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Why keep waiting? Hektar still cheap & undervalue now...

2023-10-24 18:28


Went to Mahkota Parade recently and saw the technicians there changing the lights to PHILIPS PROFESSIONAL LED Lighting. Certain section of the mall (in front of Parkson) is now very bright and according the technician it is also much more efficient, saving even more energy. Not sure how true is this but I do hope it is true as this would mean lower cost = higher profits = more dividends to shareholders.

2023-10-24 21:45


Rasa benar kut kerana Hektar dah pakai solar panel dan telah pasang LED di pusat beli-belah Segamat Centralnya pd tahun lepas


2023-10-25 09:55


If you notice, Hektar's operating expenses had reduced significantly in Q2

2023-10-25 12:41


Good to see Hektar moving forward with the ESG policy...

2023-10-25 21:15


low operating expenses is a nice touch, can get more dividend hehehe

2023-10-25 22:00


That's the benefit of installing solar panels. They help to reduce the utility costs

2023-10-26 11:18


It seems like 61 cents is a great deal for accumulation 😃

2023-10-26 13:46


keep some for dividend, can hit back 0.70 next few months

2023-10-26 16:35


Hektar always well known for paying good dividend, good timing to enter now too

2023-10-26 17:39


skrg tak pasti dpt kutip pd 60 sen ke bawah ...mula lonjak sikit dah

2023-10-27 10:07


seems futile to wait it to drop below 0.60 as currently there's some good catalysts to push it up

2023-10-27 11:29


yep, seems like moving up slowly to me

2023-10-27 18:19


End of year is coming, mall are gonna full of people & hektar is going to perform better than last quarter

2023-10-27 18:51


betul, terutamanya pd cuti sekolah ni. Tapak kaki di mallnya akan meningkat

2023-10-30 09:49


Moving forward, Hektar will present even better performance after the acquisition of Kolej Yayasan Saad

2023-10-30 11:36


Retailers are less optimistic on the spending power of Malaysian consumers during the current quarter.

RGM had revised downwards third quarter growth rate from 3% to 1.4%. This is a 53% drop from the earlier projection.


2023-10-30 13:41


Hektar performance in q3 & q4 should be holding up despite the forecast, good timing to diversify too

2023-10-30 13:45


Great anticipation. We will find out next month for its Q3 result then

2023-10-31 11:34


Hektar's PE is 4.41 x only currently with around RM1.2 in NTA. Extremely undervalued

2023-10-31 13:42


Overall market seems to recover in a steady pace, REITS including hektar etc earning should be improving on 2nd half of the year as well

2023-10-31 17:15


undervalue for sure, when the time comes then back to 0.70...

2023-10-31 18:10


Tap in a bit at 61 cents as expect it will deliver good q3

2023-11-03 10:10


On 11 October 2023, UOBKH, had on behalf of the Board, announced that Hektar REIT intended to undertake a private placement of up to 20% of the total number of issued units of Hektar REIT pursuant to the Authority granted by unitholders at the AGM dated 6 April 2023 ("Previous Proposed Private Placement").

After due deliberation on Hektar REIT's funding requirements, the Board has decided to revise the structure of the Proposed Private Placement to entail an issuance of up to 15% of the total number of issued units of Hektar REIT to third party investor(s) at an issue price to be determined later.

Further details of the Proposed Private Placement are set out in the attachment enclosed.

This announcement is dated 7 November 2023.

2023-11-07 20:52


The issue price of the Placement Units is assumed to be RM0.55 each, which represents a discount of approximately 9.20% to the 5D-VWAMP of Hektar REIT Units up to and including the Revised LPD of RM0.61.

Based on the illustrative issue price of RM0.55, the Proposed Private Placement is expected to raise gross proceeds of up to RM41.71 million.

2023-11-07 20:54


that's why share price keep going down. bad for long term invester.

2023-11-08 09:36


The shares for private placement still not issued yet .... will only be issued someday in the future

2023-11-10 16:27


private placement issued already?

2 months ago


UOBKH wishes to announce that the Board had on 5 December 2023 resolved to fix the issue price for the Private Placement at RM0.56 per Placement Unit.

The issue price of RM0.56 per Placement Unit represents a discount of 9.14% to the 5-day volume weighted average market price of Hektar REIT units up to and including 4 December 2023, being the last traded day of Hektar REIT units immediately preceding the price-fixing date, of RM0.6163 per Hektar REIT unit.

This announcement is dated 5 December 2023.

2 months ago


0.61 PP price, can wait & monitor

2 months ago


Noticed at Subang Parade already upgrading the downlights on the upper floors. Much brighter and according to the technicians there it is a lot more efficient. Also they mentioned they are using only PHILIPS for all their malls as ESG is a major concern for them.

2 months ago


so naughty KepalaBergetar1 !

2 months ago


look at PP price .. disappointed .

2 months ago


crawling back to 70sen?

2 months ago


what to do, better wait & don't topup now

2 months ago


Hektar has around RM300m debt expiring in 2024. Any view the how the management team will settle it?

2 months ago


back to 70sen or not no one know

1 month ago


Idk, no movement at all

1 month ago


EV charging station Hektar probably gonna be more involved in EV related infrastructure in near future too https://pencurimoviee.com/

1 month ago


wah how come dividen so little jor

1 month ago


still not bad la, almost 4%, somehow property value going up

1 month ago


2.3 x 2 is 4.6 cts/66 cts now is 6.9 %, Consider can lah

1 month ago


This time no reinvestment option ?

1 month ago


Don't care liao, wait for the Ang Pow, CNY first .......hehehe................

1 month ago


quiet cny this year

3 weeks ago


amboi, wait 0.60

2 weeks ago


Hektar Real Estate Investment Trust (Hektar REIT) issued five-year medium-term notes (MTNs) worth RM215m — the first issuance under Hektar MTN Satu Sdn Bhd's MTN programme of up to RM500m in nominal value. The MTNs have a coupon rate of 4.2% per annum and are guaranteed by Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility, a trust fund of the Asian Development Bank. Proceeds from the guaranteed MTNs will be used to refinance existing borrowings and fund the REIT's capital expenditure and asset enhancement initiative for Subang Parade.

1 week ago


thanks for dividend!

2 days ago

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