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Bursa MAGNIFICENT 7 - Winner in January 2024? Discussion about PBA, YTL, YTLPOWER, TENAGA, UEMS, IOIPG and SUNWAY - (KingKKK)

Publish date: Tue, 30 Jan 2024, 11:48 PM

The chart above from TradingView shows the Year To Date (YTD) performance of PBA, YTL, YTLPOWER, TENAGA, UEMS, IOIPG and SUNWAY

These are what I notice:

1. FBMKLCI gained 4% in January. This is supported by TENAGA, YTL and YTLPOWER which are members if FBMKLCI.

2. All Magnificent 7 stocks outperformed FBMKLCI. YTL Power gained the most at 63% in January. Details of performance are as below:

    a. YTLPOWER - 63%

    b. UEMS - 26%

    c. SUNWAY - 26%

    d. PBA- 25%

    e. YTL - 24%

    f. IOIPG - 24%

    g. TENAGA - 5%   

3. TENAGA is the laggard among Magnificent 7. Tenaga increase is limited due to its super big size market cap so it is hard to jump more than 10%. 

4. My portfolio is up 20.2% in January. Details in the link below. While the return is decent against FBMKLCI 4.1% and FBMEMAS 4.0%, I believe there are better sifu here at i3. Let's see tomorrow when the January result is out.

Stock Pick 2024 - KingKKK | I3investor

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KingKKK is very good.
All stock selections are fantastic stocks to watch in 2024.
Good work.
Thank you.

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