55
Jaya Atarah
Stay confident till all the rumours go away .
GKENT not mentioned so good indicator but people think all BN company are the same; you can’t blame them for this as all the shit concerning the financial crisis the current government facing and unearthing about the last regime is mind blowing.They just need to round them up for treason and hang them, no point putting them in prison because it cost the people to keep them after the crooks already stole of all Malaysians.
19/10/2018 17:01
ATARAH Yes stay confidence
19/10/2018 17:09
ATARAH Thank you team again for today comments
Very good
19/10/2018 17:12
erkongseng 投资gkent rm1.20内如買不过,我看也没什么股票更值得推荐了!
19/10/2018 17:14
Speed123 seriously . if najib kena charge .. i better sell all counter share..
who know more company name will appeal.
19/10/2018 17:19
2721 good closing compare to others, will party again next monday
19/10/2018 17:42
William Choong When i lost 100k+ on paper, you said TP0.80, when i recovered only lost 4k on paper, you said TP0.80, when i profit 30k you still TP0.80....Joke
19/10/2018 18:21
ATARAH Congrat William on your profit
19/10/2018 19:58
ATARAH Good to know. Hope other who was in paper lost and now in profit can shares too to encourage us
19/10/2018 19:59
ATARAH MYEG should be alright. Monday should recovers. But not sure on Datasonic. GKENT confirm no issue
19/10/2018 20:01
Anson1314 Myeg no problem, only dsonic will drop again...GKent close eye aslo can shoot up to 1.4 at least after ph 11
19/10/2018 20:05
ATARAH Very good so our target RM1.50 will come sooner
19/10/2018 20:21
Vorster89 Chiong to 1.35 - 1.50, hopefully Budget on 3 nov no boom to construction then Gkent will move again, cheer up.
19/10/2018 20:33
oasischeah Mon, Tuesday and Wednesday will have alot of T3 due. Alot of people chase this share will face sell down.
19/10/2018 21:02
Alibaba http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/port-dickson-get-specialist-hospital
19/10/2018 21:05
Sniper86 21 days sma at 1.20...if gkent can break the 1.20 resistance, short term tp will be rm1.50
19/10/2018 21:45
SHQuah Gkent will tender for more new project & hospital under new government. Chances will get a few big one. Yearly dividend better than bank & EPF.
20/10/2018 08:20
20/10/2018 09:28
sell Sell now you get 1.14. Next year 80 sen and below coming?
20/10/2018 11:56
malpac63 The depletion of their cash alarms me. From 500+m last year to 300+m last quarter. SBB 10m shares cost 15m at most. Surely dividend payouts can't equate to the rest.
20/10/2018 12:31
ATARAH Rm 300 cash still a lot can last until Malaysia become tiger again
20/10/2018 13:25
ATARAH Malpac63
Your concern is valid
20/10/2018 13:25
ATARAH But no worry still a cash rich company
20/10/2018 13:26
J For Janice why cash rich no worry?
20/10/2018 13:35
UMNO Our money govn take so can GKent donate to us?
20/10/2018 13:37
UMNO Many disappointed with PH now. If GKent donate RM 10 million to UMNO perhaps GE15 we win GE GKent get projects RM 5-10 billion?
20/10/2018 13:49
ray1980 Atarah,myeg n others got many bad issues now.Becareful...,So bad now.
20/10/2018 15:24
ATARAH Ray1980
Noted thank for advise.
20/10/2018 17:19
Jaya Atarah
All this corruption issue is good for gkent
We need to build more prisons to put all this idiots in, hopefully gkent get contract
20/10/2018 17:23
dex Monday die
20/10/2018 18:08
William Choong Dex good but no body care. Drop more i accumulate more not as you just use keypad to express your disappointed. Kesiannya Dex.
20/10/2018 18:30
ATARAH Cash rich company can implement any project with ease
20/10/2018 18:31
ATARAH Ok we all enjoy our weekend dont think so much
Just flow with the uptrend
20/10/2018 18:31
SHQuah 2019 = 80 sen + 80 sen.
2020 = 80 sen + 80 sen + 80 sen + 80 sen.
20/10/2018 20:16

  12 people like this.
speakup last time Parkson was RM10
17/10/2018 11:55
pakatan_harapan2 Who expect PH to win in GE14? So Parkson RM 10 got chance again if Anwar PM?
17/10/2018 12:15
freddiehero wah jump into whole
17/10/2018 21:33
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
17/10/2018 22:56
farkson Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 08:57
farkson Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 08:57
farkson Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 08:57
farkson Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 08:57
kennean Yes, I agree it high loan. But, the loan are back by peking bank last year (RMB 5bil from HK parkson). Parkson got peking mall / tainjin mall / shangai mall , all are undervalue. Peking bank was no ordinary bank, WC want do run away no easy.
18/10/2018 09:51
kennean This few year loss almost all are write off intangible assets in Malaysia account.
China operation are improve, some Korea shopping mall restricted in china. It save parkson sales in china.
18/10/2018 09:57
kennean Who know the progress in this court cases ?

3 May 2018 Announcement
We refer to the announcements made by the Company on 12 February 2018 and 29 March 2018 in relation to the Proposals ("Announcements"). Unless otherwise stated, defined terms used in this announcement shall carry the same meanings as defined in the Announcements.

The Board of Directors of the Company wishes to announce that pursuant to the written notice from Hefei Parkson dated 30 April 2018 to Serbadagang (which was received by Serbadagang on 3 May 2018) requesting for an extension of time from 30 April 2018 to 31 May 2018 to pay the Initial Compensation of Rmb100 million (equivalent to approximately RM62.00 million) to Serbadagang, which is currently pending the approval of the relevant PRC Government's authority, Serbadagang had agreed to extend the period for the Initial Compensation to be paid on or before 31 May 2018 ("Extension of Time").

Save for the Extension of Time, all other terms and conditions of the Compensation Agreement shall continue to remain in full force and effect.
18/10/2018 10:02
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 10:15
kennean The due date is over, why no news ?

29 mar 2018
... and Serbadagang shall further negotiate with Hefei Parkson on a possible additional compensation which is subject to Serbadagang and Hefei Parkson entering into a legally binding agreement on or before 30 June 2018.
18/10/2018 10:32
godhand Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 11:37
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 11:47
kennean Parkson concept is life style comsuming, just shopping, entertainment and eating.
China population is increase and comsumer power improvement, it may make profit in operation.
The rental cost are fallen, it may save the cost too.
18/10/2018 11:51
godhand Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 12:29
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 13:09
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 14:58
godhand Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 15:57
kennean godhand, it got a lot of fund place as investment in severa china bank.
the interest rate is not so bad, because supplier money can roll for few month n bank.
the interest rate paid, can consider like rental expenses. Mostly are shopping mall debt.
18/10/2018 16:05
kennean Those information can get in parkson HK financial result.
18/10/2018 16:12
godhand Post removed. Why?
18/10/2018 16:38
zoomm123 2nd largest shareholder of Parkson HK just increase his state to 17%
18/10/2018 16:42
kennean Very complicate announcement. Why PRG Share Pledge 250 mil (HKD 0.62) value HKD 155 Mil, can get loan HKD 188 mil ? So many cash deposit ,why still need borrow ?
18/10/2018 20:28
dex tomorrow shoot up?
18/10/2018 21:30
speakup wah lau weh, manyak Red Flag sini parkson
19/10/2018 10:21
JuniorR very weird. This morning there were multiple "Headlines" for Parkson dated Oct 2018 then when i refresh the page all disappeared. So happened the links I opened and read were positive news.
19/10/2018 10:25
pakatan_harapan2 Wait for 1st PH Budget in 2 weeks any good news for our weak stock market as a whole.
19/10/2018 10:30
speakup if REAL & POSITIVE news, parkson wont be 33.5sen lah, it will be RM4 lah

Posted by JuniorR > Oct 19, 2018 10:25 AM | Report Abuse

very weird. This morning there were multiple "Headlines" for Parkson dated Oct 2018 then when i refresh the page all disappeared. So happened the links I opened and read were positive news.
19/10/2018 10:32
pakatan_harapan2 If Parkson overpay tax during BN times should ask for refund eg GST refunds.
19/10/2018 10:32
godhand Post removed. Why?
19/10/2018 10:55
AntiPondan Many pondans shareholders here true. Why cannot see PRGL up back?
19/10/2018 11:45
Salmah I must touch my baju kurung, handbags and shoes before buying. What's wrong buy at Parkson?
19/10/2018 13:19
godhand I don’t think retail will lose its spot because of e commerce completely la. I still think that ppl enjoy the experience in retail shopping. Retail still has its niche market. U can be doing retail and ecommerce together. Retails can also serve as bait advertisement etc.
19/10/2018 14:21
farkedson Post removed. Why?
19/10/2018 14:33
farkedson Post removed. Why?
19/10/2018 14:34
farkedson Post removed. Why?
19/10/2018 14:34
farkedson Post removed. Why?
19/10/2018 14:34
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
19/10/2018 18:22
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
19/10/2018 18:23
freddiehero haha.. y u all need more discount ka?
19/10/2018 20:30
freddiehero wan wat price?
19/10/2018 20:30
freddiehero buy enof then push up ka..
19/10/2018 20:30
Tan_Teng_Boo farkedson(and your clone ids) and joetay2 why i3 not suspend you? How many times you want to repeat 4 same posts? All is fake.
19/10/2018 21:15
hooi60 First time buyer at 33-33.5 sen. Anything wrong?
20/10/2018 10:03
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
20/10/2018 11:59
joetay2 Post removed. Why?
20/10/2018 11:59
joetay parkson supporters really wasting whole afternoon to report my postings as abuse.

no wonder u losers lost ur life savings to william.

20/10/2018 18:15
StanleyHong my 10 year saving fly away already
20/10/2018 20:12

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