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calvintaneng This fella talking nonsense

in year 2020 Tsh was Rm1.09

a price you can certainly get cheaper now as Tsh is on offer at only Rm1.03
16/03/2023 10:07 PM
Ledangking Nusantara land price skyrocketed now. https://www.enanyang.my/%E4%B8%9C%E7%9B%9F/%E5%8D%B0%E5%B0%BC%E6%96%B0%E9%A6%96%E9%83%BD%E5%9C%B0%E4%BB%B7%E6%9A%B4%E6%B6%A8-%E5%BD%93%E5%9C%B0%E4%BA%BA%E6%9C%89%E5%96%9C%E6%9C%89%E5%BF%A7
16/03/2023 11:20 PM
SEERESEARCH2023 Year 2020, tsh cost only 60cents.
17/03/2023 12:11 AM
Timercheng Ah Pen kedukut ,give only 2.5 sen dividend
17/03/2023 9:14 AM
FlyingEagle SEERESEARCH2023

Year 2020, tsh cost only 60cents.

17/03/2023 9:19 AM
FlyingEagle Ledangking

Nusantara land price skyrocketed now. https://www.enanyang.my/%E4%B8%9C%E7%9B%9F/%E5%8D%B0%E5%B0%BC%E6%96%B0%E9%A6%96%E9%83%BD%E5%9C%B0%E4%BB%B7%E6%9A%B4%E6%B6%A8-%E5%BD%93%E5%9C%B0%E4%BA%BA%E6%9C%89%E5%96%9C%E6%9C%89%E5%BF%A7

17/03/2023 9:24 AM
calvintaneng 2.5 sen dividend is for period till 31 Dec 2023

to be approved by vote during Tsh upcoming Agm in May 2023

and can certainly expect more

Rm302 millions cash from final payment of Bulugan land sold or about 21.9 sen cash to be reported by May 2023 as well

Hopefully more dividend will come for year 2023 as Tsh is debt free and no more need to service high bank loans

Cash can be distributed just like Inno
17/03/2023 4:05 PM
calvintaneng correction

2.5 sen proposed dividend is for period ending 31 Dec 2022

only appetizer

expect more to come
17/03/2023 4:06 PM
cbkia4896 tbh if im tsh, i will pvtize first before selling land lo... hahaha
17/03/2023 4:16 PM
MoneyMakers Bank panic over - clear sky ahead
17/03/2023 5:06 PM
OneOracle 4 most important assets to own in US and the world during the reset and unrest.

Food,oil,guns and gold.
18/03/2023 6:49 PM
calvintaneng Is it?

then palm oil applies to all 4

1. As Food
Palm oil is processed into cooking oil to cook food. Also made into ice-cream, Teh tarik creamer, used in manufacture of Milo, maggee Mee, hupseng biscuit, Gardenia bread and others

2. Oil proxy or biofuel

3. guns and war application

palm oil is made into napalm (na-palm was used in Vietnam war)

4. Gold
Palm oil is also called the golden crop as vege oil has a golden glow
18/03/2023 8:39 PM

In the financial crisis, gold is about to hit a new high, and other commodities will follow within a year. The decline in palm oil is only short-term, and it will rise along with gold in the long run.

The target for gold in 2023 is 2 to 3k.3k to 5 k in 3 years.
Palm oil will follow rally .This always happens.
Compare Palm oil trend and gold trend historically, they are always in long term bull trend.
Hence it is call red gold in indonesia.
Short term is violatile , long term always predictable.

Food, oil ,weapon and gold stocks are rallying in China.
Buffet sold off long holding bank stocks.
Buying non stop in Oxy. Oil stock in Us is holding well.
All the above happen while oil is crashing.
Shouldnt the reverse should be happening?
Worth pondering.
19/03/2023 5:14 PM
Newbie_123 just my blunt opinion, observing past 6 months, TSH have became a range bound stock 1.00 - 1.10 for traders. And it will continue to be in 2023. No sights of moving out of the doldrum
20/03/2023 10:50 AM
bingoman palm oil very good dividend
20/03/2023 10:58 AM
cbkia4896 oooo lala got chance below rm1?
20/03/2023 4:46 PM
Shootup mr calvin, its been a week waiting for ur update or advice on netx, and actually quite some yrs... u asked ppl buy n hold... pls drop a simple idea.. maybe just like to sell or to hold... netx in new low... u never care?
21/03/2023 1:16 PM
SEERESEARCH2023 Well, this aint the 1st time he doing such thing. If u wanna follow, bear ur own risk.
Whenever he is shooting, it is wise to c which phase the stock has run to.
21/03/2023 1:27 PM
calvintaneng Shootup

Netx was part of the Nfcp theme with Opcom and Redtone

both Opcom and Redtone did ok except for Netx as it has gone into real estate investment partly
So kiv

Why? I see you wanted Calvin to sell Next? it's been 4 years since and there were Ogse bull run in 2019, Glove bull run in year 2020 and now we are in Palm oil as Cpo has gone up from Rm2200 a ton to over Rm3800 now

Now there is clarity in Tsh as it has received a huge Rm302 millions cash from final land sold

This will report a nice profit of 17 sen + or - by May 2023 results

So keep the focus here for now
21/03/2023 3:16 PM
cbkia4896 hahaha rm1 liaoooo
21/03/2023 4:50 PM
cbkia4896 queue at rm1 x get, bought sikit at 1.01
21/03/2023 4:53 PM
Shootup @calvin, its u promoted netx strongly, had all followers bound to the pledges not to sell and protect against naysayers.

u never came back to netx then after it stagnated at 1sen. ur disaperance had resulted all follower investors not cutting losses. in fact, they dont have to come to this day that their money loss more than 90%.

i still remember a follower of u claimed heavy loss in muiind bcos u said the director of that time would liquidate assets fr muiind to cash out for his divorced wife alimony. if u dont admit.. i can find all these old comments...
21/03/2023 10:45 PM
Shootup krono has better short term, medium term n long term prospect than tsh
21/03/2023 10:46 PM
SEERESEARCH2023 Well, when the time you are right, not many earn the money.
When the time u are wrong, many suffer the pain.
I rmbr the stocks that you failed.
You dint achieve the kpi.
Yet, still felt so optimistic to promote.
As if you have unlimited bullets.
Sorry, as if ikan bilis got unlimited bullets.
22/03/2023 12:05 AM
VincentTang Palm oil price big drop 3.7% to 3644 now.
22/03/2023 1:06 PM
Yau Yh News on biofuels and potential of Palm Oil
22/03/2023 3:29 PM
Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥ There is this amazing guy in i3 investor forum.

One day, he asked you to buy counter X. He strongly believed in his analysis that it will go up many folds in its profits and share price. Another day, he would brandished his 10 stocks list, very sure that his analysis had spotted bargains that you cannot to ignore. Yet, another post of his try to guide you from a tsunami in the stock market. He has so much clarity and can foresee the future, he had to warn everyone to avoid the calamity. He liked to share how he had save his friends in the past and had also benefitted from his friend's advice in the 90s. He believed that his masters Neoh S K and Cold Eyes can do no wrong; whichever counters they are in, you should be in too. (Mind you, these 2 masters have been holding these stocks for decades before being pointed out by him.) When the BDI suddenly shot up, there too is our friend with his list of must buy counters, in particular, Maybulk. Again, he was so very sure. When KKY divorced his wife, he too configured how this would lead to a re-pricing of MUI stocks and he too got excited, telling everyone of his foresight analysis, predicting the upswing of these stocks. Of course, when NFCP was announced, he too had his list of stocks too, but he chose to go big in NETX, once again, as he was so sure of himself. When the ECRL was redrawn, he too came out with his list of counters that were going to benefit and which you should buy too.

In my final analysis, the above behaviour cannot be that of an intelligent investor.

Have a great day.
22/03/2023 3:50 PM
SEERESEARCH2023 In view of current crude oil price.
It is more expansive to include palm oil as the biodiesel if u know the whole process and details.
22/03/2023 4:18 PM
DJThong Bad 2 days
Our clown will not write, keep quiet
Up a bit
Start all the repeat nonsense sorry
Bulugan lah
Mill lah
Putrajaya land lah
JB house lah 30 years ago lah
22/03/2023 5:40 PM
JalanTembok Hi Calvin,
Just want to thank you for willing to share your thoughts and ideas about TSH. The onus is on every individual investors to do their own due diligences on whether any company is worthwhile to invest in. I am thankful to Calvin for his sharing and will not blame him for any investment decisions I made after reading his comments.
22/03/2023 6:20 PM
DJThong Otak tembok
22/03/2023 9:06 PM
StartOfTheBull It is actually shameful of himself/herself if anyone was cheated to follow instructions, tips or convinced by someone to do something and lose money because of own greed.
Nevertheless, if it was really happened because of that reason it is at least an incidence exposed to warn others.
22/03/2023 9:30 PM
Shootup scammers can not catch those who are smart, educated, calm, and so on.... but will eventually catch many who are not
22/03/2023 11:36 PM
Income TSH= Tan Si How???
23/03/2023 12:27 AM
Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥ Jalan Tembo's first andvonly post in i3 investor. Very interesting indeed. Welcome.
23/03/2023 6:49 AM
JalanTembok Hi 3iii,
Thanks for your welcome to i3 forum. Let's try our level best to just focus on topics about investing; sharing whatever thoughts and ideas in civil manners.
23/03/2023 10:41 AM
moneyontheway @Jalan Tembok, hii nice to know you through this forum. have you bought any shares in TSH? Have you just started investing in shares? Calvin is an great expert and sifu in investment especially in palm oil. his years of investment has blessed him to be a multi millionaire. we will learn a lot through various investors in this and other forums.
23/03/2023 11:25 AM
Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥ There is this amazing guy in i3 investor forum.

One day, he asked you to buy counter X. He strongly believed in his analysis that it will go up many folds in its profits and share price. Another day, he would brandished his 10 stocks list, very sure that his analysis had spotted bargains that you cannot to ignore. Yet, another post of his try to guide you from a tsunami in the stock market. He has so much clarity and can foresee the future, he had to warn everyone to avoid the calamity. He liked to share how he had save his friends in the past and had also benefitted from his friend's advice in the 90s. He believed that his masters Neoh S K and Cold Eyes can do no wrong; whichever counters they are in, you should be in too. (Mind you, these 2 masters have been holding these stocks for decades before being pointed out by him.) When the BDI suddenly shot up, there too is our friend with his list of must buy counters, in particular, Maybulk. Again, he was so very sure. When KKY divorced his wife, he too configured how this would lead to a re-pricing of MUI stocks and he too got excited, telling everyone of his foresight analysis, predicting the upswing of these stocks. Of course, when NFCP was announced, he too had his list of stocks too, but he chose to go big in NETX, once again, as he was so sure of himself. When the ECRL was redrawn, he too came out with his list of counters that were going to benefit and which you should buy too.

In my final analysis, the above behaviour cannot be that of an intelligent investor.

Have a great day.
23/03/2023 11:27 AM
DJThong Ya is warning
Don’t listen to the con guru
Now down to RM 1
He suddenly keep quiet
He can post everywhere curse other stock
Then in eagle people ask why you don’t post over 1 year
He said cataract eye no good
Then here he can keep posting
Tell lie
I out at 113 long ago but come back warning newbie do not follow him
23/03/2023 12:13 PM
DJThong You can go eagle chat
His cataract story is inside
23/03/2023 12:14 PM
JalanTembok Hi moneyontheway,
Thanks for your welcome.
TSH is on my watch list before strumbling upon Calvin's sharing.
I noticed insider director bought in when its share prices fell some time ago.

I like old school business which is easier to understand. I have yet to invest in TSH although I might in future.

Thank you DJThong for your cautionary remarks. As I mentioned, I will read and try to filtered out useful or useless info and hold myself accountable for my investing decisions. There is after all, an ancient piece of advice from days of Roman Empire, which is "Buyers beware". After all in the end, its our own personal capital at stakes.

I agreed with Calvin's idea that it is a good idea to be a contrarian when it comes to stock investing.
23/03/2023 1:14 PM
speakup For dividend, Tsh better than Jtiasa
But for growth, Jtiasa is better than Tsh
23/03/2023 1:17 PM
DJThong Yes must beware
You seem like nice guy
Please be careful that old con
Now price dropping he disappear
He try to post old video from last year
But whole group ignore
Try to say only Malaysia down
Singapore palm ok
Which is lie
As usual
23/03/2023 9:34 PM
DJThong Maybe cataract again
Only when price down
23/03/2023 9:34 PM
speakup https://themalaysianreserve.com/2023/03/23/kulim-merges-its-plantation-business-under-johor-plantations/
the next plantation giant?
23/03/2023 9:40 PM
calvintaneng The next plantation giant

Kulim was recommended at Rm2.50 and Johor Corp took it private at Rm4.10 (60% up)

after Jcorp took Kulim private it hived off two palm oil estates in Pengerang and turned them into Townships

Now they are trying to relist Kulim again

see how they will push this Kulim IPO to the masses like so many frothy exciting Ipos which people chased up the sky on 1st day of listing

Now Kulim has only 60,000 hectares of palm oil which is above 148,000 acres

Tsh, Thplant, Jtiasa, Bplant and others have more than 200,000 acres of palm oil and far more than Kulim
23/03/2023 10:41 PM
calvintaneng and Mr Market is a crazy temperamental trader

Tsh and Ijmplant were once traded above Rm4.00 per share each

While Ijmplant did not do any bonus issue Tsh gave out one free bonus for two

that means if Ijmplant was with Rm4.00 Tsh should be worth Rm2.60 after ex bonus one for two

Now Klk offered Rm3.10 to take Ijmplant when it was rm2.20 Tsh should be valued at Rm2.00 in comparison to the value of Ijmplant

however the market has mispriced Tsh at half it's intrinsic value and hence Chairman Tan Aik Pen has mopped up and now own more than 330 million Tsh shares
23/03/2023 10:49 PM
calvintaneng And these are the latest facts about Tsh

1. on Jan 18 2023 Tsh reported final reception of Rm302 millions (about 21.9 sen a share) from Bulugan land sold

out of this sum 65% is pure profits or about 14.23 sen

if we take same earning of Feb 2023 at 3.28 sen as May 2023 similar earnings then the profit to be reported will be 17 sen more or less

And already proposed for voting is 2.5 sen dividend backdated to Year 2022 period

now in year 2023 Tsh is already debt free and dividend should accelerate like Inno blue print
23/03/2023 10:55 PM
calvintaneng In times like these when many companies can suddenly crash like Revenue, Dnex and latest Cfm (computer form) it will be reassuring that Tsh is a debt free cash positive entity

A company with no debt cannot go bankrupt

plus Tsh like all other good palm oil companies are now loaded with FCF (free cash flow ) and will now be able to give out good and excellent dividends
23/03/2023 10:59 PM
SEERESEARCH2023 Watch out. This guy turn up again. This aint the lowest point yet. Dont enter now....still got room to go South.
24/03/2023 1:23 AM

Posted by foongsh at Mar 14, 10:54 AM
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IDQWE001 In 2018, Xi abolished the two-term, 10-year limit on presidential terms by amending China's constitution. A key factor in Xi's rule is his sweeping anti-corruption campaign.

The campaign, initially aimed at tackling longstanding corruption within the party, initially helped Xi win support among the Chinese public.

But this was later seen as a campaign to sweep away dissent within the party.

As Xi's anti-corruption campaign continues and more than 100,000 party officials have been charged, a broader view is that Xi must remain in power to prevent him from being retaliated against by rivals he defeated if he steps down.

While China is shaping its image as the world's superpower, its most powerful leaders have shown a fear of their own people.

They continue to restrict information through censorship and invest heavily in stability maintenance resources to quell domestic dissent.
22/03/2023 12:50 PM
qqq47660 Chinese know the real world....

American lives in their bubble world
22/03/2023 1:22 PM
IDQWE001 The CCP issued an internal directive prohibiting the spouses and children of ministerial-level officials from directly or indirectly holding shares in any overseas real estate or entities registered overseas. The directive was issued in March, and officials must sign a pledge to comply with the new rules.

Senior officials and their immediate family members will also be barred from opening accounts at overseas financial institutions unless they have a valid reason, such as for study or work, the people said.

The directive comes as Xi seeks to minimize geopolitical risks to the Communist Party, fearing that if the United States and other Western powers impose sanctions on CCP leaders and their relatives, officials with overseas financial risks could become a burden, similar to sanctions against CCP leaders and their relatives.
22/03/2023 1:42 PM
IDQWE001 CCP is very rich hope that Malaysian red army cina man will get more RMB from them. By the way, why those communists like to deposit their under table money oversea ?
22/03/2023 1:45 PM
IDQWE001 The CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and China's State Supervision Commission issued a report on the afternoon of the 20th, pointing out that Zhao Weiguo was previously placed on file for investigation on suspicion of job-related crimes. After investigation, it was pointed out that Zhao Weiguo, after investigation, had "become obsessed with lust for profit, acted recklessly, abandoned his duties and missions, used public instruments for private purposes, and turned public into private interests", regarded the state-owned enterprises under his management as private territory, deliberately planned to seize state-owned assets, handed over the profitable business of his unit to relatives and friends for operation in violation of regulations, purchased goods from the units operated and managed by relatives and friends at prices significantly higher than the market, and instructed the directors of listed companies to carry out acts that harmed the interests of listed companies, causing particularly serious losses to the interests of the state.

When Unigroup took over the chairmanship of Unigroup in 2009, Unigroup was struggling to operate at that time, with assets of only 1.3 billion yuan, but in 2019, Unigroup's asset scale expanded to 197.8 billion yuan, and it became the leader of China's chip industry, and Zhao Weiguo was also known as the "chip maniac" by the industry.

During his tenure at the helm of Unigroup, he made a high-profile visit to Taiwan in 2015, not only publicly criticizing Taiwan's semiconductor's failure to open up investment to China as a "dead end", but also begging to "buy TSMC and merge with MediaTek", which caused discussion and fears that Taiwan's high-tech advantage would be replaced.

However, under the disorderly expansion in recent years, Unigroup defaulted on its debt in November 2020, triggering a series of financial crises and declaring bankruptcy restructuring in 2021. Zhao Weiguo was taken away for investigation by relevant departments in mid-July last year, and after eight months of missing contact, news spread that he had been transferred for prosecution.
22/03/2023 2:22 PM
IDQWE001 Bravo, China Chips. How much money this guy deposited oversea ?
22/03/2023 2:24 PM
qqq47660 Whatever la there will be criminals....
22/03/2023 2:36 PM
IDQWE001 No lah. It can't be criminal it must be CIA faults.
22/03/2023 2:37 PM
qqq47660 Catch criminals is not foreigners job...it is government job
22/03/2023 2:41 PM
qqq47660 But the most competent government in the history of the world is the cpc
22/03/2023 2:42 PM
qqq47660 70 years no ups and downs...70 years steady improvement.....
22/03/2023 2:43 PM
qqq47660 Eliminated extreme poverty, no homeless people....lift 800 million people from poverty.
22/03/2023 2:45 PM
qqq47660 Home, education, health care, social security infrastructure......people can see.
22/03/2023 2:46 PM
qqq47660 They murder Saddam Hussein and the colonel because they were doing too good a job for the countries.....and too popular and the west cannot control them
22/03/2023 2:56 PM
qqq47660 They cannot control u become an enemy.....it's that simple
22/03/2023 2:57 PM
IDQWE001 Affected by the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the United States, there was a "balloon demonstration" in China. More recently, residents of Henan Province, who suffered losses after small rural banks stopped withdrawing cash last April, launched advertising balloons with banners in urban areas to denounce the government. Demonstrators denounced that US President Joe Biden developed deposit protection measures three days after the SVB bankruptcy, while the Chinese government ignored the victims for a year. In November last year, Chinese youth held a blank white paper "white paper demonstration" to demand the lifting of epidemic prevention policies, last month, the elderly who opposed pension reform held a "white hair demonstration", and this time local demonstrations, and discontent from all walks of life is emerging. Some analysts believe that the primary issue of Xi Jinping's third term of rule, "social stability", is facing severe challenges.

The people participating in the demonstration were depositors at four small rural banks. These banks, which attract deposits across China at relatively high interest rates, suspended withdrawals to 400,000 depositors from April last year after experiencing financial pressures. As the scale of the damage to funds expanded, a mass demonstration of 3,000 people broke out in Zhengzhou last July. The Chinese government only compensates for deposits under 50,000 yuan (about 9.5 million won), but there is still no way to withdraw 13 billion yuan (about 2.5 trillion won) of deposits.

22/03/2023 2:59 PM
qqq47660 There is the Americans narrative who want to do harm to China and there is the government narrative doing their best for the country.....
22/03/2023 6:12 PM
qqq47660 America narrative is all lies all fabrication such as HK, Tibet Xinjiang.... People not s.tupid one.
22/03/2023 6:14 PM
IDQWE001 The most anti-China force is the Chinese Communist Party, because the CCP killed tens of millions of Chinese and launched the Cultural Revolution, which destroyed Chinese culture for thousands of years. Although the CCP does not allow Chinese to use the Western social media platform Twitter, it uses Twitter to spread lies, such as slandering the United States as a racist country.
22/03/2023 6:21 PM
IDQWE001 Manila, Jan. 22 -- Philippine President Marcos Jr. said on Wednesday that four new military bases will be located across the Philippines, including a province facing the South China Sea, in accordance with the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) signed with the United States. Some local government leaders at the potential site opposed the president's decision, fearing they would be caught up in the conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan.

In addition to the five existing EDCA sites in 2014, Marcos Jr. allowed the U.S. four new bases last month, Reuters reported. The agreement allows the U.S. to enter Philippine bases for joint training, equipment prepositioning and construction of facilities such as runways, fuel storage and military housing, but it is not permanent.

Marcos Jr. told reporters during the Philippine Army's anniversary: "There are four additional locations around the Philippines — some in the north, some near Palawan, and some further south." ”

Marcos Jr. said the Philippines and the United States would soon announce the locations of the bases, adding that the locations would improve the country's ability to defend the "east side" of its largest island, Luzon. Luzon is the closest Philippine island to Taiwan.
22/03/2023 6:35 PM
IDQWE001 Speaking in front of the Philippine military, Marcos Jr. told them to be vigilant because external threats to Philippine security are becoming increasingly "complex" and "unpredictable."

"Be vigilant against factors that undermine our hard-won peace, our hard-won stability, and continue to improve relations with overseas countries," he said. ”

Marcos Jr., who did not give specifics, said he was aware of a "new threat" to his national territory, which he said required "adjusting our strategy."

"The external security environment is becoming more and more complex," he said. It is becoming increasingly unpredictable. ”
22/03/2023 6:36 PM
qqq47660 American narrative
23/03/2023 7:29 AM
qqq47660 American narrative on HK, tibet, Xinjiang largely based on lies and America propaganda
23/03/2023 7:43 AM
IDQWE001 UN, NATO. Indo-Pacific & AUKUS will advance a free and open region, including by:

1.Investing in democratic institutions, a free press, and a vibrant civil society
2.Improving fiscal transparency in the Indo-Pacific to expose corruption and drive reform
3.Ensuring the region’s seas and skies are governed and used according to international law
4.Advancing common approaches to critical and emerging technologies, the internet, and cyber space
23/03/2023 7:50 AM
qqq47660 In the hands of mainstream journalists, truth has no meaning...it's all about narratives, theirs Vs the truth
23/03/2023 8:06 AM
qqq47660 And if Australia wants to spend $ 350 billion to buy second hand subs, it's their problem not China problem
23/03/2023 8:10 AM
IDQWE001 How will we build up the nuclear expertise and other associated jobs to make this project work? Will the Royal Australian Navy recruit the crews needed to operate these larger submarines?

The government estimates that Aukus will support some 20,000 jobs – including in the Australian Defence Force, the public service and private industry – over 30 years. This is meant to sound like a big win for Australia, but it also underlines the huge challenge looming to educate, train and recruit the specialists needed to make the plan a success. The Royal Australian Navy is expected to launch a recruitment drive soon, but it comes against a backdrop of pre-existing challenges. In a briefing to Marles last year, obtained under freedom of information laws, Defence warned: “The last year has seen lower recruiting achievement and higher separation rates, which have resulted in the ADF and [Department of Defence] workforce size being below approved levels.”
23/03/2023 8:40 AM
IDQWE001 The government – and the chief of its nuclear-powered submarine taskforce – have been unequivocal that Australian submarines will be under Australian command and control. But critics such as the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull have questioned whether this control will, in practice, be tempered by the need to continue to rely on US and UK personnel for technical and other support. V Adm Jonathan Mead acknowledged last week that Australia “will have assistance” and he likened this to other major defence programs, but added that the level of this assistance could reduce over time “as we develop more and more understanding of the technology”. Keep an eye out for what the government says on this point once the details are released.
23/03/2023 8:41 AM
qqq47660 China one world one dream is about solving problems, practical problems, livelihood problems, hunger, housing, education, infrastructure, .not submarines.
23/03/2023 9:06 AM
fl888 China wants to make everybody to share the world resources…make money, be happy,enjoy life, healthy living etc
23/03/2023 9:11 AM
IDQWE001 Posted by qqq47660 > 14 minutes ago | Report Abuse

China one world one dream is about solving problems, practical problems, livelihood problems, hunger, housing, education, infrastructure, .not submarime.

President Xi, all your machai ask u to forget Taiwan so that China one world one dream is about solving problems, practical problems, livelihood problems, hunger, housing, education, infrastructure, .not submarines. China wants to make everybody to share the world resources…make money, be happy,enjoy life, healthy living etc
23/03/2023 9:22 AM
qqq47660 Taiwan is the last piece in the unification of China ....the final restoration after the century of humiliation
23/03/2023 10:03 AM
qqq47660 Xijinping in Moscow...a friend in need is a friend indeed. Honourable friend. The citizen of both countries love the visit
23/03/2023 10:29 AM
qqq47660 China wants to make everybody to share the world resources…make money, be happy,enjoy life, healthy living etc


This is what it is not those Americans stuffs
23/03/2023 10:30 AM
qqq47660 Make money be happy stay healthy....that is what it is
23/03/2023 10:31 AM
IDQWE001 President Xi, all your machai ask u to forget Taiwan so that China make everybody to share the world resources…make money, be happy,enjoy life, healthy living etc, Make money be happy stay healthy....that is what it is
23/03/2023 10:42 AM
IDQWE001 UN, NATO. Indo-Pacific & AUKUS that fact requires investments to encourage innovation, strengthen economic competitiveness, produce good-paying jobs, rebuild supply chains, and expand economic opportunities for middle-class families: 4.5 billion people in the region will join the global middle class this decade. They will drive the region including by:

1.Proposing an Indo-Pacific economic framework, through which we will:
2.Develop new approaches to trade that meet high labor and environmental standards
3.Govern our digital economies and cross-border data flows according to open principles, including through a new digital economy framework
4.Advance resilient and secure supply chains that are diverse, open, and predictable
5.Make shared investments in decarbonization and clean energy
6.Promoting free, fair, and open trade and investment through the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), including in our 2023 host year
7.Closing the region’s infrastructure gap through Build Back Better World with G7 partners
23/03/2023 10:46 AM
qqq47660 americans cannot be a enemy of China if they know the real China/ russia. And that is the inconvenient truth.
23/03/2023 1:53 PM
IDQWE001 UN,NATO. Indo-Pacific & AUKUS will stop any power crazy dictators to challenge world orders.
23/03/2023 5:11 PM
qqq47660 they can try but cannot stop.
23/03/2023 10:58 PM
IDQWE001 already in well progress.
23/03/2023 11:17 PM
qqq47660 future growth area is brics +..............................multipolarity not american hegemony.
24/03/2023 12:33 AM
qqq47660 american hegemony has caused enough troubles already.
24/03/2023 12:34 AM
qqq47660 as Xi told Putin, don't worry, things are changing fast.............last 10 years of american hegemony. ...and america has to face a recession first.
24/03/2023 12:41 AM
qqq47660 both xi and putin will outlast Biden. That is for sure.
24/03/2023 12:42 AM
IDQWE001 Putin asked for weapons eg. tanks & missile. Xi only give mental support. UN,NATO. Indo-Pacific & AUKUS will stop any power crazy dictators to challenge world orders.
24/03/2023 12:44 AM
IDQWE001 Putin requests for military alliance, Xi answer u slow slow wait.
24/03/2023 12:51 AM
qqq47660 China priority is to see peace in Ukraine not see more people die
24/03/2023 1:06 AM
qqq47660 The west had cut up a lot of central Europe countries like yogoslavia, Czechoslovakia, ...well, cut of Donbass from Ukraine is a good solution....Donbass is mainly Russia people.
24/03/2023 1:10 AM
qqq47660 No such thing as dictator bad America president good....for thousands of years China has always loved their strong leaders who can last a long long time.
24/03/2023 1:16 AM

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D197btg What would be the best guess of the coming div, RM 1 possible??
21/02/2023 12:28 PM
Sardin Yes, possible
21/02/2023 7:02 PM
dam82 aiyoo hidden gem should be kept low profile mah .... waiting to collect more after ex div now build cash ....
21/02/2023 7:44 PM
Sardin Current price may not be attractive if cukai makmur continue...
22/02/2023 8:45 AM
ooihk899 If current price not attractive, then sell like no tomorrow lo!!!!!
22/02/2023 12:18 PM
Peace99 Great, report says UP replanted nearly half its land with UP seedlings that produce double the yield. I cancelled my sale :)
22/02/2023 12:50 PM
D197btg Excited waiting for the div announcement, if counter like Bplant can declared 3.3 sens, wonder if UP can also produce surprising results
22/02/2023 1:53 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW Foreign institutional investor NET BUY
22/02/2023 3:48 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW A good vehicle to capture the juicy dividend yields along side with Kuala Lumpur Kepong. Perfect hedge against inflation
22/02/2023 3:49 PM
Pinky Annual report is out: https://klse.i3investor.com/web/staticfile/view/489785

See page 18, very juicy final+special divvy of RM1.00!
27/02/2023 8:59 AM
dam82 boleh plan holiday now waiting for ex div to collect ...
27/02/2023 9:11 AM
dam82 The Group continues to maintain a conservative policy
in respect of its cash and cash equivalents, which as of 31
December 2022, stood at RM779 million.
27/02/2023 9:18 AM
ooihk899 Yeah!!! Div RM 1 !!!! profit 606M
27/02/2023 9:23 AM
Pinky Truly best of the best
27/02/2023 9:24 AM
ooihk899 This year profit and div will probably be the same. Hedge more than 4K/ ton for 191 ton.
27/02/2023 9:33 AM
ooihk899 Opps!!! wrong info. correction: It's 153Ton hedge at 4K/ton for less than 12 months, 38ton hedge at 4.31k/ton for more than 12 months
27/02/2023 10:10 AM
Ahlian Ooihk898, where you get the 191 ton hedge at price above 4K?
27/02/2023 10:11 AM
Sardin Dear All, this year AGM will be held at Dewan Sanmarka Orang India. Any of you attended the AGM before? Was the previous AGM held at the same place? Would you please share some experience in the past AGMs. I might want to attend but it is a bit far from my place.
27/02/2023 11:02 AM
ooihk899 Check the annual report.
27/02/2023 11:08 AM
ooihk899 I've attended the virtual AGM before. The meeting minutes posted on the website
will have all the Q&A in it. Only downside is you get the info much more later.
27/02/2023 11:15 AM
Pinky @Sardin take this opportunity to travel and see their plantation lo haha
27/02/2023 11:24 AM
Peace99 Dividend RM 1, nearly 18% better than last year's RM 0.85
27/02/2023 11:56 AM
LossAversion Bravo, my ever trusted UTDPLT.
27/02/2023 12:02 PM
Sardin Hi Pinky, you visited the plantation before? Need special request? They arrange the plantation tour every AGM pre-Covid years? Normally they arrange before or after the meeting?
27/02/2023 12:15 PM
Pinky No la i never went to any AGM other than my own company AGM hahaha
27/02/2023 12:56 PM
Peace99 Should UTDPLT branch out into Durian as well? If can cater to Europeans' taste, boy, we will get 10 times the dividends!
27/02/2023 2:51 PM
D197btg @Peace99 durian burn cash like incinerator for first 10 years, not so easy. See Ekovest take over of PLS plantation, they will get their handburn.
27/02/2023 5:13 PM
KClow This qr. How much did utdplnt make?
28/02/2023 2:30 PM
GS is there any reason(s) stock analyst did not cover this counter?
28/02/2023 2:54 PM
Peace99 @D197btg I think if UP wants, it can do as they have research lab, fund and organization. And access to Europe. If mainland Chinese can acquire the durian taste bud recently, why can't the Europeans? It can start small and scale up later. No risk no big gain.
01/03/2023 9:49 AM
Sardin Hi Peace99, the most difficult part is when some of the lab workers from overseas cant stand durian smell. And if the top management has to check the quality of the fruit personally to qualify the seedling but fainted due to the unique aroma. It may be a great torture to them.
01/03/2023 10:04 AM
ooihk899 Those who plan to attend the AGM may ask the management on diversification into durian plantation.
01/03/2023 11:48 AM
KClow What is this latest qr results why not out ?
01/03/2023 11:54 AM
ooihk899 Bro, result already out, read the AR. They don't have Q4 report.
01/03/2023 12:16 PM
KClow Ok thanks
01/03/2023 12:25 PM
Peace99 Hi Sardin haha, may be may be. But there are several orang kita on top management....Yeah, as ooihk899 said, can some one ask at AGM? Isn't good to diversify? UP has great ESG and European connections, lets have a 10 year plan!
01/03/2023 8:40 PM
Fabien _the efficient capital allocator Going forward, there are nevertheless 4 factors which must be monitored closely as the development of these will have an impact on the supply and demand fundamentals and thereby price developments going forward. Firstly, the wet weather conditions towards the end of last year together with the resumption of guest worker inflow to Malaysia is expected to help increase palm oil production in 2023 as the nationwide field losses experienced during 2022 will be minimised.In Indonesia production is poised to increase more strongly in 2023 than in 2022 subject to weather patterns normalising. Secondly, the world production of biodiesel including HVO is estimated to further increase by 9% to reach 55.9 million MT in 2023 from the all-time record level of in 2022 of 51.3Million MT. This was and will continue to be propelled by fiscal incentives in the US as well as rising decarbonisation targets in the EU transport sector. In addition, the Indonesian Government’s drive to increase their domestic palm oil consumption through not only food and oleochemical uses but evermore so through the Government supported biodiesel programme compelling all diesel to contain an admixture of up to 35% of palm oil from 1 February 2023 is expected to increase the current usage by 1.3 million MT during the year. Thirdly, the global economic growth sentiments for 2023 are largely negative due to the higher interest rate levels imposed by major central banks to curb inflation, coupled with Russia´s invasion of Ukraine causing much volatility in supply chains around the world. This is expected to dampen demand for vegetable oils from key buying nations. Finally, weather developments will continue to play an important role for production and price directions and must be closely monitored. Whilst the La-Nina has brought dry weather to particularly Argentina and caused a downward revision in the coming soybean crop harvest, the overall South America production is expected to increase to well-above 2022 levels due to larger planting intentions and the recent favourable weather. This is likely to replenish global stocks.
04/03/2023 9:12 PM
Fabien _the efficient capital allocator With the world’s population crossing the eight billion mark, the demand for palm oil for edible usage remains firm and growing in markets like India, China, Bangladesh, Turkey and the MPOB is strengthening its research and development activities to increase the usage of palm oil for the production of high value-added products for the export markets.
04/03/2023 9:14 PM
nicholas99 Export to Europe:
2022 Grand Total 1,467,013
2021 Grand Total 1,638,999
04/03/2023 10:04 PM
Diamond7 Later will shoot being 17.00
19/03/2023 6:27 PM
Sardin Anyone know the average cost and selling price for one coconut? Couldn't find in the annual report. Appreciate if someone is able to find out.
21/03/2023 4:25 PM
ooihk899 Why bother? It's insignificant to the top n bottomline.
21/03/2023 6:28 PM
Sardin Hi Ooihk899, it could be significant depending on the selling price and cost. If not significant utdplt won't bother to plant.
22/03/2023 12:05 PM
Ahlian Sardin, it only contributed 10% to overall group revenue, and the price fluctuations for coconut not high compared to cpo.
22/03/2023 12:25 PM
Sardin Hi Ahlian, it is definitely more than 10% but less than 15%. According to my research, profit margin could be considerably larger. And yes Ahlian, I also found that coconut price (wholesale price) is very stable over the years. The cost and earnings from the coconut plantation helps to answer many questions in my mind before and that's why I asked. Ahlian, mind to share the average cost of small planter in Malaysia to manage a single Ha of matured palm oil plantation, including labour, fertiliser, fuel and everything? Thanks.
23/03/2023 1:32 PM
ooihk899 Sardin, you can always ask in AGM.
23/03/2023 4:31 PM
GS such world class listed company, i wonder why no fund is buying ?

23/03/2023 4:35 PM
Sardin Hi Ooihk, because I like to interact with other bright investors and get their thoughts too. And I think this is one of the many purposes to have this forum.
23/03/2023 4:59 PM
observatory @GS, many funds own UP. EPF, KWAP, ASM, Aberdeen ... Perhaps they don't actively trade, at least not in large volume. Maybe due to liquidity constraint.
24/03/2023 12:45 AM
observatory @Sardin, they produce 6 to 8 million coconuts a month. So <100m a year.
I don't know their ASP. But I can get RM3 coconut from the roadside. Wholesale price should be much lower.
Multiply the two you get a ballpark figure. Unless UP coconuts are very different from the roadside coconuts, I guess revenue is less than 10% of FY22 revenue at RM2.5b.
Besides, if not mistaken, UP will have to list coconut plantation as a separate segment from plantation segment in the Segmental Information if revenue exceeds 10%.
Actually I also have a coconut question. Why is production output stagnant or even decline?
24/03/2023 12:50 AM

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pang72 Where the karma people?
20/03/2023 3:03 PM
pang72 Wait for them to cut lose then we buy cheap from them
20/03/2023 3:04 PM
Jerichomy Post removed. Why?
20/03/2023 3:08 PM
Zhuge_Liang The worldwide stock markets are in bear market.
According to a sifu, never buy high debt stock like Armada.
I have to follow this sifu, otherwise, this sifu will attack me non-stop.
Is this sifu a reputable sifu ? Or a Holland sifu ?
I do not know, I dare not go against him loh.
20/03/2023 3:10 PM
Zhuge_Liang Low IQ sifu also in Armada forum.
This low IQ sifu does not know any fundamental of technical.
He just copy and paste blindly in this forum.
You tell him to eat shit, this low IQ sifu will just follow the instruction blindly.
20/03/2023 3:13 PM
KimSua If major support easily broken today, 0.6/0.595 better wait and see as big funds are moving away.
20/03/2023 3:24 PM
pang72 50c mari
20/03/2023 3:30 PM
pang72 Do not againt the great sifu but you can againt karma sifu..

Told you sell 70c, nobody follow..
Cut lose at 60c is a pain of asssss..

Cut lose at 50c is liked in Holland world

20/03/2023 3:32 PM
pang72 Kimsua,
60c gone then 50c mari..
Funds are moving out
20/03/2023 3:34 PM
pang72 Amitofu
20/03/2023 3:46 PM
Macgyver11 The company shareholders also keep quiet. The big2 institutional that hold the Armada shares also keep quiet. AK also relax even his stock price plummeted . You all ikin bilis why shouting each others quarrel others..relax lah.
20/03/2023 4:00 PM
pang72 Aiyo..
This karma sifu feels heart pain for not cursing people die or bankruptcy.

See 59.5c liao..

I don't know, hopefully not.. People bankruptcy from armada shareholder?
20/03/2023 4:06 PM
Jerichomy Post removed. Why?
20/03/2023 4:19 PM
jaywalker close my eyes.. the sky is high ..
20/03/2023 4:20 PM
pang72 Zhuge_Liang

The worldwide stock markets are in bear market.
According to a sifu, never buy high debt stock like Armada.
I have to follow this sifu, otherwise, this sifu will attack me non-stop.
Is this sifu a reputable sifu ? Or a Holland sifu ?
I do not know, I dare not go against him loh.

1 hour ago

20/03/2023 4:25 PM
Jerichomy Haha


The worldwide stock markets are in bear market.
According to a sifu, never buy high debt stock like Armada.
I have to follow this sifu, otherwise, this sifu will attack me non-stop.
Is this sifu a reputable sifu ? Or a Holland sifu ?
I do not know, I dare not go against him loh.

1 hour ago

2 hours ago
20/03/2023 7:22 PM
Bon888 Happy to see this price adjustment. Big sales is coming, everyone should be happy to grab more tickets or grab back the sold tickets at low price.
20/03/2023 8:52 PM
Macgyver11 Oil bounced back to usd 72. Hopefully can touch back usd78 and all the way up back to usd 80.
20/03/2023 8:56 PM
StartOfTheBull Panic sellers tomorrow regret.
20/03/2023 9:06 PM
Jerichomy Bodoh startofthebull and many ikan bilis haha

Next heng yusn dah downtrend buta ka
20/03/2023 9:17 PM
Jerichomy M+ Online Market Wrap - 20Mar23

FBM KLCI: 1,401.81 pts (-9.92pts, -0.70%)
The FBM KLCI (-0.70%) fell for the session and closed just above the key 1,400 level as the regional markets were largely in the negative territory amid deepening fears over the banking crisis in the US and Switzerland. Market breadth remained negative as the decliners hammered the advancers by 653-to-275 stocks. The energy sector (-4.58%) tumbled as declining crude oil price weighed on the oil & gas stocks including ARMADA (-4.5 sen), VELESTO (-3.0 sen), and DIALOG (-3.0 sen).

Top 3 Active stocks:
GPACKET (0082): RM0.055 (+0.5 sen)
HONGSENG (0041): RM0.14 (-0.5 sen)
TOPGLOV (7113): RM0.905 (-1.0 sen)

Volume: 3.47 bn (100-day avg vol: 3.28 bn)
Value: RM1.93 bn (100-day avg val: RM2.11 bn)
Market Breadth: ⬆️275 ⬇️653
Crude palm oil: RM3,793 (-RM127)
Dow Futures: 31,878 pts (-193 pts)

Source: Bloomberg, M+ Online
20/03/2023 9:18 PM
TanDavid88 Posted by Zhuge_Liang > 6 hours ago | Report Abuse

Low IQ sifu also in Armada forum.
This low IQ sifu does not know any fundamental of technical.
He just copy and paste blindly in this forum.
You tell him to eat shit, this low IQ sifu will just follow the instruction blindly.
20/03/2023 9:21 PM
Jerichomy Go go kill old tv and his fellow subcribers here haha
20/03/2023 9:23 PM
Jerichomy Tandavid888 otb macai come bek haha

Next Heng Yuan in Armada Now haha Bumit Armada jadi Neraka Armada
20/03/2023 9:24 PM
Jerichomy Are you blind as it is from bloomberg

Posted by Zhuge_Liang > 6 hours ago | Report Abuse

Low IQ sifu also in Armada forum.
This low IQ sifu does not know any fundamental of technical.
He just copy and paste blindly in this forum.
You tell him to eat shit, this low IQ sifu will just follow the instruction blindly.
3 minutes ago
20/03/2023 9:25 PM
KimSua Remember US is always the main market maker on oil price, They will fill up their strategic reserves (SPR) below WTI 70s and this will take at least a month or two. Need to monitor this as will be the basis of the oil price increase. The demand is always there, US is the biggest speculator and will never loose. We cannot predict the timing but relatively oil price will continue to rise as demand is still there. Armada fundamentals are still there but to chase beyond 0.70 is foolish and risky and control by speculators. Those who wish to hold have to wait until the next speculative round. No worries as the fundamental is still there. Those on side ways trading , eyes need to be wide open. Good luck.
21/03/2023 7:25 AM
KimSua next support level 0.575 (weak) and 2nd 0.540 (stronger)
21/03/2023 7:49 AM
pang72 Ambar Warrick

Investing.com-- Oil prices fell in early Asian trade on Tuesday, cutting short a brief rebound from 15-month lows as markets hunkered down before a Federal Reserve interest rate decision this week, while concerns over a banking crisis continued to spur cautious trading.
21/03/2023 10:23 AM
LadyRepins OIl and gas is set to shine in years to come, imminent shortage of processing capacity expected due to geopolitical policy focus on ESG discouraging investments in oil/gas. Reality points to ESG as another political agenda, many comments suggest renewables are simply nowhere in replacing world appetite for oil. This underinvestment will probably come to haunt everyone sometime soon.

Major shareholders pump price up for some bag-holders as they step the price in stages, need cycle down to reap some low hanging fruit. Same for all Malaysian listed companies. Armada did a high of 0.725 recently, some bag-holders bought in at 0.69 (try looking at volume profiles). Sure to have some panic sell, but many will hold on... after all the funadamentals of this counter are still good; industry outlook is shining. 2023 pattern suggests 0.59 as a major holding point, juicy liquidity for some to drive prices down to shake holders out. Perhaps a visit to 0.55 momentarily will do it. Going below 0.54 staying thereabouts may mean a new dynamic in play, time to re-strategize.
21/03/2023 6:33 PM
LadyRepins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm6bX_W6CCk listen commencing 06:00 onwards; good take on world energy
21/03/2023 6:37 PM
LadyRepins Haha,
@KimSua .. next support level 0.575 (weak) and 2nd 0.540 (stronger)

Seems we're on same technicals. 0.575 is the peak from Feb'22 while 0.55 is a Dec'19 followed by multiple peaks throughout. These should hold. If shoots below 0.54 and remains there long then a re-think is probably prudent. Otherwise, fill your bags people, opportunity abound.
21/03/2023 6:47 PM
Jerichomy Haha

5 days ago | Report Abuse
I listened to Karma sifu bought hengyuan at rm6... Now 3.30..
I lose 2.70....
I listened to Karma sifu bought AYS at 60c, now 38c..
I lose 22c..

I3 readers like me.. Tin kosong being bully by karma sifu losing 50% each trade...

I got 100k...lose 50k in hrc
I got 50k lose 25k in AYS..
I got 25k... Am I lose 12.5k in armada...?

Pity i3 readers like me.. Tin kosong.. Only know following karma sifu..
5 days ago | Report Abuse
Ooo yeap...
I bought a lot armada at 70c listening to Karma sifu
Now, 65c...
I lose 5c..
Pity me!!
21/03/2023 10:50 PM
KimSua @LadyRepins, all about risk management, going from 60 -70c is probable so is 60 cents going back to 50c. Going in now will be gambling :) if it does not reduce further , so be it. Never chase high . Armada is highly speculative now.
22/03/2023 7:25 AM
TanDavid88 Jerichomy is the shameless liar here, should lose until bankrupt.
Twist the story to suit him.

Posted by OTB > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

Posted by Jerichomy > 14 hours ago | Report Abuse
Yeah make money from ikan bilis
I joined I3 in 2012.
I posted many stock recommendation reports in I3 since 2012.
If any reader in I3 just to follow my buy recommendation since 2012 until 2021, I believe this reader should make at least a million in profit.
I assure you this reader is a millionaire now .... I repeat ...

I cheat ikan bilis .....
Jerichomy is the shameless liar in I3.
22/03/2023 8:32 AM
OrlandoOilSemiconIoT This round oil price drop is not to due to demand and supply

But SVB shock wave

Going to rebound soon

If it doesn't OPEC+ will make sure by cutting production

Alao Putin has a war to finance

22/03/2023 9:45 AM
Bon888 A company earning 732million a year, PE less than 5.

No brainer deal. I top up again yesterday!
22/03/2023 10:13 AM
Zhuge_Liang Never believe this shameless liar Jerichomy.
If Jerichomy has good investment skill, he will not lose money on LayHong until bankrupt.
Jerichomy does not know what is fundamental and technical of a stock.
He just simply listens to rumour, follow blindly anyone talk bad about Armada.
He will attack the stock recommended by our group.

Jerichomy is the shameless liar here, should lose until bankrupt.
Twist the story to suit him.

Posted by OTB > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

Posted by Jerichomy > 14 hours ago | Report Abuse
Yeah make money from ikan bilis
I joined I3 in 2012.
I posted many stock recommendation reports in I3 since 2012.
If any reader in I3 just to follow my buy recommendation since 2012 until 2021, I believe this reader should make at least a million in profit.
I assure you this reader is a millionaire now .... I repeat ...

I cheat ikan bilis .....
Jerichomy is the shameless liar in I3.
22/03/2023 10:31 AM
OTB Fxxk you Jerichomy, you are a real shameless liar here.
I did not even recommend Armada in this forum.
You bad mouth Armada with the intention "want the investors in Armada to lose money" because you think that I recommend this stock.
You are a evil person and I believe the god is very fair to you to punish you to lose in the stock market until bankrupt.
A shameless liar will lose in KLSE for life until he changed his character.
A mountain can be changed, a person character hard to be changed.
Hence you should expect bad outcome for you all the time.
See you in bankruptcy list again, never change !!
22/03/2023 11:06 AM
OTB I am sorry to all investors of Armada to cause this embarrassment here.
I told all my subscribers not to post any article on Armada.
They should invest quietly to make money.
Thank you.
22/03/2023 11:09 AM
Bon888 Nothing to worry, many of us here already earned handsome profit from this counter and continue to make money.
22/03/2023 2:04 PM
Jerichomy onhands
158 posts

Posted by onhands > 2022-09-27 19:11 | Report Abuse

Blog: Why is Mr Ooi Teck Bee’s Rm 1.16 target for Hiap Teck easily achievable? Koon Yew Yin

2021-10-24 21:48 | Report Abuse

158 posts

Posted by onhands > 2022-09-27 19:24 | Report Abuse

Blog: Hiap Teck will shoot like a rocket - Koon Yew Yin

2021-08-29 21:31 | Report Abuse

Shoots up like SpaceX Starship rocket?

158 posts

Posted by onhands > 2022-09-27 19:26 | Report Abuse

it is Space Shuttle Challenger

11,371 posts

Posted by dompeilee > 2022-09-29 17:16 | Report Abuse

Whatever old con KYY tells u 2 buy...u SELL!

1,324 posts

Posted by TreeTopView > 2022-09-29 18:51 | Report Abuse

Hiap Teck's 4Q net profit tumbles 59.53% on lower profit margin despite revenue jump.


276 posts

Posted by Phoebe > 2022-09-29 19:12 | Report Abuse

Die standing. Rest in peace.
Don't worry. As a consolation, You will soon receive sorry, sorry, sorry.
Sorry....poof!!! 100k loss
Another Sorry.....pooof!!! Another 100k gone
Sorry.....poof!!!.....rest in peace Capital
1 day ago
1 day ago
3 days ago
22/03/2023 6:50 PM
Zhuge_Liang Low IQ person like Jerichomy, no point to post all these nonsense here.
It will not reflect your intelligence here.
Readers here will think you are a stuupid person, you are just good in copy and paste without really understand the event and the timing.
When Hiaptek was reporting good profit, we will buy the stock.
When the quarter result is not good, we will sell it and avoid it.
OTB is a smart person to buy all growth stock only, when the stock is not growing, he will sell it.
We stop to keep track on Hiaptek because the quarter result is not good. We had cut loss long time ago.
All these postings are no longer relevant anymore, readers will laugh at you if you continue to post all these nonsenses here.
Stock market is forward looking, we never buy any stock losing money in its quarter result.
22/03/2023 10:01 PM
Zhuge_Liang Posted by OTB > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

Posted by Jerichomy > 14 hours ago | Report Abuse
Yeah make money from ikan bilis
I joined I3 in 2012.
I posted many stock recommendation reports in I3 since 2012.
If any reader in I3 just to follow my buy recommendation since 2012 until 2021, I believe this reader should make at least a million in profit.
I assure you this reader is a millionaire now .... I repeat ...

I cheat ikan bilis .....
Jerichomy is the shameless liar in I3.
Jerichomy, no one will believe you once readers read OTB's article.
There is no sure win in the stock market.
OTB may lose in Hengyuan and Hiaptek, overall OTB still make multi million from KLSE.
You continue to attack him, readers here will think that you are a soup grape person.

We are OTB's subscribers, we followed his recommended stocks to buy, we also made million from KLSE especially in the year 2020.
22/03/2023 10:10 PM
Jerichomy He made money in hiap teck but ikan bilis mati

Posted by OTB > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

Posted by Jerichomy > 14 hours ago | Report Abuse
Yeah make money from ikan bilis
I joined I3 in 2012.
I posted many stock recommendation reports in I3 since 2012.
If any reader in I3 just to follow my buy recommendation since 2012 until 2021, I believe this reader should make at least a million in profit.
I assure you this reader is a millionaire now .... I repeat ...

I cheat ikan bilis .....
Jerichomy is the shameless liar in I3.
Jerichomy, no one will believe you once readers read OTB's article.
There is no sure win in the stock market.
OTB may lose in Hengyuan and Hiaptek, overall OTB still make multi million from KLSE.
You continue to attack him, readers here will think that you are a soup grape person.

We are OTB's subscribers, we followed his recommended stocks to buy, we also made million from KLSE especially in the year 2020.
56 minutes ago
22/03/2023 11:08 PM
Zhuge_Liang Do not waste time on this low IQ Jerichomy.
No cure, wasting my effort.
No wonder Jerichomy lost in LayHong until bankrupt.
Let him write and syok sendiri loh.
22/03/2023 11:35 PM
Jerichomy This Armada is OTB push to sell…berhati hati di jalan raya
23/03/2023 1:37 PM
Zhuge_Liang A real low IQ Jerichomy.
No cure, really stuupid and no brain person.
Who has so much money to push this heavy weight stock ?
23/03/2023 1:43 PM
Activestream Lol why so much argument here the best is to monitor this stock like today incoming buying is up suddenly the volume buying at 615, 61 and 605 cents is strong. if can close with a green bar might be able to see a slow and steady rise back upwards
23/03/2023 3:00 PM
Jerichomy From share group about otb and his subcribers

That is why bilis buy base on cerita, Old Fox sell the cerita.

At the end, habis cerita.
23/03/2023 10:06 PM
3lephAnt May I propose those who harbour grievances to file a police report for fraud, losses or/and misrepresentation rather than yapping in this forum?
24/03/2023 12:44 AM

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Income China and Russia combined baru boleh jadi King of AI to counter US and Euro in AI…
23/03/2023 2:27 PM
nicholas99 russia have to rely on china. if they want chip.. and of course other tech. they cannot even build aircraft carrier.
23/03/2023 5:20 PM
supersaiyan3 People play with ChatGPT and ABUSE Baidu's 文心一言。

Baidu's 文心一言 is pure dumb. And not surprising again, its a copycat.

When asked to draw a patriot cat, it draws a cat with American flag on it. Lol
23/03/2023 5:25 PM
IDQWE001 Huawei P60 Pro Price in Malaysia & Specs, Last Update: Mar 14, 2023
running on HarmonyOS 3.0 (China), no Google Play Services, 4G LTE, not Android.
All Malaysian red army cina man must buy and support yr motherland handphone. Dont just typing in fornt of keyboard to support Huawei.

Huawei talking about 3 years chips self inventory but this year still launch 4G "cheats". any point talk about AI ?
23/03/2023 5:32 PM
Income Wow you banyak sokong and angkat bola orang American? Haha
23/03/2023 5:40 PM
IDQWE001 Sini ramai Malaysian red army cina man banyak sokong and angkat bola orang Cina..... hu .....
23/03/2023 5:45 PM
IDQWE001 Kalau betul betul banyak sokong and angkat bola orang Cina, kau mesti beli Huawei P60 sebelum cakap AI.
23/03/2023 5:48 PM
Income I sokong Putin only. Mr. Xi, I tak sokong. I tak sokong Biden juga.
23/03/2023 5:51 PM
IDQWE001 I only sokong betul betul "Chips" bukan "Cheats".
23/03/2023 5:53 PM
nicholas99 kita bukan angkat bola. kita cuma tahu world no. 1 future ialah china. lol.

jangan selalu mimpi US ialah world no. 1. terima hakikat. be realistic.
23/03/2023 6:00 PM
IDQWE001 Betul betul No.1 Huawei talking about 3 years chips self inventory but this year still launch 4G "cheats". any point talk about AI ? Bohon No. 1
23/03/2023 6:24 PM
IDQWE001 Be realistic jangan bohong
23/03/2023 6:25 PM
Income I can’t answer your question. I only sokong Putin. Sorry.
23/03/2023 7:00 PM
IDQWE001 Good to support Killer. Hope that no Malaysian or any family member got killed in Ukraine.
23/03/2023 7:08 PM
mach10 China leading US in technology race in all but a few fields, thinktank finds

23/03/2023 9:48 PM
mach10 The United States and other western countries are losing the race with China to develop advanced technologies and retain talent, with Beijing potentially establishing a monopoly in some areas, a new report has said.

China leads in 37 of 44 technologies tracked in a year-long project by thinktank the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. The fields include electric batteries, hypersonics and advanced radio-frequency communications such as 5G and 6G.
23/03/2023 9:49 PM
foongsh 理性的瞭解和讨论,当华为是中国最高科技电子产品,受了制裁而花了三年还无法自主生产5G芯片,这肯定遇到了瓶紧。更不要说AI了,这不是在这里每天大喊中国第一就能改变的。大家拿中芯国际, 长江存储企业展望来比较台绩电,Nvidia, AMD就很清楚了。For the sake of rational understanding and discussion, when Huawei is China's highest-tech electronic products, even it took three years still yet to produce 5G chips under sanctions, this prove that a tight bottleneck is encountered and till now technically can't be resolved. Not to mention AI chips, which is not something that can be changed by shouting China No.1 everyday here. Please takes SMIC, Yangtze River Storage Enterprise outlook and prospect to compare with TSMC, Nvidia, AMD then u know the facts.
23/03/2023 10:17 PM

Bill Gates
Well, I don’t think the US will ever be successful at preventing China from having great chips. You know, we are going to force them to spend time and a bunch of money to make their own chips, but given 5 to 10 years and they take money out of their poverty program. The idea that we could ever sell them chips, we’re just eviscerating that. You know, we’re saying make your own jet engines, your own software, your own chips. And I think that’s a shame and I don’t get the logic.


23/03/2023 10:58 PM
foongsh Bill Gate is right with 5 to 10 years and spent multi billions China sure can manufacture 5G chips. But at that time the world running by how many G ?? 7G, 8G ??? Remember chips technology is moving target and not stagnant target. Try to understand Moore's Law.
23/03/2023 11:15 PM
IDQWE001 Moore's Law. Moore's Law states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years. The law claims that we can expect the speed and capability of our computers to increase every two years because of this, yet we will pay less for them. Another tenet of Moore's Law asserts that this growth is exponential. The law is attributed to Gordon Moore, the co-founder and former CEO of Intel.
23/03/2023 11:22 PM
mach10 Huawei is now a company which makes huge money from its patents. every phones and towers using 5g technology have to pay Huawei the patent fees. so do 6g .
23/03/2023 11:57 PM
IDQWE001 sorry to say that Huawei 5G chips stocks for tower station finished and no more supply due to banned.
24/03/2023 12:42 AM

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Profit77 Sleepy hollow.
30/08/2022 3:45 PM
Risk Trader Good QTR but price cannot move...something wrong somewhere
31/08/2022 6:40 PM
shiningmoon A good stock will soon appreciate, but need time because of current economic and political climate.
02/09/2022 7:22 PM
M55555 Banle HK IPO apa status ?? Now want to list CBL ??
05/09/2022 4:23 PM
nobodyisland hope got magic show
06/09/2022 1:39 PM
Raiz368 Oil prices down will be better effect to P&L company.
07/09/2022 3:25 PM
Raiz368 Today already warm up...
07/09/2022 6:09 PM
SarifahSelinder Can elaborate sikit?


Oil prices down will be better effect to P&L company.

3 hours ago

07/09/2022 7:22 PM
SarifahSelinder Co x IR email tak investor friendly pon
07/09/2022 7:25 PM
Raiz368 Sarifah...when oil prices going down so cost of transportation also going down then company will make more profit
14/09/2022 4:27 PM
SarifahSelinder Bang.. we are talking about bunkering
15/09/2022 9:22 AM
SarifahSelinder Sarifah think most likely ada FAF kat kontrak

Also doing just in time maksud nya order minyak upon receiving orders from vessels

And patut ada some sort of bunkering service charge

Ni la cara Sarifah kan do this bisnes

x IR email nak deep dive pon cannot
15/09/2022 9:28 AM
spielmacher Straits deserved to be back to above 20
18/10/2022 8:06 PM
nobodyisland Still ding dong at 0.115-0.12
28/10/2022 7:42 PM
investor1003 Higher profit, higher revenue this Q... price please move back to 0.20...
30/11/2022 7:55 PM
ncy810116 900m+ revenue lol.
30/11/2022 8:26 PM
ariff Revenue 900M, NP 1M. What happen actually
02/12/2022 3:14 PM
nahcee Engine warn up, lets grab it before overheat
06/12/2022 9:18 AM
hoot9e996 macam want break out!!!!!!!!!!!!
lets go
06/12/2022 9:50 AM
ncy810116 let's move...
06/12/2022 3:32 PM
SarifahSelinder Knp all of a sudden naik? IB bikin coverage? Listing of associate co kat NASDAQ?
06/12/2022 3:39 PM
SarifahSelinder Sell associate co... bagi special dividend?
06/12/2022 4:27 PM
02/01/2023 11:53 PM
M55555 Apa dah jadi?
11/01/2023 4:44 PM
nobodyisland just wait ppl goreng lol...
11/01/2023 5:40 PM
M55555 Early holiday for Chinese New Year.
19/01/2023 10:44 AM
ncy810116 anytime.
26/01/2023 10:49 PM
cicakman Undervalue.
27/01/2023 10:29 AM
aft7753 Above SMA 50 & likely formation of a simple w-shaped chart.
28/01/2023 4:07 PM
Ron90 Dead Wood counter !.. revenue near 1 billion but profit 1 mil ?.. director keep on scem investors.
30/01/2023 12:37 AM
jamessmith Intellectualsden brings you most reliable academic writing services by qualified writers that possess the right set of skills.
30/01/2023 1:58 AM
cicakman Bosses.
You all sleeping and don't know how to add value to your company's shares?
How you expect investors to come in?
30/01/2023 3:34 PM
nahcee Gems that yet to be shine. Let's see
02/02/2023 6:14 AM
cicakman Gemban @ Jamban stock.
03/02/2023 9:52 AM
Ron90 lousy..cunning C30.. last time kon nak listed at GEM, now Nasdaq.. with porift only 1-2, even revenue alomost n1 b per QR.. scam investors. SC should closely monitor company..manipulating OPEx and use the money so that no profit can be passed to investors.
04/02/2023 2:00 PM
cicakman Better company request for delisting good for them and investors.
15/02/2023 3:37 PM
15/02/2023 6:21 PM
cicakman Don't expect up.There are not even volumes to play up.Even pencacai also won't bother to see with one eyes.
You want to sell 10 pcs also will takes 1 or 2 whole days waiting.
16/02/2023 10:03 AM
cicakman Even few of PN17 counter are much expensive and have vol daily.
This is not makan and tido, it is tido only mcm kucing kurap.
16/02/2023 12:28 PM
cicakman PLCs making small profits is ok.
Doing big business revenue RM billions.
Lagi ada hati mahu listed GEM and PP but cancel .Mcm2 easons not right times.Siapa mahu percaya?
Share price not even 20 cts.
Ini ka billions ringgit PLC in Bursa.
Bikin malu dan susah sama investors LOL!
17/02/2023 2:58 PM
Raccoon https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/03/22/2632793/0/en/CBL-International-Limited-Announces-Pricing-of-US-13-300-000-Initial-Public-Offering.html
23/03/2023 9:36 AM
Raccoon Finally, Straits Energy 38% owned Associate company Banle akan list on Nasdaq malam ini.
Straits invest 38% in Banle for rm15 juta dalam tahun 2018. Straits akan dapat 9.5 juta saham from this IPO,
9.5 juta saham x usd4/per share = usd38 million
usd38 mill x exchange rate 4.40 = rm167 juta PAPER PROFIT
AWESOME ROI investment, please declare DIVIDEND
23/03/2023 9:45 AM
nahcee https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3338842
"BANL" Listing NASDAQ begin 23/3/23. Any impact to STRAITS ?
23/03/2023 6:01 PM
nobodyisland hope tomorrow rocket..
23/03/2023 6:14 PM
SarifahSelinder NASDAQ llsting materialised

23/03/2023 6:52 PM
davidkkw79 Mooon ! Now has flyed to the moon !! Up 2000 times !!!
23/03/2023 9:42 PM
Raccoon baru chek nasdaq, belum ada trading lagi. hopefully soon. rm167 juta PAPER PROFIT.
23/03/2023 11:10 PM
Raccoon Shine Straits. This is your Time for you to shut up Ron90, cicakman
23/03/2023 11:14 PM
Raccoon https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/banl
24/03/2023 12:31 AM
Raccoon 9.5 juta saham x usd4.25/per share = about usd40 million
usd40 mill x exchange rate 4.40 = about rm176 mill PAPER PROFIT
Straits Board please declare DIVIDEND, DIVIDEND, DIVIDEND this year,
24/03/2023 12:40 AM

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nelsonlim AAX TP reached ady hehehe
22/03/2023 4:27 PM
xuxu ada daging lagi hehe
22/03/2023 4:27 PM
bingoman manyak sudah red eye did not enter at 1.30 ^^
22/03/2023 4:29 PM
bingoman sell dah, sudah kenyang ^^
22/03/2023 4:29 PM
nelsonlim daging sampai 155 but fomc tak mau risk more
22/03/2023 4:29 PM
bingoman got untung lari lah, dont hold long long
22/03/2023 4:30 PM
bingoman wait next enter time
22/03/2023 4:30 PM
xuxu dah jual 1.45, beli sikit je untung sikit dah puas
22/03/2023 4:31 PM
dericsia AAX is ready for departure again. RM1.46. Tomorrow RM1.65
22/03/2023 4:35 PM
xuxu departing so many times ? hehe
22/03/2023 4:37 PM
iamismail capitala coming
22/03/2023 4:39 PM
nelsonlim eh all tulis malay, i also tulis malay la
22/03/2023 4:41 PM
TERSHEN esok 1.65 lagi
nanti kena UMA lagi
22/03/2023 4:44 PM
dericsia PLs go gate RM1.65
22/03/2023 4:47 PM
nasgee LU vrommmmm
22/03/2023 4:53 PM
PepGuardiola Tomolo 1.50 for sure
22/03/2023 4:54 PM
xuxu ini aax tak boleh greedy, tapi besok mungkin main lg
22/03/2023 4:59 PM
Income Dulu 1990, AA bagus tapi AAX tak bagus.
Now 2023, AA tak bagus tapi AAX bagus. WHY?????
22/03/2023 5:44 PM
Sarcasm777 Congrats to those who had made some money. The large majority of positive comments here has drowned out the continuous negative comment from Sslee. He simply cannot catch up anymore. But he won’t give up just yet.
22/03/2023 7:29 PM
The_JQuestion HODL... really testing limit . lucky resistance was good and rebound was seen if not would have cut Really have to be daring dare to FLY !
22/03/2023 9:01 PM
nelsonlim i hanya rmb candle three black crow
22/03/2023 9:06 PM
StartOfTheBull Sslee and her boyfriend have been posting negative comments when the price was between 60c and 70c. Is there anyone missed the opportunity after reading their comments? Hope those who bought in after that can still make some profit later.
22/03/2023 9:13 PM
wilxom Today u turn up 12 cents after kena UMA for 2 days.
22/03/2023 11:09 PM
joyvest I never doubt on AAX . They can recover very fast from their losses through no fault of themselves. The beauty is that they can make everyone fly from one remote place to another remote place at affordable price. The people all over the world love this budget airline. Thats why the births of budget airlines are getting more and more. Their business model is good and so is the prospects .
23/03/2023 9:19 AM
$$ BUYSELL $$ many many people got con buy high sale lower . those small fish all catch in the net..
23/03/2023 9:32 AM
$$ BUYSELL $$ buy high sell low.
23/03/2023 9:34 AM
xuxu goreng stock never greed, got profit just let go
23/03/2023 9:50 AM
Newbie_123 sad to see the gambling drive of most ppl. The knives have fallen down yet ppl still falls for goereng stock hoping to bounce back
23/03/2023 9:57 AM
1pingpong mantap this stock....up donw up down before Deadline April looms. bank payment time.
23/03/2023 10:00 AM
Income Addicted to AAx?
23/03/2023 10:17 AM
nelsonlim aduiiii dxb strong buy pulak
23/03/2023 10:29 AM
PepGuardiola AAX Flyyyyyyyy
23/03/2023 10:36 AM
PepGuardiola the more you guys sell, the higher AAX flyyyyyyy
23/03/2023 10:36 AM
NatsukoMishima Count down 10 , 9 ,8 ............it s time to cut vege , enjoy the feast , all gamblers !
23/03/2023 1:05 PM
Income Addicted to AAx???
23/03/2023 2:22 PM
julian1981 everyone can fly now...enjoy my trip with AAX,
23/03/2023 2:29 PM
PepGuardiola Nobody look at this counter?
23/03/2023 2:54 PM
PepGuardiola Not sure can fly?
23/03/2023 2:54 PM
dericsia Looks like flight rescheduling, no takeoff today
23/03/2023 3:38 PM
xuxu Dear passenger, now we are arriving to holland, the wheather is snowing
23/03/2023 3:54 PM
1pingpong April due for bank repayment. and many wonder why the sudden surge.
23/03/2023 4:04 PM
Cakes Moon Cepat lari
23/03/2023 4:12 PM
hodl2021 Pukul kapal terbang till bleeding
23/03/2023 4:15 PM
Canlah Macam cb ini kaunter. Tomorrow lagi con ppl
23/03/2023 4:38 PM
Income Addicted to AAx. I called Stony to help shoring up AAx but Stony said no money to help. That’s why now you see this deep red. How? Must ask Stony to be replaced???
23/03/2023 5:20 PM
purple70 If one adds the total trade of last 2 weeks, its more than the no of shars in issues and yet SC is so quiet about it!

Why no investigation by SC for these erratic moves in prices?
23/03/2023 6:09 PM
Sslee Are you saying some sydicate members were selling left hand to right hand and then right hand to left hand to pump and dump?

Posted by purple70 > Mar 23, 2023 6:09 PM | Report Abuse
If one adds the total trade of last 2 weeks, its more than the no of shars in issues and yet SC is so quiet about it!
23/03/2023 6:23 PM
$$ BUYSELL $$ the only way to earn money is to push up very high and later push down the price and let the small fish burn..
23/03/2023 8:45 PM
hodl2021 besok bangun pukul kapal terbang Ada happy ending
23/03/2023 9:01 PM
The_JQuestion test support and next run may come... tomorrow? soon..
24/03/2023 12:33 AM

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bullrun1985 Luke, anything you want to defend your view?
17/10/2022 3:13 PM
Lukesharewalker POV noted.
The high interest rates environment is only for the short term until inflation is under control Envisioned to taper in 2H 2023.
Demand would still be there as the economy is doing well. It would be substantiated by lower prices due to the exchange. Shortfall will be negated by exchange rate.
Trading at pe 4 the margin of safety is ample
17/10/2022 4:08 PM
Lukesharewalker https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/paul-krugman-monetary-policy-federal-reserve-inflation-interest-rates-hikes-2022-10
17/10/2022 4:12 PM
bullrun1985 I bot pohuat at 1.32 today, luke pls show your support. dont talk only
17/10/2022 4:19 PM
Lukesharewalker Plus point dividends yield at current price is 4.5% @ 6 cents
17/10/2022 4:20 PM
chienweilim8139 my price is 1.48, should i hold ?
17/10/2022 4:24 PM
chienweilim8139 still receiving dvident
17/10/2022 4:27 PM
Lukesharewalker It's a personal choice but sentiments might shift if it hits 5.00 which is probable due to uncertainty of elections
17/10/2022 4:30 PM
observatory According to the article, "Paul Krugman has warned the Federal Reserve is at risk of going too far in fighting inflation, causing unnecessary economic damage."

In other words, there is a real danger that in the attempt to regain its inflation fighting credential, the Fed may have gone too far and trigger a deep recession. The Fed would then have to switch back to rock bottom interest rate in order to resuscitate the damaged economy.

I'm not saying this scenario will definitely happen (no one is sure about the future, including the Fed). However based on past experience, when the Treasury 10 year - 2 year bond yield is inverted for a substantial duration, the economy would enter recession in the next few quarters. The yield curve has stayed inverted since Jun.
17/10/2022 4:33 PM
observatory I'm not saying Poh Huat is doomed. Its share price has corrected due to the the darkened outlook. However my view is anyone who hold the stock should have a long term outlook and be prepared to ride though volatility. Exchange rate gain and current high dividend yield (which is based on historical earning anyway) may not be sufficient reasons to own the stock.
17/10/2022 4:41 PM
Lukesharewalker Traditionally 4th quarter is the best season for demand, let's see in December weather it shrinks...
17/10/2022 4:53 PM
bullrun1985 hope for dividend 2c but lose 1c again today, sad
17/10/2022 5:01 PM
Lukesharewalker DJ futures is green. A reversal of price might be on the cards
18/10/2022 3:02 PM
bullrun1985 Luke, dont speculate the index, later tomorrow index red in colour, then all stucked
18/10/2022 3:10 PM
Lukesharewalker If I was the major shareholder and this company can provide eps of 30 cents in 2022, I would take it private
19/10/2022 10:31 AM
Lukesharewalker Trend is every 2 days exchange falls 1 cent. Today is 4.73
20/10/2022 10:15 AM
Lukesharewalker Dropping like a rock. Exchange is 4.74 today
21/10/2022 9:21 AM
Lukesharewalker UOBKH Retail Market Monitor
21 October 2022

FBMKLCI: 1,437.72 (+22.62)
Support: 1,390, 1,365
Resistance: 1,450, 1,470

Bursa Top Gainers:
IOICORP (+4.4%), DIGI (+3.6%), MAXIS (+3.6%)

Bursa Top Losers:
SIME (-0.45%), IHH (-0.16%)

Bursa Trade Statistics
Local Institutions (38.69%): +RM121.0m
Local Retail (17.04%): -RM37.0m
Foreign (44.27%): -RM-84.0m

Global Equity Indexes
MSCI Asia : 136.79 (-0.60, -0.44%)
NASDAQ : 10,614.84 (-65.67, -0.61%)
S&P500 : 3,665.78 (-29.38, -0.80%)
DJIA : 30,333.59 (-90.22, -0.30%)

USD/MYR : 4.7295 (+0.0053)
SGD/MYR : 3.3178 (+0.0030)

Crude Oil : $85.98 (+0.00)
Gold : $1,626.58 (+0.15)

US stocks were lower after the close on Thursday, as losses in the Consumer Goods, Utilities and Industrials sectors led shares lower. At the close in NYSE, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.30%, while the S&P 500 index declined 0.80%, and the NASDAQ Composite index lost 0.61%. Falling stocks outnumbered advancing ones on the New York Stock Exchange by 2,059 to 1021 and 112 ended unchanged; on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, 2,050 fell and 1,688 advanced, while 216 ended unchanged. (Source: Investing.com)

Stocks To Watch:
1) POHUAT (KLSE: 7088)
Technical BUY with +10.4% potential return
* Last: RM1.35   TP: RM1.42, RM1.49    SL: RM1.31
* Timeframe: 2 weeks to 2 months
* Shariah: YES

2) LIONIND (KLSE: 4235)
Technical BUY with +24.6% potential return
* Last: RM0.325    TP: RM0.375, RM0.405    SL: RM0.285
* Timeframe: 2 weeks to 2 months
* Shariah: NO

3) AJIYA (KLSE: 7609)
Technical BUY with +14.9% potential return
* Last: RM1.21   TP: RM1.32, RM1.39  SL: RM1.09
* Timeframe: 2 weeks to 2 months
* Shariah: YES

For the full research report, please log in to www.utrade.com.my

21/10/2022 9:37 AM
bullrun1985 pohuat not a syariah shares la
25/10/2022 9:58 AM
bullrun1985 where is luke now? still buy buy buy???
27/10/2022 12:17 PM
Lukesharewalker Relax , trending upwards for Dec QR
28/10/2022 1:24 PM
Lukesharewalker Better buy break out rally soon
31/10/2022 12:55 PM
Lukesharewalker Dividends yield is 4.2% now
01/11/2022 8:39 AM
bullrun1985 no up today oso, sien............
01/11/2022 9:04 AM
bullrun1985 Luke, where are you now? pls promote abit today
07/11/2022 3:00 PM
Lukesharewalker It will move up next week
17/11/2022 3:33 PM
Lukesharewalker Hang on tight. Roadblocks everyday. Up trend towards Dec QR
17/11/2022 3:57 PM
Lukesharewalker Year end eps 30 cents coming.....
17/11/2022 4:03 PM
Lukesharewalker Don't miss the ride. Gonna move soon. Roadblocks suddenly aplenty. Haha...
23/11/2022 11:23 AM
zen_2k looking forward to QR
10/12/2022 3:05 AM
Lukesharewalker Long wait. Today's the day!
30/12/2022 9:38 AM
Lukesharewalker Excellent result. Eps 31 cents. No matter how you look at it. Its undervalued
30/12/2022 5:29 PM
Lukesharewalker Backed by 90 cents near cash and dividend yield is now 5.3% it will open 2023 with a bang
30/12/2022 5:33 PM
zen_2k Agreed hopefully market will notice its value, especially with US homebuilder market not as gloomy as it is following recent news
30/12/2022 5:47 PM
whpang Check out buying volume.
30/12/2022 6:24 PM
yfchong Can get below 1.35 boh... let's see. n check it our.
09/01/2023 6:55 AM
cubi 新年红包进户口了,谢谢發哥~!

10/01/2023 2:27 PM
frankco Poh Pee Huat Ah !!
11/01/2023 11:03 PM
Income Can buy this over value?
12/01/2023 3:10 PM
cherry88 Time to re-look this counter. Despite rather challenging outlook, I believe the share prices had reflected the low valuation. Any major correction is unlikely. Poh Huat managed to record another historical quarterly (and yearly) sales and profits in its latest 4th quarter reports. Cash and short term investments per share has achieved more than 90sen (take note : the company has no bank borrowings; lease liabilities are merely meaningless accounting entries). However, i really can't quantity its upside as general furniture industry valuation remain low.
16/01/2023 8:46 AM
yfchong try to queue buy at 1.35 ?? can match ?
24/01/2023 9:19 AM
lcng123 I am Wondering why such a excellent company like Poh Huat share price cannot up. Poh Huat with PE 4.5, net cash 249mil (RM0.89/share at current price of RM1.37), NTA RM1.97 above current share price, ROE 15.34, dividend yield over 4%. From past records, Poh Huat has bonus issue every 6 years, I expected another bonus issue soon.
09/02/2023 5:43 PM
zen_2k shrug
10/02/2023 10:30 PM
zen_2k moving? about time, US furniture stocks doing fine, all at least above their pre-covid prices, pohuat deserves at least the industry average of 7x pe
13/02/2023 5:00 PM
cherry88 The below news enough to "kill" the share price
16/03/2023 2:50 PM
pang72 It is not looking good
18/03/2023 12:02 AM
Endgame Breaking news: Poh Huat Vietnam plant has started increasing capacity to meet resume increase order from United Stated after half year of low utilisation.
23/03/2023 11:02 AM
Endgame Poh Huat management start the recruitment after improving order after headcount recruitment freeze after nearly half year. This is align with the improve order.
23/03/2023 11:06 AM
Endgame Breaking news: Pohuat to reward long term shareholders in term of bonus issue and special dividend in appreciation of the support
23/03/2023 4:55 PM
observatory Haha. Source?
24/03/2023 12:24 AM

  7 people like this.
lxx9328 Over the last three years, OpenSys (M) Berhad has grown EPS by 6.3% per year. That might not be particularly high growth, but it does show that per-share earnings are moving steadily in the right direction
12/03/2023 1:33 AM
lxx9328 earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) margins are changing. EBIT margins for OpenSys (M) Berhad remained fairly unchanged over the last year, however the company should be pleased to report its revenue growth for the period of 14% to RM74m. That's encouraging news for the company
12/03/2023 1:33 AM
lxx9328 It is recommended to keep it as a reward. The U.S. government learned from the collapse of Lehman Brothers. SVB crashes and side affect are well prepared by Regulator. DJI futures rebounded nearly 400 points. America Bank prepare to team up to buy all assets from SVB Bank.
13/03/2023 11:08 AM
lxx9328 When the market crashes. Steady income and solid fundamental companies will be in focused. Opensys considered one of the company that meet this criteria
13/03/2023 11:12 AM
ONG1818 Yes... Mega sales.
14/03/2023 1:53 AM
lxx9328 Shareholders are expected to make share buy back before end of March and to meet dead line for Year 2022 financial Year.
14/03/2023 11:34 AM
Why2TellMeWhy wtf. SVB impact so huge to malaysia. KLCI index below 1400!
14/03/2023 3:37 PM
lxx9328 Actually not really. Just big shark take small fish for granted (Lehman 2.0). Opensys steady income and good dividend company falling from high 0.40 to low 0.325cents (25% decline). It considered over sold level.
14/03/2023 5:29 PM
Why2TellMeWhy wah... Malaysian banks kena kao-kao. SVB has linkage to Malaysia banks is it?
14/03/2023 5:40 PM
lxx9328 Based on capacity. Malaysian banks will not go bankrupt easily as Malaysian banks are less expose to US deposits is compared to Singapore (Insignificant exposed). But it will not stop some small fish who less capacity to hold the share and do a panic selling. Winner will be rewarded to people who have solid holding force to face market crash due to panic selling.
14/03/2023 5:56 PM
lxx9328 But from Year 2019 trend (continued hit record profit in past 3-4years after bonus share issued) . We could look forward that, Opensys will make additional reward to share holder on soonest or later.
14/03/2023 6:02 PM
Why2TellMeWhy true also. volume not much but small fish lari also sakit ooh. Ada seller sure Ada buyer geh
14/03/2023 10:39 PM
icst1975 Go Go Holland

Why2TellMeWhy &
3 weeks ago | Report Abuse
hehe... collect collect 375
15/03/2023 2:15 PM
Why2TellMeWhy icst1975 - haih.. sibeh pain 8% paper loss. should I cut loss or not? Hahah
15/03/2023 4:22 PM
Why2TellMeWhy SVB impact Malaysia banks kao-kao. Better cut loss guys.
15/03/2023 4:26 PM
lxx9328 Holding force power is very important but depend on ur capacity. If based on dividend payout ratio. We can expect Opensys' business and revenue to do well moment by moment. Usually companies with steady income and good dividend payments, such as Opensys. Before the good news comes out, someone may press down to collect.
15/03/2023 6:13 PM
icst1975 Opensys earning had stayed more or less flat at about 11 mln for 4 years. since FY2019. Current dividend payout of ~53.4% gives a DY of some 3 - 4%. This could not support a significantly higher share price as earning growth is more or less stagnant. If management of OPENSYS can increase its dividend payout to about 90% of its annual earning, its share price could likely increase to ~RM0.62. Current average share price of ~RM0.36 and div payout of RM0.014 p.a. gives DY of ~ 3.9%. This is not attractive when it is compared to for example Maybank which has a DY of typically between 6.5% to 7%. If OPENSYS div payout could increase to RM0.024 p.a., OPENSYS average share price could increase to ~RM0.62 ( RM0.36*0.024/0.014 = RM0.62). OPENSYS is a net cash Company with cash position of about RM0.083 per share or about 25% of its market cap.
16/03/2023 7:53 AM
ONG1818 Woo... Received OPENSYS Dividend bank in from Maybank. That mean most of Opensys money very safe & secured.
16/03/2023 8:01 AM
alex past weeks many chase and hurry bought at 0.37 and above.. and excited to see it break the 0.40 resistance then continue the uptrend cos company's future is bright and prospect... now people busy throwing to 0.32... but not much buyer interested at this low price ?? investor like buy high sell low ?? or scare it will drop to below 0.30 anytime?? loss confident when seeing the price keeping down...
16/03/2023 10:45 AM
Why2TellMeWhy icst1975 - thanks bro for the calculation. this is the first time I saw such calculation. Interestingly the outcome of 0.62 you got there is very similar to the value from discounted cash flow calculation. Hehe. I have seen analysts using dividend discount modeling for dividend based intrinsic value. I like your dividend based relative extrapolation.
16/03/2023 12:26 PM
lxx9328 What noticed from the Opensys price movement. Smells like a big shark dump in the morning and a Q buyback in the afternoon. Earn a day trading money. This kind situation of panic selling is a good time for such people to make money but retail investor will be suffered due to force to sell.
16/03/2023 6:00 PM
lxx9328 1st - Are we believe Opensys Steady fix income will be affected by US bank collapse - Answer = No (Unless Bank in Malaysia collapse. But chances is less due to business model in Malaysia is different from USA)
16/03/2023 9:59 PM
lxx9328 2nd - Do we believe Opensys will stop paying out dividend - Answer = No (Because Opensys is non stop paying out dividend since 9-10years ago). We do believed Opensys will continue paying out dividend if company continue making profit
16/03/2023 10:01 PM
lxx9328 3rd - Cash Inside Bank = 0.08/cents/share. NTA=19cents, Dividend Yield @0.32cents = 4.38%. If based from this kind of steady company. Most institution fund were waited for keeping the share if share price fall further. The more share price falling the more higher dividend yield which will attract more fund into company
16/03/2023 10:11 PM
lxx9328 4th - Current situation is just temporary. Gov already well prepared after Lehman Brother collapse. After 2008-2013. Almost 20-30 banker in USA collapse. But it does not affected banking system in Malaysia
16/03/2023 10:16 PM
speakup i agree with 1st.
50-50 with 2nd cos i know some companies which used to pay dividend for many years suddenly stopped paying dividend.
i disagree with 3rd. cash per share of 0.08sen/share is really nothing to shout about. dividend yield of 4.38% is also nothing to shout about. for example insas cash per share is rm1.13/share compared to its share price of 75.5sen! sunreit dividend is almost 6%!
16/03/2023 10:25 PM
ONG1818 Hi Speakup. Insas ald sold profitable core business (credit card). If today Insas close shop. Yes. RM1.13. But insas still listed. Long run. Cash burning liao. If not. No need issue right issue on 2021
16/03/2023 11:52 PM
ONG1818 Sunreit. 6% yes. But not consistent and cash bal can't compare w/opensys.
16/03/2023 11:56 PM
ONG1818 Opensys div consistently. Cash bal good. Less exposure to high risk business.
17/03/2023 12:02 AM
ONG1818 Speakup. By the way. U lose money on Opensys?
17/03/2023 12:10 AM
Why2TellMeWhy Good sharing guys. Keep it coming as the market force from SVB bank impact is slowly digested. Positive and negative comments are good - check and balance.
17/03/2023 12:06 PM
Why2TellMeWhy The more negative comments the better it is. Helps to test 305 support level and chance to collect for believers.
17/03/2023 12:11 PM
ONG1818 Just heard from news people will move back $$ from USA back to Asia.
17/03/2023 8:38 PM
ONG1818 US bank not save for now. Expect US-RM will fall back to 4.1-4.2 range
17/03/2023 8:39 PM
ONG1818 Hope Good news for opensys. Investor like Div stock
17/03/2023 8:41 PM
speakup Looked at Opensys b4
But after studying decided not to buy
17/03/2023 8:55 PM
lxx9328 it's a natural reaction for anyone who burns their hands on this counter. Big sharks is used to kick us small fish out before could goreng. Hope the person who gave this counter all the best
17/03/2023 11:10 PM
lxx9328 With its stock down 16% over the past month, it is easy to disregard OpenSys. But if you pay close attention, you might gather that its strong financials could mean that the stock could potentially see an increase in value in the long-term, given how markets usually reward companies with good financial health
19/03/2023 6:19 PM
lxx9328 Return on equity or ROE is an important factor to be considered by a shareholder because it tells them how effectively their capital is being reinvested. Put another way, it reveals the company's success at turning shareholder investments into profits
19/03/2023 6:19 PM
lxx9328 https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/03/19/pm-will-look-into-tng-monopoly-of-highway-toll-collection-system
20/03/2023 2:30 AM
lxx9328 PM will look into TnG monopoly of highway toll collection system
20/03/2023 2:30 AM
lxx9328 Let we see any chance for Opensys to have a piece of the Revenue pie?
20/03/2023 2:37 AM
ONG1818 Yaya... If have chance. I think opensys can take this opportunity. Then opensys will hit RM1 soon
20/03/2023 5:45 PM
lxx9328 Sooner or later the banking turmoil will end. Get ready for return back to an uptrend mood
21/03/2023 1:30 AM
lxx9328 At first glance, OpenSys seems to have a decent ROE. On comparing with the average industry ROE of 11% the company's ROE looks pretty remarkable. Probably as a result of this, OpenSys was able to see a decent growth of 7.4% over the last five years.
21/03/2023 1:31 AM
lxx9328 on comparing with the industry net income growth, found that OpenSys reported growth was lower than the industry growth of 11% in the same period
21/03/2023 1:32 AM
lxx9328 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/node/659977
21/03/2023 1:49 AM
Why2TellMeWhy lxx9328 - good one. more payment option means more kiosks needed. Or at least more servicing/maintenance/upgrade needed for the existing kiosks out there.
21/03/2023 4:44 PM
lxx9328 Earnings growth is a huge factor in stock valuation. It’s important for an investor to know whether the market has priced in the company's expected earnings growth (or decline). This then helps them determine if the stock is placed for a bright or bleak future. Is OpenSys (M) Berhad fairly valued compared to other companies
22/03/2023 1:50 AM
lxx9328 With a three-year median payout ratio of 40% (implying that the company retains 60% of its profits), it seems that OpenSys (M) Berhad is reinvesting efficiently in a way that it sees respectable amount growth in its earnings and pays a dividend that's well covered.
24/03/2023 12:23 AM

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18/05/2021 10:58 AM
Nick2222 https://www.hmetro.com.my/mutakhir/2021/05/709095/kilang-ayam-diarah-tutup-175-pekerja-positif-covid-19
23/05/2021 2:30 PM
wakarimas Gg tomorrow gap down
23/05/2021 6:20 PM
fazrulhanipah Tomorrow is the day. Skyrocket to the moon.
01/06/2021 7:46 PM
Tyre220069 Why sky rocket?any good news .. FMCO ,chicken not saleable
04/06/2021 7:58 AM
wallstreetrookie Cab Cakaran and Lay Hong lets go
24/06/2021 11:07 AM
damansaraeagle cannot go?
21/07/2021 10:27 AM
fregend Time for another wave CAB
23/07/2021 3:29 PM
DaitoRyu rubbish results
27/08/2021 9:54 PM
DickyMe With less restrictions business will soon pickup. Come back in November.
30/08/2021 11:04 PM
DaitoRyu Who is this BENARLAB SDN BHD ? Very little info available on them.
14/09/2021 9:40 AM
tai yee Suddenly up
20/10/2021 4:53 PM
DaitoRyu Yeah, can't see any tangible reason why.
21/10/2021 9:03 AM
DaitoRyu https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/3442673
21/10/2021 9:05 AM
25/10/2021 8:45 AM
wallstreetrookie Stocks to watch next month
01/11/2021 10:28 PM
wallstreetrookie High sustained inflation play. Interest rate hike as early as June 2022
01/11/2021 10:29 PM
kevinobc https://www.msn.com/en-my/news/national/poultry-farmers-cry-foul-as-govt-extends-price-controls/ar-AASnkQ0?ocid=msedgntp
03/01/2022 7:33 PM
wallstreetrookie Unusual buying volume
24/03/2022 2:37 PM
Patron Egg subsidies has been increased from 3c / pc to 8c / pc !
Chicken export has been lifted !
Time to buy poultry stocks!
10/10/2022 2:41 PM
Patron PARIS: The World Health Organization (WHO) said today that increasing reports of the H5N1 avian flu among humans were “worrying” following the death of an infected 11-year-old Cambodian girl.
25/02/2023 1:55 PM
old boy can ayam become phoenix?
27/02/2023 9:43 PM
Patron PETALING JAYA: Subsidi bagi telur dan ayam akan diteruskan sehingga Jun ini dengan melibatkan kos sebanyak RM1.28 bilion, kata Kementerian Pertanian dan Keterjaminan Makanan (KPKM).
27/02/2023 10:12 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW CAB Cakaran price target raised to RM1.30
28/02/2023 9:29 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW It is time to buy buy buy
28/02/2023 9:30 PM
Patron 52 weeks high... in fact its 4 years high.
06/03/2023 10:04 AM
wallstreetrookieNEW Management assured shareholders that the company is doing its best to reduce debt and capitalise on the rising egg prices. Next quarter is expected to beat earnings by 30%
07/03/2023 6:48 AM
Patron dude. Cab is doing broiler business. not layer farming. egg price has nothing to do with CAB
07/03/2023 9:53 AM
troy88 No doubt this is an underrated stock with much potential..
07/03/2023 10:25 AM
bowman Only when free-float of chicken prices will you see the real value. Chicken shortage is still high worldwide, not only in the country. Next quarter results will be good also, taking the scenario of the fasting month in two weeks and then Raya, four weeks after.
07/03/2023 11:53 AM
Patron dont forget the feed cost is coming down too
07/03/2023 12:01 PM
bowman https://malaysiastock.biz/Company-Announcement.aspx?id=1466917
09/03/2023 3:02 PM
Patron wow looking great
16/03/2023 10:25 AM
16/03/2023 10:44 AM
Patron chart looking good. something is brewing
16/03/2023 10:59 AM
bowman Crossover just happened - strengthening with increasing volume. News of dividend perhaps?
16/03/2023 11:12 AM
Patron @bowman probably good news from Salim Group
16/03/2023 11:40 AM
TheNormieInvestor check out this website for CAB analysis . https://thenormie.com/malaysia-stockcab-what-we-think-now/
16/03/2023 1:21 PM
DaitoRyu @TheNormieinvestor, Did you just make that website a couple of days ago ;-)
16/03/2023 4:48 PM
troy88 Very bullish!
17/03/2023 9:57 AM
eagleeye123 chicken chicken
17/03/2023 11:10 AM
wallstreetrookieNEW As soon The Edge published the name of the stock CAB, the stock dropped more than 10%
17/03/2023 8:19 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW The Edge - criminal media
17/03/2023 8:19 PM
Patron Day Old Chick is selling at all time high due to shortage of Grandparent chicks import from USA... All in.
20/03/2023 3:55 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW Hopefully this time The Edge journalists can shut their mouth about our good stock CAB Cakaran and let the share price rise naturally
20/03/2023 5:29 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW Yesterday, I almost got margin called at close. Dumbass at The Edge kept screwing over my position
20/03/2023 5:29 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW Target price of RM1.30 still remains. Broiler chicken demand will stay elevated.

We live in a very complex macroeconomic situations. Yes, inflation may be over and raw material cost has been down significantly for producers. However, producers can still impose high prices on consumers with no tangible consequences. Consumers will always receive the short end of the stick in a deflationary environment.

In summary, companies like Cab Cakaran will always benefit regardless of whether the average production cost of broiler chicken goes up or down. This is a very interesting time we are living in
20/03/2023 5:34 PM
Patron wow RM0.7
unusually quiet here.
22/03/2023 11:22 AM
Patron get ready for the ramadan demand and Raya rally...
23/03/2023 11:52 AM
hng33 Bought cab at 68.5sen
23/03/2023 12:50 PM

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