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Posted by stockraider > 2023-10-08 11:52 | Report Abuse

Bplant is a sure thing of Rm 1.55 v TSH at Rm 0.98 more speculative mah!

But of course TSH gain could be higher bcos the gain is not capped like bplant loh!

Posted by SEERESEARCH2023 > 2023-10-08 12:29 | Report Abuse

U still dont understand. If u enter BPLANT instead of TSH u ald make money. After that u can enter other stocks and made another round. There are better stocksbout there. Why insist on this scammer. Shouting buy call everywhere from peak till rm1. Now? All are trapped at high condo.


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Posted by DJThong > 2023-10-08 15:21 | Report Abuse

The scammer works with them to mislead. Then pretends to go to Pandan Calvary.


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Posted by OneOracle > 2023-10-09 09:08 | Report Abuse

Another prophecy came true....


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Most likely us will want war, and commodity will fly high to make import inflation into china.There is no point to keep commodity cheap for china anymore.
If us fails in tech, they will want capitalise on commdoity price as she is a commodity rich country.
Inflation is really not their real concern.

Posted by Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥ > 2023-10-10 09:34 | Report Abuse

Learning from the mistakes of calvintaneng

Your homework checklist:
1. Know how this company makes money
2. Be able to articulate a thesis for owning the stock
3. Understand how the stock price could increase or decrease
4. Start off as a skeptic of any stock
5. Don't buy into the hype machine

Posted by SEERESEARCH2023 > 2023-10-10 10:05 | Report Abuse

CPO now drop to about RM3500.
Thanks to hamas, crude oil supply stability is worried due to the war you started. If the war last long and affected the crude oil production, the price gonna shot up again just like what happen when russia started the war against urkraine.


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Posted by Up_down > 2023-10-10 10:23 | Report Abuse

In this prefession, we learn from our mistakes most of the times. We keep update our own valuation model against the market. It's worthless pointing the finger to another. Still living in the past glory ke?


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Posted by Up_down > 2023-10-10 10:44 | Report Abuse

Extracted from Umcca thread:


With CPO price at above RM5000, this continues to be a disappointing plantation company, dragged down by its Indonesian operations. Companies that do not have oil refineries in Indonsia will always lose out because CPO price in Indonesia is some RM1000 lower than that in Malaysia. In general, the crop yield of its plantations in Malaysia is so much lower compared to UP, KLK, IOI, HSP, etc. Weakness is in it harvesting operations, not agronomy....


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Posted by Up_down > 2023-10-10 10:46 | Report Abuse

Go to benchmark TSH's CPO selling price against the prices published by MPOB.

Posted by SEERESEARCH2023 > 2023-10-10 16:30 | Report Abuse

O. Someone say the land sale will make it a net worth company wor. But, the price aint going anywhere after 1 year +....


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Posted by Up_down > 2023-10-10 17:17 | Report Abuse

INNO and TSH are both under the similiar management. Why the financial performance of Inno is entirely different? So, better accept the reality which is beyond the control of the management. More important, accept the reality of underperforming in such legal enviroment.

Posted by SEERESEARCH2023 > 2023-10-12 10:24 | Report Abuse

11th month consecutive new high of cpo stocks...indon government shut down certain palm oil field in kalimantan.
CPO now 3k ++.

Posted by SEERESEARCH2023 > 2023-10-13 12:11 | Report Abuse

Stocks goes up, while cpo drop. What does this tell u?

Posted by SEERESEARCH2023 > 2023-10-14 11:14 | Report Abuse

Another war escalation in middle east.
CRUDE OIL gonna shoot up.
As well as food commodities?


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Posted by stockraider > 2023-10-14 12:20 | Report Abuse

TSH has shown small incremental improvement loh!
That is very good news mah!


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Posted by Yezzy99108 > 2023-10-18 17:47 | Report Abuse

Every trapped investors are looking for exit door once move above 1.00

Posted by noahbrown123u > 2023-10-21 09:27 | Report Abuse

It's great to see that the Group's revenue has increased to RM16.18 million in the current quarter, compared to RM12.53 million in the immediate preceding quarter ended 31 March 2023. https://immaculategridgame.com/


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Posted by DJThong > 2023-10-30 21:26 | Report Abuse

Where the black star


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Posted by Plantermen > 2023-10-31 13:23 | Report Abuse

Despite the ongoing Ukraine & Russia conflict for the past 21 months. Cpo and other soft oils have fallen off their peak is now trading at MYR 3,650.00 per tonne. SBO is now at their low end of USD 52 cents per IB. Brent crude oil despite all the analyst's bullish calls and US sanctions on Russia and Iranian oils. Crude oil is stuck at USD 88 per barrel. CPO has always been a price taker and not a price mover. TSH is heavily dictated by CPO prices


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Posted by OnTime > 2023-10-31 14:03 | Report Abuse

wow, price at 4 week low and the preacher is not where to be found


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Posted by drken91 > 2023-10-31 14:23 | Report Abuse

crash to 60-80c before next year please


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Posted by Yippy68 > 2023-10-31 22:21 | Report Abuse

60 sen is the right price to collect

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2023-11-01 10:07 | Report Abuse

Tsh follows the price trend of CPO. Don't expect any drastic moves. most probably will move side ways and trending lower in line with CPO. Good support at 94-95


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Posted by titan3322 > 2023-11-02 11:08 | Report Abuse

Most plantation companies will likely report flat or only marginal increase in profit for this reporting qtr. Having said that it is still a good bet amidst the uncertainties that surrounds us. Look for cheap plantation stocks and hold. Tsh is one that would increase in value over time ! No need white knight to come like Bplant 😄😄


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Posted by titan3322 > 2023-11-02 11:11 | Report Abuse

It may even be a good idea to sell Bplant as soon as the ex date is given and swap it for TSH. I will probably do that !

Posted by SEERESEARCH2023 > 2023-11-03 13:41 | Report Abuse

Commodities will raised and become premium. I only see it going down and down. BPLANT price ald top there. Everybody can c what is he up to, tricking ppl to buy the tickets on their hand. This fella has no shame. Scammer gonna scam by the way.


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2023-11-07 00:25 | Report Abuse

when rm273 million from part two land in

tsh will be debt free

high ffb

high cpo prices



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Posted by stockraider > 2023-11-08 10:48 | Report Abuse

Have faith mah!

TSH good investment loh!


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Posted by DJThong > 2023-11-09 21:12 | Report Abuse

Black star why part 2 is taking so long
How come you didn’t ask Wendy or whoever your contact is
All your followers losing their pants


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2023-11-09 21:28 | Report Abuse


Have faith mah!

TSH good investment loh!

Totally agree!

Been taking profit in Bplant and Jtiasa and buying more TSH on offer now


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2023-11-09 21:35 | Report Abuse

In year 2000 we visited Putrajaya
It became a great success

Today we SEE Nusantara; New Admin Capital of Indonesia
This will rival and overtake Putrajaya

In year 1990s one Eagle Group member Datuk Chia who sells Lorries/Trucks bought acres of lands in Putrajaya and we missed

But opportunity comes for us again as we now have Putrajaya
And so easy. We can invest through TSH RESOURCES as it owns 94,700 acres or about 52% of Singapore Land mass in Nusantara
Book value only Rm5,000 acre



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Posted by calvintaneng > 2023-11-09 21:38 | Report Abuse

Why Indonesia cannot build its NEW ADMIN CAPITAL?




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Posted by DJThong > 2023-11-09 23:57 | Report Abuse

Oh no back to recycled old stories

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2023-11-10 08:32 | Report Abuse

Enjoy the extended weekend. Monday no trading . Bursa closed for Diwali


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Posted by Plantermen > 2023-11-10 09:19 | Report Abuse

Without prejudice. Technically all lands in Indonesia belongs to the State. Land ownership is granted for a maximum of 35 years and may be extended for an additional 25 years maximum at the discretion of the state. HAK MILIK HGU is the right to cultivate land under the state, HGB is the right to built and develop on the land. HPT the right to lease and cultivate on the land. Forest land cannot be cultivate for oil palm estate. Sounds very complex & complicated. Yes

Posted by FlyingEagle > 2023-11-10 09:23 | Report Abuse

but the NTA still more than share price, right?


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Posted by JJPTR > 2023-11-10 11:54 | Report Abuse

The 2rd portion of sales money of land in Kalimantan,700m, only half received 6 months ago .The other half supposed to receive , but never shows. Anyone know what happen to the $300m balance?

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2023-11-10 15:24 | Report Abuse

Technically all proceeds need to be settled in full upon executio
of the sales . Unless other clause are attached to it.


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Posted by stockraider > 2023-11-11 10:00 | Report Abuse

Why TSH is a good pick leh ??

TSH did a good job investing in INNO a high div paying co loh!

In addition had paydown its debt to almost net cash....by disposing some of indo plantation loh.....thus this means balance sheet strengthen alot mah!

TSH should able to pay much more div going fwd loh!

Buy when it is still veli cheaploh!


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2023-11-11 12:52 | Report Abuse

Why are the short positions steadily rising week on week with this stock?

Currently sitting at 5,517,631 (0.40%).


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Posted by stockraider > 2023-11-11 13:07 | Report Abuse

Do not worry about short position loh!

General Raider says do not worry about short position, bcos it also means potential future buying power, bcos eventually they need to cover their short position mah!


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2023-11-11 15:27 | Report Abuse

LOL.....is that your "expert" opinion?

Posted by GrowthCapitalist > 2023-11-14 14:55 | Report Abuse

these fights are never ending it seems.


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Posted by ybss99 > 2023-11-14 18:31 | Report Abuse



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Posted by OTB > 2023-11-15 09:23 | Report Abuse

I still stick to my strong opinion as mentioned above.
You can post your recommendation on the stock you like, however, you should be gentleman enough not to attack other stock.
I believe it is the code of ethic in I3.
The best scenario in I3, do not attack any person and also any stock in I3.
My 2 cents opinion only.
Thank you.


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Posted by Income > 2023-11-16 07:54 | Report Abuse

An idea for an investment would be dividend payers where you analyze large maturing cash cow companies like Bursa that seem to be in the position of starting to payout growing dividends soon. I'm new in investing and still doing my research.


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Posted by JJPTR > 2023-11-17 11:20 | Report Abuse

To Reduce Its Borrowings. TSH Resources Bhd announced the sale Oil palm plantation measuring 13,214 hectares of land together with uncertified land adjoing the plantation measuring 683.36 hectares in North Kalimantan for RM731. 09 million.
Did TSH receive all the money? It is almost 1 year since the first partial payment.


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2023-11-18 00:13 | Report Abuse




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Posted by calvintaneng > 2023-11-18 00:32 | Report Abuse


Were you the one who sell stuff in Pelangi Plaza and I met in Johor?

At least your friend held on to safe Pm Corp still listed and doing fine

For those who left?

Too bad



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