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9. JF Technology


J Foong incorporated on 29 April 1999, is concerned with the manufacturing and trading of electronic products and components. Its maiden product was the single pin cantilever test probe. JF Technology's second subsidiary is JF Microtechnology, which was incorporated on 14 December 2005 to provide a focal point for innovations, in particular the production innovative test solutions to address the future needs of the developing semiconductor market.

JF Technology was incorporated in Malaysia as a public listed company on 18 September 2006. It was established to become the investment holding company of wholly-owned subsidiaries J Foong Technologies and JF Microtechnology in conjunction with the listing of the Company on the MESDAQ Market on April 2008.

Since its establishment in 1999, JF Technology has become main supplier and specialize in design and manufacturing of test probes and test sockets products to semiconductor industry worldwide. JF Technology is at your service to transform your given specifications into products adapted to your own specific needs and requirements, while strictly abiding by high quality standards, short delivery schedules and competitive pricing.





(Zigma DDK)















10. K-One Technology


Core Capabilities


1. Design and Development  K-One’s design and development capabilities include:

  1. Industrial Design
  2. Wireless / RF Design
  3. Optical Design
  4. ASIC
  5. Signal Integrity and EMI
  6. PCB Layout
  7. Software and Firmware
  8. Mechanical Design
  9. Test Development
  10. Qualification and Approval
  11. Tooling Design


2. Manufacturing  K-One offers leading sub-system and system level manufacturing services. We are able to handle full service turnkey, box-build manufacturing or alternatively, we can be flexible to accept consigned manufacturing. K-One offers our customers a total end-to-end manufacturing solution. This would include industrialization right up to warehousing, inventory management and delivery to the customers’ doorstep. K-One’s manufacturing facilities provide industry leading system assembly and testing, build sub-system and system configurations in a variety of layouts, from the speed of high volume incremental builds to the dedicated high-tech engineering of low volume, high-mix assembly.


3. Global Sourcing   Getting the right cost with the right quality are vital elements in promoting a successful business. At K-One, we understand every customer will have unique preferences and requirements but all want it at the right cost. K-One has over the years built an extensive network of supply chain vendors, both locally and in Asia Pacific where customers can leverage on our stringently controlled and integrity based liaisons to get the most competitive component prices. K-One’s team of experienced professional material specialists continuously update our comprehensive database of qualified vendors of plastic, metal, electronics and electrical components in Asia Pacific and the rest of the world




Business Segments

1. Computers

Without doubt, the Information Technology market segment is one of the most robust business sectors. More cost effective design and manufacturing solutions are sought by every computer producer, manufacturer and brand owner. K-One is not only able to provide cost effective design and manufacturing solutions but more importantly, can help customer win by delivering timely and quality


2. Consumer Electronics

In today’s lifestyle, electronics play a key role in a more conducive and comfortable living. The constant demands for consumer electronics and appliances have continuously pushed design and manufacturing parameters. K-One’s team of technologists and engineers are multi-disciplinary and have managed to bridge the lifestyle demands to design and developing electronic end products which are practical and innovative.


3. Communications

Mobile Phone Communication is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world. The drive to be truly mobile in today’s lifestyle has placed much emphasis on new and more innovative design of mobile phone accessories. By effectively leveraging on this worldwide demand, K-One has continuously produced new design solutions and innovative products to cater for this market segment.


4. Automotive


The fast growing automotive sector is also one of the most innovative in terms of technological advancements. K-One is dedicated to meeting the industry’s needs for design, development and manufacturing needs for automotive aggregates. K-One holds the ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certification for Manufacturing of Plastic Assembly & Electronic Device for the Automotive Industry.


5. Healthcare / Medical


The healthcare and medical devices sector is another growing sector that K-One is dedicated to working together with to leverage on K-One’s expertise and experience in research, development and manufacturing of health and medical testing or monitoring devices, medical training equipment and the like.


6. eLearning


Electronics advancement allows leveraging of portable and mobile learning technologies for the education sector. Innovative tools and interactive platforms over the internet can cater to varied needs of our educators and students for flexibility, place and pace of learning. 
Together with our education partners, K-One has pioneered Innovative strategies to bring several conveniences to foreign students through a combination of classroom and online learning.


7. Smart Buildings


Industrial buildings tend to take on a rugged look if they are built merely to withstand heavy Industrial use with thick walls, high cellings and bare structures. There is a need for building developers to harness the creative and Innovative ideas of today to transform workplace into more efficient and ecologically-friendly infrastructure. 
Together with our partners, K-One is committed to identifying, designing and implementing development projects for smarter, cleaner and safer industrial buildings, featuring the best energy efficient solutions and green industrial environment strategies.






11. LNG Resources


LNG Resources Berhad was incorporated in Malaysia as a public limited company on 5 June 2002 under the Companies Act, 1965 as an investment holding company and was officially listed on the MESDAQ Market of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 29 July 2003.


The LNG Group is principally engaged in high precision engineering and precision injection moulding services. We specialize in providing a host of synergistic operations ranging from precision moulds, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures design, modification, fabrication, repairs and assembly to final precision injection moulding and assembly.


We design and manufacture high precision moulds, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures for various industries such as semiconductor, electrical & electronics, computers, telecommunication and automotive within the manufacturing sector. We own a comprehensive and technological advance range of CNC machinery such as Swiss made Doebeli 11-axis Profile Grinding machine, Doebeli 5-axis Profile Grinding machine, Fanuc High Speed Efficiency Machining Center, CNC EDM machine etc. These machines have a precision tolerance limit of up to ±0.001mm. In addition, for our product design and development process, we apply 3D CAD and CAM software technologies to develop designs of moulds, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures. The usage of 3D CAD and CAM softwares enables us to simulate assembly in the context of a full-scale digital mock-up.


CNC-Milling   EDM   Profile Grinding
WEDM   Grinding


Our main products consist of precision connector moulds, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures essential to support the manufacturing industries such as semiconductor, electronics and electrical, computers and peripherals, telecommunications and automotive.




Currently, the LNG Group's products and services cover various industries such as semiconductor, electrical & electronics, computers, telecommunication and automotive within the manufacturing sector. Our valued customers include the following:


Tyco Electronics Hirose Electric
ST Microelectronics FCI Connectors
National Semiconductor






12. Microlink



We are a leader in global banking solutions. MiBS, our flagship product caters to both Conventional and Islamic Banking requirements which meet the needs and demands of today’s competitive financial landscape.


MiBS comes complete with integrated General Ledger, Loans Origination and Administration and a common customer view. It is multi-currency and has rich features and functionalities that accord financial institutions the flexibility to respond to changes in operations and business environments with a fast-to-market product innovation capability.


We have a range of complementing modules that range from the front end to the back end that includes ATM/Electronic Banking, Internet Banking, Trade Finance, Treasury, Risk Management, Branch Delivery System, Collection System, Phone Banking, Collateral Management and Cheque Management. MiBS supports both retail and corporate banking environments.


Our Islamic solution is developed on separate autonomous objects to facilitate a robust integrated Islamic core-banking solution which underlines the benefits of efficient handling of the complexities of Islamic profit computations and operations. Our products include also Al-Ijarah, AITAB and Ar-Rahnu. MiBS Islamic includes the deposits products of Al-Wadiah and Al-Mudharabah. The Islamic Financing module is in a class of its own, which caters to hybrid or combined contracts covering various areas of Islamic financing like Al-Musharakah, Bai’ al Dayn, Bai’ as Salam and Al-Qardhul Hassan.






13. Mikro MSC


A company created by people passionate about the industry and driven to deliver customer value


We are a company at the forefront of the electrical distribution industry. We develop and manufacture equipment which performs reliably, costs less, reduces project costs and ultimately saves lives. Here you can find out about our history, some of our key people, and discover some insights into our facility and the types of technologies we use.

Quick Facts:


  • Mikro employs over 65 fulltime staff
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, governing Quality Management Systems
  • A number of our products are KEMA certified
  • Our products are used and trusted by customers in 14 countries, covering three continents
  • All our products are exhaustively tested in-house before we deem them suitable for use
  • Unlike major competitors, 100% of our energies go into the design and manufacture of electrical distribution equipment - so we try harder


Some of the company's products :-


Combined Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relay


Mikro's combined overcurrent and earth fault protection delivers comprehensive protection schemes for medium and low voltage applications. These cost-effective protective devices include three phase IDMT elements and definite time elements for overcurrent and earth fault protection. The higher end model, MK2200 and MK2200L also includes essential features such as Modbus RTU communication; control features such as cold load pickup blocking, breaker failure, and digital input. Mikro's COCEF also offers enhanced diagnostic features such as fault data recording.





Mikro’s metering solution provides user with the choice of measurements of various parameters in the electrical system. It includes measurements such as Voltage, Frequency, Current, Power Factor, Energy (kVAh, kWh & kVARh) and Power (Apparent, Active & Reactive).


Power Factor Regulator



The power factor regulator combines comprehensive operations with user-friendly control settings. It uses numerical techniques to compute the phase difference between the fundamentals of current and voltage, enabling precise power factor measurement even in the presence of harmonics.


Capacitors & Reactors



Mikro’s capacitor operates within a cylindrical aluminium case, designed for power factor correction in low-voltage applications such as motors, transformers, generators and supply cables. The cylindrical shape improves thermal response and simplifies installation while the capacitor itself is manufactured using metallised polypropylene film as the dielectric.

Mikro’s Antiresonance Reactor functions by detuning the resonance that occurs when harmonics interact with the power factor corrector capacitor. This essential partner to the Mikro capacitor negates the resonance which could otherwise cause excessive voltage and current, leading to damage in the operational capability of the power factor capacitor.




14. N2N Connect


N2N was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company on 10 August 2000 under the name of N2N Connect Sdn Bhd. It was converted to a public limited company on 29 September 2004. On 1 July 2004, N2N was awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) of Malaysia.
The Company is principally involved in the R&D of software packages and provision of design, programming and consultancy services and related activities, namely:

  • Capital Market Application Services via the Application Service Provider (ASP) business model
  • Mobile-Commerce, Content and Services via Telco partnerships
  • News Content Services via partnerships with Dow Jones, The Edge and Xin Hua Financial News (XFN)
  • Web design, hosting and network management

N2N markets its core enterprise-wide integrated e-commerce securities trading solutions to local stock broking firms and banks. It also focuses on online transactions with emphasis in the capital market segments, including online stock trading and related services. Its products and services range from online trading portals within the stock broking industry, hosting and managing network services to wealth and risk management solutions and m-commerce solutions and sale of mobile devices.
The Company's entry into m-commerce adds mobility to its existing services through:

  • SMSConnect™ (Corporate SMS, News and SMS Trading),
  • MobileConnect™ (Mobile Phone and PDA Real Time Stock Price and Trading)


Financial e-Commerce solution
N2N provides the latest most comprehensive and reliable application in accessing global multi instrument markets information, tools and analysis. Our objective is to educate and enable investors into making sound choices when it comes to investment decisions. Solutions are delivered through multi-channels: PC, PDA and Mobile Phones and are multilingual. Through our panel of brokers, investors are also able to trade securely and instantaneously anytime anywhere.

An overview of the various products and services offered by N2N for the e-commerce market is set out below:

eBrokerConnect™                                                                      Product Snapshot 
eBrokerConnect™ is the core engine for e-broking trading solutions. This is the online internet trading solution deployed by our panel of stockbrokers to handle their online internet trading system. eBrokerConnect™ provides a comprehensive range of services and products, including live and real-time stock prices, web and client server trading system, research and news publication, remote order routing via Financial International Exchange (FIX) to external system. 
The entire trading system can be viewed in both English and Chinese languages. The software also contains features allowing investors to buy and sell securities traded on Bursa Malaysia Securities (Bursa) and Singapore Exchange Securites (SGX) via orders initiated through the Internet/Intranet or bank branches. The buy or sell order by the client is routed to the remisier or dealer for execution. Clients can even preset trading orders to their remisiers or dealers and retrieve or track their order status (online or via mobile devices) to assist them in monitoring their trading activities. The software also contains a feature enabling those using this system to check their trading portfolio online which is based on real time information to assist the users in their investment decisions.
The following products are currently the subsystems of eBrokerConnect™:

(i) PortfolioConnect 
PortfolioConnect provides trading and market information such as stockportfolio, last-done price, trading history and average price, all collated on a real time basis. It further computes unrealised and realised gain/loss positions and other investment decision related information, and all displayed in a single view. Therefore, users are able to make timely and accurate decisions on each investment, whether to accumulate further or cut losses.
PortfolioConnect version 2.0 functions will be further enhanced to include house trade and external trade monitoring.

(ii) BankConnect™ 
BankConnect is to be a platform for mobile banking transactions anytime, anywhere. In the first stage of development, we have built the payment gateway connecting Bumiputra-Commerce Bank Berhad's 'Bank-Channel-e', Malayan Banking Berhad's 'Maybank2u' and Alliance Bank Berhad's 'Bank-iBayar'. BankConnect allows our panel of stock brokers to extend their services to online settlement services with their clients.

(iii) ResearchConnect™ 
ResearchConnect™ is a suite of software application which allows research analysts of banks and stockbroking houses to administer and publish news and research of companies on its website. The published material can be in the form of Adobe Portable Document Format, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word document format, American Standard Code for Information Interchange ("ASCII") text or even in SMS format. Published materials can be scheduled for approval or release or archived offline on a pre-determined date by the administrators.ResearchConnect™ comes complete with a search engine which allows users to search by keyword, stock code, name, industry or sector code.

An extended suite of financial order routing system, GlobalConnect™, which allows cross border trading will enhance eBroker Connect, offering users multi market access with the facility to send and receive foreign order instruction.

N2N Beacon
N2N Billing Electronic Authentication Collection Online (BEACON) is an online billing, subscription, authentication and collection system. 

TraderConnect™                                                                        Product Snapshot 
TraderConnect™ incorporates a powerful technical analysis toolkit and innovative trading capabilities to deliver state of the art desktop trading management system. Explore the various analysis tools and trading strategies, create charts and analyze the stock market or other investment products by testing your investment ideas and optimizing your potential returns.

Provision of ASP Products and Services to Online Stock broking Companies and Banks 
Apart from providing application outsourcing services, we also provide managed network services to our panel of stock broking companies and banks. These services include the installation, implementation, monitoring and administration of leased lines, routers, switches, firewalls, hosting of servers, patch installation and website maintenance. 
N2N recognises that stock broking companies and banks are generally much more focused on information technology to meet ever rising levels of demand from customers, adopting the idea of a one-stop financial services centre, offering integrated information sources, applications and services in a central and dependable package. Hence, N2N has developed an unified and integrated system that can provide a common interface to users regardless of delivery channel and products, which provides for a link between all the delivery channels to the back office. 


m-Commerce Solutions
iMSL@N2N - iPhone & Android Smartphone                                 Download Now 
iMSL@N2N – iPhone & Android Smartphone is a mobile wireless application developed for equities and futures trading which operates on iOS-based iPhone devices and Android OS-based smartphone devices. It provides (amongst others) real-time streaming of market data on Bursa Malaysia and SGX to the customers' mobile devices. It enables users, who register to trade with our panel of stockbrokers, to trade in a totally mobile environment.
iMSL@N2N – iPhone & Android Smartphone operates on most major mobile networks such as GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, and Wifi. Users are able to view real-time market data, view all holding and outstanding positions, track stocks, initiate orders through the respective telecommunication modes and view historical charts for trend lines analysis at cost effective rates.

MobileStockLive™ - PDA                                                           Product Snapshot 
MobileStockLive™ - PDA is a mobile wireless application developed for equity trading. It enables dealers, remisiers and investors to transact online live using PDA. Investors, who register to trade with our panel of stock brokers, are able to view real-time stock information, news information, submit their trading orders to their remisiers or dealers, view their order status and check their trading portfolio online through their PDAs. This application operates on WiFi, GPRS and GSM networks nationwide. 
In July 2003, MobileStockLive™ - PDA was the first PDA mobile trading system launched in the South East Asian region. It enables wireless stock trading convenience of handheld devices in addition to streaming real-time stock and trading related information. Handheld devices have gained popularity by providing anytime-anywhere convenient ways to access information and to communicate.

MobileStockLive™ - Phone 
MobileStockLive™ - Phone is a mobile wireless application developed for equities trading which operates on Java-based mobile phones. It provides (amongst others) real-time streaming of stock prices on Bursa Malaysia and SGX to the customers' mobile phones in both English and Chinese. It enables users, who register to trade with our panel of stockbrokers, to trade in a totally mobile environment. MobileStockLie™ - Phone operates on most major mobile networks such as GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WiFi. Users are able to view real-time stock information, view all holding and outstanding positions, track stocks, initiate orders through the respective telecommunication modes and view historical charts for trend lines analysis at cost effective rates.

SMSConnect™ is a software application developed to provide on-line stock trading information and to facilitate trading related transactions via SMS. SMSConnect™ can operate on a stand-alone basis or within eBrokerConnect™ . It is user-friendly and can be viewed in English or Chinese. 
On a stand-alone basis, SMSConnect™ offers corporations and organisations an affordable means of information-dissemination and communication to the mass public or certain identified persons. When used within the eBrokerConnect™ context, SMSConnect™contains applications which allow (amongst others) stock alerts to be sent to customers whose preset thresholds have been triggered and stock prices and news to be sent by telecommunication providers and/or our panel stockbrokers.

DecisionConnect™ is an intelligent message routing engine, with direct connection to several other supporting systems like back-office system, broker front-end (BFE) trading system and internet trading engine. DecisionConnect™ is based on input sources, market information and predetermined thresholds set by the users to act upon by sending out alert messages at the appropriate level within the organisation. 
DecisionConnect™ caters to the broad spectrum of equity trading risk management. It is comprehensive, functional and can be integrated with BFE, online trading system and back office system to measure, control and manage the stockbrokers' business risks efficiently.


EMO Messenger                                                                         Product Snapshot 
EMO Messenger brings your usual Desktop Messenger to your mobile phone and PDA giving you total mobility. You can use it interchangeably between mobile phone and desktop. Create buddy lists and chat with your friends, no matter what mobile network they are with. With EMO Messenger you will always see whose connected and messaging them is even easier than SMS. 
In line with latest worldwide trends, N2N is the first and only company in Malaysia to develop a Mobile Chat (emo) application that can be used through mobile handsets and desktops! emo adds a new dimension to the current communication channels of the telephone, mobile phone, SMS, Internet, etc. 
emo allows instant chatting much like the current features of MSN and Yahoo! on PC, however emo has been developed entirely around the mobile handset and lifestyle characteristics. N2N, in creating a new lifestyle application in Malaysia, believes that emo will change the way not only Malaysians, but also the world, communicate. emo enables users to chat instantly anywhere and anytime. 
With a Java-enabled (MIDP 2.0) mobile phone and GPRS, users will be connected to the world with just a click. Cost wise, for less than RM0.015 per kilobytes (approximately 1000 characters), users will be able to enjoy chatting locally and globally at very cost effective rates.

EMO CSR is a form of customer service chat via desktop and website. Your clients will be able to communicate with your Customer Service Representative Agent by logging on to your corporate website to establish chatting session, with regards to their locations and time. EMO CSR will change your interactions manner with your clients and we believe this channel enables your ability to reach out to the market instantly. 
EMO CSR will present the following:
  • Cost effective, and mobility instant communication between your organization and your client
  • GETEMO- CSR serves as an alternative channel for customers to contact your customer service department
  • GETEMO- CSR as support to manage your organization's customer relationships in an organized way
  • Your CSR agent will be able to handle complaints professionally and smoothly toincrease customer loyalty and retention






15. Nexgram


Nextnation Communciation Bhd (Nextnation) is an investment holding company with special focus on telecommunication software research and development, investment, and technology advisory services. Nextnation Network, the subsidiary of Nextnation Communication, is the leading end-to-end mobile multimedia Application Services Provider (ASP) that provides one-stop mobile and wireless solutions to telecommunication companies, corporate and consumer markets. Connected to leading mobile operators in the region, its proprietary MINDCEP™ platform supports thousands of developers and distributors around the world. 

The principal business activities include the provision of a multimedia application platform that enables software, application and content owners, service providers, and aggregators to develop, package, and market their software, applications and services to the mobile subscribers. Other support activities include application and enterprise solution development, client managed services which includes marketing, branding, technical support and management advisory, as well as customer relationship and support.



SMSJET™ provides multiple channel wireless messaging services using SMS, MMS and Wap push technology, and end-to-end reverse billing (micro billing) services using reverse charge SMS, manages larges amounts of high-quality mobile content and can deliver text & content using multiple gateways providing high value for money, reliable services and great revenue streams for all levels of business from small home enterprises to global leaders.

Depends on your needs, both mMessenger and mDeveloper could be customized with the following features: 

Bulk SMS Gateway 
Send bulk SMS with our cost-effective SMS gateway 

Reverse Charge SMS 
Charge customers with reverse charge SMS 

SMS Application API 
SMS contest, competition, voting, survey and system integrations 

Mobile Content 
Licensed mobile content: ringtones, games, images, movie clips, etc 

Premium Rate Numbers 
International premium rate telephone & IVR 

For more information, visit: smsjet.com



The Sohomobile™ Developer Module is a Content Development and Content Management system licensed to resellers, corporate and enterprise user. Sohomobile™ is a completely plug-and-play developer module where the software developer can simply customized their own preferred features, multimedia information, tools, and functions of the Sohomobile system and sell immediately.

For more information, visit: sohomobile.com


mCommerce-Suit is an application module tailored towards the corporate and enterprise sectors through application and software developers. It enables corporate applications such as SAP, Oracle and other third party business solutions to be accessed through a dynamic third party controller. The module allows for integration with the corporate backend systems.

The mCommerce-Suit can generate mobile and wireless applications in the following application areas:- 


Function and usage


Provides entry and inquiry of time reporting, online reservations and/or status query such as check for bank transaction clearance, cheque clearance, bank balance and ticket reservation.

(Mobile Customer Relationship Management)

Provides real-time minute reviews and updates of client information, opportunities, products, and contact information. Also allows user to access customer database to analyse customer-buying pattern through mobile Internet. 

(Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning)
Provides real-time access to resource management such as procurement, financials and supply chain. Able to integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning/Material Resource Planning system to provide real time data and information, such as the outstanding goods and readiness of goods within stipulated time.
mLogistics Provides instant access and updates for warehousing, inventory, field service, transport and delivery information as well as tracking of information on couriered documents, parcel, lost vehicle, child and items through mobile network.



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