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(Icon) Trade War ? What Trade War ?

Publish date: Sat, 15 Jun 2019, 08:56 AM
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Trade war ? What trade war ? Before the first shot is fired, America has already lost.
America can stop exporting to China, it can stop buying from China ....
But it cannot stop doing business IN China.
It is a 1.4 bil population market.
US GDP per capita is now 6 times that of China, and it is already doing USD343 bil business in China now.
When China's GDP per capita one day reach America level (why not ?), this business will balloon to USD2.06 trillion PER ANNUM.
Is America saying that it is willing to forego these business opportunities and hand them over to the Europeans and Japanese ?
The fact is that America needs China as much as China needs them.
Without China, most American businesses will cease to grow over next twenty years.
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'The fact is that America needs China as much as China needs them.'

i couldn't agree more on this.

2019-06-15 09:20


China have time and resilience on its side and will eventually win any trade war.

The only advantage the yankees have over China now is its military.

Do not be surprised if they try to provoke a military war over Taiwan or South China Seas next when they realise this trade war is getting them nowhere.

The yankees know time is running out for them.

It is now or never.

They know they could lose even their military edge over China in a couple more decades.

You know the writing is on the wall when trumpet sounds so desperate and behaves like a big bully.

2019-06-15 09:41


DT is a con man long exposed by David Coy Johnston.
He always manipulates facts and twists them to excite his ignorant audience to glorify himself.
All his dealings are being exposed one by one now and we can see them in American's reporting.
He claims China wants the deal and he always win.
Now we see how desperate he is when Xi refuses yo attend G20.
You can cheat and lie.
But you cannot assume that your audience are dump forever.
China's market is huge and China has overtake USA in many fields.
Nobody can ignore the force that is rising.

2019-06-15 10:49


huawei close relationship with china...i saw now Apple close relationship with trump...hehe

2019-06-15 11:04


the question is can Wall Street still pretend after the no show in coming G20 meeting?

2019-06-15 11:42


For the past few days, DT seems to soften a bit after the poll shows he will 100% lose in the next election. He was ranked #6.

After that, he seems eager to settle the war soon. He even cancelled a dispute complaint with WTO.

Now, trade bodies are forbiddibg DT to raise more tarriffs before 2nd of July.

As long as China is keeping quiet, it will win this war.

2019-06-15 12:22


Negotiate, sure! Fight, anytime!! Bully us, wishful thinking!!!!

2019-06-15 12:27


hitting China is very popular with Americans, those low class uneducated voters............as such, the best chance for Trump re election is to continue to fight China.

2019-06-15 12:31


Donald Trump is a patriot. He only wants what is good for US , which can be painful for other countries, friends or foes alike. You cannot escape the fact that in his two and the half year tenure, he has done more for the country than any past president. Too bad if you love Hillary or Obama, for they have now been exposed for their traitorous misdeeds.

2019-06-15 12:36


Agree 100% with teareader818.

2019-06-15 12:40


Trade war will benefit Malaysia, Vietnam and some Asean Countries. Why not?

2019-06-15 12:42


Support DT. Rebalance the world trade deficits. China has been sucking huge blood from US, immorally.

2019-06-15 12:43


Yet China still cannot stand alone. It banned Google, Facebook etc in China. It anti Taiwan, snti Japan, suppress Hong Kong . It wants become king of South China sra.

2019-06-15 12:46



2019-06-15 12:46


Why so many blinds support China?

2019-06-15 12:47


china ban google, diam.
US ban huawei, rage

2019-06-15 13:05


btw cnbc leftist channel, how can support trump?

2019-06-15 13:06


China shared prosperity

Trump shared disaster.

2019-06-15 13:25


We don't support China nor US. We support free trade for all cari makan. wakaka

2019-06-15 13:37


China central government wants to be world#1. Communism can only survive if the whole are of the same ideology.

Communism will not support open and fair market. Open and fair market can only slow down the wealth collection intention and result.

DT has been doing great for US. DT just US to be good with US slowly giving up the status as world benevolent police like post world war II era.

One is strengthening its communism strength using unfair trades.

The other is giving up its world influence by strengthening its internal structures (rights for white people).

Who is better? No one.

2019-06-15 13:44


Ban Huawei, that is America's rights

Kidnap CFO and trying to kill Huawei..........that is war.

2019-06-15 13:54


laychee > Jun 15, 2019 1:44 PM | Report Abuse

Who is better? No one.

sad that Malaysia got some Trump red necks.

2019-06-15 13:56


look at Canada..........

People think Canada is good country yet it kidnaps Huawei girl and refuse to take back rubbish.

goes to show, even Canada is not a good country. They never were.

2019-06-15 13:58

PureBULL .

The BEST n most POWERFUL company globally must be listed publicly.

Yes, the entire world is awaiting for that guy in huawei to announce he's
listing it on hkse soon n later on nyse.

To Maintain World Security For All; u, me n all our children:
How can the tier # 1 company, huawei, is owned by 1 individual or country that will control our world?
Be generous like amore, list lah your co, n let everybody, u n me a chance to prosper in the plc..
n trade WAR will end immediately !!!

Even tier # 2 powerful companies like Fbook, goog etc r listed long ago.

Mkt forces can maintain World Security n PEACE !

b4 we text, ASK this??
To Maintain World Security For All; u, me n specially all our CHILDREN

2019-06-15 13:58


Being privately owned gives Huawei flexibility and allows for long range planning. Very useful.

2019-06-15 14:00


Trump is a disruptor and the world at large hates him. For one, he has banned lobbyists (aka corruptors)and that alone has put a lot of people in US and in other countries out of work. The MSM hate media have been working overtime to drag him down. Do you wonder why the ratings of CNN have hit bottom?

2019-06-15 14:05


hehe, alibaba also cant move much without gomen approval.

2019-06-15 14:08


US and China are super powers. We can only talk that's all. About Malaysia, it is different, we have the power to change the country for the better.

2019-06-15 14:19


Huawei not owned by one man

Its boss owns 2%, the rest owned by employees

2019-06-15 15:31


Icon8888 Huawei not owned by one man

Its boss owns 2%, the rest owned by employees
15/06/2019 3:31 PM

That's economic socialism - beginning to pick up steam even in USA now.

2019-06-15 15:58

Choivo Capital


Boss owns 2% directly, the rest is in an employee fund, where the boss holds the bulk of it.

Posted by Icon8888 > Jun 15, 2019 3:31 PM | Report Abuse

Huawei not owned by one man

Its boss owns 2%, the rest owned by employees

2019-06-15 16:00

PureBULL .

Amore said; only a person of militarily background will risk own daughter's life n happiness to rule our world.

n try Stay v close to rich n powerful chinese, then u will know their behaviour.
n their feeling for u n if there's love ever for u n your existence in this world !
The problem is simple, the solution is difficult to come by.
the situpeed idiotic pres is doing n risking his own future for your peace n all..

2019-06-15 16:27


daughter is taking a PhD in jail.

2019-06-15 17:14


Huawei shows Marxism works

2019-06-15 17:47


So many naive, communist government is the real big boss behind Huawei, Alibaba etc.

2019-06-15 19:27


CHINA believes DT can only last one term as the recent poll showed.CHINA will not negotiate with the present US administration and drag on until DT steps down.

2019-06-15 21:31


Both US and China knows there is no winner in trade war but Trump still want to start the trade war. Why? What is in his mind? Only US democracy will elect such a moronic President. China will never have such third class president .To qualify for such important post, you must have the experience and credentials managing at least a province successfully before being considered as president. Imagine a CEO of a big multinational is elected by all the employees and anyone including production operator can stand for CEO post. An outspoken operator with zero knowledge of managing a country might be elected as CEO if he or she can lobby enough support .The company will go down to the drain。This is exactly what happen to US .Trump is a mad and dangerous president.

2019-06-15 21:39


poll also shows hillary will win. CNN (clinton news network) syoik sendiri hehe

2019-06-15 21:51


govt is real big boss shows govt works in China

2019-06-15 23:14


China may not be trustable as publicly known. But USA is not any better. The white mens are also known for their fakeness.... trying to portrait as the holder of fairness and supporting democracy. They are the main FOX of the world.
It's my dream to see the change of world supreme guardian from the west to Asia. The angmo always bring down the Asian tigers whenever they felt threatened by their rise.
Whatever said, the angmo can stop/kill the Tigers but not the awaken DRAGON.

2019-06-15 23:26


in vietnam war, there was a stereotype "The Quiet American". Everyone knows trumpf policy is bs. Everyone knows that US companies are the main value-added "imports" into US economy. Everyone knows US companies "exports" are not included in economic stats b/c they happen from Ireland cayman islands registered companies/subsidiaries, but they are QUIET about it. Try and understand the Anglo kia-su mind!

2019-06-16 00:52


anglo very slick

2019-06-16 00:55


The Great Wall of China has historical proven the greatness of China.
The US even have a hard time to start the mexican wall.
That’s the difference between this 2 countries on human will.

2019-06-16 10:21


Trade war now becomes football as analysts here are using 'greatness' to judge.

Theorectically, communism will prevail if the leader is strong.

Democracy is weak or chaotic when the two strongest parties attract half of the citizen.

Britain, US, Malaysia, ...are now having the 50-50 support problem.

From logical point of view, China will win.

But DT is using every single loophole of US democracy to win such as signing executive orders...

2019-06-16 10:56


Apa susah sangat, China + Rusia + India + Middle East, sama-sama pakat kasi gang bang US.

There rest of the world should join the gang bang sama US, 1 kali kasi ajar cukup-cukup. We all die but we make sure US got ANNIHILATED.

2019-06-16 11:22


Sami_Value>>> Apa susah sangat, China + Rusia + India + Middle East, sama-sama pakat kasi gang bang US.

There rest of the world should join the gang bang sama US, 1 kali kasi ajar cukup-cukup. We all die but we make sure US got ANNIHILATED.
16/06/2019 11:22 AM


US has more than 1 thousand nukes.
Be prepared to eat 1 thousand nukes if the China + Russia gang want to ajar US cukup cukup.
16/06/2019 11:50 AM

2019-06-16 11:53


Just one moron, don't drag whole world into destruction. Sack the moron president. everything back to normal...Since US is democratic nation, cannot sack President??? wakaka

2019-06-16 11:54


Hehe, American happy now oh. Billions of dollars to gomen reserve becoz of tariff. Why sack ah trump leh?

2019-06-16 14:19

(US/CHN trade war doesn't matter) Philip

The tariff not paid by gonna government or even come nationals... It's actually paid by local US importers and manufacturers and trading houses who suddenly lose a source of cheap goods.

Expectations and reality very different.

2019-06-16 17:39

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