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Gloves Stocks - Buy, Sell or Hold?

Publish date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021, 08:17 AM
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Perhaps some may think I am anti gloves stocks.

I am not.

I am just anti buying at high prices.

Whether one should buy, hold or sell gloves stocks?


Buy, sell or hold depends on many factors. 

1. Buy

-If one believes in the secular growth trend of gloves companies like from the SARS incident or in the past 5 or 10 years which had seen glove companies' revenue and profits increasing steadily throughout the years.

-If you're confident that the worse is over, and future bearish events have already been priced in, at the current low share prices.

-If you are a dividend lover who likes consistent dividend companies.

-If you like low PE stocks.

-If you like companies with long history of profitability.

-If you are attracted to companies with tons of cash, & glove companies are amongst the most cash-rich companies.

-If you have the guts to go against the flow of Mr. Market. 


2. Hold:

-If you don't see any bullish reversal occuring, one should stay away due to the high volatility.

-If you are a current gloveholder who have no urgent use for the money now you might just let the money stay there until share price recovers a little more, as cutting loss at current low may not be logical. 

-If you have better investment ideas elsewhere.


3. Sell:

-If gloves stocks are giving you -70% now and you are ultra confident another stock can give you +100%, by all means.

-To rebalance your portfolio if your exposure is too high & afraid it might drop more. 

- If you require the funds for urgent immediate use.

-If you can't sleep at night.



When one reaches the bottom of the pit, there is only one direction - up. Question is, has the bottom been reached? I'd say very soon. 



The hero klse.i3investor needs, but not the one it needed during the glove heights

klse.i3investor has very few writers of calibre, with no ill-intentions to harm the public for selfish personal gain, unlike the usual suspects. I admire the courage & integrity of one blogger who dared to speak out against "the most popular blogger on klse.i3investor" on his postings who was leopard that doesn't change its spots. 

However, to constantly preach that gloves stocks were undervalued almost a year ago until early this year when share prices were nearing all-time high prices, was a mistake, whether one acknowledges it or not.

With every supportive article on gloves since last year, many readers' confidence on gloves stocks grew. Having no doubts whatsoever, many readers poured in money to average down on glove stocks, only to see a substantial part of their investment vanish within a short span of time. Of course, one could argue that no one pointed a gun to investors to click the "Buy" button, but the over-enthusiasm on writing gloves being undervalued had inevitably led to large losses suffered by those who read the articles. 

It had been a torrid time for investors, who were convinced gloves were so undervalued and any other narrative from JP Morgan or Macquarie was scoffed at. Many investors were in disbelief as recovery plays like Airasia or Genting's share price, surged. Glove stocks which retailers like us held, plunged. Retailers' confidence in stock investing, sunk. All it took was the misstep to believe in the gloves' undervalued story to wipeout many retailers' past years' profits.(including my friends & close ones' monies) The impact of those articles on the average man on the street was huge which ultimately led to either paper losses or actual losses with varying amounts.

My main issue had been, one's inability to acknowledge that one might be wrong. 

Prominent klse.i3investor bloggers have critics to act as check and balance, e.g. critics against KYY, calvintaneng, etc. However, there were hardly any dissenting views on select bloggers. I am a nobody with no followers, but I do not wish plenty of followers of the blogger to buy more glove stocks at high prices back then.

Having said that, the situation now is different as nearly all gloveholders have lost hope, as reflected in the share price at one year lows. I have no qualms if the white knight makes a comeback to klse.i3investor with support for gloves companies now. Admittedly, the quality of articles on klse.i3investor has been lacking with the departure of the white knight for greener pastures. 


Disclaimer: This article is not tailored financial advice, but mere general stock sharing / observations. Please do further due diligence. The author disclaims all liabilities from readers. The author may have interest in some stocks listed above.



I think influential bloggers should be more mindful that they cannot be faultless in their investment thesis. 

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No other alternative other than to hold tight

2021-11-15 09:58


It is all up to U lah. After all, it is your moni.

2021-11-15 12:07


For those who play average down may got kena gigit by the bear ?

2021-11-15 12:11



2021-11-15 15:31

Loh Kok Wai W

when had more profit ....sell...when drop more n cheap...buy......but the price too high....look n see...no 1 no how glove counter......go.

2021-11-16 13:56


Can refer here

2021-12-10 13:27

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